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  • 2010-03-31 - OpenMRS
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01:01:38 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
01:06:59 <umashanthi> hi, this is regarding the GSoC application. Is it enough to write a proposal answering the questions mentioned in OR do we need to add a description of what we are going to do with the project and a draft time-line with major milestones?
01:07:02 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
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01:11:44 <downeym> umashanthi: it's not necessary to write more than the questions listed, but if you feel comfortable writing a project plan, it would be helpful
01:12:17 <downeym> umashanthi: any actual project planning would happen together with the mentor after a student is selected
01:14:26 <umashanthi> downeym: I am writing draft plans and planning to get feedback from the mentors before I submit. So, is it alright to include the plan/list of tasks/project description if the mentor is happy with what I have came up with?
01:15:16 <downeym> umashanthi: of course :)
01:16:11 <umashanthi> downeym: ok. Going to start with the proposals for 3 OpenMRS projects :)
01:16:49 <robbyoconnor> I wish i was working w/ OpenMRS this summer
01:16:52 <downeym> umashanthi: just remember that there will be many proposals to read, so writing a book-length application isn't too helpful
01:16:57 *** docpaul has joined #openmrs
01:17:06 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o docpaul
01:17:06 <robbyoconnor> ahh docpaul
01:17:07 <downeym> what's up, doc?
01:17:13 <robbyoconnor> just the man i was looking for
01:17:16 <docpaul> hi. :)
01:17:21 <docpaul> not much
01:17:21 <robbyoconnor> pm docpaul?
01:17:35 <umashanthi> downeym: Thanks for the tip. I will try to make is as short as possible.
01:17:43 <docpaul> md: you have to see this email I got today
01:18:07 <downeym> umashanthi: "concise" is a better idea than "short" or "long" ... just whatever it takes to share your ideas :)
01:18:13 <downeym> docpaul: ok :)
01:18:38 <umashanthi> downeym: exactly
01:18:42 *** downeym is now known as yenwod
01:20:35 <yenwod> docpaul: merge ahead :)
01:21:21 <umashanthi> downeym: So, what I see in the last year project's wiki pages(requirements, time-line etc) are written after the selection is made. right?
01:22:04 <yenwod> umashanthi: yes, the mentor & student spend some time talking once the final student is selected and agree on all the dates and what precisely will be done.
01:22:05 <robbyoconnor> umashanthi: who you are, why you want it, a plan of action for the 12 weeks
01:22:12 <yenwod> what robbyoconnor said :)
01:22:22 <robbyoconnor> break up your project into distinct pieces
01:24:16 <umashanthi> robbyoconnor : I agree that I have to include : "who you are, why you want it" in the proposal. What about "a plan of action for the 12 weeks"? is t needed in the proposal?
01:24:27 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
01:24:27 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
01:24:55 <robbyoconnor> umashanthi: it is
01:25:02 <robbyoconnor> umashanthi: show them you know the project
01:25:10 <yenwod> umashanthi: it just doesn't have to be finalized/perfect
01:25:29 <robbyoconnor> they'd rather a plan that needs to be tweaked later on than nothing at all
01:26:24 <umashanthi> robbyoconnor: yenwod: yes. This is what I intended to ask- about having a draft plan. Thanks for the tips :)
01:26:44 <robbyoconnor> umashanthi: speak with the mentor
01:26:57 <robbyoconnor> he/she will help you better refine your plan
01:27:11 <yenwod> robbyoconnor++
01:27:24 <umashanthi> robbyoconnor: yes, I will send my plan for review to the mentors before I submit officially
01:28:01 <yenwod> we had 1000 hits to our GSoC page today
01:28:20 <yenwod> sorry - 1700
01:28:27 <yenwod> ish
01:32:03 <docpaul> if robby keeps up his good community stewardship, he might make himself into a mentor one day. :D
01:35:34 *** chopin has quit IRC
01:38:29 *** umashanthi has left #openmrs
01:39:26 <docpaul> yenwod: there?
01:39:33 <yenwod> where?
01:39:40 <docpaul> hehe
01:39:45 <yenwod> ------>
01:39:47 <docpaul> so, i was looking at this late last night
01:40:01 * yenwod is watching all the emergency vehicles down on the ground below
01:40:32 <docpaul>
01:40:46 <yenwod> ooooh
01:40:46 <docpaul> can we have something like this set up easily?
01:40:47 <bwolfe> has that gotten better ?
01:40:59 <bwolfe> I ran that a few years ago
01:41:01 * yenwod adds this to the new svn platform
01:41:11 <yenwod> bwolfe: how was it bad?
01:41:13 <bwolfe>
01:41:19 <bwolfe> it was just weak
01:41:27 <docpaul> heheh
01:41:32 <docpaul> yes, this is statsvn
01:41:35 <docpaul> not svnstat
01:41:52 * yenwod shows off his weak stats dashboard at
01:41:56 <yenwod> aha
01:42:20 <yenwod> well, i like the sample charts on
01:42:25 <docpaul> dude, the status page is cool
01:42:42 <docpaul> svnstat > statsvn
01:42:48 <yenwod> svnstat++
01:42:50 <yenwod> emacs--
01:42:51 <bwolfe> agreed
01:42:53 <bwolfe> it looks better
01:43:01 <yenwod> we will try it out
01:43:03 <bwolfe> and its way better than emacs ;-)
01:43:10 <yenwod> !karma emacs
01:43:10 <OpenMRSBot> yenwod: Karma for "emacs" has been increased 4 times and decreased 9 times for a total karma of -5.
01:43:13 <bwolfe> beware of tanking the svn server
01:43:20 <yenwod> bwolfe: we need a sandbox
01:43:37 <docpaul> i went on this expedition last night because i wanted to see the commits per month over time, comparing all the months to each other
01:43:41 <docpaul> not a cumulative graph
01:43:50 <bwolfe> statsvn used like 10 or 20 threads by default pulling down the whole history at once. threw off everyone at osuosl!
01:43:59 <yenwod> bwolfe: check out the response time for trac after the move to the new VM platform at OSU this weekend:
01:44:05 <bwolfe> yenwod: sandbox for what?
01:44:08 <yenwod> bwolfe: fail
01:44:18 <bwolfe> heh
01:44:21 <yenwod> bwolfe: sandbox for whatever we want to play with not-on-our-laptops
01:44:28 <bwolfe> um, ok
01:44:35 <bwolfe> paul has a server in his office
01:44:39 <bwolfe> just plug it in :-)
01:44:45 * yenwod walks over
01:44:50 <docpaul> wait a second... isn't the ping better?
01:45:04 <yenwod> what ping?
01:45:33 <docpaul> whoops, isn't lower on the graph "faster"?
01:45:37 *** Dawang has quit IRC
01:45:51 <yenwod> docpaul: yeah. substantial improvement on the new hardware
01:46:36 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12735]: reporting: Tests for SqlDataSet, and change ExampleDataSetDefinition back … <>
01:46:48 <docpaul> bwolfe's graph then is win, not fail. :)
01:47:06 <yenwod> bwolfe has a graph?
01:47:24 <docpaul> duh... i misread...
01:47:29 <docpaul> you did
01:47:33 <docpaul> and it was win
01:47:36 <bwolfe> sweet, I'll take credit for it :-)
01:47:58 <yenwod> OSU is teh win. statsvn using 20 threads is teh fail
01:48:29 <yenwod> there will be a quiz tomorrow
01:48:31 <docpaul> so let's get that svnstat up. :D
01:48:53 <docpaul> and let's get one graph that's commits/month, one line on the graph per month
01:49:05 <docpaul> i bet that will be impressive
01:49:20 <docpaul> the volume on the dev list today triggered an alert that halted incoming messages
01:49:24 <docpaul> as we had over 50 today
01:49:35 <docpaul> she's breaking up captain!
01:49:55 * yenwod writes it on the whiteboard
01:50:26 <docpaul> ben, nice job on the roadmap page
01:50:33 <yenwod> i told dieterich he got bonus points for every commit :)
01:50:41 <docpaul> hehe
01:51:13 <docpaul> i like to poke dieterich... he's a good guy, and know that he'll be a good FOSS contributor
01:51:31 <docpaul> got the right attitude
01:51:39 <docpaul> just needs to learn the rules of the road
01:51:48 <yenwod> dieterich++
01:52:22 <docpaul> downtime is interesting
01:52:43 <yenwod> demo is also teh fail
01:52:55 <docpaul> needs to be the ultimate win though
01:52:58 <yenwod> !karma
01:52:58 <OpenMRSBot> yenwod: Highest karma: "bwolfe" (72), "groovy" (30), and "burke" (10). Lowest karma: "emacs" (-5), "pico" (-2), and "dojo" (-2).
01:53:10 <docpaul> perhaps serve that up via cloud service like s2?
01:53:10 <yenwod> demo uptime used to have the lowest karma.
01:53:32 <yenwod> so i get paged every night from demo because of its rebuild
01:53:39 <yenwod> redeploy
01:53:56 <docpaul> oh hehe
01:54:02 <docpaul> that's 30 of the outages?
01:54:06 <yenwod> at least.
01:54:17 <docpaul> funny
01:54:26 <yenwod> sadly pingdom doesn't have downtime windows
01:54:53 * yenwod wants a refund of his $12 :)
01:54:55 <docpaul> so i love balsamiq mockups
01:55:12 <docpaul> ... so I was way stoked to see this:
01:55:15 <yenwod> yes
01:56:44 <docpaul>
01:56:47 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
01:56:50 <docpaul> i will have this... immediately
01:57:29 <yenwod> this reminds me of a fellow student's thesis in my program
01:57:56 <yenwod> he used balsamiq (or even photos of pen+paper drawings) with iphone's photo albums to do "paper in screen" prototyping
01:58:24 * yenwod buys an ipad
01:58:37 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
01:58:37 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
01:58:51 <docpaul> i think that tool would be quite powerful, especially when combined with a projector. :)
01:59:06 <docpaul> or even better, something like gotomeeting
01:59:10 <yenwod> docpaul: even better with two people sitting at a small round table
01:59:18 <yenwod> collaborative design
01:59:22 <docpaul> all touch screen controls.. pretty cool
01:59:55 <docpaul> i've put the order in for the tricked out ipad... it is my "purchase of the year"
01:59:58 <docpaul> see how it goes
02:00:01 <yenwod> it's an electronic version of moving shapes around on a table
02:00:25 <yenwod> docpaul: did you check shipper tracking? supposedly they are being delayed in customs so they don't arrive early
02:00:47 <docpaul> i am getting the 3g one, so i wont have it for another month or so
02:01:07 <yenwod> ahh
02:01:13 <yenwod> probably a smart move
02:01:42 * yenwod ponders 3g iPads in eldoret
02:01:57 <docpaul> i actually do a fair amount of email cleaning on my iphone, and after watching the video of how mail on ipad works
02:02:02 <docpaul> i think i could do substantive work on it
02:02:16 <docpaul> we'll see
02:02:21 * yenwod has been living on his nexus one
02:02:28 <yenwod> i bounced a server while walking to work this morning
02:02:35 <docpaul> nice
02:02:40 <yenwod> and listening to BBC at same time
02:03:00 <docpaul> hehe, that's impressive... were you on the phone as well taking a call? :D
02:03:14 <yenwod> i could have been.
02:03:23 <yenwod> the point is, it's possible :)
02:03:34 <docpaul> i spoke to dave eaves on the way home today
02:03:49 <docpaul> i told him that he could work alongside you when that time presented itself
02:04:04 <docpaul> so the sooner you get me some sense of your gut instinct on where to begin with the portal
02:04:10 <yenwod> docpaul: agreed
02:04:13 <docpaul> the sooner we can let him know how to jump in
02:04:15 <yenwod> i've had a few talks with him
02:04:45 <yenwod> we're going to bang out first drafts of mission/values/vision statement, and a community "manifesto" (for lack of a better word)
02:04:56 <docpaul> good
02:05:17 <yenwod> docpaul: check this out:
02:05:27 <robbyoconnor> docpaul: I have the motorola droid :)
02:05:30 <robbyoconnor> Hate it
02:05:44 <yenwod> robbyoconnor: will trade an iphone for droid
02:05:48 <docpaul> osuosl... is there any eta on their further help?
02:06:01 <yenwod> docpaul: lance is done with the rest of the migrations this week
02:06:01 <docpaul> yenwod: we talked about this today in fact
02:06:10 <docpaul> the link above
02:06:13 <docpaul> i like that
02:06:15 <yenwod> docpaul: aha great
02:06:38 <docpaul> but i think someone like me needs to come out publicly and acknowledge that we're far away from our vision of diversity
02:06:40 * yenwod will wait 30 minutes after the last OSU migration then bug lance :)
02:06:47 <robbyoconnor> yenwod: useless to me
02:06:54 <robbyoconnor> iphone = GSM
02:06:56 <yenwod> docpaul: agreed ... but nothing wrong with it
02:06:57 <robbyoconnor> Droid = CDMA
02:07:35 <docpaul> all genders, colors, and upbringings represented from top leadership all the way down
02:07:39 <yenwod> robbyoconnor: true. i wouldn't recommend at&t to anyone. heh
02:07:54 * docpaul likes at&t
02:07:54 <yenwod> docpaul: it'll happen. sooner than you imagine
02:07:59 <docpaul> i have no problem
02:08:19 <yenwod> i've noticed fewer network "glitches" with the nexus one. same location and same sim
02:08:22 <docpaul> my phone works when i land in nairobi or anywhere in africa
02:08:23 <robbyoconnor> yenwod: I know how bad it sucks
02:08:31 <docpaul> once i buy a 3 dollar sim
02:08:47 <docpaul> i didnt have that with sprint
02:09:03 * yenwod couldn't unlock his iphone, wrong baseband
02:09:09 <docpaul> and isn't 3g for tmobile the sux in indy?
02:09:13 <yenwod> trip to kenya = buy nexus one :)
02:09:51 <yenwod> docpaul: i think so, IIRC. i used tmobile in the past life
02:10:15 <robbyoconnor> docpaul: t-monbile sucks PERIOD
02:10:20 <robbyoconnor> t-mobile*
02:10:23 <yenwod> a sidekick (original), several treo's and 2 blackberries
02:10:33 <docpaul> do you know if the nexus ones i was given are at&t network accessible?
02:10:36 <docpaul> i should probably try
02:10:47 <yenwod> docpaul: yes, but on tmo. no 3g on att
02:10:53 <yenwod> you could still use your att sim, just no 3g
02:11:11 <docpaul> that's a nonstarter... wonder if 3g would work in nairobi?
02:11:21 <yenwod> yes.
02:11:26 <yenwod> anywhere else in the world will be fine :)
02:11:28 <docpaul> as 3g provider is safaricom, which is compatible with at&t's radios
02:11:38 <docpaul> ok
02:11:48 <yenwod>
02:11:51 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
02:12:16 <yenwod> in US for some reason we use UMTS IV and V
02:12:55 <docpaul> ok, i see
02:14:12 <robbyoconnor> yeh
02:14:24 <robbyoconnor> old nexus One didnt work for 3g on att
02:14:25 <robbyoconnor> :)
02:14:54 <robbyoconnor> paul get the new att compat. one :)
02:14:57 <robbyoconnor> nexus One
02:14:57 <robbyoconnor> :X
02:15:12 <yenwod> yeah with N1 you still have to choose UMTS II+V or UMTS IV.
02:15:24 <yenwod> no idea why they don't combine
02:16:42 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12736]: reporting: Unit tests for SimplePatientDataSetEvaluator <>
02:19:16 <yenwod> robbyoconnor: traffic for gas man photo seemed to knock facebook offline for a few blips tonight
02:19:36 <docpaul> hah, where is this photo?
02:20:00 <robbyoconnor> on FB
02:20:00 <yenwod> docpaul: your facebook wall
02:20:01 <robbyoconnor> :)
02:20:03 <robbyoconnor> DUH
02:20:04 <robbyoconnor> :D
02:20:17 <docpaul> if you havent noticed, i'm not a big facebook user
02:20:28 <docpaul> my wife is like all over farmville
02:20:42 <docpaul> let me go look
02:20:42 * yenwod is quitting facebook ... soon
02:21:32 <docpaul> hahaha
02:21:53 <docpaul> that's great
02:22:20 <yenwod> almost as good as
02:22:41 <docpaul> you need to get that pic of win online
02:22:47 <yenwod> which?
02:22:59 <docpaul> the rg profile picture
02:23:12 <yenwod> oh. i'll have to get on the network for that :D
02:23:25 <yenwod> nothing better of win than his musical talent
02:27:31 <robbyoconnor> I MUST SE IT
02:27:43 <yenwod> it IS pretty much cash money
02:28:26 <yenwod> as far as "corporate ID photos" go
02:29:03 <robbyoconnor> where was this LOL
02:29:07 <yenwod> at work
02:29:16 <robbyoconnor> you guys have a wii
02:29:17 <yenwod> which makes it even better
02:29:24 <yenwod> oh you mean the video?
02:29:37 <robbyoconnor> yeh
02:29:38 <robbyoconnor> lol
02:29:40 <yenwod> the video was at a colleague's house, not at work :)
02:29:45 <robbyoconnor> ah
02:29:55 <yenwod> i'm working on sneaking a PS3 into one of the conference rooms
02:30:08 <robbyoconnor> NOTHING WILL EVER GET DONE!
02:30:32 <yenwod> at my last job, we had a PS2 hidden behind a 36" LCD panel that was used for "business metrics dashboard" ... (during the day)
02:30:46 <yenwod> but it had multiple inputs :)
02:31:59 <robbyoconnor> LOL
02:32:16 <robbyoconnor> "business metrics"?
02:32:56 <yenwod> it was actually pretty cool
02:33:33 <yenwod> real-time graphs driven out of business objects .... we used a product called TeaLeaf to capture real-time usage of our webapps
02:36:13 <chopin> yenwod: there's no way you're quitting facebook
02:36:24 <yenwod> robbyoconnor:
02:36:50 <yenwod> chopin: real soon now
02:37:08 <robbyoconnor> chopin: facebook is god
02:37:13 <robbyoconnor> the games just blow
02:37:17 <chopin> heh
02:37:25 <robbyoconnor> dude awesome lol
02:37:38 <yenwod> robbyoconnor: the green bars are servers in different load balancing pools
02:37:46 <chopin> yenwod: you're the infoczar of openmrs, you have to stay on facebook
02:37:47 <yenwod> each graph is a seprate webapp
02:37:59 <robbyoconnor> yeh
02:38:08 <robbyoconnor> i started watching what i say on fb
02:38:15 <yenwod> robbyoconnor: the green lines are like ... transactions per second i think
02:42:21 *** jdlkem has joined #openmrs
02:42:50 <yenwod> greetings jdlkem
02:42:57 <jdlkem> hello
02:43:00 <robbyoconnor> welcome to openmrs
02:44:52 <yenwod> yeah that dashboard was actually pretty fun, even without the ps2
02:45:25 <yenwod> found a transparent screen lock to keep the troublemakers away
02:45:32 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
02:45:32 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
02:45:57 <yenwod> hey j
02:46:13 *** openmrs_web532 has joined #openmrs
02:46:14 <yenwod> hi openmrs_web532
02:46:23 *** openmrs_web532 is now known as suneeth
02:46:47 <suneeth> hi @jmiranda
02:46:50 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2189 (defect created): PersonService.getPersonAttributeTypeByName(String) returns null if a retired PersonAttributeType exists with the given name <>
02:47:00 <jmiranda> hey suneeth
02:47:15 <yenwod> jmiranda: ~ 1700 visits to our gsoc page today ... how's your project description coming? :)
02:47:21 <jmiranda> :)
02:47:24 <suneeth> i have applied for data migration tools for gsoc 2010
02:47:32 <jmiranda> suneeth, great
02:47:36 <yenwod> suneeth: i saw that :)
02:48:08 <suneeth> oh great
02:48:08 <suneeth> but there is no description for it
02:48:30 *** openmrs_web235 has joined #openmrs
02:48:30 <yenwod> that is because jmiranda 's mind is too big for words
02:48:32 <yenwod> :)
02:48:33 <jmiranda> yenwod, just pushing to clean up a few more things in reporting before mike and darius disappear
02:48:33 <suneeth> so i was thinking if i have any idea i could complete my proposal
02:48:40 <yenwod> cool
02:49:00 <jmiranda> suneeth, i'll hopefully post a description tonight
02:49:02 *** openmrs_web235 has quit IRC
02:49:08 <suneeth> thanks
02:49:12 <jmiranda> yenwod, i'm planning to add two more projects up there as well
02:49:26 * yenwod gives jmiranda a flux capacitor
02:49:29 <jmiranda> sorry, just one more
02:49:36 <robbyoconnor> what project?
02:49:41 <suneeth> patient de - duplication module is added recently isnit
02:49:57 <yenwod> yeah de-dup is shaun grannis project
02:50:04 <yenwod> last-minute addition :)
02:50:24 <jmiranda> the concept management module, the data migration project, and an ETL project that i'm just throwing up there to see if there's any interest
02:50:39 <suneeth> it was in d list last year too
02:50:52 <chopin> o, i was thinking of adding a project for relationship closure; finding/creating new relationships based on rules about existing ones
02:51:02 <chopin> (i.e. my mother's daughter is my sister)
02:51:06 <suneeth> i have worked on etl before
02:51:21 <jmiranda> suneeth, cool ... good to know
02:51:31 <jmiranda> that *might* be helpful for the data migration project
02:51:50 <suneeth> here where i work as an intern there are lot many things happening in healthcare
02:52:18 <suneeth> but i would learn a lot from open source projects too
02:53:05 <yenwod> suneeth: have you worked on LIMS software?
02:53:11 *** kennymac has quit IRC
02:53:16 * jmiranda gives the flux capacitor to chopin's mother's daughter
02:53:21 <yenwod> laboratory information management systems
02:53:32 <chopin> yowsers!
02:53:39 <jmiranda> she can handle it
02:53:56 <suneeth> whats the LIMS software
02:53:57 <jmiranda> where she's going, she doesn't need roads
02:54:02 <suneeth> yes
02:54:07 <yenwod> suneeth: just curious :)
02:54:07 <chopin> suneeth: a horrible thing
02:54:09 <suneeth> i know all the standards
02:54:15 <jmiranda> ok, i need to get back to reporting for a few hours ... be back later
02:54:16 <chopin> haha
02:54:29 <yenwod> chopin has a really bad LIMS system he is trying to fix in kenya :)
02:54:30 * jmiranda is away: and i'm audi 5
02:54:57 <chopin> jmiranda: i owned an audi 5000 for a few years; purchased for $150 i think
02:55:04 <suneeth> ohh
02:55:13 <suneeth> thats it
02:55:25 <suneeth> here in india cars are very expensive
02:55:37 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
02:55:37 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
02:55:43 <yenwod> good morning upul`
02:55:57 <chopin> suneeth: the LIMS system is not so bad, but we have a hard time communicating with the developers to troubleshoot it
02:56:10 <chopin> and in the meantime, we suffer ... until they can come around and help
02:56:17 <yenwod> chopin: the UI is bad.
02:56:29 <upul`> doog gnineve yenwod!
02:56:33 <chopin> i only care about it working
02:56:49 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
02:56:51 <yenwod> chopin: who cares if it's working, if people can't figure out how to put data in :)
02:57:04 <chopin> for some reason, particular concept answers aren't coming through in HL7 messages
02:57:06 * yenwod gets on his HCI soapbox
02:57:14 <chopin> heh, truue
02:57:27 <chopin> fortunately, i don't have to use it :-)
02:59:41 <yenwod> heh
02:59:43 <chopin> welp, 6am comes awful early. see y'all on the flip side.
02:59:49 <chopin> especially suneeth
02:59:54 <chopin> since it's already 6am there
03:00:22 <yenwod> chopin: l8r
03:00:30 <chopin> peace out
03:00:35 <chopin> +++ATH0
03:00:51 <chopin> CTRL-Z
03:00:53 <suneeth> ya sure
03:01:01 <suneeth> have a good sleep
03:01:05 <chopin> thanks!
03:01:07 <chopin> zZ
03:01:23 <yenwod> ZMODEM
03:02:07 <docpaul> see you jeremy
03:02:18 <yenwod> i always prefered kermit
03:04:24 <docpaul> yenwod: why do the openmrs podcasts turn up in itunes under itunes u instead of the podcasts section?
03:04:32 <docpaul> because of the iu server relationship?
03:04:36 <yenwod> docpaul: yes
03:05:06 <docpaul> i'd like to eventually get our own podcast server or take a donation from a volunteer
03:05:14 <docpaul> so that we can be our own podcast host
03:05:33 <docpaul> first things first, let's see if anyone is using it after 6 or so months
03:05:46 *** chopin has quit IRC
03:05:50 *** suneeth has quit IRC
03:06:04 <yenwod> docpaul: the trick is getting some content :)
03:06:40 <yenwod> will have some starting in 17 days
03:06:44 <docpaul> indeed... dont think the weekly conference calls are going to get it done
03:06:57 <docpaul> tutorials on the other hand
03:07:01 <docpaul> and promotional pieces
03:07:03 <docpaul> that might work
03:07:07 <yenwod> burke's video was great
03:07:24 <yenwod> and ben has done some good stuff in the past
03:07:53 <robbyoconnor> burke the openmrs mid..i mean short man
03:07:58 <docpaul> yes...
03:09:09 <yenwod> need to record some bumpers for the beginning and end of the podcasts
03:09:17 <yenwod> got some royalty-free music from IU
03:09:48 <yenwod> i don't know what kind of music captures the spirit of openmrs
03:10:09 <yenwod> at first i used some LL Cool J ... that didn't seem to fit
03:13:32 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
03:14:43 <robbyoconnor> some nice profanity
03:15:54 <yenwod> maybe i could use some of the intrahealth open album
03:15:56 <yenwod>
03:16:01 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
03:17:38 <yenwod> maybe, not, looks like CC license won't allow it
03:17:45 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12737]: reporting: stop saving Report objects to the filesystem for historical … <>
03:18:53 <docpaul> you need intrahealth's permission on something?
03:18:56 <docpaul> that's super easy
03:19:22 <yenwod> i think we'd need the artists' permission
03:19:32 <docpaul> we could likely get it
03:19:56 <yenwod> - they released all this music by a bunch of folks
03:20:11 <docpaul> right, i'm on their advisory board
03:20:27 <docpaul> i just met with their leadership when in DC
03:20:46 <docpaul> and i know heather very well
03:20:53 <docpaul> she's the brains behind the music stuff
03:21:12 <docpaul> had beers, all that stuff
03:21:15 <yenwod> hit up youssou n'dour and see if we can use that tune :)
03:21:20 <yenwod> for podcast
03:21:25 <docpaul> she wants to feature openmrs on that site
03:21:25 <yenwod>
03:21:28 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
03:21:32 <docpaul> do you like the song?
03:21:43 <docpaul> pape gaye is personal friends with n'dour
03:21:45 <yenwod> i'm thinking if we could an instrumental track of it
03:21:52 <docpaul> so that is very doable
03:21:53 <yenwod> take a listen
03:24:20 <docpaul> In the coming year IntraHealth will be partnering with Open MRS to train young African technology students to develop open source code for local public health needs
03:25:08 <yenwod> IntraHealth++
03:25:55 <docpaul> yeah, if you have the cycles, you could help heather get started
03:26:00 <docpaul> i just havent had the time to talk with them
03:26:06 <docpaul> they want to feature the project
03:26:20 <yenwod> so yeah, we should try to get a license exception to use the orginal mix of that song (instrumental & vocal both) for promotional stuff
03:26:37 <docpaul> very doable.
03:26:45 <docpaul> want me to write an emial?
03:27:00 <yenwod> yep
03:27:43 <robbyoconnor> love it LOL
03:27:46 <docpaul> what's the name of the song?
03:27:55 <yenwod> "Wake Up (It's Africa Calling)"
03:28:33 <robbyoconnor> perfect
03:29:29 *** rbrico has quit IRC
03:30:04 <yenwod> robbyoconnor: here is the original
03:30:23 <yenwod> the instrumental track has a lot of different themes we could use for different stuff
03:31:02 <robbyoconnor> ok =)
03:33:04 <docpaul> done
03:33:46 <yenwod> nice. fingers crossed.
03:34:21 <docpaul> i'd be surprised if they didn't go out of their way to make it happen
03:34:35 <docpaul> i know the ceo of intrahealth personally, and he owes me a couple
03:34:51 <yenwod> would also be a good background for videos etc
03:35:03 <docpaul> okie doke
03:35:25 <docpaul> are you familiar with this: ?
03:35:32 <docpaul> this is what they really do with their time
03:35:53 <docpaul> and we're negotiating now that they will use some of this funding support to help us emerge a department of medical informatics @ moi
03:36:03 <yenwod> it has crossed my browser once or twice
03:36:10 <yenwod> interesting
03:36:16 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
03:46:41 *** Shazin has joined #openmrs
03:46:52 <Shazin> Hi All
03:49:02 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12739]: reporting: commenting out the 'indicator info' link in the indicator web … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12738]: reporting: Initial test for DataExportDataSetEvaluator <>
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04:23:44 *** openmrs_web729 has joined #openmrs
04:24:43 *** openmrs_web729 is now known as John
04:24:55 *** John is now known as jmckee
04:25:29 * jmckee Hello I am a student applying for the gsoc
04:25:43 <yenwod> jmckee: cool :)
04:25:46 <yenwod> welcome
04:25:46 *** codestasher has quit IRC
04:25:52 <yenwod> i saw your user page on the wiki :)
04:26:25 <jmckee> thank you. I am trying to piece my application together. Spring quarter started this week...
04:27:10 <yenwod> ugh, bad timing :)
04:27:25 <jmckee> I am a little confused as to where to send my application - the google site refers back to the openmrs site.
04:28:45 <yenwod> if you go here ... and click apply now at the bottom, it should take you to the google application
04:28:46 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
04:28:50 <yenwod> (you fill out the form on google's site)
04:29:45 <jmckee> I get an error "You cannot become a Student because you are already participating in this program. "
04:30:02 <yenwod> you might ask in #gsoc channel
04:30:29 <jmckee> ok, will do.
04:30:46 <jmckee> thanks
04:30:50 <yenwod> seems like a melange problem :)
04:31:27 <jmckee> do you get a lot of applicants every year?
04:31:33 <yenwod> yep :)
04:31:37 <yenwod> docpaul: how many last year?
04:33:37 <yenwod> i think it was like ~ 200+ for 14 spots
04:33:37 *** docpaul has quit IRC
04:33:51 <jmckee> omg
04:34:08 <yenwod> yeah :)
04:34:16 <yenwod> our gsoc page today got about 1700 visits
04:34:41 <upul`> wow
04:35:59 <yenwod>
04:36:06 *** docpaul has joined #openmrs
04:36:06 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o docpaul
04:36:12 <docpaul> wierd
04:36:40 <yenwod> welcome back :)
04:37:42 <upul`> apache uses a voting system for applications
04:38:09 <yenwod> we all do
04:39:14 <upul`> it's different openmrs is a single entity, apache is lots of projects so to get a place you have to get lots of people to vote for you
04:39:37 <yenwod> by 'you' do you mean the students?
04:39:47 <upul`> yes
04:40:02 <yenwod> how many mentors do the voting for apache, i wonder
04:40:43 <upul`> i think everyone who registers as a mentor
04:42:06 <upul`> so you have a great project proposal but not votes, they get lost when there're lots of people voting in one project
04:43:46 <yenwod> yeah the numbers make the dynamics a bit different i imagine
04:46:10 <upul`> students can manipulate that voting system very easily to get a project on top :-)
04:47:20 <yenwod> hmm, i don't wanna know :D
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04:51:40 <upul`> i got fed up with that first time i applied in 2008
04:53:01 <jmckee> does it matter which version of tomcat is used?
04:53:48 <yenwod> i'd go for the latest
04:53:48 <upul`> jmckee, it shouldn't matter but it's usually tested in the latest, 5, 6 should work
04:53:58 *** raffael has joined #openmrs
04:59:47 * yenwod watches
05:02:03 *** raffael has left #openmrs
05:04:23 *** ruwan has quit IRC
05:04:45 *** raffael has joined #openmrs
05:06:36 <upul`> does google offices look that fantastic everywhere or is it only in those scandinavian countries
05:07:01 <yenwod> i think google offices are always pretty cool
05:07:30 <upul`> i've seen pictures of a prison in switzerland or austria, and that looked so cool :-D
05:07:44 * yenwod asks docpaul about google hq
05:09:33 <yenwod>
05:09:37 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
05:11:19 <upul`> may be they were standing in front of the office and took the picture while they were going some where
05:11:44 <yenwod> heh
05:11:45 <upul`> heh heh, mentor summit 2008i think, i've seen it
05:12:22 <upul`> it was before 2008,
05:12:44 *** raffael has quit IRC
05:14:02 <upul`> yenwod, why is the mod repo going to down all the time?
05:14:09 <upul`> -to
05:14:27 *** robbyoconnor has quit IRC
05:14:34 <yenwod> most recently the hosting guys applied some updates to the vm platform and we didn't know about it
05:14:50 <yenwod> and it caused some chaos
05:15:38 <yenwod> before that, ben was releasing a new version of it to support JSON searches
05:16:07 <upul`> right
05:16:17 <yenwod> and that also had some residual problems :)
05:16:38 <yenwod> !down
05:16:38 <OpenMRSBot> yenwod: "down" --- Does an site seem down? Check here for more information:
05:17:29 * yenwod gets some sleep, see you all later
05:17:34 *** yenwod is now known as downeym
05:17:41 <upul`> good night
05:17:43 *** docpaul has quit IRC
05:18:04 *** downeym has quit IRC
05:20:28 *** ywang has joined #openmrs
05:25:09 *** ruwan has joined #openmrs
05:38:56 *** Shazin has quit IRC
05:41:41 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
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06:08:04 <ruwan> hi all..
06:09:09 <ruwan> at the date/time of birth field..
06:10:10 <ruwan> here the Degree of Precision has only 2 levels.. am I right..?
06:10:32 <ruwan> Y = estimated, and null = actual
06:15:00 <upul`> ruwan, what does it mean?
06:21:12 <ruwan> upul`: can you take a look at
06:21:31 <ruwan> line 296 - 304
06:21:46 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
06:22:05 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
06:23:05 <upul`> ruwan, yep got it
06:23:34 <ruwan> if (precision.equals("Y") || precision.equals("L"))
06:23:35 <ruwan> 303 patient.setBirthdateEstimated(true);
06:24:01 <ruwan> why both "Y" and "L" are here..?
06:26:19 <upul`> ruwan,
06:26:23 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
06:27:03 <upul`> Y means year, L means month. so openmrs only stores estimated or not (two values) not (year, date estimated etc.)
06:27:04 <pascal`> Why no contants? O.O
06:27:09 <ruwan> oh thank you upul`
06:29:28 *** pascal` has quit IRC
06:31:55 *** ywang has quit IRC
06:40:22 <ruwan> upul`: and are the HL7 processors within openmrs, right..?
06:41:16 <upul`> ruwan, looks like they are part of it
06:46:21 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
06:46:44 <upul`> `turbo pascal`
06:47:08 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
06:47:21 <pascal`> wow upul`, you're the first programmer I know to come up with that joke
06:47:24 <pascal`> upul`++
06:47:29 <pascal`> upul` -- --
06:47:32 <pascal`> ;)
06:50:51 <upul`> it's free
06:51:03 *** openmrs_web355 has joined #openmrs
06:51:28 *** openmrs_web355 has quit IRC
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06:54:18 <pascal`> I've got it upul`
06:54:23 <pascal`> all the manuals and everything
06:54:35 <pascal`> not 5.5 though, 7 I think
06:55:46 <upul`> pascal`, did you buy it for learning or what?
06:58:18 <upul`> may be i have the windows 3 box somewhere, but i reused the floppy diskettes
06:58:22 <pascal`> upul`, we did it at school
06:59:20 <ruwan> I'm looking in to
06:59:21 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:01:46 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
07:03:02 <ruwan> my concern is about the best way to map the HL7's TS degree of precision to OpenMRS data model
07:05:06 *** jmckee has quit IRC
07:05:32 <upul`> hmm
07:05:42 <ruwan> what are my options..?
07:06:32 <ruwan> plus.. I might have additional levels of approximation as well..
07:07:33 <ruwan> in addition to default HL7 precision levels..
07:09:29 <upul`> when is the application end date ruwan? there's more than this week isn't it
07:09:42 <pascal`> !gsoc
07:09:42 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
07:10:09 <ruwan> 9 th April
07:10:38 <ruwan> a bit more than a week
07:11:11 <ruwan> Ideas??
07:11:29 <upul`> for the date project?
07:11:34 <ruwan> yes..
07:12:38 <upul`> page gives the option changing the estimated boolean to a integer to store different year, month etc.
07:13:37 <upul`> and have to change the interface to capture that detail
07:14:45 <upul`> when you have that boolean to int, then those HL7 flags can be captured as it is without loosing them into estimated/not estimated
07:15:12 *** jdlkem has quit IRC
07:18:52 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
07:20:51 *** openmrs_web780 has joined #openmrs
07:21:02 *** openmrs_web780 is now known as Suneeth
07:23:45 <upul`> hey pascal` did you put the press release?
07:24:07 <pascal`> oh no, still need to apply actually
07:24:47 <upul`> what are you aiming at?
07:25:17 <upul`> genome thing pascal` ?
07:25:26 <pascal`> upul`, yeah
07:31:11 *** danielf has joined #openmrs
08:17:11 *** gigasoft1 has joined #openmrs
08:23:46 *** upul` has quit IRC
08:34:52 *** openmrs_web008 has joined #openmrs
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08:36:16 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
08:36:37 *** openmrs_web980 has joined #openmrs
08:36:44 *** openmrs_web980 is now known as Suneeth
08:52:12 *** MalteF has joined #openmrs
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09:10:08 *** Suneeth has quit IRC
09:17:41 *** umashanthi has joined #openmrs
09:18:22 *** umashanthi has left #openmrs
09:33:08 *** mastahyeti has joined #openmrs
09:33:20 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
09:33:20 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
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09:36:16 *** openmrs_web270 is now known as firc
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09:40:36 *** openmrs_web927 has joined #openmrs
09:41:03 *** openmrs_web927 is now known as Suneeth
09:57:31 <mastahyeti> robbyoconnor: you say that the backend work is done for the notes module. Is it not worth applying for this project then? it probably wont be kept as a project, right?
10:02:16 <pascal`> !gsoc
10:02:16 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
10:07:56 *** mastahyeti has quit IRC
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10:28:36 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
10:46:07 *** openmrs_web807 has joined #openmrs
10:47:44 <pascal`> hi MalteF
10:47:47 *** stugrey has joined #openmrs
10:47:47 <pascal`> hi mathiaslin
10:48:02 *** stugrey has left #openmrs
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10:48:39 <MalteF> hi pascal`
11:06:46 *** Shazin has joined #openmrs
11:23:32 *** upul` has quit IRC
11:23:38 *** hi_man has joined #openmrs
11:24:16 <hi_man> any mentor?
11:24:38 <pascal`> hi hi_man
11:24:39 <hi_man> hi
11:24:50 <pascal`> hi_man, there don't seem to be any mentors in at the moment
11:24:58 <hi_man> ok
11:24:59 <hi_man> thanks
11:25:13 <pascal`> !gsoc
11:25:13 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
11:25:25 <pascal`> ^ you can find a list of mentors there, most have pages with contact details
11:25:33 <hi_man> yes
11:25:44 *** ruwan has quit IRC
11:25:52 <hi_man> can you please tell me what is the language needed to code?
11:25:57 <hi_man> it is php ?
11:26:11 <hi_man> I am talking of the following project
11:26:31 <hi_man> HTML Form Entry module enhancements
11:26:52 <pascal`> hi_man, it's mainly Java
11:27:03 <hi_man> that is fine.
11:27:05 <hi_man> but
11:27:12 <hi_man> as written in the web
11:27:22 <hi_man> it seems that It needs to create a form
11:27:53 <hi_man> You should be able to enter a list of concepts into a single field
11:27:59 <hi_man> what does it mean?
11:28:29 <pascal`> hi_man, have you looked at ?
11:28:45 <pascal`> hi_man, ?
11:29:00 <hi_man> ok
11:29:01 <hi_man> thanks
11:29:05 <hi_man> I will look to it
11:29:15 <hi_man> immediately
11:31:42 <hi_man> pascal: how can I have a look on the source code?
11:32:53 <pascal`> hi_man,
11:43:34 *** firc has quit IRC
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12:26:39 *** luzhuangwei has joined #openmrs
12:32:33 <r0bby|android> Hi!
12:33:40 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
12:35:01 <downeym-mobile> Good day all
12:39:30 <r0bby|android> Hey evil one
12:39:48 *** saiskopu has joined #openmrs
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15:18:47 *** Shazin has joined #openmrs
15:19:03 <Shazin> bwolfe: Hi
15:19:33 <bwolfe> hey
15:21:52 *** openmrs_web284 has joined #openmrs
15:21:53 <downeym> hi openmrs_web284
15:22:09 *** basic` has quit IRC
15:22:45 *** basic` has joined #openmrs
15:22:46 <downeym> hi basic`
15:24:08 *** openmrs_web284 is now known as ladyfa
15:25:17 <downeym> kde--
15:25:22 <downeym> :)
15:26:06 <upul`> wha were you using downeym? kubuntu?
15:27:08 <downeym> just generally kde-- :)
15:27:19 *** ladyfa has quit IRC
15:27:23 <downeym> gnome++
15:27:25 <bwolfe> gnome++
15:28:28 <downeym> osx++
15:28:38 <upul`> i liked the old kde but new written-from-scratch kde sucks
15:29:37 *** openmrs_web046 has joined #openmrs
15:29:38 <downeym> hi openmrs_web046
15:30:08 *** openmrs_web046 is now known as ladyfa
15:31:13 <ladyfa> hi everyone
15:31:25 <upul`> hi ladyfa
15:32:52 <sunbiz> hi ladyfa
15:35:11 *** openmrs_web343 has joined #openmrs
15:35:11 *** openmrs_web343 is now known as firc
15:35:11 <downeym> hi openmrs_web343
15:35:24 *** downeym has quit IRC
15:35:50 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
15:35:50 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
15:37:56 * upul` just added a gsoc app
15:38:04 <downeym> cool :)
15:39:10 <Shazin> bwolfe: I am working on ticket #1489
15:39:48 <Shazin> bwolfe: I am afraid we won't be able to use hibernate 3.5.0 CR 2
15:40:14 <bwolfe> we only use final GA releases anyway
15:40:25 <downeym> !ticket 1489
15:40:25 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Ticket #1489:
15:41:50 <Shazin> bwolfe: Yes
15:42:21 <Shazin> bwolfe: and the 3.5.0 version has a lot of changes in it
15:42:45 <bwolfe> ok...
15:42:51 <Shazin> bwolfe: which conflicts with the OpenMRS Code
15:44:17 <bwolfe> ok, I'm not concerned about that
15:44:44 *** openmrs_web570 has joined #openmrs
15:44:44 <downeym> hi openmrs_web570
15:44:46 *** openmrs_web570 is now known as kennymac
15:47:09 <Shazin> bwolfe: anyway I am not giving up
15:47:51 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
15:47:51 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
15:48:42 <bwolfe> Shazin: ok, good. :-) apply it to 3.3 (or 3.4 if that is the current stable release of hibernate) and try that
15:49:23 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
15:49:48 <Shazin> bwolfe: Yeah sure I'll try to finish it asap
15:58:57 *** openmrs_web562 has joined #openmrs
15:58:57 <downeym> hi openmrs_web562
15:59:06 *** openmrs_web562 is now known as suneeth
15:59:16 <suneeth> hi all
15:59:34 <sunbiz> hi suneeth
15:59:59 <ladyfa> hi suneeth
16:00:24 <suneeth> hi sunbiz
16:00:35 <suneeth> i hope you got my mail
16:01:00 <suneeth> but unfortunately billing module in not in current gsoc list
16:01:02 <sunbiz> sunbiz: yes I did...
16:01:28 <sunbiz> suneeth: yes... sadly others think its too large
16:01:37 <sunbiz> to be finished in the GSoC timeline
16:01:59 <suneeth> ya thats true
16:02:34 <sunbiz> suneeth: but we plan to implement the module at a few sites, so the work would continue
16:03:01 <sunbiz> by our staff with support from the student obviously
16:03:30 <sunbiz> or the student can continue working with us at our implementation site
16:03:47 <suneeth> i would love to contribute after gsoc too
16:03:52 *** dev29aug has quit IRC
16:03:57 <suneeth> but if my project is selected
16:04:05 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12752]: logmanager: Added profiler mode to viewer which displays thread name and … <>
16:06:05 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
16:06:05 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v robbyoconnor
16:06:11 <robbyoconnor> hey
16:09:00 <upul`> hey
16:09:03 <sunbiz> hey robbyoconnor
16:09:13 *** ladyfa has quit IRC
16:14:06 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
16:14:06 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
16:14:06 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
16:14:06 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym-mobile
16:17:31 <robbyoconnor> bwolfe: i think I should ping sam to participate in this discussion
16:17:40 <robbyoconnor> (the Notes module)
16:17:51 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
16:22:12 *** robbyoconnor has quit IRC
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16:36:42 *** upul has joined #openmrs
16:36:42 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul
16:37:57 *** upul` has quit IRC
16:44:43 *** openmrs_web960 has joined #openmrs
16:44:43 <downeym> hi openmrs_web960
16:45:47 *** upul has quit IRC
16:48:36 *** JanisB has joined #openmrs
16:48:36 *** JanisB has quit IRC
16:48:36 *** JanisB has joined #openmrs
16:48:36 <downeym> hi JanisB
16:48:48 <JanisB> hello
16:49:00 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
16:49:16 *** robbyoconnor has quit IRC
16:49:44 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
16:49:44 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v robbyoconnor
16:51:19 *** openmrs_web960 has quit IRC
16:53:25 <chopin> what's up all y'all
17:00:13 *** robbyoconnor has quit IRC
17:03:37 <firc> hi chopin
17:03:49 <chopin> hey
17:04:13 <firc> i'm wondering why importJavascriptFile(..) doesn't work sometimes
17:08:05 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
17:10:06 *** suneeth has quit IRC
17:15:00 <firc> hey chopin you around?
17:16:22 <downeym> firc: i think he's out to lunch
17:17:05 <firc> ah downeym , i wanted to ask that in case i submit a patch, should i change the status to Needs Review?
17:17:44 *** Shazin has quit IRC
17:17:46 <downeym> yes if you feel it's ready, just change the code review status
17:17:50 <downeym> and it will go in the queue
17:18:11 <firc> ok, I've created the patch and it seems to solve the issue.
17:18:12 *** dev29aug has joined #openmrs
17:18:26 <firc> i've tested it and it works on my setup.
17:18:35 <chopin> firc: sorry, about to interview someone for AMPATH work :-D
17:19:05 <downeym> firc: cool. so if you've attached the patch then feel free to add a comment and change the status
17:19:16 <firc> ok, will do.
17:19:56 <firc> thanks downeym :)
17:20:52 <downeym> firc: no problem
17:22:12 *** openmrs_web332 has joined #openmrs
17:22:12 <downeym> hi openmrs_web332
17:22:50 *** openmrs_web332 is now known as channa
17:23:10 *** channa is now known as channab
17:24:12 <channab> hi i tried to build sample basic module given in the web site but build failed becuase of missing some files
17:25:04 <channab> anyone can help me to figure out this
17:25:50 <channab> error is this." cannot access org.simpleframework.xml.Root [javac] file org\simpleframework\xml\Root.class not found"
17:26:29 *** sunbiz has left #openmrs
17:27:39 *** umashanthi has left #openmrs
17:34:53 <channab> hi
17:35:03 <channab> is there anyone who can help me
17:37:48 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
17:37:48 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v robbyoconnor
17:38:57 <kennymac> channab: are you using the ant build file from the module classpath?
17:39:45 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
17:42:03 *** ywang has joined #openmrs
17:44:26 *** kane77 has joined #openmrs
17:45:16 <channab> kennymac: what do you mean by the module class path
17:49:34 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
17:50:42 <kennymac> it's basically the root of the project, where java looks for your packages... perhaps this isn't so relevant though, what i meant was do you get this error message when running the build file?
17:54:08 <channab> kennymac: ya
17:54:32 <channab> build file is in the root directory
17:55:40 <channab> but the error is about missing a file
17:56:43 <channab> the above mentioned files are not in the source code downloaded from the web site
18:02:46 *** chopin has quit IRC
18:03:16 *** firc has quit IRC
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18:10:34 *** nribeka has quit IRC
18:12:25 *** thilini has joined #openmrs
18:13:57 *** robbyoconnor has quit IRC
18:15:44 <kennymac> channab: you are right, the library files that are refferenced in the javac error message are not in the module repository
18:16:39 <kennymac> the module does however build for me when i check it out in eclipse with the svn plugin and import it into the workspace
18:27:20 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
18:27:20 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
18:31:25 <channab> kennymac: so how can i figure out it, i too downloaded the source using subeclipse plugin
18:36:10 <kennymac> channab: all i can recommend is that you try starting from scratch checking out the files into a new project but choose the option to search for existing projects in source, when it is done dling run the build.xml file from within eclipse.
18:36:45 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12757]: maven branch: Removed test resources declaration after resources moved <>
18:40:44 <kennymac> got to go, good luck :]
18:40:49 *** kennymac has quit IRC
18:40:56 <channab> kennymac: thank you for the help
18:42:10 *** saiskopu has quit IRC
18:42:20 *** channab has quit IRC
18:43:29 *** saiskopu has joined #openmrs
18:52:06 *** thilini has left #openmrs
18:56:54 *** ywang has quit IRC
18:57:20 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
18:57:20 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
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19:08:43 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
19:08:43 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v nribeka
19:10:49 *** codestasher has quit IRC
19:18:18 *** JanisB_127006309 has joined #openmrs
19:18:18 <downeym> hi JanisB_127006309
19:18:49 <JanisB_127006309> hello dear script
19:18:54 *** JanisB_127006309 is now known as JanisB_127006313
19:18:55 *** JanisB has quit IRC
19:19:04 *** JanisB_127006313 is now known as JanisB
19:19:05 *** JanisB has joined #openmrs
19:23:44 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
19:29:14 *** Dawang has quit IRC
19:29:24 *** MalteF has quit IRC
19:32:03 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
19:32:03 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
19:32:45 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
19:35:09 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
19:38:45 *** downeym has quit IRC
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19:39:06 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
19:39:06 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
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19:54:04 *** kane77 has quit IRC
19:57:09 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
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20:24:35 *** Dawang has quit IRC
20:26:10 *** nribeka has quit IRC
20:27:01 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
20:27:01 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v nribeka
20:28:22 <downeym> hi winbot
20:33:45 <nribeka> hi downeym
20:38:57 *** saiskopu has quit IRC
20:39:46 *** saiskopu has joined #openmrs
20:40:43 *** chopin has quit IRC
20:42:32 *** jdlkem has joined #openmrs
20:48:46 *** codestasher has quit IRC
20:55:07 *** jfloppy has joined #openmrs
20:55:36 <jfloppy> hi :)
20:56:51 *** dev29aug has quit IRC
20:57:39 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
20:59:50 *** sunbiz has joined #openmrs
21:00:01 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v sunbiz
21:01:15 *** astelmashenko has joined #openmrs
21:01:23 *** astelmashenko has left #openmrs
21:08:59 *** dev29aug has joined #openmrs
21:09:16 <nribeka> hi jfloppy
21:09:23 <jfloppy> hi nribeka :)
21:11:12 *** dev29aug has quit IRC
21:13:41 <nribeka> downeym, look at the canal
21:19:50 *** sunbiz has left #openmrs
21:23:55 <bwolfe> nribeka: whats in the canal?
21:24:35 <downeym> syhaas
21:24:50 <nribeka> lovey dovey couple
21:24:57 <nribeka> lol
21:25:26 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
21:34:42 *** nribeka has quit IRC
21:35:35 *** gigasoft1 has quit IRC
21:37:27 <bwolfe> as lovery dovey as wyclif and ronald mcdonald ?
21:38:26 <downeym> def
21:39:12 *** dev29aug has joined #openmrs
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22:01:58 *** astelmashenko has joined #openmrs
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22:15:56 *** astelmashenko has quit IRC
22:27:21 *** andrewaclt has joined #openmrs
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22:29:30 *** andrewaclt has joined #openmrs
22:51:52 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
22:51:52 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
23:10:06 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
23:10:06 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v robbyoconnor
23:14:03 *** downeym has quit IRC
23:23:05 <bwolfe> dev29aug? whats that about?
23:39:23 <robbyoconnor> bwolfe: bout tomorrow would it be useful for me to hop on the call tomorrow?
23:41:42 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
23:48:14 <bwolfe> sure
23:48:50 <robbyoconnor> I'll throw the docs up on the call page
23:48:53 <robbyoconnor> 9am edt?
23:50:55 <bwolfe> 10
23:51:05 <robbyoconnor> when did that change?
23:51:06 <robbyoconnor> :X
23:51:13 <robbyoconnor> or was it ALWAYS 10?
23:51:22 <bwolfe> the dev call page has the details
23:53:03 <robbyoconnor> im gonna add my item to the agenda
23:58:12 <robbyoconnor> sits down
23:58:16 <robbyoconnor> wiki
23:58:46 <robbyoconnor> !down
23:58:46 <OpenMRSBot> robbyoconnor: Error: "down" is not a valid command.
23:58:49 <robbyoconnor> !status
23:58:49 <OpenMRSBot> robbyoconnor: I am connected to freenode as OpenMRSBot.
23:59:26 *** openmrs_web302 has joined #openmrs
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