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OpenMRS ID is your key to participating in the OpenMRS community.


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Due to spam, we are requiring users request access to our wiki via our helpdesk at

If you already have one, sign in at: If not, you should sign up for an OpenMRS ID ay


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You are logged in.

Your OpenMRS ID: $

E-mail Address: $

Where can I use it?

You can use your OpenMRS ID many places in the OpenMRS community, including:

Creating your profile page on OpenMRS Talk

In order to build our community and get to know each other, we encourage community members (developers, implementers, etc.) to create a user profile on OpenMRS Talk, including basic information like your name, contact information, and a short biography.

Getting help

If you ever have problems with OpenMRS ID, open a support ticket. It's not necessary to be logged in to open a support ticket, so if you can't log in, please be sure to include contact information so we know who you are.

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