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01:44:50 <wyclif> djazayeri, i got your msg
01:44:59 <wyclif> about adding a new library
01:45:12 <wyclif> so trunk can't build
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02:21:11 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Backporting, Look for runtime properties in current directory, environment variable, then home directory - TRUNK-2422 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (trunk): Look for runtime properties in current directory, environment variable, then home directory - TRUNK-2422 <>
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04:05:12 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Back porting, Logging Advice logs entire text of what is deserialized by serialization service - TRUNK-2317 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Back porting, tooltip on "Search Terms" on edit concept form is bad - TRUNK-2339 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (trunk): tooltip on "Search Terms" on edit concept form is bad - TRUNK-2339 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Back porting, Short names for concepts should be allowed to duplicate full-length names within a locale - TRUNK-2111 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (trunk): Short names for concepts should be allowed to duplicate full-length names within a locale - TRUNK-2111:... <>
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06:20:18 <surangak> hmm did djazayeri also switch to a new time zone, or is this a case of insomnia :)
06:20:42 <djazayeri> Perhaps unwisely I leave my computer on overnight, with irc running
06:21:06 <surangak> you have misled several people over the past weeks :P
06:21:30 <surangak> once there was even a convosation on how come u are still online :=)
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06:49:14 <pascal`> morning bwolfe
06:49:21 <bwolfe> hey pascal`
06:50:20 <pascal`> bwolfe, to get all my concepts from an old install to a new blank install, it's just a matter of dumping the concept* tables, right?
06:50:29 <pascal`> bwolfe, the new install is 100% blank.
06:50:46 <bwolfe> pascal`, yeah. you'll need the user tables too for the foreign keys
06:52:09 <pascal`> bwolfe, what if all the concepts were created by the super user?
06:52:24 <bwolfe> then you just need one user copied over
06:53:04 <pascal`> bwolfe, but doesn't the super user exist with id=1 even on a clean install?
06:53:23 <bwolfe> hmm, it should...
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07:04:36 *** bwolfe sets mode: +vvvv dkayiwa surangak pascal` wyclif
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07:06:37 <pascal`> bwolfe++
07:06:56 <bwolfe> for voicing you, or the concept migration worked?
07:07:20 <pascal`> I have voice registered with nickserv, just hadn't identified yet.
07:07:28 <pascal`> For helping me out, still need to try the migration
07:07:36 <pascal`> also, bwolfe, who is elliot_w?
07:07:45 <pascal`> elliott_w, even.
07:08:01 <bwolfe> eilliott williams. it intern at regenstrief for the summer working with downey
07:12:14 <pascal`> bwolfe, ah ok
07:12:24 <pascal`> bwolfe, so interns get ops hey
07:12:45 <pascal`> bwolfe, this is a crazy irc world we live it (=
07:12:53 <bwolfe> they do when they install the irc bot
07:17:28 <pascal`> haxx
07:19:28 *** rafa has joined #openmrs
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07:36:00 <dkayiwa> hi bwolfe
07:37:00 <bwolfe> hi daniel
07:37:21 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: which tickets did you say i should work on?
07:39:17 * bwolfe points dkayiwa at the logs...
07:39:24 <bwolfe> (because I can't remember)
07:39:29 <bwolfe> !refer dkayiwa [logs]
07:39:29 * OpenMRSBot refers dkayiwa to "logs" ---
07:39:42 <dkayiwa> hahahaha :D
07:40:06 <dkayiwa> you said i can continue working on the tickets am already assigned
07:40:54 <dkayiwa> which is just one:
07:41:37 <dkayiwa> and it is waiting your comments: bwolfe
07:41:58 * bwolfe opens the ticket
07:42:08 <dkayiwa> :)
07:42:21 <bwolfe> are you waiting for my comments on the wiki page?
07:45:00 *** bryq has joined #openmrs
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07:45:56 <bwolfe> dkayiwa, hmm
07:46:00 <pascal`> bwolfe++ it worked.
07:46:38 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: yes
07:46:44 <bwolfe> dkayiwa, you want to look into ?
07:47:06 <bwolfe> I made a comment on the review about changing it so that the resources are discovered from the classpath instead of via the packages like you have it
07:48:14 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: that is on which ticket?
07:49:05 <bwolfe> ?
07:49:16 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: where you made the comments
07:49:30 <bwolfe> its on the review linked from that 113 ticket
07:49:40 <dkayiwa> ok
07:50:00 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: so should i unassign wyclif from that ticket and assign myself?
07:51:37 <bwolfe> he did most of the work. It probably should be a separate ticket. can you make a new ticket and then we can close the one that wyclif was working on?
07:52:11 <dkayiwa> ok
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09:01:49 *** magoo has joined #openmrs
09:04:10 <magoo> is it possible to configue openmrs with wamp server
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09:44:05 *** rafa has joined #openmrs
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09:55:42 <dkayiwa> hi rafa
09:56:01 <rafa> hi dkayiwa
09:56:23 <dkayiwa> rafa: do you know how to look for all classes in the classpath?
09:56:42 <dkayiwa> pascal`: same question goes to you. :)
09:56:58 <dkayiwa> and every one else who knows. :)
09:57:01 <rafa> dkayiwa: you can use spring for that
09:57:09 <rafa> dkayiwa: I'll find you an example
09:57:16 <dkayiwa> that will be excellent
09:58:10 <surangak> i think theres an example of that in
09:58:13 <surangak> i think
09:58:21 <rafa>
09:58:22 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
09:58:35 <surangak> /**
09:58:35 <surangak> * Get all classes ending in "Test.class".
09:58:35 <surangak> *
09:58:35 <surangak> * @return list of classes whose name ends with Test.class
09:58:35 <surangak> */
09:58:36 <surangak> private List<Class> getTestClasses() {
09:58:37 <rafa> see the getClasses method
09:58:38 <surangak> return getClasses(".*Test\\.class$");
09:58:44 <surangak> }
09:59:39 <surangak> rafa, does the above method help ? its only for classess ending with Test.class though....
09:59:51 <dkayiwa> oh
10:00:20 <rafa> dkayiwa: see the link
10:00:28 <dkayiwa> ok thanks
10:01:06 <rafa> dkayiwa: you can find all classes and you can filter them however you want
10:01:45 <dkayiwa> ok 8)
10:04:57 *** dodo_ has joined #openmrs
10:05:13 <dkayiwa> rafa: looks like this class should go to core :D
10:05:29 <dodo_> hello
10:05:36 <dodo_> any one is there
10:05:45 <dkayiwa> dodo_: welcome. :)
10:09:16 <dodo_> hello
10:09:24 <dodo_> any one is there
10:09:37 <dkayiwa> :)
10:09:47 <dkayiwa> yes dodo_
10:13:55 <dodo_> can you tell me how to change the memory of the tomcat
10:13:57 <dodo_> ?
10:14:45 <dkayiwa>
10:14:50 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
10:22:36 <pascal`> !OOM
10:22:36 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: "OOM" --- (#1) Tomcat's memory management sucks. Increase your memory available to tomcat. See, or (#2) moo backwards
10:22:40 <dodo_> thanks
10:22:51 <dodo_> actually i am working on this
10:22:54 <dodo_> lik
10:22:57 <dodo_> link*
10:23:52 <dkayiwa> surangak: thanks is also a good one :)
10:24:24 <surangak> dkayiwa, i think my domian knowlege of openmrs is definitely improving :)
10:25:16 <dkayiwa> surangak: that is very correct because despite my having been there before you, there are things you know better than me. :D
10:26:24 <surangak> dkayiwa, actually im familiar with openmrsTest because I crashed the integration server with it once :P
10:26:43 <dkayiwa> hahahahaha :)
10:28:11 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
10:28:11 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
10:28:46 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: welcome back from lunch. :)
10:29:25 *** bwolfe_ has joined #openmrs
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10:29:37 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: why would you want me search for web service resources from the classpath instead of a given package (folder) ?
10:29:51 <dkayiwa> bwolfe_
10:29:58 <bwolfe_> dkayiwa
10:30:03 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
10:30:05 *** bwolfe_ is now known as bwolfe
10:30:10 <dkayiwa> member:bwolfe: why would you want me search for web service resources from the classpath instead of a given package (folder) ?
10:30:27 <bwolfe> so that module resources are found
10:30:46 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: are they currently missing?
10:30:53 <dkayiwa> oh sorry
10:31:02 <dkayiwa> resources from other modules? bwolfe
10:31:13 <bwolfe> the point of wyclifs ticket was to show all resources currently in the system. and that includes ones provided by modules
10:31:15 <dkayiwa> that makes perfect sense
10:31:24 <dkayiwa> thanks
10:31:33 <bwolfe> so since he is just using your machinery, you should add that ability to yours
10:31:39 <dkayiwa> ok
10:58:40 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: is it correct for me to make the assumption that all web service resources will implement the interface?
10:59:00 <bwolfe> no
10:59:04 <bwolfe> oh wait
10:59:06 <bwolfe> maybe
10:59:09 <dkayiwa> :)
10:59:28 <dkayiwa> am looking for a filter in my search for classes in the classpath
10:59:31 <bwolfe> yeah, probably
10:59:37 <bwolfe> I think you can depend on that
10:59:42 <dkayiwa> ok
11:02:09 *** elliott_w has quit IRC
11:02:14 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: how about requiring only the or SubResource annotation? which is better?
11:02:33 <bwolfe> probably about the same. is it just as easy to search for either one?
11:02:44 <dkayiwa> ok
11:02:51 <dkayiwa> easier to search for interface. :)
11:03:42 <dkayiwa> so will go with requiring the interface: bwolfe
11:04:19 <bwolfe> ok
11:04:40 *** surangak has quit IRC
11:06:21 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: do you know why we did not include versioning in our REST web service implementation. Just like attlasian does where the resource urls have version numbers or a url for the latest version?
11:07:11 <bwolfe> no specific reason. probably because we didn't think of it
11:07:16 <dkayiwa> ok
11:24:47 *** upul`` has left #openmrs
11:28:54 *** james_regen has joined #openmrs
11:28:54 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v james_regen
11:44:35 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: can i also assume that all controllers will extend BaseRestController?
11:44:53 <bwolfe> yes, they should
11:45:02 <dkayiwa> ok
12:04:10 *** magoo has quit IRC
12:04:55 *** elliott_w has joined #openmrs
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12:08:00 <rafa> dkayiwa, bwolfe can you build the ws module?
12:08:07 <rafa> it fails for me
12:08:16 <bwolfe> fails on a test?
12:08:27 <dkayiwa> yes
12:08:29 <rafa> bwolfe: yes on all tests
12:09:03 <rafa> bwolfe: "No bean found" mostly
12:09:54 <bwolfe> tricky
12:09:57 <bwolfe> eclipse or command line?
12:10:03 <rafa> both
12:10:36 <rafa> it must be me if it works fine for you
12:10:46 <rafa> i'll do a fresh checkout
12:10:53 * bwolfe svn updates
12:10:57 * bwolfe mvn packages
12:11:15 <bwolfe> actually...
12:11:20 * bwolfe mvn clean installs
12:12:48 *** dkayiwa has quit IRC
12:14:31 <rafa> bwolfe: and?
12:15:31 <rafa> bwolfe: From my perspective it seems that application context is broken
12:15:51 *** magoo has joined #openmrs
12:16:20 <bwolfe> rafa: I see marshallingHttpMessageConverter is not found. this has to do with a commit wyclif just did to trunk
12:16:30 <bwolfe> need to svn update trunk and do an install there
12:16:32 <rafa> sam for me
12:16:44 <bwolfe> or an install of 1.8.x maybe? whichever one ws depends on right now...
12:18:04 <rafa> bwolfe: ok, I'll wait for you :)
12:18:49 <bwolfe> heh
12:19:01 * bwolfe cd ../1.8.x
12:19:05 * bwolfe svn updates
12:19:09 <bwolfe> :-)
12:19:34 <pascal`> bwolfe, so I heard I might be seeing you in Kigali later this year
12:19:42 *** dkayiwa has joined #openmrs
12:19:43 <bwolfe> seems like it
12:19:53 <pascal`> if I get to go that is
12:20:08 <bwolfe> chance you won't have funding?
12:20:15 <pascal`> bwolfe, yeah
12:20:47 <pascal`> Apparently annoying people in IRC and creating trivial tickets isn't enough to secure funding ;)
12:21:29 <bwolfe> bummer
12:21:44 <bwolfe> cause you're the king of that. ;-)
12:24:30 <bwolfe> rafa, hmm, same error...
12:25:28 <rafa> last Wyclif's commit to ws: <!-- This bean is defined in the core 'openmrs-servlet.xml' file -->
12:25:28 <rafa> <ref bean="marshallingHttpMessageConverter"/>
12:25:50 <rafa> but there's no marshallingHttp... in openmrs-servlet.xml
12:26:20 <rafa> maybe he forgot to commit
12:27:19 <bwolfe> rafa, argh, he hasn't committed to 1.8.x yet
12:27:22 <bwolfe> just to trunk
12:28:20 <rafa> :)
12:30:18 <pascal`> bwolfe, when filling out a form, the provider that you specify for the encounter needs the provider role.
12:30:43 <pascal`> bwolfe, do you know if they specifically need to have the role called "Provider", or if they just need some of the privileges?
12:31:30 <rafa> wyclif: ping
12:31:39 *** dodo_ has quit IRC
12:32:35 <pascal`> !seen wyclif
12:32:35 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: wyclif was last seen in #openmrs 10 hours, 47 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <wyclif> so trunk can't build
12:32:39 <bwolfe> pascal`, the role called provider
12:32:51 <pascal`> bwolfe, ah, ok, thanks.
12:33:03 <bwolfe> rafa, I'm just going to backport it for him
12:33:36 *** gauthami_ has joined #openmrs
12:33:42 <rafa> bwolfe: ok
12:34:07 <gauthami_> 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
12:34:26 <pascal`> That's a lot of zeros.
12:34:55 <gauthami_> sorry it was unexpected
12:34:57 <gauthami_> :)
12:35:04 <pascal`> 0_0
12:35:20 <gauthami_> : D
12:41:57 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
12:46:54 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
12:46:54 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
12:47:53 <bwolfe> rafa, ok, committed to 1.8.x. do an svn update on that and an mvn install on it
12:47:57 <bwolfe> then you can build wsrest again.
12:48:13 <rafa> great thanks!
13:00:13 *** sgrannis has joined #openmrs
13:00:20 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v sgrannis
13:11:07 <rafa> bwolfe: there are some failing tests in 1.8.x after your update
13:11:20 <bwolfe> yes, I see that
13:11:31 <bwolfe> because wyclif didn't put the ticket number in his second commit I didn't know about it
13:11:33 <bwolfe> >:O
13:11:50 <rafa> bwolfe: and ws still does not work :(
13:11:53 <rafa> ohh ok then
13:17:18 *** bwolfe_ has joined #openmrs
13:17:18 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe_
13:17:54 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
13:21:29 *** bwolfe__ has joined #openmrs
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13:32:00 *** robbyoconnor has quit IRC
13:36:08 *** wanswins has joined #openmrs
13:36:14 <wanswins> hello guys!
13:36:30 <rafa> hello wanswins!
13:36:33 <wanswins> i'm deploying OpenMRS in CloudBees, but having problemas w/ connection.
13:36:37 <wanswins> can anyone help me?
13:36:40 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): User management page fails on searching with role and include disabled users - TRUNK-2108... <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Followup commit to support XML marshalling in spring MVC - TRUNK-2445... <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Support XML marshalling in spring MVC - TRUNK-2445... <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Support XML marshalling in spring MVC - TRUNK-2445... <>
13:36:50 <rafa> we'll try.
13:36:57 <wanswins> at CloudBees the db connection is JNDI
13:37:25 <wanswins> but when I deploy WAR some wizard take up the screen and don't have jndi options
13:37:40 <wanswins> can I have a way to bypass this? to build a properties?
13:37:49 <wanswins> thanks +rafa
13:37:57 <wanswins> what can you help me?
13:38:25 *** bwolfe__ is now known as bwolfe
13:38:29 <wanswins> thanks in advance for all support
13:38:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
13:39:01 <bwolfe> wanswins, no jndi support built in.
13:39:15 <bwolfe> (I don't know that much about jndi or how much work it'd be ot support it)
13:39:58 <wanswins> so unfortunatelly I can't use OpenMRS in any Cloud PaaS environment...
13:39:58 <rafa> but spring does support jndi
13:40:24 <wanswins> I think if there's a way to bypass the initial wizard config
13:40:30 <wanswins> and configure manually all that
13:40:32 <wanswins> can I>?
13:40:40 <wanswins> can I do this?
13:41:19 <bwolfe> wanswins, yes, you just create the runtime properties file yourself.
13:41:23 <bwolfe> !runtimeproperties
13:41:23 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "runtimeproperties" ---
13:41:24 *** sgrannis has quit IRC
13:42:44 <wanswins> thanks!
13:43:46 <wanswins> for the sake... when I run for first time the " not located" that appears at log is that? so it brings me the wizard?
13:45:00 <rafa> wanswins: correct
13:47:24 <wanswins> ;-)
13:47:29 <wanswins> very thanks!
13:47:51 <wanswins> this file is at /web-inf?
13:48:37 <rafa> wanswins: it is located as described here
13:48:38 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
13:48:44 <wanswins> thanks
13:49:11 <wanswins> i get OpenMRS work with jdbc datasources, but after that a get this error at index.htm
13:49:12 <wanswins> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: setAttribute: Non-serializable attribute __openmrs_user_context
13:49:12 <wanswins> org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSession.setAttribute(
13:49:12 <wanswins> org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSession.setAttribute(
13:49:21 <wanswins> anyone can help me with this?
13:49:52 <bwolfe> dkayiwa, you still working on that same ticket?
13:50:02 <bwolfe> or do you want more to work on? :-) perhaps? should be a 5 min thing
13:50:10 <bwolfe> wanswins, are you using tomcat?
13:50:14 <bwolfe> what version?
13:51:39 <wanswins> yes
13:51:46 <wanswins> let me see
13:52:07 <wanswins> Apache Tomcat/6.0.32
13:53:21 <bwolfe> strange error. nothing else in the logs but that??
13:55:27 <dkayiwa> bwolfe
13:55:31 <dkayiwa> i had finished it
13:56:06 <bwolfe> ok, and you were working on what now? (although I suppose we'll cover this in about 5 mins :-p)
13:56:24 <dkayiwa> until when i tested with the deployed module only to find that it does not work yet it had worked when run as a unit test. bwolfe
13:57:32 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: after debugging, i have found that System.getProperty("java.class.path") does not return the correct classpath when am running out of unit tests
13:58:46 <bwolfe> interesting
13:59:22 <dkayiwa> so looks like am going to have to change strategy
14:00:02 <bwolfe> heh
14:00:09 <bwolfe> can you not just get it from the classloader?
14:00:11 *** jwishnie has joined #openmrs
14:00:52 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: how?
14:01:59 <bwolfe> this.getClass().getClassLoader() ?
14:02:29 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: and then i tell the class loader to give me a list of all classes?
14:02:35 <bwolfe> there have been several modules that need to get all things of a certain type from the classloader
14:02:48 <bwolfe> unfortunately I cna't remember which ones :-/
14:02:55 <wyclif> hi
14:02:58 <rafa> metadatasharing :)
14:03:07 <dkayiwa> :D
14:03:23 <bwolfe> reporting might use spring's handler mechanism
14:03:23 <bwolfe> rafa, perfect!
14:03:31 <rafa> Daniel, I showed you the class
14:03:41 <rafa> Isn't it working for you?
14:03:45 <dkayiwa> rafa: the one in the metadatasharing module?
14:03:50 <rafa> yes
14:04:09 <dkayiwa> do i need to pull out the class and its dependant classes? rafa
14:05:00 <rafa> It should be enough to copy the class.
14:05:11 <rafa> but you might want to delete extra stuff
14:06:02 <rafa> All what you need is OpenmrsClassScanner.getClasses
14:06:16 <dkayiwa> ok
14:09:46 <bwolfe> ok, there, past that blocker. :-p
14:09:59 <bwolfe> alright, lets do the wrapup discussion today. I'll start:
14:11:18 <bwolfe> today I mostly did reviews from TRUNK for wyclif, backported a few of my old patches for 1.8.1 for wyclif, did a lot of emailing, and a little bit of documentation. tomorrow I plan on doing testing, docs, and hopefully some sort ws module release. ;-)
14:11:34 <bwolfe> no blockers apart from the fact that my laptop screen still isn't fixed...
14:12:14 <bwolfe> rafa?
14:12:24 *** aja has joined #openmrs
14:13:30 <bwolfe> did we lose rafal?
14:13:39 <rafa> Today: worked mostly on META (bugs reported by Darius), tried to work on WS but had problems compiling it ;) Tomorrow: will work on WS. No blockers.
14:13:45 <rafa> sorry for the delay :)
14:14:53 *** r1friedman has joined #openmrs
14:15:25 *** r1friedman is now known as r-friedman
14:15:48 <r-friedman> bwolfe: hi ben got yr ears on?
14:16:51 <r-friedman> dkayiwa: hi daniel r u online?
14:16:55 <bwolfe> or is he typing. I hate this limbo...
14:16:55 <bwolfe> there we go. I guess I just need patience.
14:16:55 <bwolfe> just give an "ok" before you start typing a novel. (goes for wyclif and dkayiwa too)
14:16:56 <bwolfe> rafa, which ws ticket are you on? still the unit tests one?
14:16:59 <bwolfe> r-friedman, yes, we're in the middle of our daily scrum.
14:17:12 <r-friedman> oh sorry, ping me when you;re odne
14:17:18 <bwolfe> rafa, still the unit tests ticket?
14:17:19 <rafa> bwolfe: yes, Darius wants me to test that values are correct
14:17:41 <bwolfe> ah yes, that adds more work
14:17:48 <rafa> bwolfe: indeed
14:17:56 <bwolfe> ok
14:17:58 <bwolfe> dkayiwa, whats your update?
14:19:10 <dkayiwa> Loading classes from classpath instead of assuming a particular package. I thought i had finished when it all worked well in a unit test. Only to test the deployed module and it did not work. Now trying the class rafa has sent me. DONE
14:19:39 <bwolfe> dkayiwa, so you'll work on that tomorrow, then work on some 1.8.1 tickets?
14:19:52 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: today
14:20:29 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: meaning that i plan to fix it before i sleep today
14:20:36 <bwolfe> ah, ok
14:21:04 <bwolfe> you better go claim that ticket before wyclif commits it :-p
14:21:31 <bwolfe> ok. wyclif?
14:21:34 <dkayiwa> bwolfe: which ticket?
14:22:49 <bwolfe> dkayiwa, the one I linked to before. quick one about adding uuids to concept screen
14:23:05 <dkayiwa> ok
14:24:56 <wyclif> ok
14:25:06 <wyclif> Yesterday, worked on a couple of 1.8.1 tickets, backported, reviewed, and closed some tickets. I had to bump some to 1.8.2
14:25:35 <wyclif> i had to leave some tickets not yet closed just for another pair of eyes to look at the changesets which Ben did
14:25:51 <wyclif> Today: finish up the remaining tickets and probably release 1.8.1 if i get done in time with the remainig tickets
14:26:04 <bwolfe> wyclif, when backporting make sure you include the original author's nick.
14:26:19 <wyclif> ok
14:27:14 <bwolfe> ok. looks like you can boot a few more of those 1.8.1 tickets. if its not super easy and not mission critical, boot it
14:28:16 <wyclif> the ones i have not yet bumped seem fixable or already have a patch attached
14:28:34 <bwolfe> ok
14:28:42 <wyclif> or code has been committed and just waiting on a review
14:29:01 <bwolfe> if you start to work on one (or you assign one to daniel/rafa and they can't get it done quickly) then move on. I really want 1.8.1 released by tomorrow
14:29:35 <bwolfe> dkayiwa, did you make a new ticket for the one you're working on? whats that number?
14:29:41 <bwolfe> ok, djazayeri?
14:29:42 <wyclif> that is a reasonable target
14:29:44 <bwolfe> you awake yet?
14:29:56 <dkayiwa> bwolfe:
14:30:51 <bwolfe> thanks
14:31:56 *** magoo has quit IRC
14:32:05 <bwolfe> mr magoo is gone. bummer
14:32:19 <dkayiwa> :D
14:32:36 <dkayiwa> he has been talking to me privately :)
14:33:05 <bwolfe> magoo was?
14:33:12 <dkayiwa> yes
14:33:15 <bwolfe> who was he/she?
14:33:23 <bwolfe> and why didn't you encourage a public discussion? :-)
14:33:34 <dkayiwa> some buddy of mine in Burundi
14:33:51 *** aja has quit IRC
14:34:00 <dkayiwa> he was asking me about my son :)
14:34:19 <dkayiwa> so he felt that would be too noisy for public chat
14:34:22 <bwolfe> oh, I suppose thats a good reason :-D
14:34:31 <dkayiwa> :D
14:34:56 <bwolfe> ok, no djazayeri, guess I'll check up with him offline
14:35:12 <bwolfe> dinnertime for me guys. see you later tonight
14:36:02 <dkayiwa> see ya
14:36:30 <wyclif> see ya
14:41:00 *** goutham has joined #openmrs
14:41:02 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): applying auto formatting <> || OpenMRS Forum: Regarding new privileges and how to assign them <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Backporting, Fixing warning message when finding runtime properties file - TRUNK-2422 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (trunk): Fixing warning message when finding runtime properties file - TRUNK-2422 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): Back porting, When a concept is retired through the web interface, retired_by, date_retired and retire_reason are NULL i... <>
14:53:33 *** dkayiwa has quit IRC
14:56:29 *** mandric has joined #openmrs
14:59:11 <r-friedman> wyclif: wyclif, got a minute?
14:59:51 *** magoo has joined #openmrs
15:01:03 <r-friedman> rafa, got a minute?
15:01:32 <rafa> r-friedman: not now, in 20 minutes ok?
15:01:40 <r-friedman> ok tks
15:03:15 <magoo> FAIL - File uploaded "" must be a .war where can i get war file?
15:04:47 *** asgoyal has joined #openmrs
15:05:08 <djazayeri> hi bwolfe, wyclif, dkayiwa, rafa, asgoyal
15:05:15 <asgoyal> hi
15:05:17 <djazayeri> sorry I'm late—late night with some coding
15:05:21 <asgoyal> sorry i m late today
15:05:28 <asgoyal> lol
15:08:36 *** pascal` has quit IRC
15:08:48 <wyclif> hi djazayeri
15:08:54 <wyclif> r-friedman, yes
15:09:11 <wyclif> r-friedman, sorry i saw your messaga late
15:09:29 <r-friedman> wyclif, i'm here
15:09:37 *** mandric_ has joined #openmrs
15:09:40 <wyclif> r-friedman, how ca i help you?
15:09:45 <wyclif> sorry can
15:09:56 <r-friedman> i'm looking for two places in the rest code
15:10:01 <wyclif> ok
15:10:08 <r-friedman> 1. where is the ref representation generated
15:10:16 <r-friedman> 2. where are the url parameters such as q handled?
15:11:36 <wyclif> ref representation in XXXResource i.e for Concept it will in be in ConceptResource
15:12:19 <djazayeri> ref representation is in DataDelegatingCrudResource and MetadataDelegatingCrudResource abstract classes
15:12:50 <djazayeri> for metadata that default behavior always(?) works
15:13:02 <djazayeri> for data the resources need to override the getDisplayString method
15:13:06 *** mandric has quit IRC
15:13:06 *** mandric_ is now known as mandric
15:13:54 <r-friedman> is the display string meant for geeks or users?
15:14:00 <djazayeri> users
15:14:31 <wyclif> djazayer, that is for subclasses od openmrs metadata and data
15:14:57 <djazayeri> See BaseCrudController for _most_ of the url request mappings
15:15:18 <djazayeri> a few controllers add mappings to that
15:15:33 <wyclif> r-friedman, i think we use v instead of q
15:15:52 <r-friedman> yes, i know v controls the representation, but q is a search
15:15:53 <wyclif> and it is read in from RestUtil.getRequestContext
15:15:55 <djazayeri> q -> query, e.g. GET ws/rest/patient?q=DArius
15:16:14 <djazayeri> are we talking about something other than data and metadata?
15:16:30 <r-friedman> so a resource that had a custom query (on beyond q) would implement that how?
15:17:07 <djazayeri> see EncounterController, which adds one method for ?patient=
15:17:28 <r-friedman> ok, super, that should keep me occupied :-)
15:17:53 <rafa> HI djazayeri
15:18:05 <djazayeri> hi rafa, I see you closed some tickets
15:18:36 <rafa> djazayeri: Yes, I hope it all works right now
15:18:44 <djazayeri> I'll try and see
15:18:52 <wyclif> djazayeri, what do you think of the patch on
15:19:07 <wyclif> is it worth backporting to 1.8.1
15:19:16 <rafa> r-friedman: I'm here if you need me
15:19:22 <djazayeri> Not without the fixes I asked for.
15:19:31 <r-friedman> tks rafa, just got my questigons answered
15:19:43 <djazayeri> wyclif: bump it to 1.8.2
15:27:04 <asgoyal> bwolfe: for trunk 235 i forgot to add the modified jsp file and thats the reason it isn't showing any changes
15:33:24 <r-friedman> djazayeri: you still here?
15:33:30 <djazayeri> yes
15:34:02 <r-friedman> ok, it is pretty common for modules to store pick lists as concepts
15:34:26 <r-friedman> then pass the id of the concept set via a mapping
15:34:47 <djazayeri> e.g. "MDRTB:WEIGHT"?
15:34:59 <djazayeri> (or rather "MDRTB:OUTCOME")
15:35:24 <r-friedman> actually, more like MDRTB:Occupation
15:35:33 <r-friedman> where you have a categorical answer
15:35:34 <djazayeri> sure, okay
15:36:02 <r-friedman> seems like it is a pattern that could be implemented once for all:
15:36:29 <r-friedman> create rest/<module>/occupation based on nothing more than MDRTB:Occupation
15:37:25 <djazayeri> meaning that URL provides you the pick list of concepts?
15:37:41 <r-friedman> right
15:37:49 <djazayeri> which are the answers to the question
15:37:54 <r-friedman> right
15:38:14 <r-friedman> or gets you internationalized versions of the name
15:38:30 <r-friedman> rest/mdrtb/occupation/uuid
15:39:13 <djazayeri> I don't understand what you're suggesting.
15:39:14 <r-friedman> mostly it factors out the concept dictionary for the client who is used to pick list tables
15:39:23 <djazayeri> That those should be automatically provided somehow?
15:39:47 <djazayeri> Or that we should demonstrate a pattern of providing pick list options given a concept mapping?
15:40:32 <r-friedman> I was thinking that it could be done with a single piece of code, but you'd probably need to duplicate it due to the need to request the url in an annotation
15:42:11 <djazayeri> and you think it's important to have an explicit url for these, instead of asking the client to do "/ws/rest/concept?mapping=MDRTB:Occupation" and then get the answers property of that?
15:42:21 <djazayeri> (or something like that?)
15:42:43 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): back porting,renaming of bean with id marshallingHttpMessageConverter to xmlMarshallingHttpMessageConverter - TRUNK-2445 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (trunk): renaming bean with id marshallingHttpMessageConverter to xmlMarshallingHttpMessageConverter - TRUNK-2445 <>
15:43:05 <r-friedman> you'd need 2 steps, 1 to get the concept id of the set, 1 to get the list
15:43:15 <r-friedman> adding a new code is even more complex
15:43:39 <djazayeri> I mean what if we added a method to get a concept by mapping
15:43:46 <djazayeri> so it'd be just one call
15:44:18 <r-friedman> well, that's from our point of view
15:44:29 <r-friedman> but if the client has a different point of view, it's not so helpful
15:45:56 <djazayeri> not so helpful because it's an odd url for them?
15:46:17 <r-friedman> because the concept of concept is not familiar to them
15:46:38 <r-friedman> they may have their pick lists arranged in a different manner, for example if they're php-driven
15:47:41 <djazayeri> This strikes me as something we can add if we see multiple people using/requesting it.
15:48:23 <djazayeri> if we're trying to help people use openmrs without learning about concept management, then they may have very strict requirements about what the returned json data should look like
15:48:53 <r-friedman> well, could you help spec it? we will almost certainly add web services to hr module and have 4 or 5 picklists that we keep in concept sets
15:50:05 <r-friedman> or maybe we should just do it and ask permission later :-))
15:54:13 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
15:55:01 <djazayeri> r-friedman: I believe this is the code snippet you'd need:
15:55:02 <djazayeri> @RequestMapping("/rest/hr/occupations")
15:55:02 <djazayeri> @ResponseBody
15:55:02 <djazayeri> public SimpleObject getOccupations(HttpServletRequest request) {
15:55:02 <djazayeri> return conceptAnswersHelper("hr", "occupation", RestUtil.getRequestContext(request));
15:55:02 <djazayeri> }
15:55:02 <djazayeri> private SimpleObject conceptAnswersHelper(String mapSource, String mapKey, RequestContext context) {
15:55:03 <djazayeri> Concept c = Context.getConceptService().getConceptByMapping(mapKey, mapSource);
15:55:03 <djazayeri> return new NeedsPaging<Concept>(c.getAnswers, context);
15:55:04 <djazayeri> }
15:55:28 <djazayeri> and you could duplicate the first method for all other pick lists you want to get.
15:56:08 <r-friedman> super, tks!!
15:56:08 <djazayeri> It doesn't seem like something we need to build into the core module, rather just provide this code snippet as documentation
15:56:38 <r-friedman> yeah, great!!
15:56:55 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
15:59:11 <asgoyal> djazayeri: I have attached a new patch for trunk 235 with all the files which i modified.. this will work
15:59:44 <asgoyal> djazayeri: as for the changes u mentioned on the ticked i will do them today
16:00:53 <djazayeri> asgoyal: did you make the changes I mentioned in my comment? or not yet?
16:01:00 <asgoyal> not yet
16:01:03 <asgoyal> will do it today
16:01:03 <r-friedman> djazayeri: we'd need more to maintain the pick list but it's a start
16:01:16 <djazayeri> asgoyal: okay, i'll wait till you've done that to code-review
16:01:17 <asgoyal> but the earlier patch was missing one file
16:01:25 <asgoyal> alright
16:02:07 <djazayeri> r-friedman: yes, we'd need more but we'd need to consider whether we really want to allow people to create concepts just by posting a name + description
16:02:44 <r-friedman> yeah, i need to spend some time with the concept WS
16:02:55 <r-friedman> i was wondering how to do internationalization, for example
16:03:31 <djazayeri> Well, if you can't figure it out, please complain.
16:03:39 <djazayeri> Because we didn't explicitly look at that in our use cases.
16:03:42 <r-friedman> but that's why pick lists are good, they're a very narrow domain
16:03:52 *** djazayeri has left #openmrs
16:03:53 <r-friedman> djazayeri: you know i would never complain!!
16:04:02 *** djazayeri has joined #openmrs
16:04:02 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o djazayeri
16:07:40 *** lh has joined #openmrs
16:13:06 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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16:16:56 *** rafa has quit IRC
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16:41:49 *** lh has joined #openmrs
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17:18:52 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: New Changeset: OpenMRS (1.8.x): back porting, View Concept page should display the UUID - TRUNK-2231 <> || New Changeset: OpenMRS (trunk): View Concept page should display the UUID - TRUNK-2231 <>
17:23:46 *** kishoreyekkanti_ has joined #openmrs
17:25:58 <kishoreyekkanti_> Hi guys, I have a question around AuditableInterceptor and AuditableSavehandler.
17:27:03 <kishoreyekkanti_> I'm currently working on ProviderAttribute. I'm wondering do i need to set changedBy and dateCreated manually or any of these classes(AuditableInterceptor or AuditableSaveaHandler) will take care of it
17:28:02 <kishoreyekkanti_> What i've observed when i run the tests for saving the provider is, changedBy and dateCreated are not being set and hence throw an hibernate not-null exception
17:29:02 <kishoreyekkanti_> When i set the values(changedBy and dateCreated) on ProviderAttribute manually then Provider saves without any problems
17:29:52 <asgoyal> djazayeri: Drugingredient has a composite id and i need to map a many to many relationship in Drug.hbm.xml file so what should i specify the key column for DrugIngredient table?
17:30:38 <kishoreyekkanti_> ProviderAttribute currently extends BaseAttribute -> BaseOpenmrsData impl openmrsData -> Auditable
17:30:50 <djazayeri> kishoreyekkanti_: you shouldn't need to set those manually
17:31:31 <djazayeri> the handlers kick in if you call a service method whose name starts with "save"
17:31:40 <djazayeri> through a spring-proxy-wrapped servcie
17:31:53 <djazayeri> i.e. you need to do Context.getXyzService.saveXyz(xyz);
17:33:23 <djazayeri> whereas if from some XyzServiceImpl method you just call saveXyz(xyz) the handlers won't kick in.
17:34:27 <kishoreyekkanti_> djazayeri: currently i'm calling saveProvider using the same syntax you've said. When I'm saving the provider , changedBy and dateCreated are being added for Provider
17:34:39 <kishoreyekkanti_> djazayeri: but not for the ProviderAttribute
17:35:17 <djazayeri> kishoreyekkanti_: can you verify if it works for Visit + VisitAttribute?
17:35:31 <kishoreyekkanti_> djazayeri: Sure! give me couple of mins
17:37:43 <djazayeri> asgoyal: I think you just need something like this in the parent's hbm.xml:
17:38:18 <djazayeri> <set name="children"><many-to-many class="Child"><column name="parent_id"/></many-to-many></set>
17:38:28 *** magoo has quit IRC
17:39:04 <djazayeri> asgoyal: e.g. look at how Role includes Privileges.
17:39:23 <asgoyal> ok
17:39:43 <kishoreyekkanti_> djazayeri: It fails for Visit also if visitAttribute is set and changedBy and dateCreated is not set
17:40:40 <asgoyal> djazayeri ... this is how i added to Drug.hbm.xml:
17:40:41 <asgoyal> <set name="ingredients" lazy="true" inverse="true" table="drug_ingredient">
17:40:41 <asgoyal> <key column="ingredient_id" />
17:40:41 <asgoyal> <many-to-many class="DrugIngredient" />
17:40:41 <asgoyal> </set>
17:41:06 <djazayeri> kishoreyekkanti_: can you commit a failing unit test in the providers branch?
17:41:26 <asgoyal> and same thing i did for drugingredient.hbm.xml file
17:41:36 *** bryq1 has quit IRC
17:42:17 <djazayeri> asgoyal: that's the wrong key
17:42:30 <djazayeri> you need the key column to be the one that points to the *parent*
17:42:36 <djazayeri> e.g. drug_id
17:42:47 <asgoyal> oh
17:42:48 <kishoreyekkanti_> djazayeri: Sure I can do that. I just worked on your comments regarding the ticket TRUNK-2267. I'll check in the code along with one failing unit test
17:53:12 <wyclif> djazayeri, do you like the new search term tool tip see revision
17:53:16 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:53:43 <djazayeri> wyclif: that's the one Andy proposed, right?
17:53:57 <djazayeri> fine by me, although I think that "pragmatic mapping term" is not an intuitive phrase.
17:55:29 <wyclif> djazayeri, yes
17:56:24 <djazayeri> so, fine by me
17:58:38 <asgoyal> djazayeri: what should i give the parent id for this in DrugIngredient.hbm.xml?
17:58:39 <asgoyal> <set name="drug" table="drug" lazy="true" inverse="true">
17:58:40 <asgoyal> <key column="drug_id" />
17:58:40 <asgoyal> <many-to-many class="Drug" />
17:58:40 <asgoyal> </set>
17:58:52 <asgoyal> i know drug id is wrong here for key column
17:58:58 <djazayeri> it's not a set
17:59:09 <djazayeri> err...
17:59:15 <asgoyal> but its a many to many relationship right?
17:59:32 <djazayeri> Each specific row in DrugIngredient belongs to one drug.
17:59:43 <djazayeri> the many-to-many is between Drug and Concept
17:59:52 <djazayeri> DrugIngredient _is_ the many-to-many table
18:00:04 <asgoyal> i m .. confused..
18:00:17 <djazayeri> drug 1 has ingredients 2 and 3
18:00:22 <asgoyal> ok
18:00:23 <djazayeri> -> 2 rows in drug_ingredient
18:00:29 <asgoyal> yep
18:00:38 <djazayeri> (drug_id, ingredient_id) = (1, 2), (1, 3)
18:00:43 <asgoyal> yep
18:00:55 <djazayeri> Drug has a Set<DrugIngredient>
18:01:14 <djazayeri> because we want to know what set of ingredients belong to a particular drug
18:01:15 <asgoyal> ahm..
18:01:43 <djazayeri> DrugIngredient has a "Drug drug" property (i.e. the Drug that that specific row in the drug_ingredient table belongs to)
18:01:51 <asgoyal> yes
18:01:53 <djazayeri> DrugIngredient doesn't have any Set/List properties
18:02:05 <asgoyal> oh my
18:02:15 <djazayeri> there's a parent-child relationship
18:02:20 <asgoyal> so there wont be any change to drugingredient xml file
18:02:38 <djazayeri> the child belongs to the parent, but the child has a link to just one parent, not a Set<Parent>
18:02:48 <djazayeri> I think that's right, no change to drugIngredient xml file
18:02:55 <asgoyal> and that child is drugingredient
18:03:00 <asgoyal> oh i get it
18:11:24 <kishoreyekkanti_> djazayeri: I've checked in the code with svn revision 21543. Checked in the failing test in VisitServiceTest line number 262.I've fixed the review comments on TRUNK-2267.
18:45:53 *** wyclif has quit IRC
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20:08:40 <asgoyal> djazayeri: do i have to write a unit test case to test fuction getDrugsByIngredients()?
20:10:39 <djazayeri> yes
20:10:42 *** dkayiwa has joined #openmrs
20:13:29 <asgoyal> ok
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20:41:52 <r-friedman> djazayeri: got a minute?
20:41:59 <djazayeri> r-friedman: on phone
20:42:03 <r-friedman> np
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20:55:33 <djazayeri> r-friedman: what's up?
20:55:54 <r-friedman> djazayeri: hey
20:56:13 *** Echidna has joined #openmrs
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20:56:42 <r-friedman> i've seen in some cases the convention ?<Key>=<value1>?<Key>=<value2> as meaning value1 or value2
20:57:04 *** wyclif has quit IRC
20:57:05 <r-friedman> it looks like you can only have a single instance of a parameter
20:57:18 <djazayeri> r-friedman: context please. i'm lost
20:57:25 *** wyclif has joined #openmrs
20:57:55 <r-friedman> ok,rest/encounter?patient=Darius+patient=Roger
20:58:15 <r-friedman> looking for encounters for either of us
20:58:23 <djazayeri> oh, yes, that won't work as the code is currently written
20:58:52 <djazayeri> Burke proposed that we should handle it in a single call, I argued that we shouldn't. (And since I was writing the code...)
20:58:59 <r-friedman> ok what about rest/encounter?patient=Darius+location=InTheDrawingRoom
20:59:32 <djazayeri> I imagine that we'll want a proper search method that takes all possible parameters
20:59:43 <djazayeri> once we do that, yes it should accept many optional parameters
21:00:11 <djazayeri> but the initial target was just some very basic things, including listing all the encounters for a given patient.
21:00:26 <r-friedman> ok so for v1 we'll only have a single search per resource?
21:00:42 <djazayeri> at least for v 0.8
21:00:49 <r-friedman> :-)
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21:01:15 <djazayeri> it's pretty trivial to write more, so creating tickets for specifically useful ones would be good
21:01:22 <r-friedman> ok, so display name for metadata comes from the name field
21:01:36 <r-friedman> or let's just say display
21:01:37 <djazayeri> es
21:01:39 <djazayeri> yes
21:02:17 <r-friedman> so if we have metadata objects that don't have a name field, is it good enough to make a virtual name field in the hibernate hbm?
21:03:04 <djazayeri> well, the OpenmrsMetadata interface defines a getName() method
21:03:42 <r-friedman> OK, so we just have to implement it regardsless of what it returns
21:04:19 <djazayeri> So the right thing to do if you don't have a proper name field is to override getName() to give whatever other dynamic name value it should.
21:05:02 <r-friedman> and in data you're using toString?
21:05:29 <djazayeri> yes, but all subclasses of DataDelegatingResource should be overriding that by implementing a getDisplayString method
21:05:54 <djazayeri> because the toString is basically never correct.
21:06:53 <r-friedman> OK, fine -- would be easier with a UML diagram. How do you conceptualize these designs to yourself?
21:07:22 <djazayeri> umm…I just do.
21:07:22 <r-friedman> never mind, too philosophical
21:08:02 <r-friedman> guess you're really hard to collaborate with without a mind meld
21:09:43 <r-friedman> oh well, it's enough that you do it ... the documentation devils will torment you in the afterlife
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22:55:07 *** asgoyal has joined #openmrs
23:10:22 <asgoyal> djazayeri: are u there dj?
23:15:49 <djazayeri> yes
23:15:53 <djazayeri> asgoyal
23:16:02 <asgoyal> hi
23:16:15 <asgoyal> i m confused as to in which file should i write my test case?
23:16:31 <asgoyal> or i create a new unit test file?
23:16:36 <djazayeri> what was the test case for again?
23:17:28 <asgoyal> it was the test case for
23:17:34 <asgoyal> getDrugsByIngredient
23:17:45 <asgoyal> a function to be added to conceptService
23:17:56 <asgoyal> now there is a file called
23:18:11 <djazayeri> yes, the test should go in ConceptServiceTest
23:18:20 <asgoyal> but ... i find many functions related to drug not having test cases in this file
23:18:22 <djazayeri> Are you still not using Eclipse?
23:18:36 <asgoyal> ... (hiding)
23:18:39 <asgoyal> no :D
23:18:55 <asgoyal> i just use it for searching out files or text
23:19:09 <djazayeri> this plugin is quite useful...
23:19:10 <djazayeri>
23:19:17 <asgoyal> oh
23:19:17 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
23:19:26 <asgoyal> what is that used for?
23:19:27 <djazayeri> you can live without it, but it's more annoying.
23:19:46 <asgoyal> yea ... but kind of i learn more without eclipse
23:19:59 <djazayeri> The point is that for each test, you should write a concise human-readable description of what you're testing
23:20:07 <asgoyal> oh ok
23:20:30 <asgoyal> hm... any suggestion before i start writing a test case like which sample test case to look at?
23:20:37 <djazayeri> e.g. if you look at the ConceptService.saveConcept method you'll see a bunch of lines in the javadoc that start with @should.
23:20:45 <asgoyal> oh
23:20:56 <asgoyal> wow how will i come to know about their description?
23:21:00 <djazayeri> So, typically what you'd do is write the @should lines in your javadoc
23:21:03 <asgoyal> like i also found @verifies
23:21:06 <asgoyal> oh
23:21:23 <djazayeri> e.g. getDrugsByIngredient would have
23:21:29 <djazayeri> @should get drugs with the given ingredient
23:21:40 <djazayeri> @should get drugs where the drug itself is the given ingredient
23:21:41 <asgoyal> oh
23:21:48 <djazayeri> something like that
23:21:59 <asgoyal> will eclipse give popups if i
23:22:04 <asgoyal> place my cursor on it?
23:22:12 <djazayeri> The eclipse plugin will allow you to automatically then create the skeleton of the unit tests
23:22:24 <djazayeri> including appropriate method names, and a matching @verifies in the javadoc of the unit test
23:22:33 <asgoyal> oh
23:22:35 <djazayeri> you'll have to do that manually
23:22:55 <asgoyal> oh ok
23:22:57 <djazayeri> Anyway, see other examples in ConceptService and ConceptServiceTest
23:23:03 <asgoyal> alright :)
23:23:20 <djazayeri> Methods get tested in the test class that goes with their class
23:23:29 <djazayeri> make sense?
23:23:40 <asgoyal> .... no :S
23:24:10 <djazayeri> methods in ConceptService get tested in ConceptServiceTest
23:24:19 <djazayeri> it's in the same package as ConceptService, but in a different source folder.
23:25:31 <asgoyal> aaah ok
23:26:00 <asgoyal> oh .. different source folder
23:26:11 <asgoyal> then ... how.. oh ok .. import
23:28:54 <djazayeri> you shouldn't actually have to import because it's in the same package
23:29:11 <asgoyal> djazayeri: ... eh... how to install that plugin into my eclipse? :S
23:29:12 <djazayeri> the point is that when we distribute the jar or war for OpenMRS in production use, it doesn't include the test code
23:29:56 <djazayeri> try following the instructions on the page
23:30:25 <asgoyal> oh ok
23:31:21 <asgoyal> lol i thought that that site itself a place to get plugin so i was pasting it directly in eclipse new software install :D
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23:48:32 <wyclif> djazayeri, do you know where in the application i can find the functionality is describing in this ticket
23:49:30 <djazayeri> wyclif: where in the webapp?
23:49:33 <djazayeri> or in the code?
23:50:00 <wyclif> in the webapp?
23:50:06 <wyclif> that is how can reproduce that
23:50:22 <djazayeri> when you try to create a patient, put a name similar to an existing name
23:51:02 <djazayeri> I don't see a proposed solution on the ticket though, and it appears to *not* be new for 1.8
23:51:19 <djazayeri> I would propose bumping it to 1.9, and commenting asking James and Ben to clarify what we should try to do.
23:53:27 <wyclif> i have reproduced it but the test dataset is pretty small to reproduce something similar to what he said
23:54:01 <wyclif> when you enter a patient with same names, gender, DOB as an existing patient
23:55:24 <wyclif> thanks
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