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  • 2010-03-19 - OpenMRS
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00:05:03 *** AdiRatiu has joined #openmrs
00:13:58 *** AdiRatiu has quit IRC
00:43:40 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
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01:30:15 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
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01:31:08 <downeym> FYI - the failed disk on the web server has been replaced and DNS has been updated ... site will be back soon
01:43:05 <codestasher> good news
01:43:45 <codestasher> downeym do you have a bot that says hi to all new users entering the channel or is it just you ?
01:44:06 <downeym> i'm just that fast :)
01:44:16 <codestasher> :)
01:45:45 <downeym> codestasher: don't believe a thing i say :)
01:51:33 <codestasher> i didnt :)
02:20:24 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
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02:20:50 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
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02:33:18 *** sanyam has joined #openmrs
02:36:23 <sanyam> congratulations to openMRS for Gsoc selection!
02:36:26 *** mmenegali has joined #openmrs
02:36:26 <downeym> hi mmenegali
02:36:32 <downeym> sanyam: thank you :)
02:36:37 <mmenegali> hello. :)
02:37:46 <mmenegali> i was glancing over the list of selected projects in google summer of code and openrms caught my attention.
02:39:11 <downeym> mmenegali: welcome ... we're glad you're interested
02:39:18 <downeym> !gsoc
02:39:18 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
02:39:45 <mmenegali> thank you. :)
02:41:21 *** chopin has quit IRC
02:42:02 <mmenegali> oops, i mistyped openmrs up there.
02:42:50 <downeym> didn't notice ... i write and read typo
02:52:04 <upul`> it's wrong to mistype opensmr
02:57:07 <downeym> lol
03:10:36 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
03:10:37 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
03:16:33 <codestasher> does all the projects mentioned in the projects page have been accepted or you people have to update that page ??
03:16:57 <codestasher> @downeym
03:17:16 <downeym> codestasher: the projects with the green gsoc logo have been reviewed and we believe they are suitable for students to do during GSoC
03:17:35 <downeym> codestasher: we will soon be matching mentors to all the projects
03:18:33 <codestasher> projects without that logo are not for gsoc, right ?
03:18:41 <downeym> codestasher: yes
03:18:49 <codestasher> ohk, thanks
03:19:00 <codestasher> i was interested in one without that logo
03:19:13 <downeym> codestasher: which one?
03:19:20 <codestasher> billing module
03:19:40 <downeym> codestasher: we felt that one is too big to do during the time frame of gsoc
03:19:56 <codestasher> ohh
03:19:58 <codestasher> np
03:20:14 <downeym> codestasher: we want to make sure students can get a passing mark for completing the project :)
03:20:22 <codestasher> good
03:20:24 <codestasher> :)
03:33:34 <chopin> downeym: go to sleep ;-)
03:33:39 <downeym> no
03:33:42 <downeym> :D
03:33:44 <chopin> my air popper failed at roasting coffee tonight :-(
03:33:54 * chopin needs to stop at starbucks on the way in
03:33:56 <downeym> watching nexus one videos
03:34:06 <downeym> mine arrives tomorrow :)
03:34:06 <chopin> ooo
03:34:11 <chopin> nice!
03:34:30 * chopin is looking at home coffee roasters ... drooling
03:34:41 <chopin> anyone here working on the maven branch?
03:34:51 <chopin> wondering what the basicmodule is doing in there
03:35:29 <downeym> hrm
03:38:21 *** codestasher has quit IRC
03:38:22 *** codestasher1 has joined #openmrs
03:38:22 <downeym> hi codestasher1
03:40:11 <codestasher1> you are fast downeym ;)
03:40:17 <downeym> yep
03:41:40 *** sanyam has quit IRC
03:44:23 <mmenegali> downeym: how long have you been working in the openmrs project?
03:44:48 <downeym> mmenegali: started last year
03:46:57 *** Shazin has joined #openmrs
03:48:27 <mmenegali> nice. were you on gsoc too? or did you simply got interested and started working on it?
03:49:01 <Shazin> Hi All
03:49:09 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
03:49:09 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
03:49:22 <Shazin> OpenMRS didn't get selected for GSoC 2010 is it?
03:49:47 <downeym> mmenegali: am a grad student at one of the development sites
03:49:55 <downeym> Shazin: it did get selected :)
03:50:14 <Shazin> WOW
03:50:16 <Shazin> cool
03:50:17 <mmenegali> downeym: oh, nice!
03:50:33 <Shazin> but it is not listed in the List of Mentoring Organizations
03:50:38 <mmenegali> yes, it is.
03:51:13 <downeym> it is ... be sure to read the page carefully
03:51:17 <downeym> and scroll all the way down
03:51:40 <mmenegali> it's among the organizations that did complete their profiles.
03:51:48 <chopin> wee
03:52:00 * chopin is too tired to get maven to compile the maven branch of openmrs
03:52:05 <chopin> see y'all later
03:52:06 <downeym>
03:52:07 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
03:52:13 <downeym> chopin: l8r
03:52:33 <mmenegali> the order of that lists should be reversed, in my opinion. :P
03:52:36 <Shazin> downeym: It is really nice
03:52:46 <Shazin> downeym: :)
03:52:48 <downeym> mmenegali: agreed
03:52:49 <mmenegali> goodbye, chopin.
03:54:32 <Shazin> downeym: There seems to a problem with the link OpenMRS project
03:54:45 <downeym> Shazin: what kind of problem?
03:55:15 <Shazin> downeym: it goes to this link
03:55:28 <Shazin> downeym: Which is not available
03:55:38 <downeym> What link goes to that page?
03:55:59 <downeym> oh, i see it now.
03:56:03 <downeym> thanks for catching that :)
03:56:25 <Shazin> downeym: always it is our project
03:56:38 <Shazin> downeym: can't let it go down
03:56:44 <Shazin> downeym: :)
03:56:51 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
03:57:13 <downeym> that is the price i pay for trying to write html during a meeting
03:57:29 <downeym> Shazin: try it now :)
03:57:49 <Shazin> downeym: Still the same result
03:58:10 <Shazin> downeym: Now ok :)
03:58:15 <mmenegali> i have to sleep now (classes tomorrow morning and it's 1am here in brazil), but i'll leave my nickname idling here so i don't miss any interesting conversation.
03:58:18 <downeym> Shazin: cool
03:58:19 <mmenegali> 'night, folks.
03:58:26 <downeym> mmenegali: you can also read IRC logs online
03:58:28 <downeym> !irclogs
03:58:28 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "irclogs" --- The OpenMRS IRC logs are publicly displayed online:
03:58:33 <mmenegali> oh, cool!
03:58:56 <mmenegali> well, but i'll still idle today. :)
03:59:02 <mmenegali> see you guys tomorrow.
03:59:30 <downeym> seeya
03:59:36 <Shazin> downeym: When will all the Mentors will be finalized and published per projects?
03:59:51 <downeym> Shazin: early next week, i think
03:59:54 <Mkop> chopin: what's an air popper? like to make popcorn?
04:00:48 <Shazin> downeym: cool, I am pretty sure it would have been a busy week so far for you all
04:01:02 <downeym> Shazin: every day is super busy around here :)
04:01:35 <Shazin> downeym: Of course
04:02:03 * downeym passes out and falls asleep
04:03:41 <Mkop> !coffee downeym
04:03:41 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop: Error: "coffee" is not a valid command.
04:03:44 <Mkop> darn
04:03:54 <Mkop> !pillow downeym
04:03:54 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop: Error: "pillow" is not a valid command.
04:04:24 <Mkop> !pillow Mkop
04:04:24 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop: Error: "pillow" is not a valid command.
04:05:56 *** trtr3434 has joined #openmrs
04:05:57 <downeym> hi trtr3434
04:08:19 *** chopin has quit IRC
04:09:39 *** Mkop has quit IRC
04:10:43 <trtr3434> Hello, I have intermediate Java and C programming skill. I want to know if there is a project that is very related to machine learning here.
04:11:29 <downeym> !gsoc
04:11:29 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
04:12:54 *** downeym has quit IRC
04:18:44 *** mmenegali has quit IRC
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04:22:49 *** codestasher1 has left #openmrs
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05:10:19 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
05:10:19 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop
05:25:21 *** ruwan has joined #openmrs
05:26:52 <ruwan> is OpenMRS accepted for gsoc 2010..?
05:27:52 *** ajuonline has quit IRC
05:28:12 *** Mkop has quit IRC
05:37:33 <ruwan> is OpenMRS accepted for gsoc 2010..?
06:12:24 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
06:22:26 *** pascal` has quit IRC
06:26:03 <upul`> yes
06:26:59 <upul`> at least i heard people talking about it
06:29:09 *** aeter has joined #openmrs
06:31:48 *** maveriick has joined #openmrs
06:36:38 *** upul` has quit IRC
06:39:06 *** aeter has left #openmrs
06:48:42 *** openmrs_web403 has joined #openmrs
06:49:10 <openmrs_web403> hello everyone
06:49:25 <openmrs_web403> anyone face the porblem with Report??
06:50:12 <openmrs_web403> i create xml report schema but i am not being able to save it.... I can just save macros
06:50:24 <openmrs_web403> do anyone know whts the problem is???
06:53:40 *** newa_ has joined #openmrs
06:54:39 *** danielf has joined #openmrs
07:11:19 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
07:12:26 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
07:27:18 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
07:27:32 <jbourne> !list
07:27:32 <OpenMRSBot> jbourne: Admin, Alias, AutoMode, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats, Config, Factoids, Herald, Karma, Misc, NickCapture, Owner, RSS, Reply, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, Status, and User
07:27:32 <openmrs_web403> ????
07:33:06 *** openmrs_web403 has quit IRC
07:34:27 <pascal`> hi jbourne
07:38:00 <newa_> huh
07:38:10 *** newa_ has quit IRC
07:47:12 *** AdiRatiu has joined #openmrs
07:48:03 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
07:48:03 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
07:52:34 <pascal`> hey upul`
07:52:40 <pascal`> hi AdiRatiu
07:52:50 <upul`> hey pascal`
07:53:49 <AdiRatiu> hello
07:57:32 *** openmrs_web103 has joined #openmrs
07:59:23 *** danielf has quit IRC
08:09:19 *** openmrs_web237 has joined #openmrs
08:11:25 *** openmrs_web237 has quit IRC
08:13:14 <upul`> hey maveriick
08:17:36 *** jbourne has quit IRC
08:17:49 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
08:24:02 <maveriick> hi upul`
08:25:50 *** openmrs_web103 has quit IRC
08:38:26 *** ajuonline has joined #openmrs
09:14:14 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
09:16:00 <pascal`> hi mathiaslin
09:16:13 <mathiaslin> hi pascal`
09:34:08 *** njero has quit IRC
09:36:12 *** jbourne has quit IRC
09:36:24 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
09:41:11 *** openmrs_web698 has joined #openmrs
09:42:34 *** openmrs_web698 is now known as shivashankar
09:53:17 <pascal`> hi shivashankar
09:56:53 *** maveriick has quit IRC
10:33:24 *** r0bby_ has quit IRC
11:05:47 *** upul` has quit IRC
11:18:39 *** trtr3434 has quit IRC
11:19:00 *** trtr3434 has joined #openmrs
11:21:29 <Echidna> hi
11:23:36 *** luzhuangwei has joined #openmrs
11:25:25 <pascal`> hey Echidna
11:26:40 <jbourne> +pascal`: hi
11:29:37 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
11:30:32 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
11:36:19 *** jbourne has quit IRC
11:36:37 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
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12:05:40 *** mmenegali has joined #openmrs
12:07:58 <pascal`> hi mmenegali
12:08:05 <mmenegali> hey. :)
12:09:12 <jbourne> +pascal`: are u a bot???
12:10:06 <pascal`> jbourne: Error: "are u a bot???" is not a valid command.
12:10:49 <mmenegali> haha
12:11:11 <pascal`> ;)
12:11:34 <jbourne> #$%%^&
12:11:43 <mmenegali> i'm glad this was a joke. otherwise, i would be feeling stupid for saying hi to a bot. :P
12:12:27 *** shivashankar has quit IRC
12:16:30 <mmenegali> or is he a really bot? in that case, the smiley would have been a nice touch. :P
12:17:48 <mmenegali> i'm doing a checkout of the openmrs code right now, so i can take a look at it. :)
12:27:42 <pascal`> mmenegali, if you feel like working on the code, take a look at some intro tickets
12:27:49 <pascal`> !introtickets
12:27:49 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: "introtickets" ---
12:28:25 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
12:28:34 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
12:28:34 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
12:28:39 <pascal`> hey chopin
12:28:52 <chopin> whassup pascal`
12:29:17 * chopin gave in and bought starbucks today 8-D
12:29:32 <pascal`> not bad chopin, you?
12:29:49 <chopin> fairly well ... writing test cases for mergePatients()
12:30:43 <pascal`> shouldFailHorrifically()?
12:30:48 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
12:30:48 *** OpenMRSBot sets mode: +o bwolfe
12:30:48 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
12:31:00 <pascal`> hi bwolfe
12:31:02 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
12:31:19 <chopin> shouldNotRuinDataSoJerHasToManuallyDeleteIdentifiers()
12:31:20 <chopin> hah
12:49:37 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
12:49:37 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
12:52:41 <pascal`> hi downeym
12:53:01 <downeym> hey pascal`
12:57:00 <chopin> bleh, had to create a junction in windows since java installed itself into a folder with spaces in the name :|
12:57:27 <downeym> fail
13:01:29 <pascal`> moral of the story: dont use windoze
13:04:41 *** mmenegali has quit IRC
13:04:41 *** AdiRatiu has quit IRC
13:08:40 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
13:08:40 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
13:12:02 <chopin> freak
13:12:05 <chopin> hahaha
13:12:11 <chopin> i meant to type "freal"
13:12:16 <chopin> came out -wrong- 8|
13:12:24 <downeym> mm-hmm
13:12:26 <downeym> riiiight.
13:12:35 <downeym> chopin--
13:12:36 <downeym> :)
13:12:41 <chopin> boo
13:13:07 *** AdiRatiu has joined #openmrs
13:13:07 <downeym> hi AdiRatiu
13:13:19 *** openmrs_web568 has joined #openmrs
13:13:19 <downeym> hi openmrs_web568
13:13:25 <AdiRatiu> hello :)
13:13:36 <upul`> wow
13:13:54 <upul`> both message appeared to at at once
13:14:02 *** openmrs_web568 is now known as r-friedman
13:14:07 <upul`> i mean both messages appered at once
13:14:10 <r-friedman> hi all
13:14:12 <downeym> hi roger
13:14:44 <AdiRatiu> hi r-friedman
13:15:07 <r-friedman> i am having a little trouble getting a new installation started
13:15:23 <r-friedman> some piece of code is trying to login with test/test
13:15:37 *** openmrs_web175 has joined #openmrs
13:15:37 <downeym> hi openmrs_web175
13:15:48 <r-friedman> my runtime properties file specifies openmrs/openmrs
13:16:02 *** openmrs_web175 has left #openmrs
13:16:31 <upul`> r-friedman, there are schedulers
13:16:52 <r-friedman> but schedulers don't stop tomcat from loading
13:16:53 <pascal`> r-friedman, check your global properties
13:17:20 <r-friedman> global properties is in the DB, the problem is getting into the DB
13:17:25 <pascal`> r-friedman, also, are you sure the right runtime properties file is being found?
13:17:42 <r-friedman> good idea pascal, let me check the environment variable
13:18:02 <pascal`> you should be able to see from the logs if the right one is being found
13:18:21 <r-friedman> stdout log?
13:18:35 <pascal`> tomcat logs
13:18:53 *** csedsil has joined #openmrs
13:18:53 <downeym> hi csedsil
13:19:16 *** csedsil has quit IRC
13:20:35 <r-friedman> ok, no environment variable, thanks pascal
13:21:13 <pascal`> np r-friedman :)
13:27:24 *** r-friedman has quit IRC
13:27:24 *** upul` has quit IRC
13:27:35 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
13:27:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
13:28:37 *** openmrs_web765 has joined #openmrs
13:28:37 <downeym> hi openmrs_web765
13:28:40 *** openmrs_web765 is now known as mrosas
13:29:20 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
13:29:20 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v nribeka
13:29:33 <downeym> hey winbot
13:29:40 <nribeka> hi d-bot
13:30:00 <downeym> nribeka: free lunch today, too bad you are not here
13:30:59 <nribeka> why free lunch?
13:31:33 <Echidna> downeym.getGreetingService().setMessage("go away");
13:31:45 <downeym> Echidna: haha
13:31:52 <pascal`> hey nribeka
13:31:52 <Echidna> ;]
13:32:22 <nribeka> yo pascal`
13:32:37 <upul`> hi Echidna
13:32:38 <mrosas> wazzup
13:33:49 <Echidna> hi
13:34:31 <mrosas> bwolfe, it worked what you sent me yesterday, thanks ;)
13:35:08 <mrosas> now i've got another problem, when adding an encounter, i want to choose a provider different from the admin, but the other users don't show up
13:36:32 *** jbourne has quit IRC
13:36:47 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
13:36:47 <downeym> hi jbourne
13:41:56 *** upul` has quit IRC
13:42:43 *** mmenegali has joined #openmrs
13:43:08 <mmenegali> man, this freenode's webchat sucks. :/ it closes my connection when i idle.
13:43:31 *** sebastienm has joined #openmrs
13:43:31 <downeym> hi sebastienm
13:43:36 <downeym> mmenegali: Haven't seen that before. Find a good IRC client and use that; it will treat you better. :)
13:43:55 <sebastienm> hi thank you
13:43:56 <mmenegali> the problem is that regular irc clients don't work here in my university.
13:44:07 <downeym> mmenegali: Oh, sorry.
13:44:24 <mmenegali> by the way, where are you guys from?
13:44:43 <sebastienm> Belgium
13:45:01 <downeym> Indianapolis, US
13:45:16 <downeym> mmenegali: We are from here:
13:45:43 <mmenegali> wow, cool. :)
13:46:08 <mmenegali> wow, there's someone from my country already working in openmrs.
13:46:13 <downeym> Brasil?
13:46:18 <mmenegali> yeah.
13:46:34 <downeym> Funny you mention that, we had a meeting yesterday and we think we need to remove that one ...
13:46:50 <mmenegali> oh. :(
13:46:51 <downeym> But it doesn't mean there isn't someone there working on it. We've had many people download OpenMRS from Brasil
13:47:22 <mmenegali> well, hopefully, you'll have to put it back soon, when i get more familiar to the project.
13:47:31 <downeym> mmenegali: Certainly :)
13:47:44 <downeym> I have a list of about 400 more i have to research and hopefully add to that map
13:48:33 <mmenegali> oh, wait. those are the institutes using openmrs.
13:48:44 <mmenegali> i thought it were the developers' position.
13:49:16 <downeym> There are both clinics & research-development sites listed there
13:53:36 <downeym> mmenegali: but many (or even most?) times we have developers working at those sites too
13:54:45 <mmenegali> so, besides volunteers, you guys have paid full-time developers working on the project?
13:56:27 <downeym> mmenegali: yeah, a mix of both ... many open source projects have paid developers, actually
13:56:37 <mmenegali> oh, i didn't know that.
13:56:42 <mmenegali> i'm completely new to open source.
13:56:45 <downeym> mmenegali: but all of the paid developers are paid by other institutes, NGO's, etc.
13:57:50 <mmenegali> actually, my only professional experience on programming was working in a company over my last summer vacations (december through february, here in brazil).
13:57:55 <downeym> mmenegali: we had one guy who was a GSoC student that was hired last year
13:58:24 <mmenegali> coincidently (or maybe not that much... i really like the area), the company is developing an EHR software.
13:58:27 <downeym> mmenegali: nothing wrong with that ... professional experience is only valuable to a point. many people are self-taught :)
14:00:36 * chopin works on openmrs full time
14:01:04 <mmenegali> nice. :)
14:01:29 * downeym does too
14:01:38 <downeym> 22 hours a day, 7 days a week :D
14:01:44 <chopin> funny thing happening now ... if i step through my unit test, it does what i want, but if i just -run- it ... it doesn't. it's like i'm accessing old code or something, but i've run "clean" and "compile-api" and "compile-api-test"
14:01:46 <chopin> :-/
14:02:03 * chopin sniffs
14:02:23 <downeym> chopin: you are like 0 for 42 today
14:02:59 <chopin> freal
14:03:02 <chopin> (got it this time)
14:03:36 <downeym> fo sho'
14:04:10 * downeym looks around the office and counts openmrs people
14:04:12 <chopin> bleh ... think i'll have to generate a patch, yank this checkout, start a new one ... repatch ...
14:04:24 <downeym> 12 i think
14:05:51 <downeym> then add in places like Partners In Health, Jembi
14:09:58 <downeym> mmenegali: there are a lot :)
14:11:43 <Echidna> whats the hibernate hack about
14:12:31 <pascal`> not sure why we use a modified one actually
14:13:08 * downeym glares at bwolfe
14:19:35 <pascal`> ಠ_ಠ
14:20:35 *** mrosas has quit IRC
14:25:06 <mmenegali> i'm taking a look on the unassigned projects right now.
14:25:46 *** openmrs_web470 has joined #openmrs
14:25:46 <downeym> hi openmrs_web470
14:25:56 *** openmrs_web470 is now known as FaizalTheMAt
14:26:11 <mmenegali> the one related to boolean concepts seems to be very interesting, and up to my skill level. i think it'll apply to do it in gsoc.
14:27:01 <downeym> cool
14:27:36 <FaizalTheMAt> hello
14:27:55 <downeym> mmenegali: to be honest i'm not sure if wyclif will be staying with that one or not, i haven't talked to him about it yet
14:28:18 <downeym> mmenegali: but it could be very valuable for people using openmrs
14:29:25 <FaizalTheMAt> i'm Faizal from Singapore. i'm quite interested in joining GSOC are there any mentors online?
14:29:51 <pascal`> !gsoc
14:29:51 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
14:30:52 <mmenegali> downeym: if he doesn't stay with it, does it mean it won't be considered as a gsoc project? or does it mean it will be available for someone else to mentor it?
14:31:08 <downeym> mmenegali: it only means that we haven't finished matching mentors to projects yet :)
14:31:39 <mmenegali> oh, ok. i'll wait that to happen before bothering wyclif with questions about it. :P
14:31:49 <mmenegali> anyway, i still have a lot to learn before writing my appliance.
14:31:57 <FaizalTheMAt> hey
14:32:25 <FaizalTheMAt> mmenegali: sorry for intruding but which project are you guys talking abt?
14:32:35 <downeym> mmenegali: you might contact him anyway so he thinks about if he wants to do that project :)
14:32:44 <mmenegali> FaizalTheMAt:
14:33:01 <mmenegali> i'm asking some questions about the one i want to apply to, "boolean concepts".
14:33:16 <FaizalTheMAt> oh
14:33:24 <mmenegali> downeym: oh, ok. yeah, this might be an incentive for him to stay.
14:33:33 *** sebastienm has quit IRC
14:33:39 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
14:33:39 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop
14:33:40 <downeym> mmenegali: trying to get him to come on irc
14:34:07 <downeym> mmenegali: he is deep in some code right now :)
14:34:42 <FaizalTheMAt> anyone here interested in the Form Entry Enhancement module?
14:34:44 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
14:34:51 <mmenegali> downeym: oh, no problem. in fact, i'm almost leaving for lunch, so it's better that we talk later.
14:36:04 <nribeka> hi chopin downeym
14:36:05 <nribeka> lol
14:36:11 <downeym> nribeka: good morning
14:36:22 <chopin> i was wondering when you'd get to work nribeka :-)
14:36:40 <nribeka> hmmm ... i think i will have to pass on it today chopin
14:36:55 <codestasher> hey downeym :)
14:36:55 <nribeka> i just finish a call with the folks down in Kenya
14:37:08 <nribeka> how's your patch going chopin
14:37:13 <chopin> nribeka: what patch? ;-)
14:37:16 <nribeka> i see you are having a great time there
14:37:30 * nribeka just read the scrollback of xchat
14:37:34 <chopin> haha
14:37:35 *** jbourne has quit IRC
14:37:35 <mmenegali> see you guys later :) i'm going for lunch
14:37:46 <nribeka> by mmenegali
14:38:17 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
14:38:18 <downeym> later mmenegali
14:38:18 *** mmenegali has quit IRC
14:38:41 * downeym says GSoC students will need an erd for 1.6
14:39:14 <FaizalTheMAt> erd?
14:39:27 <FaizalTheMAt> sorry i'm quite new to this
14:39:40 <downeym> entity relationship diagram ... a picture of the data model for openmrs
14:39:51 <downeym>
14:40:12 <FaizalTheMAt> ohhh need to get used to all these fast
14:40:28 *** Dean has joined #openmrs
14:40:29 <downeym> hi Dean
14:40:38 <Dean> Hello
14:41:31 <Dean> I was looking through the Projects list and was wondering if anyone knew about the status of the XForms Builder
14:41:53 <Dean> Designer. Sorry
14:42:07 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
14:42:07 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
14:42:34 *** pascal` has quit IRC
14:42:41 *** njero has joined #openmrs
14:42:41 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v njero
14:42:54 <downeym> Dean: Not much ... it's kind of unclaimed. If you're interested in GSoC, look for the projects with the green GSoC icon
14:43:20 <Dean> I see. Thanks
14:43:26 <downeym> Dean: no problem
14:43:34 <Dean> Yes, I am interested in the GSoC
14:43:54 <downeym> !gsoc
14:43:54 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
14:44:40 <Dean> Yes, that directed me here :-)
14:44:50 <downeym> haha cool
14:45:35 <FaizalTheMAt> anyone noes around wat time does djazayeri usually come online?
14:45:49 <chopin> FaizalTheMAt: not for a while; just jumped a plane
14:45:56 <FaizalTheMAt> or anyone here familiar with the project he is mentoring?
14:45:59 <FaizalTheMAt> oohh
14:46:10 <downeym> FaizalTheMAt: actually he's rarely on IRC, better to contact him by e-mail/skype or even on the developer mailing list
14:46:10 <chopin> FaizalTheMAt: use email .. it's better, and which project (url)?
14:46:40 <FaizalTheMAt> ok will try that
14:47:22 *** wyclif has joined #openmrs
14:47:29 <downeym> hey wyclif
14:47:36 <downeym> long time no see :)
14:47:37 <chopin> FaizalTheMAt: yes ... that's a good one. HTMLFormEntry uses XML to define a form (currently)
14:48:04 <chopin> FaizalTheMAt: but i think darius is interested in incorporating wysiwyg and possibly other improvements
14:48:18 <wyclif> hello
14:48:33 <chopin> hi wyclif
14:48:55 <Dean> Thank you. I will check back later
14:49:10 *** Dean has quit IRC
14:49:28 *** openmrs_web492 has joined #openmrs
14:49:28 <downeym> hi openmrs_web492
14:49:34 *** openmrs_web492 is now known as mrosas
14:50:09 <FaizalTheMAt> hmmm
14:50:31 <FaizalTheMAt> i'm wondering if its gonna get competitive in the application for that project
14:50:46 <FaizalTheMAt> i'm rather new and inexperienced with open source projects
14:50:53 <FaizalTheMAt> i guess i'll drop him a mail
14:50:58 <mrosas> hey, got a question, i need to make every user go to the home user after loging in
14:51:48 <mrosas> for example, i log in with admin, make some steps and then log out (not in the home page), then i log in with other user and it shows "you don't have permission", that's ok but i want it to go directly to the home when that happens
14:52:39 <downeym> FaizalTheMAt: They are all going to be very competitive ... last year we had about 200+ applications for 14 projects
14:52:54 <upul`> mrosas, that looks like a bug
14:53:16 <downeym> FaizalTheMAt: but open source experience is not the most important thing
14:54:03 <upul`> logout shoud forget the last page
14:54:24 <mrosas> yeah but it's remembering it some way
14:54:29 <FaizalTheMAt> yeah hopefully my ideas would be gd enough haha
14:54:39 <mrosas> i think the idea is to forget it too
14:55:15 <chopin> mrosas: if you hit a URL and get redirected to login, it tries to get back to the original URL
14:55:15 *** openmrs_web153 has joined #openmrs
14:55:15 <downeym> hi openmrs_web153
14:55:17 <downeym> FaizalTheMAt: gsoc is about getting new people to start trying open source :)
14:55:19 <mrosas> i'm using Version: 1.6.0 dev Build 11416
14:55:42 <upul`> chopin, but after logout it should forget, it's a privacy issue
14:55:46 <mrosas> do you know if that bug is fixed in a newer version? or do i have to upload this bug in any bug tracker system?
14:55:46 <chopin> ah
14:56:01 <chopin> mrosas: can you verify it's in the request somehow?
14:56:02 <upul`> i think it's a ticket
14:58:02 <mrosas> chopin what do you want me to verify?
14:59:19 <FaizalTheMAt> haha yeah that is the plan
14:59:31 <FaizalTheMAt> gonna afk for a while dinner's rdy
14:59:40 *** openmrs_web153 has quit IRC
15:00:58 <downeym> FaizalTheMAt: bon appetit
15:01:45 <chopin> mrosas: for openmrs to redirect to a page, HTTP_REFERER is probably set to the page you'll eventually go to
15:02:11 <chopin> mrosas: so, perhaps verify that it is staying in the request when trying to log in after logging off
15:02:32 <chopin> (i think)
15:02:33 <chopin> guessing
15:06:38 * chopin just saw bwolfe's middle name in AMRS
15:07:11 <upul`> you mean bwolfe the great
15:07:20 <chopin> beowolf?
15:07:43 <downeym> bwolfe's middle name *is* AMRS
15:07:52 <chopin> i dunno
15:12:09 <upul`> login uses referer
15:16:24 *** tinashe has quit IRC
15:16:44 <mrosas> yeah but it's wrong i think, if the referer refers to a page the new user has no permission to browse, it should redirect to the home, that we know all users have permission to go to
15:38:24 <bwolfe> mrosas: theres a ticket to fix that
15:38:39 <bwolfe> mrosas: I think there might be a patch on it already...but it doesn't work how I want.
15:39:53 *** luzhuangwei has quit IRC
15:44:45 *** openmrs_web975 has joined #openmrs
15:44:45 <downeym> hi openmrs_web975
15:45:47 <njero> For the login redirect thing... if you go to the page and it gets intercepted by the permissions check it should store the requested URL in the session and redirect to login. On successful login it should check the saved url in the session and send the user there, deleting the stored value (so it is never saved after a "logout"). HTTP_REFERRER is easily spoofed
15:50:49 *** chopin has quit IRC
15:54:51 *** x-ian has quit IRC
16:01:03 <bwolfe> njero: yeah, thats how the redirect works for permissions errors
16:01:27 <bwolfe> njero: but the http referrer is used for when a user gets logged out due to a timeout
16:01:55 <bwolfe> njero: I'm not worried about somebody trying to spoof the referrer, its not really a security breach because they could have just typed the url in too
16:02:13 <bwolfe> njero: but I do think that when you click "logout" it shouldn't go back. thats what that ticket is for I think
16:02:24 <njero> ah, that makes plenty of sense
16:03:13 <upul`> !ticket 1998
16:03:13 <OpenMRSBot> upul`: Ticket #1998:
16:04:03 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
16:04:14 *** x-ian has left #openmrs
16:05:54 <njero> I suppose though that t could still work the same way though... the timeout could be checked in the permission check and the pages themselves could use a 15 minute meta refresh or javascript refresh
16:08:49 <mrosas> bwolfe please let me know when that ticket is solved please
16:09:11 <mrosas> gotta go, cheers
16:09:17 *** mrosas has quit IRC
16:12:40 *** trtr3434 has quit IRC
16:13:04 *** divz has joined #openmrs
16:13:05 <downeym> hi divz
16:15:23 <divz> hello I am looking forward to participate in GSoC this year ... so need some assistance here
16:16:47 <Mkop> !gsoc
16:16:47 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
16:17:05 *** trtr3434 has joined #openmrs
16:18:38 *** openmrs_web849 has joined #openmrs
16:18:38 <downeym> hi openmrs_web849
16:18:57 *** openmrs_web849 has quit IRC
16:20:47 *** jfloppy has joined #openmrs
16:20:48 <downeym> hi jfloppy
16:21:27 <jfloppy> hi :)
16:23:25 <upul`> hi jfloppy
16:23:43 <upul`> 1.44M?
16:23:52 <jfloppy> hi upul`
16:24:08 <jfloppy> hehe
16:24:34 <jfloppy> not, it's from a tv comedy
16:25:22 <upul`> i see
16:25:28 *** FaizalTheMAt has quit IRC
16:26:35 <jfloppy> g.e. ->
16:27:12 <upul`> which one?
16:27:23 <jfloppy> the right side
16:27:24 <jfloppy> hehe
16:28:05 <trtr3434> hello is Andy Kanter here?
16:28:21 <upul`> he's not usually here
16:28:51 <trtr3434> Glen McCallum?
16:29:27 <upul`> you can contact him
16:30:26 *** divz has quit IRC
16:37:36 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
16:37:36 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
16:43:46 *** jbourne has quit IRC
16:44:04 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
16:44:25 *** jbourne has quit IRC
16:44:30 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
17:04:19 <chopin> i think there's a bourne identity joke here somewhere ...
17:04:35 <Mkop> a friend of mine (and I've followed) has decided to call USB flash disks "floppy disks"
17:05:00 <jbourne> Who am i??????
17:05:17 <Mkop> /whois jbourne
17:05:32 *** divz has joined #openmrs
17:05:58 <jbourne> +Mkop: bad manners
17:06:15 <Mkop> it's not bad manners to whois someone
17:06:26 <Mkop> to CTCP VERSION is a different story
17:06:28 <chopin> unless you pronounce it "whizz"
17:06:29 <jbourne> then infoing is..
17:06:39 <jbourne> ??
17:07:30 <Mkop> I didn't info you, did I?
17:07:48 * chopin likes being info'd
17:08:03 <chopin> hahaha
17:08:17 <chopin> at least i know who is paying attention
17:08:38 <Mkop> I was halfway done typing /ctcp version but didn't know who to send it to
17:09:22 <chopin> <-- popular
17:11:07 <Mkop> so far, in first place in the ping game is Echidna at 0.20 sec. In last place is nribeka at 1.30 sec.
17:12:23 <nribeka> hah .. really Mkop
17:12:25 <nribeka> thanks lol
17:12:33 <downeym> nribeka--
17:12:50 <nribeka> downeym,--
17:12:55 <nribeka> downeym--
17:13:00 <downeym> !karma nribeka
17:13:00 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Karma for "nribeka" has been increased 7 times and decreased 8 times for a total karma of -1.
17:13:01 <nribeka> hahaha
17:13:07 <Mkop> * Ping reply from nribeka: 0.40 second(s)
17:13:09 <jfloppy> where is my place Mkop ?
17:13:14 <Mkop> getting better, I see
17:13:22 <downeym> jfloppy: over there -->
17:13:33 <Mkop> averaging 1.10 seconds
17:13:33 <jfloppy> :)
17:13:59 <jfloppy> really high
17:14:05 <Mkop> downeym: putting the newbies in their place?
17:14:11 <Mkop> lol
17:14:15 <downeym> o.O
17:14:49 * downeym is always watching
17:15:11 <nribeka> lunch time people
17:15:24 <downeym> nribeka: you missed ice cream
17:15:57 <nribeka> jalapeno thickburger ... mmm
17:16:15 * Mkop is off to lunch
17:16:43 <nribeka> what are you guys have 4 lunch?
17:16:47 <Mkop> one of these days I've gotta make it out to indy to meet you guys
17:16:59 <nribeka> cool Mkop
17:17:06 <downeym> nribeka: white castle then ice cream
17:17:43 <nribeka> hmm ... ice cream
17:18:18 <downeym> Mkop: surely you have ice cream there?
17:18:42 <Mkop> ice cream, yes. nribeka and wii, no.
17:18:44 <Mkop> :-P
17:19:45 <downeym> true, nribeka is one-of-a-kind
17:20:31 <Echidna> ויקיפדיה היא מיזם רב לשוני לחיבור אנציקלופדיה שיתופית, חופשית ומהימנה, שאותה כולם יכולים לערוך. כעת יש בוויקיפדיה העברית 102,312 ערכים
17:22:07 <downeym> OpenMRS ® היא קהילה מפותחת, קוד פתוח, פלטפורמה ארגונית אלקטרונית מערכת רשומה רפואית. באנו ביחד כדי להגיב במיוחד אלה באופן פעיל בנייה לניהול מערכות בריאות בעולם המתפתח, שם איידס, שחפת ומלריה מקבלים את חייהם של מיליונים.
17:22:32 <nribeka> what is that ...
17:22:46 <downeym> nribeka:
17:23:47 <chopin> nribeka: we're going out tomorrow night
17:23:49 <nribeka> hahahaha
17:24:33 *** Mkop has quit IRC
17:25:43 *** sebastienm has joined #openmrs
17:32:22 <upul`> how do i apply for a gsoc project?
17:32:30 <downeym> !gsoc
17:32:30 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
17:33:12 <upul`> gsoc is gsoc
17:33:24 <upul`> hmm
17:34:12 <upul`> shoud there be a link like 'add new proposal' or something in gsoc google page?
17:35:10 <downeym> upul`: what do you mean?
17:35:29 <upul`> where do you add the proposal?
17:36:02 <upul`> i don't see any link in the google page
17:36:04 <downeym> what kind of proposal?
17:36:26 *** openmrs_web729 has joined #openmrs
17:36:26 <downeym> hi openmrs_web729
17:36:28 <upul`> like select openmrs -> add new proposal request something
17:36:55 <downeym> upul`: sorry i guess i'm not getting you. what would you like to propose?
17:37:40 <upul`> downeym, i mean when i register with google gsoc page there should be a link to add the request
17:37:47 *** umashanthi has joined #openmrs
17:37:48 <downeym> hi umashanthi
17:37:57 <downeym> upul`: URL?
17:38:12 <umashanthi> hi
17:38:12 *** jbourne has quit IRC
17:38:21 <upul`> i see a linke to 'apply to become a mentor'
17:38:35 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
17:38:36 <upul`> may be it's not added yet
17:38:39 <umashanthi> I am student interested in GSoC with open MRS
17:38:47 <downeym> Oh now i get you :)
17:39:02 <downeym> Google will begin accepting student applications on Monday, March 29 at 19:00 UTC.
17:39:42 <upul`> ah thanks downeym
17:40:00 <downeym> upul`: np :)
17:40:15 <umashanthi> I am interested in the project Concept Proposal Module for OpenMRS
17:40:46 <downeym> umashanthi: cool, glad you are here
17:41:04 <umashanthi> Can anyone help me with starting
17:41:25 <umashanthi> I'm quiet new to OpenMRS
17:41:40 <downeym> umashanthi: you're doing fine so far. hang out here, join our mailing list, read the wiki, etc.
17:41:43 <umashanthi> but I have sound knowledge Java web development
17:42:39 <umashanthi> downeym: thanks. Are there any requirements a student should satisfy to get selected with OpenMRS
17:42:54 <downeym> !gsoc
17:42:54 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
17:43:02 <downeym> umashanthi: just what's listed there ^^^^
17:43:32 <downeym> umashanthi: trying to work on a ticket would give you bonus points
17:43:34 <umashanthi> downeym: cool, I'm in the process of reading it
17:44:19 *** openmrs_web729 has quit IRC
17:46:32 <umashanthi> downeym: which mailing list is more suitable? or
17:47:29 <downeym> umashanthi: dev
17:47:38 <downeym> umashanthi: the other is for selected applicants
17:48:19 <umashanthi> downeym: yeah. I thought so.. just confirmed from you.. I've joined dev list just now
17:48:45 <downeym> umashanthi: cool ... you will learn a lot from the list
17:48:58 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
17:52:56 *** sanyam has joined #openmrs
17:57:47 *** openmrs_web565 has joined #openmrs
17:57:47 <downeym> hi openmrs_web565
17:59:52 *** openmrs_web565 is now known as _Glen
18:01:35 *** sanyam has quit IRC
18:01:47 <_Glen> Hi Michael
18:02:38 <_Glen> downeym: I'm going to spend some time on the IRC in case people have questions about the concept module.
18:03:06 <downeym> Hey _Glen ... someone was actually asking about it earlier
18:03:48 <downeym> umashanthi was :)
18:03:53 <_Glen> downeym: I received an email. Hopefully its the same person.
18:04:10 * downeym looks at umashanthi
18:04:25 <umashanthi> _Glen: yes it's me
18:04:41 <_Glen> downeym: yes. that's the person that I received an email from. I'm just about to reply. but when I saw it, it triggered my member that I should get on IRC.
18:04:54 <umashanthi> downeym: yes. It's me contacted _Glen
18:05:01 *** sunbiz has joined #openmrs
18:05:27 <_Glen> umashanthi: would you prefer that I reply to your email or chat with you here?
18:05:51 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v sunbiz
18:06:14 <umashanthi> _Glen: anything would be great
18:06:38 <umashanthi> _Glen: if you are here, then it's good.. let's chat here
18:06:57 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v _Glen
18:07:05 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v wyclif
18:07:13 <_Glen> umashanthi: the best thing to do to prepare (for any gsoc openmrs project) is to build a simple openmrs module.
18:07:58 <umashanthi> _Glen: ok, I just joined the dev list. I will start reading on the documentations
18:08:16 <_Glen> umashanthi: (just looking up the best reference)
18:08:45 <umashanthi> _Glen:ok
18:10:18 <_Glen> umashanthi: first, get your dev environment up and running
18:10:19 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
18:10:59 <umashanthi> _Glen: ok
18:11:04 <_Glen> umashanthi: Do some reading on the Millenium Villages Project
18:11:39 <_Glen> umashanthi: that is the group that is immediately interested in the concept module
18:12:49 <umashanthi> _Glen: is the link. right?
18:12:51 <_Glen> umashanthi: They are using an older version of openmrs. So when you're setting up your dev environment, try setting up openmrs 1.4 as well. I'll have to talk to Andy about which openmrs version he would like the module compatible with.
18:13:17 <_Glen> umashanthi: yes, that's the link.
18:13:48 <umashanthi> _Glen: ok. Please let me know when you have confirmed the version
18:14:29 <_Glen> umashanthi: after you get your dev environment set up, try building a trivial module
18:14:51 <_Glen> umashanthi:
18:14:52 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
18:15:29 <umashanthi> _Glen: ok. I will be following the steps to get started
18:16:29 <_Glen> umashanthi: the final thing to do is to read a couple of the snomed-ct implementation guides. I'll send them to you by email. this will give you some domain knowledge.
18:16:50 <umashanthi> _Glen: ok. thanks
18:17:41 *** sebastienm has quit IRC
18:17:42 <umashanthi> _Glen: one question- what is the usual time you are available on this IRC?
18:19:59 *** thilini has joined #openmrs
18:20:04 *** thilini has left #openmrs
18:20:23 <_Glen> umashanthi: honestly. I have a full-time job unrelated to openmrs so I'm rarely on this IRC. I'm going to try and be on here more over the next month to answer questions for gsoc applicants.
18:20:37 *** thilini has joined #openmrs
18:21:04 <_Glen> umashanthi: I'm on California time. So you are +12.5 hours?
18:21:24 <umashanthi> _Glen: ok. If I couldn't find you here, I will send you mails so that you can reply when you are free
18:22:20 <umashanthi> _Glen: yes. +12.5hours
18:24:52 *** sebastienm has joined #openmrs
18:25:27 <njero> _Glen: where are you located?
18:27:03 <divz> hello I am looking forward to participate in GSoC and metadata import/export module seems interesting me, but I dont't find any mentor assigned to the project yet, can someone assist me here
18:27:34 *** _Glen has quit IRC
18:31:10 <umashanthi> downeym: what's the best platform for OpenMRS development. Ubuntu or Windows?
18:32:20 *** openmrs_web423 has joined #openmrs
18:32:20 <downeym> hi openmrs_web423
18:32:29 *** openmrs_web423 is now known as _Glen
18:33:51 <umashanthi> _Glen: what is the best platform for development; Ubuntu or Windows?
18:36:01 <_Glen> umashanthi: it's up to you. I believe that most people will use unbuntu. I try to be OS independent (like java).
18:36:39 <umashanthi> _Glen: Cool. I'm on Ubuntu 9.10. Hope it will be fine
18:44:32 *** sunbiz has left #openmrs
18:52:14 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
18:52:14 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
19:00:17 <umashanthi> downeym: I tried to register the forum at But the registration fails saying that 'The entered e-mail domain has no valid MX record.'. Any thoughts?
19:00:20 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
19:01:02 <downeym> hmm
19:01:40 <umashanthi> downeym: I tried with two mail ids, both fails
19:11:35 *** thilini has left #openmrs
19:20:12 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
19:20:12 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop
19:29:04 *** openmrs_web339 has joined #openmrs
19:29:04 <downeym> hi openmrs_web339
19:29:40 *** openmrs_web339 is now known as r-friedman
19:30:17 <r-friedman> hi all
19:30:58 <Mkop> hi r-friedman
19:31:15 <r-friedman> hi Mkop
19:31:40 <r-friedman> I am having out of memory problems, do you have a minute or should I ping justin?
19:32:17 <Mkop> !oom
19:32:17 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop: "oom" --- (#1) Tomcat's memory management sucks. Increase your memory available to tomcat. See, or (#2) moo backwards
19:32:30 <Mkop> !moo
19:32:30 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop: "moo" --- MOOOOOOO!!!!!
19:32:39 <r-friedman> I have more than done that
19:32:47 <jmiranda> hey r-friedman ... you can ping me as well
19:32:53 <r-friedman> I have specified 1280M in tomcat admin
19:32:54 <Mkop> in that case, I don't know
19:33:11 <r-friedman> ++jmiranda
19:33:19 <r-friedman> jiranda++
19:33:25 <r-friedman> I forget that syntax
19:33:29 <Mkop> jmiranda++
19:33:44 <r-friedman> I'm very polite, I try to pre-thank everyone
19:33:48 <Mkop> lol
19:33:51 <jmiranda> jmiranda--
19:33:51 <OpenMRSBot> jmiranda: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
19:34:16 <Mkop> jmiranda: so self-deprecating?
19:34:25 <jmiranda> :)
19:34:36 <r-friedman> justin, I have boosted memory way up, I can see it in Windows task manager
19:34:59 <jmiranda> when are you running into the memory problem?
19:35:00 <r-friedman> but I still crash on PermGen and then heap memory errory
19:35:03 <jmiranda> a specific use case? on boot up?
19:35:22 <r-friedman> boot up, login, administer modules, find patient, kaboom
19:35:23 *** akshay202 has joined #openmrs
19:35:23 <downeym> hi akshay202
19:37:15 <jmiranda> r-friedman, ok, so you've specified both min/max heap -Xms -Xmx
19:37:37 <r-friedman> well, i'm in Tomcat Monitor 6w, I have a fancy window
19:37:37 <jmiranda> and permanent generation (-XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m)?
19:39:01 <r-friedman> let me pull it up, have to stop tomcat
19:39:04 <jmiranda> what's your environment? tomcat6? windows 7? what modules?
19:39:14 <jmiranda> what version of openmrs?
19:39:50 <r-friedman> 1.4.latest for open mrs, tomcat 6, windows xp, formentry, xforms
19:41:14 <jmiranda> how much memory do you have on the machine?
19:41:20 <r-friedman> 2GB
19:41:24 <jmiranda> r-friedman, sometimes allocating too much memory is bad too
19:41:38 <jmiranda> i would set it back down between 512M for min and max heap
19:42:32 <jmiranda> if you allocate too much to java/tomcat you won't get out of memory errors, but it will manifest itself in other ways
19:42:43 <r-friedman> I am going to have to reboot, BRB
19:42:47 *** r-friedman has quit IRC
19:43:00 <akshay202> hi , i am a student and i am interested in doing a gsoc project for openmrs
19:43:27 <jmiranda> hi akshay202
19:43:36 <downeym> !gsoc
19:43:36 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
19:43:48 <akshay202> hi sir
19:44:07 <akshay202> sir i am interested in the project OpenMRS Media Viewer Enhancements for Radiology
19:44:10 <Echidna>
19:46:32 <jmiranda> akshay202, great
19:47:09 <akshay202> i have worked with images , videos and audio before while working on a watermarking project in my undergraduate course
19:47:52 <Mkop> Echidna: are you a stalker? I was literally just watching that
19:49:04 <akshay202> can you help me plzz?
19:51:09 <akshay202> Do we have to do this project in flash , like in adobe air or something?
19:51:20 <Mkop> probably not flash
19:51:33 <Mkop> probably using one of the technologies openmrs already uses
19:51:58 <Mkop> which on the client side, is primarily javascript (in its numerous forms)
19:52:48 <akshay202> previously i used java for my watermarking project
19:53:33 *** openmrs_web742 has joined #openmrs
19:53:33 <downeym> hi openmrs_web742
19:53:55 <Mkop> I guess actual image manipulation would probably be done server-side
19:54:00 <Mkop> using java, most likely
19:54:04 *** openmrs_web742 is now known as r-friedman
19:54:14 <r-friedman> jmiranda, back
19:54:31 <jmiranda> akshay202, you will need to ask katherine (the mentor)
19:54:35 <jmiranda> r-friedman, hey
19:55:10 <jmiranda> by the way, it sounds like the permgen settings aren't getting picked up
19:55:11 <Mkop> akshay202: actually, take back what I said about not using flash. I said that without reading the project description.
19:55:45 <r-friedman> so I have made initial and maximum memory sizes 512m
19:55:46 <jmiranda> akshay202, katherine has an initial version of the module somewhere
19:56:13 <r-friedman> I have put the other 3 parameters into the java options
19:56:25 <jmiranda> r-friedman, and you also need the perm gen stuff as well (-XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -XX:NewSize=128m)
19:56:54 <r-friedman> anything else or fire it up?
19:57:02 *** akshay202 has quit IRC
19:57:07 <jmiranda> these settings control the memory used for dynamic java objects like hibernate proxies and jsps
19:57:08 <Echidna> Mkop: ;]
19:57:32 <jmiranda> and you will definitely run into an OOM: perm gen error without those
19:58:03 <jmiranda> try that first
19:58:11 <jmiranda> and then we can discuss other options
20:00:38 <r-friedman> jmiranda, that was interesting, tomcat won't start
20:00:44 <r-friedman> The Apache Tomcat service terminated with service-specific error 0 (0x0).
20:03:02 *** akshay202 has joined #openmrs
20:04:22 <jmiranda> yeah
20:04:32 <jmiranda> r-friedman, put an extra newline at the end
20:04:46 <jmiranda> i've seen that before
20:05:13 <r-friedman> no joy
20:06:12 <jmiranda> can you take a screenshot of the tomcat settings window
20:06:23 *** upul` has quit IRC
20:06:29 <jmiranda> showing the memory settings
20:06:55 <jmiranda> r-friedman, i remember it being a little sensitive
20:08:58 *** openmrs_web648 has joined #openmrs
20:08:58 <downeym> hi openmrs_web648
20:09:26 *** openmrs_web648 is now known as r-squared
20:09:31 *** chopin has quit IRC
20:09:51 <r-squared> jmiranda, where can I park the screenshot?
20:10:13 <jmiranda> r-squared, good question ... send me an email i guess (justin at openmrs)
20:11:15 <Mkop> or
20:11:42 *** r-friedman has quit IRC
20:11:49 *** zrobert has quit IRC
20:14:57 *** zrobert has joined #openmrs
20:15:01 <downeym> hi zrobert
20:15:15 *** r-squared is now known as r-friedman
20:15:29 <r-friedman> jmiranda, sent
20:22:10 <r-friedman> r-friedman: hi
20:23:20 <jmiranda> r-friedman, ok ... so that's what i was thinking it might be
20:23:27 <jmiranda> separate each option by a newline
20:24:34 <jmiranda> so instead of the three -XX options on one line
20:24:39 <jmiranda> they need to go on separate lines
20:24:54 <r-friedman> now that is by far one of the stupidest mistakes I've made recently, started
20:24:56 <jmiranda> like in the example on the oom error page
20:24:57 <jmiranda>
20:25:17 <jmiranda> r-friedman, it took me awhile to figure that out
20:28:01 <r-friedman> jmiranda, ok, I have gotten a patient up on the screen without a crash, so far so good, muchas gracias
20:28:14 <r-friedman> jmiranda++
20:28:28 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
20:28:28 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
20:28:28 *** OpenMRSBot sets mode: +o bwolfe
20:28:50 <r-friedman> hey ben
20:29:15 <bwolfe> hi r-friedman
20:34:30 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
20:34:30 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
20:38:35 *** jbourne has quit IRC
20:38:53 *** jbourne has joined #openmrs
20:40:09 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
20:41:02 *** akshay202 has quit IRC
20:49:52 <chopin> o/ bye all y'all
20:50:09 *** chopin has quit IRC
20:59:24 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
20:59:24 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
20:59:24 *** OpenMRSBot sets mode: +o bwolfe
21:00:32 <r-friedman> gnite
21:00:35 *** r-friedman has quit IRC
21:06:08 <Mkop> bwolfe: you seem to be double-loved
21:06:40 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
21:06:58 *** ricardosbarbosa has joined #openmrs
21:06:58 <downeym> hi ricardosbarbosa
21:07:19 <ricardosbarbosa> hi downeym
21:08:39 <ricardosbarbosa> excuse-me but how can i talk to obtain more informaions about gsoc and mrs project?
21:08:54 <downeym> !gsoc
21:08:54 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
21:09:57 <ricardosbarbosa> hows the mentors?
21:13:05 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
21:13:05 <downeym> hi downeym-mobile
21:14:39 *** akshay202 has joined #openmrs
21:14:50 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
21:14:55 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
21:14:57 <Mkop> ricardosbarbosa: what about them?
21:16:25 <ricardosbarbosa> hi mkop
21:16:29 <ricardosbarbosa> so
21:16:34 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
21:16:35 <ricardosbarbosa> im a brazilian student
21:16:40 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
21:17:16 <ricardosbarbosa> and im trying to get more information to make a good proposal for gsoc
21:17:36 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
21:17:36 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
21:17:36 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym-mobile
21:17:48 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
21:17:54 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
21:18:10 <downeym> sorry guys for coming and going :)
21:18:33 <ricardosbarbosa> how can i begin?
21:19:37 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
21:19:44 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
21:19:44 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
21:19:44 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym-mobile
21:23:39 *** mmenegali has joined #openmrs
21:24:14 *** akshay202_ has joined #openmrs
21:24:14 <downeym> hi akshay202_
21:24:30 <mmenegali> look, i'm not the only brazilian guy here anymore. ricardosbarbosa also seems to be from brazil. :)
21:25:39 *** wyclif has quit IRC
21:26:58 <mmenegali> oh, so that was wyclif.
21:27:16 <ricardosbarbosa> :O
21:27:22 <ricardosbarbosa> hi mmenegali
21:27:28 <mmenegali> hey. :)
21:27:58 *** akshay202 has quit IRC
21:44:02 *** akshay202_ has quit IRC
21:44:24 *** akshay202 has joined #openmrs
21:47:47 *** divz has quit IRC
21:55:12 <mmenegali> gotta go. bye!
21:55:20 *** mmenegali has quit IRC
21:57:11 *** _Glen has quit IRC
22:04:34 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
22:04:40 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
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22:04:40 *** downeym-mobile has joined #openmrs
22:04:40 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym-mobile
22:05:44 *** AndChat- has joined #openmrs
22:05:44 *** AndChat- has quit IRC
22:05:44 *** AndChat- has joined #openmrs
22:05:44 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o AndChat-
22:05:45 <downeym> hi AndChat-
22:06:03 *** AndChat- has quit IRC
22:09:28 *** downeym-mobile has quit IRC
22:14:15 <jmiranda> downeym, given the large brazilian contingent, what would it take to get Portuguese into the wiki's translation list?
22:14:33 <jmiranda> and by "large", i mean "more than 1"
22:14:45 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
22:17:40 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
22:17:40 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
22:17:40 *** OpenMRSBot sets mode: +o bwolfe
22:18:06 <ricardosbarbosa> hehe
22:18:21 <ricardosbarbosa> i already know 2 :)
22:38:01 *** rbrico has joined #openmrs
22:38:02 <downeym> hi rbrico
22:39:07 *** ricardosbarbosa has quit IRC
22:39:41 *** rbrico has quit IRC
22:39:54 *** ricardosbarbosa has joined #openmrs
22:41:40 *** akshay202 has quit IRC
22:46:28 *** Mkop has quit IRC
22:58:00 <ricardosbarbosa> hey what's the Wyclif Luyima' nickname?
22:58:54 *** downeym has quit IRC
23:02:17 *** sebastienm has quit IRC
23:05:52 *** openmrs_web975 has quit IRC
23:06:48 *** sebastienm has joined #openmrs
23:19:29 *** jfloppy has quit IRC
23:25:19 *** sebastienm has quit IRC
23:26:09 *** sebastienm has joined #openmrs
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23:36:17 *** sebastienm has joined #openmrs
23:42:32 *** sebastienm has quit IRC
23:42:49 *** sebastienm has joined #openmrs
23:47:00 *** mmenegali has joined #openmrs
23:51:15 <ricardosbarbosa> when do i meet wycliff? =\
23:51:23 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
23:51:23 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
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