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14 February 2008

In Attendance

  • Paul Biondich
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Brian McKown
  • Mike Seaton
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Ada Yeung


  • Status update on XForms
  • Status update on Report API Refactoring
    • pulling everything we've done so far into a unified UI
  • Boston meeting 2/28-29
  • PIH preview of our UI redesign plans:
    • We want to focus on this soon (after sync, and a bit more reporting work)
    • Systematic user-centric approach
    • User testing with live code and mockups to resolve questions
    • What Javascript library do we want to use? We'll be looking into:
  • Codebase refactoring. Especially around Sync.
  • Student volunteer influx
  • MySQL Conference - I received an email from the MySQL Conference about "spreading the word" about our presence at their DotOrg Pavilion event and wanted to know what you guys thought we should do to advertise. --Jmiranda 14:14, 14 February 2008 (EST)
    • Snippet from email: "While some of you may have already done so, I still would like to approach you with the following request: please spread the word about the MySQL Conference and your attendance! We would appreciate if you could assist us with increasing the awareness of the conference and what people can expect from it. - Lenz Grimmer"
    • Could you guys let me know where I should post the announcement - here are some suggestions:
      • announcement to all email groups (dev, announce, implementers)
      • add MySQL conference page to wiki
      • eclipse icon and formal announcement on front page (where would it go?)
      • add to the news feed?
      • add to forum?
  • Person stub branch
  • Visualization branch


  • Status update on Report API Refactoring
    • Still waiting on Logic updates from Burke
    • Darius will work on pulling together the different parts
    • Darius will be going to Haiti next week
  • xforms status update
    • Waiting on code from Daniel
  • UI redesign
    • PIH has three goals for '08: sync, easier reports, ui redesign
    • The ui needs to be more "user centric".
    • PIH wants to spend time with users to find out what they want
    • See Bob's mockups on
    • Paul Nuschke is helping Darius outline how to interview users, etc
  • javascript package
    • Darius wants to look into other packages that are more "user friendly" or "developer friendly"
    • Darius to create a new ticket and have a few developers analyze other packages
  • influx of students
    • A number of U. Bristol students have contacted us asking for projects
    • Contact their mentor to see what their standard for a masters project would be
  • code-a-thon in Boston
    • Wanting to be a document a thon
    • Still happening?
  • Paul English is on our Calendar for Friday afternoon
  • person stub branch
    • ready to be merged
  • visualization branch
  • Darius says it is not ready because it has some cohort builder changes
  • branch merging back into trunk procedure?
    • branch developer and/or that developer's mentor say "it is ready"
    • At this point a ticket is created for the merge
    • They craft an email to the dev list saying "you have 3 days to look at this and complain/delay/commit, otherwise it will be merged"
    • We need a server to put up tomcat wars for testing
    • Darius says he can have funds to get a new server