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  • 2009-10-05 - OpenMRS
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03:29:56 *** upul has joined #openmrs
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06:36:52 *** bmckown has joined #openmrs
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06:58:28 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
07:01:34 <pascal`> morning
07:02:01 <upul> Good Morning Mr. Brandt
07:02:25 <upul> Would you like some coffee, pascal`
07:02:42 <pascal`> hey upul
07:02:52 <pascal`> yes I would like some very much
07:02:57 <pascal`> black, one sugar, thanks
07:03:17 <upul> go make yourself :-p
07:03:31 <pascal`> oh, i thought you were offereing
07:05:09 <upul> hmm, ok, book flight, got to lankan embassy, take visa, and come to our lunch room,
07:06:27 <upul> going for lunch to the place called lunch room
07:06:29 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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07:06:36 <upul> Jambo bwolfe
07:06:56 <bwolfe> jambo upul
07:07:31 <upul> lunch
07:14:30 <pascal`> hey ben
07:15:07 <bwolfe> hi pascal`
07:30:37 *** rcrichton has joined #openmrs
07:37:06 <pascal`> morning rcrichton
07:37:23 <rcrichton> Morning pascal`
07:37:46 <rcrichton> pascal`: how did the tickets go on friday?
07:38:26 <pascal`> rcrichton, ended up getting engrossed in this module I'm working on for Evan (the same dude who I'm doing those tickets for)
07:38:40 <pascal`> so the tickets didn't get started, but took a nice chunk out of the module dev =D
07:38:41 <pascal`> u?
07:39:15 <rcrichton> Nice
07:40:18 <rcrichton> I'm mostly finished with my ticket, but some additional stuff got added on (thx bwolfe :-) ) so I'l have to wait until this friday to work on it again
07:40:53 <bwolfe> rcrichton: hehe
07:40:54 <bwolfe> sorry
07:41:11 <bwolfe> theres always more to do
07:41:24 <rcrichton> bwolfe: hehe, no problem i enjoy working on this anyways
07:43:33 * upul sees rcrichton crossed fingers
07:44:13 <rcrichton> :P
07:44:26 <upul> and glares at bwolfe
07:44:59 <bwolfe> =-O
07:45:04 <bwolfe> rcrichton, you dog!
07:45:11 <bwolfe> lying to my face like that...
07:45:12 <rcrichton> o.o
07:45:13 <pascal`> scope creep happens
07:45:22 <pascal`> but i guess we can always blame it on bwolfe
07:47:05 <rcrichton> True, bwolfe you are gonna have to answer to Carl :P
07:47:08 <upul> yes you can
07:48:07 <upul> it's the 60th annivasery of the army, we're having big exhibitio displaying all the captured weapons, submarines, etc.
07:52:56 *** mkulumadzi has joined #openmrs
07:56:06 <upul> anybody got a kindle
07:59:37 *** danielf has joined #openmrs
08:11:37 <bwolfe> upul: no, but I want one. does that help?
08:12:19 <upul> bwolfe, old one is going for 150 now refurbished
08:12:40 <Echidna> hi
08:12:48 <Echidna> i have a java question
08:12:56 <upul> go to #java
08:13:04 <Echidna> no u
08:13:12 <upul> :-p
08:13:14 <Echidna> if i declare List<String> strings = new ArrayList<String>();
08:13:27 <Echidna> is that worse/better than doing ArrayList<String> = ...
08:13:54 <upul> List is better so you can change later
08:14:15 <bwolfe> Echidna: yeah, its better programming technique, but java doesn't care either way
08:14:17 <upul> not only that, you many encounter places where you can only send List but it's asking for ArrayList
08:14:37 <Echidna> oh
08:15:02 <upul> i have seen code like that, e.g. if the method is taking ArrayLIst args but you have List, then have to convert
08:15:34 <Echidna> so you'Re saying declaring it as an ArrayList would be better then?
08:15:42 <upul> List is better
08:16:25 <upul> e.g. doSomething(ArrayList list) but you have List = iGotFromSomething() to pass
08:17:31 <upul> that is bad
08:18:58 <Echidna> you make it sound like having a List is bad at this point
08:20:23 <upul> List l = iGotSomeList(); doSomething(l) <- takes List, if it was ArrayList then have to recreate an ArrayList to send
08:21:08 <Echidna> ic
08:21:52 <upul> why is that a few squre inches of screen price goes exponentially
08:22:15 <Echidna> and if the mthod takes a List, it doesnt matter what kind of list it is?
08:22:27 <upul> yes
08:22:30 <Echidna> ok thx
08:22:41 <Echidna> waht screen sizes are you looking at
08:22:48 <Echidna> we have 26" at work and that made me want one at home
08:22:57 <Echidna> but the samsung i was looking at costs 400-450
08:23:02 <Echidna> dont wanna pay that much
08:25:19 <upul> heh 26 is normal tv size here
08:27:17 <Echidna> =o
08:27:21 <Echidna> i have a 40" tv
08:27:28 <pascal`> i have a samsung t260 at home, it's pretty sweet
08:27:42 <Echidna> yea, cept it has that red stirp
08:27:53 <Echidna> and doesnt have adjustable height
08:27:53 <pascal`> it's my tv though, and i use it for couch surfing
08:28:01 <upul> only customs officers and other bribe kings have them
08:28:48 <pascal`> i got it for it's resolution
08:28:53 <pascal`> and because it was on special (=
08:31:03 <pascal`> karmic only coming on the 27th =S
08:31:44 <upul> is that a religion
08:32:23 <upul> harry potter theme park comes next year
08:32:43 *** danielf has quit IRC
08:33:13 <Echidna> D=
08:33:35 <pascal`>
08:33:37 <pascal`> 29th actually
08:34:22 <upul> i see :-)
08:35:14 <upul> karmic koala
08:35:50 <upul> hippie hippapotamus
09:07:15 <bwolfe> why not happy hippopotamus ?
09:07:31 <bwolfe> or hungry hippopotamus ? (or is that trademarked by some board game?)
09:10:24 <upul> hungry hyna
09:11:29 <upul> bwolfe, is there a draught in kenya
09:11:50 <bwolfe> king of
09:11:56 <bwolfe> I don't think its a full draught, but they are low on rain right now
09:12:07 <bwolfe> err drought
09:13:41 <pascal`> i'm sure there is lots of draught
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09:29:26 <Echidna> 7°C here =/
09:36:02 <rcrichton> Thats way to cold, 25°C here where I am
09:36:54 <Echidna> yea
09:37:03 <Echidna> and fall is just starting
09:54:34 <upul> i'm here under a coconut tree in the white sandy beach in this sunny afternoon sipping pine apple juice
09:55:25 <upul> in my bermuda shorts
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11:26:45 *** bmckown has quit IRC
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14:17:07 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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14:20:59 <rcrichton> I've got a qustion; I've got a module that requires the reporting module. I've got a class that the reporting module is trying to load using Class.forName(className).newInstance(); It returns null. Is this because the reporting module does not require my module therefore my modules classes are not on the classpath or is there something else that someone can think of?
14:28:07 <rcrichton> bwolfe, jmiranda any ideas?
14:29:01 <jmiranda> yes, the reporting module cannot load classes from your module
14:30:00 <jmiranda> what are you trying to do?
14:30:08 <rcrichton> jmiranda: ok, because the report renderers are loaded like this
14:30:18 *** andrewaclt has joined #openmrs
14:30:27 *** andrewaclt has quit IRC
14:30:28 <rcrichton> So I can't add a custom eport renderer as it can't laod my class
14:31:12 <jmiranda> yeah, let me think about that
14:32:06 <rcrichton> Ok, sure. I'm not sure of a way around that.
14:32:07 <jmiranda> the renderer should probably be loaded through spring
14:32:11 <jmiranda> as handlers
14:32:16 <jmiranda> let me check with mike and darius
14:32:22 <rcrichton> Ok, cool
14:33:01 <rcrichton> thanks
14:34:36 <jmiranda> you're using the @Handler for the renderer?
14:36:29 <rcrichton> Yes I am
14:37:21 <rcrichton> The renderer shows up in the list or renderers but when I try to run a report with that renerer it tries to load the class but it comes back null
14:37:30 <jmiranda> ok
14:38:04 *** pascal` has quit IRC
14:38:20 <rcrichton> See BaseReportService.getReportRenderer(String className). Thats whats doing the loading
14:38:45 <jmiranda> yeah
14:38:48 <jmiranda> thanks
14:40:46 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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14:53:02 <jmiranda> rcrichton, we did something stupid with that method
14:53:12 <jmiranda> i'll try to fix that in a few minutes
14:53:26 <jmiranda> just committing my other changes first
14:53:38 <rcrichton> jmiranda: ok thanks for your help
14:56:34 <rcrichton> jmiranda: how do u plan to fix it out of interest? Using the HandlerUtil
14:57:01 <jmiranda> was thinking about that
14:57:04 <jmiranda> but that won't help
14:57:10 <jmiranda> since we need to load your class somehow
14:57:33 <jmiranda> Context.loadClass() should work though
14:57:39 <jmiranda> then we can call the HandlerUtil
14:59:53 <rcrichton> Oh ok i see
15:01:06 <jmiranda> rcrichton, but first step is to get the class loaded
15:01:20 <jmiranda> so we'll try that and then make the handler change later
15:01:59 <rcrichton> ok sure
15:03:09 <jmiranda> rcrichton, ok it's committed
15:03:18 <jmiranda> could you download the latest code and try that
15:03:25 <rcrichton> Great thanks :)
15:03:30 <rcrichton> Will do
15:03:38 <jmiranda> thanks for helping us debug that too
15:04:16 <rcrichton> No problem. I learnt alot
15:04:20 <jmiranda> we haven't done any testing on the dependent modules yet, so your work on this will help us tremendously
15:04:37 <jmiranda> but hopefully not lead to too many roadblocks for you
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15:18:51 <rcrichton> jmiranda: thanks the class loads fine now. Now its just my code failing :)
15:19:17 <jmiranda> :)
15:19:21 <jmiranda> rcrichton, awesome
15:24:12 *** rcrichton has quit IRC
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