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Meeting of the OpenMRS Handheld Computer Development Team

21 December 2006 (Teleconference)


  • Chris Seebregts
  • Neal Lesh
  • Carl Fourie
  • Yashik Singh


  • Carl is working on a toolkit comprising the following:
    • Carl's forms importer/exporter tool
    • Yashik's data dictionary spreadsheet import tool
    • Database backup script
    • Data export/import tool (by posting forms from export DB queue table to import DB queue table) - XSN currently working but not HL7, yet
  • Carl out of town from 4-14 Jan
  • Brief discussion of handheld computer operating systems. Looks like Palm will be around for awhile. Linux supported on many systems.
  • Carl downloading Palm OS developers kit

ToDo Summary

  • Neal to send smartphone link
  • Chris to review spreadsheet design and send to Yashik
  • Chris to review and select Regenstrief and PIH coding for drugs after which rest will get reports working
  • Chris to e-mail Richmond PEPFAR report format to Neal
  • Chris to schedule next meeting (teleconference) on 2 January 2007 (afternoon)
  • Carl and Yashik to plan to travel to Richmond on 3 January 2007 (all day)
    • Reinstall database with revised TB forms
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