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  • 2010-03-26 - OpenMRS
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00:11:31 <nribeka> !ticket 1563
00:11:31 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: Ticket #1563:
00:14:01 * robbyoconnor gigggles
00:14:12 <robbyoconnor> I just made a "the cake is a lie?" report :D
00:15:46 *** x` has quit IRC
00:15:48 <yuvrajtomar> that's a catchy name :P., what is it about?
00:26:30 <yuvrajtomar> nribeka: hope you would have viewed the ticket, the date format mentioned in is 'yyyy-mm-dd' and the one that we need to use for the widget is 'dd/MMM/yyyy', so do I also have to change the months from integers to Strings?
00:26:46 <yuvrajtomar> *
00:27:18 <nribeka> what module is it yuvrajtomar
00:28:50 <yuvrajtomar> htmlformentry
00:34:03 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
00:43:26 *** robbyoconnor has quit IRC
00:43:52 <wyclif> eh
00:48:39 <nribeka> yuvrajtomar, not sure about them. not really exposed with htmlformentry
00:49:49 <yuvrajtomar> oh, alright.
00:50:46 *** yuvrajtomar has quit IRC
00:53:19 *** nbdarvin has joined #openmrs
00:53:26 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12632]: facility data 1.5.x: commit things as they are now. <>
01:05:44 *** nbdarvin has quit IRC
01:12:33 *** docpaul has joined #openmrs
01:12:33 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o docpaul
01:24:24 *** mastahyeti has joined #openmrs
01:39:59 <mastahyeti> hey, I joined the developers mailing list but can't send a message. I tried sending to and . I got a confirmation email for my registration from the listserv. am i doing somthing wrong?
01:46:31 <docpaul> evening. :)
01:47:44 *** umashanthi has joined #openmrs
01:47:47 <docpaul> mastahyeti: i can help
01:47:54 <docpaul> what email did you register under?
01:48:00 <mastahyeti>
01:48:45 <docpaul> i registered you at 2:25 today... and i also see an email from you (two in fact) on the mailing list
01:49:12 <docpaul> I mentioned my idea for a GSOC project to Wyclif and he suggested that I send a message to the mailing list. I noticed that there is a great deal of similarity between the projects regarding boolean concepts, flexible dates, and adding notes and I think that the functionality of all three could possibly be achieved just by implementing the notes idea. I was thinking of a variety of ways that this could be done. The easiest would be to
01:49:12 <docpaul> implement Note as it is described and to simply add notes to dates and to boolean values and for the content of those notes to be readable as text. An alternative would be to try to add functionality to the interface such that when someone is entering a date or an boolean data they are given the option to specify a date range or a third or fourth option and that this would then be added to a note when the da
01:49:13 <docpaul> from the forum was being processed. This would simplify the input and reading of such data. I am not familiar yet with the inner working of OpenMRS, but I have installed it and have begun looking under the hood. So far it seems like something like what I have described might be doable but I don't really know. Do you guys think that this something that might work?
01:49:20 <docpaul> :)
01:49:33 <downeym> mastahyeti: you normally don't see your own e-mails to the list
01:50:04 <mastahyeti> oh, whoops.
01:50:06 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
01:50:06 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
01:50:32 <downeym> mastahyeti: if it makes you feel any better, it bothered me so much that i changed my own subscription so i saw my own :)
01:50:43 <docpaul> i do.. but maybe that's because i am el33t
01:50:51 <docpaul> (see my own messages)
01:50:55 <mastahyeti> haha
01:51:07 <mastahyeti> which was the correct address to send to? I tried a couple
01:51:11 <docpaul> both work
01:51:15 <docpaul> we got two emails
01:51:17 <docpaul> :)
01:51:22 <mastahyeti> sorry :)
01:51:37 <docpaul> that's OK, you just helped everyone verify that you're a n00b
01:51:40 <docpaul> grin.
01:51:47 <docpaul> we're happy to have your interest
01:51:53 <docpaul> welcome to the family!
01:52:10 <mastahyeti> thanks
01:52:17 <docpaul> would you like some feedback on the mailing list?
01:52:26 <docpaul> let me craft one up for you real quick
01:52:26 <downeym> mastahyeti: if you send a mail to with the body: set openmrs-devel-l NOACK REPRO
01:52:36 <downeym> mastahyeti: that will give you what you want :)
01:52:45 <mastahyeti> downeym: thanks
01:53:21 *** umashanthi has left #openmrs
01:53:24 <mastahyeti> yeah, i would appreciate some feedback. I am just trying to figure out if I will be able to do some work with openmrs for summer of code
01:53:36 <mastahyeti> it doesn't need to be via the listserv though
01:53:45 * downeym just got google voice > skype in > fring working on his nexus one to get local calls on foreign networks :)
01:58:08 <docpaul> there you go. :)
01:58:21 <docpaul> well, rule #1 of an open source project
01:58:29 <docpaul> "mailing list is god"
01:58:39 <docpaul> if it's not on the mailing list, it's as if it didn't happen
01:59:05 <docpaul> so if i ever can reply back to a question, i'd rather put it there, so that others can benefit from your question and the answers
01:59:13 <docpaul> it also gives others a chance to contribute
02:01:09 <downeym> given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow
02:01:44 <docpaul> so mastahyeti , are you a java god?
02:02:05 <downeym> java-mastah
02:02:14 <docpaul> or just simply the master of yetis?
02:06:59 <mastahyeti> its just an old screen name
02:07:23 <mastahyeti> my coding is prety solid but I wouldn't call it godly
02:12:41 *** Dawang has quit IRC
02:12:45 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
02:12:45 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
02:13:00 <chopin> nribeka: !!!!1
02:14:42 <downeym> chopin: !!!!111one
02:15:04 <nribeka> chopin
02:15:06 <chopin> downeym+=1
02:17:45 <nribeka> nribeka--
02:17:45 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
02:17:57 <downeym> hahah
02:20:46 *** openmrs_web747 has joined #openmrs
02:20:46 <downeym> hi openmrs_web747
02:20:57 *** openmrs_web747 is now known as _Glen
02:23:29 <downeym> hi glen
02:23:40 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v _Glen
02:25:32 <_Glen> hi downeym
02:26:16 <_Glen> downeym: it's quiet on the channel tonight
02:26:34 <downeym> _Glen: yeah, seems to be. Guess docpaul scared them away :)
02:27:10 <_Glen> Anyone have any concept proposal project questions that I might be able to answer?
02:27:12 *** openmrs_web700 has joined #openmrs
02:27:12 <downeym> hi openmrs_web700
02:27:15 *** openmrs_web700 is now known as ajitlodhi
02:27:45 <_Glen> downeym: I meant to join the dev call this morning but I slept in : (
02:28:05 <downeym> _Glen: no worries, that happens on the west coast. you can listen to the replay if you like
02:28:24 <downeym> _Glen:
02:28:27 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
02:30:33 <_Glen> downeym: audio recording publicly posted. wow.
02:30:41 <_Glen> downeym: I had no idea.
02:31:04 <downeym> _Glen: you can also get it on our podcast ;)
02:34:08 <_Glen> downeym: now your putting me on.
02:34:18 <downeym> _Glen:
02:35:33 <_Glen> downeym: : )
02:37:21 <downeym> GSoC students: Listen to an interview with docpaul about OpenMRS and Summer of Code -
02:37:26 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
02:37:46 <docpaul> whoa
02:37:48 <docpaul> 2007
02:37:51 <docpaul> man, that's hilarious
02:39:44 <downeym> :)
02:39:57 <downeym> back in the day
02:44:14 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
02:44:14 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
02:44:34 <downeym> good morning upul`
02:45:32 <upul`> hi downeym
02:47:11 <upul`> should i say good evening at late night downeym
02:47:30 <downeym> upul`: i suppose that works :)
03:00:46 *** mastahyeti has quit IRC
03:01:16 *** upul` has quit IRC
03:01:48 <downeym> nribeka: when are we racing cows again
03:12:41 <chopin> downeym: nribeka is eating a few cows tomorrow at foga de chau (horribly spelled)
03:12:55 <downeym> chopin: jealous.
03:13:02 * chopin is too
03:14:45 <nribeka> hahahaha
03:14:53 <nribeka> meat-land
03:15:02 <nribeka> atkins at fogo de chao
04:01:39 *** OpenMRSBot has joined #openmrs
04:01:40 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o OpenMRSBot
04:01:40 <downeym> hi OpenMRSBot
04:01:44 <downeym> (whatever that is)
04:02:05 <downeym> trac & svn are back up :)
04:02:11 <jmiranda> oh awesome ... that was the "hawaii vacation" project
04:02:37 <downeym> jmiranda: sweet
04:02:49 <downeym> jmiranda: now you choose for me
04:03:00 <jmiranda> 12
04:03:21 <downeym> fail ... that was the "9 am meeting with docpaul"
04:03:22 *** _Glen has quit IRC
04:03:52 <downeym> guess i should go in that case :)
04:04:27 * downeym di kam bak fo smol taym oh
04:06:42 <ajitlodhi> hey... jmiranda
04:06:52 <jmiranda> hey ajitlodhi
04:07:02 <ajitlodhi> hi.. I am from india...
04:07:13 <ajitlodhi> i want to ask if there is need
04:07:38 <ajitlodhi> of OpenMRS to translate the application in local language
04:07:40 <ajitlodhi> HINDI
04:08:07 <ajitlodhi> its the most popular lanaguage in india..
04:08:23 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi, i imagine the answer is yes
04:08:33 <ajitlodhi> k...thanks..
04:08:41 <downeym>
04:08:54 <ajitlodhi> k..thanks alot..
04:09:16 <downeym> we have several installations around india, sri lanka, pakistan, etc
04:10:00 *** ruwan has joined #openmrs
04:10:56 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
04:12:32 *** openmrs_web348 has quit IRC
04:12:57 *** codestasher has left #openmrs
04:14:11 <ajitlodhi> downeym: thr..
04:18:44 <ajitlodhi> hey.. jmiranda
04:19:47 <ajitlodhi> i can send the translated war file ..or there is any other procedure to submit..
04:20:03 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi, not sure
04:20:18 <jmiranda> i assume the .properties file is all that's needed
04:20:19 <ajitlodhi> ???
04:20:25 <ajitlodhi> k..
04:21:11 <jmiranda> downeym, you think we should create a ticket for translation work?
04:21:25 <downeym> sure
04:21:34 <downeym> when in doubt, create a tickt
04:21:37 <downeym> +e
04:22:37 <downeym> you could just attach the translated .properties file
04:23:01 <ajitlodhi> it
04:25:02 *** rod has quit IRC
04:25:05 *** geoaxis has quit IRC
04:32:14 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
04:32:55 *** geoaxis has joined #openmrs
04:34:18 <upul`> yahoo mail flash ads in firefox makes the cpu go 100% :-(
04:52:01 *** downeym has quit IRC
04:53:18 *** intimidckfan has joined #openmrs
04:53:58 <intimidckfan> hello
04:54:07 <intimidckfan> i was wondering if thre is an internship program 2010 this year?
04:54:21 <upul`> !gsoc
04:54:21 <OpenMRSBot> upul`: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
04:54:38 <upul`> intimidckfan: is that what you're looking for?
04:56:40 <intimidckfan> i am definetely interested in applying for this, but you also had a separate internship program in 2009?
05:03:41 *** geoaxis has quit IRC
05:07:11 *** openmrs_web260 has joined #openmrs
05:11:37 *** openmrs_web260 has quit IRC
05:14:31 <upul`> yep, i haven't heard about that in this year
05:15:45 *** luzhuangwei has quit IRC
05:35:46 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
05:40:19 *** ajitlodhi has quit IRC
05:40:26 *** x-ian has quit IRC
05:47:26 *** rod_ has joined #openmrs
05:57:13 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
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06:00:44 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
06:18:23 <nribeka> sleep time people
06:18:54 <upul`> o-|-<
06:19:49 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
06:43:05 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
06:43:30 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
06:45:18 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
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06:46:52 *** tinashe has joined #openmrs
06:58:21 <rod_> hello ruwan
06:58:23 *** vinisterx has quit IRC
07:02:35 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
07:04:25 <upul`> pascal`
07:04:37 <upul`> hi
07:05:26 <pascal`> hey upul`
07:05:34 <ruwan> hello rod_
07:06:01 <rod_> you are gsoc student as well right? :)
07:06:08 <ruwan> yup..
07:06:16 <ruwan> :)
07:06:37 <rod_> which project you aiming for?
07:06:53 <ruwan> Approx. Date Support
07:07:01 <ruwan> you..?
07:07:10 <rod_> data viewer
07:07:28 <rod_> you getting through the source alright?
07:07:59 <ruwan> hope so... :)
07:08:32 <rod_> ive found understanding spring as a bit of a roadblock :P
07:09:46 <ruwan> rod_: I've been using spring for some time... It helped me..
07:10:05 <rod_> :P you have previous experience using Spring?
07:10:24 <ruwan> yup, a bit.. It's not that difficult after all
07:10:58 *** vinisterx has joined #openmrs
07:28:32 <ruwan> where can I get Info on reportingcompatibility module?
07:38:11 <ruwan> Does OpenMRS use JQueryUI..?
07:41:16 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
07:44:24 <pascal`> hi mathiaslin
07:46:35 <ruwan> pascal`: I heard OpenMRS is moving to JQuery.. will the JQueryUI lib also made available..?
07:46:38 *** x-ian has quit IRC
07:47:00 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
07:47:19 <pascal`> I'm not sure ruwan, but you can always add if you're doing something custom (it's easy to add libs in a module)
07:49:11 *** x-ian has quit IRC
07:50:53 <upul`> pascal`: are you doing gsoc?
07:51:05 <pascal`> upul`, possibly, I'll most likely confirm today
07:51:26 <pascal`> you not mentoring upul`?
07:51:27 <upul`> and you're going to do a press release
07:51:43 <upul`> :-D
07:51:48 <pascal`> sure, I'll post it on my blog:
07:52:03 <pascal`> ;)
07:52:06 <upul`> world will be watching
07:52:18 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
07:52:28 <upul`> i'm trying as student this time
07:53:06 <pascal`> yeah, I'll hopefully get in as a student, otherwise I'll try for mentor
07:56:24 *** openmrs_web958 has joined #openmrs
07:56:31 <openmrs_web958> hi
07:56:34 <openmrs_web958> all
07:56:41 <rod_> hello!
07:56:49 *** openmrs_web958 is now known as saimanohar
07:58:13 *** tinashe has quit IRC
07:59:21 *** tinashe has joined #openmrs
08:00:17 <pascal`> hi saimanohar
08:18:41 *** danielf has joined #openmrs
08:21:43 *** intimidckfan has quit IRC
08:29:22 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
08:34:20 *** saimanohar has quit IRC
09:04:40 *** aeter has joined #openmrs
09:08:41 *** openmrs_web695 has joined #openmrs
09:12:00 *** rcrichton has joined #openmrs
09:13:12 *** openmrs_web695 has quit IRC
09:18:12 <pascal`> hi rcrichton
09:18:42 *** rcrichton has quit IRC
09:22:22 <upul`> !seen upul
09:22:22 <OpenMRSBot> upul`: upul was last seen in #openmrs 5 weeks, 6 days, 22 hours, 38 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <upul> Friday
09:33:53 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
09:33:57 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
09:33:57 *** sanyam has joined #openmrs
09:36:10 <ruwan> hi chopin
09:38:25 *** chopin has quit IRC
09:47:52 *** openmrs_web552 has joined #openmrs
09:49:42 *** openmrs_web552 is now known as wojtek
09:50:10 <wojtek> hi
09:50:15 <wojtek> evryone
09:51:09 <wojtek> is anybody know which module should i install to have reporing in new version 1.6.0 ?
09:52:18 <pascal`> hi wojtek
09:52:35 <pascal`> good question wojtek :)
09:54:41 <pascal`> wojtek, I think 0.3.2 should work, but I believe they're releasing 0.4 soon
09:58:00 <wojtek> hi pascal
09:58:07 <wojtek> you talking about
09:58:10 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
09:58:13 <pascal`> yeah
09:58:20 <wojtek> Reporting Core Module Module
09:58:29 <pascal`> yup
09:58:29 *** x-ian has quit IRC
09:58:41 <wojtek> but it says it is for 1.4.0
09:59:01 <wojtek> I will try
09:59:02 <pascal`> i know, but I'm running it on 1.5.1 now and it's fine
09:59:27 <pascal`> wojtek, it should work, but if it doesn't, send a mail to the devlist and I'm sure mike or justin put up a new build
09:59:36 <pascal`> *will put
10:01:40 <wojtek> ok it works!
10:02:20 <pascal`> wojtek, great
10:02:21 <wojtek> but it is diffrent from Cohort from Reporting Compatibility module
10:03:52 <pascal`> yup
10:05:54 <wojtek> I am a little confused. I need tool to do some query on observation data.
10:06:28 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
10:06:36 <wojtek> after defining query( or cohort) i need to get answers.
10:08:42 <pascal`> you should be evaluate the query/cohort
10:08:44 <wojtek> is this "reporting core module" is proper one
10:09:09 <wojtek> or should i install another module
10:09:11 <wojtek> ?
10:09:59 <pascal`> it's the right one wojtek
10:11:43 <pascal`> wojtek, you might be able to find some useful information from here:
10:12:21 <wojtek> ok I am gona read this.
10:13:35 <wojtek> Thanks a lot pascal, you really give me a hope that it is gona work.
10:15:52 <pascal`> heh, np wojtek
10:24:00 <ruwan> having trouble deploying...
10:24:04 <ruwan>
10:24:44 <ruwan> "No custom build properties found. Using default properties"
10:24:53 <ruwan> what does this mean..?
10:26:57 <pascal`> hi ruwan
10:27:06 <ruwan> hi pascal`
10:27:58 <upul`> you can have a openmrs build props file when running ant build.xml
10:28:09 <upul`> just as you can have runtime props when running
10:28:18 <pascal`> ruwan, this might help:
10:28:19 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
10:28:35 <pascal`> upul`, you set an environment variable
10:29:05 <upul`> otherwise it uses the .OpenMRS location
10:29:14 <pascal`> probably
10:32:52 *** openmrs_web432 has joined #openmrs
10:32:59 *** openmrs_web432 is now known as saimanohar
11:03:01 *** upul` has quit IRC
11:03:31 <ruwan> Im getting this.. exception :(
11:03:34 <ruwan>
11:05:02 <ruwan> at http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ in the broser
11:05:09 <ruwan> *browser
11:08:10 <pascal`> is that using the ant deploy-web ruwan?
11:08:31 <pascal`> maybe try and compile the war file and upload it with tomcat manager
11:08:46 <ruwan> yes..
11:08:55 <ruwan> ok.. i'll try
11:09:30 <pascal`> I've never seen that before, but there might be extra info in the tomcat logs
11:16:53 *** aeter has left #openmrs
11:21:54 <ruwan> i am redircted to http://localhost:8080/openmrs/initialsetup
11:25:11 *** pascal` has quit IRC
11:37:18 *** openmrs_web903 has joined #openmrs
11:39:37 <ruwan> The following error occurred at startup:
11:39:39 <ruwan> error getting unrun updates on the database
11:39:40 <ruwan> javax.servlet.ServletException: error getting unrun updates on the database
11:40:00 *** openmrs_web903 is now known as firc
11:40:10 <ruwan> can anybody tell me what this is about..?
11:40:31 <rod_> is mySQL running?
11:41:29 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
11:43:20 <ruwan> yes
11:52:56 <wojtek> I read that info from link you give me , and I still do not know how to do my basic usecase:
11:53:12 <wojtek> 1. Make Query , searching for averyone that: - patient is of age <specified> - that for that patinet the form <specified> was filled - with given observations <specified> 2. For each patient I whant define what columns ( observation ) i want see 3. Get all answers in table.Thanks a lot pascal, you really give me a hope that it is gona work.
11:53:38 *** firc has quit IRC
11:54:32 *** saimanohar has quit IRC
11:59:51 *** ruwan has quit IRC
12:10:09 *** wyclif has quit IRC
12:21:29 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
12:28:03 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
12:28:03 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
12:28:57 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
12:28:57 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
12:36:38 <chopin> hrm, pascal` must be on a date
12:38:49 *** andrewaclt has quit IRC
12:39:18 *** nribeka has quit IRC
12:49:58 *** downeym-away has joined #openmrs
12:49:58 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym-away
12:50:03 *** downeym-away is now known as downeym
12:51:00 <chopin> Echidna: wie geht's?
12:52:17 <downeym> moin moin
12:55:47 *** dilantha has joined #openmrs
12:55:47 <downeym> hi dilantha
13:01:08 *** ruwan has joined #openmrs
13:03:04 *** rod_ has quit IRC
13:12:13 *** luzhuangwei has joined #openmrs
13:19:13 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
13:20:07 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
13:20:07 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v nribeka
13:21:28 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
13:26:08 *** dilantha has left #openmrs
13:26:15 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12633]: chica * fixed storing of preferred language so that the code only tries … <>
13:27:28 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
13:27:45 *** openmrs_web681 has joined #openmrs
13:27:45 <downeym> hi openmrs_web681
13:28:15 *** openmrs_web681 is now known as ajitlodhi
13:34:32 <Echidna> chopin: adäquat.
13:37:12 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
13:37:12 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
13:38:12 <chopin> Echidna: bierzeit (is that a word?)
13:38:27 <chopin> (and if not, did i just invent a German word?)
13:47:45 <Echidna> well it is gramatically correct
13:47:49 <Echidna> not sure it exists
13:47:52 <Echidna> but sounds plausible
13:50:57 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
13:50:57 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
13:54:52 *** downeym has quit IRC
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14:02:53 *** downeym-away has joined #openmrs
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14:03:24 *** upul` has quit IRC
14:04:34 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
14:04:58 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
14:04:58 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
14:05:24 *** syhaas has joined #openmrs
14:05:24 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v syhaas
14:06:13 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
14:06:34 <syhaas> !list
14:06:34 <OpenMRSBot> syhaas: Admin, Alias, AutoMode, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats, Config, Factoids, Herald, Karma, Misc, NickCapture, Owner, RSS, Reply, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, Status, and User
14:06:44 *** downeym-away has joined #openmrs
14:06:44 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym-away
14:07:02 <chopin> !karma syhaas
14:07:02 <OpenMRSBot> chopin: Karma for "syhaas" has been increased 4 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 4.
14:07:13 <syhaas> sweet!
14:08:56 *** openmrs_web944 has joined #openmrs
14:08:57 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web944
14:09:18 *** downeym-away is now known as downeym
14:09:21 <downeym> !karma downeym
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14:09:28 *** wojtek has quit IRC
14:10:04 <chopin> Echidna: we'll have to establish the exact meaning if/when we meet
14:10:19 <downeym> bierzeit lol
14:10:21 <downeym> !beer Echidna
14:10:21 * OpenMRSBot slides Echidna a pint
14:10:24 <chopin> bierzeit ist jetzt!
14:11:14 *** tinashe has joined #openmrs
14:11:28 <downeym> it's only 10:00 here :)
14:11:59 *** pascal` has quit IRC
14:13:12 <openmrs_web944> syhass:i am very new to openmrs, so how can i start development in openmrs
14:13:27 *** openmrs_web944 is now known as channa
14:13:57 <channa> syhass:i am very new to openmrs, so how can i start development in openmrs
14:14:16 <downeym>
14:14:17 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
14:15:44 <channa> downeym:thanks
14:16:38 <downeym> sure :)
14:17:16 <upul`> yey i got jrebel license
14:18:05 <downeym> cool
14:18:08 <syhaas> channa: yes, start there - download the source, look over the developer documentation, especially the data model
14:20:05 * downeym points to the new 1.6 data model ERD now posted
14:20:14 <downeym> ---->
14:20:15 <syhaas> take a look at introductory tickets ( and find one that looks interesting - jump in and get your feet wet a bit
14:26:42 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2166 (defect closed): Retired Person Attribute Types are still displayed and editable on the Edit this Patient form <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12635]: Retired Person Attribute Types are still displayed and editable on the … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12634]: Modified by Krishnaja <>
14:28:12 *** umashanthi has joined #openmrs
14:29:33 *** rod has joined #openmrs
14:30:15 <channa> syhaas:thanks
14:30:55 <syhaas> channa: np, let us know if you have questions or suggestions
14:33:12 <Echidna> downeym: thx =)
14:33:28 <Echidna> chopin: meet? =o
14:33:46 <chopin> Echidna: hopes for capetown
14:33:53 <Echidna> oh
14:33:58 <Echidna> i cant go
14:34:13 <Echidna> i dont have vacation and i'd have to pay for the trip myself
14:34:22 <chopin> ah wow
14:34:25 <chopin> yep
14:34:33 <chopin> so, we'll just have to meet up in berlin haha
14:34:36 <Echidna> well i'm not involved with openmrs professionally
14:34:39 * chopin has no clue where Echidna really is
14:34:40 <downeym> there was some rumbling about a hackathon in europe somewhere
14:34:41 <Echidna> so no one is gonna send me there
14:34:46 <chopin> heh
14:35:01 <chopin> downeym++ (data model) and burke++
14:36:37 * downeym votes for schleswig-holstein in mid-june
14:36:49 <downeym> kieler woche 2010 :)
14:38:05 <Echidna> hah
14:38:12 <Echidna> downeym: link to the ERD
14:38:14 <Echidna> plz
14:38:23 <downeym>
14:38:38 <downeym> suitable for printing and framing :)
14:38:47 <upul`> Echidna++ (updated data model once after a long time)
14:38:50 <Echidna> oh no, i have been replaced
14:38:55 <Echidna> lol
14:38:59 <umashanthi> Hi all
14:39:02 <Echidna> hi
14:39:18 <downeym> Echidna: blame ekrub :)
14:40:14 <Echidna> how come it looks like it has way less tables
14:40:22 <Echidna> maybe it's the layout
14:40:34 <Echidna> i dont think the dm has been cleaned up
14:40:39 <Echidna> more tables is more likely
14:40:42 *** openmrs_web921 has joined #openmrs
14:40:42 <downeym> hi openmrs_web921
14:40:44 *** openmrs_web921 is now known as mrosas
14:40:46 <mrosas> hello there
14:41:37 <mrosas> i'm trying to add a link to openmrs header that points to the add encounter form page
14:41:58 <mrosas> i've found this extension point in headerFull.jsp but don't know what to do from now
14:41:59 <mrosas>
14:42:37 <downeym> have you seen this?
14:42:41 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
14:44:53 *** andrewaclt has joined #openmrs
14:44:55 *** x-ian has quit IRC
14:45:08 <downeym> don't know if that is helpful for you
14:45:34 <mrosas> haven't seen that downeym, i'll check it out
14:46:15 <chopin> Echidna: he used something different to show relationships
14:47:24 <umashanthi> hi, I am trying to install the OpenMRS Development studio to my Eclipse 3.5.2 installation. I used the site to get the sofware
14:48:30 <umashanthi> In the install wizard, where I am asked to review the license, I clicked "I accept ..". But neither Next nor Finish button get activatde
14:48:42 <umashanthi> any one knows the possible reason for this?
14:50:27 <bwolfe> no idea
14:50:33 *** kareem5454 has joined #openmrs
14:50:33 <downeym> hi kareem5454
14:50:39 <bwolfe> I suggest using just the openmrs eclipse plugins umashanthi
14:50:41 <chopin> umashanthi: wyclif can help
14:50:43 <bwolfe> not the whole dev studio
14:50:45 <chopin> he'll be here in a sec
14:50:50 <downeym> umashanthi:
14:50:54 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
14:51:04 <downeym> errr - make that
14:51:06 *** wyclif has joined #openmrs
14:51:08 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
14:51:13 <wyclif> hello
14:51:23 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v wyclif
14:51:34 <chopin> wyclif: umashanthi :-)
14:51:45 <wyclif> hello
14:52:03 <umashanthi> hello
14:52:16 <wyclif> i've been told u need help
14:52:22 <chopin> so, umashanthi: bwolfe is totally right, but wyclif has it running
14:52:42 *** openmrs_web447 has joined #openmrs
14:52:42 <downeym> hi openmrs_web447
14:53:00 *** openmrs_web447 is now known as yuvrajtomar
14:54:00 <wyclif> i have the openmrs studio running
14:55:20 <umashanthi> wyclif: You mean the OpenMRS tools in your Eclipse?
14:55:58 <umashanthi> wyclif: or the OpenMRS Development Studio all-in-one installation ?
14:56:04 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
14:57:19 <umashanthi> wyclif: My problem is: I used the site to get the sofware. In the install wizard, where I am asked to review the license, I clicked "I accept ..". But neither Next nor Finish button get activatde (repeating if you couldn't see it)
14:59:01 <wyclif> all in one installation
14:59:19 *** kareem5454 has left #openmrs
14:59:35 <wyclif> it is an easier way, but you will need to run updates upon installation
15:00:35 <wyclif> i think u need to have the mylyn updated if you are to just add the tools only
15:00:46 <wyclif> Sy managed to do that
15:01:55 <umashanthi> wyclif: Ok, I downloaded the all in one package. I will try installing it
15:12:07 *** andrewaclt has quit IRC
15:14:02 *** openmrs_web912 has joined #openmrs
15:14:02 <downeym> hi openmrs_web912
15:14:06 *** openmrs_web912 is now known as firc
15:17:45 *** yuvrajtomar has quit IRC
15:18:10 *** tinashe has quit IRC
15:21:58 *** upul` has quit IRC
15:23:29 <umashanthi> wyclif: I am running the updates for the all in one package. seems to be fine
15:36:07 <mrosas> i've found this class that tells me i should override the getHeaderFiles() method, where should i put that code?
15:36:19 <mrosas>
15:41:57 *** openmrs_web101 has joined #openmrs
15:42:12 *** rod has quit IRC
15:42:14 *** openmrs_web101 has quit IRC
15:47:44 <bwolfe> mrosas: thats supposed to be the parent class to an extension point you write in your module:
15:49:03 <wyclif> umashanthi, good!!
15:50:40 *** channa has quit IRC
16:00:38 *** ruwan has quit IRC
16:04:19 <umashanthi> Does OpenMRS completely follow/uses the SNOMED Clinical Terms?
16:14:14 *** ruwan has joined #openmrs
16:25:07 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
16:33:33 <bwolfe> umashanthi:
16:33:34 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
16:40:14 <umashanthi> bwolfe: thanks. going through the SNOMED CT guides sent by Glen to get the domain knowledge for the Concept Proposal Module
16:51:54 *** harsha has joined #openmrs
16:55:48 *** harsha1 has joined #openmrs
16:55:48 <downeym> hi harsha1
16:57:42 *** harsha has quit IRC
17:04:14 *** openmrs_web614 has joined #openmrs
17:04:14 <downeym> hi openmrs_web614
17:04:27 *** openmrs_web614 is now known as firzhan
17:12:11 <nribeka> sanyam, sorry i haven't got the chance to look at your proposal
17:12:18 <nribeka> will do later on today
17:12:27 <chopin> nribeka is in a meat coma
17:12:47 <nribeka> chopin, i'm dying here
17:12:57 <nribeka> get me to hospital please
17:13:16 <chopin> which one, wishard or methodist? we'll have to take the tram
17:14:15 <nribeka> methodist i think
17:14:16 <nribeka> :D
17:16:57 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
17:17:25 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
17:17:25 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
17:18:51 *** ruwan has quit IRC
17:33:12 <firzhan> hi
17:33:50 <firzhan> how to create a track account to fix bugs
17:35:11 <bwolfe>
17:36:02 <firzhan> yeah i got registered
17:37:10 <umashanthi> firzhan: what do you want to do then?
17:37:57 <firzhan> i just want to accept a ticket
17:38:17 <umashanthi> firzhan: means, you want to assign a ticket to you?
17:39:04 *** downeym-away has joined #openmrs
17:39:04 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym-away
17:39:15 <firzhan> yeah
17:39:18 <umashanthi> firzhan: As I know, you should send a mail requesting permissions to
17:39:35 <umashanthi> bwolfe: Am I right?
17:39:50 <bwolfe> yes
17:40:13 <firzhan> oh..........
17:40:36 <firzhan> in tht mail do i hv to include my abstract solution for tht ticket
17:41:36 <umashanthi> firzhan: you just have to ask permission to work on a ticket. In response, you will get permissions to assign a ticket to you and work on it
17:41:39 *** downeym has quit IRC
17:43:22 <firzhan> k
17:43:26 <firzhan> thnx
17:43:34 <firzhan> umashanthi
17:44:21 <umashanthi> firzhan: enjoy with your ticket :)
17:55:09 <chopin> is there a problem with incorporating jquery 1.8?
17:55:13 <chopin> or should i stay away?
17:55:26 <chopin> sorry, jquery-ui
17:57:42 <bwolfe> is there a need for it?
17:57:54 <chopin> i thought i had a need, but i'm giving up on that :-)
17:58:04 * chopin switches to simple anchors
18:02:01 *** sanyam has quit IRC
18:02:32 <nribeka> cool firzhan
18:05:08 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12637]: htmlwidgets: Fix for id attribute for autocomplete widget <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12636]: reporting: Rolling back a fix of cohort definition editor <>
18:21:22 *** openmrs_web792 has joined #openmrs
18:21:22 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web792
18:21:53 *** openmrs_web792 is now known as raffael
18:24:24 *** luzhuangwei has quit IRC
18:29:47 *** channa has joined #openmrs
18:29:47 <downeym-away> hi channa
18:33:50 <channa> bwolfe:how can i download the openmrs source in eclipse
18:34:29 <channa> i have installe svn client and connectors in eclipse
18:34:41 <bwolfe>
18:34:44 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
18:35:08 <channa> firzhan:hows ur progress
18:35:15 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12638]: sync: lowered the default logging level to reduce the noise in the server … <> || OpenMRS Modules: Synchronization Module 0.6.1 uploaded to OpenMRS Module Repository <>
18:35:28 <channa> seems ur doin well
18:35:39 *** umashanthi has quit IRC
18:38:31 <channa> how can i download the openmrs source in eclipse. i have installe svn client and connectors in eclipse
18:40:21 <bwolfe> see my link above channa
18:40:34 *** ajitlodhi has quit IRC
18:43:00 *** channa has quit IRC
18:51:01 *** umashanthi has joined #openmrs
18:56:04 *** MalteF has joined #openmrs
18:58:17 <MalteF> hey guys
18:59:06 <MalteF> i am going to apply for the project of approximated date support, are there any other candidates yet?
19:02:00 *** openmrs_web241 has joined #openmrs
19:02:00 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web241
19:03:12 <bwolfe> MalteF: there are millions of candidates for that one!!
19:03:14 <bwolfe> ...potentially ;-)
19:03:53 <MalteF> :D
19:04:16 <MalteF> then i hope to write the best application ^^
19:05:36 <MalteF> is it okay if i keep the answers to your template questions rather short?
19:08:37 <wyclif> hey
19:08:41 <harsha1> bwolfe: regarding
19:08:45 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
19:09:42 <harsha1> bwolfe: wouldn't it better check privileges if it is not readOnly , thats what i understood with your previous comment
19:12:05 <bwolfe> MalteF: yep
19:12:26 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
19:12:36 <bwolfe> harsha1: that is the patch I was responding to
19:13:27 <harsha1> bwolfe: :) great
19:13:49 <bwolfe> harsha1: yes, that is what I meant. but I am saying you can do it with less code and also by only calling "${prop.propertyValue}" once.
19:13:58 <bwolfe> harsha1: one more comment. do not do <spring:messagetext="${prop.propertyValue}"/>
19:14:05 <bwolfe> just do ${prop.propertyValue}
19:14:19 <harsha1> ok
19:14:52 <bwolfe> harsha1: where in the portlet is the input value filled in? is that by javascript?
19:15:24 <MalteF> bwolfe: thats good, i can focus on my proposal then :)
19:17:48 <harsha1> bwolfe: it is an attribute like readOnly=true , i checked with formImportExport module.
19:18:07 <bwolfe> ?
19:18:42 <harsha1> u asked where that readOnly attribute comes in or ?
19:19:01 <nribeka> bwolfe++
19:20:17 <harsha1> bwolfe: honestly i did not get u exactly
19:21:38 <bwolfe> harsha1: I don't know what you're asking me now. :-p Can you start over?
19:21:44 <bwolfe> ask a full question
19:22:19 *** firc has quit IRC
19:22:57 <harsha1> what do u mean by "where in the portlet is the input value filled in? is that by javascript?"
19:24:48 <harsha1> input value ??
19:25:49 <bwolfe> I was just asking in general
19:26:04 <bwolfe> because I see "<input type="text" size="80" id="gp_${ind}" onKeyUp="showDiv('gp_${ind}_actions')"/> " in the patch file and it isn't filling in the value
19:26:52 <harsha1> :) it is what was there , i reused it
19:28:15 <harsha1> i also needed to ask that ;)
19:30:04 *** firc has joined #openmrs
19:30:04 <downeym-away> hi firc
19:31:46 *** firc has quit IRC
19:31:57 <harsha1> bwolfe: it is happened with javascript : var gpVal = "<spring:messagetext="${prop.propertyValue}"javaScriptEscape="true"/>";
19:31:57 <harsha1> dwr.util.setValue('gp_${ind}', gpVal);
19:34:51 <bwolfe> harsha1: ah, cool
19:35:01 <bwolfe> harsha1: very strange! it usees the spring message too
19:35:11 <bwolfe> thats definitely a bug
19:35:12 <harsha1> yeah
19:35:22 <bwolfe> it should just use c:out instead of spring:message
19:35:30 <bwolfe> I think c:out has a javascript escape by default...but not sure
19:36:32 <harsha1> ok , i will look into this
19:38:56 <harsha1> bwolfe: further do u see any point of filling these values with Javascript, because they are available in the body as simple values.
19:39:39 <bwolfe> harsha1: I don't know why the portlet does that. that would be a question for darius (djazayeri)
19:39:49 *** openmrs_web101 has joined #openmrs
19:39:51 *** openmrs_web101 is now known as yuvrajtomar
19:39:56 <harsha1> cool
19:39:59 *** openmrs_web128 has joined #openmrs
19:39:59 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web128
19:41:06 *** yuvrajtomar has quit IRC
19:41:16 *** openmrs_web128 is now known as weerasekara
19:42:39 *** openmrs_web241 has quit IRC
19:43:31 *** openmrs_web291 has joined #openmrs
19:43:31 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web291
19:43:42 *** openmrs_web291 is now known as sampath
19:46:04 *** weerasekara has quit IRC
19:46:43 *** sampath is now known as weerasekara
19:46:56 <weerasekara> I want to get the value in obs tag element ( in html form entry module) using a java script. Is that possible ?
19:49:47 *** devendra has joined #openmrs
19:49:47 <downeym-away> hi devendra
19:50:29 <devendra> downeym-away, hello
19:51:56 *** mrosas has quit IRC
19:52:51 *** devendra is now known as dev29aug
19:54:08 *** openmrs_web732 has joined #openmrs
19:54:09 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web732
19:54:13 <bwolfe> weerasekara: that would be great to do
19:54:18 <bwolfe> weerasekara: I don't think it is possible
19:54:25 *** openmrs_web732 is now known as yuvrajtomar
19:54:41 <bwolfe> weerasekara: I think there might be a ticket to add scripting support to the htmlformentry module
19:54:55 *** openmrs_web433 has joined #openmrs
19:54:55 <bwolfe> weerasekara: your best bet would be to email to the implementers list or developers list and ask
19:54:55 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web433
19:56:20 <dev29aug> Hello! I am Devendra Gupta, I.T. final year student from Uttar Pradesh Technical University.
19:56:41 *** openmrs_web211 has joined #openmrs
19:56:41 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web211
19:57:16 *** openmrs_web433 is now known as sampath
19:57:48 *** weerasekara has quit IRC
19:59:23 <sampath> @bwolfe: Thanks for the info. But I have already mailed to it. Will check it later of the day. :)
19:59:36 *** sampath is now known as weerasekara
20:05:30 *** openmrs_web211 has quit IRC
20:06:14 *** weerasekara has quit IRC
20:07:36 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12640]: trunk is now 1.7.0-dev. (Apologies for forgetting to do this earlier.) <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1815 (defect closed): Privacy Risk: SQL Wildcards can be used in Patient Search form <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12639]: SQL Wildcards can be used in Patient Search form - #1815 <>
20:09:20 *** intimidckfan has joined #openmrs
20:09:20 <downeym-away> hi intimidckfan
20:16:33 *** firzhan has quit IRC
20:26:10 *** Dawang has quit IRC
20:30:14 *** downeym-away is now known as downeym
20:33:01 *** harsha1 has left #openmrs
20:35:02 *** dev29aug has quit IRC
20:37:03 *** dev29aug has joined #openmrs
20:37:03 <downeym> hi dev29aug
20:37:35 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
20:37:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v robbyoconnor
20:37:42 <robbyoconnor>
20:37:43 <dev29aug> downeym, hi
20:37:49 <robbyoconnor> OMG
20:37:50 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12641]: atd -- atd_scorable_jit branch fixed incorrect insert statement in … <>
20:37:54 <robbyoconnor> downeymbot is lagging
20:38:19 <yuvrajtomar> hi, i had a query regarding ticket 1563, it says that the date widget should default to a 'dd/mmm/yyyy' value and it should accept a dateFormat to customize the look and feel. So should we provide a choice of date formats in the DateWidget() function with 'dd/MMM/yyyy' as the default format?
20:39:15 <downeym> i am?
20:39:22 <downeym> my brain is lagging
20:39:36 * downeym just programmed 100 android phones
20:39:52 <downeym> err, make that config'd
20:39:52 <yuvrajtomar> and the DateFormats have been mentioned in and, do they have to be modified accordingly?
20:40:28 <yuvrajtomar> downeym: that's awesome!
20:41:13 <yuvrajtomar> downeym: hope you're not tired to answer this query ;)
20:41:41 <downeym> !ticket 1563
20:41:41 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Ticket #1563:
20:42:20 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: hmm, that's kind of a design question. better for bwolfe or darius
20:43:36 <yuvrajtomar> should I mail this query at the dev list?
20:43:54 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: that sounds reasonable. just explain what you've been thinking about and your proposal
20:44:07 <bwolfe> agreed
20:44:15 <bwolfe> because I don't know the answer
20:44:22 <downeym> bwolfe--
20:44:23 <downeym> :)
20:44:27 * bwolfe has never been knee-deep in htmlformentry
20:44:35 <downeym> that's more of a question for darius
20:44:40 <bwolfe> there you go
20:44:48 <downeym> and darius rarely gets on IRC :)
20:44:53 <yuvrajtomar> okay, sure :)
20:44:53 <bwolfe> I don't see how I lose karma for someone assuming I know the answer :-p
20:45:47 <downeym> bwolfe knows all
20:46:43 <yuvrajtomar> bwolfe: In one of your mails you had mentioned that you had given me the ticket privileges for ticket #1563, but it still shows that the ticket isn't assigned to anyone. ??
20:47:48 <bwolfe> yuvrajtomar: I mentioned that I gave you ticket edit privileges overall. you can assign it to yourself now
20:48:41 <yuvrajtomar> I'm logged in, and viewing that ticket page, but I do not see a link to assign it to myself
20:51:37 *** chopin has quit IRC
20:51:38 <robbyoconnor> your best bet for darius is skype or email (email is best -- skype is spotty)
20:51:53 <robbyoconnor> and the dev list is probably a more approriate forum
20:53:41 <yuvrajtomar> okay
20:54:19 <yuvrajtomar> just for the heads up, can we pass values as arguements in the DateWidget() function in the file?
20:54:31 <yuvrajtomar> *arguments
20:57:52 <yuvrajtomar> the way I'm thinking about implementing this ticket is: We pass an argument to the DateWidget() function, say int i, that makes it DateWidget(int i). Now this 'i' would be the DateFormat selector, currently the date widget function does not contain any statement, so I'd write the date formatting statements which give a variety of date formats to the date widget (like dd/mmm/yyyy or yyyy/mmm/dd or yyyy/dd/mmm etc) and use a 's
20:59:17 <yuvrajtomar> the doubt I'm facing now is that whether this design is feasible or not?
21:02:41 <robbyoconnor> yuvrajtomar: read the source code ;)
21:03:39 *** vinisterx has quit IRC
21:03:44 *** MalteF has quit IRC
21:03:59 *** vinisterx has joined #openmrs
21:05:32 <yuvrajtomar> robbyoconnor: by source code, you mean the module files downloaded in Eclipse, right?
21:08:02 <raffael> how to reproduce exception from ticket #1385 ? what is meant by "on dashboard"? where is it? (new guy :)
21:08:09 <robbyoconnor> yuvrajtomar: yes
21:08:21 <robbyoconnor> raffael: patient dashboard
21:19:26 *** openmrs_web009 has joined #openmrs
21:19:26 <downeym> hi openmrs_web009
21:19:37 <openmrs_web009> hi
21:19:46 *** openmrs_web009 is now known as saimanohar
21:19:50 <yuvrajtomar> robbyoconnor: and use the DateWidget() function, and even so the latter depends quite a lot on its functionality. Ithink I have a clue about the feasibility of this design, but just to avoid being vague can i ask you a question?
21:20:12 <saimanohar> hi bwolfe r u there
21:20:16 <robbyoconnor> no, because i dont know that codebase
21:20:31 <robbyoconnor> i started to read it -- but never quite went indepth
21:20:36 <yuvrajtomar> oh, alright
21:20:54 <yuvrajtomar> I guess the dev list is the only option then :P
21:20:55 <bwolfe> saimanohar: whats up?
21:21:04 <robbyoconnor> once again, ask on the dev list and one of the PIH folks will help you -- PIH is Partners in health
21:21:23 <yuvrajtomar> okay, thanks.
21:21:29 <saimanohar> ya
21:23:40 <saimanohar> i got the answer to ticket 2083
21:23:48 <downeym> !ticket 2083
21:23:48 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Ticket #2083:
21:23:59 <saimanohar> but i wanted to confirm with you n then send the patch
21:24:51 <saimanohar> in the controller the drug.isRetired returns true , the code makes it false
21:25:52 <saimanohar> concept service impl .retireMethod checks whether the isretired() is false then send it database
21:26:53 <saimanohar> but when the application is actually running , and retireDrug is invoked drug.isretired is always true
21:27:09 <saimanohar> n so it never stores it in d database
21:27:14 <saimanohar> that is the bug
21:27:21 <raffael> robbyoconnor: am I looking at the right place? because it seems to work the way it should, there's a message
21:27:25 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
21:27:36 <robbyoconnor> i suppose yes
21:28:01 <robbyoconnor> but you're gonna wanna run it on a local instance
21:28:09 <robbyoconnor> so you can get the full stack in your tomcat logs
21:28:11 <bwolfe> saimanohar: I don't know isRetired is probably set by spring in the controller
21:28:30 <saimanohar> actually while going from the controller to the service in the middle BaseRetireHandler is invoked which set setRetire(true)
21:28:47 <bwolfe> saimanohar: the fix would be to rearrange how the retiring shouldn't be just with a checkbox. it should be with a button. there are a few pages that have been converted to use a obs and users
21:28:51 <robbyoconnor> bwolfe: I'm fighting one tiny bug
21:28:54 <robbyoconnor> then releasing :D
21:29:38 <raffael> robbyoconnor: yes, but #1385 is about not showing appropriate error message, which is actually shown
21:30:13 <saimanohar> so we need to make some changes in d controller n servoce impl coz if we change in BaseRetireHandler other code may get affected
21:31:29 <bwolfe> saimanohar: what needs changed is the controller and jsp. the service can stay (probably...I haven't looked at it)
21:31:33 <saimanohar> so can i send the patch with this change , it works if we change it in controller n service impl
21:31:35 <robbyoconnor> !ticket 1385
21:31:35 <OpenMRSBot> robbyoconnor: Ticket #1385:
21:31:46 <bwolfe> saimanohar: the jsp needs to be changed like most of the jsps in that page I linked to: 1685
21:31:47 <saimanohar> i would send you the patch
21:31:52 <intimidckfan> i have a question about the meadl, how will we be able to program microcontrollers for wheelchairs sitting at home?
21:31:56 <robbyoconnor> raffael: you need to fix the validator
21:32:02 <saimanohar> ok
21:32:11 <bwolfe> intimidckfan: wha?!
21:32:13 <downeym> ...
21:32:37 <downeym> intimidckfan: wrong channel?
21:32:38 <robbyoconnor> saimanohar: attach it to a ticket
21:32:48 <saimanohar> ok
21:33:14 <saimanohar> well should we start applying for gsoc projects now
21:33:27 <downeym> You can't apply until 29-March
21:33:32 <saimanohar> i beleieve all with the openmrs logo are in the d final list
21:33:33 <downeym> google's rules :)
21:33:53 <saimanohar> hmm but i guess we can start talking to mentors atleast
21:34:55 <intimidckfan> noo right channel
21:35:32 <downeym> intimidckfan: what are you talking about?
21:35:39 <robbyoconnor> intimidckfan: wrong channel
21:35:46 <robbyoconnor> OpenMRS is a medical records system...
21:36:12 <robbyoconnor> I'm really struggling to not label this guy as a troll right now
21:36:14 <intimidckfan> ok yea
21:36:17 <intimidckfan> im wholly confused now
21:36:20 <intimidckfan> sorry about that
21:36:38 <intimidckfan> whats a troll..
21:36:48 <raffael> robbyoconnor: i'm trying to say that when i do it the way it is described, i do see a javascript error message, it works for me ;)
21:37:00 <raffael> A javascript error has occurred: You can't change out of a state before that state started
21:37:03 <robbyoconnor> hmm
21:37:09 <raffael> something like that :)
21:37:10 <downeym> intimidckfan: what is your question?
21:37:18 <intimidckfan> nothing
21:37:22 <intimidckfan> now just listening
21:37:24 * downeym shrugs ... ok :)
21:37:33 <intimidckfan> and apologetic
21:37:34 <downeym> either way, welcome :)
21:37:49 <robbyoconnor> raffael: email the dev list with questions
21:37:58 <robbyoconnor> looks like you need to ask Darius
21:38:30 <raffael> hehe so i do it
21:38:37 <raffael> thanks anyway
21:38:37 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12647]: Various changes including database structure changes and changes to the … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12646]: 1.6.x: moving to 1.6.1-dev after tagging 1.6.0 <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12645]: Tagging 1.6.0 <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12644]: 1.6.x: marking as 1.6.0 in preparation for release <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12643]: fixing regex validation for address components <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12642]: 1.6.x: fixing regex validation for address components <>
21:38:38 <robbyoconnor> good luck :)
21:40:50 <downeym> !gsoc
21:40:50 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
21:42:06 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
21:42:12 *** syhaas has quit IRC
21:42:55 *** Echidna has quit IRC
21:43:01 * robbyoconnor burps
21:44:46 <raffael> does "mail the dev list" actually mean to mail to openmrs-devel-l@LISTSERV.IUPUI.EDU ?
21:45:12 <downeym> raffael: yes, sort of, but use
21:45:25 <downeym> raffael: also you need to make sure you've subscribed first (using the address)
21:45:35 <raffael> i've done it
21:45:53 <downeym> cool. now when you send to it will go to the entire list
21:46:17 <raffael> nice thx
21:48:56 *** umashanthi has left #openmrs
21:49:29 *** Echidna has joined #openmrs
21:49:29 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Echidna
21:49:38 <robbyoconnor> Echidna: i love you
21:49:47 <robbyoconnor> in a platonic way :P
21:49:59 <robbyoconnor> weeee
21:50:06 * robbyoconnor finally lost his marbles :D
21:50:09 <downeym> uhoh, bromance
21:51:11 <robbyoconnor> :LP
21:51:15 * robbyoconnor runs in circles
21:54:08 <saimanohar> thanks bwolfe i would send the patc h tomorrow its 3 am rite now here
21:54:30 <robbyoconnor> bwolfe is gone
21:54:31 <robbyoconnor> lol
21:56:42 <saimanohar> i am in a zoombie state now
21:57:18 <robbyoconnor> saimanohar: do it in the ticket
21:58:15 <downeym> saimanohar: tomorrow is ok :)
21:58:26 <downeym> bwolfe left the office for the day
21:59:46 <raffael> and the next one is #1602. where can i find Manage Data Exports page? my eyes are blind to it.
22:00:09 <downeym> !ticket 1602
22:00:09 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Ticket #1602:
22:03:20 <saimanohar> thanks bye
22:04:11 <nribeka> raffael, i think it's a module
22:04:57 <downeym> i think that's the BIRT Reporting Module, maybe? jmiranda might know
22:04:58 <nribeka> check the reporting compatibility module
22:05:15 <downeym> or that one :)
22:05:21 <nribeka> hehe
22:07:41 <raffael> i see, but i'd appreciate a few more words about it
22:07:52 <raffael> where can i find it?
22:08:12 <downeym> it would be under the administration page
22:08:22 <raffael> yes
22:08:42 <raffael> and I see modules
22:08:49 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12648]: rwandaprimarycare: adding bar code functionality, v0.5 <>
22:08:54 <downeym> ok
22:09:01 <downeym> cool
22:09:05 <raffael> manage modules and i can't do anything
22:09:15 <nribeka> ooo ...
22:09:23 <nribeka> you need to install the module raffael
22:09:25 <downeym> well i think the problem is we don't know which module the ticket is talking about ...
22:09:42 <nribeka> either get the module from svn or from
22:09:43 <downeym> once that is known, then you could install that module and probably see the Manage Data Exports
22:09:55 <nribeka> yeah, the module is reporting compatibility
22:09:58 <downeym>
22:10:05 <downeym> ok, i trust nribeka
22:10:14 <downeym>
22:10:18 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
22:10:47 <nribeka> lol downeym
22:10:48 <raffael> i'll try :)
22:10:50 <nribeka> downeym++
22:10:53 <raffael> hehe
22:10:56 <downeym> nribeka++
22:10:59 <nribeka> haha
22:11:34 <downeym> if nribeka is wrong, will be necessary to try a different module ;)
22:11:44 <nribeka> lol
22:11:57 <downeym> there is also "Reporting Core Module Module" for example
22:12:10 <downeym> and "BirtReportModule Module"
22:12:49 <downeym> anyway, try that reporting compatibility
22:14:17 <raffael> thx, i'm downloading it.
22:14:30 <downeym> cool
22:16:05 *** saimanohar has quit IRC
22:16:22 <raffael> are those modules compatibile with higher versions of OpenMRS than they declare?
22:16:36 <downeym> yes, in theory
22:16:42 <downeym> what is listed is minimum
22:16:52 <raffael> we'll see
22:16:56 <downeym> :)
22:18:09 <raffael> success!
22:18:32 <raffael> i'll always trust nribeka :)
22:18:38 <downeym> smart move
22:18:50 <downeym> i don't, but that's because he sits next to me
22:18:54 <nribeka> hahahaha
22:18:54 <nribeka> lol
22:19:01 <nribeka> go home downeym
22:19:04 <nribeka> it's weekend already
22:19:06 <nribeka> hahahaha
22:19:23 <raffael> hehe
22:19:33 <downeym> soon
22:19:36 <raffael> tell me one more thing
22:19:49 <raffael> where should i look for src of these modules?
22:19:55 <downeym> subversion
22:20:03 <downeym>
22:20:04 <raffael> they are not in trunk are they?
22:20:08 <downeym> nope
22:20:10 <raffael> ok sorry
22:20:13 <downeym> that's ok
22:20:20 <raffael> stupid question
22:20:26 <downeym> so in your case it's here
22:20:29 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
22:20:49 <raffael> thanks a lot!
22:20:55 <downeym> not a problem!
22:22:30 <raffael> do i need to say somehow that i'm working on a given ticket?
22:23:14 <downeym> you should take ownership of it if you are working on it
22:23:44 <raffael> and what if i fail? ;)
22:23:57 <downeym> well then someone else can work on it :)
22:24:15 <downeym> like nribeka
22:24:15 <raffael> fair enough
22:24:17 <downeym> :)
22:24:28 <nribeka> yeah, assign the ticket to you raffael
22:24:33 <nribeka> claim the ticket
22:24:48 <downeym> raffael: do you have a trac account yet?
22:24:51 <nribeka> it's a wild world out there. if you don't claim the ticket, someone else will
22:25:20 <raffael> yes i do
22:25:28 <downeym> ok cool
22:27:16 * downeym leaves for the night, see you later
22:28:00 <raffael> i don't think i have the rights to claim the ticket
22:28:23 <raffael> it seems that i can only submit messages
22:28:55 <downeym> raffael: Send your username to to get developer permissions.
22:29:39 <raffael> ok
22:31:41 *** nribeka has quit IRC
22:32:52 <raffael> any chances I will get it in an hour? or does it take more time?
22:36:41 <downeym> depends on who's reading those mails tonight :)
22:36:47 <downeym> you can work on it anyway if you want
22:39:59 <raffael> do u have shifts for reading mails? :)
22:40:07 * downeym reads email 24x7
22:40:12 <raffael> hehe
22:40:15 <downeym> but i don't get those emaiils
22:40:41 <robbyoconnor> mmm
22:40:46 <robbyoconnor> cranberry green tea :D
22:41:31 <raffael> mmm
22:41:35 <raffael> wernersgruener bier :D
22:41:52 <downeym> mmm diet coke
22:42:10 <robbyoconnor> lame
22:42:17 <robbyoconnor> diet soda tastes horrid
22:42:30 <downeym> robbyoconnor--
22:43:39 <downeym>
22:43:41 <downeym> ;)
22:44:25 * downeym says OpenMRS 1.6.0 is officially released
22:45:21 <downeym> and on that note, i'm going home :)
22:45:39 <downeym> ... have a lot of fun
22:45:43 *** downeym has quit IRC
22:47:15 <robbyoconnor> NICE
22:47:18 <robbyoconnor> i have 3 changes :)
22:47:29 <robbyoconnor> most small changes
22:48:14 <raffael> how long are u in the project?
22:48:37 <robbyoconnor> raffael: started in 2008
22:48:43 <robbyoconnor> lurked prior to that
22:48:48 *** astelmashenko has joined #openmrs
22:49:15 <raffael> what do u mean by lurked?
22:49:15 *** astelmashenko has left #openmrs
22:50:49 <robbyoconnor> i say in the irc channel and said nothing
22:52:35 <raffael> wow i've got response to my mail to dev
22:52:38 <raffael> pretty fast :)
22:53:18 *** openmrs_web217 has joined #openmrs
22:54:43 <raffael> it's my first steps in open source actually
22:55:01 <raffael> everything's new to me
22:55:01 *** openmrs_web217 has quit IRC
22:55:53 <raffael> i like it :)
23:00:53 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
23:02:45 *** ricardosbarbosa has joined #openmrs
23:03:11 *** sjs25 has joined #openmrs
23:04:56 *** andrewaclt has joined #openmrs
23:06:14 <sjs25> I'm interested in a GSoC project with openmrs, so I'm just going to idle in here if nobody minds.
23:12:09 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Announcements List: OpenMRS 1.6.0 released <> || News Blog: OpenMRS 1.6 Released! <>
23:12:27 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
23:12:27 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
23:12:52 *** intimidckfan has quit IRC
23:12:58 *** downeym is now known as downeym-mobile
23:19:19 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
23:19:19 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v nribeka
23:23:33 <downeym-mobile> Hey nribeka
23:40:23 *** yuvrajtomar has quit IRC
23:41:29 *** wyclif has quit IRC
23:44:11 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12650]: facility data 1.5.x: switch exception handling. <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12649]: facility data 1.5.x: change the DAO to use just saveOrUpdate and not use … <>
23:44:24 *** raffael has quit IRC
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