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  • 2009-07-09 - OpenMRS
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00:05:06 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
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02:39:38 *** upul has joined #openmrs
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06:16:08 *** atomicturtle1 has joined #openmrs
06:18:31 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Can't Find Patients <>
06:19:07 <Mkop> pascal is probably gonna be here soon to tell me to go to sleep
06:19:23 <upul> he was missing for some days
06:19:49 <Mkop> oh
06:19:54 <upul> so you can stay yp late :-D
06:20:24 <Mkop> :-)
06:28:06 *** pascal` has joined #openmrs
06:31:56 <upul> Hey pascal`
06:32:01 <pascal`> hi upul
06:34:06 <upul> you were looking for something like this last time. svn files resolution
06:34:21 <upul> somebody called ben wolfe has written about it
06:36:53 <upul> Mkop, pascal` is here
06:37:14 <Mkop> darn it!
06:37:55 <pascal`> upul, i saw that post
06:38:02 <pascal`> it's slightly different to what i was looking for
06:38:10 <pascal`> but i managed to figure out what i needed anyway
06:38:15 <pascal`> thanks tho :)
06:38:37 <upul> pascal`, were you trying to revert everything
06:38:53 <pascal`> no
06:39:08 <pascal`> i was trying to sync with the repository
06:39:19 <pascal`> i had made some changes in the workspace that i was trying to sync
06:39:20 <pascal`> so...
06:39:46 <pascal`> i could have used ben's post i suppose... but i just deleted the one conflicting file then sync'd
06:40:29 <upul> hmm
06:42:07 <pascal`> with perforce, you can just force sync out the repository... so i was looking for something similar
06:42:21 <pascal`> i'm sure it's possible on the command line, but i couldn't find the option in subclipse
06:42:35 <pascal`> could be a safety feature or something, dunno
06:43:05 <Mkop> what do you mean force sync?
06:43:16 <upul> pascal`, do you mean if there are conflicts svn version wins?
06:44:32 <pascal`> upul, yes
06:44:50 <pascal`> force sync = copy files from repository over your workspace... replace all, don't prompt
06:49:48 <Mkop> that sounds like svn update; svn resolve --keep-theirs (or whatever ben had)
06:55:19 <pascal`> yeah
06:55:35 <pascal`> or in my specific case, delete file, sync, done.
06:55:57 <pascal`> if it was multiple files etc, then maybe i would have spent the time finding the proper solution
07:16:30 <pascal`> aha, svn update /does/ have a --force option
08:56:44 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Can't delete patients <>
09:15:02 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
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10:12:39 *** jacobb has joined #openmrs
10:22:02 <pascal`> I think it's North Korea bombing The Internet (=
10:22:46 <upul> where
10:23:28 <pascal`> not literally bombing, but using DOS attacks
10:23:42 <upul> what happened
10:24:02 <pascal`> see Global Notice above
10:25:24 <upul> may be somebody tripped on the wire
10:26:57 <upul> we lost internet once for a few weeks for most of the country when under water cable broke
10:27:12 <pascal`> ouch
10:27:22 <pascal`>
10:27:33 <pascal`> that cable should help you guys out a bit i think
10:34:00 <upul> i think this is the one that got broke then
10:36:03 <pascal`>
10:36:08 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
10:37:46 <pascal`> 20Gbps, not bad
10:41:09 <pascal`> SEACOM is 1.28Tbps tho... which will help us all a lot
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13:29:48 *** sdefabbiakane has joined #openmrs
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14:20:06 <sdefabbiakane> greaaaat. hibernate is working fine on the in-memory database for unit testing but fails when it tries to do the exact same thing on the real database... =/
14:20:48 <nribeka_> sdefabbiakane, what are you trying to do?
14:22:02 <sdefabbiakane> nribeka_: trying to have an object gets its children automatically. I think I know what the problem is, I just don't know why its actually working in the in-memory database.
14:41:33 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v nribeka_
14:41:40 *** nribeka_ is now known as nribeka
14:58:17 *** Mkop has joined #openmrs
15:23:14 <sdefabbiakane> is there a way to get an sql dump of the in-memory database mid-unit test?
15:26:26 <nribeka> you mean the data sdefabbiakane?
15:26:47 <nribeka> there's a method to get the content of the in-memory-database
15:26:52 <sdefabbiakane> yeah
15:28:20 <nribeka> i think it's in base test class
15:28:28 <nribeka> getContent or something
15:29:48 <sdefabbiakane> alright, thanks
15:30:43 <nribeka> TestUtil.printOutTableContents(getConnection(), "person")
15:30:53 <nribeka> sorry sdefabbiakane, it's in test util :)
15:33:29 <sdefabbiakane> nribeka: found it, thanks :)
15:33:46 <nribeka> :D
15:33:56 <jmiranda> nribeka, i had no idea that existed either :)
15:33:57 <jmiranda> thanks
15:34:09 <nribeka> hehe ...
15:35:10 <nribeka> jmiranda, you're still in the dev call?
15:36:03 <nribeka> i will talk through irc :)
15:36:22 <jmiranda> nribeka, yeah i'm on
15:36:33 <jmiranda> what do you think about logic?
15:37:14 <nribeka> i got the persist tags and token but i don't see it's being used or call. that's why i try to look around for example of how it will be used :)
15:37:15 <jmiranda> note: i'm going to announce your IRC statements to everyone on the call
15:37:22 <nribeka> :P
15:38:02 <nribeka> yes. lots of code in logicathon branch
15:38:14 <jmiranda> yeah, i remember that branch
15:38:21 <nribeka> so many conflict between logicathon and logic branch
15:38:35 <jmiranda> yikes
15:39:28 <nribeka> i pulled the 969 ticket (i think that's the ticket number) and got so many conflict when i try to merge it to logic branch (i play around with it)
15:41:50 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
15:42:30 *** atomicturtle has left #openmrs
15:42:54 <nribeka> bmckown, todo: win to separate logic into module (play with it)
15:47:57 <bmckown> okay, it's in the notes.
15:48:00 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
15:58:42 *** nribeka_ has joined #openmrs
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16:16:44 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
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16:16:58 <Mkop> is the call still going on? can I call in on skype? do they have skype for linux?
16:19:03 *** nribeka_ has quit IRC
16:20:21 *** bmckown has quit IRC
16:20:52 <Mkop> jmiranda: ^^
16:21:09 <Mkop> I just downloaded the deb, now I need to figure out how to install from a deb
16:21:13 *** bmckown has joined #openmrs
16:21:14 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bmckown
16:21:50 <Mkop> bmckown: is the call still going on?
16:23:43 *** nribeka__ has quit IRC
16:23:52 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1624 (task created): Serialization xstream serializer should be moved into a module <>
16:26:44 <Mkop> wow, is flaky today...
16:44:29 <jmiranda> Mkop, did i answer all of your questions over skype?
16:44:37 <Mkop> yes
16:44:49 <Mkop> thanks
16:46:14 *** bradAtMirth has quit IRC
17:12:16 *** SrFabio has joined #openmrs
17:23:22 <nribeka> hi SrFabio
17:23:38 <SrFabio> hey ;)
17:24:03 <nribeka> Mkop, because me n bmac switch to the network in the conference room :)
17:24:20 <nribeka> never seen you around SrFabio
17:24:26 <Mkop> he's sam
17:24:30 <Mkop> sdefabiakane
17:24:36 <Mkop> (did I spell that right?)
17:24:41 <SrFabio> oh this is the first time i've entered here eheh
17:24:50 <Mkop> oh, am I wrong?
17:25:11 <Mkop> oh, hmm, he's in portugal, I guess I'm wrong
17:25:38 <SrFabio> Yes you're wrong :P
17:27:01 <SrFabio> is there any website about OpenMRS development?'s kind of interesting ^^
17:28:35 *** nribeka_ has joined #openmrs
17:31:12 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v nribeka_
17:32:27 <nribeka_> there's wiki SrFabio
17:32:41 <nribeka_> you can check the dev section
17:32:48 *** nribeka has quit IRC
17:32:58 *** nribeka_ is now known as nribeka
17:35:39 <SrFabio> hum..great
17:36:30 <SrFabio> As a coder, i would like to help this project someday
17:38:13 <nribeka> wow ... that will be awesome SrFabio
17:38:44 <nribeka> to check any issues that you might be able to take :)
17:39:56 *** bmckown_ has joined #openmrs
17:40:03 *** bmckown has quit IRC
17:40:13 <SrFabio> i'll have a look. just tell me which language we have to use for developing?
17:41:05 <nribeka> mostly java. some js, html, jsp, css, groovy :)
17:41:17 <SrFabio> I really like medicine, but i'm an informatics student... do i have to get any medicine knowledgement before?
17:42:14 <SrFabio> Ok..i can code in java, perl, html, CSS...and can learn other in a short term
17:43:00 <nribeka> that will be cool. you might be able to stick around. you're a bit late for the gsoc though ...
17:43:37 <SrFabio> gsoc?
17:43:47 <nribeka> i don't think you really need knowledge on medical :) it will be a good addition though
17:43:50 <nribeka> !gsoc
17:43:50 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: "gsoc" --- (#1), or (#2), or (#3)
17:45:35 <SrFabio> google summer of not my objective yet problem.
17:46:28 *** sdefabbiakane has joined #openmrs
17:49:19 <nribeka> there's one student from portugal right now
17:49:36 <SrFabio> really? that's great
17:49:59 <nribeka>
17:50:00 <SrFabio> miranda? i've saw this name somewhere in the site and recognize it as portuguese name
17:50:04 <SrFabio> ah ok
17:50:04 <SrFabio> lol
17:50:52 <nribeka> justin miranda = jmiranda :)
17:51:04 <SrFabio> lol oh not portuguese
17:52:31 <nribeka> :P
17:52:54 <jmiranda> SrFabio, my grandfather was portuguese
17:53:18 <SrFabio> lol ahhh :)
17:54:49 <jmiranda> i think his family was from san miguel, emigrated from portugal a few generations ago
17:55:19 <jmiranda> SrFabio, do you live in Portugal now?
17:55:49 <SrFabio> lol what a coincidence.. i live in San Miguel
17:56:37 <jmiranda> SrFabio, i hear it's beautiful there
17:57:34 <SrFabio> yes it its very beautiful..greenspaces everywhere its very peaceful
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19:01:01 <sdefabbiakane> agh
19:26:27 *** nribeka_ has joined #openmrs
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22:42:10 *** djazayeri has joined #openmrs
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22:53:00 <r0bby> hey djazayeri !
22:53:01 <r0bby> :)
22:53:45 <djazayeri> hey r0bby
22:55:01 <r0bby> attempted to get back up and running
22:55:14 <r0bby> so I dont wind up failing the midterm :X
23:00:10 <djazayeri> how goes it?
23:11:01 <r0bby> alright
23:11:10 <r0bby> Hit a bug w/ the visitor pattern impl
23:11:25 <r0bby> had to basically go the mike wanted me to go in the first place :X
23:11:35 <r0bby> which solved it :-)
23:12:42 <r0bby> but a typo bit me :)
23:16:02 <djazayeri> maybe you should have listened to him in the first place. :-P
23:19:29 <r0bby> yeh
23:20:01 <r0bby> I do need to swap out this visitor pattern stuff -- mike hates it because it's not extensible
23:20:19 <r0bby> Strategy pattern is extensible and kinda neat :)
23:23:34 <r0bby> and besides i've been around long enough -- i'm stubborn :)
23:23:54 <r0bby> I'd have to hit a wall hard before i realize i was being stupid
23:24:44 <r0bby> djazayeri: your student is pretty good :)
23:24:47 <r0bby> (been watching)
23:25:35 * r0bby gets back to work
23:41:57 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [9017]: htmlformentry module: fixing default return url when encounters are … <>
23:51:08 *** Mkop has quit IRC
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