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  • 2009-10-23 - OpenMRS
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03:56:45 <upul> hi burke
03:57:03 <burke> hi.
03:57:17 <burke> just when I should be going to bed... and I get a Google Wave invite. :-)
03:57:37 <upul> what does it really do
03:58:08 <burke> i think it's like twitter... in that the value is hard to see at first.
03:58:16 <upul> it looks like a mix of mail and chat
03:58:51 <burke> wiki/mail/chat/twitter/etc. all wrapped up in one
03:59:48 <burke> it would be nice for collaboratively building up a document quickly...
04:00:02 <burke> but it's too much like chat/mail to feel like I'm editing a document
04:00:12 <burke> they've got some cool plugins.
04:00:42 <burke> like rosa ... a universal translator that translates your text into someone else's language in real time
04:00:47 <burke> (as you type)
04:01:15 <upul> is there a translator like that
04:01:56 <burke> and there's a context-aware spell checker -- e.g., can spell check things like to too many --> [two] to many
04:02:21 <burke> the translator, spell checker, and other plugins were in the pre-release.
04:02:39 <burke> probably getting cleaned up before they get re-released, I guess
04:03:12 <burke> plugins to embed RSS feeds, maps, etc. so some opportunity to do some fun mashup.
04:05:12 <burke> and with an API so you can build your own plugins.
04:05:25 <burke> I'm sure more will come in the next weeks/months
04:06:59 <burke> ... oh. I guess they're called "Extensions" and "Gadgets"
04:07:55 <upul> ah yes there's two of them
04:13:53 <burke> but now gadget button on the toolbar to add them to a wave. and no access to settings wave.
04:14:53 <burke> the intro video for gadgets shows how to add them easily with the gadget button on the toolbar... except there is no gadget button on the toolbar == beta :-)
04:18:08 <burke> ok. i'm outta here. time 4 bed. talk to you later.
04:18:49 *** burke has quit IRC
04:32:02 <upul>
05:19:56 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
05:22:36 <jmiranda> thanks upul
05:24:27 <jmiranda> that was actually pretty entertaining
05:24:30 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
05:47:12 <pascal`> morning upul
05:47:43 <upul> hey pascal`
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08:21:53 <mkulumadzi> pascal`, you here?
09:07:50 <mkulumadzi> pascal` ^
09:11:03 <mkulumadzi> hey pascal`
09:11:13 <pascal`> hi mkulumadzi
09:11:18 <mkulumadzi> am trying to test out openmrs 1.5 on a fresh copy of our production database
09:11:27 <mkulumadzi> the update script worked well enough
09:11:36 <mkulumadzi> but i'm seeing a bunch of errors in the application itself
09:11:41 <pascal`> ok
09:11:46 <mkulumadzi> for example, when you try to look up a patient by name:
09:11:54 <mkulumadzi> ERROR - JDBCExceptionReporter.logExceptions(78) |2009-10-23 11:04:52,309| Unknown column 'identifier0_.patient_identifier_id' in 'field list'
09:12:01 <mkulumadzi> and when you try to go straight to the dashboard:
09:12:07 <mkulumadzi> ERROR - JDBCExceptionReporter.logExceptions(78) |2009-10-23 11:07:02,259| Unknown column 'this_.value_complex' in 'field list'
09:12:14 <pascal`> i see
09:12:20 <mkulumadzi> did you run into similar errors when you were getting my database working?
09:12:29 <pascal`> yes i did
09:12:40 <mkulumadzi> any ideas then?
09:13:08 <pascal`> yes
09:13:13 <pascal`> liquibasechangelog <- this table
09:13:26 <pascal`> do you know what was in it before you started to upgrade?
09:13:38 <pascal`> because i found, in the database you gave me, that it contained some changes
09:13:39 <mkulumadzi> ok
09:13:43 <mkulumadzi> i can look
09:13:59 <pascal`> i.e. OpenMRS thinks, when it's upgrading, that some of the upgrades have already been made to the database, even though they haven't
09:14:16 <mkulumadzi> yeah, i'm seeing a bunch of changes
09:14:17 <mkulumadzi> weird
09:14:26 <mkulumadzi> should i just dump the contents of that table and try again?
09:14:26 <pascal`> i think this is because you have an unclean (dev) environment, in which you've made a bunch of changes
09:14:28 <pascal`> so
09:14:34 <pascal`> yes exactly
09:14:40 <pascal`> i think you have even drop the table
09:14:46 <mkulumadzi> ok, can do that
09:14:48 <pascal`> and the lock table aswell
09:14:53 <mkulumadzi> ok
09:15:02 <mkulumadzi> not sure how that could have happened...
09:15:13 <mkulumadzi> i haven't made changes to openmrs itself i don't think
09:15:22 <pascal`> i ran into one or two issues during the upgrade once i figured that out (after quite some time :) ... but i should be able to help you through those as well
09:15:34 <mkulumadzi> although we did make a few minor modifications to the database
09:15:39 <mkulumadzi> ok, glad you went through this already!
09:15:47 <pascal`> yeah, but you might have upgraded and then dropped all the original tables to clean up, but left the liquibase tables around
09:15:57 <mkulumadzi> yeah, maybe
09:16:08 <mkulumadzi> oh, i get it
09:16:10 <mkulumadzi> yeah
09:16:12 <pascal`> well, i'm not glad I went through it, but I'm glad I can help =D
09:16:43 <pascal`> anyway, let me know how it goes... i'm sure i can help if there are other issues
09:16:45 <mkulumadzi> since i'm doing this on my local copy, i guess if i had already run the liquibase updates once, they wouldn't go away even if i loaded a fresh copy of our production db
09:16:48 <mkulumadzi> that makes sense
09:16:51 <mkulumadzi> sorry about that
09:16:57 <mkulumadzi> i'm sure this wasn't fun to figure out
09:17:58 <pascal`> hehe
09:18:34 <mkulumadzi> i'll take that as a 'yes'
09:18:45 <pascal`> it was a good thing it happened, and that we've solved it, because now if/when it happens to others, it should be quick to sort out
09:18:49 <pascal`> like in this case (=
09:18:52 <mkulumadzi> exactly
09:19:09 <pascal`> and now that it's in the IRC logs, i think that should help even more
09:19:33 <mkulumadzi> definitely
09:19:48 *** danielf has quit IRC
09:20:22 <mkulumadzi> one error i saw crop up as i was doing the upgrade, btw, was that it failed to log in as user 'admin'
09:20:40 <pascal`> hmm
09:20:42 <mkulumadzi> i realized we had changed to default admin password, so i went back and switched it to 'test' on my dev db
09:20:47 <mkulumadzi> and that seemed to work
09:20:55 <pascal`> i remember that
09:20:57 <pascal`> oh yes
09:21:02 <pascal`> i think
10:23:54 *** danielf has joined #openmrs
11:01:28 <upul> ah it's friday
11:01:57 <Echidna> in less than 3 days it will be monday
11:02:36 <pascal`> but it's friday now
11:02:37 <pascal`> w00t
11:04:34 <upul> holyday
11:15:30 *** sthaiya has joined #openmrs
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11:15:57 *** sthaiya has joined #openmrs
11:16:50 <Echidna> unholy day
11:17:22 <sthaiya> hey all my first day on openmrs irc
11:17:51 <upul> hi sthaiya
11:18:10 <sthaiya> hi to you n thanx
11:18:33 <danielf> hey sthaiya
11:18:49 <upul> sthaiya, are you working with ben
11:18:55 <sthaiya> yeah
11:19:46 <pascal`> hi sthaiya
11:19:49 <upul> ben didn't come online today
11:20:08 <Echidna> hi
11:20:25 <sthaiya> yeah! he went to nairobi, will be back later in the day
11:20:35 <sthaiya> hi pascal.
11:21:03 <sthaiya> Now a quick question
11:21:48 <sthaiya> am working on a module using the annotations style
11:23:07 <sthaiya> I want to have two jsps with the same name but one accessed with a .list and the other with a .form ext - how can i do that?
11:25:05 <pascal`> sthaiya, it sounds like something which should be possible
11:25:15 <pascal`> it might be easier to just use different names though
11:25:57 <pascal`> i guess it should say here:
11:26:01 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
11:31:27 <sthaiya> thanx pascal,
11:32:57 <sthaiya> its that I like the format e.g locations.list lists all locations and location.form adds or edits a location
11:33:56 <pascal`> yes it shouldn't be too tricky to get right
11:44:26 *** upul has quit IRC
11:56:27 *** sthaiya has quit IRC
12:03:58 <mkulumadzi> ok pascal`
12:04:01 <mkulumadzi> question time
12:04:09 <pascal`> ok
12:04:23 <mkulumadzi> i'm running into the same error i saw the first time i migrated to 1.4
12:04:27 <mkulumadzi> 1.5 rather
12:04:43 <mkulumadzi> my solution was posted here:
12:04:44 <mkulumadzi>
12:04:54 <mkulumadzi> seeing an error about the parent_location foreign key
12:05:17 <mkulumadzi> last time, i was able to get around this error by dropping the foreign key constraint for parent_location, and then dropping the field itself
12:05:34 <pascal`> yeah i think i had that error too
12:05:45 <pascal`> is this happening during the liquibase changes?
12:05:52 <pascal`> i just dropped the key i think
12:05:52 <mkulumadzi> yes
12:06:01 <mkulumadzi> this time, when i drop the key, i get this error:
12:06:33 <mkulumadzi> INFO: Add parent_location column to location table
12:06:34 <mkulumadzi> liquibase.exception.PreconditionFailedException: Preconditions Failed
12:07:19 <pascal`> right
12:08:47 <mkulumadzi> wait, this time i got it
12:09:20 <mkulumadzi> i just loaded a backup copy of the location table, then dropped the foreign key constraint
12:09:43 <mkulumadzi> for some reason it worked... might have failed the first times because i had also tried deleting the parent_location field...
12:10:01 <mkulumadzi> will see if i can reproduce the solution again
12:10:05 *** pascal`_ has joined #openmrs
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12:10:38 *** pbrandt is now known as pascal`
12:10:41 <pascal`> ok
12:10:56 <pascal`> you'll need to drop the parent location column
12:11:16 <pascal`> the column and the key are added as one liquibase change
12:11:28 <pascal`> so you dropped the key, now you need to drop the column aswell and then try again
12:11:34 <pascal`> that fixed it for me
12:11:43 <mkulumadzi> see above, seems to have worked
12:11:55 <pascal`> got disconnected, so missed some chats
12:11:59 <mkulumadzi> i think i followed your instructions, but might not have done them all at once
12:12:10 <mkulumadzi> i'm through though
12:12:28 <mkulumadzi> thanks
12:12:45 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
12:13:26 <pascal`> yes, what you did would hve the same effect
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14:19:33 <burke> nribeka: why no wave yet?
14:20:15 <nribeka> no wave?
14:20:22 <nribeka> :P
14:20:25 <burke>
14:20:26 <nribeka> this weekend probably
14:20:40 <burke> you have to wait for the weekend to click on a link?
14:20:44 <nribeka> yes :D
14:20:47 <nribeka> lol
14:21:09 <burke> I know that mouse clicks can be "depressing" ... but c'mon! :p
14:21:49 <nribeka> lol ... wave will distract me from the sql queries i need to execute :P
14:23:03 <burke> and IRC won't? :D
14:23:46 <nribeka> nope, not really :P
14:23:49 <nribeka> hahahaha
14:23:50 <nribeka> lol
14:32:34 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
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14:51:25 <Echidna> D=
14:51:38 <pascal`> o.O
14:51:39 <Echidna> dont use google stuff unless it's absolutely necessary
14:51:55 <pascal`> which stuff?
14:52:26 <Echidna> gmail, wave
14:52:27 <Echidna> etc
14:52:30 <Echidna> chrome
14:52:53 <pascal`> ok
14:52:54 <pascal`> why?
14:53:25 <Echidna> they steal ur privacy
14:53:35 <Echidna> thats how they wanna take over the world
14:57:09 <pascal`> well, they don't steal it, it's all there in the publically available privacy policy
14:57:44 <pascal`> chrome is slightly more evil than the rest, but i'm happy to give them a bit of demographic data and some of my interests, since i'm getting pretty decent free services
14:58:49 <Echidna> o_O
14:59:16 <nribeka> use bing
14:59:20 <nribeka>
14:59:25 <pascal`> hah
14:59:31 <nribeka> long live ...
14:59:42 <nribeka> long live microsoft ...
14:59:46 <nribeka> lol ...
15:04:09 <Echidna> not a fan of microsoft either
15:04:17 <Echidna> but at least they show their ugly face
15:04:40 <pascal`> they do?
15:05:16 <Echidna> yea
15:05:20 <Echidna> they are openly greedy
15:07:29 <nribeka> have you watch the windows 7 commercial?
15:12:13 <pascal`> nribeka, the apple one?
15:12:45 <Echidna> nope
15:13:09 <pascal`>
15:13:27 <pascal`> but i guess Echidna doesn't like apple either
15:17:40 <Echidna> no
15:17:45 <Echidna> in fact, i really hate apple
15:17:52 <Echidna> and everything they stand for
15:19:09 <burke> It's hard to be big & beautiful. Only nribeka can pull that off. :)
15:19:26 <pascal`> lol
15:21:04 <Echidna> if by beautiful you mean basing your entire marketing on hype
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15:28:05 <nribeka> what are you guys watching?
15:35:54 <nribeka> nice module pascal`
15:36:19 <pascal`> thanks
15:36:27 <pascal`> it was nothing really
15:36:38 <pascal`> well... some tricky parts i guess (=
15:37:08 <nribeka> :)
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18:55:10 <nribeka> cya later burke. have a safe trip to Lima
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23:09:47 <openmrs_web888> guest
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