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  • 2010-03-21 - OpenMRS
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00:08:39 *** jkeiper has quit IRC
00:10:27 <ricardosbarbosa> hi every one
00:10:39 <ricardosbarbosa> about privileges
00:10:43 <ricardosbarbosa> on the application
00:11:44 <ricardosbarbosa> in the case where the Ticket #1991 says that there are two provileges that could be merged
00:12:08 <ricardosbarbosa> i i just remove the line the provilige are merged?
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01:03:14 <ricardosbarbosa> about the provoleges Add Concept Proposal and Add Concept Proposal
01:03:22 <ricardosbarbosa> *Add Concept ProposalS
01:03:32 <ricardosbarbosa> if i qant merge them
01:03:37 <ricardosbarbosa> *want
01:04:31 <ricardosbarbosa> do i have just to remove one of them from the xml file
01:04:37 <ricardosbarbosa> <privilege .... />
01:04:39 <ricardosbarbosa> ?
01:05:30 <bwolfe> ricardosbarbosa: are you referring to a ticket ?
01:05:56 <ricardosbarbosa> yes
01:06:32 <bwolfe> ok
01:06:36 <bwolfe> which ticket?
01:07:10 <ricardosbarbosa> #1991
01:07:23 <ricardosbarbosa> i have searched on the code using the search tool of the eclipse
01:07:39 <ricardosbarbosa> looking for Add*Concept*Proposal
01:08:14 <ricardosbarbosa> but just on the xml file appear the both Add Concept Proposal and Add Concept Proposals
01:12:01 <bwolfe> !ticket 1991
01:12:01 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: Ticket #1991:
01:12:35 <bwolfe> ricardosbarbosa: might just be a problem in the demo data
01:12:42 <bwolfe> or it might be in the OpenmrsConstants file
01:12:54 <bwolfe> the demo data that gets installed is in /metadata/model/liquibase-data.xml
01:13:03 <ricardosbarbosa> exactly
01:15:29 <ricardosbarbosa> how am i sure?
01:15:33 <ricardosbarbosa> =\
01:17:32 *** Mkop has quit IRC
01:20:10 <bwolfe> look in the liquibase data and see if both are there
01:20:17 <bwolfe> and look in the OpenmrsConstnats to see if both are there
01:20:33 <bwolfe> I haven't looked into this at all, so I don't know what to tell you really
01:22:05 <ricardosbarbosa> but like i said you
01:22:12 <ricardosbarbosa> i looked for it
01:22:13 <ricardosbarbosa> and
01:22:42 <ricardosbarbosa> really there are both just in the OpenmrsConstnats
01:23:25 <ricardosbarbosa> aaaa no no
01:23:27 <ricardosbarbosa> sorry
01:23:54 <ricardosbarbosa> in this file there are both ConceptServiceTest-numerics.xml
01:24:20 <ricardosbarbosa> <privilege privilege="Add Concept Proposal" ..../>
01:24:21 <ricardosbarbosa> <privilege privilege="Add Concept Proposals" ..../>
01:27:59 <bwolfe> if both are in OpenmrsConstants then its an easy fix
01:28:03 <bwolfe> take one out :-p
01:28:29 <bwolfe> and add something to liquibase-update-to-latest to change people's database and Roles to use the privilege that you keep
01:29:15 <ricardosbarbosa> ok
01:29:58 <geoaxis> ricardosbarbosa: eclipse search plugin is no match to simple grep :)
01:30:20 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
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01:33:56 <ricardosbarbosa> whats grep?
01:33:58 <ricardosbarbosa> oO
01:34:45 <geoaxis> ricardosbarbosa, i guess you are on windows :) ,
01:37:17 <ricardosbarbosa> yes im on windows
01:37:20 <ricardosbarbosa> :D
01:37:30 <ricardosbarbosa> now i know what grep is
01:37:34 <ricardosbarbosa> ;)
01:38:05 <geoaxis> ricardosbarbosa, well you can always download cygwin, in my experience drilling down things with grep is much easier
01:39:22 *** Dawang_ has quit IRC
01:44:42 <zrobert> hi
01:44:54 <zrobert> I was looking at these Concepts
01:45:09 <zrobert> what exactly are these? It looks like instructions for a "doctor"?
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01:51:56 <bwolfe> zrobert:
01:53:50 <geoaxis> bwolfe, is there any effort to work in SNOMED into concepts
01:54:32 *** Mkop has quit IRC
01:54:33 <geoaxis> or SNOMED into the system
01:54:54 <bwolfe> geoaxis:
01:54:57 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
01:54:57 *** luzhuangwei has joined #openmrs
01:55:08 <zrobert> bwolfe: thanks!
01:57:17 *** openmrs_web211 has joined #openmrs
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03:06:23 <robbyoconnor> o/
03:06:32 * robbyoconnor bounces
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10:50:24 *** openmrs_web358 has joined #openmrs
10:51:45 <openmrs_web358> hi im a here with regards to GSoC. Can anyone help me figure out a few things
10:52:30 <openmrs_web358> OpenMRSBot
10:56:34 *** openmrs_web358 has quit IRC
11:00:29 *** thilini has joined #openmrs
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11:28:11 *** umashanthi1 has joined #openmrs
11:28:30 <umashanthi1> hi
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13:53:36 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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13:54:56 *** yuvrajtomar has joined #openmrs
13:56:27 <yuvrajtomar> Hi, I had mailed a query at the Dev list introducing myself and stating that I'd like to fix tickets #430, #1368. I haven't received a reply which could help me to get a better insight on these tickets. Is this a good place to discuss about them?
13:57:22 <njero> yuvrajtomar: the dev list is a better place, but you can usually get good conversation about ticlkets in here
13:57:28 <njero> yuvrajtomar: and hi :)
13:57:35 <njero> ~tix 430
13:57:39 <njero> !tix 430
13:57:39 <OpenMRSBot> njero: Error: "tix" is not a valid command.
13:57:48 <yuvrajtomar> hi njero :)
13:57:49 <njero> !ticket #430
13:57:49 <OpenMRSBot> njero: Ticket ##430:
13:57:54 <njero> !ticket 430
13:57:54 <OpenMRSBot> njero: Ticket #430:
13:57:57 <njero> ahhhh
13:58:04 <njero> !ticket 1368
13:58:05 <OpenMRSBot> njero: Ticket #1368:
13:59:37 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, I have gone through the codes posted by vindyani for #430. The approximation upto a particular day has been introduced in the code
13:59:58 <njero> bwolfe might have some comments
13:59:59 <yuvrajtomar> however, an approximation for the century has no relevance
14:00:13 <njero> Yeah
14:00:34 <njero> In looking at this, I am really surprised at the order of the values chosen
14:01:00 <njero> I would think that "estimated (precision unknown)" would be 1
14:01:15 <yuvrajtomar> also, I was thinking that if we could go through the medical records of the patients, we may find traces which could give the age patterns of the patient. So are we required to develop some code based on this algorithm
14:01:19 <njero> that way all of the existing data is compatible (as it is already a tinyint)
14:01:28 <njero> er smallint
14:02:05 <njero> yuvrajtomar: what kinds of age patterns do you mean? Like weight for age / height for age kind of thing?
14:02:08 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, the conventions for the approximations appear to be somewhat confusing at first
14:02:20 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, something related to the BMI
14:02:42 <yuvrajtomar> also, certain hereditary diseases get triggered at a particular age
14:02:44 <njero> I would argue that given the common populations served by openmrs this would be tough
14:02:58 <njero> that might be a guess though
14:03:21 <njero> a lot of installations have a higher degree of HIV and/or diabetes patients
14:03:37 <yuvrajtomar> Oh, okay!
14:03:39 <njero> this tends to skew weight for age and height for age
14:03:53 <njero> that is purely a guess though
14:04:03 <yuvrajtomar> I guess then it's going to be fun trying to build the guessing algorithm
14:04:12 <njero> I think that the "estimates" for age are generally somewhat accurate
14:04:36 <njero> I am not sure why you need the guessing algorithm... is that something separate?
14:05:38 <njero> OR is it so you can figure out what kind of estimation accuracy was originally used?
14:05:47 <yuvrajtomar> I'm just thinking of the broader picture for now, though I believe the idea of the project is to simply introduce flexibility in the information about the patient by introducing details of the approximate age
14:05:59 <njero> k
14:06:56 <yuvrajtomar> It's somewhat what I plan to discuss with the potential mentors for the project, did we plan to implement an estimation accuracy when this project was brought up? If so, where could I find its code?
14:07:07 <njero> IMHO (which may be way off) I would say that for historical data it would be best to leave it as 0 (exact) or 1 (estimated, unknown precision). And the new estimates would be able to use the higher fidelity codes
14:07:46 <njero> Some installations (Malawi, specifically) use certain dates as indicators right now...
14:07:54 <yuvrajtomar> ok
14:07:54 <njero> let me look for that code one sec
14:08:02 <yuvrajtomar> sure
14:09:19 <njero> something like this
14:11:03 <yuvrajtomar> alright
14:11:34 <njero> I am not sure how others are doing it... but if the month is estimated then it is set to 7, if the day is estimated it is set to 15 and the year in an estimated date is always set t what the person thinks
14:11:52 <yuvrajtomar> but vindyani has introduced precisions uptil "estimates century"
14:12:09 <njero> yeah... we don't go to that level for our sites
14:12:43 <yuvrajtomar> so i guess that's one area where the code needs to be mopped
14:12:51 <njero> maybe..
14:12:57 <njero> maybe it is useful for someone else
14:13:05 <njero> fwiw, I am not sure if this patch addresses the age calculation...
14:13:58 <yuvrajtomar> so, where can i find information the complete code for this project?
14:14:13 <yuvrajtomar> and irs documentation , if possible?
14:14:17 <yuvrajtomar> *its
14:14:41 <njero> hmm
14:14:52 <njero> is the project one of the items listed at the soc page
14:14:53 <njero> ?
14:15:08 <yuvrajtomar> yes
14:15:10 <njero> what I meant about estimates and age calculation is something like this:
14:15:14 <njero> !soc
14:15:14 <OpenMRSBot> njero: "soc" --- (#1), or (#2), or (#3)
14:17:45 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, I get the idea about estimates and age calculations
14:18:02 <njero> yuvrajtomar: when you say "this project" do you mean "openmrs" or "approx date support"?
14:18:13 <yuvrajtomar> approx date support
14:18:34 <njero> I think that the unassigned project page is the complete documentation
14:18:34 <yuvrajtomar> sorry for not being specific about it :)
14:19:27 <njero> I am not sure who all of the mentors are but they tend to show up during the week quite a bit more... you can ask them if they would like to expand on what is there
14:20:33 <yuvrajtomar> I guess I should re-send my query at the dev list tomorrow so that the mentors can notice it
14:21:06 <njero> well, with the dev list you should just wait.. someone wil answer
14:21:30 <yuvrajtomar> alright
14:21:55 <njero> but defintiely show up in here tomorrow
14:22:28 <njero> or hang out a bit longer
14:22:33 <yuvrajtomar> and just a query, there are like 24 projects listed for GSoC. Are all of them going to be implemented for the SOC or is OpenMRS going to cut down some projects
14:22:50 <yuvrajtomar> yes sure, I hang out almost daily at the IRC
14:23:08 <yuvrajtomar> except for the past few days, my cousin was getting married :)
14:23:18 <njero> I think that all of them or "possible projects" and that it comes down to what the selected candidates have proposed they work on
14:23:31 <njero> so, I don't think that all of them can/will get done
14:24:04 <yuvrajtomar> and is there any priority level attached to them?
14:25:16 <njero> Hmm..
14:25:29 <njero> Not explicitly that I know of
14:25:39 <njero> there is a priority list in general... and milestones...
14:25:50 <njero> !milestones
14:25:50 <OpenMRSBot> njero: Error: "milestones" is not a valid command.
14:25:54 <njero> grr
14:25:56 <yuvrajtomar> that's in the trac account , i guess?
14:27:56 <njero> yeah
14:27:58 <njero>
14:30:30 <yuvrajtomar> any idea about the milestones in color in that page, i guess i'm having some clue but still?
14:32:01 <njero> well it looks like that is an enhancement for 1.7
14:32:36 <njero> defects and tasks must get done for 1.7 to ship (more or less)
14:32:49 <njero> enhancements are opyional I think
14:33:04 <yuvrajtomar> uh oh
14:33:17 <njero> but that is a guess
14:33:38 <njero> And I _really_ don't know how that would impact anything related to SOC
14:33:45 <yuvrajtomar> and that's also the first review I've heard about it :P
14:35:32 <njero> I think others would phrase it differently, but it is true, 1.7 could ship without changes to estimated dates, but it would be nice to have something better in there going forward
14:36:00 <yuvrajtomar> I think I should discuss this too with the mentors tomorrow
14:36:06 <njero> yeah
14:36:41 <yuvrajtomar> are you also a student applicant for gsoc, or a mentor for some other project?
14:37:30 <njero> I am (at the moment) an OpenMRS volunteer... but I work with Partners in Health and Baobab Health in Malawi.. so I have been working with OpenMRS since 2006
14:37:59 <njero> I am not a mentor... but I tend to hang out in the channel quite a bit
14:38:08 <njero> so I try to answer what I can
14:39:21 <yuvrajtomar> that's great
14:39:57 <yuvrajtomar> are you familiar to ticket #67, Boolean Concepts?
14:40:41 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
14:40:53 <njero> at little yeah
14:41:56 <yuvrajtomar> from the description, i find it pretty challenging and interesting
14:42:17 *** vinisterx has joined #openmrs
14:42:31 * njero reads
14:45:37 <njero> yeah it is useful for sure
14:46:24 <njero> right now everyone just says "dont use those" but having it fixed proper would be great
14:47:12 <njero> I have heard some say that "not applicable" should be included in the set of answers
14:47:31 <yuvrajtomar> i have been getting myself familiarized with the dara model and the openmrs modules for the past one week, so if i were to get started with this idea, what more should I look into?
14:47:37 <yuvrajtomar> *data
14:48:29 <njero> I am not sure I could give specifics
14:48:47 <yuvrajtomar> or anything that could help?
14:49:12 *** luzhuangwei has joined #openmrs
14:49:13 <njero> but I would say the important parts are the hl7 import and anywhere we ref value_boolean
14:49:37 <njero> also this would likely be implemented as a moule
14:49:42 <njero> 'module
14:50:00 <yuvrajtomar> could you elaborate more on these hl7 imports and value_boolean
14:50:09 <njero> so you might try running through the sample module tutorial
14:51:06 <yuvrajtomar> sample module, alright. Is that mentioned in the Modules page?
14:51:16 <njero> so value_boolean is where boolean values are stored in the obs. anything that specefically mentions it would need to be fixed
14:51:26 <njero> sorry typing one handed
14:51:53 <yuvrajtomar> yea sure, not an issue :)
14:52:55 <njero> yeah
14:53:04 <njero>
14:53:22 <njero>
14:53:23 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
14:56:25 <yuvrajtomar> okay, thanks
14:57:22 <yuvrajtomar> just a doubt, on the tickets page it's mentioned that this ticket is already assigned to Knoll_frank 2 months ago, so would that person be working on this idea for the soc as well?
14:58:10 <njero> no idea :/
14:58:53 *** jfloppy has joined #openmrs
14:59:02 <jfloppy> hi
14:59:10 <njero> hi jfloppy
14:59:21 <jfloppy> hi njero :)
14:59:41 <yuvrajtomar> okay thanks
14:59:49 <njero> np :)
15:00:01 * njero rummages around for some coffee
15:00:08 <njero> still 8:00 am here
15:00:54 <yuvrajtomar> you've just started ur day, or were you working through the night?
15:01:11 <njero> stareted at ~5:00
15:01:25 <njero> I finally slept last night!
15:01:49 <yuvrajtomar> phew !
15:01:53 <njero> :)
15:09:03 *** codestasher has quit IRC
15:11:20 *** rambo has joined #openmrs
15:11:50 <rambo> hello anyone here willing to help me with modules
15:12:27 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
15:13:01 *** sanyam has joined #openmrs
15:14:33 *** umashanthi has joined #openmrs
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15:17:00 <rambo> hello!!
15:22:00 *** rambo has quit IRC
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16:47:57 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
16:51:23 <g_khatwani123> i want be gsoc student
16:53:34 *** thilini has joined #openmrs
16:54:02 *** openmrs_web103 has joined #openmrs
16:54:05 <openmrs_web103> hi
16:54:54 <g_khatwani123> hi
16:55:24 <openmrs_web103> are you a student?
16:55:54 <g_khatwani123> yes i am in final year
16:55:59 <openmrs_web103> which college?
16:56:21 <g_khatwani123> Govt. Engineering college Bikaner
16:56:29 <openmrs_web103> ah cool
16:56:34 <openmrs_web103> i'm from india too
16:57:01 <g_khatwani123> are u also student?
16:57:03 <openmrs_web103> was just looking at the openmrs website. Seems like a great software
16:57:04 <openmrs_web103> yep
16:57:22 <openmrs_web103> Wondering whether I stand any chances to work with openmrs
16:57:30 <openmrs_web103> how many slots do they have generally?
16:57:42 <g_khatwani123> any past experience with open source?
16:58:23 <openmrs_web103> yeah
16:58:39 <openmrs_web103> contributed to OLAT ( )
16:58:49 <openmrs_web103> and actively maintain it in my college too :)
16:58:55 <openmrs_web103> what about you?
16:58:55 <g_khatwani123> which college u r from?
16:59:01 <openmrs_web103> kiit, bhubaneswar
16:59:33 <g_khatwani123> i have worked twice in open source project for sun microsystem
16:59:57 <openmrs_web103> you mean their code for freedom competition?
17:00:01 <g_khatwani123>
17:00:05 <openmrs_web103> ah
17:00:34 <g_khatwani123> my first project, for which i was recognized by SUN
17:00:44 <openmrs_web103> cool
17:00:51 <openmrs_web103> was that an individual project?
17:01:01 <g_khatwani123> yeah
17:01:12 <openmrs_web103> nice
17:01:17 <g_khatwani123> and second is also open source which which using SUNSPOT
17:01:51 <umashanthi> bwolfe: hi
17:01:58 <openmrs_web103> I'm just looking around openmrs , seems like a great software that actually helps a lot of people
17:02:23 <g_khatwani123> yeah
17:03:11 <openmrs_web103> oh btw, any of the project mentors/regulars around ?
17:03:23 *** codestasher has quit IRC
17:03:37 <njero> I am a regular... but not a mentor
17:03:42 <njero> openmrs_web103: hi
17:03:45 <njero> g_khatwani123: hi
17:04:03 <g_khatwani123> still i don't have any info
17:04:32 <g_khatwani123> njero:hi
17:04:34 <openmrs_web103> hi njero :)
17:04:52 <openmrs_web103> njero: any idea how many slots does openmrs get each year?
17:05:04 <njero> hmm, I am not sure...
17:05:10 <njero> !soc
17:05:10 <OpenMRSBot> njero: "soc" --- (#1), or (#2), or (#3)
17:06:11 <openmrs_web103> hmm. But i'll surely take a look at the ideas. The project itself sounds pretty interesting and noble
17:06:46 <njero> openmrs_web103: not sure if this helps
17:06:51 <njero> last year
17:07:15 <openmrs_web103> ah thanks njero
17:07:23 <njero> looks like there were 16 last year..
17:07:30 <njero> I am not sure if that has any bearing on this year
17:07:32 <openmrs_web103> yep, seems great
17:08:27 <njero> I know that the google folks have been really great to OpenMRS in general... so they tend to be supportive of things where they can
17:09:09 <openmrs_web103> yeah the project itself sounds so great, anyone would be generous
17:09:42 <openmrs_web103> i am wondering if i can advocate adoption in local healthcare industry, hmm.
17:10:03 <g_khatwani123> njero:in boolean concepts i understood the problem web interface has to be updated but i have confusion about database
17:10:58 <njero> g_khatwani123 == yuvrajtomar
17:10:59 <njero> ?
17:11:17 <g_khatwani123> exact enterprise bean class is not detectable
17:11:52 <njero> g_khatwani123: So where is your confusion?
17:12:05 <g_khatwani123> enterprise bean class
17:12:08 <njero> Oh
17:12:55 <njero> hmm, I don't know that answer.. if I had to guess I would say that the Hibernate thing is trying to figure out what type of class should be used to deserialize obs.value_boolean
17:13:12 <njero> I would need you to more context around the error
17:14:40 <njero> in general, though, value_boolean would be deprecated or something at the end of the project and would not be used
17:15:11 <g_khatwani123> you might have understood i thought it is only about the "set" or "get" methods i.e. setter or getter methods through which we can set the according to problem "are you smoker" or "treated for tuberculosis"?
17:15:52 *** openmrs_web247 has quit IRC
17:16:28 <njero> Right, it is definitely about those... but those also get/set through the HL7 import/export which is a little different
17:16:53 <njero> and then the underlying database/existing data would need to be altered
17:17:42 <njero> and core components like logic service would need to be checked... (thats where the bonus points comes in)
17:18:42 <njero> if I had to guess I would say, the best way forward on that is to make a module in 1.6 that converts the data so that value_boolean is not used. And then to also make a patch file against 1.6 so that it can be fully removed in 1.7
17:19:18 <njero> this way users could migrate their data in 1.6 and then in 1.7 the offending code could be removed
17:19:39 <njero> so users would *need* to migrate their data before upgrading to 1.7
17:19:45 <g_khatwani123> whether HL7 import/export is different f1.7
17:20:39 <g_khatwani123> whether HL7 import/export is different for 1.7?
17:20:40 <njero> sorry those are different, HL7 is health-level 7 importing and exporting of text files... 1.6 is the current version of OpenMRS and 1.7 is the next version...
17:21:13 <g_khatwani123> yeah
17:21:31 <njero> I think that the HL7 import currently (in 1.6) takes boolean values and maps them to obs.value_boolean... but in the future (1.7) it should not do that (assuming this project is completed)
17:22:00 <njero> does that make sense?
17:22:39 <g_khatwani123> how would i determine that it is 1.7 or 1.6. i downloaded it using it eclipse?
17:22:44 <g_khatwani123> i mean repository
17:22:54 <njero> it is 1.6
17:23:00 <njero> 1.7 doesn't exist yet :)
17:23:30 <g_khatwani123> ok
17:25:40 <g_khatwani123> yeah one more thing i want to ask?
17:26:14 <g_khatwani123> whether database of each patient is exportable?
17:26:31 *** luzhuangwei has quit IRC
17:26:49 <njero> you mean.. export everything for a single patient as a database by itself?
17:27:21 <njero> or whether or not you can export patient information in general?
17:27:34 <g_khatwani123> no i mean to generate report in pdf. or some document
17:27:45 <njero> there are reporting tools for sure
17:28:01 <njero> some of them use BiRT some use other stuff...
17:28:02 <g_khatwani123> like in open office
17:28:07 <g_khatwani123> documents
17:28:31 <njero> In general I think the answer is "yes" but I don't use them so I can't say more
17:31:05 <robbyoconnor> o/
17:31:36 <g_khatwani123> and for creating the global property to state it to true or false whether it will be correct to place session context for each patient?
17:31:45 *** ricardosbarbosa has joined #openmrs
17:32:01 <njero> \o
17:32:05 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
17:32:05 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
17:32:14 <ricardosbarbosa> o/
17:32:28 <njero> \o
17:32:37 <ricardosbarbosa> huhuh
17:32:53 <njero> g_khatwani123: I am not sure I understand your question
17:34:24 <njero> the only time the global properties for TRUE or FALSE would be used would be when migrating data. Otherwise the code should all be using value_coded and the implementor forms and reports should be working from those... (I would guess)
17:34:35 <njero> hey jmiranda
17:34:42 <g_khatwani123> another query there are three users of system pattient, encounter and user. patient is clear to me. but what about user and encounter
17:35:11 <njero> patients do not "use" the system
17:35:23 <g_khatwani123> ok
17:35:26 <njero> users make observations about patients during encounters with the patients
17:35:45 <njero> encounters are just recorded interactions
17:36:15 <njero> users are people like clinicians, clinical health workers, hospital administrators, etc
17:36:49 <g_khatwani123> ok
17:38:33 <g_khatwani123> the global property i think can be used by request get SessionContext method? right. and after if it is true or false we can modify using if else
17:38:38 <g_khatwani123> ?
17:39:28 <njero> I am not positive...
17:39:38 <njero> I would need to look into it in more detail to know :)
17:39:46 <njero> but then I would apply to GSoc!
17:39:48 <njero> j/k
17:40:09 <g_khatwani123> j/k?
17:40:13 <njero> just kidding
17:40:25 <openmrs_web103> lol
17:40:58 * njero wonders if 'just kidding' is an Americanism... 'only joking' might be better
17:42:52 <njero> as an aside, I don't get to play much in the Java/api code as I spend more time working on a ruby version.. so these questions would be better asked of one of the mentors.. they might have better answers
17:43:38 <g_khatwani123> i think mentors doesn't seems to be present there now?
17:44:04 <njero> well, the ones that are in the channel seem to be away from their computers
17:44:14 <njero> it is still early on Sunday morning here...
17:44:42 <njero> though Mentors are all over the world... so hard to say
17:44:56 <g_khatwani123> it is sunday night in here 11:15 PM
17:45:00 <njero> :D
17:45:23 <njero> robbyoconnor: where are you going to school again?
17:48:47 <robbyoconnor> comm. college by me
17:48:49 <robbyoconnor> spring break
17:48:58 <robbyoconnor> and im going nowhere :((
17:49:10 <robbyoconnor> anybody wanna fund a trip to regenstrief?!?:!!? :D
17:49:20 <robbyoconnor> or vegas :D
17:49:40 *** sebastienm has quit IRC
17:51:04 <g_khatwani123> on the link under section ready to apply. after answering all the questions where it hasto be mailed
17:51:05 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:51:15 <g_khatwani123> to the mentor?
17:52:01 <openmrs_web103> g_khatwani123: wait till the application process starts
17:52:09 <openmrs_web103> march 29th
17:52:26 <openmrs_web103> then you can apply in the website ( the link will be visible then )
17:52:35 <g_khatwani123> ok
17:52:36 <openmrs_web103> the soc website.
17:56:35 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
17:57:42 <umashanthi> hi
17:57:58 <umashanthi> how to assign a ticket I am interested in to me?
17:59:16 <g_khatwani123> can any body please help me to know which openmrs trunk file has to be modified for boolean concepts problem.
18:00:02 *** jfloppy has quit IRC
18:01:04 <g_khatwani123> can any body please help me to know which openmrs trunk file has to be modified for boolean concepts problem?
18:02:17 <bwolfe> umashanthi: there is a note on the top of all tickets in gray text that tells you
18:02:27 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: isn't that what you're supposed to figure out ? :-)
18:02:39 <g_khatwani123> yeah sure
18:02:51 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:whether different database table it to be made for the project Boolean concepts or integrate it into an existing patient info?
18:03:02 *** jfloppy has joined #openmrs
18:03:13 <bwolfe> existing
18:03:55 <g_khatwani123> ok
18:06:39 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:where gsoc applications are to be submitted on somedocument file or only on wiki page
18:07:18 <umashanthi> bwolfe: sorry, I couldn't find it
18:07:43 <bwolfe> umashanthi: maybe its only new tickets...
18:07:59 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: in the gsoc application I think
18:08:47 <g_khatwani123> yeah
18:09:58 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:yeah in gsoc application
18:10:34 <thilini> bwolfe: hi Ben regarding liquibase.xml s along sqldiff.xml , i am thinking of giving a separate method in ModuleFactory to read this
18:11:39 <thilini> bwolfe: and do it 's modifications to the dataModel after processing sqldiff.xml
18:11:49 <thilini> is it ok
18:13:19 *** codestasher has quit IRC
18:15:16 <umashanthi> bwolfe: says that if I am interested in a ticket, I can assign it to me
18:16:12 <umashanthi> bwolfe: how to assign a Available and open ticket to me?
18:17:41 <thilini> umashanthi: did u send a request to <>, requesting permissions ?
18:18:14 <umashanthi> thilini: nope. any reference regarding that?
18:19:52 <thilini> umashanthi: just send a mail requesting permissions , Ben will give you :)
18:20:11 <umashanthi> thilini: cool. thanks
18:21:12 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
18:21:22 <thilini> umashanthi: np
18:22:14 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:yeah in gsoc application? please reply
18:24:31 *** openmrs_web255 has joined #openmrs
18:25:01 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
18:26:00 <njero> thilini: are you a student or mentor? "Purple" doesn't really answer it for me :)
18:26:31 <thilini> njero: i am a student :)
18:27:26 <njero> you are at Oregon State?
18:29:35 <thilini> njero: no i am not , i m from University of Colombo , Sri Lanka
18:30:01 <njero> oh... lol
18:30:12 <thilini> :)
18:30:34 <njero> Your /whois pointed to Corvallis, OR, USA which is where Oregon State University is
18:30:40 <njero> funny
18:31:37 <openmrs_web103> njero: i think thats the server location
18:31:50 <openmrs_web103> the server thilini is connected to ( freenode hub )
18:31:56 <njero> oh... silly me
18:32:57 <thilini> lol :)
18:33:24 *** hawaiian has joined #openmrs
18:33:47 *** vinisterx has joined #openmrs
18:34:09 *** hawaiian has quit IRC
18:34:39 *** astelmashenko has joined #openmrs
18:36:10 *** openmrs_web255 has quit IRC
18:37:00 <njero> openmrs_web103: can you give yourself a nick through the web interface?
18:37:22 *** jfloppy has quit IRC
18:40:58 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
18:43:53 <openmrs_web103> njero: oh yeah, sorry :p
18:43:55 *** openmrs_web103 is now known as firc
18:44:01 <njero> :D
18:44:26 <njero> there was just a bunch of openmrs_web*** and I kept forgetting who I talked to
18:44:32 <firc> hehehe
18:44:48 <firc> i guess i was the only openmsr_web* who was active since the past 3 hours :P
18:45:04 <njero> were you openmrs_web255?
18:45:29 <firc> nope 103
18:45:34 <njero> ah k
18:45:47 <njero> I was seeing a lot of joins/leaves :)
18:46:50 <firc> oh nah, i have a surprisingly stable connection today :D
18:47:02 <njero> :D
18:47:28 <firc> so you're frmo the US?
18:47:32 <njero> two days spent debugging the wrong thing and I just found my bug :)
18:47:35 <njero> finally.
18:47:42 <firc> hah , congrats :)
18:49:38 <njero> w00t... knocked out 20 failing tests
18:54:02 <firc> njero: is a recent guide, right?
19:01:37 *** maandazi has joined #openmrs
19:02:43 <maandazi> Hi room
19:04:12 <njero> firc: I think so, but not sure
19:04:16 <njero> I am an OSX guy :)
19:04:23 <njero> hi maandazi
19:05:18 <maandazi> hi
19:05:46 <maandazi> i am just looking a room were I can get assistance on how to get started with OpenMRS development
19:10:19 *** maandazi has left #openmrs
19:12:39 *** maandazi has joined #openmrs
19:16:14 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
19:16:14 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
19:16:37 <firc> maandazi: this is the right place :)
19:19:40 <maandazi> thanks @ firc
19:20:00 <maandazi> what do I need to get started, I am working on Ubuntu Linux
19:20:24 <maandazi> i have my netbeans IDE installed arleady
19:23:32 <firc> i've never used netbeans. But you should be looking here :
19:23:33 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
19:25:29 *** maandazi has quit IRC
19:28:46 *** maandazi has joined #openmrs
19:29:23 <maandazi> ok
19:30:27 <maandazi> i will get back to you when I am stuck :-) cheers
19:53:00 *** maandazi has quit IRC
19:53:48 *** maandazi has joined #openmrs
19:55:35 *** umashanthi has quit IRC
20:11:18 *** vinisterx has quit IRC
20:11:59 *** vinisterx has joined #openmrs
20:27:39 *** firc has quit IRC
20:30:14 *** harsha has joined #openmrs
20:32:45 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
20:32:45 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop
20:41:04 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
20:41:04 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
20:43:43 *** sebastienm has joined #openmrs
20:45:42 <chopin> ricardosbarbosa: probably intros
20:46:02 * chopin has no clue when you wrote that
20:48:46 *** thilini has left #openmrs
20:55:27 *** astelmashenko has left #openmrs
21:09:14 *** sebastienm has quit IRC
21:12:55 *** harsha has left #openmrs
21:17:02 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
21:17:02 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
21:18:15 *** g_khatwani123_ has joined #openmrs
21:18:16 <downeym> hi g_khatwani123_
21:22:20 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
21:22:20 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
21:22:20 *** OpenMRSBot sets mode: +o bwolfe
21:25:16 <downeym> hola bwolfe
21:28:24 *** g_khatwani123_ has quit IRC
21:31:43 *** chopin has quit IRC
21:59:43 <bwolfe> jambo downeym
22:00:02 <downeym> jamba bwana
22:00:27 * downeym heads for the studio
22:00:39 *** downeym is now known as downeym-away
22:13:22 <robbyoconnor> I love you all
22:20:55 *** nbdarvin has joined #openmrs
22:20:56 <downeym-away> hi nbdarvin
22:21:08 <nbdarvin> hi
22:21:43 <nbdarvin> hi anybody
22:27:19 *** jkeiper has joined #openmrs
22:27:19 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v jkeiper
22:32:07 *** jkeiper has quit IRC
22:41:00 *** zrobert has quit IRC
22:41:18 *** zrobert has joined #openmrs
22:47:43 *** maveriick has joined #openmrs
22:47:43 <downeym-away> hi maveriick
22:48:16 <nbdarvin> hi
22:50:29 *** njero has left #openmrs
22:52:42 *** SrFabio has joined #openmrs
22:52:42 <downeym-away> hi SrFabio
22:53:28 <maveriick> hi downeym-away
23:04:24 <nbdarvin> i want to participate in GSoC 2010 with openmrs
23:12:03 *** nbdarvin has quit IRC
23:15:26 *** nbdarvin has joined #openmrs
23:15:44 *** nbdarvin has quit IRC
23:16:09 *** nbdarvin has joined #openmrs
23:26:39 <Mkop> !gsoc
23:26:39 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
23:26:42 <Mkop> nbdarvin: ^^
23:28:32 *** nbdarvin has quit IRC
23:30:55 *** SrFabio has quit IRC
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