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  • 2009-10-26 - OpenMRS
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00:24:36 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [10913]: -- sockethl7listener_location_changes branch * reverted a change <>
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06:57:16 <pascal`> bwolfe, you around?
06:58:02 <bwolfe> yeah
06:58:05 <bwolfe> for a little bit
07:01:44 <pascal`> i still have to check the right procedure, but do you think i'll be able to access to a lab?
07:08:19 <pascal`> bwolfe
07:08:20 <pascal`> ^
07:09:52 <bwolfe> yeah
07:09:59 <bwolfe> go to and follow the procedure :-)
07:11:42 <pascal`> thanks
07:20:56 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [10914]: 1.5.x: Followup fix for removing forms list from fields <>
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10:24:53 <pascal`> well
10:24:58 <pascal`> it's quiet here today
10:29:39 <Echidna_> make some noise
10:30:09 * pascal` turns up the music
10:31:46 <Echidna_> cereal for breakfast sure doesnst last as long as pizza =/
10:31:58 <Echidna_> 11:30 and i'm getting hungry again
10:34:05 <pascal`> yeah, i'm hungry too
10:34:11 <pascal`> think i need to go out and grab some lunch
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10:40:23 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
10:45:41 <upul> have some sauer kraut
10:45:57 <pascal`> wow, that's offensive
10:46:06 <upul> is it?
10:46:07 <pascal`> what's sauer anyways?
10:46:37 <upul> it's pickled cabbages
10:46:55 <pascal`> nvm
10:47:31 <upul> it's german i think
10:47:46 <Echidna_> translates to "sour weed"
10:48:34 <pascal`> i like it
10:49:07 <Echidna_> i dont
10:49:25 <Echidna_> bwolfe: are there any good lightweight alternatives to hibernate?
10:49:31 <pascal`> Echidna_, for the first time yesterday I actually realised your nick means something
10:49:37 <pascal`> well, it's an animal name (:
10:50:00 <upul> it means "big boss" in german
10:50:17 <bwolfe> Echidna_: possibly
10:50:22 <bwolfe> there are a bunch of ORM tools out there
10:50:42 <pascal`> Echidna_:
10:50:46 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
10:50:52 <pascal`> upul: lol
10:51:43 <Echidna_> bwolfe: i kno there is, i was hoping to avoid having to look at each one =P
10:52:25 <upul> pascal`, actually Echidna means an animal in german similar to the animal called Echidna in english
10:52:37 <upul> but there is a subtle difference
10:52:51 <pascal`> there is?
10:53:02 <bwolfe> Echidna_: sorry, I only know of hbm
10:53:20 <upul> why do you want anything else
10:53:37 <pascal`>
10:54:54 <Echidna_> upul: dont wanna add 30mb of jars to the project
10:55:33 <pascal`> write your own database layer (=
10:56:16 <Echidna_> no u
10:57:25 <upul> may be that 30mb you can select unused parts
11:26:24 *** openmrs_web295 has joined #openmrs
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11:31:23 <upul> i'm gonna hit the road
11:31:36 <upul> ouch
11:31:44 *** upul has quit IRC
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12:40:24 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
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12:49:55 <pascal`> hi nribeka
12:50:06 <nribeka> hi pascal`
12:50:20 <nribeka> it's so quiet here lately isn't it
12:50:35 <pascal`> yeah
12:51:26 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
13:43:22 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [10915]: registration: Fix call to adjust width of patient summary window <>
13:50:20 <pascal`> sweet
13:50:30 <pascal`> program location is going into trunk (=
13:50:36 <pascal`> guess I better start polishing it
14:10:40 *** mkulumadzi_ has quit IRC
14:15:29 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [10918]: ncd: Adding code to find provider ID in the PD1 segment. Added code to … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [10917]: ncd: Adding code to find provider ID in the PD1 segment. Added code to … <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [10916]: Removing some debug code. <> || OpenMRS Modules: ProgramLocation Module 0.0.1 uploaded to OpenMRS Module Repository <>
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15:37:47 *** openmrs_web761 has joined #openmrs
15:38:31 *** openmrs_web761 is now known as esteban
15:40:44 <nribeka> hello esteban
15:40:47 <nribeka> hi bwolfe :)
15:41:09 <bwolfe> hi nribeka
15:41:16 <esteban> hi everyone! :)
15:41:22 <nribeka> got your email :)
15:41:35 <nribeka> hi esteban
15:42:09 <esteban> where are you guys?
15:43:13 <nribeka> i'm in US
15:43:37 <nribeka> what bring you to this geekdom corner ...
15:43:47 <nribeka> (was it geekdom bwolfe?)
15:45:23 <esteban> i'm in Colombia
15:45:30 <esteban> here because 1. i'm a geek
15:45:31 <bwolfe> I'm in Kenya
15:45:40 <esteban> 2. i'm working with healthcare informatics
15:46:00 <nribeka> that's cool ...
15:46:02 <esteban> and wanted to know people worldwide working on the same
15:46:11 <nribeka> now you can talk with bwolfe
15:46:19 * nribeka ran away from irc
15:46:27 <esteban> hey bwolfe
15:47:25 <bwolfe> hi esteban
15:47:27 <nribeka> there's a conference right now in Lima, Peru esteban
15:48:36 *** mkulumadzi__ has joined #openmrs
15:49:58 <bwolfe> (an openmrs conference)
15:50:05 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: Burke Mamlin: The World is Flat <>
15:50:07 <bwolfe> I need to run downstairs and help with dinner
15:50:10 <bwolfe> be back soon
15:52:19 <nribeka> yes, esteban. are you on the implementers list? they will have elluminate live session from Lima. So everyone can access and see the presentations
15:52:44 <esteban> yep, i'm attending it
15:52:50 <esteban> it's awesome
15:52:55 <nribeka> ah cool cool. awesome :)
15:53:00 <esteban> :)
15:53:23 <esteban> sorry if i leave for a while
15:53:35 <esteban> i'm attending the conferences
15:53:52 <nribeka> ooo that's ok. np. some of us the idle-ing here until someone call the name
15:57:54 *** mkulumadzi_ has quit IRC
16:54:56 <basic`> bwolfe: hey i missed you the other day, trac 0.11 migration will be easy except for the theme -- is that something you guys could work on preparing?
17:11:11 *** mkulumadzi_ has joined #openmrs
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17:21:43 <bwolfe> basic`: we have not been preparing it. have you done any work on it?
17:22:27 <basic`> bwolfe: not on the theme, i just tested the migration to a postgres backend and upgrading to 0.11
17:23:31 <bwolfe> basic`: ok
17:26:00 <basic`> its been a while, but we should be able to put the sqlite db in read only mode, test the migration remotely w/ the theme and then update everything on the VM and point it at the already updated postgres backend (minimizing the downtime)
17:35:48 <bwolfe> basic`: ok. let me ping some of the other decision makers and we'll see if we should move ahead with things
17:36:14 <basic`> bwolfe: great, let me know
17:50:59 *** mkulumadzi_ has quit IRC
17:57:46 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Forms and Logic <>
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23:50:03 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [10919]: mdrtbpatientchartwidgets. now only loads single tabs after change on that … <>
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