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  • 2009-03-29 - OpenMRS
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00:02:54 <r0bby> bwolfe_: o/ :)
00:44:18 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
00:51:07 <r0bby> Mkop2: o/
00:51:15 <Mkop2> ?
00:51:20 <Mkop2> hi
00:51:25 <Keelhaul> stop hitler saluting everyone =/
00:52:08 <r0bby> that is not hitler saluting!
00:52:44 <Keelhaul> it looks like it
00:53:06 <r0bby> to you.
00:58:54 <Mkop2> oh, you germans....
00:58:55 <Mkop2> lol
00:59:24 <Keelhaul> no u
01:01:17 <Mkop2> ....
01:02:31 <r0bby> NO U!!!!111
01:03:04 <Mkop2> I'm just confused now
01:05:56 <r0bby> yo
01:05:59 <r0bby> 8:30-930pm
01:06:07 <r0bby> turn off all un-necessary lighting
01:06:17 <r0bby> (I dimmed mine to the lowest setting)
01:07:55 <r0bby> (Earth Hour)
01:10:04 <Keelhaul> are you saying you have unnecessary lighting on at all other times?
01:14:15 <sdefabbiakane> what lighting? I code by the light of my computer monitor...
01:14:42 <sdefabbiakane> :P
01:14:42 <Mkop2> what computer monitor? I code with my monitor off to save energy
01:14:53 <sdefabbiakane> hah
01:16:26 <Keelhaul> i code with my computer off
01:16:28 <Keelhaul> on paper
01:16:44 <Mkop2> Keelhaul: liar!
01:17:02 <Keelhaul> and, i compile the jars in my head to save paper
01:17:56 <Mkop2> you go for jars in your head, I go for beer cans in my hand and in my belly
01:18:18 <Mkop2> what's the legal drinking age in germany?
01:18:29 <Keelhaul> for beer? 16
01:18:38 <Mkop2> what about for other drinks?
01:18:42 <Mkop2> that's very young, wow
01:18:44 <Keelhaul> liquor is 18
01:18:56 <Mkop2> what's the legal driving age?
01:19:00 <Keelhaul> also 18
01:19:16 <Keelhaul> the beer/wine age might no longer be 16 due to recent debates, not sure
01:19:19 <Keelhaul> but it was when i was that age
01:19:40 <Mkop2> my sed skills kicked back
01:19:56 <Keelhaul> Possession or consumption of alcohol by minors is not outlawed, but it is illegal to sell them alcohol or let them drink in public below the respective drinking age. "Normal" alcoholic beverages (not distilled beverages) may be consumed by youths between 14 and 16 in public when in presence of a legal guardian; drinking in private is not controlled. The restrictions on distilled beverages apply also to mixed drinks containing them.[39]
01:20:03 <Mkop2> to switch the repo from using http to https, use: for i in $( find . -name entries ); do sed 's/http:/https:/g' $i >tmpfile; mv -f tmpfile $i; done
01:20:40 <Keelhaul> is that perl
01:20:47 <Mkop2> so it's only in public that you can't give an alcohol?
01:20:49 <Mkop2> no, it's bash
01:21:08 <Keelhaul> ah hm
01:21:12 <Keelhaul> it says drinking age is 16
01:21:20 <Keelhaul> buying is 16 for low percentage stuff
01:21:22 <Keelhaul> 18 for liquor
01:22:03 <Mkop2> darn it, I still can't svn update
01:22:08 <Mkop2> I'm gonna have to re-check out
01:23:37 <Keelhaul> Saudi Arabia illegal Forbidden by Sharia (Islamic Law, with qur'anic and other traditional legal inspirations). Offenders are typically punished with lashes.
01:23:39 <Keelhaul> heh
01:23:41 <Keelhaul> no alcohol period
01:23:48 <Mkop2> lol
01:23:59 <Mkop2> link?
01:24:40 <Keelhaul>
01:30:25 *** luzhuangwei has joined #openmrs
01:31:08 <Mkop2> hi luzhuangwei
01:31:21 <luzhuangwei> Hi
01:31:44 <Mkop2> are you new here?
01:32:05 *** lzw_ has joined #openmrs
01:33:44 <luzhuangwei> I am jion in our OpenMRS IRC for several days.and you?I am a student apply for GSoc2009
01:33:57 <Mkop2> yeah, I'm also a gsoc09 applicant
01:34:44 <luzhuangwei> oh,yeah.Which project do you want to apply?
01:36:04 <r0bby> Don't say!
01:36:07 * r0bby giggles
01:38:07 <Mkop2> I think I'm applying for active lists
01:38:32 <Keelhaul> really
01:38:43 <sdefabbiakane> I am as well
01:38:44 <Keelhaul> can you link to that?
01:39:08 <Mkop2> !projects
01:39:08 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "projects" --- (#1), or (#2)
01:39:16 <sdefabbiakane> actually, I'm not thinking about it: I am
01:39:17 <Mkop2> Keelhaul: 2nd link there
01:39:53 <Mkop2> sdefabbiakane: yeah, basically, so am I :-)
01:40:02 <Keelhaul> thats good
01:40:09 <Keelhaul> that means it might get done this summer
01:40:19 <Keelhaul> and i can add allergies etc to my discharge letter function =)
01:40:27 <sdefabbiakane> heh
01:40:31 *** lzw_ has quit IRC
01:40:50 <Mkop2> r0bby: I send you a PM
01:40:53 <Mkop2> sent*
01:41:48 <sdefabbiakane> speaking of applications: when we submit them, should we mention it to people so they can go over them and give feedback or is there some notification mechanism in place that tells them when an app is submitted?
01:41:59 <luzhuangwei> I am applying the new and unclaimed projects
01:43:04 <Keelhaul> all of them? =)
01:43:16 <Mkop2> sdefabbiakane: yes, you should probably mention it
01:43:35 <Mkop2> they probably check the applications often, but if you want to get a review, you should probably ask for one
01:44:03 <Keelhaul> sdefabbiakane and luzhuangwei, where are you from?
01:44:13 <sdefabbiakane> mkop2: will do
01:44:25 <luzhuangwei> I come from China
01:44:32 <sdefabbiakane> keelhaul: western NY is my permanent home, I go to school in CT
01:44:40 <Keelhaul> o
01:45:29 <luzhuangwei> hey,do we know When we can get the reviews from our mentors after submiting the proposal
01:46:31 <luzhuangwei> I think that if we get the comment early,we can correct the mistakes in our proposal more in tiem :-)
01:46:49 *** sdefabbiakane has quit IRC
01:48:55 <Mkop2> luzhuangwei: ask them for a review, and you can prob get one
01:49:18 <luzhuangwei> ok.Thanks
02:26:43 *** bwolfe_ has quit IRC
02:37:30 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
02:44:02 * r0bby applied for 3 projects :S
02:44:20 <r0bby> asked the mentors of each of them :X
02:44:37 <r0bby> well two would fall under the same mentor :X
02:44:49 * r0bby hopes he gets the one he just applied for :D
02:45:03 <Keelhaul> which
02:45:16 <Keelhaul> and why are you talking about yourself in third person =o
02:50:35 *** flyankur has quit IRC
02:52:22 <r0bby> in /me you're supposed to
02:52:22 <r0bby> :D
02:52:29 <r0bby> I won't say :)
02:52:43 <r0bby> but if i get the one i want
02:54:17 <Keelhaul> then what
02:54:25 <r0bby> I'll be happy
02:54:31 <r0bby> I'd have so much fun
02:54:39 <r0bby> Hopefully i luck out w/ a better mentor :(
02:54:48 <r0bby> Burke was great and all, but he was AWOL
02:55:00 *** k_nishant has joined #openmrs
02:56:30 <r0bby> Mariah Carey makes my ears bleed
02:57:19 <Keelhaul> isnt burke mentoring like half of those projects?
02:59:06 <r0bby> Not the one i applied for :)
03:55:46 *** k_nishant has quit IRC
03:56:44 *** isurundt has quit IRC
03:56:55 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
04:04:06 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
04:22:11 *** nribeka2 has quit IRC
04:29:34 *** ajitlodhi has joined #openmrs
04:42:52 <Mkop2> what do I put in a gsoc application? just answer the questions at ?
04:42:53 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
04:46:35 <isurundt> mkop2: i think so
04:56:25 <Mkop2> luzhuangwei: you here?
04:56:34 <luzhuangwei> yeah
04:57:01 <Mkop2> looking at your post in the forum
04:57:01 <luzhuangwei> hi
04:57:14 <Mkop2> do you have the most recent version of trunk?
04:57:34 <Mkop2> that is an error that was reported and fixed last thursday
04:57:56 <Mkop2>
04:58:28 <luzhuangwei> oh,maybe the I check the old version.I will try again according your suggestion.Thank you
04:58:44 <Mkop2> try just do a svn update, and then run it again
04:59:26 <Mkop2> it looks like the change was made at Friday 1 pm, so if you downloaded before that, it's expected that you would have that problem
05:01:45 <luzhuangwei> ok,thank you very much
05:01:47 <luzhuangwei> well
05:05:03 <Mkop2> did that fix the problem?
05:11:26 *** flyankur has joined #openmrs
05:15:30 *** openmrs_5729 has joined #openmrs
05:16:21 *** openmrs_5729 has quit IRC
05:26:07 *** puchuu has joined #openmrs
05:26:57 *** flyankur has quit IRC
05:38:10 <luzhuangwei> I am setting up now
05:40:55 <r0bby> heh
05:40:56 <r0bby> =)
06:01:50 *** luzhuangwei has quit IRC
06:05:27 *** puchuu has quit IRC
06:06:14 *** ajitlodhi has quit IRC
06:17:56 <Mkop2>
06:21:03 *** isurundt has quit IRC
06:24:23 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
06:32:37 <r0bby> heh
06:33:59 *** ankush has joined #openmrs
06:53:50 *** nathanael has joined #openmrs
06:55:43 *** luzhuangwei has joined #openmrs
06:59:00 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: regards and help :-) (GSoC) <> || OpenMRS Forum: Re: Publications list <>
07:03:12 *** ajitlodhi has joined #openmrs
07:18:42 <Mkop2> r0bby: you around?
07:21:03 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
07:21:04 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
07:22:06 *** luzhuangwei has quit IRC
07:22:24 <Mkop2> ooh, jmiranda
07:22:26 <Mkop2> wazzup
07:23:36 <jmiranda> Mkop2, hey
07:23:41 <jmiranda> how's it going
07:24:19 <Mkop2> good
07:24:28 *** luzhuangwei has joined #openmrs
07:24:31 <Mkop2> working on my gsoc app
07:24:53 <Mkop2> feelin' kinda intimidated by the questions and the competition
07:25:01 <jmiranda> Mkop2, are you folloing docpaul's advice?
07:25:06 <jmiranda> re: burke's project
07:25:15 *** goodnews2009 has joined #openmrs
07:25:32 *** ankush_ has joined #openmrs
07:25:39 <Mkop2> "describe your open source experience" none. "describe your spring/hibernate/jsp/hl7/tomcat/sql/etc. experience" none.
07:25:45 <Mkop2> you mean applying for burke's project?
07:26:11 <Mkop2> docpaul is too darn good at convincing people to do thingss
07:26:23 <jmiranda> Mkop2, to be honest, we're not expecting people to know that stuff upfront
07:26:39 <jmiranda> not many college students have experience with those kinds of technologies
07:26:43 *** ankush_ has quit IRC
07:26:44 <jmiranda> (as far as i know)
07:26:55 *** ankush_ has joined #openmrs
07:27:04 <jmiranda> the key is to show your enthusiasm and interest
07:27:08 <Mkop2> I think a lot of people have more experience than me
07:27:17 <Mkop2> enthusiasm and interest I have. Experience I don't
07:27:33 <jmiranda> and to give a proposal with some good ideas and enough structure/planning for us to feel confident that you can get it down in the time frame
07:27:52 <Mkop2> yeah, I wanted to ask you about that
07:27:58 <jmiranda> lack of experience = why we have mentors
07:28:07 <Mkop2> what really needs to go in an application? just the stuff on the web page?
07:28:12 <jmiranda> Mkop2, experience is definitely good
07:28:25 <Mkop2>
07:28:26 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:28:27 <jmiranda> at times
07:29:10 <jmiranda> pretty much
07:29:21 <r0bby> O'
07:29:32 <r0bby> Mkop2: DWR is an amazing technology
07:29:36 <Mkop2> that page doesn't really have very much that's specific to the proejct, but I keep hearing talk about planning what you're gonna do or contacting the mentor and figuring out how you're gonna do the project
07:29:45 <r0bby> I wanna use groovy for any project i do :)
07:30:00 <r0bby> I'm tempted to bootstrap the groovyc ant task
07:30:09 <r0bby> which can compile Java/groovy code side by side
07:30:39 <jmiranda> hey r0bby
07:30:59 <jmiranda> Mkop2, i'm not sure i can give you an example but i'll show you our project pages for the last few years
07:31:00 <Mkop2> here's what I was wondering (on a totally different topic, but I want to get back to this afterwards)
07:31:18 <Mkop2> why is there development for so many different form modules?
07:31:26 <goodnews2009> Hi
07:31:35 <Mkop2> there's robby's groovy module, there's the html form module, ...
07:31:41 <Mkop2> hi goodnews2009
07:32:03 <luzhuangwei> hi goodnews2009
07:32:13 <jmiranda> hey goodnews2009
07:32:16 <luzhuangwei> nice to meet you
07:32:30 <goodnews2009> Hii, I need sm clarifications on sm project odeas :)
07:32:36 <jmiranda> goodnews2009, do you have any for me?
07:32:38 <goodnews2009> nice to meet u too
07:32:45 <jmiranda> good news, i mean
07:32:49 <Mkop2> :-)
07:33:00 <r0bby> Mkop2: there's the infopath one, xforms, and html forms
07:33:02 <goodnews2009> :)
07:33:12 *** ankush__ has joined #openmrs
07:33:12 <r0bby> groovyforms isn't even in a working form yet
07:33:17 <jmiranda> (that was really bad ... apologies)
07:33:18 <ajitlodhi> hi...jmiranda Actually i didn't know much about AOP programming...actually i lack in practical experience of AOP.
07:33:22 <jmiranda> goodnews2009, any projects in particular
07:33:29 *** ajitlodhi has quit IRC
07:33:42 <goodnews2009> ya.. the role based home page
07:34:04 *** ajitlodhi has joined #openmrs
07:34:06 <Mkop2> r0bby: yeah, exactly
07:34:20 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi you have a space in front of your name
07:34:31 <jmiranda> that's hard to tab complete
07:34:49 <Mkop2> doesn't show up that way for me....
07:35:46 <ajitlodhi> no i dont
07:35:48 <jmiranda> Mkop2, sorry missed your question
07:35:52 <jmiranda> the reason ...
07:35:57 <jmiranda> (drum roll)
07:36:09 <jmiranda> is because it's one of the more difficult parts of the system to get right
07:36:44 <jmiranda> infopath works really well
07:36:49 <Mkop2> but is MS
07:36:52 <ajitlodhi> jmiranda...i am interested in Reagarding Longitudinal Data Review Project
07:36:55 <r0bby> Mkop2: I made the (horrible!) mistake of going at it on my own with the groovyforms module
07:37:09 <r0bby> (in that i didn't use the existing system in place0
07:37:16 <jmiranda> but a lot of people are turned off because infopath is proprietary technology
07:37:19 <jmiranda> as they should be
07:37:34 <Mkop2> is it expensive?
07:37:38 <jmiranda> it's difficult to justify the cost of ms infopath in a developing country
07:37:46 <jmiranda> cost of a license for office 2007
07:37:53 <ajitlodhi> jmiranda if u plz help me in knowing the things which will help me in this project....
07:37:54 <jmiranda> x number of people using it
07:38:22 <r0bby> Mkop2: the groovy forms module *IF* it works, will be an amazing thing
07:38:28 <r0bby> (I'm hoping i can get it working)
07:38:45 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi hard work, perserverance, know how, ingenuity
07:38:47 <r0bby> Right now i'm trying to grok spring mvc to convert everything over to spring controllers)
07:38:54 <Mkop2> omg! office ultimate 2007 costs $679
07:39:23 <Mkop2> infopath is "only" $199
07:39:29 <r0bby> it's expensive as hell
07:39:34 *** ankush has quit IRC
07:39:48 <Mkop2> I don't think I've ever typed the letters omg in succession before
07:40:09 <jmiranda> Mkop2, here's the project page for my first GSoC student
07:40:10 <jmiranda>
07:40:13 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:40:31 <r0bby>
07:40:33 <r0bby> and mine
07:40:41 <jmiranda> and his blog
07:40:42 <jmiranda>
07:40:49 <goodnews2009> jmiranda.. Could u help me clarify the requirements of the "role based Home page"
07:41:26 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi goodnews2009 i would recommend discussing specific projects with the mentor
07:41:40 <jmiranda> over email (or IRC when they are available)
07:41:46 <jmiranda> or send questions to the dev list
07:42:12 <goodnews2009> k.. will do
07:42:16 <ajitlodhi> k
07:42:18 <goodnews2009> Thankx
07:42:21 <ajitlodhi> thanks
07:42:21 <jmiranda> i can answer specific questions about certain projects, but i'm not familiar with particulars of each project
07:42:22 <r0bby> Mkop2: That's in a nutshell what's gotta happen with groovyforms
07:42:36 *** ankush_ has quit IRC
07:42:41 <jmiranda> ajitlodhi goodnews2009, but if you have specific questions
07:42:46 *** ankush__ is now known as ankush
07:43:07 <r0bby> Mkop2: wanna see my project plan?
07:43:15 <jmiranda> i'd be more than happy to field them
07:43:33 <Mkop2> r0bby: I think I saw it. you're talking about what's on the active projects page?
07:43:51 <ajitlodhi> sure..thanks .I will take care it in future..
07:44:09 <goodnews2009> Thanks :)
07:44:55 <r0bby>
07:44:56 <OpenMRSBot> <$S> (at
07:44:59 <r0bby> that's my project plan
07:45:16 <r0bby> the stuff towards the bottom was burke giving me pointers
07:46:12 <Mkop2> whoa
07:46:18 <Mkop2> that's very different from
07:46:19 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:46:21 <Mkop2> wow
07:46:22 <jmiranda> Mkop2,
07:46:27 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:46:30 <jmiranda> here's last years google doc
07:46:40 <jmiranda> for the BIRT ODA project
07:46:57 <ajitlodhi> rObby:i missed ur project name ..if u plz mention it again for me..
07:47:02 <jmiranda> Mkop2, these were fleshed out over the course of the summer
07:47:03 <r0bby> Mkop2: that is my project plan devised AFTER i got accepted
07:47:07 <jmiranda> (don't panic)
07:47:20 <r0bby> ajitlodhi:
07:47:31 <r0bby> it's my soc 2008 project (currently incomplete)
07:47:45 <r0bby> I learned a lesson: don't get too eager
07:48:12 <Mkop2> r0bby: ok, good
07:48:23 <ajitlodhi> k...gr8 to hear ur xperience..:)
07:48:44 <Mkop2> do I need to include anything like that in my application? I mean on a basic level
07:48:50 <r0bby> Mkop2: nooo
07:49:00 <r0bby> I included just what they asked
07:49:06 <r0bby> this is after acceptance
07:49:07 <Mkop2> ok
07:49:15 <r0bby> when i applied, I went blind
07:49:43 <r0bby> my project was defined after i put my application in
07:49:53 <r0bby> I justy knew my project involved groovy
07:50:26 <jmiranda> Mkop2, different mentors are looking for different things
07:50:55 <r0bby> I wasn't incredibly detailed :(
07:51:01 <ajitlodhi> if u tell what r the things that should be neccessarily included in Application
07:51:12 <r0bby> just what's asked
07:51:21 <r0bby> they give you a template :)
07:51:25 <jmiranda> but i think some of the core qualities are: interest in project, communication skills, technical skills, ability to learn new things
07:51:27 <r0bby> answer those things and you should be fine :)
07:51:33 <ajitlodhi> yup..actually i was typing
07:51:39 <ajitlodhi> sure
07:52:01 <r0bby> what are the odds they let me do some polyglot programming :>
07:52:03 <jmiranda> and a pretty good sense of how much you can realistically get done
07:52:19 <ajitlodhi> How one can show to unkknown person about his/her qualities..?
07:52:34 <jmiranda> students who have failed were ones that didn't respond for days/weeks
07:52:37 <ajitlodhi> thier characterstics quality
07:52:47 <ajitlodhi> k
07:53:12 <r0bby> jmiranda: I had talked to Matt Shanks; paul was awol almost as much as burke sometimes
07:53:12 <jmiranda> (sorry, that's getting ahead of ourselves a bit ... not really relevant to the application process)
07:53:22 <r0bby> I think he just kinda didn't know what to do lol
07:53:46 <r0bby> but i dunno the circumstances lol
07:53:56 <r0bby> (I just know of that case; and it's not my place to even mention it)
07:54:01 <jmiranda> r0bby, i was thinking of a different student
07:54:07 <jmiranda> but yeah, that's also an issue
07:54:10 <goodnews2009> jmiranda.. there 's no contact info of the Mentor, of this project I'm interested in
07:54:17 <jmiranda> we need mentors who are going to be committed as well
07:54:19 <r0bby> which one?
07:54:28 <jmiranda> goodnews2009, which project again?
07:54:41 <r0bby> Hopefully burke doesn't repeat the experience i had this summer
07:54:45 <goodnews2009> Saptarshi Purkayastha
07:54:54 <r0bby> goodnews2009: sunbiz on here
07:55:13 <r0bby>
07:55:33 <jmiranda> thanks r0bby
07:55:44 <goodnews2009> ya.. Thankx :)
07:56:04 <r0bby> jmiranda: n/p
07:56:07 <jmiranda> goodnews2009, you've got a good mentor with sunbiz
07:56:14 <r0bby> sunbiz is quite good :)
07:57:17 <jmiranda> very knowledgeable
07:57:19 <r0bby> Somehow i wonder if i was too demanding last summer; or if burke didn't have the time :x
07:57:27 <goodnews2009> robby.. really
07:57:32 <r0bby> he is
07:57:35 <r0bby> you're in good hands
07:57:39 <r0bby> he's a 2008 student :)
07:58:13 <Mkop2> link to sunbiz placed on project page
07:58:53 <goodnews2009> r0bby.. just saw that fact :) cool
07:59:44 <luzhuangwei> I also see,I think all our mentors are friendly.So we only need to try our best to prepare for projects.:-)
08:00:20 <r0bby> luzhuangwei: all the mentors are great
08:00:36 <luzhuangwei> oh,yeah
08:00:39 *** ankush_ has joined #openmrs
08:00:42 <r0bby> My saying burke was awol by no means says I had a negative experience, It was positive. I'd do it over again if i had the chance
08:00:50 <Mkop2> jmiranda: sent you a PM
08:01:02 <r0bby> Just I'd know going into it
08:02:04 <luzhuangwei> oh,so i apply for OpenMRS is my correct select.
08:02:52 <r0bby> yup!
08:02:56 <r0bby> openmrs all the way :)
08:03:11 <ajitlodhi> Openmars ROCX...:)
08:06:00 *** goodnews2009 has quit IRC
08:07:06 *** ankush has quit IRC
08:10:22 *** ankush_ has quit IRC
08:10:28 *** ankush_ has joined #openmrs
08:10:32 *** ankush_ is now known as ankush
08:57:23 <Mkop2> !bwolfealsosays
08:57:23 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "bwolfealsosays" --- To greatly increase your chances of getting accepted by openmrs you should demonstrate your knowledge/skills in both java and potentially openmrs. The best way to do that is to finish a few small tickets. Type !trivialtickets and !introtickets for links to some that we have defined.
08:59:40 *** luzhuangwei has quit IRC
09:02:46 <nathanael> is this docpaul's advice you are talking about: ?
09:02:47 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
09:07:30 <Mkop2> I think jmiranda was talking about advice that docpaul gave me specifically, to apply for a particular project
09:07:33 <Mkop2> good night
09:07:42 *** Mkop2 has left #openmrs
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12:08:35 <ajitlodhi> !trivialtickets
12:08:35 <OpenMRSBot> ajitlodhi: "trivialtickets" ---
12:09:08 <ajitlodhi> !introtickets
12:09:08 <OpenMRSBot> ajitlodhi: "introtickets" ---
12:21:12 <pk> !introtickets
12:21:12 <OpenMRSBot> pk: "introtickets" ---
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15:00:56 *** greendots has joined #openmrs
15:01:07 <greendots> Hi
15:17:40 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
15:18:32 *** nathanael has joined #Openmrs
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15:40:09 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
15:40:09 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
15:41:30 <Mkop2> guten morgen, Keelhaul
15:41:34 <Keelhaul> hi
15:42:35 *** flyankur has joined #openmrs
16:04:41 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
16:41:05 *** ankush has joined #openmrs
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16:56:49 <jmiranda> Mkop2, did you ever play Nintendo as a kid?
16:56:56 <jmiranda> (random question)
16:57:00 <Mkop2> no
16:57:09 <Mkop2> I've never owned a game console
16:57:13 <jmiranda> has anyone ever nicknamed you "soda pop"
16:57:25 <Mkop2> we didn't have a TV even until I was in like 6th grade
16:57:30 <jmiranda> that's awesome
16:57:43 <jmiranda> i got rid of TV last year
16:58:02 <jmiranda> the reason i was asking is because i did play a lot of nintendo when i was a kid
16:58:14 <jmiranda> and there was a character in the Mike Tyson punchout game
16:58:24 <jmiranda> called Soda Popinsky
16:58:46 <jmiranda> was wondering if i could call you Soda Kopinsky
17:00:22 * jmiranda acknowledges that was a lame attempt at humor
17:01:37 <Keelhaul> lol
17:01:42 <Keelhaul> i was a sega fanboy
17:04:44 <jmiranda> Keelhaul, moved to sega, then PS2
17:04:52 <Keelhaul> heh
17:04:54 <Keelhaul> what did you have
17:04:55 <jmiranda> then started dating
17:05:09 <jmiranda> had to give up games to appear like i was cool
17:05:10 <Keelhaul> lol
17:05:30 *** isurundt[1] has joined #openmrs
17:05:30 <Keelhaul> ps2 isnt the kinda of games that you'd have to hide
17:05:36 <Keelhaul> it's not WoW lol
17:05:41 <jmiranda> true
17:05:46 <Keelhaul>
17:05:49 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:06:15 *** isurundt has quit IRC
17:06:20 <jmiranda> but spending entire weekends on GTA back in 2005 wasn't really cutting it
17:06:26 *** isurundt[1] has quit IRC
17:06:37 <Keelhaul> heh
17:06:40 <Keelhaul> but gta was awesome
17:06:51 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
17:06:57 <Keelhaul> i've played the last one too
17:07:01 <Keelhaul> too bad the pc port was botched
17:07:03 <jmiranda> which one is that?
17:07:06 <Keelhaul> 4
17:07:12 <jmiranda> which city?
17:07:17 <Keelhaul> liberty city again
17:07:27 <Keelhaul> you play a serbian immigrant
17:07:41 <jmiranda> i hoping to get a Wii
17:07:45 <Keelhaul> oh
17:07:46 <Keelhaul> i have one
17:07:52 <jmiranda> just so i can "workout" a little
17:07:56 <Keelhaul> oh
17:07:58 <Keelhaul> that's a toy
17:08:00 <Keelhaul> not really a workout
17:08:13 <Keelhaul> now the elliptical i bought last year, this is a real workout
17:08:16 <Mkop2> since I never had game consoles I learned to waste the same amount of time on the computer instead
17:08:25 <jmiranda> Keelhaul, you haven't boxed with me then
17:08:29 <Keelhaul> lol
17:08:41 <jmiranda> i'm kidding though
17:08:45 <Keelhaul> the only exhausting game i found was the sandbag boxing
17:08:53 <jmiranda> i play basketball at the UW gym a few times a week
17:09:02 <jmiranda> how does that work
17:09:06 <Keelhaul> fine
17:09:15 <Keelhaul> i've never been any good at ball games =/
17:09:31 <greendots> the wii isnt that much fun
17:09:34 <Mkop2> I walk past the upenn gym a few times a week
17:09:40 <jmiranda> :)
17:09:40 <Keelhaul> yea, my wii is sitting around most of the time
17:09:41 <greendots> at least for single player games
17:09:47 <Keelhaul> the homebrew is fun
17:09:56 <Keelhaul> but nintendo is trying to ban it with every update
17:09:56 <jmiranda> greendots, agreed ... you need to get a group
17:09:59 <Keelhaul> and they always find ways around it
17:10:13 <Keelhaul> mario kart was fun for a while
17:10:20 <greendots> what homebrew like emulators?
17:10:24 <Keelhaul> yea
17:10:27 <Keelhaul> anything that's home made
17:10:38 <Keelhaul> there's a scummvm port for the wii
17:10:43 <greendots> xbox is really great for that with xbmc
17:10:50 <Keelhaul> yea but those cost money
17:11:13 <greendots> what costs money?
17:11:21 <Keelhaul>
17:11:25 <Keelhaul> xbmc games?
17:11:49 <greendots> its a media center app (opensource)
17:11:52 <Keelhaul> oh
17:11:59 <Keelhaul> i was thinknig of arcade or smt
17:13:20 *** Echidna has quit IRC
17:13:33 <nathanael_> Mkop2: funny, we also didn't have a tv until i was in the 6th grade :-)
17:13:47 <greendots> thats cool... i never knew wii could be softmodded
17:14:41 <Keelhaul> yea, it's a bit tricky
17:14:52 <Keelhaul> you have to use the zelda game with a hacked savegame
17:14:56 <Keelhaul> which makes the game crash
17:15:10 <Keelhaul> when it crashes, the write protection fails and you can execute unauthorized code
17:15:17 <Keelhaul> e.g. install the homebrew channel
17:15:26 <Keelhaul> once it's installed, you just add apps to the sd card
17:15:29 <greendots> thats the same way it worked for xbox :)
17:20:36 *** Echidna has joined #openmrs
17:22:01 <Keelhaul> jmiranda: how are you gonna get a wii w/o a tv? =P
17:23:20 <Mkop2> :-)
17:24:19 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Error 404i in Hello World module <> || Justin Miranda: On Starting the Modern Compiler <> || Justin Miranda: On User Feedback <> || Justin Miranda: On Healthy Haiti <> || Justin Miranda: On Features and Feedback <> || Justin Miranda: On Transparency and Staying On Task <> || Justin Miranda: On the Quartz Scheduler Project <> || Justin Miranda: On the Dataset Builder <>
17:24:40 <Keelhaul> hmm
17:24:55 <Keelhaul> there's a new for a new datetime picker, i tihnk
17:25:01 <Mkop2> jmiranda: did your blog like just get added to the feed or something?
17:25:06 <Keelhaul> one that supports time
17:25:32 <jmiranda> Keelhaul, oh sorry ... i have a tv ... just don't have cable, so we never turn it on
17:25:36 <Keelhaul> oh
17:25:42 <Keelhaul> i dont watch much tv
17:25:48 <Keelhaul> mostly american tv shows which i get from bt
17:25:58 <Keelhaul> but it's quite useful while using the elliptical =)
17:26:02 <jmiranda> Mkop2, no ... i had forgot to add the openmrs tag to some posts
17:26:18 <Mkop2> oh
17:31:09 *** k_nishant has joined #openmrs
17:36:22 *** flyankur has quit IRC
17:41:52 <Keelhaul> anyone happen to know the rgb code for "openmrs blue"?
17:42:31 *** sdefabbiakane has joined #openmrs
17:44:45 <jmiranda> Keelhaul, i have no idea
17:44:52 *** nribeka1 has joined #openmrs
17:45:17 *** luzhuangwei has quit IRC
17:45:18 <Keelhaul> 8FABC7
17:45:19 <Keelhaul> =)
17:45:20 <jmiranda> maybe ask burke or ben for the style docs we got from the designer
17:45:26 <jmiranda> good work
17:45:39 <jmiranda> color chooser add-on in firefox?
17:45:42 <Keelhaul> no
17:45:49 <jmiranda> photoshop
17:45:53 <Keelhaul> screenshot -> -> color picker
17:54:52 *** ankush_ has joined #openmrs
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17:59:29 *** k_nishant has quit IRC
18:02:16 *** nribeka has quit IRC
18:07:00 <Keelhaul> jmiranda: is there a way to auto generate openmrs patient identifiers?
18:07:14 <Keelhaul> or can you explain the pattern to me
18:08:50 <jmiranda> Keelhaul, MRN module, i think
18:09:09 <jmiranda> each group has their own way of doing it
18:09:43 *** ankush has quit IRC
18:09:50 *** ankush_ is now known as ankush
18:09:56 <jmiranda> i'm not familiar with our process, except that there's some java code somewhere that someone has to run when one of our clinics asks for new identifiers
18:10:09 <Keelhaul> hmm
18:10:21 <jmiranda> the MRN generator module should be able to give you a block of identifiers though
18:10:22 <Keelhaul> i saw a check against a regex somewhere in the code for openmrs identifiers
18:10:35 <jmiranda> yes
18:11:02 <jmiranda> each patient identifier type has support for a regex validator
18:11:22 <jmiranda> so you could write your own
18:11:27 <Keelhaul> ic
18:11:42 <Keelhaul> well i've been using "old identifiers" for my test patients
18:12:03 <Keelhaul> i guess they arent checked at all
18:12:43 *** flyankur has joined #openmrs
18:18:26 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
18:18:31 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
18:18:32 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
18:38:04 <Keelhaul> heh
18:40:51 <Keelhaul> damn
18:41:01 <Keelhaul> there should be an obs importing machanism
18:41:06 <Keelhaul> upload an xml file or smt
18:41:08 <Keelhaul> or excel
18:41:14 <Keelhaul> and it creates an obs for each entry
18:44:43 *** flyankur has quit IRC
19:05:42 *** ankush_ has joined #openmrs
19:06:53 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
19:16:55 *** ankush has quit IRC
19:22:04 *** ankush_ is now known as ankush
19:24:10 *** nribeka1 has quit IRC
19:34:35 *** nathanael_ has quit IRC
19:42:39 *** devidas has joined #openmrs
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19:50:23 *** devidas has quit IRC
19:51:19 *** jain has joined #openmrs
19:53:06 *** isurundt has quit IRC
19:54:34 <jain> Enhancing Patient De-duplication Workflow mentos for soc?
19:55:46 <jain> mentors for soc?
19:56:01 <Keelhaul> mentos the freshmaker =D
19:56:16 <jain> my mistake
19:56:55 <Keelhaul> !projects
19:56:55 <OpenMRSBot> Keelhaul: "projects" --- (#1), or (#2)
19:57:11 <Keelhaul> yea, it seems so
19:57:51 <jain> yes i am intersted in the Enhancing Patient De-duplication Workflow project
19:58:08 <jain> would like to know more about it
19:58:18 <Keelhaul> you'll have to send a mail to shaun grannis then
19:58:22 <Keelhaul> he doesnt come here usually
19:59:07 <jain> okay can i have his mail id plz
19:59:49 <Keelhaul>
19:59:50 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
20:00:04 <Keelhaul> theres that little envelope icon near the name
20:00:14 <Keelhaul> hmm doesnt work for me
20:00:52 <Keelhaul>
20:04:32 *** patri has joined #openmrs
20:05:26 <Mkop2> click the little envelope, and then just manually fix the url
20:06:49 <Mkop2> nribeka: your name is mispelled on doctorshaun's blog, btw
20:08:15 <Mkop2> nribeka: wow, you didn't seem to maintain your blog very well :-)
20:08:29 <patri> hi.. I am working on a homoeopathic remedy finder software for mobile phones using j2me.. can I propose it as a new project for gsoc ?
20:09:06 <Mkop2> patri: would that work with openmrs?
20:11:08 <patri> openmrs is based on java, right ? i can modify to make it a PC software with more features instead of mobile one if needed..
20:13:23 <Keelhaul> no, mobile clients are a strongly desired thing
20:13:43 <Keelhaul> there's a great one for android
20:13:52 <Keelhaul> but there arent many devices yet
20:16:27 <patri> should i post it on the mailing list ?
20:16:46 <Keelhaul> yes
20:17:06 <Keelhaul> maybe the dev mailing list
20:17:22 <Keelhaul> you'll have to register first
20:17:26 <patri> only the announce one is mentioned on the gsoc page..
20:17:33 <patri> please tell me the link
20:17:49 <Keelhaul>
20:18:08 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
20:18:14 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
20:18:14 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
20:18:19 <Keelhaul> i dont think the announce list is meant for anyone to write to
20:19:22 <Mkop2> does this project have anything to do with openmrs, other than the fact that it's java and openmrs is java, and it's medical and openmrs is medical? it seems like you're describing a standalone app that doesn't really have that much to do with OpenMRS. Am I misunderstanding something/
20:19:23 <Mkop2> ?
20:19:28 <nribeka> Mkop2, i have other blog
20:19:34 <nribeka> non tech related blog
20:19:35 <nribeka> :)
20:20:17 <Mkop2> nribeka: the most recent post on your gsoc blog is from week 5
20:20:28 <nribeka> haha
20:20:43 <nribeka> afterwards i didn't have the chance to post the update lol
20:20:44 <nribeka> :D
20:22:53 <Mkop2> patri: did you see my question?
20:24:24 <patri> Mkop2: yes, i saw your question..
20:24:39 <patri> i guess i should try to find out a method how it can be adapted to openmrs
20:24:59 <patri> i m downloading openmrs now.. i should do some experiments
20:25:26 <patri> and after that, post in the mailing list..
20:25:43 <Mkop2> personally, I'm struggling to see how you would interface a medical record system with a remedy finder app
20:26:01 <Mkop2> what's the purpose of the interface?
20:28:33 <patri> i think i agree with how..
20:28:53 <patri> if something like a patient management system could be included..
20:48:29 *** kane77 has quit IRC
20:55:21 *** patri has quit IRC
21:00:24 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
21:00:24 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
21:00:39 *** jain has quit IRC
21:04:53 *** pakon has joined #openmrs
21:06:59 *** meonkeys has quit IRC
21:07:10 *** meonkeys has joined #openmrs
21:14:25 <Keelhaul> hey nribeka, you were the one who added UTF-8 compatibility
21:14:38 <Keelhaul> is there a way that could work for message properties files too?
21:27:54 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: theres a ticket for that
21:28:18 <Keelhaul> heh
21:28:19 <Keelhaul> wb
21:28:30 <Keelhaul>
21:28:31 <Keelhaul> i found this
21:28:31 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
21:28:42 <Keelhaul> but i cant find where in openmrs the messages are pulled from files
21:30:33 <bwolfe> its the spring:message taglib. look at web-inf/taglibs/spring.tld
21:30:42 <bwolfe> it should say which spring class is doing that
21:31:14 <Keelhaul> yea
21:32:17 <pakon> hi, all
21:32:29 <pakon> My name is Pavel Konnikov. I am from Russia. Sorry for my english.
21:32:47 <pakon> I am interesting in OpenMRS GSoC 2009.
21:32:52 <pakon> I checkout OpenMRS code from svn and I have a question:
21:33:01 <pakon> Is it correct to store jar-files in /lib svn-folder instead of using maven?
21:34:01 <bwolfe> pakon: welcome! (your english is pretty good, not to worry. :-)
21:34:11 <bwolfe> we don't use maven though...we're using ant
21:34:15 <bwolfe> maven makes my head hurt
21:36:10 <pakon> May be, porting of current build system to maven would be a project for GSoC?
21:36:39 <bwolfe> pakon: I would rather we use our current ant + ivy
21:36:56 <bwolfe> !1130
21:36:56 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: Error: "1130" is not a valid command.
21:37:06 <r0bby> !ticket 1130
21:37:06 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: Ticket #1130:
21:37:26 <bwolfe> beat your to it r0bby ;-)
21:37:54 <r0bby> it's also on the projects page
21:38:35 <bwolfe> pakon: have you used ivy before ?
21:39:06 <r0bby> ivy can pull from maven repos :)
21:39:07 <pakon> no - i am use maven
21:39:47 <pakon> but i can learn ivy - no problem
21:40:14 <pakon> i have one more question
21:40:34 <bwolfe> I'm sorry, we have a one-question limit here
21:40:38 <bwolfe> :-D
21:40:51 <pakon> $)
21:40:53 <pakon> :)
21:41:04 <Mkop2> was that payment for your second question?
21:41:27 <Keelhaul> 10 zimbabwe dollars
21:41:34 <pakon> ;)
21:42:11 <Mkop2> bwolfe: the latest patch I loaded to 143 (143.6.patch) I think had a lot of changes that were already included in 143.5.patch. Is that a problem? What can I do?
21:42:39 <Mkop2> I had svn issues and wasn't really able to do my usual svn update before creating the patch
21:43:32 <bwolfe> Mkop2: it shouldn't be...
21:43:42 <Mkop2> ok, good
21:43:48 <Mkop2> wb btwsws
21:43:50 <Mkop2> btw*
21:43:52 <bwolfe> you can check by checking out a fresh copy and try applying it...or can you still not checkout/update ?
21:44:01 <Mkop2> I have it working now
21:44:08 <bwolfe> what was the problem ?
21:44:15 <Mkop2> the problem is that there are a LOT of changes in that patch
21:44:16 <bwolfe> pakon: what was your question ?
21:44:18 <pakon> I scan list of GSoC projects and all of them interesting. What about priority of these projects?
21:44:23 <Mkop2> so it's really tedious to go through all of them and merge
21:44:26 *** patri has joined #openmrs
21:44:50 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: there should be some kind of obs data import from a file
21:45:02 <Keelhaul> e.g. excel
21:45:26 <Keelhaul> adding individual observations one at a time takes a lot of time
21:45:38 <Keelhaul> especially selecting the patient and the concept every time
21:45:40 <bwolfe> pakon: the projects "above the line" (tagged with the GSOC logo) are all top priority and should all get students (we're hoping we'll get about 10 students again)
21:45:42 <Mkop2> I upgraded tortoisesvn and it decided to die on me. For some reason, the new version doesn't like my network connection or dns or something or another
21:45:51 <Mkop2> switching to https instead of http fixed the problem
21:46:31 <Mkop2> took quite a while in #svn figuring that one out
21:46:38 <Mkop2> or maybe it was #subclipse
21:46:40 <bwolfe> Mkop2: ah yes, forgot about that option. now that you mention it I remember a few people having to use a similar technique
21:46:54 <Mkop2> in any case, now I have tortoisesvn AND subclipse working
21:46:57 <bwolfe> but I think those were network/port blocking issues
21:46:58 <Mkop2> before subclipse didn't work
21:47:04 <bwolfe> cool
21:47:25 <Mkop2> bwolfe: that's possible. The strange thing is that the old version of tortoisesvn seemed to get around it, it's only the new version which gave trouble
21:47:50 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: there might be a module for it
21:47:57 <bwolfe> have you scanned the ones in the module repo ?
21:48:01 <Keelhaul> not yet
21:48:04 <Keelhaul> i just noticed today
21:48:07 <Keelhaul> well not really today
21:48:21 <Keelhaul> i wrote about that problem in my thesis before
21:48:28 <Keelhaul> but this was the first time i had to experience it myself >=/
21:49:17 <bwolfe> heh
21:49:27 <bwolfe> ask the dev list if anyone has something like that
21:49:51 <Keelhaul> whadya know
21:49:56 <Mkop2> what do you mean your thesis?
21:49:56 <Keelhaul> /openmrs-modules/exceldataimport
21:50:09 <Keelhaul> Mkop2: my msc thesis i wrote last year
21:50:17 <Mkop2> oh
21:50:17 <Keelhaul> thats how i got into openmrs
21:50:21 <Mkop2> cool!
21:50:25 <Mkop2> is it online somewhere?
21:50:29 <Keelhaul> no
21:50:37 <Keelhaul> it still hasnt been reviewed yet
21:50:43 <Keelhaul> so its not in the repository yet
21:52:06 <Mkop2> what was it on?
21:52:34 <Keelhaul> well my part was implementing some functions that would improve diabetes care
21:52:47 <Keelhaul> the actual benefit of those functions wasnt part of it though
21:52:50 <Keelhaul> just the technical stuff
21:53:52 <r0bby> what is your M.S. in?
21:54:09 <Keelhaul> medical informatics
21:58:43 <pakon> bwolfe: I can translate messages into russian before submit gsoc-applications. Using anybody OpenMRS in Russia?
22:00:06 <bwolfe> pakon: not any that I know of, bu t we would welcome the translation :-)
22:00:12 <bwolfe> pakon: does it require the utf-8 fix ?
22:00:24 *** Mkop2 has quit IRC
22:00:24 <bwolfe> !365
22:00:24 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: Error: "365" is not a valid command.
22:00:28 <bwolfe> !ticket 365
22:00:28 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: Ticket #365:
22:02:38 <pakon> mmm...
22:03:12 <pakon> russain words contain non-latin characters...
22:03:50 <pakon> i will try my translation and report about result
22:06:42 <Keelhaul> pakon: i just tried that lol
22:06:54 <Keelhaul> needs some more spring tweaking, i think
22:08:21 <Keelhaul>
22:08:28 <Keelhaul> database items display fine
22:08:38 <Keelhaul> but not messages from the properties files
22:09:19 <pakon> funnily
22:10:04 <nribeka> ooo the resource utf8 Keelhaul?
22:11:15 <pakon> .properties file in utf encoding?
22:11:27 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
22:14:33 <pakon> I have build trunk and get war-file. Need I create DB to run OpenMRS or simply deploy war on tomcat?
22:15:23 <bwolfe> pakon: I tried just making the file in utf-8 encoding, but it didn't work. I htink the other two fixes in that blog post from Keelhaul are needed
22:15:29 <Mkop2> just deploy. The initialization wizard will run and create the database
22:16:50 <pakon> Mkop2: tnx
22:20:35 <Keelhaul> pakon: where in russia are you?
22:24:22 <nribeka> i'm so ill :(
22:26:47 <pakon> Keelhaul: Kursk
22:27:46 <r0bby> ...why do graphs always fail for me .lol
22:28:02 <r0bby> and Keelhaul you use a html forms?
22:30:06 <r0bby> bwolfe; while oyu're here lemme saee if i can resolve a problem i been having
22:30:56 <bwolfe> ok
22:30:59 <bwolfe> I'll try
22:31:36 <r0bby> oh neverminfd
22:31:47 <r0bby> odd :|
22:32:06 <bwolfe> ??
22:32:07 <Keelhaul> r0bby: yea, i gave it a try
22:32:08 <Keelhaul> works nicely
22:32:15 <Keelhaul> pakon: heh, i'm not sure where it is
22:32:21 <Keelhaul> i just remember something about a major ww2 battle there
22:32:26 <Keelhaul> i was born in moscow
22:33:03 <r0bby> oh cute
22:33:26 <r0bby> I'm getting hibernate errors but before i say anything lemme update svn and deploy that \
22:33:32 <pakon> Kursk is 500 km south of Moscow
22:35:07 <pakon> OutOfMemoryError. How much memory need OpenMRS on tomcat?
22:35:08 * r0bby just woke up late today :(
22:35:11 <r0bby> !oom
22:35:11 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "oom" --- Tomcat's memory management sucks. Increase your memory available to tomcat. See
22:35:28 <r0bby> pakon: repeatedly deploying/undeploying will cause tomcat to puke
22:35:32 <r0bby> pakon: if you have a gig to spare
22:35:35 <r0bby> use that
22:35:42 <r0bby> actually no
22:35:45 <Keelhaul> !outofmemory
22:35:45 <OpenMRSBot> Keelhaul: Error: "outofmemory" is not a valid command.
22:35:47 <Keelhaul> hmm
22:35:49 <r0bby> 512m should be decent
22:35:50 <Keelhaul> !memory
22:35:50 <OpenMRSBot> Keelhaul: Error: "memory" is not a valid command.
22:36:02 <r0bby> Keelhaul: reading? you can has it?
22:36:09 <bwolfe> 256 or 392 should be plenty
22:36:21 <bwolfe> you can deploy 5-10 times with that
22:36:25 <Keelhaul> there's a wiki page that has some parapeters that will extend the time period before it chokes
22:36:28 <Keelhaul> but still wont fix it
22:36:32 <bwolfe> tomcat's default is only about 64 mb
22:36:33 <r0bby> !oom
22:36:33 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "oom" --- Tomcat's memory management sucks. Increase your memory available to tomcat. See
22:36:43 <pakon> ok
22:36:55 <r0bby> Keelhaul: like i said: reading? u can haz it?
22:37:12 <Keelhaul> r0bby: get over it, i saw your link seconds later
22:38:33 *** Mkop21 has joined #openmrs
22:38:33 *** Mkop2 has quit IRC
22:38:46 *** Mkop21 is now known as Mkop2
22:38:51 <r0bby> Keelhaul: I love you :)
22:39:05 <r0bby> I said it in that form to do it in a nicer way :)
22:43:24 <bwolfe> soccer time. bbl
22:43:34 <nribeka> soccer bwolfe?
22:43:38 <nribeka> you like soccer?
22:43:49 <r0bby> ...
22:43:53 <r0bby> awesome
22:44:15 <r0bby> IDEA stopped generating stubs :(
22:44:22 <Keelhaul> gg idea =)
22:45:29 <Keelhaul> oh great
22:45:36 <Keelhaul> excelimportmodule requires commons logging
22:45:40 <Keelhaul> which is no longer in trunk
22:46:37 <r0bby>
22:47:00 <r0bby> Keelhaul: move commons-logging into lib/
22:47:04 <r0bby> we're done :)
22:47:08 <r0bby> it'll work :)
22:47:25 <r0bby> ever see taht
22:47:44 <r0bby> im doing no db :(
22:48:23 <r0bby> just patient dash
22:48:40 <Keelhaul> r0bby: yea, i just had to find it somewhere
22:48:44 <Keelhaul> fortunately i had an old trunk backup
22:50:25 <r0bby> hrm..
22:57:50 <r0bby> Keelhaul: have you seen that error?
22:58:56 <Keelhaul> yea
22:58:58 <Keelhaul> a lot, actually
22:59:59 *** pakon has quit IRC
23:00:06 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
23:00:40 <Keelhaul> are you using a sessionForm="true"?
23:01:24 <Keelhaul> i usually got that when i was using the same object instance in a form w/o reloading it from the api on every call
23:01:54 <Keelhaul> so after sending the form away once, if i had an Encounter object and tried to, say, do encounter.getPatient.getNames() i got that exception
23:02:08 <Keelhaul> i had to do something like
23:02:31 <Keelhaul> Patient p = Context.getPatientService().getPatient(encounter.getPatient().getPatientId());
23:02:35 <Keelhaul> then p.getNames();
23:20:30 *** Mkop2 has quit IRC
23:24:03 <r0bby> I wasn't doing anything!
23:24:10 <r0bby> this is in the patientdash!
23:25:09 <Keelhaul> doesnt matter
23:25:53 <Keelhaul> try loading the concept from the api explicitly before using its names
23:40:04 <r0bby> ... I'm not doing this
23:40:09 <r0bby> I'm saying this is openmrs core!
23:42:10 <Keelhaul> you must be doing something that triggers that call
23:47:11 *** patri has quit IRC
23:52:33 <r0bby> My module isn't loaded
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