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  • 2009-03-20 - OpenMRS
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00:09:43 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
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00:10:02 *** Mkop3 has joined #openmrs
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00:11:00 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
00:15:01 <Keelhaul> Invalid combination for chosen State and the Save Button that was clicked
00:15:05 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: what could this mean?
00:35:41 *** docpaul has joined #openmrs
00:35:41 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o docpaul
00:50:16 <Mkop2> I need to find out from someone (upul said he would show me, but he's not here) how to run openmrs/tomcat from cmd line, so i can start/stop it easily, and watch the logging in the console
00:55:41 <r0bby_> .jerk
00:55:42 <r0bby_> er
00:55:54 <Mkop2> ?
00:56:10 <Mkop2> wrong IM window or something?
00:56:31 <Mkop2> what is this? @Root(strict = false)
00:57:14 <Mkop2> r0bby_?
00:57:18 <Mkop2> or docpaul?
00:57:30 <docpaul> yeah
00:57:45 <Mkop2> what is that line?
00:57:55 <docpaul> honestly, i have no idea
00:57:58 <Mkop2> ok
00:58:03 <docpaul> what are you looking at?
00:58:16 <Mkop2>
00:58:40 <Mkop2> in org.openmrs
00:58:56 <docpaul> you know that @ is an annotation, right?
00:59:04 <Mkop2> no
00:59:12 <docpaul> ah, look up java annotations
00:59:13 <Mkop2> now I do
00:59:52 <docpaul> make sense now? :)
01:00:11 <Mkop2> hopefully it will when I finish reading the tutorial page
01:00:20 *** vindyani has joined #openmrs
01:00:34 <docpaul> just did a quick google search, and the wikipedia page is nice as well
01:00:52 <Mkop2> ok, I'll check that next
01:01:03 <docpaul> hi vindyani... welcome to the channel. :)
01:01:26 <vindyani> hi docpaul, thanks
01:01:35 <docpaul> anything i can help you with?
01:02:29 <vindyani> i assigned myself to do Ticket #1052
01:02:43 <docpaul> nice
01:02:55 <vindyani> i decided a way to achieve it
01:03:24 <Mkop2> docpaul: i created and fixed a ticket today. An easy one, but a ticket nonetheless
01:03:45 <docpaul> Mkop2: we all typically crawl before we walk. :)
01:04:52 <vindyani> what i thought was to add a link in admin -> orders -> Manage Drug Order Frequencies
01:05:39 <vindyani> that will allow to set new drug order frequencies
01:05:45 <docpaul> eh
01:05:59 <vindyani> will that approach make sense?
01:06:03 <docpaul> i think what darius was looking for was a simple global property
01:06:31 <docpaul> do you understand global properties?
01:07:37 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
01:07:52 <vindyani> is it in admin -> Maintenance -> Manage Global Properties
01:07:53 <vindyani> ?
01:08:07 *** atomicturtle has left #openmrs
01:08:23 <docpaul> right... so you'll see that this part of the interface actually relates to a table in the database
01:08:31 <r0bby_> Mkop2: no
01:08:43 <r0bby_> I use aliases to jump around in irssi
01:08:51 <docpaul> which stores a bunch of configuration settings
01:08:56 <r0bby_> sometimes i mistype them
01:09:33 *** Glen_ has quit IRC
01:09:54 <Mkop2> irssi is your irc client?
01:10:13 <r0bby_> yes
01:10:19 <r0bby_> and @Root is an annotation
01:10:30 <r0bby_> javadoc annotations typically start with lowercase letters
01:11:11 <vindyani> docpaul: so is it just to set frequencies and load them in patient dashboard?
01:12:02 <docpaul> right... instead of hard coding frequencies into the interface... there should be a global property which allows you to define those in data and the page can refer to that property
01:12:05 <docpaul> does that make sense?
01:12:39 <docpaul> not sure if you know... but you can ask questions in the ticket, and my guess is that evan and darius will respond
01:12:45 <docpaul> as they are on the email list
01:12:53 <docpaul> hope this helps
01:13:04 <vindyani> ok thanks
01:13:18 <Keelhaul> drug frequency in global props? =o
01:14:00 <vindyani> yes, ref. Ticket #1052
01:14:47 <Keelhaul> !ticket 1052
01:14:47 <OpenMRSBot> Keelhaul: Ticket #1052:
01:15:10 <Keelhaul> oic
01:17:52 <Keelhaul> one property per option?
01:21:57 <Mkop2> docpaul: let me ask you an easy medical question
01:22:07 <Mkop2> how the heck do you break those break-in-half pills in half?
01:22:27 <docpaul> keel: the drug stuff that's in there is a complete and total hack
01:22:34 <docpaul> that frankly is embarrasing to me
01:22:38 <docpaul> but it's a placeholder
01:22:42 <docpaul> for much better functionality
01:22:53 <docpaul> i think the global property ticket is a decent hack for a hack
01:23:37 <docpaul> that really is a fairly quick patch/fix, and a nice opportunity to get to know how openmrs works
01:24:04 <Keelhaul> heh
01:24:19 <Keelhaul> i heard the hiv drugs are hard coded into an xml file
01:25:47 *** vindyani has quit IRC
01:26:51 <docpaul> no, not really true
01:27:00 <docpaul> they're of course in the dictionary...
01:30:05 <docpaul> andrey: do you have colleagues who might be interested in gsoc?
01:30:18 <Keelhaul> not really
01:30:26 <Keelhaul> my generation of students have all graduateed
01:30:35 <Keelhaul> i dont really know the younger ones that well
01:31:21 <docpaul> you should mention gsoc to ghislain
01:31:49 <Keelhaul> oh i think he knows
01:32:07 <Keelhaul> he also introduces openmrs in a class every year
01:32:43 <Keelhaul> but most people seem to get into other projects of the dept
01:32:49 <Keelhaul> like that demontrator table
01:32:52 <Keelhaul> with 3 monitors
01:33:09 <docpaul> :)
01:33:31 <Keelhaul> theres also a bed with position and pressure sensors attached to it or smt
01:34:27 <Mkop2> Keelhaul: you teach? where?
01:34:34 <Keelhaul> me? no
01:34:40 <Keelhaul> i just graduated
01:34:57 <Mkop2> from University? or a PhD program? or what?
01:35:01 <Keelhaul> university
01:35:03 <Keelhaul> msc
01:35:09 <Mkop2> oh
01:37:18 <docpaul> tonight i'm going to learn twitter
01:37:26 <docpaul> i signed up for twitter over a year ago
01:37:40 <docpaul> went online tonight, and noticed i had 30 followers, even though i havent said anything
01:37:40 <Keelhaul> lol
01:37:42 <docpaul> why is this?
01:37:53 <Keelhaul> you must be a natural leader
01:38:29 <docpaul> but how in the hell would they know that?
01:39:00 <Keelhaul> the internet knows all =)
01:39:17 <Keelhaul> it's like people on myspace haveing 500 friends they never met
01:39:24 <Keelhaul> -e
01:39:57 <docpaul> damn, there is a google search result... for everything
01:40:07 <docpaul> i just found a pdf... mastering twitter in 10 mins or less
01:40:10 <docpaul> bb in 12
01:40:12 <docpaul> :)
01:40:17 <Keelhaul> lol
01:54:18 <docpaul> ok, holy sheet
01:54:23 <docpaul> i now see the power of twitter
01:54:25 <Keelhaul> success?
01:54:26 <docpaul> it's in the tags
01:54:40 <docpaul> ok, so that's very impressive
01:55:08 <Keelhaul> why cant i have ideas like that
01:55:09 <Keelhaul> and get rich
01:55:21 <Keelhaul> the facebook guy stole it from his former employers
01:55:29 <Keelhaul> and then just reached a settlement with the millions he made
01:56:14 <docpaul> tags are key
01:56:52 <docpaul> i just set up a openmrs account
01:56:56 <docpaul> i'm totally going to do this
01:58:23 <Keelhaul> explain
02:01:13 <docpaul> welp, you can make 160 character messages
02:01:23 <docpaul> and you can add #words to any message
02:01:57 <docpaul> so I can do "OpenMRS accepted into GSoC #gsoc #ehr #africa #foss"
02:02:08 <docpaul> and people will find this tweet based on the tags
02:02:12 <docpaul> if they follow them
02:02:16 <docpaul> make sense?
02:02:34 <docpaul> mind is racing with the opportunity here
02:03:17 <Keelhaul> oh
02:03:30 <Keelhaul> do the tags get displayed in the message body?
02:05:01 <docpaul> yes
02:05:32 <Mkop2> what's EHR/
02:05:56 <Keelhaul> electronic health record
02:06:03 <Keelhaul> although that's not what openmrs technically is
02:06:16 <Keelhaul> health records integrate data from multiple different sources
02:06:26 <Keelhaul> like different clinics etc
02:09:02 <docpaul> sure it does...
02:09:14 <docpaul> it can do whatever you want it to... it's a framework. :)
02:09:29 <docpaul> some implementations are using it as a basis of a health information exchange
02:09:40 <docpaul> google is working on using it as something they can couple with google health
02:09:58 <docpaul> my colleagues have used it as the basis for a pediatric decision support system
02:10:05 <docpaul> for a reportable condition monitor
02:10:19 <docpaul> for a health information exchange
02:10:37 <docpaul> that's it's blessing or it's curse depending on your perspective
02:10:39 <Keelhaul> docpaul: google is working on thaT?
02:10:43 <docpaul> yes
02:10:46 <Keelhaul> damn
02:10:49 <Keelhaul> i was gonna work on that
02:10:56 <docpaul> you interested in helping?
02:11:05 <Keelhaul> maybe, i'm pretty new to web services etc
02:11:08 <docpaul> want to see something cool?
02:11:11 <Keelhaul> sure
02:11:14 <docpaul>
02:11:16 <Mkop2> yes
02:11:19 <docpaul> go watch the video
02:11:22 <docpaul> in the demo
02:11:26 <docpaul> check this link out:
02:12:00 <Keelhaul> i'd like an android phone
02:12:03 <Keelhaul> if only the G1 wasnt so ugly
02:12:06 <docpaul>
02:12:08 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
02:12:13 <docpaul> go down to the 6th application
02:12:14 <docpaul> hehe
02:12:22 <docpaul> the screenshot should look familiar
02:13:42 <Keelhaul> heh nice
02:13:43 <Keelhaul> who made it
02:13:48 <Keelhaul> why havent i ever heard of it =(
02:15:08 <r0bby_> oh my god.. :/
02:15:21 <docpaul> there are literally dozens of projects like this that i stumble upon
02:15:24 <Keelhaul> god the g1 is ugly...
02:15:25 <r0bby_> I just looked at pictures my friend posted and damn
02:22:32 <Keelhaul>
02:22:35 <Keelhaul> this one looks nicer
02:22:38 <Keelhaul> but has no kb
02:25:23 *** upul has joined #openmrs
02:27:17 <docpaul>
02:27:30 <docpaul> this is the bomb
02:29:58 <bwolfe> Mkop2 / docpaul : the @Root stuff is for the Simple Framework serialization. its all based on annotations
02:30:22 <docpaul> so ben, i now get twitter
02:30:33 <docpaul> and why anyone should give a crap
02:30:40 <docpaul> once again, it's all about tags
02:30:50 <Mkop2> oh, hi upul
02:31:01 <docpaul>
02:31:03 <upul> Mkop2: Hi
02:31:16 <Mkop2> can you show me how to run tomcat/openmrs from cmd line like you mentioned last night?
02:31:21 <docpaul> for those of you who twitter. :)
02:32:21 <bwolfe> docpaul: I don't see many #tags in most people's twitters though
02:32:40 <docpaul> but they will be the key to the ultimate utility of twitter
02:32:45 <upul> Mkop2: just download a tomcat "zip" and use it, bin folder has bat files for start stop
02:32:58 <docpaul> i am going to do twitter for openmrs for a month
02:33:07 <docpaul> let's take a bet on how many followers we can get
02:33:43 <Mkop2> is it necessary to start/stop tomcat to debug openmrs? or can you just start/stop openmrs?
02:33:57 <upul> you can start tomcat in debug mode
02:34:10 <upul> and connect from eclipse when you need it
02:35:32 <bwolfe> docpaul: 1 month? whats your goal for tweets-per-day? 1? .5?
02:35:48 <docpaul> i bet that in a month, we can get 500
02:36:14 <Mkop2> upul: connect from eclipse using ant?
02:36:39 <docpaul> 1 is my goal...
02:36:55 <docpaul> 1 tweet from the world of openmrs a day.. 140 characters... shouldnt be hard
02:37:06 <Mkop2> is there one new newsitem every day?
02:37:33 <docpaul> there are at least 5-10... either directly related to openmrs or related to our "world"
02:37:45 <docpaul> and how many of them do we actually talk about?
02:37:48 <docpaul> close to 0
02:38:20 <Mkop2> "our world" meaning medical informatics in africa etc.?
02:38:48 <Keelhaul> docpaul: yea, because you only come here during gsoc =P
02:39:07 <upul> Mkop2: start tomcat like, C>startup.bat debug then you can connect from eclipse as remote debug, and eclipse will connect to tomcat. you can connect disconnect to tomcat after that
02:39:07 <docpaul> help offload my life, and you'll see me here more often
02:39:09 <docpaul> :)
02:39:48 <Keelhaul> docpaul: buy your sun WoW =P
02:39:50 <Keelhaul> son*
02:40:00 <docpaul> i refuse to even try wow
02:40:04 <Keelhaul> yea me too
02:40:13 <Keelhaul> but then you will see him once a day maybe
02:40:14 <Keelhaul> for dinner
02:40:41 <Mkop2> isn't his son like two?
02:40:46 <Keelhaul> o
02:41:33 <docpaul> never too early to start?
02:41:43 <docpaul> i tried to put a laptop in his crib, wife got pissed
02:41:51 <Mkop2> lol
02:42:11 <Mkop2> put solitaire screenshots along his crib
02:42:24 <Mkop2> or better yet, eclipse screenshots
02:42:31 <Mkop2> or bash shells
02:42:48 <bwolfe> java tutorials
02:42:59 <Mkop2> REGEXES!
02:43:07 <upul> OpenMRS data model
02:43:11 <Mkop2> haha
02:43:18 <Mkop2> that's enough to cover an entire wall of the crib
02:43:35 <Keelhaul> i still have the openmrs data model hanging on my wall
02:43:40 <Keelhaul> from the time when i was designing the modules
02:43:46 <Keelhaul> on an A3 sized sheet
02:43:53 <Mkop2> and so he doesn't turn out to be _too_ dull, put xkcd comics there also
02:44:07 <r0bby_> docpaul: following the openmrs tag :)
02:44:13 <Keelhaul> explosm
02:44:50 * r0bby_ sighs
02:45:04 * Mkop2 laughs
02:46:59 <docpaul>
02:47:06 <docpaul> oh hell... ben, that's the bomb
02:48:17 <bwolfe> interesting
02:48:31 <docpaul> mouseover one of them... you should see something familiar
02:48:38 <docpaul> haha... remember sashikanth?
02:49:47 <Keelhaul> gn
02:49:48 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
02:51:01 <bwolfe> heh
02:56:29 <docpaul> so freaking cool... i'm going to advertise for our openmrs coder position and do an #indy tag
02:57:06 <Mkop2> bwolfe: did you look at those patches I uploaded? did I do them right?
02:58:31 <bwolfe> Mkop2: they look right
02:59:48 <Mkop2> ok, thanks
03:02:32 <upul> bwolfe: is this hibernate exception familiar "could not initialize proxy - no Session"?
03:07:10 <bwolfe> upul: yeah, you don't have a session :-)
03:07:25 <bwolfe> is this in openmrs ?
03:07:46 <bwolfe> if you're not in the webapp, you have to call openSession() / closeSession() around each "unit of work"
03:08:03 <bwolfe> if you're in the webapp, you probably are using something in javascript/jsp that you shouldn't be
03:08:23 <upul> bwolfe: yes, i get the existing personname, compare with the new one, if they are not matching, I do person.addName
03:08:54 <bwolfe> OR, the last option is that your controller is defined as being a "sessionForm=true" in the moduleApplicationContext or openmrs-servlet.xml and an object is lasting across two sessions (loading the page and then submitting the page). set sessionForm=false to make that go away
03:09:11 <bwolfe> Mkop2: done. :-)
03:09:31 <upul> this comes up inside the addName()'s personName.getPerson() <--
03:09:41 <bwolfe> Mkop2: now for a slightly harder one. update the openmrs api jars in the basicmodule to the latest generated by trunk
03:10:05 <Mkop2> bwolfe: is that even at all harder?
03:10:15 <bwolfe> upul: yeah, the formBackingObject is probably trying to exist across page load and page submit
03:10:22 <Mkop2> or is that again just copy/pasting?
03:10:22 <bwolfe> Mkop2: not by too much
03:10:33 <bwolfe> Mkop2: you have to find the right ant targets, etc
03:10:48 <Mkop2> aren't there already jars in the repo?
03:11:12 <r0bby_> Mkop2: i could help you ;)
03:11:33 <r0bby_> package-all is what you want. :)
03:12:16 <Mkop2> oh, the jars in the repo are for the apis that we use
03:12:19 <Mkop2> ok
03:12:21 <r0bby_> then all your jars will be in the dist/ dir of your openmrs trunk check out
03:12:31 <r0bby_> Mkop2: generate it from trunk.
03:13:31 <r0bby_> ant package-all -> copy the jars to the lib-common directory of basicmodule
03:13:54 <Mkop2> you're not letting me figure it out...
03:13:56 <Mkop2> :-)
03:13:58 <r0bby_> modules have two lib directories lib-common which contains the jars that openmrs provides, and lib/ which contains third party jars :)
03:14:06 <r0bby_> No, i'm teaching you ;)
03:14:09 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
03:14:12 <Mkop2> thank you
03:14:42 <r0bby_> lib-common is not copied into the omod when it's created
03:15:24 <Mkop2> what's an omod?
03:15:29 <r0bby_> it's a jar
03:15:45 <Mkop2> oh
03:16:00 <bwolfe> its an "_O_penmrs _mod_ule"
03:16:02 <r0bby_> it's a jar with a special structure
03:16:19 <docpaul> ok ben, another elite thing
03:16:25 <docpaul>
03:16:35 <docpaul> a website designed to facilitate short urls for tweets. :)
03:16:45 <r0bby_>
03:16:47 <docpaul> holy shit have i fallen behind. :)
03:17:11 <r0bby_> docpaul: another =)
03:17:17 <docpaul> this has been a very productive night
03:17:21 <bwolfe> heh, only 5 chars :-)
03:17:41 * r0bby_ prefers :)
03:17:52 <r0bby_> primarily because firefox will generate the url for me :)
03:18:58 <docpaul> ben, adding the #android tag to a tweet got me a follower in like.. a minute
03:19:05 <docpaul> that's what i'm talking about
03:19:41 <upul> bwolfe: ok, stange thing is I get the *personName* = user.getPersonName() and in few lines below I do the addname so in that this *personName*.getPerson() (<-- one is got the personname in the first place) fails
03:19:45 * r0bby_ needs to figure out how to make sense of an article that's incredibly detailed
03:20:10 <Mkop2> what will the patch file look like when the change I made was adding a non-text file?
03:21:02 <upul> Mkop2: it will have the file name i guess
03:21:22 <r0bby_> I think so long as you add them to the right places and such
03:21:23 <bwolfe> non-text files don't make it into patch files
03:21:30 <bwolfe> you'll have to attach it to the ticket
03:21:33 <r0bby_> you can commit right-off
03:21:42 <r0bby_> but attaching it would work :)
03:21:43 <bwolfe> upul: sounds right.
03:21:52 <Mkop2> r0bby_: I don't have commit permissions yet
03:21:53 <bwolfe> upul: person is lazily loaded
03:21:59 <r0bby_> ah right
03:24:45 <Mkop2> bwolfe: is there already a ticket for what I just did, or should I make a new one, or should I just attach it to the previous ticket?
03:26:27 <bwolfe> Mkop2: might as well make a new one
03:26:34 <Mkop2> ok
03:26:58 <r0bby_> bwolfe: oh
03:27:08 <r0bby_> in admin/newPatientForm.jsp
03:27:25 <r0bby_> there is a line which does 1 == 0 in a compound conditional in an if in a Javascript code snippet
03:27:36 <bwolfe> means its disabled
03:27:40 <r0bby_> i checked who it was, and it was chase... any idea why it does that?
03:27:50 <r0bby_> so it basically it forcing it false?
03:27:57 <bwolfe> it probalby wasn't chase
03:27:59 <Mkop2> seems a silly way to do that
03:28:01 <r0bby_> it was
03:28:08 <r0bby_> i checked the annotations on that file from svn
03:28:23 <bwolfe> chase did a blanket fix of newline characters on all files
03:28:28 <Mkop2> I would more readily do if (false) //old condition
03:28:31 <bwolfe> that line probalby was one of them
03:28:31 <r0bby_> ahh
03:28:55 <r0bby_> that made me go "wtf"
03:29:00 <r0bby_> when i read it
03:31:47 <Mkop2> bwolfe: so should I delete the old api jars? and can I just leave the file names as is? e.g. web-openmrs-api-
03:32:10 <r0bby_> Mkop2: the only thing that will change is the version #s
03:32:18 <r0bby_> you can actually hand-edit .classpath
03:32:22 <Mkop2> it added -dev onto the end
03:32:31 <r0bby_> that's also gonna be there
03:32:46 <Mkop2> should I get rid of that?
03:32:50 <r0bby_> nope
03:32:51 <r0bby_> leave it
03:32:56 <Mkop2> what does it mean?
03:32:56 <r0bby_> I did anyways
03:33:12 <r0bby_> it means it's a jar generated from svn and not a release.
03:33:18 <Mkop2> oh
03:33:26 <r0bby_> it's common practice
03:34:16 <Mkop2> bwolfe: i assume we don't want to add tests-...jar, right, since it's not there now
03:34:22 <Mkop2> there = in basicmodule
03:34:33 <r0bby_> no they're needed for unit tests
03:34:43 <r0bby_> I'd add em
03:34:49 <r0bby_> personally.
03:34:58 <Mkop2> ok
03:39:18 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1344 (task created): Update the openmrs api jars in the basicmodule to the latest generated by trunk <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1343 (task closed): Formatting settings on basicmodule are out of date <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7139]: basicmodule/light : Added openmrs formatter and formatted the all source … <>
03:39:46 <bwolfe> off for the night
03:39:47 <bwolfe> gn
03:39:52 <Mkop2> gn, seeya ben
03:43:00 <Mkop2> ben, you still here?
03:43:17 <nribeka1> cya bwolfe
03:44:13 <r0bby_> adios ben
03:45:46 <Mkop2> if eclipse made more changes than I wanted it to (it deleted a commented out line from .classpath), can I just delete the change from the .patch file?
03:47:02 <Mkop2> oops, uploaded a file twice. Can I delete one of them from the ticket?
03:47:06 <Mkop2>
03:47:44 <upul> i don't think you can delete anything, only overwrite
03:48:03 <upul> may be admins can
03:48:16 <Mkop2> docpaul?
03:49:18 <upul> Mkop2: put another comment saying which one is the correct one
03:52:45 *** nribeka1 has quit IRC
03:53:11 * r0bby_ growls
03:53:26 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
03:53:34 * r0bby_ smacks proquest into submission
03:53:45 <Mkop2> r0bby_: wherefor groulst thou?
03:53:58 <Mkop2> oic
03:54:14 *** nribeka has quit IRC
03:54:55 <Mkop2> after I upload the batch, do I assign the ticket to ben?
03:57:52 <r0bby_> i would :x
03:58:01 <Mkop2> ok
03:58:57 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
03:59:44 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
04:02:24 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
04:03:54 <Mkop2> I'm getting strange javadoc errors
04:04:12 <Mkop2> OpenMRS\src\api\org\openmrs\ warning - Tag @see:illegal character: "123" in "{@link Concept#getBestName(Locale)} to get the best match for a locale."
04:04:19 <Mkop2> 123 is ascii for {
04:04:32 <Mkop2> it gives the same error for 64 aka @
04:08:55 <upul> are you using a very old javadoc version?
04:09:15 <Mkop2> I'm using what I downloaded from yesterday
04:09:24 <Mkop2> well, it's probably part of the jdk
04:09:29 <Mkop2> which is 1.4
04:09:40 <Mkop2> I think
04:10:14 <Mkop2> no, it's 1.6.0_04
04:10:54 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
04:17:56 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
04:28:42 <Mkop2> r0bby_: how confident do I need to be of an edit before I put it in a patch?
04:29:07 <r0bby_> make sure it works ;)
04:29:21 <Mkop2> I'm working about javadoc comments
04:29:23 <Mkop2> working on*
04:29:40 <r0bby_> @see {@link Concept}
04:29:49 <r0bby_> or something :)
04:29:57 <Mkop2> huh/
04:29:58 <Mkop2> ?
04:30:06 <r0bby_> make sure your comments are valid :P
04:30:16 <Mkop2> :-)
04:30:21 <r0bby_> ie generate the docs
04:31:03 <docpaul> i cleaned up the twitter page:
04:31:40 <r0bby_> i found an amazing use of multiplexers but the architecture is WAYYY too complex
04:31:52 <r0bby_> it's for high definition digital television broadcasting
04:33:10 <Mkop2> docpaul: maybe instead of "hearts" put <3?
04:33:29 <docpaul> i wonder if most people understand that?
04:33:44 <r0bby_> :)
04:33:51 <r0bby_> nay
04:33:57 <r0bby_> hearts is good :)
04:34:05 <Mkop2> I think that among the crowd that speak IM speak, <3 is more than understandable
04:34:22 <r0bby_> I personally hate twitter
04:35:33 <docpaul> twitter is actually powerful
04:35:52 <r0bby_> s/powerful/annoying/
04:36:13 <r0bby_> twitter made facebook into the atrocity it is today
04:36:25 <Mkop2> the only thing i know about twitter is that it's the annoying thing that makes 2/3 of my friend's status updates on facebook be one guy twittering about a meeting he's in
04:36:26 <r0bby_> It is that influence that screwed it up, ergo i HATE it.
04:37:58 <r0bby_>
04:38:00 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
04:38:03 <r0bby_> sums up why it's bad
04:38:52 <Mkop2> :-)
04:40:49 <docpaul> is now my url shortener of choice
04:42:12 <meonkeys> docpaul: have you seen this one? http://➡.ws/
04:42:39 <docpaul> heh... how do you do an arrow... is it literally ->
04:42:54 <docpaul> http://➡.ws/
04:43:01 <docpaul> i got a special character .ws
04:43:08 <docpaul> looks like a right facing arrow
04:43:08 <Mkop2> it's just showing a box
04:43:12 <Mkop2> for me
04:43:40 <meonkeys> Mkop2: only works if you have UTF-8 IRC client/font(s), etc.
04:44:28 <Mkop2> I would think that pidgin would have that, but i guess not
04:44:41 <nribeka> pidgin do :)
04:44:49 <nribeka> pidgin user
04:44:53 <meonkeys> makes some pretty short URLs, though, using UNICODE. Here's one to Ars, for instance: http://➡.ws/偁
04:44:59 <Mkop2> pidgin doesn't for me
04:48:34 <docpaul> whoa.. unicode
04:49:21 <docpaul> now that's a hell of an idea... and so freaking geek...
04:51:13 <Mkop2> yay! food
04:53:41 <r0bby_> pidgin sucks
04:53:45 <r0bby_> for irc.
04:53:52 <r0bby_> IM Clients are not irc clients sorry.
04:54:41 <Mkop2> currently, my options are pidgin within windows, or X-Chat within linux
04:54:49 <Mkop2> within windows
04:55:03 <Mkop2> since the within-within thing is a bit annoying, i prefer pidgin
04:55:05 <Mkop2> (mostly)
04:57:06 <Mkop2> I'm learning so much with this, this is so much fun
04:57:15 <Mkop2> I just found out what a factory method is
04:57:37 <upul> method made in a factory?
04:57:45 <Mkop2>
04:57:47 <OpenMRSBot> <$:> (at
04:57:58 <nribeka> where can i find such factory? :D
04:58:13 <Mkop2>
04:58:27 <Mkop2> (if that was a serious question, which it seems isn't, based on your smiley)
04:58:56 <Mkop2> alternatively, such factories are usually comprised of hundreds of monkeys typing into eclipse with an IRC window behind
05:00:04 <nribeka> lol
05:07:02 <docpaul> Mkop2: open source communities rock
05:07:17 <docpaul> especially ones germane to your career of interest
05:07:21 <Mkop2> yes
05:08:51 <Mkop2> I missed class today coding for openmrs
05:09:00 <Mkop2> though i don't blame openmrs for that
05:09:33 <docpaul> you know what really rocks about it does stats on how many people follow your link
05:09:39 <docpaul> and where they're coming from
05:09:42 <Mkop2> cool
05:10:05 <docpaul> Mkop2: likely learned more working with us than you did in class
05:10:10 <docpaul> sad but true these days
05:10:37 <docpaul> you're @ upenn?
05:10:40 <r0bby_> docpaul: these days schools teach like next to nothing
05:10:41 <r0bby_> :/
05:11:00 <Mkop2> it's true, in the sense that at the beginning of a project, the learning curve is extremely steep and in an hour of working on a project, you're learning 3 hours of stuff
05:11:06 <Mkop2> most of my classes really aren't bad
05:11:09 <r0bby_> it's quite sad I've noticed that the bulk of students in CS these days don't give a crap about the field they're studying
05:11:12 <Mkop2> today was lab
05:11:18 <r0bby_> if they did, they'd join ACM/IEEE etc
05:11:21 <Mkop2> I'm not a CS student
05:11:24 <r0bby_> the field itself is amazing
05:11:31 <r0bby_> Mkop2: same thing :)
05:11:40 <Mkop2> not at all
05:11:43 <nribeka> back home CS student = DoTA player r0bby_
05:12:04 <Mkop2> most of the people in my major struggle with writing a simple matlab script
05:13:47 <r0bby_> docpaul: the current first year students at my school are pathetic
05:14:03 <r0bby_> this is the state of our education system :-/
05:14:09 <Mkop2> r0bby_: what school?
05:14:17 <r0bby_> I told you yesterday :)
05:14:28 <r0bby_> it's a community college
05:14:28 <Mkop2> as I said, steep learning curve...
05:14:32 <Mkop2> oh, that's right
05:14:34 <Mkop2> cuny orange
05:14:38 <r0bby_> suny*
05:14:39 <Mkop2> suny*
05:14:42 <Mkop2> jinx
05:14:45 <r0bby_> cuny is for the NYC
05:16:00 <r0bby_> Mkop2: you need to stop that :P
05:16:20 <r0bby_> even my friends, a great bulk of them don't care
05:16:30 <r0bby_> I have a few that care
05:16:33 <Mkop2> that = saying jinx?
05:16:43 <r0bby_> but the bulk of them just don't care. I have one that's switching majors
05:17:22 <r0bby_> It's an awesome field w/ a lot of subfields that can be interesting
05:19:10 <r0bby_> and Mkop2 yeh :)
05:41:08 <Mkop2> hmm
05:41:23 <Mkop2> sometimes javadoc comment errors indicate a somewhat bigger error than just comments
05:41:40 <Mkop2> when the link to a method is a broken link, and the reason is because the method doesn't exist yet....
05:42:17 <Mkop2> r0bby_: for a question like this, should I email the listserv, or what?
05:43:58 <r0bby_> Mkop2: sometimes code is refactored and javadocs aren't updated
05:44:21 <r0bby_> updating javadocs is tedious and annoying
05:44:26 <Mkop2> how would I find out if such a method used to exist?
05:44:28 <r0bby_> hell WRITING them is tedious is annoying
05:44:39 <r0bby_> i dunno
05:44:52 <Mkop2> I'm currently on an updating javadocs project
05:45:01 <Mkop2> and yes, it's tedious and annoying
05:45:10 <Mkop2> but is familiarizing me somewhat with the code
05:51:02 <r0bby_> AH :)
05:51:04 <r0bby_> have fun
05:51:05 <r0bby_> =)
05:51:13 <Mkop2> thanks!
05:53:44 <r0bby_> well since i've spent the entire f'en night trying to find decent articles in the ACM digital library only to have to settle down on an article which is quite complicated
05:54:05 <r0bby_> oh well looks like it's gonna be a long night
06:07:09 <nribeka> bed time guys
06:07:19 <nribeka> hibernate surely is a big thing :(
06:07:32 <Mkop2> good night
06:07:40 <Mkop2> i'm uploading my patch, and going to sleep myself
06:07:52 <Mkop2> I have a meeting at 9:45 AM
06:08:06 <Mkop2> which is very early, considering I've been waking up at 11:15 the past few days
06:08:09 <nribeka> keep the good work Mkop2 :)
06:09:38 <nribeka> OpenMRS is a fun place to study and have fun :P
06:10:09 <Mkop2> yes
06:10:21 <Mkop2> people here seem to be chilled out and good to work with
06:11:18 <nribeka> :D
06:11:40 <Mkop2> and they use smileys a lot, which is encouraging :-)
06:12:02 <nribeka> haha do you think so Mkop2?
06:12:02 <r0bby_> Mkop2: don't let the smileys confuse you
06:12:06 <r0bby_> I'm evil and mean
06:12:18 <r0bby_> :)
06:12:22 <nribeka> haha r0bby_ is just trying to trick you Mkop2
06:12:23 <Mkop2> I'm not talking about you, r0bby_
06:12:32 <nribeka> but my smiley is sincere lol
06:12:34 <r0bby_> I'm EVIL!
06:12:38 <Mkop2> about 80% of nribeka's comments have smileys
06:12:44 <r0bby_> and nribeka says he's good but he's like totally evil
06:12:58 *** r0bby_ is now known as r0bby
06:13:09 <Mkop2> yeah, what was with that tail/
06:13:24 <nribeka> haha ... really? well i'm have the auto-add-smiley capability
06:14:38 <nribeka> s/i'm/i
06:14:55 * r0bby goes to do laundry + dishes + whatever else
06:14:58 <r0bby> I'm out
06:15:12 <nribeka> laundry in the mid of the night r0bby?
06:15:13 <Mkop2> nribeka: actually, it's less than 50%
06:15:13 <r0bby> I didnt work as i planned this spring break :'(
06:15:21 <Mkop2> but close
06:15:28 <nribeka> haha :P
06:15:40 <r0bby> nribeka: yeh if i dont
06:15:45 <r0bby> parents are gonna flip a lid
06:16:10 <nribeka> ah ic ic. have fun with all the clothes then r0bby
06:16:13 <Mkop2> ok, good night
06:16:14 <Mkop2> bye
06:16:22 *** Mkop2 has left #openmrs
06:16:54 <r0bby> nah it's just one load.
07:05:09 *** flyankur has joined #openmrs
07:55:31 *** s220043531 has joined #openmrs
07:59:13 *** s220043531 has quit IRC
08:10:26 <r0bby> do these spambots think they accomplish anything?
08:10:31 <r0bby> seriously
08:11:36 <upul> who's spambot?
08:12:44 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
08:17:28 <r0bby> I got spam on y!
08:24:57 *** flyankur has quit IRC
09:04:29 *** openmrs_4913 has joined #openmrs
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10:36:36 *** isurundt has quit IRC
10:42:35 *** gab32 has joined #openmrs
10:46:41 <upul> !bewolfesays
10:46:41 <OpenMRSBot> upul: Error: "bewolfesays" is not a valid command.
10:48:27 <upul> !bwolfesays
10:48:27 <OpenMRSBot> upul: "bwolfesays" --- FYI to all potential GSoC Applicants: OpenMRS welcomes multiple applications for multiple projects within openmrs. Actually, we encourage it! Sometimes we get quality students only applying to a low priority project. So pick a few projects that interest you, apply to all of them, and put comments in them saying which other ones you've applied to
11:06:48 *** gab32 has left #openmrs
11:21:49 *** james_regen has joined #openmrs
11:21:49 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v james_regen
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11:49:25 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
11:49:25 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
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12:18:22 *** upul has joined #openmrs
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13:09:12 *** upul has joined #openmrs
13:21:08 <upul> Hi Ben
13:21:31 <bwolfe> hey upul
13:22:09 <upul> bwolfe: is there any existing code to refresh the logged in user object
13:22:28 <upul> bwolfe: I remember like I saw something like it
13:22:54 <bwolfe> upul: hmm, good question
13:25:21 <bwolfe> not that I know of
13:25:28 <bwolfe> maybe somethign on Context is needed?
13:25:38 <upul> bwolfe: ok
13:27:50 *** robinpahwa123 has joined #openMRS
14:01:38 *** nribeka has quit IRC
14:02:09 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
14:32:49 *** djiao has joined #openmrs
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14:33:30 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
14:59:21 *** devvrat has joined #openmrs
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15:14:17 *** flyankur has joined #openmrs
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15:44:12 *** upul has quit IRC
16:05:50 *** robinpahwa123 has joined #openMRS
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16:40:33 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
16:40:33 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
16:54:49 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
17:07:12 *** MaddyMax has joined #openmrs
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17:17:51 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
17:18:11 <Mkop2> good morning/afternoon/evening to you all
17:22:37 <bwolfe> wb Mkop2
17:26:41 <nribeka> hi Mkop2
17:26:46 <nribeka> bwolfe, question
17:29:45 *** atomicturtle has left #openmrs
17:29:55 *** MaddyMax has quit IRC
17:30:21 *** MaddyMax has joined #openmrs
17:32:01 <bwolfe> yes nribeka ?
17:35:30 <nribeka> do you think getting the entity name, hashcode, entity root name and the content of the collection is enough to debug the hibernate?
17:35:31 <nribeka>
17:35:57 <nribeka> i want to give the jar to Keelhaul
17:38:18 *** Echidna has quit IRC
17:38:32 *** Echidna has joined #openmrs
17:40:04 <bwolfe> maybe, we'll see nribeka :-p
17:41:54 *** openmrs_8780 has joined #openmrs
17:42:47 <nribeka> if you have suggestion bwolfe :)
17:42:57 <nribeka> compiling and switching to patient matching task :P
17:43:18 <openmrs_8780> hi
17:43:24 <Mkop2> openmrs_8780: hi, welcome to the channel
17:43:34 <openmrs_8780> is Integrate Quartz Scheduler into OpenMRS project open for GSOC developers?
17:43:48 <Mkop2> is it listed under "unassigned projects"?
17:44:18 <openmrs_8780> ya. its listed under New and Unassigned Projects
17:44:49 <openmrs_8780> but there were some tickets related to the project idea
17:46:17 <Mkop2> if it's listed on that page, it's open for gsoc
17:46:19 <openmrs_8780> assinging the task to a developer i guess
17:46:48 <Mkop2> did you look at the tickets?
17:46:48 <openmrs_8780> ok. thanks
17:47:19 <openmrs_8780> ya.. had a look
17:47:58 <Mkop2> 357 seems to be the precursor
17:48:12 <Mkop2> 359 is probably most of what you'd be working on, it seems
17:50:23 <Mkop2> I'm also a newbie here, but have hung out in IRC enough to know the answers to the basic questions :-)
17:51:12 <openmrs_8780> yeah.. thnx so much.. i really appreciate ur help
17:51:12 <openmrs_8780> :)
18:05:14 *** MaddyMax has quit IRC
18:08:09 <openmrs_8780> normally how long does it take to activate my forum account?
18:12:38 *** nribeka has quit IRC
18:13:03 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
18:13:39 <bwolfe> openmrs_8780: done
18:18:45 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7141]: reporting-sprint: Fixing compilation errors from previous commit <>
18:31:02 *** deepakverma has joined #openmrs
18:39:41 *** openmrs_8780 has quit IRC
18:40:15 *** chulaka has joined #openmrs
18:43:16 <chulaka> hi
18:44:00 <chulaka> hw can i get a good description to the project Integrate Quartz Scheduler into OpenMRS which i open to GSoc developers
18:44:33 <Mkop2> !projects
18:44:33 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "projects" --- (#1), or (#2)
18:45:57 <chulaka> i read about the project in the that page. but it says "This project has not been fully described."
18:46:12 <Mkop2> read the box at the top of the page
18:47:15 <chulaka> ok.. so do i need to contact the mentor to clarify my doubts on the idea given
18:47:38 <Mkop2> idk
18:47:48 <Mkop2> either that, or wait a couple days for them to post fuller descriptions
18:48:53 <chulaka> ok.. how can i contact the mentor? is that through the forum?
18:49:16 <Mkop2> click around, see if you can find contact info, I guess
18:49:39 <chulaka> ok.. thanks
19:03:20 *** deepakverma has left #openmrs
19:07:52 <Mkop2> this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but you never know
19:08:16 *** chulaka has quit IRC
19:12:15 <Mkop2> (and then someone came into my room and asked *me* a question, so I got interrupted)
19:12:26 <Mkop2> I'm looking for a computerized model of vasculature in the brain
19:19:09 <bwolfe> oh sure, I have 3 of those just lying around :-p
19:19:13 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7142]: chica: new installer - v 1.9 <>
19:19:48 <Mkop2> bwolfe: hey, you never know...
19:19:52 <Mkop2> it's worth asking
19:19:56 <bwolfe> true
19:42:33 *** james_regen has quit IRC
19:50:55 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7143]: reporting-sprint: Merging trunk into reporting-sprint [6633]:[7141] <>
19:56:21 <Mkop2> lol
19:56:57 <Mkop2> I was looking at this paper, and the author is listed as some guy in a middle school
19:57:07 <Mkop2> I was like, whoa, this is REALLY impressive for middle school!
19:57:28 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
19:57:54 <Mkop2> turns out the guy is a teacher in middle school, and wrote the paper as part of a Research Experience for Teachers program
20:58:26 * r0bby pokes Mkop2
20:58:34 <r0bby> ps bwolfe i hope Mkop2 gets into soc
20:58:36 <r0bby> :)
20:58:39 <r0bby> he seems decent :)
20:58:50 * r0bby slips bwolfe a $20
20:59:00 <r0bby> oops i did that in a logged channel
20:59:31 <Mkop2> I'm here
20:59:55 <Mkop2> aren't *I* the one who's supposed to be slipping him twenties?
20:59:59 <Mkop2> :-)
21:00:07 <Mkop2> i have no idea yet if I even want to do gsoc
21:01:43 <r0bby> you're doing it :)
21:01:51 <Mkop2> why?
21:01:53 <Mkop2> convince me
21:01:59 <r0bby> because i said so?
21:02:01 <r0bby> :P
21:02:11 <r0bby> actually nevermind less competition for me :)
21:02:14 <Mkop2> :-)
21:40:29 *** openmrs_4272 has joined #openmrs
21:41:03 <openmrs_4272> !list
21:41:03 <OpenMRSBot> openmrs_4272: Admin, Alias, AutoMode, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats, Config, Factoids, Herald, Karma, Misc, NickCapture, Owner, RSS, Reply, Seen, Services, ShrinkUrl, Status, and User
21:41:28 <Mkop2> openmrs_4272: hi
21:41:31 <Mkop2> welcome to the channel
21:41:46 <openmrs_4272> hi
21:42:29 <nribeka> lots of openmrs lately :)
21:42:50 <Mkop2> yeah, newbies who come to IRC via the website
21:42:57 <openmrs_4272> year, I should change my name
21:42:58 <Mkop2> there's an applet there
21:43:10 <openmrs_4272> exactly, that's how i got here
21:43:18 <Mkop2> openmrs_4272: type /nick and then your new name
21:43:27 *** openmrs_4272 is now known as djiao
21:43:32 <djiao> thanks
21:43:38 <djiao> now i have a name :)
21:44:10 <djiao> i'm here because i'm interested in gsoc
21:44:18 <djiao> as you may already figured out :)
21:44:20 <Mkop2> I gathered :-)
21:44:25 <Mkop2> back in a minute
21:44:35 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
21:45:27 <djiao> anybody here know something about this project idea ? "Genome Data Storage and Drug Resistance Prediction "
21:47:27 <Mkop2> ok, I'm back
21:47:59 <Mkop2> djiao: nope, sorry
21:48:06 <Mkop2> I'm a newbie here myself
21:49:05 <nribeka> hi djiao
21:49:07 <nribeka> wellcome
21:49:11 <djiao> hi
21:49:29 <nribeka> there's one mentor here and he's busy probably :)
21:49:32 <djiao> i'm not very familar with irc, so please bear with me
21:49:44 <nribeka> it's ok. you will get use to it
21:51:37 <djiao> Mkop2, are you also here because of gsoc?
21:52:35 <Mkop2> djiao: I found out about openmrs because of gsoc, but i am definitely interested in openmrs and only potentially interested in gsoc
21:53:14 <djiao> yeah, I also found many interesting projects that I wasn't aware of
21:53:23 <nribeka> djiao who is the mentor listed in the project page?
21:53:25 <nribeka> !project
21:53:26 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: Error: "project" is not a valid command.
21:53:32 <nribeka> !projects
21:53:32 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: "projects" --- (#1), or (#2)
21:53:46 <djiao> Chris Seebregts and Ben Wolfe
21:54:12 <Mkop2> ben is in the channel, but is probably away from the computer or something
21:54:14 <Mkop2> or just busy
21:54:21 <nribeka> ooo ben wolfe :)
21:54:38 <djiao> right, i see his user name, bwolf
21:54:42 <djiao> bwolfe
21:54:47 <nribeka> i guess you need to talk to you to the guy on top of this list
21:54:50 <nribeka> lol
21:55:21 <djiao> doh, bad first impression by typing the mentor's name wrong
21:55:32 <nribeka> haha lol
21:55:36 <Mkop2> lol
21:55:53 <nribeka> slip $20 to his pocket and he can erase it from the log
21:55:59 <nribeka> :P
21:56:10 <djiao> lol
21:56:10 <Mkop2> my first time in #openmrs I called myself a moron probably 4-5 times
21:56:11 <nribeka> Keelhaul, are you here?
21:59:01 <Keelhaul> nribeka: not really =/
21:59:04 <nribeka> djiao where are you from
21:59:05 <Keelhaul> i gtg shower, then dinner
21:59:10 <Keelhaul> you can send me the jar though
21:59:17 <nribeka> cool, email please :)
21:59:31 <nribeka> got it
21:59:41 <djiao> i am studying at indiana university, bloomington
22:00:37 <nribeka> ooo around the area then :)
22:00:40 <nribeka> lol
22:00:58 <djiao> where is openmrs?
22:01:18 <nribeka> bwolfe, suggestion are (i don't know if you already hear this or not)
22:01:19 <Mkop2> the founders are in indianapolis
22:01:24 <djiao> really?
22:01:35 <Mkop2> yep
22:01:50 <nribeka> he suggest you to look and apply for several projects instead of just one
22:02:09 <Mkop2> !bwolfesays
22:02:09 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "bwolfesays" --- FYI to all potential GSoC Applicants: OpenMRS welcomes multiple applications for multiple projects within openmrs. Actually, we encourage it! Sometimes we get quality students only applying to a low priority project. So pick a few projects that interest you, apply to all of them, and put comments in them saying which other ones you've applied to
22:02:18 <nribeka> ah there you are :)
22:02:22 <nribeka> thanks Mkop2 :D
22:02:27 <Mkop2> :-)
22:02:52 <djiao> thanks Mkop2. How do you do that?
22:03:24 <Mkop2> the bot knows commands that people have taught it
22:03:24 <Mkop2> !openmrsdocpaul
22:03:24 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: Error: "openmrsdocpaul" is not a valid command.
22:03:28 <Mkop2> hmm
22:03:34 <Mkop2> !openmrs_docpaul
22:03:34 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "openmrs_docpaul" ---
22:03:46 <Mkop2> I thought there was something with more info about him
22:04:00 <djiao> cool. thanks
22:04:05 <Mkop2> !overview
22:04:05 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "overview" --- (#1) An overview of OpenMRS:, or (#2)
22:04:10 <Mkop2> !faq
22:04:10 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "faq" ---
22:04:20 <nribeka> !nribeka
22:04:20 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: Error: "nribeka" is not a valid command.
22:04:21 <Mkop2> !forget overview 2
22:04:22 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: The operation succeeded.
22:08:59 <djiao> i hope the genome data project is not of low priority. cause i am really interested in it, and it's very related to my research at IU
22:09:20 <djiao> cross finger
22:09:27 <Mkop2> submit a few applications, and say that's your favorite one
22:10:27 <djiao> so Mkop2, where are you from?
22:10:49 <Mkop2> I go to school in Philly
22:11:07 <djiao> what do you study?
22:11:16 <Mkop2> bioengineering
22:19:56 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
22:21:22 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
22:21:38 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
22:21:38 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
22:21:51 <djiao> i've got to leave, nice meeting you, Mkop2 and nribeka
22:22:06 <Mkop2> nice to meet you, good luck
22:22:24 *** djiao has quit IRC
22:39:51 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
22:43:27 *** Mkop2 has quit IRC
22:46:06 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
22:46:47 <Mkop2> ok guys, don't let me in here on Sunday. I have to do homework
22:47:04 *** Mkop2 has left #openmrs
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