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  • 2010-03-23 - OpenMRS
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00:13:47 <downeym> hi openmrs_web518
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01:34:14 <downeym> hi vinisterx
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02:30:37 <ricardosbarbosa> hi everyone
02:30:43 <ricardosbarbosa> goodnight to all
02:34:48 <nribeka> hi ricardosbarbosa
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03:14:12 *** openmrs_web318 is now known as ajitlodhi
03:14:17 <ajitlodhi> hey...
03:14:58 <ajitlodhi> i want to contribute to OpenMRS tickets.....
03:15:16 <ajitlodhi> but there are lot many to start with.....can some one please help me...
03:16:18 <ajitlodhi> i have read about the OpenMRS API's....but i am not able to sort the ticket that suits me....please help..
03:16:23 <rbrico> hi ajitlodhi
03:16:32 <ajitlodhi> hi rbrico
03:16:38 <rbrico> you can start with these links
03:16:41 <rbrico> "trivialtickets" ---
03:16:41 <rbrico> "introtickets" ---
03:16:47 <ajitlodhi> k..
03:17:44 <rbrico> k..? is it a laught?
03:17:45 <rbrico> :P
03:18:08 <ajitlodhi> no... i knew about these links...
03:21:20 <ajitlodhi> thanks you very much....
03:24:30 <rbrico> sorry i imagined u didnt have them
03:24:46 <rbrico> :)
03:27:29 <ajitlodhi> :)
03:27:55 <ajitlodhi> hey... rbrico are you also solving any ticket..
03:31:13 <rbrico> yes
03:31:14 <rbrico> i am
03:31:24 <rbrico> #1991
03:32:47 <rbrico> hey wait.. i will get in again i dont like rbric nickname i prefer ricardosbarbosa :P
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03:33:02 *** ricardosbarbosa has joined #openmrs
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03:47:03 <ricardosbarbosa> jmiranda?
03:47:06 <ricardosbarbosa> are u there
03:47:26 <ricardosbarbosa> does some one know how the role_role table works
03:47:28 <ricardosbarbosa> ?
03:47:30 <jmiranda> ricardosbarbosa, yeah
03:47:43 <jmiranda> what's up?
03:50:25 <ricardosbarbosa> jmiranda
03:50:57 <ricardosbarbosa> the idea in role_role table
03:51:21 <ricardosbarbosa> is associate on role child with one role parent
03:51:23 <ricardosbarbosa> right?
03:52:20 <ricardosbarbosa> can i understand that like one subtype of one role from other role?
04:02:34 *** _Glen has quit IRC
04:03:08 <ricardosbarbosa> knoc knoc
04:03:12 <ricardosbarbosa> :P
04:06:43 <jmiranda> ricardosbarbosa, sorry ... distracted by some work
04:08:16 <jmiranda> ricardosbarbosa, yes the role_role table is a parent-child association
04:09:42 <jmiranda> ricardosbarbosa, it's easier to look at the Role class and hbm files to see what's really going on
04:10:18 <jmiranda> a role contains privileges and inherited roles
04:11:04 <ricardosbarbosa> aaaa i got nice
04:11:11 <ricardosbarbosa> thanks and sorry :D
04:11:21 <jmiranda> for instance, i might set up a generic Clinician role
04:11:32 <jmiranda> and then add a Doctor role that inherits from Clinician
04:11:50 <ricardosbarbosa> so sense
04:11:59 <ricardosbarbosa> i will see the code
04:12:03 <jmiranda> and then a Nurse role that also inherits from Clinician
04:12:16 *** andrewaclt has quit IRC
04:12:17 <ricardosbarbosa> i think im going in the right way
04:12:22 *** andrewaclt has joined #openmrs
04:12:24 <jmiranda> ricardosbarbosa, cool
04:12:29 <jmiranda> sorry for the delay
04:12:53 <ricardosbarbosa> no no
04:12:58 <ricardosbarbosa> i was kidding
04:13:00 <ricardosbarbosa> :D
04:13:09 <ricardosbarbosa> i do thank u
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04:31:05 <ricardosbarbosa> what time is it there?
04:31:10 <ricardosbarbosa> @@
04:31:56 <ricardosbarbosa> .. hey
04:34:33 <jmiranda> ricardosbarbosa, sorry i don't look at my irc window very often
04:34:45 <jmiranda> it's 11:34pm here
04:45:17 <ricardosbarbosa> there is something like a cursor in mysql?
04:52:29 <geoaxis> ricardosbarbosa, why do you need a cursor?
04:52:47 <geoaxis>
04:52:50 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
05:04:32 *** ajitlodhi has quit IRC
05:07:09 <ricardosbarbosa> i was just thinking how i could sole one ticket but maybe dont be necessary
05:07:17 <ricardosbarbosa> thank anyway
05:13:20 <geoaxis> ricardosbarbosa, any direct interaction with DB in a ORM based application should be a big nono
05:21:33 <ricardosbarbosa> big mono?
05:21:43 <ricardosbarbosa> what mono means?
05:31:29 <ricardosbarbosa> nono?
05:32:28 *** trtr3434 has joined #openmrs
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06:24:30 <ajitlodhi> hey.. jmiranda
06:24:43 <jmiranda> hey ajitlodhi
06:24:57 <ajitlodhi> while installing OpenMRS war file in ubuntu 9...
06:25:05 <ajitlodhi> i am getting following error
06:25:07 <ajitlodhi> The following error occurred at startup: access denied ( /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/openmrs/WEB-INF/dwr-modules.xml delete)
06:25:16 <ajitlodhi> if u please help..
06:26:30 <ajitlodhi> error
06:26:57 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi, google "access denied ( /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/openmrs/WEB-INF/dwr-modules.xml delete)"
06:27:21 <jmiranda> the first result should be a pointer to the Tomcat Troubleshooting page on the openmrs wiki
06:27:35 <jmiranda> this is probably a Tomcat security manager issue
06:27:43 <ajitlodhi> k..
06:27:49 <jmiranda> you can disable that in the tomcat startup file
06:28:08 <ajitlodhi> k....let me try...
06:30:50 *** pbrandt has joined #openmrs
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07:11:12 <ajitlodhi> installed ....thanks jmiranda
07:11:15 <ajitlodhi> :)
07:11:38 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi, cool
07:12:15 <ajitlodhi> what can i now try... jmiranda can i start solving tickets..
07:12:26 <ajitlodhi> i know the link for ticket..
07:12:40 <ajitlodhi> any help..
07:15:25 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi, i saw that ricardo passed on the two links that we usually start developers with
07:15:26 <jmiranda>
07:15:28 <jmiranda>
07:15:40 <ajitlodhi> ya..
07:16:03 <jmiranda> otherwise, i don't have anything at the moment
07:16:15 <ajitlodhi> k....
07:16:44 <ajitlodhi> so i shall start searching..for any ticket...
07:16:44 <jmiranda> you can ask me again in the morning after a good night sleep
07:16:49 <ajitlodhi> that sooths me..:)
07:16:57 <ajitlodhi> sure jmiranda ..
07:17:00 <jmiranda> otherwise bwolfe and others can help in the morning
07:17:03 <jmiranda> as wlel
07:17:05 <jmiranda> well
07:17:11 <ajitlodhi> thanks..
07:17:17 <ajitlodhi> good night...
07:18:54 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi, good night
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09:28:10 *** astelmashenko has joined #openmrs
09:30:13 *** yuvrajtomar has joined #openmrs
09:30:23 <yuvrajtomar> hi
09:32:04 <yuvrajtomar> i'm trying to solve ticket #1563, thought i might need some help at it. Could anyone please let me know where should I start looking?
09:32:39 <yuvrajtomar> I've gone through the htmlformentry module, but I couldn't get much clue as to where and how should I start solving this ticket?
09:39:55 <yuvrajtomar> anyone?
09:39:58 *** openmrs_web360 has joined #openmrs
09:40:19 *** openmrs_web360 is now known as surpu
09:40:22 <surpu> hie
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09:49:16 <yuvrajtomar> how do i assign a ticket to myself?
09:49:51 <pascal`> hi yuvrajtomar
09:49:54 <pascal`> !ticket 1563
09:49:54 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: Ticket #1563:
09:50:00 <yuvrajtomar> hi pascal
09:50:54 <pascal`> yuvrajtomar, do you have an account on the dev site?
09:51:47 <yuvrajtomar> I've created an account on the openmrs site, not sure if that works for the dev site as well?
09:52:19 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
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09:56:09 <upul`> hey pascal`
09:56:22 <pascal`> yuvrajtomar, it's a different account
09:56:46 *** Suneeth has quit IRC
09:56:59 <yuvrajtomar> ok, so where should I get myself registered for the dev site?
09:57:01 <pascal`> yuvrajtomar, it's a trac account, see point #2 here:
09:57:02 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
09:57:14 <yuvrajtomar> ok, thank you
09:57:20 *** openmrs_web506 has joined #openmrs
09:57:24 *** openmrs_web506 is now known as Suneeth
09:57:31 <pascal`> yuvrajtomar, alternately, you could get the owner to assign the ticket to you
09:57:32 <pascal`> hey upul`
09:57:50 <yuvrajtomar> pascal` : ok
09:58:26 <upul`> i think you have to ask ben or somebody to add edit rights to the account
10:00:26 <yuvrajtomar> alright
10:09:04 *** yuvrajtomar has left #openmrs
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11:49:34 <pascal`> hi bwolfe
11:51:27 <bwolfe> hi pascal`
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12:28:53 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
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12:29:51 <chopin> o/ pascal`, upul`
12:30:05 <chopin> (bwolfe too)
12:30:17 <upul`> \\oo/
12:31:33 <upul`> that's zaphod beeblbox
12:33:26 <pascal`> hey chopin
12:33:41 <bwolfe> nice upul`
12:34:01 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12567]: logmanager: added more code comments and a test case <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12566]: mdrtb15. Adding a hack to find cause of death concept whether or not the … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12565]: logmanager: added select all/none links to log4j sources on the tools page <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12564]: logmanager: re-arranged tools page to make it clearer <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12563]: reporting: Add localization utilities to the Cohort Definition properties <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12562]: htmlwidgets: Change to RepeatingWidget so that it is not possible to … <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2120 (task closed): Retired forms showing up in Form Entry tab <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12561]: fixing #2120 - Retired forms showing up in Form Entry tab (this involves … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12560]: 1.6.x: fixing #2120 - Retired forms showing up in Form Entry tab (this … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12559]: maven branch: Added generated Eclipse files and Maven target directory to … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12558]: idgen: Clean up unused code <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12557]: rwandaprimarycarepilot. moved the rwanda identifier check-digit validator … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12556]: idgen. removed autoGenerate column from idgen_id_pool -- this will always … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12555]: logmanager: added list of module log4j.xml's to tool page to allow … <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2166 (defect created): Retired Person Attribute Types are still displayed and editable on the Edit this Patient form <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2165 (task created): Editing the name of a PersonAttributeType does not change related global properties <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2164 (enhancement created): Two Name (Given and Family Only) Layout <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12554]: logmanager: added previous events to event reports <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12553]: logmanager: added config option for logging uncaught exceptions <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12552]: logmanager: added new config page and moved existing controls to tools … <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2158 (defect closed): Error when adding patient: Invalid patientId supplied <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12551]: rwandaprimarycarepilot. fixed a small jstl property not found error… <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12550]: reporting: Implement ConfigurationProperty display name customization on … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12549]: reporting: Add value and group properties to the ConfigurationProperty … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12548]: reporting: Change DisplayLabel annotation to have just a single "value" … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12547]: mdrtb-1.5.x: Fix spacing bug in mdrtbConcepts.xml <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12546]: rwandaprimarycarepilot. integration with idgen module complete, modified … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12545]: webservices.jaxws.api: regenerated get / set methods for ObsDTO; commented … <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #547 (enhancement closed): Create new child sync database functionality <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2163 (task created): Show/Hide "Clone DB" on the "New Server Form" <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2162 (task created): Get search on Maintenance page working <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2161 (task created): Add "Clean Up Old Sync Records" scheduled task maintenance to Maintenance page <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12544]: sync: Merging Nzeyi's work on sync admin ui branch to sync module - #547 <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12543]: logmanager: added hook to uncaughtException.jsp which adds a link and a … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12542]: logmanager: added hook to uncaughtException.jsp which adds a link and a … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12541]: logmanager: switched to config DTD v1.2 and made OpenMRS 1.5 a requirement <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12540]: logmanager: switched to config DTD v1.2 and made OpenMRS 1.5 a requirement <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2160 (defect created): Create new scheduled task throws exception in OMRS1.6 <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2159 (enhancement created): QuartzScheduler requires manual editing of runtime-properties file <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12539]: Modified by Krishnaja <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12538]: idgen. just adding some OPENMRS_MSG_ATTR messages for import to pool from … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12537]: surpressing meaningless log.warn message "Invalid patientId supplied: " <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12536]: 1.6.x: surpressing meaningless log.warn message "Invalid patientId … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12535]: pearlgrlz - checkin new created MLM Rules. <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12534]: reporting: deleting StatesStarted/CompletedCohortDefinitions (replaced by … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12533]: reporting: moving some real tests back to test/api <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12532]: reporting module: moving all tests to oldtest folder. some will move back … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12531]: rwanda primary care pilot module: adding addresshierarchyrwanda to … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12530]: rwanda primary care pilot module: use default JRE, not a specific one <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12529]: pearlgrlz - checkin the DAO and service impl <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12528]: pearlgrlz - checkin for the complete rules (partial of all the rules … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12527]: in patientmatching module, fixed closed form u analyzer when deudplicating … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12526]: chica_scorable_jit branch * fixed null pointer exception <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12525]: idgen. i've added a bunch of features, and done the automatic pool refill … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12524]: logmanager: added detailed single event viewer <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12523]: atd_scorable_jit branch * removed hard coded form names <>
12:34:47 <chopin> bwolfe: for the life of me, i can't find the InfoPath widgets on
12:35:07 <bwolfe> chopin:
12:35:09 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
12:35:26 <bwolfe> or even
12:35:27 <bwolfe> :-p
12:35:28 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
12:35:29 <chopin> bwolfe: :-| InfoPath, though?
12:35:44 <bwolfe> formentry module == infopath
12:35:49 <chopin> bwolfe: did you mean "taskpane" widgets?
12:36:05 <chopin> i thought you were talking about all the ways infopath can represent data
12:36:16 <bwolfe> nope, just about the taskpane
12:36:19 <chopin> o
12:36:31 <chopin> well that explains why i didn't find any infopath widgets
12:40:42 <chopin> bwolfe: also, says that relationships are sync'd from remote to central server
12:40:45 <chopin> is that true/
12:40:46 <chopin> ?
12:41:46 <bwolfe> chopin: yes, because of that hack I put in a few months ago: the all_patient_data section now has that relationships element. so as long as the users fill in the relationships BEFORE opening the infopath form, the relationships will be transferred
12:42:09 <chopin> ahooo
12:45:15 <bwolfe> chopin: can you copy the code review notes from yesterday into a comment on each ticket ? link to the code review and mark them as Needs Work.
12:45:30 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
12:47:48 <chopin> yessss
12:47:49 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
12:47:49 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
12:49:27 <pascal`> hey mathiaslin, downeym
12:50:06 *** openmrs_web097 has joined #openmrs
12:50:06 <downeym> hi openmrs_web097
12:50:32 *** openmrs_web097 is now known as sanjaya
12:51:10 *** openmrs_web406 has joined #openmrs
12:51:10 <downeym> hi openmrs_web406
12:51:16 *** sanjaya has quit IRC
12:51:48 *** openmrs_web406 is now known as mastahyeti
12:54:08 *** ricardosbarbosa has joined #openmrs
12:56:02 *** openmrs_web307 has joined #openmrs
12:56:02 <downeym> hi openmrs_web307
12:56:14 *** openmrs_web307 is now known as mrosas
12:57:38 <mrosas> hello
12:58:31 <pascal`> hi mrosas
12:58:43 <chopin> bwolfe: i don't have rights to alter ticket status, etc
13:00:00 <bwolfe> really?
13:00:06 <bwolfe> chopin: whats your trac username?
13:00:07 <mrosas> i'm coming back here today cause i can't fix the trouble i'm having since yesterday
13:00:14 <chopin> bwolfe: jkeiper
13:01:03 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
13:01:17 <bwolfe> chopin: ok, you should now have ticket edit privileges
13:01:35 <bwolfe> mrosas: which problem? I remember asking you a question right /after/ you left...
13:01:41 <chopin> ahhhh there we go
13:02:48 <chopin> i'll be right there (code review)
13:03:43 *** ricardosbarbosa has quit IRC
13:05:14 <mrosas> bfwolfe the problem is that i have spanish locale as default, but when logging out it goes back to english
13:05:25 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Stuck in installation of OpenMRS <>
13:08:38 <bwolfe> mrosas: this is what I sent right after you left yesterday:
13:08:44 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
13:10:40 *** jkeiper has joined #openmrs
13:10:40 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v jkeiper
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13:15:18 *** jkeiper is now known as chopin
13:15:29 *** MalteF has joined #openmrs
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13:26:50 *** ruwan has joined #openmrs
13:26:50 <downeym> hi ruwan
13:27:08 <mrosas> bwolfe i'm downloading firefox 3.6 in spanish to see what happens
13:28:22 <bwolfe> cool
13:28:46 <pascal`> hi ruwan
13:28:59 <ruwan> hi pascal`
13:29:46 *** mrosas has quit IRC
13:30:14 *** openmrs_web101 has joined #openmrs
13:30:14 <downeym> hi openmrs_web101
13:31:19 *** openmrs_web101 has quit IRC
13:31:30 <ruwan> I'm hoping to work on a project for GSoC with OpenMRS..
13:35:14 <ruwan> who will be the mentor for Approximate Date Support?
13:35:24 <ruwan> any idea..?
13:35:33 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12568]: Modified by Krishnaja <>
13:36:23 <bwolfe> ruwan: not sure yet
13:36:27 <bwolfe> we'll decide soon
13:36:54 *** Shazin has joined #openmrs
13:37:44 *** mastahyeti has quit IRC
13:38:01 *** openmrs_web424 has joined #openmrs
13:38:01 <downeym> hi openmrs_web424
13:38:31 *** umashanthi has joined #openmrs
13:39:12 *** umashanthi has left #openmrs
13:39:36 *** openmrs_web424 is now known as btoews
13:39:59 <ruwan> I've sort of been looking in to the issue for some time... anybody here who knows the issue? I'm looking for someone to discuss options..
13:40:03 <btoews> hello, I am planning on applying for the openmrs google summer of code and I thought that i would come and introduce myself
13:42:24 <pascal`> hi btoews
13:43:02 <pascal`> ruwan, your best option is to post your question to the developers mailing list
13:44:24 <bwolfe> !gsoc
13:44:24 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
13:50:18 *** openmrs_web922 has joined #openmrs
13:50:18 <downeym> hi openmrs_web922
13:50:26 *** openmrs_web922 is now known as firc
13:52:49 *** pbrandt has joined #openmrs
13:54:27 *** pascal` has quit IRC
13:54:27 *** tinashe has quit IRC
13:57:05 *** pbrandt has quit IRC
13:57:19 *** pbrandt has joined #openmrs
13:57:21 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pbrandt
13:57:26 *** pbrandt is now known as pascal`
14:01:42 <ruwan> am I getting a reply confirming the subscription for dev mailing list..?
14:02:11 <downeym> ruwan: you should get a reply once your request is approved, yes.
14:09:49 *** tinashe has joined #openmrs
14:10:11 *** tinashe has quit IRC
14:10:29 *** tinashe has joined #openmrs
14:11:27 *** ruwan has quit IRC
14:13:20 *** tinashe has quit IRC
14:14:29 *** tinashe has joined #openmrs
14:21:31 *** astelmashenko has joined #openmrs
14:35:32 *** pascal` has quit IRC
14:38:27 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12569]: logmanager: fixed logUncaughtExceptions defaulting to false <>
14:53:53 *** openmrs_web898 has joined #openmrs
14:53:53 <downeym> hi openmrs_web898
14:53:55 *** openmrs_web898 is now known as mrosas
14:54:23 <mrosas> bwolfe, installed firefox in spanish but didn't fix it
14:55:04 <firc> Is there some multiple instance setup of openmrs guide?
14:58:45 *** tinashe has quit IRC
14:59:42 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
15:10:27 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Modules: REST 1.4.3 uploaded to OpenMRS Module Repository <>
15:11:51 *** syhaas has joined #openmrs
15:11:51 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v syhaas
15:18:17 <chopin> so ... is someone going to fix the openmrs demo? modules are kaput, probably need new omods
15:18:28 * chopin points at downeym
15:20:28 <downeym> hrrm
15:20:44 * downeym waits for 1.6.0 :)
15:21:03 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
15:21:20 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
15:25:52 *** pascal` has quit IRC
15:26:20 <chopin> hah ... so, we use it in production for a huge installation but not in our demo?
15:28:29 <downeym> that's about right :)
15:29:09 <firc> hey guys, is there some doc/info about multiple instance setup of openmrs?
15:29:41 <firc> is it a clustered setup or only certain data ( concept proposals, etc ) which is sychronized with the main server?
15:33:14 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
15:36:05 <bwolfe> firc: are you referring to a certain project?
15:36:27 *** downeym has left #openmrs
15:36:33 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
15:36:33 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
15:36:33 *** downeym has left #openmrs
15:36:59 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
15:36:59 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
15:40:47 *** umashanthi has joined #openmrs
15:40:52 <firc> bwolfe: yeah, in teh concept proposal project
15:41:23 <firc> there was something mentioned about multiple instances, and the need to sync the various data between a client installation and the main concept db
15:41:32 <firc> as in, when the concept is accepted
15:43:29 <umashanthi> fric: yes, when the concept it accepted, it should be reflected on all instances
15:43:46 <Echidna> downeym: 2009 strategic roadmap planning? =o
15:44:30 *** wyclif has joined #openmrs
15:44:31 <firc> umashanthi: yeah, i was wondering about the setup of the webapp, it is a cluster , or only certain data syncd with the main server
15:44:38 <wyclif> hello
15:45:05 <firc> I guess the latter. But just wanted to be sure. Didn't get any concrete docs about openmrs clustering :)
15:45:51 <umashanthi> fric: I think there are different instances and every such instance should be updated during a concept addition
15:46:48 <umashanthi> fric: Me too looking at this issue. Hope the mentors will clarify it in near future
15:47:19 <firc> yep :)
15:47:27 <bwolfe> Echidna: I guess we're behind :-p
15:47:38 <firc> umashanthi: great that you're also interested in this. We could share information and help each other out
15:48:11 <bwolfe> that project is not talking about clustering, its just talking about two machines with openmrs installations on them talking to each other
15:48:17 <bwolfe> (or the same machine with two openmrs webapps)
15:48:19 <umashanthi> fric:sure. I have started with my work
15:48:29 <Echidna> bwolfe: heres some heads up
15:48:32 <Echidna> the winter will be long
15:48:34 <Echidna> way into march
15:49:03 <umashanthi> bwolfe: yes, Glen explained it in that way
15:51:28 <firc> bwolfe: hmm, so two instances of openmrs . But I have my doubts in the
15:51:35 <firc> "talking to each other" part.
15:52:10 <bwolfe> isn't that part of the project?
15:52:47 <firc> Yeah , i wanted to know if the student is supposed to propose the communication part too or not. I guess i'll email the mentor as well, what do you say?
15:53:26 *** Dawang has quit IRC
15:53:37 <umashanthi> fric: As per my discussion with Glen, Andy will guide with the communication part
15:54:24 <umashanthi> bwolfe: hi
15:54:36 <bwolfe> hi
15:54:55 <firc> umashanthi: ok. thats cool. Thanks
15:55:12 <umashanthi> bwolfe: can we join the call on Thursday once it has started. I mean sometimes I will get few minutes delay
15:55:57 <bwolfe> yes, everyone is invited
15:56:15 <bwolfe> there will be chatting in here during it too
15:56:17 <downeym> umashanthi: most people have few minutes delay :)
15:56:25 <firc> cool
15:56:36 <umashanthi> bwolfe: ok
15:56:55 *** astelmashenko has quit IRC
15:57:00 <bwolfe> if you do call in, we ask two things. 1) introduce yourself if possible at some point and 2) keep yourself muted when not talking to limit backgroudn noise
15:57:34 <umashanthi> downeym: :)
15:58:10 <umashanthi> bwolfe: cool! looking forward to my first such experience. excited :)
15:59:58 <umashanthi> wyclif: hi
16:00:53 <wyclif> hi umashanti
16:01:24 <umashanthi> wyclif: I am in the process of working for the ticket #2048. I have a common question regarding the OpenMRS architecture.
16:01:34 <wyclif> sure, ask
16:02:35 <umashanthi> wyclif: can you please explain me how the request from front-end reaches the back-end. I mean how the calls go from jsps to controllers to back-end?
16:02:58 <umashanthi> wyclif: If you have any references for it, please do share it with me
16:03:04 <wyclif> well, there a couple of issues that go on
16:03:11 <wyclif> have you used sprign before?
16:04:17 <wyclif> authentication, there some servlet filters that intercept any call and attach a user context for authentication
16:04:26 <umashanthi> wyclif: I did a sample program sometimes back. Have the basic idea about controllers,filters etc. Go ahead with your explanation, I will interrupt if I didn't get anything
16:04:30 <wyclif> but u dont need to know all that to do the ticket
16:04:43 <wyclif> ok
16:04:57 <umashanthi> wyclif: yes, But I want to know it for my future work with OpenMRS
16:05:07 <wyclif> so there a naming pattern for controllers and jsps
16:05:23 <wyclif> so in that case we have a concept
16:05:35 <wyclif> it is one of the domain objects
16:06:12 *** openmrs_web748 has joined #openmrs
16:06:12 <downeym> hi openmrs_web748
16:06:24 *** openmrs_web748 is now known as raff
16:06:24 <wyclif> so the request from that jsp is mapped to the ConceptFormController via springs openmrs-servlet.xml
16:06:50 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v wyclif
16:07:00 *** raff is now known as raffael
16:07:04 <wyclif> which tells spring the about this controller, the urls it handles, the validator, the success and failure pages
16:07:40 <raffael> hi
16:07:46 *** x` has joined #openmrs
16:07:47 <downeym> hi x`
16:07:56 <wyclif> there various types of controllers in spring
16:08:53 <umashanthi> wyclif: getting it. (I'm ok with jsp , servlets and web.xml, filters)
16:08:54 <wyclif> in thos case the one we use, we override some methods, formbackingObject(), referencedData(), onSubmit(), etc
16:09:16 <wyclif> ok
16:09:33 <umashanthi> wyclif: yes. noticed that in the code
16:09:42 <wyclif> we get the concept id from the request parameter and use it to look up the concept from the service layer
16:10:04 <wyclif> by calling Context.getConceptService().getConcept(conceptId)
16:10:25 <wyclif> so all u have to do, is to make sure that the returned concept isnt null
16:11:17 <wyclif> and add an error message to the request and send back the user to the same page, spirng will automatically show this error messasge in the view jsp
16:11:24 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2154 (defect closed): REST Module should not return voided identifiers for patients <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2167 (task created): Add getGlobalPropertyAsInteger method to Administration Service <> || OpenMRS Forum: Re: Stuck in installation of OpenMRS <> || OpenMRS Forum: Re: Stuck in installation of OpenMRS <> || OpenMRS Forum: Re: Stuck in installation of OpenMRS <>
16:12:11 <wyclif> umashanthi, is there any else you want to know?
16:12:22 <wyclif> sorry, anything else
16:12:31 *** x` has quit IRC
16:12:35 <umashanthi> wyclif: ok, so the redirection happens using the showForm() call?
16:13:02 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
16:13:05 *** astelmashenko has joined #openmrs
16:16:13 <wyclif> since the concept doesnt exist, i suggest it wouldnt be right to send the user back to the form since there will e no data to render in the form
16:16:49 <umashanthi> wyclif: ok, so what can be done in that case?
16:17:02 <wyclif> probably back to the dictionary index page
16:17:04 *** x` has joined #openmrs
16:18:24 <umashanthi> wyclif: how can we redirect to a page different from the one the request came?
16:18:28 *** raffael has quit IRC
16:20:12 <wyclif> still trying to recall something, there should something like a page in case no data is found
16:20:46 <umashanthi> wyclif: sorry for asking many questions. I would like to take this opportunity to learn about how the system works to help in my future contribution
16:21:08 <umashanthi> wyclif: ok, I too will look
16:21:44 <wyclif> am glad to help
16:21:56 <wyclif> you can always ask anytime
16:22:13 <wyclif> i was just like you when i had just started
16:22:28 <wyclif> asking, but you will get familiar to the code
16:22:45 <umashanthi> wyclif: it's a pleasure to have such support from the community
16:22:46 <wyclif> but you could as well send the user back to the form
16:22:50 <firc> ah, openmrs uses spring.
16:23:27 <wyclif> ans see what happens, but i highly believe there will and error which is just what we are trying to fix
16:23:42 <wyclif> sorry! a few typos
16:23:58 <umashanthi> wyclif: no worries
16:24:31 <wyclif> i think we need to a failure view
16:25:28 <wyclif> normally i have a succedd and failure view for my forms but in openmrs it isnt the case
16:25:48 <wyclif> talk to u later, going for lunch
16:25:58 *** downeym is now known as downeym-away
16:26:01 <umashanthi> wyclif: ok, Got some good idea from your explanation. I will refer the code and some resources. Will ask you when I get with any issue. Thanks :)
16:26:26 <wyclif> at times just send an email to if you cant find me in the IRC
16:26:44 <umashanthi> wyclif: sure
16:26:50 <downeym-away> firc:
16:26:51 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
16:26:56 *** thilini has joined #openmrs
16:27:23 <umashanthi> downeym-away: Yes, that is a good point to start with
16:28:08 <wyclif> awesome
16:42:58 <firc> downeym-away: thanks, i had that open. :)
16:52:12 *** mrosas has quit IRC
16:53:47 *** geoaxis has quit IRC
17:02:39 <robbyoconnor> I have an announcement: HI!
17:02:45 *** trtr3434 has joined #openmrs
17:02:50 <robbyoconnor> this concludes the announcement :)
17:03:15 *** andrewaclt has quit IRC
17:04:30 *** ajitlodhi has quit IRC
17:41:51 *** openmrs_web276 has joined #openmrs
17:41:51 <downeym-away> hi openmrs_web276
17:46:45 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12570]: in patientmatching module, fixed GUI not reflecting whether each block's … <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2160 (defect created): Create new scheduled task throws exception in schedulerquartz module <>
17:50:30 *** openmrs_web276 has quit IRC
17:51:09 *** Shazin has quit IRC
17:53:05 * pascal` turns up the volume
17:59:18 *** downeym-away is now known as downeym
18:01:09 *** wyclif has left #openmrs
18:01:15 <downeym> robbyoconnor: i missed your announcement :)
18:01:51 <codestasher> downeym i am missing your "HI" bot :)
18:03:08 <downeym> codestasher: only new people get hi's :)
18:09:26 *** thilini has left #openmrs
18:10:22 <codestasher> i thought it was quick response :P
18:10:35 <codestasher> @downeym
18:14:12 *** wyclif has joined #openmrs
18:14:17 <wyclif> hey
18:14:35 <umashanthi> wyclif: Went through the ConceptFormController class
18:15:11 <umashanthi> wyclif: understood how onSubmit and processFormSubmission works
18:18:50 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Stuck in installation of OpenMRS <>
18:21:55 *** earsareclosed has joined #openmrs
18:21:55 <downeym> hi earsareclosed
18:22:03 <earsareclosed> hello
18:26:04 *** btoews has quit IRC
18:31:35 *** harsh has joined #openmrs
18:32:06 <earsareclosed> have students, with no open source development experience been accepted to GSOC for OpenMRS?
18:32:23 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
18:38:53 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
18:39:01 <downeym> earsareclosed: Yes :) sometimes GSoC is often a first open source project
18:40:07 <earsareclosed> downeym: thanks, that's very encouraging
18:41:50 *** flash has joined #openmrs
18:41:51 <downeym> hi flash
18:43:31 *** flash has quit IRC
18:50:53 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12571]: modulerepository: fixing json module searching - #1508 <>
18:52:48 *** openmrs_web927 has joined #openmrs
18:52:48 <downeym> hi openmrs_web927
18:52:49 *** openmrs_web927 is now known as mrosas
18:53:04 <mrosas> hello
18:55:40 <downeym> earsareclosed: What's more important than open source experience is understanding of the technologies we use, as well as motivation to work hard during the summer ...
18:57:37 <mrosas> i'm still dealing with my locale problem :S
18:58:01 <mrosas> got firefox in spanish now, but problem persists
18:59:49 *** harsh has quit IRC
19:00:26 <earsareclosed> downeym: I am very motivated, I am actually interested in using OpenMRs as apart of my dissertation and wanted to use GSoc as a way to better understand the system and how it works
19:01:58 <downeym> earsareclosed: cool ... are you at UW?
19:02:27 <earsareclosed> downeym: yes I am, in the Biomedical and Health Informatics Program
19:03:23 <downeym> earsareclosed: aha. do you know yaw?
19:03:39 <downeym> in CS dept
19:04:26 <earsareclosed> downeym: i don't actually, I am on the Change mailing list so i know of him (never met), but haven't had a chance to attend the seminar, unfortunately
19:04:46 <downeym> you should def. look him up, they're doing some cool stuff with openmrs over there
19:06:26 <earsareclosed> will do
19:06:46 *** mrosas has quit IRC
19:06:48 *** ricardosbarbosa has joined #openmrs
19:06:56 *** ricardosbarbosa has left #openmrs
19:06:56 <bwolfe> mrosas: are all pages in english right after you log out or just the first one?
19:07:02 <bwolfe> argh!
19:07:14 <bwolfe> thats twice in two days mrosas has done that to me :-p
19:07:15 <downeym> dood
19:11:31 <pascal`> lol
19:14:40 <chopin> anyone have a good example of a module that provides portlets that have their own controllers?
19:14:41 <chopin> :-/
19:14:44 * chopin needs context!
19:15:13 <pascal`> I've done that chopin... what's the issue?
19:15:35 <chopin> pascal`: i really just want the normal context that an openmrs portlet normally gets ... namely relationships
19:15:38 <chopin> and patient
19:15:41 <pascal`> well, I overrode a porlet
19:15:53 <pascal`> oh
19:16:21 <pascal`> I think there's a base PortletController
19:16:37 <chopin> ah ... looking at PatientFlags now for an example
19:16:40 <chopin> *phew*
19:18:20 <pascal`> portlet controllers basically have to extend this:
19:18:25 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
19:19:20 <pascal`> now try overriding a core portlet controller in a module ;)
19:20:18 <chopin> haha, no thanks
19:21:04 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12572]: reporting: Add localization of properties for AgeCohortDefinition and … <>
19:29:16 *** Dawang has quit IRC
19:32:27 *** Dawang has joined #openmrs
19:34:20 *** pascal` has quit IRC
19:39:27 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
19:39:40 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
19:42:44 *** codestasher has quit IRC
19:45:35 <wyclif> hey
19:46:08 <downeym> hey wyclif
19:48:54 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
19:50:33 <robbyoconnor> downeym: I've been told I need to take your wallet and major credit cards
19:50:40 <robbyoconnor> and run up a lot of purchases on them
19:52:51 <downeym> robbyoconnor: good luck with that
19:53:06 <robbyoconnor> now.. let's see if openmrs starts
19:53:24 <downeym> robbyoconnor: you may be able to buy a small lunch :)
19:54:16 <robbyoconnor> ok it starts
19:55:53 <downeym> robbyoconnor++
19:58:34 *** pascal` has quit IRC
20:01:11 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
20:01:11 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
20:03:05 *** firc has quit IRC
20:03:42 *** ricardosbarbosa has joined #openmrs
20:07:09 *** andrewaclt has joined #openmrs
20:14:12 *** clif has joined #openmrs
20:16:43 *** wyclif has quit IRC
20:17:41 <clif> hey
20:17:57 *** clif is now known as wyclif
20:27:02 *** Dawang has quit IRC
20:31:34 <ricardosbarbosa> is it possible to create one temporally table throught liquibase
20:31:44 <ricardosbarbosa> ?
20:35:46 <robbyoconnor> ok
20:36:02 <robbyoconnor> im getting an exception
20:36:03 <robbyoconnor> Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: 'Infinity' is not a valid numeric or approximate numeric value
20:36:05 <robbyoconnor> :|
20:36:11 <robbyoconnor> Double.MAX_VALUE :/
20:36:57 <robbyoconnor> why would this work at one pt but break at another :|
20:37:21 <robbyoconnor> :(
20:37:25 <bwolfe> how'd you fix it before?
20:37:53 <robbyoconnor> i didnt get this error
20:38:03 <robbyoconnor> it seems obscure bugs are popping up
20:38:08 <robbyoconnor> just when i wanna release
20:38:09 <robbyoconnor> :(
20:38:41 <robbyoconnor> I wonder if i set this to 0 in both cases since it's not used yet
20:39:06 <robbyoconnor> it accepts empty values
20:39:17 <robbyoconnor> so that can't be it
20:39:32 <bwolfe> so just put in a large number
20:39:39 <bwolfe> or something else to get around it for now
20:39:42 <robbyoconnor> MAX_VALUE is a large number!
20:40:39 <bwolfe> and apparnetly sql interprets it as Infinity
20:40:46 <bwolfe> so just do 1 million
20:42:21 <robbyoconnor> that's not an acceptable #
20:42:25 <robbyoconnor> we'll do 10,000
20:45:16 <bwolfe> ricardosbarbosa: yes, you can create temp tables using liquibase. look at some of the other changesets in there. I'm pretty sure I've done it
20:45:18 <robbyoconnor> 10,000,000 rather lol
20:45:27 <ricardosbarbosa> ok
20:45:43 <robbyoconnor> i gotta go out for a bit -- i'll come back to this
20:45:46 *** chopin has quit IRC
20:45:55 <robbyoconnor> i want soc this year and this release is probably the thing you need
20:45:59 <robbyoconnor> :/
20:46:14 <robbyoconnor> what bugs me is all features are there -- sort of
20:46:32 <robbyoconnor> just bugs
20:46:57 <robbyoconnor> :)
20:49:15 <Echidna> docu about OLPC on tv =)
20:52:53 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
20:52:53 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
20:53:27 *** openmrs_web546 has joined #openmrs
20:53:27 <downeym> hi openmrs_web546
20:53:35 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12574]: chica * created a webpage to automatically display the weekly reports <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12573]: atd * removed Override annotation <>
20:57:52 *** openmrs_web546 has quit IRC
20:59:03 *** r0bby|android has joined #openmrs
20:59:03 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v r0bby|android
21:05:03 *** umashanthi has left #openmrs
21:06:24 *** andrewaclt has quit IRC
21:21:11 *** astelmashenko has quit IRC
21:22:13 *** pascal` has quit IRC
21:32:10 *** wyclif has quit IRC
21:45:36 *** andrewaclt has joined #openmrs
21:50:21 <ricardosbarbosa> is this correct:
21:51:20 <ricardosbarbosa> <update><colum></column> <where> column_name in (select ...) </where> </update>
21:51:32 <ricardosbarbosa> using liquibase
21:51:33 <ricardosbarbosa> ?
21:51:54 <ricardosbarbosa> my doubt is about that select statment inside where tag
21:52:21 <ricardosbarbosa> will liquibase be able to interprate?
21:55:12 <bwolfe> not sure
21:55:31 <bwolfe> I think liquibase just dumps the where part into the sql after "where"
21:55:33 <bwolfe> so you might be ok
21:55:44 <bwolfe> just try it out and see :-p
22:05:23 *** gigasoft1 has quit IRC
22:11:34 <ricardosbarbosa> i am not sure how i can test my changset liquibase
22:11:36 <ricardosbarbosa> =\
22:11:47 <ricardosbarbosa> how do i do that?
22:13:01 <bwolfe> just build and deploy openmrs and visit it in the browser
22:17:30 <ricardosbarbosa> ok
22:18:37 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
22:19:34 *** vinisterx has quit IRC
22:21:50 <ricardosbarbosa> can i override the patch file
22:21:51 <ricardosbarbosa> ?
22:22:07 <ricardosbarbosa> or do i use other name?
22:22:10 <ricardosbarbosa> or no matter
22:22:48 <ricardosbarbosa> :P
22:23:23 <bwolfe> ricardosbarbosa: you can override if you want
22:23:44 *** openmrs_web312 has joined #openmrs
22:23:44 <downeym> hi openmrs_web312
22:24:00 *** openmrs_web312 is now known as btoews
22:27:34 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12575]: modulerepository: adding jsonp option for module searching - #1508 <>
22:32:33 *** downeym has quit IRC
22:43:01 *** vinisterx has joined #openmrs
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22:44:18 *** r0bby|android has joined #openmrs
22:44:18 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v r0bby|android
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22:46:42 *** r0bby|android has joined #openmrs
22:46:42 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v r0bby|android
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23:10:24 *** syhaas has quit IRC
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23:34:08 *** earsareclosed has quit IRC
23:59:49 *** openmrs_web542 has joined #openmrs
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