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  • 2009-10-13 - OpenMRS
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06:47:00 <upul> hello everyone
06:55:40 <pascal`> hi upul
06:57:02 <upul> i didn't get a nobel prize
07:08:38 <Mkop> winning a nobel prize and earning a nobel prize are negatively correlated, apparently
07:09:35 <pascal`> most of the winners seemed deserving to ome
07:11:47 <Mkop> what did Obama possibly do to win the peace prize?
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07:12:26 <pascal`> probably met with more world leaders to discuss world peace than any other person
07:12:34 <pascal`> but still, I don't think he deserved it either
07:12:52 <pascal`> and i don't think he thinks he deserves it either
07:12:54 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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07:14:15 <pascal`> morning bwolfe
07:15:44 <bwolfe> good morning pascal`
07:18:34 <Mkop> good {morning, afternoon, evening, night} all
07:18:55 <Mkop> bwolfe: I got your email, have not had a chance to work on it more.
07:19:01 <Mkop> what's the urgency on this?
07:19:41 <bwolfe> urgent :-)
07:19:44 <bwolfe> it needs to be in 1.5.1
07:19:49 <bwolfe> which I hope to have out soon
07:20:03 <Mkop> soon = this week? tomorrow? this year?
07:20:17 <bwolfe> yesterday
07:20:20 <bwolfe> always yesterday
07:20:25 <bwolfe> I would say a week
07:20:27 <Mkop> lol
07:20:39 <bwolfe> because someone also needs to do the fix for the common uuids
07:20:49 <bwolfe> those are the two things (plus a few others) that will be in 1.5.1
07:21:00 <Mkop> I'll give you a few minutes now
07:21:06 <Mkop> where should my runtime properties be?
07:21:08 <Mkop> on Vista
07:22:01 <bwolfe> start up openmrs and it should tell you in the tomcat logs
07:23:47 <Mkop> isn't the wizard supposed to make the file for me?
07:23:52 <Mkop> it's erroring that it can't find the file
07:28:14 <pascal`> might still tell you where it's looking
07:28:27 <pascal`> also, if you are testing an upgrade, i think it might expect a file
07:29:09 <Mkop> it is telling me where it's looking
07:29:23 <Mkop> but I don't have a file to give it
07:29:37 <Mkop> bwolfe: you here?
07:31:17 *** rcrichton has joined #openmrs
07:33:04 <rcrichton> Hi all
07:33:40 <bwolfe> Mkop: the wizard is only in 1.5
07:33:42 <bwolfe> Mkop: you will have to create the runtime properties file for 1.3
07:33:58 <Mkop> bwolfe: just to check I'm doing the right thing:
07:34:09 <Mkop> I installed the database using the 1.3 sql file
07:34:17 <Mkop> now I'm trying to run the 1.5 war
07:34:34 <Mkop> was I supposed to get the whole thing up and running in 1.3 and *then* upgrade?
07:35:02 <Mkop> bwolfe: ^^
07:41:53 <pascal`> hi rcrichton
07:42:34 <pascal`> Mkop, can't you just create a file where it's looking?
07:43:26 <Mkop> I could, but I want to know what the specific use case I'm trying to test is. It's kinda hard to test when the person who's supposed to be guiding me is in and out
07:43:57 <pascal`> he's here
07:43:58 <pascal`> but
07:44:13 <pascal`> you're trying to test the upgrade from 1.3 to 1.5, right?
07:44:18 <bwolfe> Mkop: sorry
07:44:22 <pascal`> which means you need to get a representative 1.3 up and running
07:44:25 <bwolfe> Mkop: the internet is being flaky today!
07:44:33 <Mkop> ok
07:44:33 <bwolfe> Mkop: you did not have to load up the 1.3 war file, no
07:44:39 <Mkop> would it help to switch to skype?
07:44:42 <pascal`> which means you need the database and the runtime properties file... since you're replacing the war anyway
07:44:49 <bwolfe> Mkop: just load the 1.5 war and go try to execute the database updates using the wizard
07:50:21 <Mkop> tomcat is being really strange.
07:50:42 <Mkop>
07:52:06 <pascal`> that's the bug
07:53:16 <Mkop> oh
07:56:08 <Mkop> bwolfe: so what do you want me to test?
07:57:22 <bwolfe> Mkop: do you know how to turn up the debugging levels in openmrs?
07:57:50 <Mkop> bwolfe: normally I'd do it in the runtime properties file I assume, but it hasn't gotten as far as creating a runtime properties file
07:58:38 <bwolfe> Mkop: nope, do it in openmrs. modify the tomcathome/webapps/openmrs/web-inf/classes/log4j.xml
07:58:49 <bwolfe> Mkop: change the org.openmrs section to be DEBUG instead of INFO
07:58:58 <bwolfe> then restart tomcat and try to update again
08:00:29 <Mkop> bwolfe: org.openmrs or org.openmrs.api? or both?
08:00:49 <bwolfe> might as well do both
08:08:24 <upul> Mkop, debug SourceMySqldiffFile, it could be that in windows mysql is in Program Files, dir with spaces or something
08:08:51 <upul> check the command line it is assembling
08:11:02 <Mkop> this is a new machine, I don't even have an IDE installed on here
08:11:06 <Mkop> I'm just testing for ben
08:11:46 <bwolfe> ah ha!
08:11:49 <bwolfe> upul: I think you're right
08:12:13 <bwolfe> from mkop's helpful log files: "Exec called: [[mysql, -uadmin, -ppassword, -esource C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\temp\update-to-;, openmrs]]"
08:12:34 <Mkop> what are the commas doing there?
08:12:46 <Mkop> does the path just need quotes?
08:12:54 <Mkop> or escaping?
08:13:01 <Mkop> it complains about \P
08:13:09 <Mkop> of \Program Files
08:13:29 <upul> "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\temp\update-to-" this should be quoted or escaped or something
08:15:32 <bwolfe> Mkop: do you have the code checked out, or are you using the download war file?
08:15:42 <Mkop> war
08:16:07 <Mkop> can you compile and send me a new war via skype?
08:16:16 <Mkop> or will that be too big?
08:17:03 <bwolfe> we'll see
08:17:14 <bwolfe> I was getting 1mb per sec upload earlier...
08:18:34 <bwolfe> Mkop: ok, compiling and sending. this won't have the modules loaded into it, but you shouldn't need those
08:18:45 <Mkop> nope.
08:19:41 <Mkop> 9 minutes remaining
08:19:59 <Mkop> I'll race it
08:20:12 <Mkop> can I get eclipse up and running and the code checked out before the file transfer finishes
08:22:03 <Mkop> of course, that also introduces bias since now I'm downloading eclipse alongside the war file
08:22:17 <Mkop> but I imagine we're throttled more by your upload than by my download
08:24:05 <bwolfe> Mkop: yes, my upload speed (and the distance between kenya and the us) are the limiting factors
08:25:27 <Mkop> eclipse is downloaded
08:25:29 <Mkop> busy unzipping
08:27:12 <bwolfe> 3 mins left
08:27:22 <bwolfe> now its processor speed version my upload speed
08:27:36 <bwolfe> err, your processor speed versus my upload speed
08:29:56 <Mkop> upload wins
08:31:43 <Mkop> deploying....
08:33:57 <bwolfe> Mkop: was it a close finish at all? did you even have subclipse/openmrs code installed?
08:35:02 <Mkop> not even close. the file transfer finished before the unzip.
08:36:03 <Mkop> bwolfe doesn't want a pastebin from me. but he's getting one without wanting. too bad.
08:36:30 <Mkop>
08:36:57 <Mkop> let's dig out the log agin
08:36:59 <Mkop> again*
08:37:59 *** pascal` has quit IRC
08:38:32 <Mkop> darn, debug must have gotten turned off
08:43:51 <Mkop> bwolfe: here you go:
08:47:42 <Mkop> it is slightly humorous that the error text is the help text for the mysql command
08:48:05 <bwolfe> Mkop: whats after that ?
08:48:22 <upul> something wrong with the made command
08:48:29 <Mkop> that pattern repeats itself a few times
08:48:43 <Mkop> I'll post a fuller selection
08:50:37 <Mkop>
08:50:45 <Mkop> that's the entire log
08:51:24 <Mkop> actually, I think that's it twice - once without debug, once with
08:52:13 <Mkop> start at line 1233
08:52:45 <upul> if the assembled command is printed
08:52:59 <Mkop> it is
08:53:24 <Mkop> #
08:53:24 <Mkop> DEBUG - SourceMySqldiffFile.execCmd(143) |2009-10-13 04:40:44,179| executing command: [mysql, -uadmin, -ppassword, -e"source C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\temp\update-to-";, openmrs]
08:53:24 <Mkop> #
08:56:15 <bwolfe> whats the error ?
08:56:23 <bwolfe> that should be right for the quotes
08:56:32 <upul> mkop can run mysql -uadmin -ppassword -e"source C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\temp\update-to-"; openmrs
08:57:07 <upul> and see what to fix in the command line
08:57:22 <upul> what is that ;
08:57:59 <Mkop> ERROR at line 1: Unknown command '\P'.
08:59:33 <bwolfe> upul: yeah, that semi colon is extraneous
09:00:05 <bwolfe> Mkop: maybe the slashes have to be switched to forward slashes
09:00:42 <Mkop> C:\Users\Michael Kopinsky>mysql -uadmin -ppassword -e"source C:\Program Files\Ap
09:00:43 <Mkop> ache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\temp\update-to-
09:00:43 <Mkop> 595579214752601tmp" openmrs
09:00:47 <Mkop> worked
09:01:22 <bwolfe> without the semicolon ?
09:01:28 <Mkop> except that now I screwed up the database by Ctrl-C'ing in the middle
09:01:28 <bwolfe> I don't see what you changed
09:01:37 <Mkop> without the semicolon I think is all
09:01:49 <bwolfe> Mkop: yeah, just drop the database and recreate the 1.3 one
09:01:49 <Mkop> don't know why that would make a difference to how it interprets line 1
09:02:02 <bwolfe> Mkop: yeah, me neither.
09:03:15 <bwolfe> Mkop: do you have the openmrs source, can I send you a .patch file to apply or do you need the whole war again?
09:03:30 <Mkop> I just installed subclipse
09:03:36 <Mkop> so I'll have the source momentarily
09:03:40 <Mkop> what's the URL again?
09:03:46 <Mkop> and browse from there?
09:05:58 <Mkop> what am I checking out? trunk or 1.5?
09:07:20 <bwolfe> Mkop: url is
09:07:23 <bwolfe> and browse from there
09:08:01 <Mkop> ok, I'm busy checking out
09:08:12 <Mkop> send me the patch
09:12:31 <Mkop> uh oh
09:12:38 <Mkop> did I just bork mysql?
09:12:53 <Mkop> I forget the "use openmrs;" before running the 1.3 build script
09:13:07 <Mkop> mysql> show databases;
09:13:07 <Mkop> +--------------------+
09:13:07 <Mkop>
09:13:07 <Mkop> +--------------------+
09:13:07 <Mkop>
09:13:08 <Mkop>
09:13:10 <Mkop> +--------------------+
09:13:12 <Mkop> 2 rows in set (0.00 sec)
09:13:24 <Mkop> does the lack of a database "mysql" mean I'm screwed?
09:14:06 <bwolfe> hmm
09:14:16 <bwolfe> maybe
09:14:38 <bwolfe> don't know why the 1.3 script would do a "drop database mysql" though :-p
09:15:17 <bwolfe> Mkop: here's the patch: . copy the text from the textbox and use "clipboard" after clicking on "apply patch" in eclipse
09:16:46 <Mkop> maybe there's a drop all?
09:17:59 <bwolfe> that'd be silly
09:18:49 <Mkop> well, let's see if it works
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17:49:18 <Mkop> why is my JAVA_HOME pointing to JRE instead of JDK?
17:50:29 <Mkop> and where is JAVA_HOME set?
17:50:37 <Mkop> eclipse is able to compile, just not via ant
17:53:05 <bmckown> Mkop, are you running Windows/Linux/Mac?
17:53:13 <Mkop> windows
17:53:52 <bmckown> If you installed the JRE after the JDK it would point there.
17:55:18 <bmckown> To change the JAVA_HOME you can go to My Computer in Start menu and right click for Properties. Then in Advanced tab there is Environment variables.
17:55:48 <Mkop> I figured it out - I added it as an environment variable within eclipse
17:55:53 <bmckown> you can create JAVA_HOME there and then point it to the JDK. Probably need to restart.
17:56:09 <bmckown> Yea, that will work for Eclipse build.... but not ant build.
17:56:28 <bmckown> Ant build is going to look at the system environment variables.
17:57:01 <bmckown> So in command prompt i think you can type "env" to see what they are.
17:57:22 <bmckown> (I run Linux... so don't remember if the "env" command works on windows)
17:58:40 <bmckown> ...or you say that it works for ant build within eclipse?? hmm.
17:59:08 <Mkop> no, that didn't work.
17:59:19 <Mkop> I needed to set it externally as an environment variable.
17:59:22 <Mkop> but it's working now
17:59:31 <bmckown> ah. i see. okay.
17:59:44 <Mkop> and no, there isn't an "env" command in windows
17:59:51 <Mkop> nor does echo $JAVA_HOME work for some reason
18:00:09 <bmckown> echo %JAVA_HOME% ?
18:01:36 <Mkop> that works
18:01:57 * Mkop is apparently more familiar with the platform he isn't using than the one he is
18:02:27 <Mkop> ant's ${env.$CATALINA_HOME} also didn't work
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20:41:38 <Mkop> so here's the question:
20:41:46 <Mkop> how can I put openmrs on my resume?
20:42:15 <Mkop> because honestly, I have learned a lot here and I do think what I've gained here adds value to me as an employee
20:42:57 <Mkop> but there's nothing I can really write that sounds good. "Applied to GSoC, got rejected. Completed a small ticket here and there. Subscribe to the listserv, and read most of the emails."
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21:59:20 <bmckown> Mkop, you are actively participating in an open source project that helps the underserved. You don't have to look at is as what you accomplished... look at is as being an active member of the community. That's my opinion of how to treat it on a resume. Then... you can also put your accomplishments for openmrs on the resume as well if you wish.
21:59:47 <bmckown> sorry... just notices your question just now.
22:00:17 <Mkop> no problem about the delay.
22:00:42 <Mkop> I agree with your comments - what I've gained is much more from membership in a community than from specific achievements.
22:00:50 <bmckown> I think it is totally valid and a good point to put on the resume that you are an active member of the community.
22:01:16 <bmckown> You are involved... have made contributions.. and will continue to do so.
22:02:16 <Mkop> agreed. Thanks - that's a good way to frame it.
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