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Carl Fourie (OASIS)

Well this is my first post for the Developer Track of the 2008 OpenMRS Implementers meeting. It has been a rough few months to get to this point but we are excited to take flight in the meeting! For all developers please feel free to use this blog as a template for your own blogs. We are trying to stick to a set naming convention for the pages we are adding to the wiki, this is pretty much 2008_Implementers_meeting_Developer_Blogsdeveloper_name_ for the blogs and 2008_Implementers_meetingpage_name_. My goal for this meeting is for us to have a good time, meet new people and network, discover new interests and meet the people behind the various development initiatives.

Day 1 (Tuesday)

Day 2 (Wednesday)

Day 3 (Thursday)

Day 4 (Friday)

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