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  • 2013-12-24 - OpenMRS
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00:07:58 *** wluyima has joined #openmrs
00:50:33 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrsci: SON-REPORTING-90 has FAILED (8 tests failed) : Scheduled build <>
01:35:25 *** GitHub151 has joined #openmrs
01:35:25 <GitHub151> [openmrs-core] wluyima pushed 1 new commit to 1.10.x:
01:35:25 <GitHub151> openmrs-core/1.10.x 9e0f455 k-joseph: TRUNK-4137 Added frequency and numberOfRepeats properties to TestOrder class
01:35:25 *** GitHub151 has left #openmrs
01:37:16 *** GitHub167 has joined #openmrs
01:37:17 <GitHub167> [openmrs-core] wluyima closed pull request #491: [#TRUNK-4137] Add frequency and numberOfRepeats properties to TestOrder class (1.10.x...TRUNK-4137)
01:37:17 *** GitHub167 has left #openmrs
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09:44:14 *** Mnicho has joined #openmrs
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10:01:59 <Mnicho> dkayiwa, ssebo how are you?
10:02:07 <dkayiwa> Mnicho: am good and u?
10:02:26 <Mnicho> dkayiwa, m fine
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10:04:58 <dkayiwa> Mnicho: good
10:06:07 <Mnicho> dkayiwa, how can i access the OPENMRS video chat room
10:06:38 <dkayiwa> Mnicho: what do you want to do there?
10:06:40 <dkayiwa> :)
10:07:17 <Mnicho> dkayiwa, would love to some times see whats happening in the meetings
10:07:48 <dkayiwa> Mnicho: first step is google something like openmrs weekly calls/meetings :)
10:08:45 <Mnicho> dkayiwa, okay
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10:16:57 *** tal has joined #openmrs
10:16:57 *** r0bby_ has joined #openmrs
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10:17:12 <tal> rafa: Hi Rafal, are you here?
10:18:04 <tal> dkayiwa: Hi Daniel, are you here?
10:18:20 <dkayiwa> tal: hi
10:18:30 <tal> dkayiwa: what's up?
10:19:07 <dkayiwa> tal: nothing much
10:19:08 <dkayiwa> wzup
10:19:28 <tal> dkayiwa: great :)
10:19:29 <tal> dkayiwa: dkayiwa: I'm working on this ticket: , can you give me some general instructions?
10:19:40 <tal> dkayiwa: please :)?
10:20:05 <dkayiwa> tal: can you give me a couple of minutes? :)
10:20:37 <tal> dkayiwa: sure, just send me a message, Im here
10:21:05 <dkayiwa> tal: ok
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10:37:41 *** k-joseph has joined #openmrs
10:48:07 <tal> dkayiwa: Daniel, are you here? do you have 10 min?
11:12:54 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrsci: EMRAPI-EMRAPI-357 has FAILED (5 tests failed) : Updated by Deepak N <>
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12:38:46 *** mareias has joined #openmrs
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12:46:35 *** k-joseph has joined #openmrs
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13:33:35 *** elizil has joined #openmrs
13:34:11 <elizil> rafa: Hi, are you here?
13:56:56 *** maninc_ has joined #openmrs
13:59:27 *** elizil has quit IRC
14:06:03 *** maninc has quit IRC
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14:07:48 *** burke has joined #openmrs
14:33:56 *** wluyima has joined #openmrs
14:36:12 <wluyima> hi cpower
14:37:01 <wluyima> hi rafa
14:44:02 <wluyima> hi dk
15:02:41 <cpower> Let's do this scrum thing
15:02:45 <cpower> !scrumon cpower
15:02:45 * OpenMRSBot says the DAILY SCRUM MEETING is STARTING. This meeting should not last longer than 15 minutes. Please hold other comments until the end of the meeting, or message someone privately. Thank you! ScrumMaster cpower- you may begin when ready.
15:03:13 <cpower> Order: wluyima , rafa
15:03:18 <cpower> very short list
15:05:03 <cpower> wluyima: you are up
15:05:05 <wluyima> Monday:
15:05:05 <wluyima> - design call
15:05:07 <wluyima> - more code reviews and merging code
15:05:08 <wluyima> - call with Anushya
15:05:10 <wluyima> - created more tickets for the next iteration
15:05:11 <wluyima> Tuesday:
15:05:13 <wluyima> - more code reviews
15:05:14 <wluyima> - curate tickets created by Anushya yesterday
15:05:15 <wluyima>
15:05:16 <wluyima> Blockers: None
15:05:42 <wluyima> cpower: do have a bi weekly scrum today at 11am?
15:06:17 <cpower> wluyima: yes we do!
15:06:22 <wluyima> cpower: i think that wasn't a very good idea because i think people won't make it
15:06:47 <cpower> wluyima: why?
15:07:02 <wluyima> cpower: because it is the day before christmas
15:07:21 <cpower> wluyima: and the answer is, we show and if no one else does then we end early
15:07:34 <wluyima> cpower: am just assuming a couple might not show up or have alread y taken holiday
15:07:43 <wluyima> cpower: ok
15:07:47 <wluyima> cpower: same thing for thursday, am personally off on thursday
15:07:56 <cpower> wluyima: sure we show anyway, and if it's short, it's short
15:10:46 <cpower> rafa: you are up
15:25:53 *** dkithmal has joined #openmrs
15:29:43 *** k-joseph_ has joined #openmrs
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15:34:15 *** harsz89 has joined #openmrs
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15:40:58 *** vinayv has joined #openmrs
15:44:56 *** sandaru has joined #openmrs
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16:29:34 *** sgithens has joined #openmrs
16:40:15 *** dkayiwa has joined #openmrs
16:42:08 *** tal has joined #openmrs
16:45:24 <tal> dkayiwa: Daniel, are you here?
16:45:36 <dkayiwa> tal: hi yes :)
16:46:16 *** elizil has joined #openmrs
16:48:20 <tal> dkayiwa: you said you will return in a few minutes but you came after hours which we waited for you, so can you dedicate 1 hour to focus on us? we have some questions
16:48:42 <dkayiwa> tal: i was travelling home :)
16:48:59 <dkayiwa> tal: and i was the one driving :)
16:49:16 <dkayiwa> tal: spent 4hours on the road :)
16:49:58 <tal> dkayiwa: ok great :) can you work with us now? we have questions
16:50:10 <dkayiwa> tal: ok
16:50:37 <tal> dkayiwa: great, so we are working on ticket 134
16:50:45 <tal> dkayiwa:
16:51:24 <dkayiwa> tal: ok
16:51:31 <tal> dkayiwa: we want to add a "box" like the box of the visits in this page: coreapps/clinicianfacing/
16:51:47 <tal> dkayiwa: the box is to show last appointments
16:52:02 <dkayiwa> tal: do you have some sort of mockup for it?
16:54:10 <tal> dkayiwa: no but it's supposed to look like the visits box
16:54:35 *** Mkop has quit IRC
16:55:03 <dkayiwa> tal: ok
16:55:21 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
16:56:05 <tal> dkayiwa: so what i need to do (in general)? and what files i can look at to see how the visits box created?
16:56:53 <dkayiwa> tal: i would need to look at the code first to be able to guide you on that box
16:57:23 <tal> dkayiwa: ok, we are waiting, thanks
16:57:38 <dkayiwa> tal: cool
16:58:34 *** harshadura has joined #openmrs
16:58:34 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v harshadura
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17:03:42 *** dkithmal has joined #openmrs
17:29:50 *** wluyima has quit IRC
17:34:28 <dkayiwa> tal: how many more hours are you on today?
17:35:17 <tal> dkayiwa: 2:30 hours more
17:35:57 <elizil> dkayiwa: but we have more questions except this one (hi, btw :) )
17:36:10 <dkayiwa> elizil: hi :)
17:40:59 <dkayiwa> tal: have made any progress on it?
17:41:30 <tal> dkayiwa: no. i dont know how to start..
17:48:53 <elizil> dkayiwa: can you guide us please?
17:49:45 <dkayiwa> elizil: am trying it out first because am not sure how it should be :)
17:50:56 <elizil> dkayiwa: ok, we are waiting with more questions :) (the openMRS wiki isnt well documented at all.)
17:51:22 <dkayiwa> elizil: ok :)
17:52:06 *** dkithmal has quit IRC
17:56:30 *** dkithmal has joined #openmrs
17:57:42 <dkayiwa> elizil: tal am setting up the reference app
18:17:25 <dkayiwa> elizil: tal some of my reference app modules are failing to start. so this will take me more than i had thought
18:18:11 <tal> dkayiwa: ok. how many time do you think?
18:18:55 <dkayiwa> tal: am going to to a fresh compilation, installing and testing out. So this will take me not less than an hour
18:19:28 <tal> dkayiwa: ok i'll wait, thank
18:19:31 <tal> dkayiwa: thanks
18:23:45 *** mareias has joined #openmrs
18:26:58 *** harshadura_ has joined #openmrs
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18:38:55 *** dkithmal has joined #openmrs
19:03:59 *** sacheth has joined #openmrs
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19:10:26 *** dkithmal has joined #openmrs
19:11:20 <elizil> dkayiwa: daniel it's tal Im here from eli's computer
19:19:42 <dkayiwa> elizil: ok
19:21:17 *** dkithmal has quit IRC
19:26:28 *** mareias has quit IRC
19:29:04 <sacheth> hello
19:29:07 <sacheth> when i start tomcat and openmrs its working fine, however when i am starting tomcat from eclipse I am facing errors
19:29:20 <sacheth> can some one help me out?
19:29:44 <dkayiwa> sacheth: what error?
19:30:19 <sacheth> error 404
19:33:36 *** harsz89 has quit IRC
19:36:14 *** sgithens has quit IRC
19:37:08 <dkayiwa> elizil: hi
19:38:52 <akwatuha___> hi dkayiwa
19:39:00 <dkayiwa> akwatuha___: hi
19:39:36 <akwatuha___> dkayiwa: I have created the widget expansion ticket here
19:39:52 <dkayiwa> akwatuha___: hi
19:39:57 <akwatuha___> dkayiwa: i hope you will find some time after holiday to look at it
19:40:31 <dkayiwa> akwatuha___: just remind me then :)
19:42:31 <akwatuha___> dkayiwa: sawa. wish you a Merry Christmas! Thanks.
19:42:42 <dkayiwa> akwatuha___: thanks. you too :)
19:44:39 <sacheth> hey dkayiwa
19:44:49 <dkayiwa> sacheth: hey
19:45:30 <elizil> dkayiwa: Daniel?
19:45:34 <elizil> dkayiwa: are you here?
19:45:54 <dkayiwa> elizil: yes
19:46:08 <elizil> dkayiwa: any progress? :)
19:46:27 <sacheth> dkayiwa: My error is that openmrs is not opening up when i am running tomcat through eclipse.
19:46:45 <dkayiwa> elizil: do you have the coreapps module source?
19:47:00 <elizil> dkayiwa: sure
19:47:27 <dkayiwa> elizil: do you see the clinicianfacing/patient.gsp?
19:47:52 <elizil> dkayiwa: sec
19:48:14 <sacheth> dkayiwa: Did you get my error sir?
19:48:22 <dkayiwa> sacheth: no
19:48:27 <elizil> dkayiwa: you mean this?
19:48:34 <dkayiwa> elizil: yes
19:48:41 <elizil> dkayiwa: so yes
19:48:44 <sacheth> Alright i will try and explain it more clearly.
19:48:46 *** wluyima has joined #openmrs
19:49:00 <dkayiwa> elizil: so do you see the fragments for each of those widgets?
19:49:36 <elizil> dkayiwa: yes, what's the files that connected to this box except this page?
19:49:47 <sacheth> When i open tomcat outside of eclipse openmrs runs fine, when i am running tomcat through eclipse openmrs is not opening up.
19:49:57 <sacheth> It says errror 404.
19:50:31 <dkayiwa> elizil: do you see something like this? ${ ui.includeFragment("coreapps", "clinicianfacing/diagnosisWidget", [ patient: patient ]) }
19:50:56 <dkayiwa> sacheth: does the log show anything?
19:50:58 <elizil> dkayiwa: yes
19:51:34 <dkayiwa> elizil: here is another: ${ ui.includeFragment("coreapps", "clinicianfacing/visitsSection", [patient: patient]) }
19:51:54 <dkayiwa> elizil: now can you look at each of these fragments?
19:52:15 <elizil> dkayiwa: yes, where the visits fragment located?
19:52:34 <dkayiwa> elizil: in the coreapps module
19:52:49 <dkayiwa> elizil: you will see pages and framents folders
19:52:54 <dkayiwa> elizil: do you see them?
19:54:09 <elizil> dkayiwa: Daniel i have a question
19:54:34 <elizil> dkayiwa: in my openmrs the visit's <i> class is "icon-calendar"
19:54:51 <elizil> dkayiwa: i dont see it in the /clinicianfacing/patient.gsp
19:54:59 <sacheth> when i start tomcat normally i am able to view openmrs admin page via the local host, however when i tried configuring tomcat in eclipse i am unable to start openmrs in my browser. Can you please help me?
19:55:24 <dkayiwa> elizil: ok
19:55:40 <elizil> dkayiwa: what ok?
19:56:10 <elizil> dkayiwa: you sure that this is the right page :) ?
19:56:18 <dkayiwa> elizil: did you try out?
19:56:39 <elizil> dkayiwa: not yet, did you?
20:01:09 <elizil> dkayiwa: ${ ui.includeFragment("coreapps", "clinicianfacing/visitsSection", [patient: patient]) }
20:01:22 <elizil> dkayiwa: so this is the fragment i need?
20:01:56 <dkayiwa> elizil: did you see the fragments themselves?
20:02:10 <dkayiwa> elizil: just to look at as examples
20:02:24 <elizil> dkayiwa: yes
20:02:45 <dkayiwa> elizil: can you also create such a fragment for your widget?
20:03:49 <elizil> dkayiwa: sure, in the visit's fragment there is
20:03:50 <elizil> dkayiwa: def recentVisits = config.recentVisits
20:04:06 <elizil> dkayiwa: what's the config.recentVisits ?
20:04:39 <elizil> dkayiwa: where can i define "recentAppointments" in that way?
20:05:06 <dkayiwa> elizil: let me check
20:05:30 <dkayiwa> elizil: by the way have you seen the controllers for each of those fragments?
20:05:45 <elizil> dkayiwa: not yet, where they are located?
20:06:11 <dkayiwa> elizil: among the java classes
20:06:26 <dkayiwa> elizil: you will see those that have Controller in their names
20:06:30 <elizil> dkayiwa: and by the way - did you se the xss mail i sent today in the dev list?
20:06:41 <elizil> dkayiwa: ok
20:06:56 <dkayiwa> elizil: looks like you have taken hours without checking your emails. :)
20:08:14 <elizil> dkayiwa: lol, just noticed :)
20:08:43 <elizil> dkayiwa: i found like 10 security issues..
20:08:55 <elizil> dkayiwa: one day :)
20:08:59 <dkayiwa> elizil: report all of them :)
20:09:11 <elizil> dkayiwa: sure
20:09:11 <dkayiwa> elizil: in form of tickets
20:09:43 <elizil> dkayiwa: let's finish the initial task first and after that you will get ticket a day :D
20:10:11 <dkayiwa> elizil: sure
20:13:38 <elizil> dkayiwa: ok so i think i understood everything, thanks :)
20:13:52 *** harshadura_ has quit IRC
20:13:59 <dkayiwa> elizil: excellent
20:17:35 *** sacheth has quit IRC
21:29:23 *** wluyima_ has joined #openmrs
21:30:14 *** wluyima has quit IRC
21:30:15 *** wluyima_ is now known as wluyima
21:40:37 *** Tal has joined #openmrs
21:40:43 <Tal> dkayiwa: Daniel are you here?
21:42:19 <dkayiwa> Tal: hi
21:42:33 <Tal> dkayiwa: Hi
21:42:40 <Tal> dkayiwa: Im using the standalone version
21:43:00 <Tal> dkayiwa: am trying do update the coreapps module
21:43:19 <Tal> dkayiwa: and i getting error, can i send you the log?
21:43:26 <dkayiwa> Tal: ok
21:44:16 <Tal> dkayiwa:
21:44:19 <Tal> dkayiwa: thanks
21:44:43 *** djazayeri has joined #openmrs
21:44:43 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o djazayeri
21:45:33 <dkayiwa> Tal: what change did you make?
21:45:46 <Tal> dkayiwa: downloaded the coreapps module from git
21:45:50 <Tal> dkayiwa: maven clean install
21:46:01 <Tal> dkayiwa: and uploaded the module
21:49:07 <Tal> dkayiwa: did you know what's wrong? i can't understand it myself from the log..
21:49:27 <Tal> dkayiwa: please help us :(
21:50:33 <dkayiwa> Tal: i do not know how to reproduce that error
21:51:47 <Tal> dkayiwa: i need to change to coreapps module but i cant install it :(
21:52:11 <Tal> dkayiwa: what do you recommed?
21:52:21 <Tal> dkayiwa: recommend?
21:53:36 <dkayiwa> Tal: i do not know how to reproduce your error
21:54:37 <Tal> dkayiwa: what can i do :( ?
21:54:58 <dkayiwa> Tal: give steps of reproducing
21:55:39 <Tal> dkayiwa: it's not a problem to reproduce
21:55:49 <Tal> dkayiwa: but i need to install the coreapps module
21:56:10 <Tal> dkayiwa: and everytime that i install it that's happen
21:56:43 <dkayiwa> Tal: the actually change will need to go to your module
21:57:00 <dkayiwa> Tal: the coreapps module was just for looking at and see how things are done
21:57:31 <Tal> dkayiwa: yes but i need to change the patient page
21:58:34 <Tal> dkayiwa: so i have to change the coreapps, am i right?
21:58:59 <Tal> dkayiwa: or that there is a change to do it without changing this page
22:00:00 <dkayiwa> Tal: the change will be in your module
22:00:25 <Tal> dkayiwa: ok, how can i do it from my module?
22:00:27 <dkayiwa> Tal: so you will not need to change coreapps
22:00:36 <Tal> dkayiwa: great news
22:00:44 <dkayiwa> Tal: can you send out an email to the dev list?
22:01:07 <Tal> dkayiwa: sure i will
22:05:41 <Tal> dkayiwa: another thing, how can i open a ticket :)?
22:06:53 <dkayiwa> Tal:
22:07:07 <Tal> dkayiwa: thanks, good night :)
22:19:49 *** Tal has quit IRC
22:37:12 *** wluyima has quit IRC
22:40:56 *** djazayeri has quit IRC
23:14:12 *** dkayiwa has left #openmrs
23:38:54 *** wluyima has joined #openmrs
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