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  • 2009-03-24 - OpenMRS
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00:05:21 *** nribeka2 has joined #openmrs
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00:22:49 *** diegoalvarez has joined #openmrs
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00:51:29 <nribeka2> i wish one day is more than 24h
00:51:30 <nribeka2> :(
01:12:34 * r0bby wishes his paper would write itself
01:12:37 <r0bby> I'd rather code :)
01:14:55 <nribeka2> that's a good idea too r0bby lol
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01:58:32 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
02:18:27 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
02:36:51 *** upul has joined #openmrs
02:49:15 *** thachtran has joined #openmrs
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02:59:53 *** kimkha has joined #openmrs
03:02:01 <kimkha> hi all
03:02:10 <Mkop2> hi, kim
03:02:15 <Mkop2> kimkha*
03:02:30 <Mkop2> are you new here?
03:02:37 *** thachtran has joined #openmrs
03:02:40 <kimkha> yes
03:02:46 <Mkop2> welcome
03:04:08 <kimkha> who are you, Mkop2*?
03:04:24 <Mkop2> also relatively new here
03:05:02 <Mkop2> new contributor
03:05:07 <Mkop2> potential GSoC applicant
03:05:40 <kimkha> i'm too
03:06:10 <Mkop2> I've been hanging out in IRC long enough to answer any basic questions you might have
03:06:16 <kimkha> new GSoC applicant
03:07:06 <kimkha> so... how to join GSoC with OpenMRS
03:07:11 <kimkha> hi..
03:07:24 <Mkop2> !gsoc
03:07:24 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: Error: "gsoc" is not a valid command.
03:07:27 <Mkop2> !soc
03:07:27 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "soc" --- (#1), or (#2), or (#3)
03:07:35 <Mkop2> look at those links
03:07:45 <Mkop2> especially the 2nd one, probably
03:15:00 <kimkha> okie
03:15:06 <kimkha> i know...
03:16:40 *** upul has quit IRC
03:20:17 *** thachtran_ has joined #openmrs
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03:26:15 *** upul has joined #openmrs
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03:37:22 <kimkha> :(
03:37:37 <Mkop2> do you have any questions?
03:37:57 <kimkha> no..
03:38:11 <Mkop2> so what's the frownie face all about?
03:38:13 <kimkha> i have mistake..
03:38:17 <Mkop2> what?
03:38:20 <kimkha> :)
03:38:25 <Mkop2> oh
03:38:26 <Mkop2> lol
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03:53:12 *** fan has joined #openmrs
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04:11:41 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
04:11:41 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o jmiranda
04:18:05 <Mkop2> my mind is going numb from too much javadoc editing
04:26:30 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
04:37:26 <r0bby> Mkop2: I personally hate javadoc'ing
04:37:45 <r0bby> I applaud you for doing it
04:38:19 <Mkop2> whoever wrote the trunk code doesn't like javadoccing either
04:39:07 <jmiranda> Mkop2, that was a group effort :)
04:39:15 <Mkop2> I can actually tell
04:39:25 <Mkop2> I can tell different javadoc'ing styles throughout
04:39:32 <jmiranda> your work on that is much appreciated
04:39:41 <jmiranda> yeah
04:40:25 <Mkop2> some files consistently have very sparse comments, some files have lots of good comments but a lot of bad syntax as well (things like @returns instead of @return), some files have the @param tags formatted wrong, some have them right
04:40:37 <r0bby> I think i javadoc'd code just for myself at times
04:40:51 <Mkop2> it's too bad you don't have the @author tags there, or I'd know all of your personalities by now :-)
04:41:21 <jmiranda> i was just thinking the same thing (re: @author)
04:41:25 <Mkop2> lol
04:41:31 <jmiranda> now you know why :)
04:41:35 <Mkop2> lol!
04:41:53 <Mkop2> I was actually wondering about that - why don't you have those?
04:43:27 <upul> I think i saw somewhere not to put author tags and to remove them when you see it
04:43:39 <jmiranda> it was a conscious decision
04:43:45 <Mkop2> why?
04:44:12 <upul> may be because it is open source, everything is owned by everyone
04:44:29 <jmiranda> we didn't really want to attribute code to a single developer since we want to encourage developers to work on any part of the code
04:44:40 <Mkop2> do most open source projects use those tags?
04:45:00 <Mkop2> jmiranda: that makes sense
04:45:01 <jmiranda> attribution can sometimes be a detriment both to the original developer and anyone wanting to submit their own patch
04:45:17 <jmiranda> i'm not sure about other projects, but i would assume it's probably 50/50
04:45:37 <jmiranda> i could see Hibernate being very @authory
04:45:56 <jmiranda> same with Spring
04:46:15 <jmiranda> but i'm not entirely sure about either
04:46:50 <jmiranda> Mkop2, i just read upul's comment ... that's exactly right
04:47:22 <jmiranda> everyone owns the code
04:47:51 <jmiranda> maybe we could do an auto include in eclipse to add @author everyone <>
04:48:13 <Mkop2> hehe
04:49:44 <Mkop2> jmiranda: at some point I prob want to talk to you about that quartz scheduling project
04:49:54 <Mkop2> I'm thinking of applying for it for gsoc
04:50:01 <jmiranda> if you want to summarize your findings, it would be appreciated to add to the wiki or send an email to the dev list
04:50:10 <jmiranda> Mkop2, ok sounds good
04:50:54 <r0bby> Mkop2: if that's a soc thing apply!
04:50:59 * r0bby pushes Mkop2 to apply
04:51:10 <Mkop2> I'm pretty sure I will now
04:51:13 <jmiranda> i just got back from a week in Ecuador around an hour ago, so i will probably spend the next 24 hours shoveling out my inbox
04:51:24 *** openmrs_284 has joined #openmrs
04:51:49 <jmiranda> so i'll probably have some time later tomorrow night or wednesday to discuss
04:51:55 <Mkop2> I haven't noticed you on IRC before today, but I guess that's b/c you were in Ecuador
04:52:20 <jmiranda> yeah, i was on regularly the week before i left
04:52:28 <jmiranda> and should be from now on
04:52:31 <Mkop2> the deadline is next friday, so if we talk early next week that's fine too
04:52:51 <jmiranda> i will definitely find time this week
04:53:22 *** Udai has joined #openmrs
04:53:58 *** openmrs_284 has quit IRC
04:54:15 <Mkop2> hopefully I will be focusing on school work and not openmrs, so I might not necessarily be on IRC as much as I have been the past few days
04:58:20 <jmiranda> Mkop2, not a problem ... we can talk over IRC, email, Skype (jmiranda62)
04:58:33 <jmiranda> doh!
04:58:33 <Mkop2> do you use IM?
05:00:35 <upul> Mkop2:
05:01:08 <jmiranda> thanks upul
05:01:38 <Mkop2> i saw that page, but it didn't have AIM or gtalk, so i wanted to ask :-)
05:01:52 <jmiranda> gtalk is just justin.miranda
05:02:02 <jmiranda> i'll update the page when i get a chance
05:02:11 <jmiranda> AIM ... i forget ... maybe jmiranda62
05:02:43 <jmiranda> i just started using some ubuntu IM client that allows you to access all of those different accounts
05:02:57 <Mkop2> I use pidgin for that
05:03:00 <Mkop2> (though on windows)
05:03:06 <jmiranda> yeah, i think that's what i'm using
05:03:24 <Mkop2> but I actually currently have gtalk open separately, because it has nicer windowing and better email notifications
05:03:29 <jmiranda> it crashed right before i left, so I need to figure out how to get it working again
05:03:49 <Mkop2> how long were you in Ecuador for?
05:04:20 <jmiranda> just over a week
05:04:38 <Mkop2> cool
05:04:39 <Mkop2> doing what?
05:04:41 <jmiranda> my last week of vacation for the year
05:05:04 <jmiranda> my girlfriend had her last break before starting rotations this summer
05:05:10 <Mkop2> what do you do normally?
05:05:15 <Mkop2> are you a full time dev for openmrs?
05:05:30 <jmiranda> so we went down there, hiked in the amazon, climbed a volcano
05:05:35 <jmiranda> yeah
05:05:45 <Mkop2> how many full time devs are there?
05:06:00 <jmiranda> i work with Partners In Health on OpenMRS (and PIH specific) stuff
05:06:05 <jmiranda> not sure
05:06:17 <Mkop2> what's partners in health?
05:06:17 <nribeka2> that's awesome thing to do jmiranda :D
05:06:18 <jmiranda> it's kind of weird how it's broken down
05:06:29 <jmiranda> nribeka2, yeah it was amazing
05:06:35 <Mkop2> sounds like a lot of fun
05:06:37 <jmiranda> the jungle part of the trip was incredible
05:07:06 <jmiranda> Mkop2, there aren't many fully dedicated developers
05:07:17 <jmiranda> Ben seems to be the only 100% openmrs developers
05:07:20 <jmiranda> developer
05:07:30 <nribeka2> how long was the jungle trip jmiranda?
05:07:50 <jmiranda> then there are probably 5 developers that split time on openmrs and implementation specific tasks
05:08:05 <jmiranda> we were in the jungle for two days
05:08:56 <nribeka2> wowww ...
05:09:12 <jmiranda> hiked in thursday, slept on an ecuadorian's porch, hiked out a ways, then took a small motor boat back to civilization
05:09:39 <jmiranda> the sleeping on the porch was the most dangerous part of the entire trip :)
05:09:55 <jmiranda> we had mosquito nets, but no protection from animals
05:10:23 <Mkop2> you have baseball bats or something to hit them with?
05:10:44 *** pombreda has joined #openmrs
05:10:44 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pombreda
05:10:47 <jmiranda> i had something crawling around by my head at some point during the night
05:10:47 <Mkop2> or baseball gun bats, ( ;-) at r0bby)
05:10:59 <jmiranda> thankfully we had some dogs scare it away
05:11:34 <jmiranda> Mkop2, i wish ... would have felt a lot safer with the baseball gun bat
05:12:06 <Mkop2> oh, you know what a baseball gun bat is?
05:13:37 <jmiranda> no
05:13:39 <jmiranda> i have no idea
05:13:46 <jmiranda> but it sounds useful
05:14:09 <upul> gun that uses baseball bats as ammunition?
05:15:12 <Mkop2> (5:59:37 PM) bwolfe: baseball gun bat
05:15:12 <Mkop2> (5:59:46 PM) r0bby: wtf is that
05:15:12 <Mkop2> (5:59:46 PM) greendots: lol
05:15:12 <Mkop2> (5:59:54 PM) bwolfe: it beats the bullet into you
05:15:33 <Mkop2> that's what we were gonna beat r0bby with if he did something or another
05:16:45 <jmiranda> ben does it again
05:17:05 <Mkop2> we had a whole elaborate plan
05:17:32 <Mkop2> ben was gonna drive up, pick up nribeka2 and then me on the way, and then go to r0bby's place with 3 baseball gun bats
05:21:58 <nribeka2> lol
05:22:11 <nribeka2> wow that's one interesting trip jmiranda
05:22:23 <nribeka2> !gsoc
05:22:23 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka2: Error: "gsoc" is not a valid command.
05:22:39 <Mkop2> !soc
05:22:39 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "soc" --- (#1), or (#2), or (#3)
05:24:31 <Mkop2> !alias gsoc soc
05:24:31 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: Error: The "Alias" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "gsoc" in it. Try "list Alias" to see the commands in the "Alias" plugin.
05:24:41 <Mkop2> !alias soc gsoc
05:24:41 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: Error: The "Alias" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "soc" in it. Try "list Alias" to see the commands in the "Alias" plugin.
05:24:45 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
05:26:49 *** pombreda has left #openmrs
05:27:12 <jmiranda> good night y'all
05:27:26 <Mkop2> ok, good night all
05:27:27 <Mkop2> bye
05:27:36 *** Mkop2 has left #openmrs
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05:50:05 *** upul has joined #openmrs
05:50:33 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
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06:10:45 *** djmlog103_ has joined #openmrs
06:13:45 <djmlog103_> hello everyone
06:14:00 <upul> hi
06:15:02 <djmlog103_> hi jmiranda. are you there?
06:15:36 <r0bby> o/
06:16:09 <upul> you will have to wait around 8 hours
06:16:48 <jmiranda> hey djmlog103_
06:16:51 <jmiranda> upul, :)
06:16:57 <upul> he's live
06:17:03 <djmlog103_> lolz
06:17:04 <jmiranda> i'm just catching up on some emails before heading to bed
06:17:23 <djmlog103_> ahh is this a good time then? we could discuss tomo if you want? :)
06:17:28 <jmiranda> if you have a quick question, i'll be around for about 20 more minutes
06:17:36 <jmiranda> yeah, tomorrow would be best
06:17:42 <jmiranda> what timezone are you in?
06:17:54 <djmlog103_> +5.30 Sri lanka
06:18:14 <jmiranda> like upul
06:18:24 <djmlog103_> hehe yeah.
06:18:26 <upul> no i'm in Klow
06:18:31 <upul> Syldavia
06:18:34 <jmiranda> oh
06:18:48 <djmlog103_> no worries. what time are you coming online again?
06:19:10 <jmiranda> i should be back in about 8 hours (upul was right on)
06:19:41 <djmlog103_> ok ill catch you then. have a good one then. :)
06:20:01 <jmiranda> you too
07:00:53 *** devvrat has joined #openmrs
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07:17:05 *** upul has joined #openmrs
07:51:59 *** nribeka1 has joined #openmrs
07:59:19 *** danielkayiwa has joined #openmrs
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08:37:01 *** openmrs_2742 has joined #openmrs
08:37:32 <openmrs_2742> hi everybody
08:38:17 <upul> hi
08:39:59 <openmrs_2742> i want to know the good way to keep information
08:40:14 <openmrs_2742> can u guide me?
08:40:40 <upul> i did not understand you question, what do you mean by 'keep information'
08:41:02 <upul> do you mean what is happening in openmrs community?
08:41:38 <openmrs_2742> yes
08:41:48 <openmrs_2742> can u explain me some?
08:42:17 <openmrs_2742> I m looking the way to store patient information
08:42:18 <upul> you can subscribe to the mailing lists,
08:42:42 <upul> you can ask questions either in this irc or the mailing list
08:43:15 <openmrs_2742> ok
08:43:15 <openmrs_2742> thank you
08:43:24 <upul> at the moment developers are not online in the irc, but they will be here in around 5 hours
08:51:00 *** isurundt has quit IRC
08:53:20 <danielkayiwa> what kind of information do want to keep?
08:55:10 <danielkayiwa> in other wards, what patient information do u want to store (if u could give a specific example)
08:56:24 <openmrs_2742> ok
08:57:16 <openmrs_2742> I want to keep patient Id, name, gender, age, adress, picture,
08:57:36 <openmrs_2742> date admission and discharge
08:57:58 <openmrs_2742> date of operation so on
08:58:17 <openmrs_2742> laboratory test
08:58:37 <openmrs_2742> utrasound and x-ray result also
08:59:49 *** k_nisahnt has joined #openmrs
09:00:14 *** rks has joined #openmrs
09:00:25 <k_nisahnt> hello
09:00:56 <upul> danielkayiwa:
09:01:07 <upul> k_nisahnt: hi
09:01:17 <danielkayiwa> have u looked at the openmrs data model?
09:01:23 <rks> hello
09:01:37 <upul> rks: hello
09:01:46 <k_nisahnt> so submitted ur application yesterday
09:01:48 <danielkayiwa> the patient id, name, gender etc seem to be already part of the existing openmrs data model
09:01:48 <danielkayiwa> yes
09:02:22 <danielkayiwa> hi
09:02:41 <k_nisahnt> rks: hello bro
09:02:52 <rks> I want to submit my application can you help me with it
09:02:52 <k_nisahnt> so ur new to GSOC
09:03:01 <openmrs_2742> hi
09:03:01 <openmrs_2742> I m here
09:03:05 <k_nisahnt> dainelkayiwa: hi
09:03:21 <k_nisahnt> so ur working on data model
09:03:30 <rks> upal:i want to submit my application can you help me with it
09:03:30 <k_nisahnt> upul: submitted ur application on quartz
09:03:34 <k_nisahnt> schedular
09:03:38 <openmrs_2742> yes
09:03:42 <upul> !soc
09:03:42 <OpenMRSBot> upul: "soc" --- (#1), or (#2), or (#3)
09:03:52 <upul> !bwolfesays
09:03:52 <OpenMRSBot> upul: "bwolfesays" --- FYI to all potential GSoC Applicants: OpenMRS welcomes multiple applications for multiple projects within openmrs. Actually, we encourage it! Sometimes we get quality students only applying to a low priority project. So pick a few projects that interest you, apply to all of them, and put comments in them saying which other ones you've applied to
09:04:57 <openmrs_2742> ok, thank you
09:04:59 <danielkayiwa> am not working on the data model, but i know about it
09:05:06 <upul> k_nisahnt: that's one of them i'm going to try
09:05:28 <upul> k_nisahnt: i haven't mentioned that anywhere yet, how did you know?
09:06:17 <k_nisahnt> I read it from forum man
09:06:44 <upul> k_nisahnt: that wasn't me
09:07:05 <upul> k_nisahnt: :-) there were many
09:07:14 <openmrs_2742> ok
09:07:26 *** k_nisahnt has quit IRC
09:07:40 <openmrs_2742> so, where should i go to?
09:10:31 <upul> rks: this link has all the information,
09:10:54 <upul> rks: this one has the suggested projects, or you can suggest new ones
09:12:37 *** openmrs_2742 has quit IRC
09:13:43 *** lalitd has joined #openmrs
09:15:50 *** rks has quit IRC
09:27:47 *** k_nishant has joined #openmrs
09:28:56 <k_nishant> upal: hello
09:29:05 <k_nishant> upul: so r u dere
09:29:06 <upul> k_nishant: hi
09:29:31 <k_nishant> wat were you telling last 15 mins back
09:29:56 <upul> k_nishant: didn't say anything after you logged off
09:30:23 <k_nishant> ok
09:30:43 <k_nishant> well have u posted ur idea
09:31:07 <upul> k_nishant: what idea?
09:31:30 <k_nishant> gsoc idea
09:32:00 <upul> k_nishant: you mean ones in the openmrs projects page?
09:32:25 <upul> k_nishant: i submitted one, hope to apply 8-10 later :-)
09:32:46 <k_nishant> yup
09:33:39 <k_nishant> ok
10:20:27 *** upul has quit IRC
10:20:52 *** upul has joined #openmrs
10:38:33 *** Udai__ has joined #openmrs
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10:39:24 *** Udai has joined #openmrs
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11:28:09 *** upul has joined #openmrs
11:30:03 *** james_regen has joined #openmrs
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11:54:41 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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12:51:54 *** upul_ has joined #openmrs
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12:52:39 *** upul_ is now known as upul
13:10:52 *** kane77 has joined #openmrs
13:14:38 *** greendots has joined #openmrs
13:18:42 <kane77> hi, I would like to apply to one or two of openmrs projects in this years GSoC. I applied also last year but was not accepted (probably because my lack of knowledge of J2EE)
13:20:05 <bwolfe> welcome back kane
13:21:08 <kane77> This year I did J2EE project (bugtracker) so I have some knowledge (not an expert but I learned a lot)
13:22:08 <bwolfe> great :-)
13:22:39 <bwolfe> we're not strictly j2ee, but we use a lot of those same components
13:25:11 <bwolfe> !learn bwolfesays as To greatly increase your chances of getting accepted by openmrs you should demonstrate your knowledge/skills in both java and potentially openmrs. The best way to do that is to finish a few small tickets. Type !trivialtickets and !introtickets for links to some that we have defined.
13:25:11 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: The operation succeeded.
13:25:15 <bwolfe> !bwolfesays
13:25:15 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "bwolfesays" --- (#1) FYI to all potential GSoC Applicants: OpenMRS welcomes multiple applications for multiple projects within openmrs. Actually, we encourage it! Sometimes we get quality students only applying to a low priority project. So pick a few projects that interest you, apply to all of them, and put comments in them saying which other ones you've applied to, or (#2) To greatly increase your (1 more message)
13:25:44 <bwolfe> !forget bwolfesays 2
13:25:44 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: The operation succeeded.
13:25:48 <bwolfe> !bwolfesays
13:25:48 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "bwolfesays" --- FYI to all potential GSoC Applicants: OpenMRS welcomes multiple applications for multiple projects within openmrs. Actually, we encourage it! Sometimes we get quality students only applying to a low priority project. So pick a few projects that interest you, apply to all of them, and put comments in them saying which other ones you've applied to
13:26:05 <bwolfe> !learn bwolfealsosays as To greatly increase your chances of getting accepted by openmrs you should demonstrate your knowledge/skills in both java and potentially openmrs. The best way to do that is to finish a few small tickets. Type !trivialtickets and !introtickets for links to some that we have defined.
13:26:05 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: The operation succeeded.
13:26:09 <bwolfe> !bwolfealsosays
13:26:09 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "bwolfealsosays" --- To greatly increase your chances of getting accepted by openmrs you should demonstrate your knowledge/skills in both java and potentially openmrs. The best way to do that is to finish a few small tickets. Type !trivialtickets and !introtickets for links to some that we have defined.
13:26:45 <bwolfe> there r0bby, now you have two things to broadcast out to potential students. :-)
13:26:53 *** bwolfe sets mode: +v danielkayiwa
13:26:57 <bwolfe> hey there danielkayiwa
13:27:21 <kane77> I checked out the code and am looking through it now and I'll try to fix some of trvial tickets..
13:29:25 <bwolfe> awesome :-)
13:29:59 *** abhi123 has joined #openmrs
13:31:23 *** abhi123 has quit IRC
13:36:00 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
13:36:24 <Mkop2> whoa, there's a lot of people here
13:36:42 <Mkop2> for those of you who I haven't met, let me introduce myself
13:36:48 <Mkop2> I'm Michael Kopinsky
13:36:55 <Mkop2> bioengineering student at Penn
13:36:58 <Mkop2> new contributor
13:37:21 <Mkop2> and though i haven't decided for sure what I'm doing this summer, GSoC for OpenMRS is a strong possibility
13:38:38 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
13:38:38 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
13:41:47 <Mkop2> well, I've just reached one milestone - I've pared down the javadoc errors enough that they now fit in the eclipse console
13:43:01 <bwolfe> Mkop2: wow, nice
13:43:16 <bwolfe> Mkop2: there should be a total in that output somewhere. what is it now?
13:43:29 <Mkop2> 531 warnings
13:43:37 <Mkop2> do you remember what it was before?
13:44:33 <bwolfe> 1000 something
13:44:39 <Mkop2> oh, wow
13:44:54 <bwolfe> Mkop2: did you see my comments on the ticket? Have you been using those? :-)
13:45:04 <Mkop2> yeah
13:45:10 <Mkop2> though eclipse isn't as picky as javaw
13:45:34 *** djmlog103_ has quit IRC
13:45:48 <Mkop2> I can control-click something, but javaw will still give an error
13:46:07 <bwolfe> interesting
13:46:26 <Mkop2> when the parameters don't quite match
13:46:55 <Mkop2> if there's a method Foo(String, boolean) and a {@link Foo(String)}, eclipse will let me control-click through
13:47:24 <Mkop2> (I think that's what the discrepancy is, at least)
13:50:05 <bwolfe> so eclipse is guessing at what you want maybe
13:50:08 <bwolfe> silly eclipse
13:50:47 <Mkop2> but mousing over the method name and seeing the javadoc is very helpful
13:51:29 <Mkop2> what's the difference between a PatientSet and a Cohort?
13:52:28 <Mkop2> I don't see a PatientSet object anywhere, but there is PatientSetDAO and PatientSetService as well as CohortDAO and CohortService
13:53:29 <bwolfe> they are very similar
13:53:40 <bwolfe> Cohort is meant to replace PatientSet altogether, but we haven't gotten there yet
13:55:14 <Keelhaul> hmm
13:55:20 <Keelhaul> where is PatientSet used now?
13:57:24 <bwolfe> probably in data export stuff
13:57:38 <bwolfe> and the backend of the cohort builder maybe
13:58:00 <bwolfe> you can use eclispse to show you where its rerferenced
13:58:14 <bwolfe> right click on the class name and choose show references --> project
13:58:28 <Keelhaul> ok
14:03:33 <Mkop2> there are also errors that just don't go away, no matter what you do
14:03:43 <Mkop2> links that I'm SURE are correct, but it's complaining about
14:04:53 <thachtran> Hi all
14:05:08 <Mkop2> hi
14:05:18 <thachtran> My name's Thach Tran and I'm a final year student at Uni. of Nottingham, UK
14:05:29 <Keelhaul> hi
14:05:36 <thachtran> I'm thinking about doing a GSOC project with openmrs this summer
14:05:55 <bwolfe> great, welcome thachtran !
14:05:56 <thachtran> I'm currently trying to do one of the introduction ticket to help me start with openmrs
14:06:35 <thachtran> I'm looking at Ticket #558 which sounds pretty simple
14:06:43 <Mkop2> !ticket 558
14:06:43 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: Ticket #558:
14:07:09 <thachtran> could anybody show me where to look at it first?
14:07:24 <thachtran> where is /browse/openmrs-contrib/modulerepository
14:07:48 <thachtran> I clicked the link in the ticket's page but it did not lead to anywhere
14:08:42 <Mkop2> thachtran:
14:08:45 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
14:09:08 <Mkop2> hmm, strange
14:09:10 <thachtran> cheers
14:09:23 <Mkop2> click Browse on the right side
14:09:27 <Mkop2> click openmrs-contrib
14:09:32 <Mkop2> then click modulerepository
14:09:41 <Mkop2> I don't know why that link doesn't work
14:10:13 <Mkop2> oh, the ticket has /browse instead of /browser/
14:11:01 <Keelhaul> making a representative preview image could be hard for some modules
14:11:04 <Mkop2> I was just about to fix that, but ben beat me to it :-)
14:11:30 <Mkop2> Keelhaul: for your module, he can just put your smiling face
14:11:41 <Mkop2> with big version number on top of it so we don't have to look
14:11:43 <bwolfe> :-)
14:12:53 <Keelhaul> my face doesnt smile =)
14:13:05 *** devilsadvocate has joined #openmrs
14:13:37 <bwolfe> Mkop2: he's german. germans are always serious. :-P
14:13:41 <Mkop2> lol
14:14:08 <Mkop2> I thought it was "Germans are always angry"
14:14:16 <Mkop2> their language sounds so angry
14:14:27 <Keelhaul> only in ww2 movies
14:16:22 <bwolfe> Keelhaul when he's happy: :-| Keelhaul when he's angry: :-| Keelhaul when he's just won the lottery: :-| Keelhaul when his pet goldfish just died: :-| Keelhaul on his wedding day: :-|
14:16:31 <Mkop2> lol
14:16:39 <Keelhaul> :-|
14:16:45 <bwolfe> lol
14:17:01 <Keelhaul> there was actually a guy like that on german who wants to be a millionaire
14:17:03 <bwolfe> well played Keelhaul :-)
14:17:06 <Keelhaul> he won the million
14:17:16 <Keelhaul> and remained nonchalant
14:17:25 <Keelhaul> said all people from his region are like that
14:18:27 <Keelhaul> i dont have a goldfish though, i have neons and some catfish
14:18:29 <Keelhaul> and rabbits
14:18:42 <Mkop2> yummy
14:19:01 <Mkop2> (come on, Keelhaul, I want to see a face at that comment...)
14:19:24 <Mkop2> at they don't sound angry
14:19:53 <Mkop2> is that what normal german sounds like, Keelhaul
14:19:58 <Mkop2> ?
14:20:38 <Mkop2> unlike where he definitely sounds angry
14:21:07 <Keelhaul> well
14:21:16 <Keelhaul> both the interviewer and the woman have an accent
14:21:41 <Mkop2> you mean an American accent?
14:22:05 <Keelhaul> yea
14:22:11 <Keelhaul> the first woman has some other accent though
14:22:14 <Keelhaul> dunno which
14:22:43 <Mkop2> is ch normally a soft sound or a hard sound? I though it was hard, but they're pronouncing it soft
14:23:01 <Keelhaul> depends on the word
14:23:21 <Keelhaul> in "ich" it's soft, foreigners have to learn how to pronounce it
14:23:34 <Mkop2> ich is just like ish, right?
14:23:39 <Keelhaul> no
14:23:46 <Keelhaul> thats what people say that cant pronounce it
14:24:12 <Keelhaul> hmm how to explain that
14:24:16 <Keelhaul> english doesnt have the ch sound at all
14:24:20 <Keelhaul> spanish does
14:24:30 <Mkop2> do you mean the hard ch?
14:24:40 <Keelhaul> like in "pendejo" (sorry, couldnt think of a better word)
14:25:02 <Keelhaul> but a softer version of it
14:25:25 <Mkop2> you mean the spanish j?
14:25:29 <Keelhaul> yea
14:25:45 *** Administrator_ has joined #openmrs
14:25:47 <Keelhaul> i heard german people dont smile much because all the sounds in the language do something to your mouth nerves..
14:25:48 <Mkop2> that's like half-way between h and ch
14:25:58 <Mkop2> lol
14:26:12 <Mkop2> jalapeno
14:26:30 <Administrator_> Hello everyone
14:26:32 <Keelhaul> hi
14:26:38 *** Administrator_ is now known as djmlog103_
14:26:38 <bwolfe> Administrator_, eh. that can be a confusing screenname. :-)
14:26:49 <djmlog103_> hehe sorry about that
14:26:59 <Keelhaul> why does it have to snow now
14:27:02 <Keelhaul> it's late march
14:27:09 <djmlog103_> is jmiranda in?
14:27:29 <jmiranda> djmlog103_, yes
14:27:29 <Mkop2> Keelhaul: did you watch that second video?
14:27:44 <jmiranda> just need to run an errand
14:27:50 <jmiranda> will be back in an hour
14:27:57 <jmiranda> will you be around then?
14:27:58 <djmlog103_> ah i thought you were away. waited til you were online
14:28:04 <djmlog103_> yeah sure
14:28:14 <Keelhaul> Mkop2: i knew that one already
14:28:17 <Mkop2> oh
14:28:37 <jmiranda> yeah, just catching up with email and forgot to check IRC
14:28:49 <Keelhaul> i'ma watch last night's Heroes
14:28:50 <Keelhaul> bbs
14:29:05 <djmlog103_> could you buzz me once you come back?
14:39:14 *** thachtran has quit IRC
14:58:28 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
14:59:11 *** danielkayiwa has quit IRC
14:59:21 *** atomicturtle has left #openmrs
15:06:51 *** sdefabbiakane has joined #openmrs
15:07:01 *** k_nishant has joined #openmrs
15:07:40 <k_nishant> hello everybody
15:08:02 <Mkop2> hi, k_nishant
15:08:05 <greendots> hi
15:09:05 <k_nishant> Mkop2: are you a student to fill gsoc this year
15:09:14 <Mkop2> yes
15:09:37 <k_nishant> where are you from
15:09:46 <Mkop2> go to school in Philadelphia
15:09:58 <k_nishant> ok
15:13:32 *** upul has quit IRC
15:13:33 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: it really looks like nribeka fixed the hibernate jar
15:16:35 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7158]: in patient matching module, fixed analysis to group records together after … <>
15:19:20 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: he proposed a fix like that before...I'm not sure I like it. :-/
15:19:38 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: why, what does he do
15:20:51 <bwolfe> he loads the class to compare its inheritiance
15:21:26 <Keelhaul> and that's expensive?
15:22:14 <bwolfe> I would thin so
15:22:16 <bwolfe> *think
15:23:33 <Keelhaul> well if he has to load the class upon every occurence
15:23:46 <Keelhaul> but for now i have a presentable trunk, so i'm happy =)
15:24:39 <bwolfe> ha
15:24:53 <bwolfe> did you run the tests against it ?
15:25:01 <bwolfe> including the one that I put on the ticket ?
15:25:13 <Mkop2> bwolfe: down to 476. Finished with org.openmrs.api, .context, .db, .db.hibernate
15:25:14 <bwolfe> (he said he could never get that one to fail...even with the current hibernate jar)
15:25:16 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: no
15:25:35 <Mkop2> gonna upload a patch now and hopefully get started on homework
15:26:57 <Keelhaul> eh
15:27:13 <Keelhaul> why did an alternative practitioner's office just call me and then hang up
15:28:15 <bwolfe> Mkop2: very nice
15:33:53 <Keelhaul> i'm really having some problems with unit tests lately =/
15:33:57 <Keelhaul> so i havent run any period in a while
15:38:43 *** ugupta has joined #openmrs
15:40:12 *** greendots has quit IRC
15:43:06 <Mkop2> breakfast: ice cream and corn flakes
15:43:39 <Keelhaul> i had a pizza
15:44:06 <Mkop2> what time is it there? 4:45?
15:44:23 <Keelhaul> 44
15:44:24 <Keelhaul> =)
15:44:45 <Mkop2> jerk =)
15:45:41 *** k_nishant has left #openmrs
15:45:41 <Mkop2> bwolfe: just in case you were so inclined, don't apply that patch yet
15:45:46 <Mkop2> I'm gonna change some stuff in it
15:47:51 <bwolfe> Mkop2: ok
15:53:19 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
16:01:26 *** devilsadvocate_ has joined #openmrs
16:01:55 *** devilsadvocate has quit IRC
16:03:51 <Mkop2> bwolfe: I think the autoformatter changed some things on my computer to use html characters - " got changed to &quot; for example
16:03:54 <Mkop2> is that right?
16:04:18 <Mkop2> I'm confused as to why it would be changing on my computer when you ran the formatter against all the code on the sever
16:04:20 <Mkop2> server*
16:09:41 <Mkop2> interesting
16:10:04 <Mkop2> when a javadoc comment has a <pre> tag in it, and I hit Ctrl-shift-F (format), it adds a line after the pre
16:10:11 <Mkop2> if I do it again, it adds another line
16:11:03 <bwolfe> Mkop2: heh, seems like a bug
16:11:30 <bwolfe> I think I've seen something similar, but I don't know how I fixed it
16:11:39 <bwolfe> the code on you computer was updated when you did a team-->update
16:11:45 <bwolfe> or tortoise-->update
16:11:48 <Mkop2> yes
16:15:53 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: all the classnotfoundexceptions caused by the new hibernate jar let the log grow pretty quick, however
16:16:03 <Keelhaul> and i dont tihnk i can just turn it off
16:23:26 <Mkop2> note to self: save all files before creating patch
16:35:19 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: you can with log4j
16:35:33 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: add some entries to it to ignore whatever class is throwing that warning
16:35:44 <bwolfe> Mkop2: if you used subclipse inside eclipse it would tell you to save them first. :-)
16:35:54 <Mkop2> bwolfe: subclipse gave me errors
16:36:00 <Mkop2> I'm gonna try it again at some point
16:44:00 <Keelhaul> argh
16:44:17 <Keelhaul> never let eclipse automatically make changes if you change a package name
16:53:44 *** isurundt[1] has joined #openmrs
16:54:47 *** nimanthab has joined #openmrs
16:57:37 *** isurundt has quit IRC
16:58:07 *** isurundt[1] has quit IRC
16:58:35 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
16:58:37 *** nribeka1 has quit IRC
16:59:50 <nimanthab> bmckown
17:02:38 <isurundt> hi ben
17:02:58 <bwolfe> hey isuru
17:06:07 *** djmlog103_ has quit IRC
17:06:53 *** isurundt[1] has joined #openmrs
17:08:42 <nimanthab> hi brian
17:09:01 <bwolfe> nimanthab: brian might be out to lunch. anything we can help you with ?
17:09:02 *** meonkeys has quit IRC
17:09:05 <isurundt[1]> bwolfe: why cant i find the node "/openmrs/branches/serialization_serialization_branch" ??
17:09:21 <bwolfe> because its only one serialization ?
17:09:24 *** meonkeys has joined #openmrs
17:09:24 <bwolfe> wheres that link ?
17:09:54 <nimanthab> thanks ben. just wanted to get more information about the project brian is mentoring
17:09:55 <isurundt[1]> it is stated in the GSOC projects page
17:10:12 <nimanthab> Audit Module (Data Integrity Module)
17:10:17 *** isurundt has quit IRC
17:12:48 <bwolfe> isurundt[1]: fixed
17:13:41 <ugupta> hi bwolfe
17:13:44 <bwolfe> nimanthab: did you read through the project descrpition? and the ticket ?
17:13:53 <bwolfe> hey there ugupta
17:14:09 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
17:14:44 <ugupta> I would like to know about the LDAP module project
17:15:18 <ugupta> I mean the priority
17:16:10 <isurundt> bwolfe: i downloaded the occ-module but still couldn't access to the serializationService.. :(.
17:16:16 <ugupta> I have implemented the LDAP authentication mechenism in some projects
17:16:50 <nimanthab> brian: i missed the ticket. thanks for pointing it out
17:16:58 <nimanthab> :)
17:17:10 <ugupta> those were acedmic projects
17:18:01 <ugupta> and I have participated in gsoc 2008 last from other org because my application wasn't got selected last year :(
17:18:07 <bwolfe> isurundt: you need to check out that serialization branch and look at the code in there. use control-shift-t in eclipse to find the class
17:18:38 <ugupta> for openmrs
17:18:41 <bwolfe> ugupta: today we prioritized the projects with the GSoC ones at the top of the page.
17:19:20 <bwolfe> ugupta: ldap didn't make the cut (again) ...I think it would be useful to have, but others have other priorities :-)
17:19:23 <ugupta> okay
17:19:24 <isurundt> bwolfe:ok
17:20:12 <ugupta> so the top most is having more priority
17:20:21 <isurundt> bwolfe: so these projects are the final ones to be selected in the GSOC ..:)
17:20:25 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: arent those less projects than there will be students?
17:20:58 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: we only have 9 or 10 we will get a max of 9 or 10 students
17:21:04 <Keelhaul> oh
17:21:24 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: because some people didn't volunteer to help out..... *.cough* keelhaul *cough*
17:21:24 <bmckown> Hi, nimanthab
17:21:42 <isurundt> :)
17:21:46 <ugupta> thanks bwolfe
17:22:03 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: i really cant tell whether i will be available / have an internet connection throught gsoc =/
17:22:13 <Keelhaul> and r0bby not getting accepted also discouraged me a bit
17:23:11 <bmckown> Happy to answer any questions you have regarding audit module, nimanthab
17:23:22 <bwolfe> no internet?? thats ridiculous. how can a man live without it?
17:23:51 <Mkop2> he must not be a "real" man then
17:24:16 <ugupta> well thats not the case in real world
17:24:32 <ugupta> but in virtual world thats true
17:25:08 <Mkop2> I went on a backcountry camping trip in the winter, and was VERY disappointed to find out that there was cell phone reception at our campsite
17:25:17 <Mkop2> I wanted complete disconnection
17:25:50 *** ugupta has quit IRC
17:26:35 <bwolfe> Mkop2: you can always just turn the phone off! :-P
17:26:41 *** Echidna has quit IRC
17:26:53 <Mkop2> that's what I did
17:26:54 *** Echidna has joined #openmrs
17:26:57 <Mkop2> but it's still not the same
17:27:12 <jmiranda> Mkop2, go to the amazon
17:27:57 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
17:27:59 <Mkop2> there's a difference between "Sorry Mom I couldn't call to remind you we're OK, but I had no reception. There's nothing I can do." vs. "Sorry I didn't call, I didn't feel like it"
17:28:15 <Mkop2> jmiranda: I figured a backcountry campsite in rocky mountian national park was the next best thing
17:29:08 <bwolfe> Mkop2: switch to tmobile before you go. then you are "disconnected" 2 miles from the interstate ;-)
17:29:22 <Mkop2> we used to have tmobile
17:29:26 <Mkop2> got disconnected a lot
17:29:32 <Mkop2> looked at their coverage map
17:29:39 <Mkop2> there's a donut in their coverage, right at our house
17:29:54 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: he cant, it's like having no electricity
17:30:00 *** nimanthab has quit IRC
17:30:05 <Keelhaul> and i had to live with that for ~7 days every months since december
17:30:10 <Keelhaul> until they adjusted my modem
17:30:50 <Keelhaul> but if i hopefully find a nice job soon, i'll have to move out of this town and order a new line etc
17:30:53 <Keelhaul> this can take weeks
17:31:06 <nribeka> what's wrong with tmobile? :)
17:31:22 <Keelhaul> tmobile is a cell phone operator =o
17:31:50 <Keelhaul> 9 cents a minute to use the internet
17:32:22 <Keelhaul> on a different note, i squelched ModuleListController and ModuleFactory in log4j.xml
17:32:23 *** isurundt[1] has quit IRC
17:32:35 <Keelhaul> now the warnings that come prior to the stack traces are gone
17:32:43 <Keelhaul> but the stack traces are still there
17:34:56 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: who is printing those? the hib jar ?
17:35:12 <Keelhaul> i wish i knew
17:35:53 <Keelhaul> well i think so
17:36:00 <Keelhaul> they werent there before i used the new jar
17:36:15 <bwolfe> maybe nribeka is doing a System.out instead of a log.error
17:36:18 <bwolfe> (bad nribeka!)
17:36:37 <jmiranda> speaking of cell phone coverage, i'm probably ending my verizon plan in may
17:36:47 <jmiranda> anyone have suggestions on service / phone
17:36:54 <Keelhaul>
17:36:55 <jmiranda> looking at gphone vs iphone
17:36:59 <Keelhaul> heres an example
17:37:16 <Keelhaul> those traces go one after another, no actual logger lines in between
17:37:34 <Keelhaul> jmiranda: not an iphone
17:37:57 <Keelhaul> but i'm very biased against apple
17:38:02 <jmiranda> and perhaps something in the HTC line
17:38:06 <jmiranda> those look pretty cool
17:38:12 <Keelhaul> htc has wm and android phones
17:38:19 <Keelhaul> but the android ones arent very pretty
17:38:25 <Keelhaul> but they can run moca =)
17:39:29 <Keelhaul> the t-mobile G1 is a rebadged htc dream
17:39:59 <jmiranda> you'd recommend that?
17:40:16 <jmiranda> what's your bias against apple and the iphone
17:40:38 <Mkop2> evilness?
17:40:44 <bwolfe> jmiranda: wait for the palm pre on sprint in june
17:41:11 <nribeka> sysout bwolfe? :D
17:41:16 <bwolfe> jmiranda: gphone 2 is supposedly coming out in may/june too (for tmobile again prob)
17:41:20 <nribeka> i think i use log.
17:41:26 <nribeka> log.something :D
17:45:01 <nribeka> lots of people here today
17:45:05 <nribeka> hello all
17:45:07 <nribeka> :D
17:45:21 <nribeka> hi sdefabbiakane
17:45:24 <nribeka> hi meonkeys
17:45:26 <nribeka> hi lalitd
17:45:33 <nribeka> hi kane77
17:45:36 <nribeka> hi devilsadvocate_
17:45:42 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: if he's using log.error you should be able to surpress it
17:45:56 <nribeka> in the hibernate jar?
17:46:03 <Keelhaul> well
17:46:04 <nribeka> bwolfe?
17:46:10 <Keelhaul> not if you want a nice looking phone
17:46:20 <nribeka> i think i sent you the one without logging Keelhaul?
17:46:22 <devilsadvocate_> nribeka, hi
17:46:24 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
17:46:31 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
17:46:31 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
17:46:36 <nribeka> hi devilsadvocate_
17:46:43 <Keelhaul> jmiranda:
17:46:47 <sdefabbiakane> hi nribeka
17:46:49 <nribeka> good nickname
17:47:21 <devilsadvocate_> nribeka, ty :P
17:47:33 <nribeka> hi sdefabbiakane
17:47:43 <nribeka> are you two going for gsoc?
17:47:53 <sdefabbiakane> yep
17:48:31 <bwolfe> sdefabbiakane: does that stand for something?
17:48:31 <Keelhaul> nribeka: can you get rid of the stack traces in the log?
17:48:37 <sdefabbiakane> figuring out what I want to do right now
17:48:46 <nribeka>
17:49:05 <nribeka> Keelhaul, you want a new jar?
17:49:07 <sdefabbiakane> nribeka: it's my first initial/last name
17:49:27 <nribeka> sdefabbiakane, ic ic
17:49:46 <Keelhaul> nribeka: the current one causes a lot of ClassNotFoundExceptions which get logged
17:49:54 <Keelhaul> and the log fills up almost as fast as the one yesterday =P
17:50:13 <nribeka> where are you at right now? US?
17:50:42 <sdefabbiakane> nribeka: me? yeah. I attend Wesleyan University.
17:51:02 <sdefabbiakane> which is in Connecticut
17:51:23 <bwolfe> sdefabbiakane: thats a very long last name
17:51:25 <bwolfe> :-)
17:51:40 <bwolfe> sdefabbiakane: burke (bmamlin) went to wesleyan :-)
17:51:52 <sdefabbiakane> bwolfe: it's hyphenated: DeFabbia-Kane
17:52:13 <sdefabbiakane> but yes, it is long
17:52:50 <Mkop2> it's much shorter when you add the hyphen and the capitalization
17:53:21 <bwolfe> true
17:53:35 <sdefabbiakane> bwolfe: and good to know, thanks
17:53:50 <bwolfe> sdefabbiakane: be sure to mention it ot him if you see him
17:54:10 <bwolfe> he might be on tonight
17:54:12 <sdefabbiakane> bwolfe: will do
17:54:14 <bwolfe> or tmrw
17:55:01 *** k_nishant has joined #openmrs
17:55:29 <bwolfe> bbl
17:55:34 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
17:56:16 <nribeka> Keelhaul, are you using the jar without logging one?
17:56:20 <Keelhaul> yes
17:56:43 <nribeka> supressing the logging level to INFO not working?
17:56:45 <nribeka> ups
17:56:53 <Keelhaul>
17:57:03 <Keelhaul> it is set to info
17:57:18 <Keelhaul> i also tried suppressing the modulefactory and modulelist classes
17:57:23 <Keelhaul> but the stack traces are still there
17:58:17 <nribeka> but the module run just fine?
17:58:35 *** vindyani has joined #openmrs
17:58:36 <Keelhaul> yes
17:58:46 <Keelhaul> but the log still bloats
17:58:54 <Keelhaul> writing that much text does affect performance
17:59:00 *** ugupta has joined #openmrs
17:59:03 <nribeka> yes true
18:00:09 <nribeka> can you revert the jar to the one in the trunk while i try to suppress the logging
18:00:19 <nribeka> hi vindyani
18:00:21 <nribeka> hi ugupta
18:00:34 <vindyani> hi nribeka
18:00:40 <Keelhaul> nribeka: if i use the one in trunk, my module doesnt work
18:00:48 <Keelhaul> i have to use an older jar from trunk
18:00:49 <ugupta> hi nrubeka
18:00:50 <nribeka> btw Keelhaul, this fix won't make it to the trunk. i need to figure out something else. bwolfe disagree with the fix lol
18:00:54 <nribeka> :D
18:00:59 <Keelhaul> yea he told me
18:01:01 <nribeka> hello
18:01:01 <Keelhaul> =/
18:01:40 <nribeka> vindyani + ugupta, are you two in for gsoc?
18:01:47 <vindyani> yes
18:01:47 <nribeka> i'm saying hi to everyone today :D
18:01:48 <ugupta> yup
18:01:57 <vindyani> :)
18:02:03 <isurundt> nribeka:then what about me
18:02:05 <isurundt> :)
18:02:09 <nribeka> hi isurundt :D
18:02:18 <isurundt> :D
18:02:18 <ugupta> I m just idle
18:02:40 <nribeka> why idle?
18:02:51 <vindyani> i add a comment to #1052
18:02:58 <nribeka> get some tickets to work on :D
18:03:01 <ugupta> I see only openmrs channel is very active
18:03:23 <nribeka> !ticket 1052
18:03:23 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: Ticket #1052:
18:03:28 <ugupta> wondering is it always like this
18:03:35 <vindyani> i m searching djazayeri or bwolf in this list
18:04:04 <vindyani> they have add some comments for my question
18:04:06 <ugupta> vindyani: bwolf just left a fem mins ago
18:04:22 <ugupta> fem/few
18:04:28 <vindyani> I had another question,
18:04:40 <Mkop2> darius has not been on IRC today
18:04:43 <vindyani> ok, thanks ugupta
18:04:49 <nribeka> you can go ahead ask vindyani
18:05:03 <nribeka> there's a lot of people who might be able to help
18:05:10 <nribeka> jmiranda + bmckown for example
18:05:16 <nribeka> and Keelhaul
18:05:18 <nribeka> and r0bby
18:05:28 <jmiranda> vindyani, we're on a code review call at the moment, but go ahead and ask your question(s)
18:05:44 <vindyani> ok
18:06:20 <vindyani> I did some coding today, and attach a patch
18:06:21 <vindyani>
18:06:23 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
18:06:25 <jmiranda> we'll try to get back to you as soon as we can
18:07:12 <vindyani> I wanted to execute <c:iftest="${emptydrugFrequencies}">
18:07:12 <vindyani> 86 <option disabled>&nbsp; <spring:messagecode="DrugOrder.add.error.missingFrequency.interactions"arguments="dashboard.regimen.displayFrequencies"/></option>
18:07:12 <vindyani> 87 </c:if>
18:07:32 <vindyani> oops, i should given the line numbers
18:07:51 <vindyani> line 85-87
18:08:47 <vindyani> i made global property empty, but seems that wont help to execute this block
18:09:37 <jmiranda> vindyani, try using <c:choose>
18:09:53 <vindyani> ok, will try
18:09:59 <jmiranda> <c:whentest="!emptywhatever"></c:when>
18:10:11 <jmiranda> <c:otherwise>other case</c:otherwise>
18:10:15 <jmiranda> </c:choose>
18:13:26 <Mkop2> what language is that? JSP?
18:14:15 <ugupta> JSTL
18:14:25 <sdefabbiakane> (which goes into a JSP)
18:17:49 *** isurundt has quit IRC
18:18:19 <Mkop2> if I wanted to do something like take a class in the summer, who would I need to clear that with?
18:18:55 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
18:20:23 <Keelhaul> bbl
18:20:24 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
18:20:33 <sdefabbiakane> Mkob2: probably your mentor/whoever's going to be your mentor and/or the program administrator for OpenMRS, but I'm not really sure
18:21:08 <Mkop2> I agree that it's one of those, but I want to find out which
18:21:12 <Mkop2> jmiranda: do you know?
18:22:58 <jmiranda> Mkop2, sdefabbiakane is right
18:23:06 <jmiranda> we'd need to discuss it as a group
18:23:42 <Mkop2> who is program administrator? paul?
18:24:42 <jmiranda> don't quote me, but i think classes are ok
18:24:56 <jmiranda> paul, burke
18:25:02 <jmiranda> read the GSoC guidelines too
18:25:21 <vindyani> jmiranda, it didnt work for me
18:25:28 <vindyani> i m wondering whether this code
18:25:34 <vindyani> <openmrs:globalPropertyvar="drugFrequencies"key="dashboard.regimen.displayFrequencies"listSeparator=","/>
18:25:41 <vindyani> is creating an empty drugFrequencies list
18:25:47 <vindyani> i.e. <c:whentest="${emptydrugFrequencies}"> is true?
18:25:57 <Mkop2> I'm assuming that I would be working basically a full 40 hrs a week on openmrs, but not necessarily during regular hours due to class
18:26:10 <jmiranda> print out ${drugFrequencies} in the jsp
18:26:12 <jmiranda> see what you get
18:26:32 <vindyani> ok
18:26:33 <jmiranda> yeah, i'm almost positive that if you can commit 30 - 40 hours
18:26:37 <jmiranda> then you'll be ok
18:27:06 <jmiranda> the problem is when you have a full-time job on top of the GSoC position
18:27:31 <Mkop2> people do that?!
18:27:43 <devilsadvocate_> nribeka, sorry, was writing a rather.. involved email
18:27:53 <jmiranda> my guess is that most projects that fail are because people over commit themselves
18:27:56 <devilsadvocate_> nribeka, I am considering it (gsoc)
18:28:24 <devilsadvocate_> nribeka, thought I'd lurk around for a while and see things first
18:28:56 <Mkop2> devilsadvocate_: I was initially unsure as well, but lurking has convinced me to apply
18:29:49 <devilsadvocate_> :)
18:30:30 <nribeka> haha :D
18:30:40 <nribeka> Mkop2 is correct devilsadvocate_
18:31:00 <vindyani> jmiranda, it is not empty, it has "" in the list if the global property is empty
18:31:18 <Mkop2> what does that mean I'm "right"? I'm sharing personal experience
18:31:26 <Mkop2> lurking may convince devilsadvocate_ not to apply
18:31:30 * devilsadvocate_ was sort of thinking the same thing
18:31:34 <jmiranda> vindyani, that is considered empty
18:32:00 * devilsadvocate_ is going to get disconnected momentarily
18:32:13 <jmiranda> bye devilsadvocate_
18:32:17 <devilsadvocate_> oh, apparantly not
18:32:18 <vindyani> but code is not executing, <c:whentest="${emptydrugFrequencies}">
18:32:42 <jmiranda> can you attach the new patch to the ticket
18:32:46 <devilsadvocate_> so, now that the cats out of the bag, I'm a physics student from india
18:32:51 <jmiranda> i'll take a look as soon as i'm done with the call
18:32:55 <vindyani> yes I already did
18:33:01 <jmiranda> ok
18:33:07 <devilsadvocate_> although I know very little about physics, 4 years into the program
18:33:09 <vindyani> but without c:choose
18:33:19 <vindyani> will i add it nw?
18:33:25 <jmiranda> i meant, attach the one with <c:choose>
18:33:33 <vindyani> ok, sure
18:34:11 <devilsadvocate_> to be perfectly honest, though, my experience is mostly in embedded devices, server administration, and web development
18:35:17 <Mkop2> devilsadvocate_: why'd you major in physics?
18:36:31 <devilsadvocate_> dont ask what leads to that constellation of skills... it just happens sometimes :P
18:36:39 *** devilsadvocate_ has quit IRC
18:37:00 <Mkop2> what do you mean by embedded devices?
18:37:19 *** devilsadvocate_ has joined #openmrs
18:37:59 <devilsadvocate_> turns out i did
18:38:01 <devilsadvocate_> as i was saying...
18:38:10 <devilsadvocate_> to be perfectly honest, though, my experience is mostly in embedded devices, server administration, and web development
18:38:13 <devilsadvocate_> dont ask what leads to that constellation of skills... it just happens sometimes :P
18:38:36 <Mkop2> yeah, we got both of those
18:38:54 <devilsadvocate_> oh, sorry
18:38:57 <Mkop2> what do you mean by embedded devices?
18:39:04 <Mkop2> no prob
18:39:19 <devilsadvocate_> well, i started off with robotics
18:39:43 <devilsadvocate_> now i can pull off a pretty good set of tricks with the AVR 8-bit controllers
18:39:43 <vindyani> jmiranda, I attach new patch, thank you for the help
18:40:06 <jmiranda> vindyani, thanks ... will check it in a bit
18:40:17 <vindyani> ok
18:40:23 <devilsadvocate_> nowadays the project im working on requires high reliability, autonomous functioning in a harsh, remote environment
18:40:35 <Mkop2> cool
18:40:37 <devilsadvocate_> i dont have much to do with the "remote" part
18:40:40 *** nik has joined #openmrs
18:40:59 *** nik has quit IRC
18:41:27 <devilsadvocate_> i am .. for some unknown reason, terrified of RF electronics :P
18:41:29 *** nshekhar has joined #openmrs
18:41:49 <nshekhar> any one home ??
18:41:57 <devilsadvocate_> i liked the openMRS concept. it fits in with my view of the future, in a manner of speaking
18:42:02 <devilsadvocate_> hence the lurking
18:42:24 <jmiranda> hey nshekhar
18:42:39 <nshekhar> hi..
18:42:52 <nshekhar> Im participating in GSOC09
18:42:56 <k_nishant> can you send mhii
18:43:04 <k_nishant> hi
18:43:32 <nshekhar> i want to work on WYSIWYG Form Designer
18:43:50 <k_nishant> well I want to work o am role based home pagde
18:44:09 <nshekhar> can any one tell me will it be a stand alone or it needs to be intgrated in main website
18:44:10 <jmiranda> nshekhar, that's awesome
18:44:27 <jmiranda> k_nishant, also a very cool project
18:44:43 <k_nishant> yaa ned much more guidelines
18:44:51 <jmiranda> nshekhar, good question
18:45:09 <jmiranda> at some point, the form design needs to be added to openmrs
18:45:15 <devilsadvocate_> i was somewhat disappointed the ldap project got pushed down
18:45:27 <jmiranda> but that could be uploaded as a "form package" similar to how infopath works
18:45:50 <nshekhar> humm.... dats easier
18:45:54 <k_nishant> well there are stuffs for any editor to work on that
18:45:55 <nshekhar> i likeed "WYSIWYG Form Designer" cause it needs ajax and javascript
18:46:01 <jmiranda> that should be discussed in your proposal
18:46:04 <nshekhar> i love to work on it
18:46:09 <nshekhar> oh...
18:46:10 <k_nishant> nice bro
18:46:23 <jmiranda> but feel free to email to discuss your questions/thoughts about the project
18:46:37 <jmiranda> devilsadvocate_, sorry :)
18:46:40 <k_nishant> nshekar: where are you from
18:46:47 <nribeka> !bwolfe
18:46:47 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: "bwolfe" --- is a Jedi
18:46:48 <nshekhar> im from india
18:46:54 <Mkop2> lol
18:47:02 <nribeka> Mkop2, what is bwolfe said?
18:47:10 <nribeka> !bwolfesaid
18:47:10 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: Error: "bwolfesaid" is not a valid command.
18:47:12 <Mkop2> jmiranda: do you work with darius at pIH?
18:47:15 <Mkop2> !bwolfesays
18:47:15 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "bwolfesays" --- FYI to all potential GSoC Applicants: OpenMRS welcomes multiple applications for multiple projects within openmrs. Actually, we encourage it! Sometimes we get quality students only applying to a low priority project. So pick a few projects that interest you, apply to all of them, and put comments in them saying which other ones you've applied to
18:47:19 <jmiranda> Mkop2, yes
18:47:21 <k_nishant> nshekar: from india which place
18:47:23 <nribeka> ah thank you Mkop2
18:47:42 <nshekhar> Tamilnadu..
18:47:46 <nshekhar> r u also frm India
18:47:50 <k_nishant> yaa
18:47:56 <k_nishant> me from haryana
18:48:03 <nshekhar> gr8... wr r u frm :)
18:48:19 <k_nishant> well me in panipat
18:48:27 <k_nishant> and you and what are doing
18:48:28 <nshekhar> nice place yaar
18:48:31 <devilsadvocate_> the Quartz scheduler looks like something I wanted to write... an intelligent task management application. I'll spend some time lurking in the code to see if I can pull together an application worth submitting
18:49:02 <nshekhar> wat project u would like to work on
18:49:04 <devilsadvocate_> one question, though, do we want a quartz scheduler or a quartz scheduler insipred scheduler?
18:49:17 <nshekhar> which one did u like the most..
18:49:19 <k_nishant> role based home page
18:49:26 <nshekhar> okie..
18:49:42 <k_nishant> and you on WYSIWYG
18:50:04 <nshekhar> ya.. want to work on Video uploader too
18:50:04 <nshekhar> dats too nice
18:50:07 <devilsadvocate_> jmiranda, ^
18:50:19 <k_nishant> two at a time
18:50:19 *** isurundt has quit IRC
18:50:42 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
18:50:49 <jmiranda> devilsadvocate_, sorry
18:50:51 <nshekhar> I had work on Ajax last time on ma project .. but it dint had dat much need ..
18:51:05 <k_nishant> kk
18:51:05 <nshekhar> so want ot work on Ajax
18:51:09 <devilsadvocate_> jmiranda, np
18:51:14 <k_nishant> ice cool
18:51:17 <jmiranda> quartz scheduler implementation of the openmrs scheduler
18:51:17 <k_nishant> nice
18:51:58 <devilsadvocate_> jmiranda, i see. I still have to look into how much effort its going to take, but I would like to work on the scheduler itself, as well. not just the extension point
18:53:34 <nshekhar> jmirimda, Does the WYSIWUG editor needs condition checking functionality in its form ??
18:53:36 <jmiranda> yeah, this project will be a rip-out-and-reimplement the entire scheduler framework
18:53:51 <jmiranda> that will be up to you and darius to figure out
18:53:52 *** lalitd has quit IRC
18:53:56 <jmiranda> (and our users)
18:54:03 <Mkop2> I'm probably gonna apply to at least 3-4 projects
18:54:29 <jmiranda> nshekhar, those last two statements were in response to your question
18:54:37 <jmiranda> we want to make the project do-able + feature rich
18:54:37 <nshekhar> wen can i find "darius" online ?? or shall i mail him
18:54:46 <jmiranda> i would email him
18:54:51 <jmiranda> he's currently in brazil
18:55:05 <jmiranda> he doesn't frequent IRC very often
18:55:15 <jmiranda> push him to get a project page up on the wiki
18:55:23 <jmiranda> you can CC me as well
18:55:33 <Mkop2> WYSIWYG, Quartz, Data Integrity, maybe the flowsheet
18:55:47 <nshekhar> ok..thanks.. :) ...
18:56:11 *** vindyani has quit IRC
18:56:20 <devilsadvocate_> serialization also looks nice.. more in line with my experience so far
18:56:28 * devilsadvocate_ really needs to look at the code
18:56:58 <Mkop2> I have no idea how to do the serialization
18:57:53 <nshekhar> Serilization is a sort of file only..
18:57:56 <nshekhar> nothing more
18:58:03 <isurundt> i'm working on serialization.. and Quartz Scheduler. :)
18:58:12 <nshekhar> u have to save the state of objects in it
18:58:23 <Mkop2> maybe if I hear that no one's applying for it I'll read up online enough to put together a quality application
18:58:24 <isurundt> exactly
18:59:34 <nshekhar> any one else workin on Javascript.... YUI ??
18:59:47 <nribeka> serialization as in xstream.toXML() ?
18:59:57 <isurundt> yes..
19:00:07 <nshekhar> hey jmiranda, one more question.. wats mail id of darius
19:00:14 <nshekhar> :0
19:00:26 <jmiranda>
19:00:28 <isurundt> nribeka:using xstream
19:00:36 <nshekhar> tx
19:02:03 <Mkop2> jmiranda: are you from Madison?
19:02:35 <isurundt> nshekar:i replied as yes for nribekas question.. :)
19:02:39 <k_nishant> well hello
19:02:51 <k_nishant> I m working on ROLE based home page
19:03:17 <k_nishant> mine mentor is Saptarshi Purkayastha
19:03:28 <k_nishant> I can't find himonline
19:03:47 <nshekhar> u have already got mentor too... How ??
19:03:49 <Mkop2> k_nishant: what do you mean you're "working" on the project? do you mean applying for the project?
19:04:09 <k_nishant> yaa I'm applying for the project
19:04:19 <k_nishant> sorry for wrong statement
19:05:02 <nshekhar> )
19:05:04 <nshekhar> :)
19:05:12 <k_nishant> :)
19:06:23 <k_nishant> Mkop_2: so have you submitted you are applln
19:06:34 <nribeka> submit early
19:06:48 <nribeka> that way the mentors have the chance to review it
19:06:59 <isurundt> ok
19:07:01 <nribeka> don't wait until the very last minute
19:07:04 <k_nishant> nice cool
19:07:16 <Mkop2> I have not applied yet
19:07:21 <Mkop2> but will within the next few days
19:07:26 <k_nishant> ok
19:07:29 <Mkop2> so I can get it reviewed by the menors
19:07:30 <jmiranda> Mkop2, yes
19:07:43 <jmiranda> Mkop2, i mean ... i live here now
19:08:26 <k_nishant> jmiranda: to whom my topic is reviwed
19:08:56 <k_nishant> jmiranda: topic is role based home page
19:08:57 <jmiranda> not originally from Madison (life story: grew up in RI, went to school in NYC, lived in Boston for 7 years, moved to Madison over a year ago)
19:09:29 <jmiranda> k_nishant, all of us review your application/proposal
19:09:42 <k_nishant> ok
19:09:46 <Mkop2> so when it says Boston on your wiki user page, that's wrong?
19:10:13 <jmiranda> Mkop2, yup
19:10:17 <jmiranda> check when that was last edited
19:10:26 <jmiranda> probably over a year ago
19:10:35 <Mkop2> yeah, something like that
19:10:46 <jmiranda> k_nishant, if you have specific questions, send an email to the mentors
19:10:52 <Mkop2> there are about 20 Justin Mirandas on facebook from RI - are they all you?
19:10:58 <jmiranda> Mkop2, i'm in Boston once every two months or so
19:13:31 <k_nishant> ok
19:13:41 *** nshekhar has quit IRC
19:14:25 <k_nishant> how to get the email adress
19:14:29 <k_nishant> of the mentors
19:17:23 <Mkop2> some of them are on their wiki user pages
19:19:34 <k_nishant> link
19:19:47 <Mkop2> from the project page, click any of their names
19:22:48 <k_nishant> well my mentor is Saptarshi Purkayastha has not given any link
19:23:11 <k_nishant> so that's why
19:23:20 <Mkop2> idk then
19:23:45 <k_nishant> don't know
19:24:45 <sdefabbiakane> jmiranda: do you know what the best way of contacting Dave Thomas and Saptarshi Purkayastha would be?
19:24:58 <nribeka> k_nishant, sunbiz = Saptarshi
19:25:00 <nribeka>
19:25:28 <jmiranda> sdefabbiakane, you guys should also signup for the developers list
19:25:33 <jmiranda> if you haven't already done so
19:25:38 *** nribeka has quit IRC
19:25:43 <sdefabbiakane> jmiranda: will do
19:26:02 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
19:26:12 <jmiranda> and then you can email the entire developer list with your questions
19:26:37 <jmiranda> and you can call out whichever mentor and developer you need to talk to
19:26:48 <sdefabbiakane> alright, thanks.
19:35:13 <devilsadvocate_> serialization is > small file only operation
19:35:16 <devilsadvocate_> when done right
19:41:17 *** isurundt has quit IRC
19:43:36 * meonkeys borrows ideas from the openmrs GSoC 2009 application template (thank you!)
19:50:19 <meonkeys> anyone read the "beekeeper" writeups from the folks at Pentaho?
19:50:25 <meonkeys> interesting read, if you have the time.
19:52:12 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
19:52:21 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
19:59:24 <Mkop2> what's the difference between a locale and a location?
20:00:36 *** k_nishant has quit IRC
20:04:42 <sdefabbiakane> a locale is like the language/character set.
20:05:51 <bmckown> a locale is a user setting and/or global property setting that determines which language to display on the graphical user interface. a location is used with a patient encounter regarding the clinic location where a patient was seen.
20:06:20 <Mkop2> oh, ok
20:07:31 * bmckown not watching irc very closely. sorry. just saw that and had an answer.
20:08:02 <Mkop2> I was just about to say welcome back or something like that
20:08:22 <bmckown> hehe. just trying to meet some deadlines for our implementation in kenya.
20:10:53 *** k_nishant has joined #openmrs
20:14:34 *** james_regen has quit IRC
20:32:21 <Mkop2> hmmm, I think I might have found an archeological artifact
20:32:30 <Mkop2> * @see org.pih.api.ProgramWorkflowService#createWorkflow(ProgramWorkflow)
20:33:14 <bwolfe> hehe
20:33:23 <bwolfe> I wonder if they had objects like that
20:33:31 <Mkop2> lol
20:33:33 <bwolfe> and I wonder if it was a straight copy over
20:37:37 <Mkop2> bwolfe: is this an issue? the javadocs for UserService.setUserProperty say that implementations must handle privileges, but UserServiceImpl does not
20:37:53 <Mkop2> oh, wait
20:37:55 <Mkop2> I'm being hasty
20:38:56 <bwolfe> I do not approve of hastiness
20:39:38 <Mkop2> the method handles it directly, just not through one of those @Authorized annotations
20:41:15 <bwolfe> Mkop2: can it be an annotated ?
20:41:31 <bwolfe> although I suppose thats why it uses the annotations
20:41:35 <Mkop2> what do you mean?
20:41:48 <bwolfe> errr doesn't use the annotations and does use the javadoc comment about the impl handling it
20:42:46 <Mkop2> my comment was about the fact that the impl also doesn't have an @Authorized annotation
20:43:23 <Mkop2> but I guess that for whatever reason the interface can't work with the @Authorized, the impl can't work with it either
20:43:36 <bwolfe> no impls should have @authorized annotations..just the service interfaces should
20:44:08 <Mkop2> do you know why UserService.setUserProperty doesn't have an @authorized?
20:47:50 <bwolfe> Mkop2: nope
20:48:34 <bwolfe> Mkop2: ok, looking at UserServiveImpl I know why
20:49:06 <bwolfe> Mkop2: its because user's are allowed to edit their own properties and not be required to have the EDIT USERS privilege
20:49:46 <Mkop2> oh, ok
20:51:20 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
20:53:06 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
20:53:15 <Mkop2> bwolfe: another non-existent reference. says not to use deleteNote but rather voidNote, which doesnt exist
20:53:28 <bwolfe> is there a retireNote ?
20:53:46 <Mkop2> nope
20:53:55 <bwolfe> hmm
20:54:00 <Mkop2> though let me search through the entire code for that
20:54:23 <Mkop2> nope
20:55:24 <bwolfe> just leave it for now I suppose
20:55:29 <Mkop2> if I find @author tags, do I delete them?
20:55:45 <bwolfe> there is an soc project that is to work on the Note stuff and clean it up
20:55:50 <Mkop2> doesn't have a retired property, as far as I know
20:55:57 <Mkop2> as far as I can tell*
20:56:19 <bwolfe> yes, delete them unless they are to some random person whose code we are using
20:56:29 <bwolfe> Mkop2: does it have a voided then ?
20:56:34 <Mkop2> no
20:56:47 <Mkop2> The class does have a comment "not currently used"
20:56:56 <Mkop2> so I guess the whole class is retired then :-)
20:59:16 <bwolfe> hehe, something like that
20:59:23 <bwolfe> its really just modeled out
20:59:33 <Mkop2> what's that mean?
20:59:34 <bwolfe> the soc student will be implementing it and putting it to use in the webapp
20:59:39 <Mkop2> oh
20:59:42 <Mkop2> which soc project is that?
20:59:50 <bwolfe> the one that has "Note" in it. :-)
21:00:05 <Mkop2> oh, did that just get added now?
21:00:20 <Mkop2> I'm pretty sure that before, the last soc project was the video thing
21:00:58 <bwolfe> things might getting rearranged
21:01:05 <bwolfe> and we might have one more project to add
21:01:10 <bwolfe> check back often :-)
21:01:48 <Mkop2> I have been
21:01:55 <Mkop2> things changed a LOT today
21:03:13 <sdefabbiakane> yeah
21:03:32 <bwolfe> paul was adding his touches :-p
21:03:51 <Mkop2> "touches"?
21:04:53 <bwolfe> paul's into the details. he polished a lot of the definitions
21:05:03 <bwolfe> which is good...someone has to be detail oriented
21:23:38 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7159]: Fixed person attribute "view" display to show the displayString instead of … <>
21:45:07 <r0bby> meeeeeeeeeeeeep meeeeeeeeeeeeeep
21:45:07 *** k_nishant has quit IRC
21:46:12 <Mkop2> r0bby:
21:48:42 <Mkop2> hmm
21:49:02 <Mkop2> in PatientProgramSource(Cohort patients, LogicCriteria criteria) it never uses the criteria
21:49:22 <Mkop2> bwolfe: do you know if that's correct? I don't know what to write as a comment
21:49:28 *** nribeka has quit IRC
21:49:38 <Mkop2> it currently has half a comment, probably because the previous person also didn't know what to write
21:49:45 <bwolfe> hehe
21:49:58 <bwolfe> I don't know either
21:50:05 <bwolfe> perhaps the same thing that other DataSources use ?
21:52:50 <Mkop2> bwolfe: how do I find all references to a method?
21:53:07 <Mkop2> nevermind, found it
21:54:16 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
21:54:16 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
21:55:36 <r0bby> hfm
21:55:48 <Mkop2> r0bby: ?
21:56:33 <r0bby> patient notes :)
21:58:01 <Mkop2> what I like about #openmrs is that it's just like working in an office. Sometimes you talk business, sometimes you have random conversations about beating r0bby with baseball gun bats, and sometimes you have the guy who just randomly grunts and then when someone asks for explanation, he says somethign else random
22:00:10 <bwolfe> strangely enough, thats what openmrs is like when they're all together. :-p
22:00:13 <Mkop2> is there a way to search through all the code in the repo to see if a method is used
22:00:31 <bwolfe> google
22:00:46 <bwolfe> are you trying to figure out how a parameter is used ?
22:01:14 <r0bby> foo
22:01:22 <Mkop2> I'm trying to figure out if this method is used ANYWHERE else in the code or if I can just get rid of the unused and inappropriate parameter
22:01:34 * r0bby humps IDEA
22:01:43 <r0bby> right click on find usages :)
22:01:50 <r0bby> and it shows me *ALL* usages of that method :)
22:01:56 <Mkop2> it's not used anywhere else in the trunk
22:01:57 <r0bby> and/or class :)
22:02:34 <Mkop2> can I assume that it's not used in any modules or anything like that?
22:02:49 <r0bby> what method
22:03:28 <Mkop2> openmrs.logic.datasource.ProgramDatasource.getPatientPrograms
22:03:45 <r0bby>
22:03:47 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
22:05:05 <r0bby> Mkop2: keyword
22:05:09 <r0bby> Mkop2: keyword
22:05:20 <r0bby> first to search openmrs code itself; second to search methods :)
22:05:28 <Mkop2> modules*
22:05:33 <r0bby> yeh
22:06:40 <Mkop2> bwolfe: I'm making the change and submitting it in the same patch, ok?
22:08:07 <bwolfe> Mkop2: no, we assume that modules /are/ using something. we never change methods within point releases. we deprecate a method and create a new one if we're going to do that. then in a few versions from now we can delete all those deprecated methods
22:08:21 *** greendots has joined #openmrs
22:08:22 <bwolfe> this allows modules to be a few versions behind and still work
22:08:31 <Mkop2> ok
22:08:31 <bwolfe> Mkop2: so no, don't change the parameters at all
22:08:32 <bwolfe> :-)
22:09:06 <Mkop2> can I go ahead and deprecate the one with the needless parameter?
22:10:44 <bwolfe> the one with the criteria param ?
22:10:50 <Mkop2> yeah
22:11:16 <bwolfe> which method ?
22:11:48 <Mkop2> openmrs.logic.datasource.ProgramDataSource.getPatientPrograms(Cohort, LogicCriteria)
22:13:36 <bwolfe> no, leave it for now. the way its getting programs might be changed to actually use the criteria
22:15:09 <Mkop2> should I add another method that doesn't have the parameter?
22:15:36 <Mkop2> to use until such time as we make that change?
22:16:08 <bwolfe> nah, not worried about it
22:16:12 <Mkop2> ok
22:16:16 <bwolfe> but do put a note in the javadoc that its not used right now
22:16:21 <Mkop2> ok
22:23:48 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7160]: Made Context.getUserContext throw an error if a session isn't open to … <>
22:26:56 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
22:42:59 <Mkop2> bwolfe: guess how many javadoc errors there are?
22:43:36 <Mkop2> ok, I won't make you guess. 300
22:49:21 *** Echidna has quit IRC
22:49:35 *** Echidna has joined #openmrs
22:52:16 *** Nzeyi has joined #openmrs
22:52:22 <Keelhaul> cracktro music is so great
22:56:11 <Mkop2> too many hours sitting in chair makes me sore
22:56:38 <Mkop2> goodbye, all
22:56:43 *** Mkop2 has left #openmrs
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