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About the OpenMRS JIRA system

OpenMRS uses Atlassian's JIRA for issue (bug) tracking at  Community-developed modules and projects are welcome to use OpenMRS JIRA to manage their issues. If you'd like a JIRA project for tracking issues in your OpenMRS-related project, please see for information about how to request one.


JIRA workflow

This is the current version of the bug report & feature request workflow used for OpenMRS JIRA tickets. For new feature requests, substitute the word "bug" for "feature". The workflow is divided into three phases:

  1. Validate Bug
  2. Coding
  3. Code Review

After creating a bug, it's the validation phases acts as a kind of "triage" to ensure the bug is valid and has sufficient detail for someone to begin work on it. It's important to complete this phase so newcomers that want to get started can easily identify bugs that are ready for work.

Questions, comments, and debate about the workflow should be directed to the development mailing list.


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