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  • 2009-11-03 - OpenMRS
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05:09:25 <pascal`>
05:09:27 <OpenMRSBot> <$L> (at
05:09:33 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [11083]: birtmodule-2.1.x: Updated specific BIRT version used. <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [11082]: birtmodule-1.8.x: Added file to remind developers what version of BIRT … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [11081]: birtmodule-1.9.x: Added file to remind developers what version of BIRT … <> || OpenMRS Modules: BirtReportModule 2.1.0 uploaded to OpenMRS Module Repository <>
05:18:57 <upul> there was an article on that in ieee computer magazine
05:22:24 <pascal`> oh
05:23:52 <upul> good morning pascal`
05:23:59 <upul> very early
05:25:47 <pascal`> hi upul
05:59:11 <pascal`> jmiranda, you still around?
05:59:22 <jmiranda> pascal`, hey pascal
05:59:38 <pascal`> i take it you're about to hit the sack?
06:01:07 <pascal`> i was just wondering what types of stuff the html report renderer can actually render
06:01:21 <pascal`> can it do cross tabs?
06:01:24 <pascal`> jmiranda: ^
06:01:55 <jmiranda> sorry, remember to reference me in almost every line
06:02:17 <jmiranda> my attention span with irc is like that of a child
06:02:20 <pascal`> jmiranda: I see in your Tracnet report you use a PeriodIndicatorReportDefinition
06:02:44 <pascal`> jmiranda: Can I use multiple different ReportDefinitions and use a single Html Render to render the report?
06:02:56 <jmiranda> the html report render should be able to render any dataset
06:03:24 <pascal`> jmiranda: I'm looking to do a cross tab, some indicators and some patient cohorts (row per patient)
06:03:25 <jmiranda> i can't remember if the simple html renderer iterates over the datasets
06:03:37 <jmiranda> but i assume it does
06:04:01 <pascal`> jmiranda: can you specify any kind of formatting?
06:04:07 <pascal`> guess i should just take a look
06:04:08 <jmiranda> not really
06:04:13 <jmiranda> it's pretty minimal
06:04:21 <jmiranda> but wouldn't be hard to extend
06:04:50 <pascal`> formatting isn't essential at this point
06:04:54 <jmiranda> we can add some css IDs and classes to the table, rows, td's
06:05:06 <jmiranda> and reference a css stylesheet somewhere
06:05:16 <jmiranda> a resource of the report perhaps
06:05:26 <pascal`> yeah, not too difficult, but not that important to me at the moment
06:05:33 <jmiranda> but yeah, we haven't put much effort into the rendering stuff yet
06:05:54 <jmiranda> have you been able to get a cross tab dataset working?
06:05:56 <pascal`> so, to summarize, you think I can do a crosstab, some indicators and a couple of datasets on one page?
06:06:11 <pascal`> no, about to start on the cross tab now
06:06:14 <jmiranda> ok
06:06:17 <jmiranda> possibly
06:06:24 <pascal`> so i'll probably have some questions for you tomorrow night
06:06:33 <jmiranda> otherwise, we can create a specific renderer for your use case
06:06:50 <pascal`> i hope so, otherwise i'll have to make indicators for all the crosstab elements
06:06:56 <pascal`> or think of something else
06:07:06 <jmiranda> let me ask you this
06:07:10 <jmiranda> are those three things
06:07:22 <jmiranda> the cross tab, the set of indicators, and the patient cohorts
06:07:31 <jmiranda> are those individual dataset definitions
06:07:37 <jmiranda> i.e. a cross tab dataset
06:07:41 <jmiranda> an indicator dataset
06:07:47 <jmiranda> and a cohort dataset
06:07:52 <pascal`> yeah i think so
06:07:55 <jmiranda> if so, we're fine
06:08:05 <pascal`> sweet
06:08:27 <jmiranda> we just might need to play around a little
06:09:33 <pascal`> well i'll be doing that today, so we'll see how far i get
06:17:55 <jmiranda> pascal`, ok heading to bed
06:18:05 <jmiranda> will be up in about 6 hours if you want to talk again
06:18:18 <pascal`> jmiranda: ok, that's for building that extra birt module
06:18:31 <jmiranda> no problem
06:18:38 <pascal`> well, i'll talk to you after 6 hours and 4 cups of coffee
06:18:44 <pascal`> or 8 hours
06:18:47 <pascal`> you decide (=
06:18:48 <pascal`> l8rs
06:31:29 <jmiranda> pascal`, i'm actually fine after 6 hours of sleep and 1 cup of coffee ... although 8 hours is nice
06:31:42 <jmiranda> more than that and i'm usually even more tired
06:31:47 <jmiranda> anyway, talk to you in a few
06:32:01 <pascal`> yeah, later Justin
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06:46:53 <upul> good morning bwolfe
06:49:55 <pascal`> hey bwolfe
06:51:13 <upul> ampath was mentioned in the ieee computer article
06:54:00 <bwolfe> hi upul, pascal`
06:54:05 <bwolfe> upul: oh really?
06:55:50 <upul>
07:21:23 <bwolfe> ah yes
07:27:16 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
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08:16:46 *** mkulumadzi has joined #openmrs
08:17:36 <mkulumadzi> hey jmiranda, evan here
08:17:46 <mkulumadzi> thanks for putting together the birt2.1 module
08:17:58 <pascal`> mkulumadzi: he's gone to bed
08:18:07 <pascal`> but i thanked him already (=
08:18:15 <mkulumadzi> i figured, was surprised to see him on
08:19:17 <pascal`> yeah
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10:21:45 <pascal`> bwolfe, do you know of any wiki page which documents the core reporting module?
10:25:41 *** atomicturtle has quit IRC
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10:36:10 <bwolfe> pascal`: negatory
10:36:33 <pascal`> k
10:36:41 <pascal`> kinda tough to figure out what's going on
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10:40:20 <bwolfe> pascal`: do you guys have the screencast from the openmrs conf about it?
10:40:34 <bwolfe> I don't know if they did a technical one or just a 'how to use this' one
10:45:51 *** pascal` has quit IRC
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12:55:01 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
13:52:15 <jmiranda> pascal`, o
13:52:41 <jmiranda> pascal`, sorry, was trying to type "i'm back" ... somehow that got translated to "o"
14:02:22 <bwolfe> those keys are like right next to each other
14:03:07 <jmiranda> i love ben wolfe
14:03:22 <jmiranda> (let the record show)
14:03:49 * bwolfe grins sheepishly at jmiranda
14:04:24 <jmiranda> pascal`, let me know what you're having issues with and we can discuss
14:04:53 <jmiranda> it takes a little while to wrap your head around the API (mostly because of the parameter stuff)
14:05:24 <pascal`> yeah
14:05:24 <pascal`> was about to ask about the parameter stuff
14:05:24 <pascal`> could find any docs
14:05:28 <jmiranda> but it's not too bad once you get the hang of it
14:05:36 <jmiranda> yeah, i would just use samples
14:05:46 <jmiranda> like tracnetreport module
14:05:54 <jmiranda> that has a lot of examples for indicators
14:06:09 <jmiranda> what's the name of your module again?
14:06:14 <pascal`> i think some examples would help
14:06:14 <pascal`> jmiranda, do you know of any other examples that aren't just period indicators?
14:06:27 <jmiranda> yeah, what do you need
14:07:14 <pascal`> i just need to get a sense of the end to end process for a few different cases
14:07:39 <jmiranda> ok, give me a few examples of things you need
14:07:43 <jmiranda> keep them somewhat simple
14:08:18 <pascal`> pihmalawireports
14:08:19 <jmiranda> i.e. i need a crosstab that displays the gender and age breakdown of all patients in the hiv program
14:09:20 <pascal`> yeah, the tracnet seems ok for indicators
14:09:20 <pascal`> still a bit cryptic how the parameters work, but i haven't looked seriously at that yet
14:09:20 <pascal`> i've been trying to figure out crosstabs
14:09:46 <pascal`> ok, well the one i'm working is:
14:11:00 <pascal`> pre-art visits broken down by type
14:11:00 <pascal`> (PART_INITIAL, PART_FOLLOWUP and TRANSFER_IN... not sure how i'm going to do that last one yet)
14:11:00 <pascal`> and then by child (less than 15) and adult
14:11:01 <pascal`> and the columns are the day of the week
14:11:42 <jmiranda> i said "keep it simple" :)
14:11:57 <jmiranda> ok, let me digest that one
14:12:04 <pascal`> this is for a weekly report
14:12:04 <pascal`> but even your example would help, because at the moment i have nothing
14:12:11 <jmiranda> right
14:12:48 <jmiranda> ok, i'll work on HOWTOs for a bunch of API stuff
14:16:03 <jmiranda> be back in about twenty minutes (breakfast time)
14:17:38 <pascal`> ok well
14:17:38 <pascal`> here's a simple one
14:18:11 <pascal`> i just want a row per patient that have return visit date (obs) in the next week
14:18:11 <pascal`> ok cool
14:19:15 <pascal`> but yeah, reports are rarely simple =(
14:27:01 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
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14:35:45 <Echidna> raw hql criteria would be nice for reports
14:54:34 <pascal`> you can do sql
14:54:48 <pascal`> doesn't make it easier
14:57:21 <Echidna> but you can express more things
14:57:25 <Echidna> not sure how it is now
14:57:32 <Echidna> back when i had to use reporting, it was rather limited
15:03:32 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
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15:08:35 <Echidna> hi jmiranda
15:08:49 <jmiranda> hey Echidna
15:09:10 <Echidna> jmiranda: waht can you use for indicator criteria in reporting nowadays?
15:10:35 <jmiranda> Echidna, i like your idea
15:10:39 <jmiranda> about using HQL
15:11:20 <jmiranda> we can add a cohort definition for that
15:11:21 <Echidna> =o
15:11:24 <Echidna> where did you read that
15:11:28 <Echidna> you werent onli9ne
15:11:32 <jmiranda> i just went back to the irclogs
15:11:37 <Echidna> heh
15:11:55 <jmiranda> i needed to see what pascal` gave for a "simple" example
15:12:03 <Echidna> o
15:13:15 <Echidna> argh
15:13:23 <Echidna> can i abort a svn commit in eclipse?
15:13:47 <Echidna> it will only cancel after the current unit has been uploaded or smt
15:13:59 <Echidna> and since the server doesnt respond, it's stuck
15:14:08 <Echidna> (not the openmrs server)
15:31:03 <jmiranda> Echidna, no idea
15:31:06 <jmiranda> did you figure it out?
15:31:26 <Echidna> nope
15:31:37 <Echidna> i had to close eclipse via the task manager
15:36:31 <pascal`> o_O
15:36:40 <jmiranda> pascal`, hey
15:37:00 <pascal`> bbiab, just finishing up some stuff
15:37:13 <jmiranda> pascal`, just wanted to tell you to give me some time to create examples
15:37:24 <pascal`> sure no
15:37:26 <pascal`> *np
15:37:37 <jmiranda> i need to put some time into the tracnet report first
15:37:39 <pascal`> did you see the one about row per patient with appointment this week?
15:37:41 <jmiranda> so we can get that out the door
15:37:44 <jmiranda> yes
15:37:45 <pascal`> oh
15:37:47 <pascal`> ok
15:37:53 <pascal`> sure
15:37:57 <jmiranda> i went into the irclogs
15:38:04 <pascal`> i'll keep hacking around trying to understand the framework
15:38:08 <jmiranda> and saw your comment about the appointment one
15:38:19 <jmiranda> yeah sorry about the lack of documentation
15:38:25 <pascal`> yeah i saw you said, but you were online according to my xchat
15:38:45 <pascal`> yeah it's a pity about the docs, i think you guys should ask for some time to work on them
15:38:55 <jmiranda> pascal`, i know
15:39:03 <jmiranda> we were supposed to have someone working on them
15:39:22 <jmiranda> but that seems to have never moved forward
15:39:23 <pascal`> are there even any internal design docs or specs?
15:39:29 <jmiranda> yeah
15:39:44 <jmiranda> but it's scattered and probably not helpful
15:39:47 <pascal`> might be worth just making those public then, if you can
15:39:51 <pascal`> oh
15:39:55 <pascal`> well, anything is better than nothing (=
15:40:09 <jmiranda> pascal`, famous last words
15:41:52 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [11088]: ncd: Fixed codeDisplay in the data_dictionary. Clarified part of the … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [11087]: tracplus:edited drug management page to not allow stop dates which are … <>
15:42:17 <jmiranda> you've seen these
15:42:18 <jmiranda>
15:42:29 <jmiranda>
15:42:32 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
15:42:38 <jmiranda> nothing particularly useful/interesting there
15:42:42 <jmiranda> as far as i can tell
15:43:14 <jmiranda> and there are a couple of google docs we've used but nothing that drills deep into the design
15:54:20 <pascal`> jmiranda, yeah i've seen all those pages
15:54:41 <pascal`> didn't seem to help me much
15:54:41 <jmiranda> a lot of the design around parameters was done on the fly
15:54:52 <jmiranda> darius and mike spent some time on that refactoring
15:55:31 <jmiranda> because they've had most of the experience with using parameters for our haiti project
15:56:01 <jmiranda> i thought we'd solve it using a simple approach, but they had a bunch of use cases that i hadn't thought of
15:56:08 <jmiranda> (read: didn't care about)
15:56:16 <pascal`> yeah
15:56:25 <pascal`> that methodology isn't very sustainable though
15:56:28 <jmiranda> around the ${startDate-7d} type of parameters
15:56:36 <pascal`> 1. write spec, 2. code
15:56:49 <jmiranda> pascal`, totally agree
15:57:11 <jmiranda> i'm a project manager at heart
15:57:18 <pascal`> now, if you, Mike and Darius get abducted by aliens... there will be no reporting knowledge around
15:57:21 <jmiranda> i would rather be doing (1)
15:57:51 <pascal`> and also, it's much harder to do capacity development aswell
15:58:02 <jmiranda> but unfortunately, i always get pressured into the "just doing" methodology
15:58:21 <pascal`> anyway, i'll work around this, and then hopefully there will be a little more reporting knowledge around
16:00:05 <pascal`> jmiranda, this is the best documentation that i've found:
16:00:26 <jmiranda> :)
16:00:32 <jmiranda> that's awful
16:00:39 <jmiranda> ok, let me get to it
16:00:59 <pascal`> i think i might go out for a bit
16:01:10 <pascal`> so you should probably work on your tracnet thing
16:01:11 <jmiranda> pascal`, take a walk?
16:01:29 <pascal`> then maybe later tonight we can touch base again and i can try get one or two examples out of you :)
16:01:37 <jmiranda> pascal`, sounds good
16:02:03 <pascal`> not a walk, no, i need to do some shopping and other random stuff which prevents me from working 16hr days (=
16:02:23 <pascal`> i /will/ be back tho... this report needs to be done like, months ago ;'(
16:04:51 <jmiranda> pascal`, don't cry
16:06:12 *** jabobo has joined #openmrs
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17:28:02 <pascal`> jmiranda, back
17:31:59 <jmiranda> hey pascal`
17:32:11 <jmiranda> i'm about to get on a two hour code review call with ben
17:32:25 <pascal`> kk
17:32:34 <jmiranda> so if you're still around after that, we can discuss some examples
17:32:41 <pascal`> tell him there's a bug
17:32:44 <jmiranda> otherwise, i'll put together some documentation tonight
17:33:02 <pascal`> i'll try and be around
17:33:05 <jmiranda> and get that on the wiki or draft it in a google doc that i can share
17:35:02 <pascal`> ok, i'll definitely help refine things once i get my code working
17:35:12 <pascal`> and maybe cook up a few additional examples too
17:36:48 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
17:38:52 <jmiranda> pascal`, do you have any code written yet?
17:39:05 <jmiranda> (in the module)
17:39:09 <jmiranda> anything i can look at and give you some advice?
17:40:19 <pascal`> jmiranda
17:40:26 <pascal`> not much more than you originally gave me
17:40:36 <jmiranda> ok
17:40:41 <pascal`> just been trying to get anything rendered
17:40:52 <pascal`> i'll try and get the list of people with appointments in the next week
17:41:06 <pascal`> but at the moment i'm trying to understand the parameterization
17:41:15 <jmiranda> ok
17:41:20 *** atomicturtle has left #openmrs
17:41:27 <jmiranda> i ran into the same roadblock so i know how you feel
17:41:54 <jmiranda> ok, i need to get ready for the code review
17:42:05 <jmiranda> will be available again in about two hours
17:42:18 <pascal`> cool, cya
17:43:02 <jmiranda> later
17:45:35 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
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