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  • 2010-03-16 - OpenMRS
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00:07:48 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Demo-1.6.0.sql <>
00:50:56 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
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00:52:13 <downeym> hello zrobert
01:03:55 *** Mkop1 has joined #openmrs
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01:04:01 *** Mkop has quit IRC
01:08:25 *** downeym has quit IRC
01:08:28 *** downeym_ has joined #openmrs
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01:13:14 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
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01:13:22 <downeym_> hi nribeka-bot
01:13:35 *** downeym_ is now known as downeym
01:13:42 <nribeka> yo downeym - bot
01:49:24 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
01:49:25 <downeym> hi mathiaslin
01:53:05 * downeym challenges nribeka to cow racing & yellow fever immunizations
02:25:20 <Mkop1> #openmrs testing
02:31:22 <downeym> o.O
02:31:51 * Mkop1 is trying to figure out scripting in xchat
02:32:32 <downeym> :)
02:33:43 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
02:33:43 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
02:35:35 <Mkop1> downeym: you can probably guess what I'm trying to do
02:36:32 <upul`> archieve global peace?
02:36:56 <downeym> ESP-based thought-to-IRC-command script?
02:37:08 <bwolfe> grow a palm tree?
02:37:09 <downeym> bwolfe ego-booster?
02:37:43 <bwolfe> impossible
02:37:48 <bwolfe> my ego can't get any bigger
02:37:57 *** Mkop1 has quit IRC
02:38:03 <downeym> bwolfe++
02:39:08 <bwolfe> oh, lookie there! it just got one bigger!
02:39:09 <upul`> in usa what is a palm tree?
02:39:20 <upul`> is it a coconut tree or a special kind
02:39:21 <bwolfe> !google palm+tree
02:39:21 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe:
02:39:32 <downeym> upul`: the classic one is cocos nucifera
02:39:42 <upul`> ah that's coconut
02:39:48 <downeym> yep
02:40:11 <downeym> upul`: but in the sub-tropics of USA there are many many varities
02:40:36 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
02:40:36 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop
02:40:55 <Mkop> apparently, I succeeded, but not at what I was trying to do
02:41:03 <Mkop> I succeeded at crashing XChat
02:41:23 <Mkop> and making it unable to start up until I renamed my script to something._py
02:41:40 <downeym> Mkop: we're still in suspense about what you were trying
02:41:59 <Mkop> trying to make an on-join script to beat downeym-bot's
02:42:14 <downeym> hahaha
02:42:16 <Mkop> but global peace and thought-to-IRC command would be pretty cool
02:42:18 <downeym> Mkop++
02:42:30 <Mkop> I'm not so into the palm tree idea
02:43:31 * downeym uses
02:44:52 <Mkop>
02:44:54 * downeym and docpaul come from "City of Palms"
02:44:55 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
02:45:30 <downeym> Mkop: surreal ....
02:45:44 <Mkop> what's the city of palms?
02:46:06 <downeym> Fort Myers, FL
02:46:15 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12469]: reporting: Display parameter values on the Report Web Renderer <>
02:46:26 *** njero has quit IRC
02:46:34 <downeym>
02:46:35 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
02:47:28 <downeym> ... this bird is amazing
02:47:34 <Mkop> I have a friend in college from fort meyers
02:47:34 <downeym> better than a soundboard
02:47:36 <Mkop> yes, it is
02:47:50 <Mkop> I want to play it for my roommates and see if anyone of them can identify what it is
02:47:57 <downeym> heh
02:48:16 * downeym is quite glad not to be in FM this week (spring break)
02:48:28 <Mkop> the drilling at 3:13 is incredible
02:48:37 * Mkop was quite glad to be in denver
02:48:50 * Mkop was on the front lawn doing homework in a lawn chair on friday
02:48:54 <Mkop> while FL was WET!
02:48:58 <downeym> yep
02:49:16 <downeym> and just recently had snow in north florida
02:53:00 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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02:55:00 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
02:56:19 <Mkop> what's the weather like over in indy?
02:56:40 <downeym> hmm, dark :)
02:56:43 * downeym steps outside
02:57:13 <downeym> it was a bit cool & cloudy today, but getting much nicer day by day
02:57:20 <downeym> 60's and sunny end of the week.
02:58:05 <downeym> we've got a great view from our windows:
02:58:08 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
02:58:12 <downeym> well, that's more of the view OF our windows
03:06:11 <upul`> that looks nice
03:07:05 <downeym> wish the wifi worked better outdoors
03:16:28 <Mkop> downeym: there must be SOME place outdoors on campus with good wifi
03:16:34 <Mkop> so what if it's a 5 minute walk?
03:16:37 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12472]: reporting: Fix datatables on management pages so that the tables fit in … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12471]: reporting: Comment out snapshot indicator image link until implemented <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12470]: reporting: Increase number of indicators shown on Manage Indicators to 25 … <>
03:16:53 <downeym> Mkop: oh yeah ... we're quite (un)wired
03:20:43 <downeym> Mkop: there's a 3-min train ride to the main campus
03:21:25 <Mkop> oh, you're not at the main campus?
03:22:25 <downeym> a few blocks away
03:33:33 *** Mkop has quit IRC
03:33:45 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
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03:41:54 *** Mkop1 has joined #openmrs
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05:24:12 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Trouble starting OpenMRS on Eclipse <>
05:31:52 *** openmrs_web314 has joined #openmrs
05:32:00 *** openmrs_web314 is now known as Shazin
05:32:20 <Shazin> Can anyone tell me where can I find the LogicCache class??
05:32:39 <Shazin> It is documented but not available in the API?
05:34:18 *** ruwan has joined #openmrs
05:34:52 *** Shazin has quit IRC
05:34:58 *** Shazin_ has joined #openmrs
05:35:09 *** Shazin_ is now known as Shazin
05:43:59 *** robbyoconnor has joined #openmrs
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05:58:42 <ruwan> hi all...
05:59:13 <ruwan> am I late to submit an application for GSoC..?
06:01:30 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
06:36:48 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
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06:54:16 *** openmrs_web244 has joined #openmrs
06:54:51 *** openmrs_web244 is now known as JUDYWAWIRA
06:56:46 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
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07:17:01 *** rcrichton has joined #openmrs
07:23:38 <pascal`> hey rcrichton
07:24:01 <rcrichton> Hi pascal`
07:28:14 *** rcrichton has quit IRC
07:41:04 *** JUDYWAWIRA has quit IRC
08:00:45 *** sanyam has joined #openmrs
08:01:57 <pascal`> hi sanyam
08:02:28 <sanyam> hi pascal`
08:05:46 <pascal`> !ticket 1940
08:05:46 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: Ticket #1940:
08:06:24 <sanyam> I tried to solve that problem by replacing (< , > , &) with (&lt; ....etc )
08:07:05 <sanyam> i've submitted a patch can have a look
08:07:40 <pascal`> sanyam, you'll have to schedule your patch for a code review
08:09:06 <pascal`> sanyam, if you can, change the ticket to needs review and CC bwolfe
08:13:37 *** Mkop has quit IRC
08:14:48 <pascal`> sanyam, if you cant change the ticket, try and find a spot in the code review schedule:
08:15:16 <pascal`> sanyam, also, send a mail to the dev list explaining your issue
08:22:17 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
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08:32:24 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
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08:40:06 *** openmrs_web071 has joined #openmrs
08:40:35 *** openmrs_web071 is now known as JUDY
08:41:00 *** JUDY is now known as JUDYWAWIRA
08:47:44 <pascal`> hi JUDYWAWIRA
09:02:50 *** JUDYWAWIRA has quit IRC
09:23:55 *** rcrichton has joined #openmrs
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09:58:24 *** sanyam has quit IRC
10:10:24 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
10:21:12 <pascal`> hi g_khatwani123
10:22:03 <g_khatwani123> hi
10:22:56 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
10:24:02 <g_khatwani123> i have successfully build the build.xml of openmrs-trunk. Now i need to deploy it on tomcat server.But in eclipse dev studio i am not able to find deploy option. please guide for it
10:25:20 <pascal`> g_khatwani123, have you read
10:25:24 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
10:30:50 *** upul` has quit IRC
10:31:09 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
10:31:09 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v upul`
10:32:04 <pascal`> hey upul`
10:33:11 <g_khatwani123> whether billing module is not in gsoc
10:34:45 <g_khatwani123> whether billing module is not in gsoc2010
10:35:15 <pascal`> !gsoc
10:35:15 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
10:36:31 *** enthus has joined #openmrs
10:38:16 *** codestasher has quit IRC
10:39:26 *** upul` has quit IRC
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10:42:42 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12476]: logmanager: made class name the default query type instead of logger on … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12475]: logmanager: added boolean operator list to level filter on viewer page <>
10:44:26 *** sanyam has joined #openmrs
10:45:09 *** g_khatwani123_ has joined #openmrs
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10:51:47 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
10:52:02 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
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10:52:19 <g_khatwani123> pascal`:in step 3 of following link it is written that to replace TOMCAT_HOME with notepad file
10:52:20 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
10:52:35 <g_khatwani123> ut i am not able to find the file with this name and what should be the name of the notepad file for which given code has to be written?
10:53:27 <pascal`> It is only suggesting that you use notepad
10:53:49 <pascal`> All you need to do is open your favourite text editor and dump the contents of the grey box into a file
10:54:17 <g_khatwani123> ok theb what should be the name of that file
10:54:30 <pascal`>
10:54:32 <g_khatwani123> ok then what should be the name of that file
10:54:54 <pascal`> (It tells you in the last bullet point)
10:55:25 <g_khatwani123> ok, but i am not able to find TOMCAT_HOME named file where i have installed tomcat
10:56:12 <pascal`> There is no file named TOMCAT_HOME. "TOMCAT_HOME" is a place-holder for the path to your tomcat installation.
10:56:45 <g_khatwani123> ok i understood
10:57:30 <mathiaslin> pascal: in my latest OpenMRS installation, there's no file file under the Document/Settings/AppData folder, only
10:57:38 <mathiaslin> is the info in the docs still current?
10:58:38 <mathiaslin> I only have the file in the openmrs-ready-only project folder (root)
11:00:05 <pascal`> mathiaslin, I think the docs are up to date
11:00:24 <pascal`> I see this: "This use of build file no longer requried or used (deprecated) - per Ben " here:
11:00:25 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
11:00:59 <pascal`> !refer tabcomplete
11:00:59 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: (refer <an alias, 2 arguments>) -- Alias for "action refers $1 to $2".
11:01:12 <pascal`> !refer mathiaslin tabcomplete
11:01:12 * OpenMRSBot refers mathiaslin to tabcomplete
11:01:27 <mathiaslin> yes, I have it running w/out this build file, was just wondering due to g_khatwani123's question
11:01:33 *** enthus has left #openmrs
11:02:02 <g_khatwani123> pascal`:%USER_HOME%\AppData\Roaming\OpenMRS\ where should it exactly refer to it in my OS
11:02:10 <pascal`> !tabcomplete
11:02:10 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: "tabcomplete" --- Most IRC clients let you easily write someone's nickname in the channel using tab completion. Just type the first few letters, then <tab>, and voila!
11:03:06 *** sthaiya has joined #openmrs
11:03:27 <g_khatwani123> pascal`:%USER_HOME%\AppData\Roaming\OpenMRS\ where should it exactly refer to it in my OS
11:03:51 <sthaiya> hi all
11:03:51 <pascal`> g_khatwani123, I think you should be able to paste that location directly into your explorer address bar
11:03:55 <pascal`> hi sthaiya
11:04:24 <mathiaslin> g_khatwani123: are you under windows?
11:04:32 <g_khatwani123> yes
11:04:34 <mathiaslin> shoud be at C:\Documents and Settings\<your_user>\Application Data\OpenMRS
11:04:58 <pascal`> What operating system are you running g_khatwani123?
11:05:07 <g_khatwani123> windows vista
11:05:38 <sthaiya> in openmrs 1.6 which scheduler user settings are used? ones in file or in global properties?
11:06:49 <pascal`> sthaiya, I'm not sure. It's probably best to keep them both up to date though, otherwise you risk locking your account.
11:08:00 <g_khatwani123> if my OpenMRS-trunk folder is at C:\Users\GAURAV\workspace whether i should copy this file at C:\Users\GAURAV\workspace\openmrs-trunk
11:08:54 <pascal`> g_khatwani123, you should use the default locations suggested by eclipse when you check out a project from the repository.
11:09:49 <g_khatwani123> pascal`: i checked my project at : C:\Users\GAURAV\workspace
11:11:15 <sthaiya> thanx pascal
11:12:12 <pascal`> sthaiya, jmiranda might have an actual answer for you
11:12:46 <mathiaslin> g_khatwani123: you can store the the file in your workspace under the openmrs-trunk folder
11:12:48 <sthaiya> i have set the global properties one and its working now
11:17:13 *** sanyam has quit IRC
11:20:27 <mathiaslin> g_khatwani123: is it working? you probably need to add another env variable to your build configuration
11:25:06 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
11:57:40 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
11:58:36 *** codestasher has left #openmrs
12:01:47 *** codestasher has joined #openmrs
12:10:04 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
12:10:04 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
12:10:04 *** OpenMRSBot sets mode: +o bwolfe
12:11:12 *** nribeka has quit IRC
12:14:26 <pascal`> hi bwolfe
12:14:31 <bwolfe> hi pascal`
12:15:17 *** chopin_ has joined #openmrs
12:15:27 *** chopin_ is now known as chopin
12:17:49 <pascal`> hi chopin
12:17:57 *** chopin has quit IRC
12:23:40 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
12:25:10 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
12:25:10 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
12:26:38 <pascal`> o/ chopin
12:28:19 *** chopin has quit IRC
12:29:43 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
12:29:43 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
12:30:43 <chopin> what's the best way to test the REST module?
12:31:07 <bwolfe> just via url
12:31:12 <chopin> bwolfe!@&#!
12:31:14 <chopin> ok
12:31:20 <njero> lol
12:31:20 <bwolfe> see the REST Module wiki page?
12:31:27 * chopin is troubleshooting PCSLabCrap
12:31:33 <chopin> !REST
12:31:33 <OpenMRSBot> chopin: Error: "REST" is not a valid command.
12:31:38 <chopin> :-/
12:32:30 <pascal`> !:-/
12:32:30 <OpenMRSBot> pascal`: Error: ":-/" is not a valid command.
12:32:39 <chopin> !(beer)
12:32:39 <OpenMRSBot> chopin: Error: "(beer)" is not a valid command.
12:32:46 <pascal`> !beer chopin
12:32:46 * OpenMRSBot slides chopin a pint
12:34:41 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
12:36:43 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: my internet connection got disrupted, so i was not able to reply ur query.
12:37:42 <mathiaslin> no problem. did you get it the build process to do the deployment?
12:38:27 <mathiaslin> after you stored the custom properties file in your workspace folder (same where build.xml resides), you'd need to add the argument "" to your build configuration in Eclipse (regular version)
12:38:44 <mathiaslin> at least that's how I did it
12:39:13 <g_khatwani123> please wait for 5 minutes i am reading step 5
12:39:46 *** sthaiya has quit IRC
12:45:57 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: where is the build configuration of eclipse
12:46:27 <mathiaslin> you see the 'green arrow with a small toolbox' icon in the toolbr?
12:46:43 <mathiaslin> click the arrow beside it
12:46:49 <g_khatwani123> yes
12:47:11 <mathiaslin> External Tools Configuration ...
12:47:25 <mathiaslin> Did you follow Step5 of the docs?
12:47:28 <g_khatwani123> ok i did
12:47:58 <mathiaslin> on the left hand side there's a list "Ant Build", right?
12:48:11 <mathiaslin> (in the upcoming dialog)
12:48:12 <g_khatwani123> yes
12:48:28 <mathiaslin> any configurations in that 'tree' already?
12:48:41 *** ruwan has quit IRC
12:48:50 <mathiaslin> like ?
12:49:00 <g_khatwani123> yes
12:49:55 <mathiaslin> in the right window, main tab
12:50:02 <g_khatwani123> openmrs-trunk build.xml[install]
12:50:56 <mathiaslin> which ant target did you run before?
12:51:04 <mathiaslin> (what targets are selected in the target tab)?
12:51:33 <g_khatwani123> install
12:52:12 <g_khatwani123> is selected in target tab
12:52:39 <mathiaslin> ok, can you 'run' the task and let me know the output / any errors in the log?
12:53:10 <mathiaslin> or maybe a warning: "No custom build properties found. Using default properties" when you run it?
12:53:25 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
12:53:25 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
12:53:53 <g_khatwani123> yeah i got a same warning
12:54:46 <pascal`> hey downeym
12:55:05 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: yeah i got a same warning
12:55:10 <mathiaslin> ok if the warning says "no custom build properties found" then go back to the ant config file please and add the following into the 'arguments' field:
12:55:37 <mathiaslin>
12:55:42 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
12:55:42 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
12:56:04 <mathiaslin> (i mean in the ant config dialog)
12:56:28 *** sthaiya has joined #openmrs
12:56:35 *** downeym is now known as downeym-away
12:56:48 <g_khatwani123> in the openmrs-trunk build.xml or openmrs-trunk build.xml[install]
12:57:21 <mathiaslin> both actually
12:57:49 <mathiaslin> the build file reads this environment variable in order to locate the properties you've set
12:58:48 <g_khatwani123> i did. now there are now warnings
12:59:31 <mathiaslin> no or new warnings?
12:59:33 <chopin> wee, restmodule returns all identifiers (not just non-voided ones) for api/findPerson
12:59:37 <chopin> 8|
12:59:44 * chopin runs to code review
13:00:26 <g_khatwani123> no new warnings.
13:00:37 <g_khatwani123> now i executed step 5
13:01:01 <mathiaslin> ok, so the app should hopefully be installed to the tomcat if you're settings are correct in the properties file and tomcat is running
13:01:06 <g_khatwani123> OpenMRS Installation Wizard is open in internet explorer
13:01:19 <mathiaslin> ok great
13:02:50 <g_khatwani123> asking for Database connection url
13:02:57 *** sthaiya has quit IRC
13:03:33 <mathiaslin> you need to know your mysql user/passwd
13:03:53 <mathiaslin> could also use the root user if you don't have any other user set up
13:04:14 *** thilini has joined #openmrs
13:04:22 *** chopin_ has joined #openmrs
13:04:39 *** chopin has quit IRC
13:04:39 <g_khatwani123> whether i should leave as it is the "Database connection" textbox
13:04:42 *** chopin_ is now known as chopin
13:06:49 <mathiaslin> don't have the setup screen at hand. do you know your mysql user (i.e. username: root, pwd: ?)
13:07:35 <g_khatwani123> yes
13:07:51 <mathiaslin> just enter username, password there
13:08:07 <mathiaslin> the db connection url/string - you can leave as is
13:09:15 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
13:09:15 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v nribeka
13:09:33 <g_khatwani123> in step 2 should i go "yes" for demo data?
13:09:54 <mathiaslin> yes, if you want demo data. is good for a start
13:10:48 <g_khatwani123> and for this "Do you currently have a database user other than root that has read/write access to the openmrs database?"
13:11:08 <mathiaslin> you can use 'root' user if you dont have another one
13:12:16 <g_khatwani123> in step 3 "Do you want to be able to upload modules from the web interface? "
13:13:08 <mathiaslin> yes
13:13:22 <g_khatwani123> for this "Do you want updates to the database to be automatically applied on startup when a new web application is deployed? "
13:13:45 <mathiaslin> leave default
13:16:40 *** sthaiya has joined #openmrs
13:18:36 <g_khatwani123> during installation i am recieving 6 warnings and 1 ERROR in server log output file
13:19:26 <g_khatwani123> WARN - Listener.getRuntimeProperties(553) |2010-03-16 18:14:39,376| Unable to find properties file: C:\\Application Data\OpenMRS\ WARN - Listener.getRuntimeProperties(565) |2010-03-16 18:14:39,380| Also unable to find a runtime properties file named C:\Windows\system32\ WARN - Listener.getRuntimeProperties(577) |2010-03-16 18:14:39,380| Unable to find a runtime propertie
13:20:46 <g_khatwani123> WARN - Listener.getRuntimeProperties(553) |2010-03-16 18:14:40,064| Unable to find properties file: C:\\Application Data\OpenMRS\ WARN - Listener.getRuntimeProperties(565) |2010-03-16 18:14:40,064| Also unable to find a runtime properties file named C:\Windows\system32\ WARN - Listener.getRuntimeProperties(577) |2010-03-16 18:14:40,065| Unable to find a runtime propertie
13:21:04 <g_khatwani123> ERROR - Context.getServiceContext(243) |2010-03-16 18:44:12,522| serviceContext is null. Creating new ServiceContext()
13:21:24 <mathiaslin> i think it should be ok. if the file is missing it will be created by the setup afaik
13:21:41 <g_khatwani123> ok
13:21:51 <g_khatwani123> its still installing
13:22:21 <g_khatwani123> will take few minutes more.
13:29:59 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
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13:30:45 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
13:30:45 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
13:30:45 *** OpenMRSBot sets mode: +o bwolfe
13:36:26 *** pascal` has quit IRC
13:39:04 *** njero has quit IRC
13:41:36 *** njero has joined #openmrs
13:41:36 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v njero
13:48:41 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: it installed completely. i have to work on billing module. so my query is that when the whole openmrs is completely installed then why there is need to install billing mdule separately.
13:49:02 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
13:49:43 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
13:49:55 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: it installed completely. i have to work on billing module. so my query is that when the whole openmrs is completely installed then why there is need to install billing module separately.
13:49:55 <mathiaslin> not everybody needs all modules, therefore you need to install it via admin interface
13:50:23 <mathiaslin> depending what you need (in your case billing)
13:51:10 <g_khatwani123> i have logged in openmrs. could u please guide me how to install billing module
13:51:36 <mathiaslin> go to admin section
13:51:51 <mathiaslin> there's a link (right side) to add modules
13:52:03 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
13:52:28 <g_khatwani123> i think it's manage modules
13:52:47 <g_khatwani123> yeah then
13:53:02 <mathiaslin> yes
13:54:47 <g_khatwani123> then which file to upload of billing module
13:55:29 *** downeym-away has quit IRC
13:56:33 <g_khatwani123> whether i need to zip it
13:56:37 <mathiaslin> the omod file
13:56:43 <g_khatwani123> ok
13:57:01 <mathiaslin> it's in the dist folder of your module
13:57:32 <nribeka> !karma
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13:58:15 <chopin> nribeka++
13:58:20 <chopin> !nriibeka++
13:58:25 <chopin> nribeka++
13:58:27 <chopin> !karma
13:58:27 <OpenMRSBot> chopin: Highest karma: "bwolfe" (64), "groovy" (30), and "burke" (10). Lowest karma: "emacs" (-4), "scriptlets" (-1), and "--- ping statistics -" (-1). You (chopin) are ranked 22 out of 118.
13:58:42 <nribeka> chopin++
13:58:47 <chopin> :-D
13:58:49 <nribeka> chopin++
13:58:52 <g_khatwani123> @OpenMRSBot: what about my karma.
13:58:55 <bwolfe> stop the circle jerking
13:59:10 <chopin> bwolfe--
13:59:22 <nribeka> bwolfe--
14:00:00 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin:Error while trying to start module
14:00:06 <codestasher> @mathiaslin & g_khatwani123 were you talking abt the billing module that is a part of gsoc projects ?
14:01:13 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin:Error while trying to start module
14:01:14 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12478]: amrsmobileforms: Tagging amrsmobileforms/trunk as version 1.0 <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12477]: amrsmobileforms: creating tags <>
14:01:36 <mathiaslin> g_khatwani123: sorry, i don't know about the billing module
14:03:03 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin:when i click on start button it is written below it [Not Started]
14:10:08 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: how did you get the billing module omod? did saptarshi send it to you or did someone fix subversion?
14:11:43 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
14:11:43 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
14:12:36 <g_khatwani123> i downloaded
14:13:10 <g_khatwani123> it from
14:13:24 <bwolfe> did it download without error g_khatwani123 ?
14:15:54 <g_khatwani123> no i recieved an error after 46% complete "it may locked by external sources, to download it should be unclocked". then i discovered that only lib-common folder files are missing. so i downloaded each file of lib-common separately
14:18:16 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:no i recieved an error after 46% complete "it may locked by external sources, to download it should be unclocked". then i discovered that only lib-common folder files are missing. so i downloaded each file of lib-common separately
14:18:58 <bwolfe> ah
14:19:25 <bwolfe> thats one way to do it :-)
14:21:46 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:the omod is not downloadable it get constructed after ant build of build.xml of billing module
14:22:21 <bwolfe> not downloadable? what do you mean?
14:23:04 <bwolfe> codestasher: yes, they're talking about this billing module: and
14:23:32 <bwolfe> not sure how much of that module implements what the gsoc module says:
14:23:36 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
14:23:51 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:there is not any dist folder. so how omod file will be there
14:25:36 <codestasher> thanks for replying bwolfe, i was also curoius about the same project, but if someone has already started working on it, then i will look for some other project
14:25:52 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: try refreshing in eclipse.
14:26:03 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: or just create an empty dist folder and then recompile
14:26:47 <bwolfe> codestasher: all projects are open at this point. some have previous work on them that needs to be expanded on. I think g_khatwani123 is a gsoc hopeful like you (right g_khatwani123 ?)
14:27:11 <bwolfe> the projects list might get smaller or larger as we refine this week and next
14:29:03 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:u should hold belief on me. As i have done 2 open source projects with sun microsystems. i am confident that i can complete it . please don't remove it from project list
14:29:04 *** codestasher_ has joined #openmrs
14:29:04 <downeym> hi codestasher_
14:29:31 *** codestasher_ has quit IRC
14:30:23 <codestasher> hey downeym that was me ony an added _ was there :)
14:31:26 *** downeym has quit IRC
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14:33:49 <bwolfe> codestasher: downeym is just a little anxious on the greetings :-p
14:34:16 <bwolfe> I can't figure out how his irc client does it, but it seems to auto-add people that have talked before. ...or maybe its that he only says it to new people
14:36:13 *** Shazin has joined #openmrs
14:37:04 <g_khatwani123> Error while trying to start module org.openmrs.module.billing.extension.html.AdminExt cannot be cast to org.openmrs.module.Extension ** org.openmrs.module.Module.expandExtensionNames( ** org.openmrs.module.Module.getExtensions(
14:37:21 <g_khatwani123> ** org.openmrs.module.ModuleFactory.startModule( ** org.openmrs.module.web.controller.ModuleListController.onSubmit( org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.SimpleFormController.processFormSubmission(
14:37:22 <codestasher> @bwolfe downeym missed one
14:37:33 <g_khatwani123> org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.AbstractFormController.handleRequestInternal( org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.AbstractController.handleRequest( org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.SimpleControllerHandlerAdapter.handle(
14:37:53 <g_khatwani123> org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet.doDispatch( org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet.doService( org.springframework.web.servlet.FrameworkServlet.processRequest( org.springframework.web.servlet.FrameworkServlet.doPost( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
14:38:02 <bwolfe> codestasher: heh, yeah, its hard to catch them when you're gone :-p
14:38:02 <g_khatwani123> javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter( org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter( ** org.openmrs.module.web.filter.ModuleFilterChain.doFilter( ** org.openmrs.module.web.filter.ModuleFilter.doFilter(
14:38:30 <g_khatwani123> org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter( org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter( ** org.openmrs.web.filter.OpenmrsFilter.doFilterInternal( org.springframework.web.filter.OncePerRequestFilter.doFilter( org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter(A
14:38:37 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: whoa
14:38:46 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: can you use for stacktraces?
14:38:47 <g_khatwani123> org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter( org.springframework.web.filter.OncePerRequestFilter.doFilter( org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter( org.apache.catalina.core.Appli
14:38:49 *** chopin has quit IRC
14:38:54 <g_khatwani123> ok
14:38:58 <bwolfe> just put the first line of the message here
14:39:22 <g_khatwani123> Error while trying to start module
14:40:19 <g_khatwani123> how to use pastebin
14:41:14 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:how to use pastebin?
14:41:44 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: what do you mean how to use it?
14:41:52 <bwolfe> you paste things into a bin :-p
14:41:57 <g_khatwani123> i have
14:42:03 <g_khatwani123> pasted
14:42:24 <bwolfe> ok...
14:42:29 <bwolfe> whats the url ?
14:43:23 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
14:43:23 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
14:43:57 <g_khatwani123> @bwolfe:url->
14:44:02 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
14:44:02 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
14:44:26 *** Shazin has quit IRC
14:45:12 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: strange
14:45:29 <bwolfe> g_khatwani123: anything in the "lib" folder of the billing module? it should be empty
14:46:17 <nribeka> downeym,
14:49:30 <g_khatwani123> oh its not empty, i will try again and let u know
14:54:21 *** hawaiian has joined #openmrs
14:57:05 *** Shazin has joined #openmrs
14:59:31 <Shazin> Hi All
15:01:05 *** openmrs_web387 has joined #openmrs
15:01:07 *** openmrs_web387 is now known as mrosas
15:01:10 <mrosas> hello
15:01:57 <nribeka> hi Shazin
15:01:58 <nribeka> hi mrosas
15:02:07 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2152 (enhancement created): REST Module JSON and XML rendering changes <>
15:02:20 *** downeym has quit IRC
15:03:54 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
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15:03:54 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
15:03:54 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym
15:08:37 <mrosas> i got a problem with the users, i add a new user, put him some permissions, and when i log in with it, it is not going to the main page and say welcome, instead it says you don't have permissions to see this page
15:13:50 <nribeka> did you give the correct permission mrosas?
15:16:53 *** harsha has joined #openmrs
15:16:53 <downeym> hi harsha
15:17:30 <nribeka> bwolfe, is it by design, a module can only have one service?
15:18:14 <bwolfe> nribeka: no, they have have multiple
15:18:20 <bwolfe> look at the sync or chica modules
15:18:41 <nribeka> thx bwolfe
15:18:48 <nribeka> checking out sync
15:18:50 <nribeka> or chica
15:23:20 <harsha> bwolfe: regarding the issue #619 , should we display a text as error messages that u r not authorized when user tries to edit grobalproperties?
15:24:35 <bwolfe> harsha: no, just make them read only
15:24:46 <bwolfe> just display the value. don't display the value in a readonly textbox
15:25:28 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
15:25:39 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pascal`
15:26:11 <downeym> !ticket 619
15:26:11 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Ticket #619:
15:30:41 <harsha> bwolfe: u mean make the value read only , not just the field. is it ?
15:31:26 <bwolfe> harsha: not sure what you mean by field
15:31:48 <bwolfe> I mean if the user doesn't have permission to edit or the dev chose to put "readonly", then don't put any <input> tag
15:33:30 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2154 (defect created): REST Module should not return voided identifiers for patients <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2153 (defect created): Concept Set doesn't show set members in Schema Design <>
15:33:35 <harsha> bwolfe: textfield i mean , ahh cool got it. tx
15:34:58 *** x-ian has quit IRC
15:38:28 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
15:56:50 *** yuvrajtomar has joined #openmrs
15:59:32 *** hawaiian has quit IRC
16:03:05 *** sthaiya has quit IRC
16:04:54 *** x-ian has joined #openmrs
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16:10:36 *** upul` has joined #openmrs
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16:19:26 *** hawaiian has joined #openmrs
16:23:13 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
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16:37:30 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
16:37:30 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
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16:49:52 <chopin> pascal`: hi (late)
16:50:56 *** sanyam has joined #openmrs
16:55:17 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
16:56:29 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: earlier u told me something tobe pasted in arguments in External tools configuration.....
16:56:50 <g_khatwani123> by istake it got deleted please tell me again
16:57:05 <g_khatwani123> by mistake it got deleted please tell me again
16:57:23 <mathiaslin>
16:58:08 <mathiaslin> (btw: what irc client are you using? if on windows, you can use xchat, that stores all logs and you can always review it)
16:58:28 <mathiaslin>
16:58:54 *** x-ian has quit IRC
16:59:59 <bwolfe> openmrs logs everything too
17:00:00 <bwolfe> !irclogs
17:00:00 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "irclogs" --- The OpenMRS IRC logs are publicly displayed online:
17:00:51 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
17:03:40 *** yuvrajtomar has quit IRC
17:03:51 *** yuvrajtomar has joined #openmrs
17:04:23 *** yuvrajtomar has left #openmrs
17:07:36 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12487]: remove war dependency from basicmodule as jetty:run fails to start up with … <>
17:09:47 <g_khatwani123> due to some problem in my pc tomcat got corrupted so i have installed tomcat again. so for openmrs-trunk build.xml[install] ia m recieving an error
17:10:03 <g_khatwani123> BUILD FAILED C:\Users\GAURAV\workspace\openmrs-trunk\build.xml:395: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: http://localhost:8080/manager/deploy?path=%2Fopenmrs
17:13:41 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: BUILD FAILED C:\Users\GAURAV\workspace\openmrs-trunk\build.xml:395: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: http://localhost:8080/manager/deploy?path=%2Fopenmrs
17:15:45 <mathiaslin> you reinstalled tomcat - is the user/password still valid?
17:15:56 <mathiaslin> otherwise need to set user/pw in tomcat-users.xml
17:15:59 <mathiaslin> again
17:16:27 <mathiaslin> http error 401 = unauthorized
17:18:45 <g_khatwani123> yeah i did that
17:18:51 <g_khatwani123> still gives same error
17:19:09 <mathiaslin> restartet tomcat?
17:22:40 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: still gives same error
17:25:06 <mathiaslin> can you the tomcat-users.xml, the user has the 'manager' role?
17:25:12 *** sanyam has quit IRC
17:27:12 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: please see it url---------------->
17:28:35 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
17:28:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
17:30:44 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
17:31:25 *** mathiaslin has joined #openmrs
17:31:58 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
17:31:58 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop
17:32:45 <chopin> hooooo boy .. afternoon slump
17:32:57 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: have u got the solution
17:33:08 *** upul` has quit IRC
17:33:42 <mathiaslin> can you the tomcat-users.xml, the user has the 'manager' role?
17:34:15 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: please see it url---------------->
17:34:37 <mathiaslin> looks all good
17:34:49 <bwolfe> agreed
17:35:47 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: so what should be done to remove error
17:36:07 * chopin agrees with bwolfe no matter what
17:36:35 <bwolfe> chopin: bad idea
17:36:43 * chopin agrees with bwolfe
17:36:56 <bwolfe> chopin smells of moldy cheese
17:37:04 * chopin agrees with chopin
17:37:29 <mathiaslin> g_khatwani123, to identify the error, you could go to http://localhost:8080/manager/html and try to deploy the war file manually
17:39:26 <downeym> member:pascal%60: hi (late)
17:39:31 <downeym> hrmph
17:39:52 <downeym> pastefail
17:41:52 <pascal`> (=
17:43:00 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: thanks its working now. could u please tell me when i reinstalled tomcat so why i don't i have to install openmrs-trunk again
17:43:53 <mathiaslin> what do you mean you didn't have to install openmrs-trunk again?
17:44:02 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
17:44:07 <mathiaslin> you just deployed it manually uploading the war file, right?
17:47:07 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
17:47:24 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: thanks its working now. could u please tell me when i reinstalled tomcat so why i don't i have to install openmrs-trunk again. And where does that openmrs-trunk got installed first time
17:48:15 <mathiaslin> openmrs will always be installed unter the <TOMCAT_HOME>/webapps/openmrs
17:49:15 <mathiaslin> no difference if you manually deploy via /manager/html or via the ant task within eclipse, the result is about the same
17:49:51 <g_khatwani123> but when i reinstalled tomcat before reinstalling i deleted all tomcat files in program files
17:50:12 * Mkop is surprised how often people look at my computer screen and think XChat is an IDE
17:51:26 <mathiaslin> g_khatwani123, but after the reinstallation, you mean you just opened the openmrs url and the app was already there?
17:51:45 <g_khatwani123> yeah
17:51:51 <mathiaslin> you didn't upload the war file manually?
17:52:30 <g_khatwani123> after uploading the war file
17:52:48 <g_khatwani123> installation openmrs means the step 1 to 6 process
17:53:14 <mathiaslin> not necessarily. steps 1-6 describes the whole process from building the war file to deployment
17:53:34 *** jkeiper has joined #openmrs
17:53:34 <downeym> hi jkeiper
17:53:43 <mathiaslin> once you already got the war-file built, you need to deploy it on tomcat. there are different ways to do that
17:53:43 * jkeiper is trying XChat
17:53:45 <jkeiper> over heah
17:53:59 <Mkop> chopin, meet jkeiper. jkeiper, meet chopin.
17:54:21 <Mkop> "know yourself."
17:54:28 <mathiaslin> one way is described in the openmrs docs, the manual way to deploy the war file is as you just did - just in order to locate the 401 error you previously got
17:54:45 <jkeiper> o/
17:54:46 <g_khatwani123> ok i understood, but why i was recieving build failed for normal process to deploy.
17:54:48 <chopin> \o
17:55:10 <g_khatwani123> when even my tomcat-user.xml was correct
17:56:10 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v jkeiper
17:57:08 <downeym> jkeiper++
17:57:22 *** chopin has quit IRC
17:59:22 *** jkeiper is now known as chopin
17:59:56 <chopin> mmkay, back to it
18:07:44 <g_khatwani123> thanks everybody, now i have successfully uploaded billing module. now its running without errors
18:07:57 <downeym> congrats
18:08:04 *** mrosas has quit IRC
18:09:08 <mathiaslin> g_khatwani123, good to hear :)
18:10:25 <g_khatwani123> mathiaslin: thanks for ur kind help u were so helpful
18:15:42 *** Shazin has left #openmrs
18:16:19 *** mathiaslin has quit IRC
18:18:30 *** sthaiya has joined #openmrs
18:21:16 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
18:22:40 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
18:23:25 <downeym>
18:24:12 *** ashwin_kapa has joined #openmrs
18:24:13 <downeym> hi ashwin_kapa
18:24:36 <ashwin_kapa> hi
18:25:48 <ashwin_kapa> i am working on medicalpoblem module
18:27:01 <g_khatwani123> may i help u ashwin_kapa
18:29:14 <downeym> ashwin_kapa: cool
18:29:18 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
18:30:23 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
18:32:16 *** ashwin_kapa has quit IRC
18:32:31 *** v_rawat has joined #openmrs
18:32:32 <downeym> hi v_rawat
18:32:46 <v_rawat> hiiii
18:34:48 <g_khatwani123> hi v_rawat.
18:34:54 <v_rawat> i am working on nbs module. i hav uploaded it through admin .
18:35:23 <g_khatwani123> ok
18:35:43 <g_khatwani123> any problem ur facing?
18:36:39 <v_rawat> i am not able to start how to improve this module. means i want to work on this module. please help to start with it.
18:36:42 <v_rawat> i am not able to start how to improve this module. means i want to work on this module. please help to start with it.
18:38:31 <g_khatwani123> since i am also working billing module so i am currently under that process. if can wait till tomorrow. i can help u since i think i will figure it out how to work on it.
18:39:49 <g_khatwani123> if u face any problem regarding installation i can help u.
18:40:37 <bwolfe> v_rawat: is there something somewhere saying to work on the NBS module?
18:40:47 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12488]: reporting: Move utility classes from util package into other packages <>
18:41:04 *** v_rawat has quit IRC
18:41:12 <nribeka> what is nbs module?
18:41:41 *** v_rawat has joined #openmrs
18:42:01 <bwolfe> nribeka: newborn screening module. I think RG uses it
18:42:09 <bwolfe> not sure where v_rawat heard about it
18:42:20 <v_rawat> bwolfe:wat do u mean?
18:43:03 <bwolfe> v_rawat: is there something somewhere saying to work on the NBS module?
18:43:20 <g_khatwani123> i think he is asking about how to start work on any module ;-)
18:43:29 <codestasher> lol
18:43:56 <codestasher> no he's not asking for that g_khatwani123
18:44:28 <v_rawat> u can c repositry
18:44:55 <downeym> v_rawat: what would you like to do with the module?
18:45:10 <g_khatwani123> yeah there is an /nbsmodule present there.
18:46:19 <g_khatwani123> v_rawat: so what exactly what u want to improve in that. i think that there is not any active project lying for it
18:46:43 <downeym> bwolfe: nribeka: chica?
18:47:07 <v_rawat> sir m a beginner
18:47:15 <downeym> !gsoc
18:47:15 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
18:47:43 <bwolfe> downeym: no, RG. Shaun Grannis and company
18:47:49 <downeym> bwolfe: k
18:47:54 <v_rawat> i jus wanna to knw hw to start work on any module after uploading it
18:48:36 <nribeka> it should be auto start after you upload it
18:50:14 <v_rawat> i wanna to code
18:50:57 <bwolfe> !modules
18:50:57 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "modules" ---
18:51:00 <bwolfe> !developers
18:51:00 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "developers" ---
18:51:05 <bwolfe> !gettingstartedtickets
18:51:05 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "gettingstartedtickets" ---
18:51:07 <bwolfe> !introtickets
18:51:07 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "introtickets" ---
18:51:13 <bwolfe> !gettingstarted
18:51:13 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "gettingstarted" --- You might want to look at !overview, !techtalk, and !projects
18:51:21 <g_khatwani123> v_rawat: :-) that exactly what everybody does
18:51:42 <downeym>
18:52:53 <downeym> v_rawat: Are you interested in Google Summer of Code?
18:53:42 <v_rawat> yeah, m intrested in google summer of court
18:53:55 <v_rawat> sorry Google Summer of Code?
18:54:23 <v_rawat> i want to work on existing project.
18:54:34 <downeym> v_rawat: OK. Start by reading ... at the end there is a list of ways you can get started. One is by joining this IRC channel. :)
18:55:09 <downeym> v_rawat: The best way to get started writing code today is to look at a Getting Started Ticket and try to fix one:
18:56:55 <v_rawat> no. jus tell me hw to start work on any module. since i knw hw to code . so need for beginner projects
18:57:50 <g_khatwani123> v_rawat: 1st learn the basics.
18:59:18 <v_rawat> i dnt thnk dat anybody is going to help me what i wanna to ask
19:00:41 <downeym> v_rawat: ... GSoC potential project ideas are listed at the top with the green icon
19:01:21 <chopin> robbyoconnor: are you r0bby?
19:01:40 * downeym nods at chopin
19:02:34 <robbyoconnor> yup
19:02:39 <chopin> robbyoconnor: any clue why it takes me literally 10 minutes to pull patient.getAllPatients() in a groovy script?
19:02:44 <nribeka> so, v_rawat what do you need again? you can't start your module?
19:02:55 <robbyoconnor> chopin: I haven't the slightest clue
19:02:56 <chopin> i know groovy 1.7 is out, but ... it has to be the API.
19:02:57 <nribeka> what module is it? and where did you get the module?
19:03:04 <robbyoconnor> it has to be
19:03:08 <downeym> nribeka: got it from svn :)
19:03:18 * chopin shakes a huge fist at the API.
19:03:35 <nribeka> chopin, you pulling all 180k patients?
19:03:38 <robbyoconnor> downeym: are you running the groovy module from svn or release?
19:03:53 <downeym> robbyoconnor: neither
19:03:55 <chopin> nribeka: what if i am? ;-)
19:04:01 <downeym> robbyoconnor: you want chopin not me :D
19:04:05 <chopin> robbyoconnor: 2.0
19:04:07 <robbyoconnor> er chopin
19:04:07 * downeym hands robbyoconnor a diet coke
19:04:16 <robbyoconnor> hate diet soda
19:04:17 <robbyoconnor> lol
19:04:22 <downeym> robbyoconnor: fired!
19:04:28 <chopin> robbyoconnor: and burke said he had fixed something up but ..
19:04:33 <downeym> robbyoconnor--
19:04:36 <chopin> haha
19:04:43 <robbyoconnor> chopin: I haven't touched that in awhile
19:04:51 <nribeka> yeah, diet coke is the official sponsor for openmrs devs beverages
19:05:03 <robbyoconnor> last i played with it was right before soc started last year
19:05:22 <robbyoconnor> that's in a releaseable state sort of
19:05:26 <robbyoconnor> i think
19:05:32 <downeym> chopin: why are you so impatient? :)
19:05:36 <chopin> robbyoconnor: that's cool, just wondered if you had an idea. I guess we're really just calling exec() and letting it fly, huh?
19:05:56 <robbyoconnor> chopin: everything in that module is written in groovy :P
19:05:59 <v_rawat> yeah nribeak yes i am not able to start work on my module . like recently i installed radiology module which is in gsoc . so hw 2 start work on dat so dat givn problem of gsoc can be solved
19:05:59 * chopin wants a GroovyService with thread monitoring, etc
19:06:09 <bwolfe> chopin: nribeka was right, probably because you're putting all 180K patients into a java list ? thats hard on memory...
19:06:12 <robbyoconnor> yeh that's on the TODO
19:06:13 <robbyoconnor> :)
19:06:45 * robbyoconnor burps
19:06:55 <robbyoconnor> I drink Waist Watchers diet rootbeer :P
19:06:56 <chopin> oof ... wish i could speed up the API somehow. getting a pile of patients, no matter how huge, shouldn't take 10 minutes.
19:07:20 <nribeka> v_rawat, what kind of error are you getting from tomcat. you can check the logs and do pastebin. from there, we might be able to help you out
19:08:10 *** njero has quit IRC
19:08:16 <chopin> nribeka: we have 180,718 non-voided patients
19:09:53 <chopin> bwolfe: should we be lazily loading patients then?
19:10:16 <bwolfe> chopin: they probably are lazily loaded
19:10:30 <bwolfe> which might be the cause for the slow down
19:10:34 <chopin> o
19:10:46 <bwolfe> you could try using the PatientSetService. it gets blocks of patients and only 1 or 2 attributes at a time
19:10:51 <bwolfe> (in one sql call)
19:10:51 <nribeka> patient is lazy loaded (i think)
19:11:02 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12489]: reporting: Move html extension point classes from api to web <>
19:11:11 <chopin> ah! /me looks over there
19:11:16 <downeym> v_rawat: Let us know your error message on that module and we can start to help :)
19:11:39 <v_rawat> on d link u c d problem. nw to solve dat problem hw i should proceed
19:11:44 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
19:12:43 <nribeka> v_rawat, do you understands the complex observations?
19:12:57 <v_rawat> yes
19:14:10 * downeym also refers to the Moca-proposed project for Radiology at
19:14:14 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
19:15:50 <v_rawat> in the module radiology ther are so many files how should i analyse and which one to analyse to solve problem
19:17:03 <downeym> v_rawat: I suggest you contact the person who proposed that project. He is sunbiz on IRC or you can get his contact details at
19:17:31 <downeym> v_rawat: But you should be aware that for now, that project is too big for GSoC
19:18:54 <v_rawat> so any other project like above it i can c billing module ?? wat r ur opinions about it ?
19:18:58 <nribeka> v_rawat, i think the idea about the project is the student come up with the solutions. the requirement is listed in the project page. and all students should come up with a proposal on how they will handle the problems
19:19:22 <downeym> v_rawat: Potential GSoC project ideas are marked with a GSoC logo.
19:20:45 <downeym> v_rawat: they are the ones at the top of the list
19:22:30 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
19:24:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v sthaiya
19:25:43 *** openmrs_web753 has joined #openmrs
19:25:43 <downeym> hi openmrs_web753
19:27:17 *** v_rawat has quit IRC
19:28:35 *** wyclif has joined #openmrs
19:28:35 <downeym> hi wyclif
19:29:01 <wyclif> hello
19:29:08 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v wyclif
19:30:02 *** openmrs_web753 has quit IRC
19:34:22 *** hawaiian has left #openmrs
19:36:03 *** Mkop1 has joined #openmrs
19:36:03 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop1
19:36:25 *** Mkop has quit IRC
19:38:06 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
19:38:37 <chopin> can anyone think of why PatientServiceImpl.checkPatientIdentifiers() should check voided identifiers when looking for duplicates?
19:44:40 <bwolfe> chopin: I thought I fixed that a while ago to not do that
19:44:52 <bwolfe> or maybe that was just for checkdigit checks
19:45:05 <chopin> bwolfe: it's using getIdentifiers()
19:45:18 <bwolfe> strange
19:45:41 <chopin> i mean, i still need to clean up the data
19:45:42 <chopin> heh
19:49:14 <Mkop1> downeym: was the second member of your twitpic the official openmrs food sponsor?
19:49:31 <downeym> Mkop1: no, nribeka is the food sponsor
19:49:46 <Mkop1> ... thus explaining what you're doing at McDonalds
19:50:02 <nribeka> lol
19:50:05 <nribeka> c u all tomorrow
19:50:11 <nribeka> need to go to an appt
19:50:18 <downeym> Mkop1: wyclif & Ronald McDonald
19:50:36 <Mkop1> downeym: I was asking if ronald mcdonald is your food sponsor
19:50:56 <g_khatwani123> which module is required to work on Boolean Concepts project.
19:52:36 <g_khatwani123> wyclif: which module is required to work on Boolean Concepts project.
19:52:51 <downeym> Mkop1: lol
19:53:46 <Mkop1> <nribeka> yeah, diet coke is the official sponsor for openmrs devs beverages <-- a few years ago I worked at boy scout camp for the summer, and our official sponsor was Mountain Dew. The greatest was that one week we had a camper whose dad flew the helicopter for the local TV station, and we got a air-delivered shipment of mountain dew for staff.
19:54:26 <downeym> g_khatwani123: i don't think there are any modules required to work on boolean concepts project :)
19:54:28 <g_khatwani123> which module is required to work on Boolean Concepts project.
19:54:41 <downeym> Mkop1: we only drink diet coke, we do not eat.
19:54:44 <downeym> :D
19:54:47 <nribeka> g_khatwani123, boolean concept is for core
19:55:09 <downeym> g_khatwani123: would be in trunk and not an add-on module
19:55:24 * downeym opens more diet coke
19:57:24 <g_khatwani123> @downeym: currently i was working on billing module. but that doesn't hav logo of gsoc 2010. so whether i should drop the idea.
19:58:22 <downeym> g_khatwani123: the ones with the logo are the project ideas that we think can be accomplished successfully during GSoC (if we are accepted)
19:58:40 <Mkop1> g_khatwani123: your main goal now is to familiarize yourself with the code base, and to maybe do an intro ticket or two to show your competency. whether what you do now is exactly related to a particular project is less relevant
19:59:42 <downeym> g_khatwani123: project work does not begin until students have (1) applied, (2) been accepted, (3) talk with the mentors for their assigned project and plan how they will implement the project, and (4) the GSoC official "start date"
20:00:43 * downeym agrees with Mkop1 ... best to try to do a getting started ticket:
20:01:50 <downeym> If OpenMRS is accepted, people who have done 1 or more tickets may get closer consideration for their application
20:03:41 *** nribeka has quit IRC
20:04:02 <g_khatwani123> ok i understood .but on the link there are so many tickets. so whether i can start with anyone. and how to report that i done particular ticket
20:05:04 <downeym> g_khatwani123: do you have a Trac account yet?
20:05:15 <g_khatwani123> no
20:05:32 <downeym> start there :)
20:05:47 <Mkop1> g_khatwani123: follow the instructions on the wiki for how to get started as a developer. that should explain how to work on tickets, etc.
20:06:15 <downeym>
20:06:16 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
20:14:18 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #608 (task closed): History of Changes - allow admin to reset items that have failed so sync resumes <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12490]: xforms module: more bug fixes and changes for openmrs 1.6 <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2155 (task created): REST Module needs unit tests <>
20:14:32 <downeym> g_khatwani123: is that helpful for you?
20:21:02 <g_khatwani123> yes it is something now clear and it might have been told me earlier so that i had not wasted everybody's time
20:21:36 <downeym> will try to make it more obvious on our gsoc page
20:22:04 <chopin> so uh ... where's the 1.6.x RC tagged at?
20:26:05 <chopin> bwolfe: ?
20:29:09 <chopin> meh, i'll find it tomorrow. peace and chicken grease y'all
20:29:26 *** yuvrajtomar has joined #openmrs
20:29:57 <yuvrajtomar> when is the OIP 2010 going to b announced?
20:30:41 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: We don't have a date for OIP quite yet. GSoC will announce their organizations on 18 March.
20:30:59 <downeym> !gsoc
20:30:59 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: "gsoc" --- More information about OpenMRS and Google Summer of Code 2010 is available at
20:31:07 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: It is possible they will run at the same time
20:31:14 *** chopin has quit IRC
20:31:20 <yuvrajtomar> okay, thank you.
20:31:27 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: no problem :)
20:31:47 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
20:34:00 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: In case you haven't seen it, check:
20:35:07 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, thanks again :)
20:35:19 <downeym> ok cool
20:35:38 <downeym> We have marked some projects as gsoc-appropriate, you may find them helpful too
20:38:15 <yuvrajtomar> I find the Approximate Date Project to be pretty interesting, are you using Discrete Mathematics concepts to estimate the dates?
20:39:43 <downeym> Using nothing, yet. That is the project :)
20:39:55 <downeym> Right now it's just a date with a flag to set if the date is estimated.
20:40:39 <downeym> But many times, someone in the clinic does not know an exact date. Perhaps they are given something like "about 16 March 2010" or "before 1980" ...
20:40:57 <yuvrajtomar> ok
20:41:31 <downeym> does that make sense?
20:41:42 <yuvrajtomar> I'm getting the picture :)
20:41:49 <downeym> cool
20:42:16 <yuvrajtomar> I thought that we had to create an exact date based on some raw approximate data
20:42:47 <downeym> I think that's part of it ...
20:43:53 <downeym> once a mentor is identified for that project, that would be a good conversation to have
20:44:04 <Mkop1> it may or may not be useful to store the approx. date using an exact date, but it should be displayed to the user as "about 16 March 2010" or the like
20:44:20 <yuvrajtomar> ok
20:44:35 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12491]: restricted patient identifiers on returned patient objects to only … <>
20:44:47 <downeym> we've tried to allow for flexibility and creativity in these projects :)
20:45:41 <yuvrajtomar> I was reading through the patch submitted by vindyani (ticket #430) and I couldn't find the implementation of any approximation algorithms, so I guess that's where the project needs to be looked upon at the GSoC.
20:45:54 <downeym> !ticket 430
20:45:54 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Ticket #430:
20:46:58 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, though it appears that the uncertainty arisen by using Boolean Variables has been made flexible by using numbers to indicate true/false values at different parameters
20:47:00 <Mkop1> re: the boolean concepts project:
20:47:02 <Mkop1> wyclif: ^^
20:47:04 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
20:47:23 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: yes i think the project would start where ticket 430 left
20:47:57 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
20:49:46 <downeym> Mkop1: I like True, False, Maybe :)
20:50:07 <downeym> 1, 0, 42
20:50:16 <Mkop1> lol
20:50:37 <Mkop1> you know what's annoying? in MS Access, in a yes no field, true is -1
20:50:44 <Mkop1> which is too big to fit into a binary field
20:52:13 <yuvrajtomar> I find and one more thing to be funny about MS excel, when we use the feature 'vlookup', in its parameters TRUE = Approximate Match and FALSE = Exact Match
20:52:44 <yuvrajtomar> I guess we don't have much fans of MS in the Open Source Community :P
20:56:49 <downeym> yuvrajtomar++
21:04:28 <Mkop1> ms--
21:04:39 <Mkop1> mysql++
21:04:45 <Mkop1> ms access--
21:04:52 <downeym> !karma
21:04:52 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Highest karma: "bwolfe" (62), "groovy" (30), and "burke" (10). Lowest karma: "emacs" (-4), "scriptlets" (-1), and "--- ping statistics -" (-1). You (downeym) are ranked 12 out of 124.
21:04:58 <Mkop1> downeym+=5
21:05:02 <Mkop1> does that work?
21:05:07 <downeym> nope
21:05:12 <Mkop1> darn
21:05:14 <downeym> !karma downeym
21:05:14 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Karma for "downeym" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
21:05:27 <downeym> emacs--
21:05:41 <Mkop1> for (int i=0; i<5;i++) downeym++
21:05:45 <Mkop1> how about that?
21:05:49 <yuvrajtomar> I'm sorry for interrupting, but I'm not understanding this rating in Karma?
21:05:55 <Mkop1> emacs++
21:06:00 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: kind of an irc joke
21:06:05 <Mkop1> !help karma
21:06:05 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop1: (karma [<channel>] [<thing> ...]) -- Returns the karma of <text>. If <thing> is not given, returns the top three and bottom three karmas. If one <thing> is given, returns the details of its karma; if more than one <thing> is given, returns the total karma of each of the the things. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself.
21:06:10 <yuvrajtomar> is it about the number of valid points we've raised?
21:06:18 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: not really ... the score is arbitrary :)
21:06:22 <downeym> !karma nribeka
21:06:22 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Karma for "nribeka" has been increased 6 times and decreased 6 times for a total karma of 0.
21:06:31 <downeym> nribeka--
21:06:34 <Mkop1> no. it's about how many times someone has ++'d you. that's all
21:06:37 <downeym> !karma nribeka
21:06:37 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Karma for "nribeka" has been increased 6 times and decreased 7 times for a total karma of -1.
21:06:38 <Mkop1> nribeka++
21:06:46 <downeym> Mkop1: hey now
21:06:49 <downeym> Mkop1--
21:06:50 <yuvrajtomar> Well then, I'm glad to have scored a Karma :)
21:06:55 <downeym> yuvrajtomar++
21:06:59 <downeym> !karma yuvrajtomar
21:06:59 <OpenMRSBot> downeym: Karma for "yuvrajtomar" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
21:07:07 <Mkop1> I don't care if Mkop1 has bad karma, since my real name is Mkop
21:07:11 <yuvrajtomar> :)
21:07:26 <Mkop1> !karma Mkop
21:07:26 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop1: Karma for "Mkop" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
21:07:27 *** ChanServ sets mode: -v Mkop1
21:07:38 <downeym> uhoh, looks like chanserv heard you :)
21:07:41 <Mkop1> oh, mannnnnnn
21:07:45 <Mkop1> playing ugly, are we?
21:07:50 * downeym looks around
21:08:13 <Mkop1> !beer downeym
21:08:13 * OpenMRSBot slides downeym a pint
21:08:22 <Mkop1> that should help deal with your deep-seated frustrations
21:08:28 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: don't try to ++ your own karma, it will actually lower it :)
21:08:36 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop1
21:08:36 <Mkop1> lies!
21:08:48 <Mkop1> downeym: is that as payment for the beer?
21:08:52 <yuvrajtomar> thanks for the heads up
21:08:53 <downeym> Mkop1: yes
21:09:00 <Mkop1> Mkop++
21:09:06 <Mkop1> !karma Mkop
21:09:06 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop1: Karma for "Mkop" has been increased 3 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 3.
21:09:11 <downeym> Tonight is OpenMRS St. Patrick's Day Eve celebration
21:09:20 <yuvrajtomar> Hey, its working for Mkop!
21:09:39 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: look closely - he is using another nick :)
21:09:40 <Mkop1> yuvrajtomar: don't believe anything downeym says.
21:09:51 <Mkop1> !karma Mkop1
21:09:51 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop1: Karma for "Mkop1" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
21:09:57 <downeym> Mkop--
21:10:00 <Mkop1> Mkop1++
21:10:00 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop1: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
21:10:07 <Mkop1> !karma Mkop1
21:10:07 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop1: Karma for "Mkop1" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
21:10:10 <yuvrajtomar> This is INTERESTING!
21:10:17 <Mkop1> huh?
21:10:38 <Mkop1> downeym: are you /msg'ing the bot behind the scenes?
21:10:43 <downeym> never
21:11:18 <Mkop1> <Mkop1> yuvrajtomar: don't believe anything downeym says.
21:11:27 <downeym> good advice
21:11:41 <downeym> but everything bwolfe says is law
21:12:04 <bwolfe> I don't believe you downeym
21:12:11 <yuvrajtomar> Alrighty!
21:12:12 <downeym> paradox
21:12:25 <downeym> paradox = docpaul + burke
21:12:29 <Mkop1> whoo hoo! I love paradoxes
21:12:32 <Mkop1> *groan*
21:13:28 * Mkop1 just realized that darius's project should be called the IUPUIUI redesign
21:13:40 <Mkop1> try say IUPUIUI 10 times fast
21:13:51 <bwolfe> Mkop1: close, but not really
21:13:59 <Mkop1> details, shmetails....
21:14:06 <Mkop1> close enough for a bad pun
21:14:12 <Mkop1> who cares if he works for PIH
21:14:22 <Mkop1> and if OpenMRS != RG
21:14:26 <Mkop1> and if RG != IUPUI
21:15:15 <bwolfe> heh
21:15:27 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2147 (task closed): Fix string comparison to use .equals <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12492]: Fixed string comparison to use .equals - #2147 Author: astelmashenko <>
21:17:46 <downeym> * != *
21:19:35 <Mkop1> ?
21:24:54 *** downeym_mobile has joined #openmrs
21:24:54 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o downeym_mobile
21:26:26 <yuvrajtomar> I had a small query, how should I familiarize myself with the database schema and the variable names that are used in the OpenMRS source codes?
21:26:56 <downeym_mobile> Have you seen the ERD yet on the wiki?
21:27:35 <yuvrajtomar> No, I haven't
21:28:07 <downeym_mobile> Look for "Data Model" link on right side of page in the box
21:28:07 <Mkop1> look on the wiki for data model
21:28:10 <Mkop1> that might help
21:28:42 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, Thank you
21:29:49 *** pygi has joined #openmrs
21:29:50 <downeym> hi pygi
21:30:56 *** downeym_mobile has quit IRC
21:34:09 <yuvrajtomar> The ERD of the OpenMRS Data Model looks pretty scary
21:34:18 <pygi> hi
21:34:18 <downeym> :)
21:34:49 <Mkop1> yuvrajtomar: yeah. but you obviously don't need to be familiar with the whole thing.
21:34:58 * downeym what Mkop1 said
21:35:04 <Mkop1> it might be useful to read through API javadocs
21:35:05 *** sthaiya has quit IRC
21:35:20 <downeym> javadocs -
21:36:18 <Mkop1> the good javadocs are on the services, usually on the interfaces (more so than the classes)
21:36:26 <yuvrajtomar> Considering the Approximate Date Support, which Entity-relationship models should be looked upon? like user or business or form?
21:36:38 <yuvrajtomar> Yes sure, will do, thanks
21:37:03 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: "Examine the data model for where we store dates AND an estimated flag — these would be the initial targets for the "new" more flexible date handling (e.g., person.birthdate)."
21:37:31 <yuvrajtomar> okay
21:38:02 <downeym> and of course person.birthdate_estimated
21:38:19 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, surely
21:40:01 <yuvrajtomar> are we using the same data model for OpenMRS 1.6 as well?
21:40:10 *** pygi has left #openmrs
21:42:05 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: there are some changes, but i'm not familiar enough with all of them to say what all has changed. Release notes for the 1.6 pre-releases are here:
21:42:25 <downeym> and as far as I know, no one has produced a new erd for 1.6 yer
21:42:28 <downeym> *yet
21:42:43 <yuvrajtomar> okay
21:43:26 * Mkop1 references the recent discussion on the listserv about burke's xslt and liquibase
21:43:59 <downeym> 1.6.0 will be released very soon, and we'll have an official one :)
21:44:53 <yuvrajtomar> I've downloaded the beta version of it :)
21:45:10 <downeym> great
21:45:18 <Mkop1> Echidna: do people other than you know how to easily make the data model picture?"
21:45:30 <Mkop1> I doubt he's at the computer
21:45:40 <downeym> Mkop1: is late at night for him
21:45:41 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #2018 (enhancement closed): Drop the User_ID from Notification_Alert <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12494]: Drop the User_ID from Notification_Alert - #2018 Author: thilini.hg <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1669 (task closed): SourceId in class "ConceptMap" Is redundant <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12493]: Removed unused and redundant sourceId property in ConceptMap - … <>
21:45:42 <Mkop1> Echidna is usually his nickname on his headless bot
21:46:04 <Mkop1> headless machine*
21:47:27 <downeym> Mkop1: I think he used DBDesigner
21:50:33 <yuvrajtomar> if it's possible, I would like to help create the ERD for OpenMRS 1.6.0
21:50:39 <Mkop1>
21:50:43 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
21:51:03 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: contact Echidna - i am sure he is happy to give you info
21:51:56 <Mkop1> read that thread - very valuable info
21:53:25 <yuvrajtomar> and just a minor doubt, in the IRC channel, I see people with "Sheriff Badges" besides their names, then there are people with "Waves Around a Dot" sign, then there are people with no signs alongside their name. Is this a sort of a hierarchy?
21:53:58 <Mkop1> people with green dots (in xchat) are full time developers
21:54:20 <Mkop1> people with brown dots (+v) are people who know a thing or two (but probably not three or four)
21:54:21 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: the images are added by your irc client :) but in IRC they are called op and voice
21:54:44 <yuvrajtomar> okay :)
21:55:00 <Mkop1> OpenMRSBot is not actually a full time developer though.
21:55:00 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop1: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
21:55:17 <Mkop1> ^^
21:55:22 <Mkop1> that's proof.
21:56:09 *** wyclif has quit IRC
21:58:10 <yuvrajtomar> could you arrange for some contact information for Echidna so that I could follow-up the data model talks with him?
21:58:23 <downeym> Mkop1: Your description isn't quite perfect ...
21:58:45 <yuvrajtomar> email-id of Echidna?
21:59:05 <downeym> +v (voice) users are people who have been around a while and are kind of experts. @ (op) are just people who are administering the channel
21:59:26 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: don't have his e-mail unfortunately. bwolfe might but i think he left for the day
21:59:38 <Mkop1> yuvrajtomar: see /msg
21:59:45 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: send him a private /msg and he should be able to contact you when he sees it
21:59:59 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, got it. Thank you
22:00:02 <Mkop1> downeym: I /msg'd him his email address
22:00:14 <downeym> k
22:04:07 <downeym> got to run, bye all
22:04:43 <Mkop1> see ya mike
22:04:52 * robbyoconnor sighs
22:04:53 *** downeym has quit IRC
22:05:07 <Mkop1> neeps & tatties?
22:10:54 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
22:16:40 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12495]: reporting: Add DefinitionService interface and change … <>
22:45:15 <Mkop1> robbyoconnor: stop playing dodgeball :-P
22:45:31 * robbyoconnor throws the ball at Mkop1
22:45:51 * Mkop1 catches it. robbyoconnor is out.
22:47:18 * robbyoconnor throws another
22:50:58 <Mkop1> robbyoconnor: I'm hope you understand my metaphor, and start actually catching the balls instead of dodging.
22:56:32 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
22:59:29 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
22:59:29 *** OpenMRSBot sets mode: +o bwolfe
22:59:29 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
23:01:21 *** Mkop1 has quit IRC
23:03:45 *** wyclif has joined #openmrs
23:20:10 *** Mkop1 has joined #openmrs
23:20:10 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Mkop1
23:30:44 *** g_khatwani123 has quit IRC
23:31:59 *** g_khatwani123 has joined #openmrs
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