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<html><head><title></title></head><body>h1. OpenMRS 1.3.0 Testing Competition

Current Status

Rules and Regulations

*Start time: When you finish reading this
*End time: Friday June 20th at 9:00AM Durban time
*Eligibility: Everyone except Ben and Justin
*Prizes: $100 USD to the first ten people to reach either 100 developer points <u>or</u> 100 non-developer points. +++
*Judge, Jury, and Appeals court: Ben and Justin

+++ Number of winners and thresholds subject to change at any time

Non-developer point system:


Point value



Find a bug

10 points
5 bonus points if able to recreate it

  • Must be new and unknown
  • First submission gets all points
  • Must be a bug fix and not a feature request

Create a ticket

Submit demo data for testing purposes

10 points

  1. Use the archive:OpenMRS randomization script (if errors, see Ben)
  2. Randomize your OpenMRS data
  • Each implementation is eligible for points once
  • Cannot be the demo dataset

Submit a zipped mysql dump back to Ben:

mysqldump -u root -p -e -r"/home/ben/bwolfe-random.sq" openmrs

Name the file according to your implementation

Create an XML Report

10-20 points based on complexity

  • Must use the new XML report framework
  • Must also reference a randomized demo dataset submitted

Create a wiki page describing your report

Other ideas??



Developer point system:


Point value



Junit tests

1-5 points for each non-service test method
5-15 points for each service test method

  • Service tests must include an in-memory dataset
  • Points awarded based on quality, NOT on first-come-first-points
  • Duplicate tests will split the point award

Create a ticket

Bug fix

5 to 20 points

  • Points awarded based on complexity
  • Points awarded on first-come-first-points
  • See tickets posted and verified on

Attach patch file to previously opened ticket

Review a bug fix patch

1 to 10 points

  • Points awarded based on complexity
  • Points awarded to first reviewer to correctly review patch and submit options

Submit repatch to the previously created ticket

Code Comments

1 point per 10 lines added/fixed

  • The class and method javadocs are needed throughout the API. See below for links to good examples
  • Some javadocs are incorrect, generate javadocs with ant to see errors
  • First come first points

Create a ticket with a patch attached

Upgrade a module to work with 1.3

5-30 points

  • Depends on complexity
  • First come first served

Create a ticket with a patch attached

1.3 Installer

10 points for naïve installer
30 points for smart installer

  • Naive installer creates its own mysql/tomcat/etc
  • Smart installer knows of mysql/tomcat/etc and doesn't overwrite
  • See Ben for 50% completed Bitrock scripts
  • First come first points

Create wiki page with installer scripts and/or files attached

Helping a nondeveloper with a task

5 points


Honor system.

  • NOTICE!! Judges reserve the right to award and reject points as they see fit. Intent, work, and timing will all be factors in the decision making process
  • Point possibilities will be posted to the ticket
  • All tickets must be tagged with “HISA2008â€Â
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