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  • 2013-12-03 - OpenMRS
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00:02:40 *** shortend has joined #openmrs
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03:13:48 *** question has joined #openmrs
03:14:34 <question> Hello. Newbie question: What does "Auth to Services" mean on the login screen? (Google has not helped.) Thanks! :)
04:00:16 *** harshadura has joined #openmrs
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04:24:07 <upul> question: In the IRC tab? That is if you have registered your nickname with the service, then you can give your username and password to authenticate
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07:12:29 <Matayo> dkayiwa: Gwe ssebo olyotya
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07:12:39 *** dkayiwa_ is now known as dkayiwa
07:12:46 <Matayo> dkayiwa: any pregress
07:13:01 <dkayiwa> Matayo: hahaha. i completely forgot :)
07:13:31 <Matayo> so can you give it a try now
07:13:49 <Matayo> i will give you 1hr
07:18:54 *** applecool has quit IRC
07:19:54 <dkayiwa> Matayo: what was the topic by the way? :)
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08:04:32 *** arturneumann has joined #openmrs
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09:00:52 *** geekgugi has joined #openmrs
09:03:24 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: hi
09:05:06 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: hi
09:05:24 <arturneumann> do you have an idea what the problem with the encounters might be? Is it a bug or my missunderstanding of OpenMRS?
09:05:57 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: can you include my irc name every time you type? that way my irc client will alert me :)
09:07:11 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: we do not encourage private chat for non private conversations :0
09:08:26 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: so we should write here in the public and add your name ahead
09:08:55 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: yes. and the TAB key can help you autocomplete
09:09:26 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: hoho, thats smart, great
09:10:00 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: so does the standalone version of openmrs work well?
09:10:59 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: yes, except of the problem with the encounters. I'm still try to understand the whole system
09:11:50 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: does that mean you have the problem even for the standalone version
09:13:33 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: I'm only using the standalone version so far
09:13:56 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: which version?
09:14:32 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: 1.9.4 first and updated to 1.9.6 as you suggested.
09:15:48 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: so what steps should i take to reproduce the problem?
09:16:44 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: Install the standalone version of OpenMRS on Windows 7 in Presentation Mode
09:16:56 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: find a patient
09:17:07 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: start a visit
09:17:13 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: aha
09:17:26 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: click on "add encounter" and start typing
09:17:33 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: ok
09:18:22 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: what happens when i start typing?
09:18:51 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: you should the the message: "A javascript error has occurred: Error marshalling java.lang.Integer: Format error converting false. See the logs for more details."
09:19:12 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: and the tomcat logs says: "org.directwebremoting.extend.MarshallException: Error marshalling java.lang.Integer: Format error"
09:20:27 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: should I try to create a port forward so you can see the system?
09:21:54 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: let me first try here :)
09:23:36 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: which browser?
09:23:53 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: firefox and IE
09:24:04 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: let me try opera and chrome
09:24:12 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: you do not have to
09:24:25 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: ok
09:24:32 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: when running the standalone for the first time, which option did you select?
09:26:10 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
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09:27:45 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: the first one in the list, I belive its the presenter mode
09:29:25 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: ok let me do that too
09:37:32 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: which particular patient did you choose?
09:38:37 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: for example "Fraklin Jelagat Siginet" but does not seem to make a difference
09:39:14 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: and which exact characters did you type in encounters
09:40:23 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: does not matter, If I type "12" the message comes "ab" or "%$" give the same
09:40:48 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: type 12 where
09:42:58 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: in the field that says: "Enter encounter id, provider identifier....." in the "Add visit" form
09:43:41 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: am failing to reproduce it here. can you show me on your system?
09:45:13 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: ok let me try to set up a port forward
09:47:29 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: here is a screenshot
09:51:56 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: can you create a ticket for it
09:52:17 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: will do
09:52:23 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: ty to access
09:54:00 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: oh good i have just got in on your system :)
09:54:35 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: don't tell my boss I've opened the firewall ;-)
09:54:53 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: will keep dead silent :)
09:55:43 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: i think that bug could have been fixed on 1.9.7 :)
09:56:11 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: should I install a nightly build?
09:56:40 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: yes
09:56:52 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: just replace the war file alone
09:58:11 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: I suppost the one from here is the most recent:
09:58:18 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
09:58:19 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: or is that already 2.0?
09:58:33 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: yes that is it
09:58:50 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: 2.0 is simple a group of modules :)
10:00:50 *** raonyguimaraes has joined #openmrs
10:02:30 <dkayiwa> rafa: hi
10:02:36 <rafa> dkayiwa: hi
10:02:56 <dkayiwa> rafa: do we have a script that automatically recompiles all the refapp modules?
10:03:19 <dkayiwa> rafa: or anything else that we can use to automate that instead of having to do it one by one?
10:03:24 <rafa> dkayiwa: you can easily write one :)
10:03:31 <dkayiwa> rafa: :)
10:03:49 <rafa> dkayiwa: it's a few "cd" and "mvn clean install"
10:04:07 <dkayiwa> rafa: shell scripting is my poorest subject :)
10:05:01 <rafa> dkayiwa: it's really about creating an .sh file and typing what you would have typed in a console manually
10:05:17 <dkayiwa> rafa: ok :)
10:07:11 <dkayiwa> rafa: and lastly, does the registrationapp compile for you? :)
10:07:26 <rafa> dkayiwa: I can check
10:07:35 <dkayiwa> rafa: ok thanks
10:18:19 <rafa> dkayiwa: can you check in your .m2 dir if you have openmrs-web jars for 1.7.x ?
10:18:32 <dkayiwa> rafa: ok
10:19:41 <dkayiwa> rafa: i do not have it
10:23:39 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: finaly downloaded the version of 2012/12/02 internet is painfully slow here :-(
10:25:03 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: oh sorry
10:25:06 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: same problem :-(
10:25:37 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: create a ticket
10:28:57 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: will do. if it would work probably, should I be able to create an encounter right there?
10:30:00 *** djazayeri has joined #openmrs
10:30:00 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o djazayeri
10:30:46 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: no
10:31:09 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: that is for selecting an existing. not creating a new one
10:33:31 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: OK, understood. Have to dig deeper into the whole system. We have to decide soon what software we are going to use for our hospitals. and I need to understand more to make a good presentation and decision.
10:33:57 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: THANK you very much for all your time, help and support. I'm really impressed by your work
10:36:30 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: did u read the implementers guide
10:37:17 <arturneumann> dkayiwa: yea
10:37:32 <dkayiwa> arturneumann: ok good
10:38:06 *** maimoonak has joined #openmrs
10:39:42 <maimoonak> dkayiwa : hi
10:39:51 <dkayiwa> maimoonak: hi
10:40:23 <maimoonak> dkayiwa : did you check the file?
10:40:28 *** shruthd has quit IRC
10:40:49 <dkayiwa> maimoonak: i have it. did you set the xforms module serialization global properties?
10:41:59 <maimoonak> yes
10:42:12 <maimoonak> dkayiwa : I had set properties
10:42:36 <dkayiwa> maimoonak: is trouble only when downloading forms?
10:44:02 <maimoonak> dkayiwa : to org.openmrs.module.xforms.serialization.Default.*Serializer
10:46:39 <maimoonak> dkayiwa : yes
10:47:02 <dkayiwa> maimoonak: what is the exact name of the global property
10:47:52 <maimoonak> dkayiwa : org.openmrs.module.xforms.serialization.DefaultXformSerializer
10:49:33 *** question has quit IRC
10:50:07 <maimoonak> org.openmrs.module.xforms.serialization.DefaultXformSerializer
10:50:22 <dkayiwa> maimoonak: thats a value of which property?
10:50:48 <maimoonak> sorry .. xforms.xformSerializer
10:52:33 <dkayiwa> maimoonak: can you change it to org.fcitmuk.epihandy.EpihandyXformSerializer and try again?
11:00:03 *** geekgugi has quit IRC
11:00:29 *** shruthd has joined #openmrs
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11:15:21 <maimoonak> dkayiwa : thanks... seems that it has resolved the NoSuchMethod problem. There are other issues I need to resolve.
11:15:48 <maimoonak> dkayiwa : I would get back to you once those are reolved.
11:19:01 *** arturneumann has quit IRC
11:24:22 <dkayiwa> maimoonak: ok
11:27:43 *** maimoonak has quit IRC
11:29:36 *** Tal has joined #openmrs
11:29:58 <Tal> dkayiwa: Hi Daniel
11:30:03 <dkayiwa> Tal: hi
11:30:42 <dkayiwa> Tal: can you clone the coreapps module and then load it in eclipse?
11:30:48 <Tal> dkayiwa: can you guide us how to add a new box to the ref app?
11:30:56 <Tal> dkayiwa: we did it
11:31:10 <dkayiwa> Tal: do you see its json app files?
11:31:14 <Tal> dkayiwa: the distro yes?
11:31:35 <dkayiwa> Tal: distro != coreapps
11:32:14 <Tal> dkayiwa: is it appframework-appsfortesting?
11:33:05 <dkayiwa> Tal: coreapps
11:33:13 *** eli has joined #openmrs
11:33:19 <eli> dkayiwa: we would really like, instead of bugging you a lot of times, to perform everything from the beginning to the end so we will become more independent, and stop bugging you. it will time because we will be free to work on the tickets and we wont waste your time with stupid questions.
11:33:37 *** eli is now known as Guest79045
11:33:52 <dkayiwa> eli: you already did the beginning. so am starting from where you already are :)
11:34:25 <dkayiwa> elly_: Tal just answer what i ask and follow along :)
11:34:47 <Tal> dkayiwa: ok
11:35:10 <Guest79045> dkayiwa: for some reason the IRC changend my nick.
11:35:18 <Guest79045> dkayiwa: just a sec
11:36:38 *** Guest79045 is now known as ezil
11:39:16 <ezil> ezil: we would really appreciate if you will guide us from the beginning. we afraid that we cloned now the right projects.
11:39:29 <ezil> dkayiwa: we would really appreciate if you will guide us from the beginning. we afraid that we cloned now the right projects.
11:39:42 <ezil> dkayiwa: not the right*
11:40:11 <dkayiwa> ezil: that does not help. you only need to follow me as i ask you :)
11:40:50 <dkayiwa> ezil: for instance, if you cloned a wrong project. you now just clone the correct one :)
11:40:56 <ezil> dkayiwa: okay. what should we do?
11:41:05 <dkayiwa> ezil: clone coreapps
11:41:15 <dkayiwa> ezil: and load it in eclipse
11:41:23 <ezil> dkayiwa: can you give us a link?
11:41:43 <dkayiwa> ezil: can you search it on the openmrs github?
11:42:19 <Tal> dkayiwa:
11:42:33 <Tal> dkayiwa: is it that?
11:42:42 <dkayiwa> Tal: yes
11:42:57 <Tal> dkayiwa: great, just a sec
11:44:35 <Tal> dkayiwa: then mvn clean install and import to eclipse?
11:45:06 <dkayiwa> Tal: you do not even need to mvn clean install it. just import it into eclipse
11:45:25 <Tal> dkayiwa: i already did so not matter
11:45:26 <dkayiwa> Tal: i just wanted you to have a look at its folder structure
11:45:56 <dkayiwa> Tal: and see where the json files are, copy a few things and patterns from it, etc :)
11:46:26 <Tal> dkayiwa: ok , its in my eclipse
11:47:13 <dkayiwa> Tal: under its omod project, do you see the apps json files?
11:47:28 <dkayiwa> Tal: srs/main/resources
11:54:37 *** harshadura_ has joined #openmrs
11:56:48 *** harshadura has quit IRC
12:01:45 <Tal> dkayiwa:
12:01:50 <Tal> dkayiwa: ok im here
12:02:00 <Tal> dkayiwa: i see the json's files
12:02:19 <dkayiwa> Tal: does that help you know where to put yours? :)
12:02:40 <Tal> dkayiwa: now i need to simply add my own box and link it to the appoitment module
12:02:43 <Tal> dkayiwa: yes thanks
12:02:59 <dkayiwa> Tal: so can you try doing so and tell me how it goes?
12:03:51 <Tal> dkayiwa: ok just a sec
12:04:08 <dkayiwa> Tal: even if you take an hour :)
12:09:56 *** dkayiwa_ has joined #openmrs
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12:12:29 *** dkayiwa_ is now known as dkayiwa
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14:03:32 <ezil> dkayiwa: are you still here?
14:03:50 *** dkayiwa has quit IRC
14:06:37 *** breeze has joined #openmrs
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14:38:37 *** wluyima has joined #openmrs
14:39:14 <wluyima> cpower: done with stand up?
14:40:52 *** wluyima has left #openmrs
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14:41:25 *** wluyima has joined #openmrs
14:41:38 <wluyima> cpower: ?
14:41:45 *** dkayiwa has joined #openmrs
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14:48:04 <ezil> dkayiwa: Hi! are you here?
14:51:36 <dkayiwa> ezil: yes
14:57:42 <ezil> dkayiwa: great. I would like to have some help.
14:59:12 <ezil> dkayiwa: one of my tasks involves adding a line to the "active visits" page, that should re-direct me to the appointment module
14:59:49 <ezil> dkayiwa: I read a lot of material from openMRS wiki, but it is now clear at all.
15:00:09 <ezil> dkayiwa: can you help me get started?
15:01:14 <dkayiwa> ezil: can we continue here a few hours from now or tomorrow? i want to rush some were :)
15:01:42 *** shruthd has joined #openmrs
15:01:46 <ezil> dkayiwa: sure, when will you be available today?
15:01:56 <dkayiwa> ezil: like after 4hrs
15:02:16 <ezil> dkayiwa: okay, see you then! :) thank you and have a good time!
15:02:25 <dkayiwa> ezil: thanks :)
15:02:27 *** dkayiwa has left #openmrs
15:03:55 *** Tal has quit IRC
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15:24:50 *** aramirez has joined #openmrs
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19:20:25 <dkayiwa> ezil: am back :)
19:24:21 *** ezil has quit IRC
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19:43:29 *** aramirez has joined #openmrs
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19:43:43 <aramirez> dkayiwa: hey
19:43:51 <dkayiwa> aramirez: hi
19:49:45 <aramirez> dkayiwa: i have a problem, on one of my servers. When you submit any form, it loads the form entry tab blank, and stays that way, you cannot view the submitted form o create a new one, its blank
19:52:24 <dkayiwa> aramirez: can you show me a screenshot?
19:52:40 <aramirez> dkayiwa: yes, gimme a minute
19:55:26 <aramirez> dkayiwa:
19:59:37 <dkayiwa> aramirez: which version of openmrs?
20:00:07 <aramirez> dkayiwa: 1.9.6
20:00:27 <dkayiwa> aramirez: which browser?
20:01:29 <aramirez> dkayiwa:mozilla firefox 25.0.1, but i also happens on all clients, even on a mac with safari
20:02:22 <dkayiwa> aramirez: does it happen all the time? or randomly
20:03:48 <aramirez> dkayiwa:all the time
20:04:04 <dkayiwa> aramirez: when did it start happening
20:06:18 <aramirez> dkayiwa: I actually havent tried the system till now, I updated some of the forms and modified some user names,
20:07:55 <aramirez> dkayiwa:ive been messing around right now,and find it has to do with the provider id
20:08:15 <dkayiwa> aramirez: pastebin the tomcat log
20:08:19 <aramirez> dkayiwa:if i set it as super user, i get the blank error, if i select another provider it works
20:10:32 <aramirez> dkayiwa:ok
20:14:10 <aramirez> dkayiwa:
20:21:26 <dkayiwa> aramirez: is that provide linked to a person?
20:21:36 <dkayiwa> provider
20:21:51 *** shruthd has quit IRC
20:22:51 <aramirez> dkayiwa:i believe so
20:23:12 <dkayiwa> aramirez: what is the person name?
20:24:30 <aramirez> dkayiwa:jenny najera
20:27:52 <aramirez> dkayiwa: when i go to options>manage provider i get a javascript errot
20:27:56 <aramirez> dkayiwa:error
20:29:10 <dkayiwa> aramirez: which is his given name and family name?
20:29:26 <dkayiwa> aramirez: as in the person this provider is linked to
20:29:53 <aramirez> dkayiwa:jenny najera>Brigades Volunteer
20:32:48 <dkayiwa> aramirez: and what is the provider_id
20:33:09 <aramirez> dkayiwa:Jenny Najera [8]
20:38:05 <dkayiwa> aramirez: is that linked to super user?
20:39:18 <aramirez> dkayiwa:no
20:39:34 <dkayiwa> aramirez: i want where you get errors
20:39:52 <dkayiwa> aramirez: the user account you get errors for
20:40:42 <aramirez> dkayiwa: i get it on both users: admin and brigades
20:40:58 <aramirez> dkayiwa:when i enter the provider id: Super User
20:41:55 <dkayiwa> aramirez: what is the integer id (userId) for super user?
20:53:25 *** dkayiwa has quit IRC
20:54:14 <aramirez> dkayiwa:one sec
20:56:35 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
21:01:33 <aramirez> dkayiwa:userid=1
21:07:55 *** breeze has quit IRC
21:49:49 *** upul has joined #openmrs
21:53:40 *** harshadura__ has joined #openmrs
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21:55:37 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
21:55:44 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
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22:21:08 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: Burke Mamlin: Preach Open Source; when necessary, mention code. <> || Burke Mamlin: OpenMRS Licensing <> || OpenMRS Modules: Metadata Deploy 0.1 uploaded to OpenMRS Module Repository <>
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23:08:17 *** GitHub137 has joined #openmrs
23:08:17 <GitHub137> [openmrs-core] wluyima pushed 1 new commit to 1.10.x:
23:08:17 <GitHub137> openmrs-core/1.10.x a0a573f wyclif: Follow up to fix failing changeset - TRUNK-4125
23:08:17 *** GitHub137 has left #openmrs
23:09:47 *** wluyima has joined #openmrs
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