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How do I contact infra team about urgent requests?

Please notify us on telegram. That is a really good place to notify us about any outage or any software misbehaving!

If an outage is showing in , we've been already notified.

We do have some monitoring, but sometimes we don't realise there's a problem.

How to I ask for for help problems with OpenMRS ID, spammers or any other small thing? is the way!

How do I get access to or

To get JIRA access you need to request on .

We aim to answer all tickets in less than 48h, but remember we are all volunteers.
If your ticket is taking longer than that, there's a huge chance we are firefighting something and couldn't yet get to your ticket.

I kindly ask you to not ignore our answers. When we ask for more information please don't ignore it. Tickets without answers will be closed off due to inactivity.

How to request a new service to be deployed?

Check How to deploy a new application to our infrastructure . Make sure to raise a ticket in ITSM JIRA project.

How do I request a change request to our infrastructure?

Please raise a ITSM ticket in JIRA.

What services does infra team take care of?

Take a look in .
We do not have knowledge or even resources to help you with your OpenMRS installation, please use talk for that.

I'm helping assigning tickets in helpdesk, how can I add a ticket to infrastructure queue?

Add it to group and category 'IT service management'.
We don't usually assign cases to ourselves, but rather let whoever is online at the time to follow up the tickets.
More details in

How can I start discussions about infrastructure?

If it's not urgent, a topic in will be seen.
Feel free to ask us about how things are working, too!

How can I notify about security problems in infrastructure?

Use security at email please.

Service level objectives


Description of Impact

Response Time

Resolution or Workaround

Severity 1

Production application down or major malfunction causing productivity loss resulting in majority of users unable to perform their normal tasks.

1 hour

4 hours

Severity 2

Critical loss of application functionality or performance resulting in high number of users unable to perform their normal functions.

4 hours

8 hours

Severity 3

Moderate loss of application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal tasks.

8 hours

24 hours

Severity 4

Minor loss of application functionality.

24 hours

Best effort

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