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<html><head><title></title></head><body>* Discuss plans for PIH to visit Indy on June 21-22 (if we haven't already)

  • Discussed handling locations through taskpane within InfoPath
  • Discuss Darius' concerns regarding getNextAvailableId()
    • This is why sequences in oracle and postgres are better than autonumbers in mysql.
    • This isn't thread-safe. I suppose it's unlikely that multiple concepts will be created simultaneously, but still...
    • Why are we going to extra lengths to get unused concept_ids from from the middle of the number space?
  • :
  • Further discussion on issues with synchronizing disparate instances of OpenMRS — deferred for PIH's visit to Indy on June 21-22

Items for June 21-22

Moved to Technical Workshop 6-21-6-22-2006 Agenda