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  • 2010-03-07 - OpenMRS
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00:38:17 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
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00:41:00 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
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00:46:08 *** worldcoder has joined #openmrs
00:49:41 <worldcoder> hi guys I am a student interested in applying for GSOC 2010 New OpenMRS Website Template project.I have a good experience with web development but i want to know is JAVA necessory to work with any openmrs project
00:51:14 <worldcoder> Your idea of web based logging tools is also of my interest
00:51:34 <worldcoder> Please guide me
00:54:05 <bwolfe> worldcoder: most projects are java based, yes
00:54:12 *** chopin has quit IRC
00:54:32 <bwolfe> worldcoder: we have had a few projects that do not require it (like the website template one if that makes the cut)
01:02:26 *** worldcoder has quit IRC
01:07:20 *** worldcoder has joined #openmrs
01:07:45 <worldcoder> @bwolfe Can i work with website template project
01:07:55 <worldcoder> On your ideas page
01:08:22 <worldcoder> its not completely mentioned will you shed some light on details
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01:17:19 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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01:17:29 <nribeka> they should have the wiki updated at some point worldcoder :)
01:17:50 <nribeka> by they i mean bwolfe :)
01:30:33 <njero> they are watching.
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04:57:53 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [12316]: webservices.jaxws.extra: updating development librariees to a more recent … <>
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13:49:09 *** sunbiz has joined #openmrs
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14:07:14 *** sanyam has joined #openmrs
14:10:49 <sunbiz> hey sanyam
14:11:10 <sanyam> hi
14:13:21 *** thilini has joined #openmrs
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14:37:14 *** sunbiz has joined #openmrs
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14:53:37 <robbyoconnor> greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetings
14:56:33 <sunbiz> hey robbyoconnor
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15:34:28 *** sunbiz has left #openmrs
16:03:59 *** openmrs_web617 has joined #openmrs
16:04:05 *** openmrs_web617 is now known as metem
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16:14:44 <metem> hi
16:38:46 *** metem has quit IRC
16:54:13 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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18:22:21 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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18:58:00 *** worldcoder has joined #openmrs
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20:06:25 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
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20:27:04 *** downeym has joined #openmrs
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20:45:25 * downeym bows to bwolfe
20:46:22 * bwolfe extends his left hand limply while looking up and away
20:49:12 * bwolfe looks at downeym
20:58:32 * downeym tosses bwolfe 2 bits
21:03:37 * bwolfe scowls as downeym
21:04:25 <downeym> bwolfe: alles gute jetzt, vielen dank
21:05:29 <bwolfe> downeym: bitte!
21:18:53 * downeym challenges nribeka to handbells
21:21:51 <bwolfe> oooo
21:22:55 <downeym> bwolfe missed all the action yesterday
21:23:05 <downeym> fear not, we have video
21:37:41 <nribeka> booo
21:37:55 * nribeka back to sleep
21:37:57 * downeym gives an evil laugh
21:39:13 * nribeka enjoying his sleeping all day ...
21:39:31 <nribeka> man my english suck
21:44:13 *** yuvrajtomar has joined #openmrs
21:44:14 <downeym> hi yuvrajtomar
21:44:57 <yuvrajtomar> hi downeym, its good to see such an interaction ibn this channel
21:45:12 <downeym> :)
21:45:31 <yuvrajtomar> I appreciate the cause which openmrs is workinbg for
21:45:46 <downeym> thank you :) glad you are interested in us
21:46:09 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
21:46:12 <yuvrajtomar> in fact I have been a part of AIDS awareness programme in my city on the behalf of Rotaract Club (if anyone is familiar with it)
21:46:38 <downeym> i know about Rotary, but not much specific
21:46:46 <downeym> what city?
21:47:06 <yuvrajtomar> yes, its the same thing, Rotary club, of Chnadigarh, India
21:48:48 <downeym> If you know Dehradun, OpenMRS is being used at Doon Hospital there in India
21:49:42 <yuvrajtomar> I believe you would be aware of the population and the ignorance about AIDS in India... our group had an event to support the scenario about AIDS awareness among the Indian masses. It was a great experience and that's what interests me to work for OpenMRS (I looked up your IRC channel through your projects) and I really feel like I want to work for this noble cause for OpenMRS., not only for Google Summer of Code, but beyond that.
21:50:27 <yuvrajtomar> yes, I am familiar with the Doon Hospital, one of my relatives work there.
21:51:31 <downeym> Wonderful ... welcome to our IRC channel and we are very happy to have you around. It is usually quiet on Sunday but hope you can stay around and meet more people here this week.
21:51:46 <downeym> Did any of the projects listed on our project page look interesting to you?
21:52:01 <yuvrajtomar> I expect the same. I'm already excited to talk to you about all of this :)
21:52:50 <yuvrajtomar> I am browsing through your projects, but I'm a bit confused. In fact, not even confused, I am a bit intimidated
21:52:54 * downeym has a feeling there will be more projects and mentors added to the pages this week
21:53:35 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: I think it's normal to feel a bit intimidated. it's a large project :) but we have a large and helpful community
21:53:52 <yuvrajtomar> I am proficient with C/C++ and Operating Systems and Computer Communications and Networks, but I don'thave any Open source Dev experience!
21:54:58 <downeym> well, do feel free to hang around IRC as much as you want, and check out our wiki ... there is a lot of information there that will help you to understand the system
21:55:02 <yuvrajtomar> I would like to discuss a few project modules, but this public channel wouldn't be an appropriate mode to discuss it. So where should I portray my thoughts about it?
21:55:54 <downeym> a few of the projects listed on ?
21:56:13 <downeym> or different ideas?
21:56:40 <yuvrajtomar> yes, it is one of the unassigned ideas
21:56:58 <yuvrajtomar> Billing Module
21:57:21 <downeym> ahh - you will want to talk to sunbiz about that -
21:57:33 <downeym> he is usually here on irc most week-days india time
21:58:28 <yuvrajtomar> I am currently working as a traineee for Wipro India Limited in their Credit Collection and Management System, and I think I could contribute to your Billing Module, also supporting your cause to battle AIDS and HIV
21:58:32 *** chopin has joined #openmrs
21:58:32 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v chopin
21:58:40 <downeym> hi chop
21:58:55 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: cool
21:59:17 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: do talk to sunbiz about his ideas, perhaps you will find that you share the same approach
21:59:28 <yuvrajtomar> thank you, I'll try to get in touch with sunbiz. But should I directly mail him about my insights or should I discuss it with him on the IRC?
22:00:10 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: i'm sure it's ok to e-mail him. his address is there on his wiki user profile
22:00:40 <downeym> also encourage you to check out this youtube video if you're feeling intimidated :)
22:01:00 <yuvrajtomar> thank you for the information. I'll try forming a proposal of what I feel about this project.
22:01:13 <downeym> leslie hawthorn head of GSoC invited our project leaders to speak at google, that is their talk they made
22:01:36 <yuvrajtomar> Yes, I have seen this video
22:01:39 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: just introduce yourself to him, and see if he'd prefer to share ideas on e-mail or IRC :)
22:02:30 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
22:02:30 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
22:03:30 * downeym leaves for his weekly radio show :)
22:03:46 <yuvrajtomar> But I posted this query to LH too.... that most of the organiztions look for experience in the Open Source world. I have an experience of only 5 months in the open source community (namely Ubuntu) and its really absorbing. I tried a hand at the debvelopment side (for Cygwin) but that was just an easy bug fix. Anyways, my point is, would knowledge be able to suffice for experience?
22:04:21 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: generally, yes ... it depends more specifically on the project you want to do
22:04:42 <downeym> yuvrajtomar: sometimes GSoC is the perfect way to get a first open source experience
22:05:36 <downeym> personally i think it's more about how motivated you are and how capable you are of learning - after all, GSoC is supposed to be teaching you as well as giving you work
22:06:27 <downeym> talking to sunbiz should give you a good idea if you would be able be successful on that project
22:07:08 <yuvrajtomar> yes, thank you. I'm writing a mail to sunbiz about my insights on working with OpenMRS. Hope that would help?
22:07:32 <downeym> yes hope so
22:07:44 <downeym> i have to leave for a while but hope to see you on irc this week
22:09:02 <yuvrajtomar> surely, it was nice talking to you!
22:09:37 *** downeym has quit IRC
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