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  • 2013-12-04 - OpenMRS
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06:11:56 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Hi
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06:12:59 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: We are getting HTTP Status 404 error is coming when trying to load slhms, which is based on openmrs 1.9.3.
06:13:39 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Do u have any idea or suggestion to overcome this issue? Thanks :)
06:15:38 *** shruthd has joined #openmrs
06:16:10 <djazayeri> Shangeetha: I don't know what slhms is
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06:19:19 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: It stands for srilanka hospital management system
06:19:48 <djazayeri> Shangeetha: my suggestion is to look at the logs and see what error has happened
06:19:50 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Hosted by deploying OpenMRS 1.9.3
06:20:07 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Logs of tomcat6 ??
06:20:32 <djazayeri> Shangeetha: yes, catalina.out
06:20:41 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Ok thanks :)
06:21:48 *** geekgugi has joined #openmrs
06:22:28 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: It says SEVERE: Exception starting filter UpdateFilter java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
06:22:56 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: But we are using 4GB for server
06:28:39 <djazayeri> Shangeetha: have you followed the instructions on avoiding tomcat memory errors on the OpenMRS wiki?
06:40:52 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: we have already read this
06:40:53 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
06:41:21 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: But we have executed following commands, 1. /etc/init.d/tomcat6 stop 2. export CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms2048M -Xmx3096M" 3. /etc/init.d/tomcat6 start
06:42:03 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Still we are encountering http 404 status frequently
06:42:23 <djazayeri> Shangeetha: Are you sure that the memory settings have taken effect?
06:43:15 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Yeah because system information showed almost 3GB memory in openmrs admin page
06:43:17 <djazayeri> Shangeetha: also, what about -XX:PermSize and -XX:MaxPermSize and -XX:NewSize? You need to increase those too
06:43:50 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Ok thanks :) I will execute those as well and see :)
06:44:50 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: Can you please explain me what permsize and maxpermsize stands for?
06:45:00 <djazayeri> Shangeetha: I don't actually know, use google
06:45:11 <Shangeetha> djazayeri: ok thanks :)
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08:44:35 <Matayo> dkayiwa: hi
08:44:47 <Matayo> dkayiwa: how far
08:46:29 *** dkayiwa_ has joined #openmrs
08:47:25 <Matayo> dkayiwa:
08:47:33 <Matayo> dkayiwa: how far
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08:57:48 <Matayo> dkayiwa: hi
08:57:56 <dkayiwa> Matayo: hi
08:58:20 *** geekgugi has joined #openmrs
08:58:43 <Matayo> how far
08:59:11 <dkayiwa> Matayo: with?
08:59:27 <Matayo> my qurey
09:00:56 <dkayiwa> Matayo: ping me in 30 mins
09:01:29 <Matayo> ok
09:01:38 <Matayo> dkayiwa: ok
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09:57:50 <Matayo> dkayiwa: Hi any progress
09:59:19 <dkayiwa> Matayo: you had broken the query into smaller parts. what was the first part?
10:02:37 <Matayo> dkayiwa: I what to flags patients who have not have a CD4 repeat within six months (Patients due for CD4) we agreed we start with that maybe it will give me the trend on how to create others on my own
10:02:48 *** shruthd has joined #openmrs
10:03:25 *** raonyguimaraes has joined #openmrs
10:05:47 <dkayiwa> Matayo: whats the concept id for CD4?
10:13:08 <Matayo> dkayiwa: 5497
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10:23:03 <dkayiwa> rafa: hi
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11:44:41 <akwatuha__> hi dkayiwa
11:45:08 <dkayiwa> akwatuha__: hi
11:46:43 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: Do you have an idea of what i need to do to keep hidden group box values e.g have have hidden group boxes which needs to be completed but because the form is long i want to have radio options thus a user selects the radio fills out the details
11:47:27 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: i have realized when you change the option the filled out values gets lost when you reselect the option
11:48:26 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: thus my skip logic for the group box should ideally be used to hide and show the items giving the user a chance to fill out the form progressively
11:48:36 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: is this possible?
11:49:05 <dkayiwa> akwatuha__: can you instead have multiple tabs for the form?
11:52:31 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: okay, not sure but let me look at multiple tabs.
11:52:49 <dkayiwa> akwatuha__: how do you do the above in infopath?
11:54:14 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: never done it in infopath. Ideally we are moving away from infopath. This form will be used mainly through xforms
11:54:59 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: i have never developed a form in infopath.
11:55:33 *** harshadura__ has joined #openmrs
11:55:35 <dkayiwa> akwatuha__: ok.
11:55:59 <dkayiwa> akwatuha__: so is the only problem that values are lost after skip logic?
11:56:01 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: is there a way to convert group box items into a tab?
11:56:09 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: yes
11:56:33 <dkayiwa> akwatuha__: you can cut and paste into a tab
11:56:45 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: okay
11:57:10 <dkayiwa> akwatuha__: looks easy to fix. you can create a ticket for it and fully explain the problem and what needs to be done
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11:58:24 <akwatuha__> dkayiwa: okay let me create a ticket
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14:09:44 *** wluyima has joined #openmrs
14:31:49 <wluyima> cpower: standup url?
14:32:22 <cpower> one sec
14:32:28 <cpower>
14:32:32 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
14:43:54 <rafa> dkayiwa: see
14:44:01 <dkayiwa> rafa: thanks alot
15:05:27 <cpower> Who's ready to scrum?
15:05:31 <cpower> !scrumon cpower
15:05:31 * OpenMRSBot says the DAILY SCRUM MEETING is STARTING. This meeting should not last longer than 15 minutes. Please hold other comments until the end of the meeting, or message someone privately. Thank you! ScrumMaster cpower- you may begin when ready.
15:05:53 <cpower> Order: wluyima , dkayiwa, rafa
15:06:06 <wluyima> Tuesday:
15:06:06 <wluyima> - Fix failing liquibase changeset in commit for TRUNK-4125 - Rename drug_order.complex to drug_order.dosing_type
15:06:08 <wluyima> - More work on curating and organising order entry tickets
15:06:09 <wluyima> - TRUNK-4136 - Add DrugOrder.route and remove DrugOrder.equivalentDailyDose property
15:06:11 <wluyima> Wednesday:
15:06:12 <wluyima> - design call
15:06:14 <wluyima> - Complete TRUNK-4136 - Add DrugOrder.route and remove DrugOrder.equivalentDailyDose property
15:06:15 <wluyima> - call with Darius and Anushya
15:06:17 <wluyima> - meeting with Martin, Burke and Ada
15:06:18 <wluyima>
15:06:18 <wluyima> Blockers: None
15:07:22 <dkayiwa> Made a commit for: Form Entry app for the Reference Application - RA-268
15:07:22 <dkayiwa> Doing some more work for it
15:07:23 <dkayiwa> No Blockers
15:07:27 <rafa> Today:
15:07:27 <rafa> * Completed cleaning up 1.10 and 1.11 JIRA issues
15:07:27 <rafa> * Univ Call
15:07:27 <rafa> * Will work on REPORT-531
15:07:27 <rafa> Need easy way to run reports for "all locations that are tagged with X"
15:07:27 <rafa>
15:07:27 <rafa> * Design Call
15:07:28 <rafa> No blockers.
15:20:09 <cpower> !scrumoff
15:20:10 * OpenMRSBot says the DAILY SCRUM MEETING has ENDED. This channel is now returned to normal hacking operations. Post-scrum meeting follow-up conversations may now begin.
15:25:19 <cpower> dkayiwa: and rafa Have we heard from Tobin's group recently?
15:25:38 <dkayiwa> cpower: last talked with them yesterday
15:25:56 <cpower> dkayiwa: great, how's it going?
15:26:22 <dkayiwa> cpower: they are making some progress. Though still need to get in touch more
15:26:38 <cpower> dkayiwa: ok I'll reach out to him
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18:18:28 <wluyima> hi burke
18:18:52 <dkayiwa> thats a joke :)
18:18:53 <wluyima> burke: i haven't been on any call on uberconference, how do i join?
18:22:02 <burke> wluyima: same call as for any dev forum (see dev page)
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20:51:49 *** Shangeetha has joined #openmrs
20:52:00 <Shangeetha> ibewes: Hi
20:52:34 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: Hi
20:52:49 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha: hi
20:53:28 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: HTTP Status 404 error is coming when we type deloyed openmrs's url in browser
20:53:51 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha: pastebin the logs
20:54:02 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: catalina.out log?
20:54:08 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha: yes
20:54:12 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: OK sure
20:54:39 *** raonyguimaraes has joined #openmrs
21:01:24 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa:
21:05:34 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha: i new it had to be an out of memory problem
21:05:49 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha: did you increase the tomcat memory?
21:07:22 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: Yeah by executing export CATALINA_OPTS="-Djava.library.path=/opt/tomcat/lib/.libs -Xmx 3096m -Xms 2048m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:NewSize=128m"
21:07:48 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: How can we check that tomcat memory has been increased?
21:09:08 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha:
21:09:09 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
21:10:02 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: yeah i referred to that link and then only executed above mentioned command. Still same error is coming
21:10:39 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha: did you set the value in
21:13:47 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: Though i executed export command it is not there inside
21:13:57 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: Shall i manually insert it?
21:14:28 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha: yes try that
21:14:52 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: Ok sure :) give me some time
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21:26:28 *** shortend has joined #openmrs
21:27:12 <shortend> Hi!
21:27:40 <shortend> Is there a recommendation for setting a property to null throu
21:27:47 <shortend> through the REST interface?
21:28:21 <shortend> It seems like when determining allowed properties, if the value being set is null, the property is rejected.
21:28:54 <djazayeri> shortend: that sounds like a bug.
21:33:40 <shortend> djazayeri: OK, I'll look into opening an issue.
21:33:57 <shortend> djazayeri: Seems to be the same in master on GitHub.
21:34:07 <djazayeri> shortend: cool, if you can demonstrate it with a (failing) unit test, that would be wonderful.
21:38:46 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa:I added CATALINA_OPTS in and again same error http status 404 is thrown
21:39:56 *** wluyima has quit IRC
21:39:59 <dkayiwa> Shangeetha: can you try using a value like this? -Xms512m -Xmx512m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -XX:NewSize=128m
21:40:44 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: Ok sure. Since we are using 4GB RAM for server i gave previous values
21:46:33 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: Still same. It keeps on rotating and then throws http status 404 error
21:54:12 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: In the command, there is a part saying -Djava.library.path=/opt/tomcat/lib/.libs
21:54:39 <Shangeetha> dkayiwa: That does not make sense because there is no tomcat folder inside opt
22:08:08 *** Shangeetha has quit IRC
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