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Current Deployment Plans

Reference Application

  1. Trigger : any commit to openmrs-distro-referenceapplication or openmrs-standalone

  2. Package refapp  : Zip together WAR file and OMODs that are part of the Reference Application and create a deployable Deb package from it

  3. deploy package to automated functional test server (devtest01)

  4. Run UI tests

  5. deploy package to manual test server (devtest02)


Goals for 2016

Improved CD processes & deployment plans

A plan for OpenMRS Platform needs to be created, and when it is triggered, it will:

  1. Deploy to int01/int-platform automatically.

  2. Run rest-based tests on int01/int-platform

  3. If they pass, deploy automatically to qa01/qa-platform.

  4. Allow manual deployment to demo server and uat01/uat-platform

When Reference Application is triggered, it will:

  1. Deploy to int02/int-refapp automatically.

  2. Run end-to-end tests on int02/int-refapp

  3. If they pass, deploy automatically to qa02/qa-refapp

  4. Allow manual deployment to uat02/uat-refapp


  • OpenStack based environment for managing vm’s and cloud resources.

  • Good for both “full time” (server) and transient/ephemeral type (dev testing) use cases.

  • Slated to supplement and/or replace our XSEDE infrastructure. Launching March 2016.

  • Led by Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute (IU-PTI)

  • http://jetstream-cloud.org/ 

Fastly CDN

  • We are working to get OpenMRS Inc. approval for a global content delivery network (CDN) for OpenMRS.org to speed up our page performance times.

  • Pending contract signatures (September 2015) for Fastly donation to OpenMRS Inc.

ID Dashboard

Miscellaneous Small Projects

  • Evaluation of Discourse hosting: Currently in discussions with the Discourse core team’s hosting business to see if they might bring us into their enterprise environment.

  • CI/CD Evaluation: Reviewing tool selection. Starting a pilot of Jenkins for more robust CI infrastructure. Testers welcome on http://jenkins.openmrs.org/!

  • Wiki Evaluation: Reviewing tool selection; will be looking at alternatives.

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