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  • 2008-06-17 Implementers Group Meeting
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WELCOME to the site of the Third OpenMRS Implementers Meeting, 17-20 June 2008, Durban, South Africa

We will use this Wiki to capture experiences and document noteworthy events and outcomes from this meeting.

Please feel free to document your experiences here or hive off a new page.

You can check out the DRAFT AGENDA of the Group Meeting. However, since the meeting was unconference style, there may have been some changes real time that did not end up on the agenda.

Developer Track

The developer track will keep you updated on the progress and goals of what's going on in the Developer Room and the Interoperability Challenges. For more information on the Developer Track visit the Developer Track Home Page which will document the goings on of the Developer Track and our agenda for the days. The groups participating can be found on the Groups Page

Implementers Meeting Testing Competition


Info| More pictures coming soon!

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Implementer Presentations

Haiti Presentation by James Arbaugh Download PDF (2.6MB)

Malawi Presentation by Mike McKay and Oliver Gadabu Download PDF (592KB)

Session Notes

Many great discussions were had - please populate this section with your notes.

Presentations by OpenMRS Community Members at HISA 2008

OpenMRS as a Clinical Tool by Hamish Fraser and Darius Jazayeri Download PDF (2.1 MB)

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