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  • 2009-03-19 - OpenMRS
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00:29:01 *** docpaul has joined #openmrs
00:29:01 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o docpaul
00:29:16 <docpaul> hi. :)
00:31:21 <green_dots> hi
00:31:42 <docpaul> how are you green_dots... don't think we've met?
00:32:51 <green_dots> Im doing pretty well... im r0bby's friend btw and intrested in doing gsoc :)
00:33:10 <docpaul> good deal.
00:33:19 <docpaul> welcome to the community. :)
00:33:37 <green_dots> thanks :)
00:33:56 <docpaul> what kind of code work do you enjoy?
00:34:09 <r0bby> :P
00:34:43 * r0bby looks around
00:34:58 <green_dots> thats kind of hard for me to say because ive never worked on a large project :/
00:35:42 <r0bby> luckily you have some pretty good devs to lead you :)
00:48:11 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
00:48:11 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
00:51:13 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
00:51:21 <Mkop2> hi
00:51:31 <docpaul> hi Mkop2 :)
00:51:34 <Mkop2> (continuing a discussion with docpaul from #gsoc)
00:51:34 <docpaul> welcome to the community. :)
00:51:36 <Mkop2> thanks
00:51:57 <docpaul> we're building medical record keeping systems for the poorest of the poor
00:52:06 <docpaul> write code, have fun, and save lives
00:52:09 <docpaul> can't beat that, eh? :)
00:52:15 <Mkop2> :-)
00:52:37 <Mkop2> are you a company? a non-profit? a group of geeks who do this in their spare time?
00:53:05 <docpaul> the latter... evolving into the 2nd choice
00:53:28 <docpaul> i'm a pediatrician
00:53:39 <docpaul> who also loves to develop software
00:53:52 <docpaul> and build things to make healthcare better
00:54:15 <Mkop2> cool
00:54:57 <Mkop2> if you don't mind me asking, where do you live?
00:55:23 <docpaul> indianapolis
00:55:29 <docpaul> ask away. :)
00:55:31 <docpaul> i'm an open book
00:55:32 <Mkop2> ok
00:55:44 <docpaul> i work at a place called the regenstrief institute
00:55:44 <Mkop2> how many kids? a dog?
00:55:47 <Mkop2> :-)
00:55:51 <docpaul> it might appeal to you.
00:55:54 <docpaul>
00:56:26 <Mkop2> that's your day job?
00:56:36 <docpaul> yes
00:56:55 <docpaul> i'm actually a faculty member at indiana university as well
00:57:11 <docpaul> i have one kid, and a second coming by april 9th
00:57:13 <docpaul> one dog. :)
00:57:13 <Mkop2> teaching? or doing research?
00:57:17 <docpaul> both
00:57:31 <Mkop2> what do you teach?
00:58:00 <docpaul> medical informatics
00:58:20 <Mkop2> cool!!
00:58:23 <docpaul> how to build systems to take better care of patients
00:58:31 <Mkop2> what's the connection between RMRS and openmrs?
00:58:48 <docpaul> openmrs is based off the rmrs design
00:58:57 <docpaul> my mentor was one of the fathers of medical informatics
00:59:07 <docpaul> and made the rmrs over 30 years ago
00:59:14 <Mkop2> I've usually heard informatics as being more genomics or that kind of stuff
00:59:32 <docpaul> no, there's a big world of clinical informatics out there
00:59:40 <Keelhaul> docpaul: i heard about your second kid when you were talking on the phone with ghislain a few months ago, congrats!
00:59:46 <Keelhaul> i listened to the last ~15 mins of it
01:00:05 <docpaul> Keelhaul: many thanks... we're very excited
01:00:21 <Mkop2> I guess the term I heard before was bioinformatics, not medical informatics
01:00:42 <docpaul> ghislain is a good man
01:00:46 <Keelhaul> docpaul: how can you determine the exact date so precisely
01:01:02 * docpaul wants to do whatever he can to help ghislain be successful in his career
01:01:22 <Keelhaul> yea me too
01:01:22 <docpaul> ever heard of the concept last menstrual period and how it relates to delivery date?
01:01:25 <Keelhaul> he introduced me to openmrs
01:01:36 <Keelhaul> docpaul: no =(
01:01:54 <docpaul> well, basically... a women has a period every month... right?
01:01:58 <Keelhaul> yes =)
01:02:10 <Keelhaul> i mean =(
01:02:11 <Keelhaul> lol
01:02:18 <Mkop2> lol
01:02:25 <docpaul> well, if she stops having her periods... and we know that it takes 10 months to deliver a child
01:02:31 <docpaul> then we can predict the due date
01:02:32 <docpaul> make sense?
01:02:34 <Keelhaul> exactly?
01:02:35 <Keelhaul> well
01:02:45 <docpaul> it's accurate 19% of the time
01:02:53 <Mkop2> only 19? really?
01:02:56 <Keelhaul> i thought the exact grows of a child is random, depending on the individual genes and nutrition etc
01:02:56 <docpaul> and my wife delivered exactly on her due date for will
01:03:00 <Keelhaul> like post-birth growth
01:03:02 <docpaul> will is my son's name
01:03:15 <docpaul> so the chance of it being accurate improves
01:03:20 <Keelhaul> ic
01:03:53 <Mkop2> is the variation due to the fact that there's a few-day window for conception, or because of variation in how fast the baby grows?
01:04:31 <docpaul> most women actually deliver before their due date
01:04:36 <docpaul> probably >90%
01:04:47 <docpaul> average due dates are between 38 and 40 weeks
01:05:17 <Mkop2> I hope this is fictionalized:
01:05:20 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
01:07:19 <Keelhaul> what software is that
01:07:32 <docpaul> me too. :)
01:07:53 <Keelhaul> we need a way to record allergies
01:07:56 <Mkop2> care2x
01:07:58 <Keelhaul> w/o using obs
01:08:49 <Keelhaul> heh
01:08:56 <Keelhaul> the openmrs wiki page already contains the new logo
01:09:00 <Keelhaul> the software doesnt
01:09:14 <Mkop2> well, it's easier to change a wiki than a program
01:09:24 <Keelhaul> yep
01:09:33 <Keelhaul> tbqh, i'm not a big fan of the new logo
01:09:44 <Keelhaul> especially if its colors are used for menu bars etc
01:09:47 <Keelhaul> too.. colorful
01:09:52 <Mkop2> can I join this project and work on it in my free time, regardless of whether I do GSOC?
01:09:56 <docpaul> keel: that's the active lists project
01:10:00 <Keelhaul> meonkeys: of course
01:10:03 <Keelhaul> err Mkop2
01:10:06 <Mkop2> lol
01:10:17 <Keelhaul> highly encouraged to do so =)
01:10:20 <docpaul> Mkop2: totally!
01:10:27 <docpaul> in fact, i'll be happy to mentor you through it
01:10:30 <docpaul> if interested
01:11:38 <Mkop2> if i do, it would have to be on a no-commitment basis, i.e. class is a priority
01:12:01 <docpaul> naturally
01:12:14 <docpaul> we all were students too. :)
01:12:38 <Mkop2> ok
01:12:42 <Mkop2> I am definitely interested
01:12:42 <r0bby> I have a head cold :(
01:13:05 <docpaul> a good start is the developer's mailing list... it's fairly active
01:13:14 <docpaul> my guess is that irc will be fairly active over the summer too
01:13:26 <r0bby> IRC was dead last summer
01:13:27 <r0bby> :)
01:13:32 <r0bby> Except for my banter :)
01:13:35 <Mkop2> how does "fairly active" mean?
01:13:47 <r0bby> Mkop2: I have messages in there every day.
01:14:09 <Mkop2> ok, may as well sign up, and direct them to a folder
01:15:00 <Mkop2> where do i sign up/
01:15:25 <Mkop2> oh, I found it
01:15:26 <r0bby> that's what i do
01:15:35 <r0bby> I filter _EVERYTHING
01:15:42 <Keelhaul> basically
01:15:49 <Keelhaul> all the ops only show up during gsoc
01:15:51 <docpaul> you can also do this:
01:15:54 <Keelhaul> afterwards, it's only bwolfe =)
01:16:26 <docpaul>
01:16:30 <docpaul> i set up a nabble reflection
01:16:32 <Mkop2> what should I join? announce@, dev@, anything else
01:16:33 <Mkop2> ?
01:16:42 <docpaul> that's a good start for a developer
01:16:54 <docpaul> implementer list lets you see users benefitting from your work
01:16:59 <docpaul> which is cool. :)
01:16:59 <Mkop2> should I join interns?
01:17:10 <docpaul> why not wait on that
01:17:14 <Mkop2> ok
01:18:37 <r0bby> interns is when you get accepted
01:18:43 <Mkop2> you guys didn't catch my mistake
01:18:45 <r0bby> then you're there for life :)
01:18:51 <Mkop2> I was about to join announce as well as dev
01:19:00 <Mkop2> r0bby: are you a former intern?
01:19:04 <r0bby> Si
01:19:07 <r0bby> 2008 summer of code
01:19:12 <r0bby> 'success' of sorts
01:19:13 <Mkop2> cool
01:19:22 <Mkop2> how many interns did openmrs have?
01:19:28 <docpaul> 12 last year
01:19:44 <r0bby> docpaul: what happened to Matt Shanks?
01:19:48 <Mkop2> subscribed.
01:19:51 <Keelhaul> are gsoc students officially interns?
01:19:53 <docpaul> don't ask me? :)
01:20:00 <Keelhaul> i thought that's for that special intern program
01:20:01 <Keelhaul> for africans
01:20:03 <r0bby> you were his mentor!
01:20:04 <docpaul> he disappeared off the face of the earth
01:20:08 <docpaul> he failed
01:20:24 <Mkop2> btw, let me introduce myself to all you
01:20:26 <Mkop2> Michael Kopinsky
01:20:31 <r0bby> Keelhaul: no soc students are interns :)
01:20:34 <Mkop2> bioengineering student at UPenn
01:20:37 <r0bby> soc is ai nternship program :)
01:20:38 <Mkop2> junior
01:20:45 <r0bby> ahh
01:20:45 <docpaul> awesome.. a real pleasure to meet you
01:20:50 <Mkop2> thanks
01:21:05 <docpaul> we heart biomed students
01:21:20 <r0bby> I'm technically a sophmore... it will be 8 years when i finish on a _TWO_ year degree
01:21:27 <Mkop2> I take it you're Paul Biondich
01:21:30 <docpaul> that's me
01:21:31 <r0bby> he is
01:21:33 <r0bby> the one and only
01:21:41 <r0bby> Burke is a short man
01:21:50 <docpaul> haha... not really
01:21:55 <Keelhaul> define short
01:21:56 <Mkop2> huh?
01:21:58 <docpaul> shorter than i am
01:21:59 <r0bby> compared to paul of course :P
01:22:06 <Keelhaul> why, how tall are you
01:22:07 <docpaul> but i'm taller than average
01:22:07 <r0bby> I'm going based on seeing him next to paul
01:22:13 <docpaul> 6'4"
01:22:13 <Mkop2> lol
01:22:15 <Keelhaul> heh
01:22:26 <Keelhaul> i'm 5'9 =(
01:22:29 <r0bby> docpaul: you'd be eye to eye w/ my father
01:22:34 <Mkop2> even I would be short next to you
01:22:36 <r0bby> i'm 5'8
01:22:40 <Mkop2> i'm 6'0"
01:22:54 <Mkop2> this is quite strange, telling strangers in IRC my height :-)
01:23:00 <Keelhaul> metric ftw, btw
01:23:02 <docpaul> hehe
01:23:15 <docpaul> silly americans
01:23:40 <Keelhaul> we use inches for screen and wheel sizes though
01:23:58 <Mkop2> Keelhaul: where are you from?
01:24:02 <Keelhaul> germany
01:24:06 <Mkop2> oh
01:24:15 <Mkop2> if you were from the UK I would have had fun with you
01:24:24 <Keelhaul> =o
01:24:28 <Keelhaul> how
01:24:32 <Mkop2> with their silly half-metric half-imperial business
01:24:36 <Keelhaul> oh yea
01:24:38 <docpaul> grin
01:24:43 <Keelhaul> they used "stones" for weight
01:24:45 <Mkop2> how many meters in a mile?
01:24:46 <Keelhaul> like in ultima online
01:24:51 <Mkop2> lol
01:24:52 <Keelhaul> use*
01:25:14 <Mkop2> is the openmrs forum used at all?
01:25:18 <Keelhaul> meters in a mile?
01:25:19 <r0bby> like never
01:25:21 <Keelhaul> about 1600 i think
01:25:23 <docpaul> rarely
01:25:27 <r0bby> At least i NEVER check it
01:25:32 <docpaul> people constantly join it
01:25:38 <r0bby> I joined it
01:25:40 <docpaul> you can use our rss feeds to follow it
01:25:42 <Keelhaul> i get any forum posts delivered to me via the rss feed
01:25:46 <r0bby> the captcha is a little bit TOO good
01:25:47 <docpaul> exactly. :)
01:26:04 <r0bby> I mean damn
01:26:09 <Mkop2> is it just me, or is the date display on there messed up?
01:26:17 <r0bby> ahhh
01:26:18 <docpaul> on what?
01:26:21 <r0bby> no more headache!
01:26:23 <r0bby> :D
01:26:27 <Mkop2> on Nov Tue 04, 2008 9:52 am
01:26:33 <Mkop2> on the forum
01:26:50 <r0bby> he
01:26:59 <r0bby> docpaul: that's a HUGE bug lol
01:27:03 <r0bby> NOT IT!
01:27:19 <docpaul> heh... wrong order
01:27:27 <docpaul> that's a phpbb3 setting i bet
01:27:30 <docpaul> let me look
01:27:32 <Mkop2> yeah, prob
01:27:40 <Mkop2> a field somewhere on the admin page
01:27:52 <Mkop2> so how competitive is it to get into GSOC?
01:27:52 <docpaul> hah... that's totally hilariou
01:27:53 <docpaul> s
01:27:59 <docpaul> fairly competitive
01:28:05 <docpaul> we typically have 10 apps per slot
01:28:09 <Mkop2> wow
01:29:06 * r0bby sighs
01:29:12 <r0bby> docpaul: nobody applied for mine :)
01:29:17 <r0bby> last year anyways
01:29:19 <docpaul> true
01:29:21 <r0bby> this year i expect competiton
01:29:46 <r0bby> which is why I've taken to the practice of keeping my yap shut as to what i'm applying for :)
01:29:48 <docpaul> yours was a little more specific than most... and likely scary to most
01:30:23 <r0bby> What we SHOULD have done was broken up over 2 summers :)
01:30:44 <green_dots> wow 10 per slot :(
01:30:50 <r0bby> tho i'm not quite sure _HOW_ to do it
01:31:04 <docpaul> green: the key is to show your interest and make yourself known
01:31:10 * r0bby is known
01:31:14 <r0bby> I got one up
01:31:14 <r0bby> :)
01:31:23 <docpaul> a lot of applications are just written... people that get accepted are typically advocated for because people know them
01:31:38 <green_dots> yea that why i came here today
01:31:39 <docpaul> over email, irc, etc
01:31:59 <docpaul> just get to know folks. :)
01:32:16 <r0bby> dano: here's what he was saying bout detailed:
01:32:19 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
01:32:48 <green_dots> thats your roj last year
01:32:49 <r0bby> dano is a nickname green_dots got, and i'm still not sure _HOW_
01:32:53 <r0bby> yes
01:33:10 <Mkop2> what's roj?
01:33:12 <r0bby>
01:33:15 <r0bby> proj*
01:33:18 <Mkop2> oh
01:33:22 <r0bby> that's more detailed
01:33:31 <r0bby> much of that was planning
01:36:28 <r0bby> docpaul: mentoring is definitely out?
01:36:32 <r0bby> for me?
01:36:45 <docpaul> you got my email, right? :)
01:36:48 <r0bby> yeh
01:36:54 <r0bby> Just making sure that i read it right :)
01:37:08 <docpaul> i don't write ambiguously. :)
01:37:16 <r0bby> you use big words too
01:37:33 <Mkop2> how many openmrs developers are there?
01:37:45 <docpaul> active? probably a couple dozen...
01:37:53 <docpaul> on the svn repo... about 40-50
01:38:15 <r0bby> docpaul i have a quick question i saw
01:38:29 <docpaul> sure, shoot. :)
01:38:39 <Mkop2> how many active?
01:38:39 <r0bby> I saw in js on one the of the jsp files:
01:38:46 <r0bby> need to grab pull it up
01:39:18 <docpaul> a couple dozen
01:39:30 <docpaul> take a look:
01:39:57 <docpaul>
01:40:00 <r0bby> if (oldIdentifier && 1 == 0) {
01:40:16 <r0bby> in WEB-INF/view/admin/patients/newPatient.jsp
01:40:24 <r0bby> in WEB-INF/view/admin/patients/newPatientForm.jsp
01:40:34 <r0bby> what the hell..
01:40:39 <r0bby> when does 1 == 0?
01:40:40 <docpaul> hrmph
01:40:56 <r0bby> I read that and was like "huh?!"
01:41:09 <docpaul> no idea what's going on there
01:41:20 <r0bby> OH i see the bug
01:41:22 <r0bby> i think
01:41:37 <r0bby> looks like he meant i but put 1
01:42:06 <docpaul> did ben write that?
01:42:13 <docpaul> mention it to him if he did
01:42:20 <r0bby> it was chase
01:42:39 <r0bby> looks like the same thing is done twice
01:43:19 <r0bby> that entire if statement is never entered
01:44:03 <r0bby> I'm afraid to email it to the list publically... i think i'll email chase privately bout it
01:46:24 <Mkop2> so is Trac a ticket tracker as well as a repo?
01:48:03 <docpaul> no, trac is the the tracker, but it's linked to svn so you can see changesets, etc
01:48:05 <docpaul> it's fairly cool
01:49:13 <Mkop2> what's thd difference between a changeset and a commit?
01:49:58 <docpaul> nothing
01:50:13 <Keelhaul> heh
01:50:20 <Mkop2> oh, ok
01:50:21 <Keelhaul> a commit is the act of someone commiting code
01:50:23 <r0bby> a commit is a changeset ;)
01:50:25 <Keelhaul> which results in a changeset
01:50:31 <Keelhaul> which is the listed in the change list
01:50:40 <Mkop2> ok
01:50:48 <r0bby> but if a commited a felony, is that a changeset ?
01:50:59 <Keelhaul> r0bby: in your life, most likely
01:52:15 <Mkop2> better question, if r0bby commits a changeset, is that a felony?
01:52:34 <Keelhaul> lol
01:52:37 <Keelhaul> not anymore
01:52:39 <Mkop2> (I only picked on r0bby since he's close by, i have no idea what his coding habits are like)
01:52:47 <Keelhaul> he stopped committing every single line of code =P
01:52:49 <Keelhaul> a while ago
01:52:58 <r0bby> non-sense
01:53:02 <r0bby> it was every third line!
01:53:04 <Mkop2> hey, the website says to commit early, commit often, doesn't it?
01:53:24 <Mkop2> I think I saw that on your website, right?
01:53:39 <r0bby> yeh you did
01:53:48 <Keelhaul> yea
01:53:50 <r0bby> but that is a bit uhm.. how do i put it literal
01:53:54 <Keelhaul> has to be some real changes though heh
01:54:06 <Keelhaul> since every commit for any module advances the global revision number
01:54:19 <Mkop2> "added missing semicolon to line 24"
01:54:24 <docpaul> grin
01:54:26 <Mkop2> "added missing semicolon to line 25"
01:54:39 <Keelhaul> well a missing semicolon would actually break the code
01:54:44 <Keelhaul> unless it's groovy
01:55:03 <Keelhaul> but i remember seeing him commit a whitespace
01:55:10 <green_dots> lol
01:55:46 <Mkop2> hmm, "added a missing semicolon", does that mean that you put in the semicolon, or that you put in the lack of semicolon?
01:56:21 <docpaul> night guys... i have to work on the openmrs announcement
01:56:23 <docpaul> :)
01:56:36 <docpaul> peace out
01:56:38 <Mkop2> good night
01:56:41 <Mkop2> nice to meet you
01:56:41 *** docpaul has quit IRC
01:56:42 <green_dots> gn
01:57:16 <Mkop2> to develop, do I need a working copy of the software on my machine
01:57:17 <Mkop2> ?
01:57:20 <Mkop2> probably
01:57:24 <Keelhaul> yes
01:57:45 <Keelhaul> and the source code of the base application
01:57:54 <Keelhaul> do you use eclipse?
01:58:07 <Mkop2> I have it installed, but don't generally use it
01:58:11 <Mkop2> for this project I will
01:58:31 <green_dots> how much of the project is java?
01:59:04 <Mkop2> you asking me?
01:59:19 <green_dots> any one who knows the answer :)
01:59:20 <Keelhaul> green_dots: everything except the view
01:59:31 <Keelhaul> the page design is most jsp, with some javascript
01:59:40 <Keelhaul> the rest is java
01:59:45 <green_dots> thats good then :)
01:59:51 <Keelhaul> mostly*
01:59:57 <r0bby> Mkop2: you need the code, a mysql db instance, and tomcat
02:00:12 <Mkop2> tomcat is a web server?
02:00:21 <r0bby> it's a servlet container.
02:00:25 <r0bby> it's what compiles the JSPs
02:00:35 <r0bby> and translates the servlets etc
02:00:53 <Keelhaul> and serves them to client browsers, yes =)
02:01:12 <Mkop2> I guess I should do more reading up on JSPs and servlets :-)
02:01:20 <Mkop2> I have not used servlets ever
02:01:37 <Keelhaul> Mkop2: you dont really have to write your own servlets for most purposes
02:01:39 <Mkop2> but neither had anyone before their first time using servlets
02:01:47 <Keelhaul> unless you want to deliver special content like images, files etc
02:02:01 <Keelhaul> you need jsp/jstl for normal pages
02:02:58 <Keelhaul> the base application comes with a lot of useful libraries already
02:03:00 <Keelhaul> you can use a lot of it
02:03:00 <Mkop2> grr, stupid computer
02:03:14 <Mkop2> telling me I'm running out of free space on c:
02:03:19 <Keelhaul> hehe
02:03:21 <Keelhaul> thats always annoying
02:03:23 <Mkop2> I should have a gig or two free
02:03:28 <Keelhaul> i tried expanding my C partiton once
02:03:37 <Keelhaul> because i didnt have enough space to install vista sp2
02:03:54 <Keelhaul> ended up damaging my partition with all my music, photos and work
02:03:56 <Mkop2> I've had this in the past where some mysterious something fills up a gig or two of hd space, and then it gets empty a few minutes later
02:04:06 <Keelhaul> i had backups, of course, but not of everything
02:04:10 <Keelhaul> took hours to restore that partition
02:04:23 <Keelhaul> so from now up i'm generous when dimensioning my windows partition
02:04:30 <Keelhaul> Total Free: 807.44 GB/1397.26 GB
02:04:36 <Keelhaul> Hard Drives: [C:WinVista] 7.17/40.00 GB [D:WinXP] 6.33/10.00 GB [E:Main] 793.94/1347.26 GB
02:04:52 <Mkop2> wow
02:04:53 <Keelhaul> notice how it has 7 gigs out of 40 left =/
02:05:20 <Mkop2> my (only) HD is filled with about 39/40
02:05:28 <Mkop2> 4 year old computer
02:05:34 <Mkop2> laptop
02:05:44 <Keelhaul> heh
02:05:59 <Keelhaul> i download lots of tv shows in hd quality
02:06:02 <Keelhaul> it adds up
02:06:13 <Keelhaul> usually 1.07gb per episode
02:06:42 <Mkop2> well, I guess if I only have 250 MB free, now won't be the time to install ant and tomcat
02:07:55 <Keelhaul> Mkop2: eclipse enterprise comes with ant
02:07:58 <Keelhaul> dont need it separately
02:10:01 <Mkop2> is eclipse enterprise the default version of eclipse?
02:12:00 <Keelhaul> no
02:12:05 <Keelhaul> it contains more features though
02:12:19 <Keelhaul> i think the normal eclipse package doesnt even include subclipse
02:12:28 <Mkop2> what's subclipse?
02:12:33 <Keelhaul> subversion for eclipse
02:13:01 <Mkop2> what I have includes cvs, I don't know about svn
02:13:04 <green_dots> does any one use geany as an ide?
02:13:13 <Keelhaul> Mkop2: it's similar but better, i think
02:13:32 <Mkop2> you mean svn vs. cvs? yes, svn is the same concept but better
02:13:44 <Keelhaul> Mkop2: that's what used for versioning here
02:13:53 <Keelhaul> also, eclise enterprise has a jsp editor
02:14:04 <Keelhaul> and ant
02:14:05 <Mkop2> so i guess I should install eclipse enterprise :-)
02:14:26 <Keelhaul> check out the "openmrs dev studio" plugin or whatevet it's called
02:14:31 <Keelhaul> it's somewhere on the website
02:14:41 <Keelhaul> makes a lot of things easier, i heard
02:14:50 <Keelhaul> green_dots: not that i know off
02:14:57 <Keelhaul> most people use eclipse, some use netbeans
02:15:05 <Keelhaul> r0bby uses something that costs money..
02:15:51 *** Fan has joined #openmrs
02:15:59 <green_dots> ok thanks ill start with geany then move on to eclipse if it doesnt work out
02:16:32 <green_dots> last time i tried it it didnt work with compiz
02:16:44 *** Fan has quit IRC
02:18:10 *** Fan has joined #openmrs
02:19:09 *** Fan has quit IRC
02:19:28 *** Fan has joined #openmrs
02:19:44 <Fan> Hello
02:19:47 <Keelhaul> hi
02:20:15 <r0bby> green_dots: just uyse eclispe :)
02:20:27 <r0bby> they have a neat plugin to generate unit tests.
02:20:50 <r0bby> (wish one existed for my IDE -- i may write one completely porting the one for eclipse)
02:20:54 <Mkop2> I'm confused. Apparently green_dots has been around here long enough to get a nickname, but he hasn't installed eclipse yet?
02:21:05 <r0bby> green_dots is my friend
02:21:13 <Fan> is this charoom for openMRS?
02:21:14 <r0bby> I know him from school
02:21:14 <Mkop2> oh
02:21:17 <r0bby> yes
02:21:29 <Mkop2> where do you go to school?
02:21:44 <r0bby>
02:21:59 <Keelhaul> Fan: yes
02:22:00 <r0bby> (Orange County Community College in Middletown,NY)
02:22:10 <Keelhaul> is it.. orange?
02:22:18 <r0bby> no, but it's in Orange County, NY
02:22:22 <r0bby> ;)
02:22:22 <Keelhaul> lol
02:22:28 <Keelhaul> r0bby is The O.C.
02:22:33 <Mkop2> I have a friend who lives in Newburgh
02:22:59 <Fan> Can I join your group for Google of summer of code?
02:23:03 <r0bby> Hopefully it's not the city of newburgh... that place is a shothole
02:23:19 <r0bby> Fan: sure apply when the application period opens
02:23:27 <r0bby> !projects
02:23:28 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "projects" --- OpenMRS Projects:
02:24:34 <Fan> since it will not open until 23th, what can I do for the project now?
02:26:06 <Fan> thanks
02:26:50 <Keelhaul> Fan: check the tickets in trac
02:26:54 *** upul has joined #openmrs
02:26:55 <Keelhaul> some are marked as suitable for new coders
02:27:03 <Keelhaul> see if you can fix any of them
02:27:09 <Mkop2> the wiki probably has better descriptions than trac, right?
02:27:19 <r0bby> Mkop2: the wiki is just projects
02:27:20 <Keelhaul> the wiki doesnt have a list of tickets
02:27:23 <r0bby> the trac tickets are bugs
02:27:26 <Keelhaul> yea
02:27:33 <Keelhaul> and enhancement requests etc
02:28:05 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
02:28:27 <Fan> do you know which language will use in the project most?
02:29:29 <Keelhaul> java
02:29:47 <r0bby> Java,JSP w/ a lil JS in some areas
02:29:59 <Fan> thank you, that sounds great
02:31:07 <Mkop2> JS meaning javascript?
02:31:46 <Fan> when the project will start?
02:32:11 <Fan> in late May?
02:32:15 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Announcements List: OpenMRS accepted into Google Summer of Code 2009! <>
02:32:32 <green_dots> 23 of march is the start of gsoc applications for students
02:33:44 <Mkop2> did the bot just do that to tell me to check my email?
02:34:22 <r0bby> Mkop2: no there is a feed for the lisst
02:34:39 <r0bby> Mkop2: JS meaning java script yes
02:36:23 <Fan> ok,thanks
02:41:40 *** Fan has quit IRC
02:43:18 <Mkop2> shouldn't I also have gotten it in my email?
02:45:15 <Keelhaul> if you're on a list
02:47:51 <Mkop2> I'm on dev
02:48:09 <Keelhaul> hm
02:48:11 <Keelhaul> weird
02:48:16 <Mkop2> did you get it via dev?
02:48:21 <Keelhaul> yea
02:48:25 <Keelhaul> thats the only one i'm on
02:48:31 <Keelhaul> did you get "approved"?
02:48:40 <Mkop2> oh, I'm a moron
02:48:42 <Keelhaul> you have to wait for someone to manually approve your address
02:48:45 <Mkop2> didn't even look at the email I was sent
02:49:12 <Mkop2> needed to click a link
02:49:18 <Mkop2> now it'll get forwarded to list own
02:49:19 <Mkop2> er
02:50:19 <Mkop2> which mysql package do i need? essentials, or full package?
02:50:32 <Mkop2> This [essentials] package does not include optional components such as the embedded server and benchmark suite.
02:54:00 <Keelhaul> whats the difference in size
02:58:01 <Mkop2> idk
02:58:10 <Mkop2> they said the essentials package is recommended for most users
02:58:17 <Mkop2> so I downloaded that
02:58:28 <isurundt> hi all. Anyone knows who is the mentor named "TBD" is ?
02:58:39 <green_dots> to be determined
02:59:04 <isurundt> :)
02:59:06 <isurundt> ok
02:59:08 <green_dots> :)
02:59:08 <isurundt> thanks
02:59:28 <green_dots> np
03:00:39 <Mkop2> any comments about 5.0 vs. 5.1?
03:04:37 <Keelhaul> mysql?
03:09:18 <Mkop2> yeah
03:09:35 <Mkop2> but you didn't respond fast enough
03:09:43 <Mkop2> I installed 5.0, since it's smaller and I'm short on disk space
03:09:58 <Keelhaul> oh
03:10:06 <Keelhaul> i installed 5.1 recently since there's an x64 build
03:24:35 *** isurundt has quit IRC
03:24:59 <Mkop2> I don't need mutiple concurrent connections to the mysql database, do I?
03:25:16 <Keelhaul> at least not many
03:25:20 <Keelhaul> if it's a dev server
03:26:39 <Mkop2> I figure max 5 is enough, right?
03:27:20 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
03:29:09 <Mkop2> do you use subclipse?
03:29:58 <Keelhaul> yes
03:30:08 <Mkop2> any comments about it vs. tortoisesvn?
03:30:18 <Keelhaul> if you use eclipse, subclipse is the way to go
03:30:22 <Keelhaul> because it's integrated
03:30:36 <Mkop2> ok
03:30:36 <Keelhaul> you right click on your project and have all the functions there
03:33:42 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7134]: mdrtb module. fixed bugs related to dst and bacteriology display widgets … <>
03:39:13 <Mkop2> it seems to be taking quite a while for eclipse to download all the available software updates
03:54:19 <Keelhaul> gn
03:54:20 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
03:56:55 <Mkop2> I don't know if anyone here is awake
03:57:01 <Mkop2> but I'm having trouble with svn
03:57:16 <Mkop2> subclipse gives the following:
03:57:18 <Mkop2> RA layer request failed
03:57:18 <Mkop2> svn: PROPFIND of '/': 200 OK (
03:57:18 <Mkop2> RA layer request failed
03:57:18 <Mkop2> svn: PROPFIND of '/': 200 OK (
03:57:37 <Mkop2> I followed the directions at exactly
03:57:38 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
03:58:28 <Mkop2> I'm gonna try with tortoise SVN, I guess
03:58:35 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
04:09:43 <Mkop2> is anyone here?
04:09:52 <Mkop2> i.e. develops who could help me with something
04:10:58 <upul> Mkop2: trouble still checking out?
04:12:23 <nribeka> lots of people are here Mkop2
04:12:28 <nribeka> especially r0bby
04:12:29 <nribeka> lol
04:12:34 <nribeka> summoning r0bby
04:12:35 <isurundt> :)
04:14:05 <Mkop2> nribeka: can you help?
04:14:53 <Mkop2> or upul?
04:15:07 <upul> Mkop2: what is the problem?
04:15:50 <Mkop2> the first problem with subclipse I pasted above
04:16:18 <nribeka> where Mkop2?
04:16:29 <upul> Mkop2: have you used a subversion checkout from your machine before?
04:16:54 <Mkop2> nribeka: before you came
04:16:56 <Mkop2> I'll paste it again
04:17:23 <Mkop2> RA layer request failed
04:17:23 <Mkop2> svn: PROPFIND of '/': 200 OK (
04:17:23 <Mkop2> RA layer request failed
04:17:23 <Mkop2> svn: PROPFIND of '/': 200 OK (
04:17:48 <Mkop2> that's the error message from subclipse
04:17:54 <Mkop2> I have not used subclipse on this computer before
04:18:01 <Mkop2> but I have used tortoisesvn
04:18:43 <Mkop2> tortoisesvn worked, but now I have no idea how to import the project into eclipse
04:19:06 <upul> in eclipse you can import workspace
04:20:19 <upul> Mkop2: File -> import -> Existing project into workspace and give the openmrs directory
04:26:25 <Mkop2> ok, there we go
04:26:27 <Mkop2> thanks
04:27:06 <r0bby> What
04:27:11 <r0bby> PONG
04:27:16 * r0bby reads backlog
04:28:09 <Mkop2> is this a problem?
04:28:12 <Mkop2> Description Resource Path Location Type
04:28:12 <Mkop2> The resource is a duplicate of src/api/org/openmrs/package.html and was not copied to the output folder package.html OpenMRS/test/api/org/openmrs Unknown Java Problem
04:28:29 <r0bby> eclipse problem or java?
04:28:37 <nribeka> eclipse i think
04:28:44 <Mkop2> eclipse gave that warning when I imported the project
04:28:55 <r0bby> oh ignore it
04:29:02 <r0bby> But i dont use eclipse so i can't help
04:29:14 <Mkop2> oh wait, now that it actually imported the whole thing it gave 620 warnings
04:29:32 <Mkop2> those are probably safe to ignore :-)
04:30:19 <upul> Mkop2: you shouldn't get errors i guess
04:30:19 <r0bby> warnings
04:30:26 <r0bby> errors you dont ignore
04:30:29 <r0bby> warnings are fine
04:30:45 <Mkop2> some warnings are useful
04:30:51 <Mkop2> but when there's 620 of them, ...
04:30:57 <Mkop2> now another question:
04:30:58 <upul> Mkop2: Or may be it is autobuilding,
04:31:04 <Mkop2> sorry for bugging the heck out of all of you
04:31:10 <upul> Mkop2: turn it off
04:31:11 <r0bby> it's ok
04:31:22 <Mkop2> the instructions say set compiler compliance to 5.0
04:31:36 <Mkop2> I only have options for 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6
04:31:47 <upul> Mkop2: 1.5 = 5.0
04:31:48 <nribeka> you need to set it to 5.0
04:32:11 <nribeka> OpenMRS --> 1.5 / 5.0
04:32:48 <Mkop2> 1.5 = 5.0?
04:32:57 <Mkop2> ok
04:33:31 <r0bby> yeh
04:33:46 <r0bby> it goes java 1.2 1.3 1.5 5.0 6.0 7.0
04:34:03 <r0bby> java 5, 6, and i'm excited to see java 7 come
04:34:51 <Mkop2> is this the whole process that implementers have to go through as well?
04:35:09 <upul> Mkop2: no there are built versions
04:35:21 <Mkop2> oh, ok, good
04:36:13 <upul> Mkop2: infact in the new version there is a wizard which would create db and all by just giving db connection details, just put the war and wizard comes
04:37:18 <Mkop2> do you know offhand how to re-set JAVA_HOME in eclipse?
04:37:29 <Mkop2> apparently i clicked too-fast through installation
04:38:27 <nribeka> java home, the env properties?
04:38:53 <upul> Mkop2: preference -> java -> installed jres you configure them
04:40:00 <Mkop2> which is more advanced? jre1.6.0_07, or jre6?
04:40:41 <upul> Mkop2: may be both points to the same place
04:41:10 <Mkop2> they are two folders in C:\Program Files\Java
04:41:25 <Mkop2> there's also jre1.6.0_0{1,2,3,4,5,6}
04:41:47 <Mkop2> which leads me to think that the 1.6's are updates to jre6, but i'm not sure
04:41:59 <upul> Mkop2: jre is only runtime to run programs
04:42:53 <upul> Mkop2: to compile jdk is used which is normally installed in a separate place
04:43:34 <Mkop2> oh, I'm a moron
04:44:26 <upul> Mkop2: java installs 2 many things, i think there are 2 jres, on inside the jdk dir, which is called private, don't know why
04:44:50 *** green_dots has quit IRC
04:45:03 <Mkop2> program files\java contains jre6, jre1.6.0_0{1,4,5,7} and jdk1.6.0_04
04:45:23 <upul> Mkop2: use jdk... one, everything will be alright
04:47:59 *** isurundt has quit IRC
04:49:01 <Mkop2> ok, there we go
04:49:04 <Mkop2> it's compiling
04:49:05 <Mkop2> :-)
04:50:49 <Mkop2> uh oh
04:51:33 <Mkop2> [echo] Installing openmrs to http://localhost:8080/manager as tomcat user named test
04:51:33 <Mkop2> BUILD FAILED
04:51:33 <Mkop2> C:\Documents and Settings\Michael Kopinsky\My Documents\Coding Projects\OpenMRS\build.xml:385: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: http://localhost:8080/manager/deploy?path=%2Fopenmrs
04:52:14 <Mkop2> upul?
04:54:51 <nribeka> have you set the Mkop2?
04:55:26 <Mkop2> yes, i think so...
04:56:35 <nribeka> 401 means unauthorized i think
04:56:36 <Mkop2> C:\documents and Settings\Michael Kopinsky\Application Data\OpenMRS\
04:56:59 <nribeka> so, probably the username + password for tomcat i think?
04:57:02 <Mkop2> where do I tell OpenMRS the admin username and password for tomcat?
04:57:10 <nribeka> in that file
04:57:13 <Mkop2> oh
04:57:15 <Mkop2> ok
04:57:18 <Mkop2> that would make sense
04:57:27 <nribeka> tomcat.username=admin
04:57:27 <nribeka> tomcat.password=xxx
04:57:47 * Mkop2 sings "I am a moron, I am a moron"
04:57:54 <nribeka> !OOM
04:57:55 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: "OOM" --- Tomcat's memory management sucks. Increase your memory available to tomcat. See
04:58:09 <nribeka> watch out for this one Mkop2 :P
04:58:45 <upul> Mkop2: have you added that user to tomcat's users files
04:59:07 <Mkop2> I just changed the file to have the admin user/pass
05:00:48 <Mkop2> seems to be working now
05:01:02 * Mkop2 crosses fingers
05:02:08 <Mkop2> BUILD SUCCESSFUL
05:02:25 * Mkop2 cheers silently, because he's on the phone with his mom
05:02:47 <nribeka> cool
05:05:31 <Mkop2> Do I want to be able to upload modules from the web interface?
05:06:08 <nribeka> you need to change the runtime properties Mkop2
05:06:17 <upul> Mkop2: you can change it later anyway. or say yes.
05:06:35 <nribeka> yes
05:06:38 <nribeka> say yes
05:06:39 <nribeka> lol
05:07:20 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
05:09:36 <Mkop2> this is sooo cool
05:09:50 <Mkop2> I have a functioning medical records system on my computer
05:10:17 <isurundt> hey upul
05:10:38 <isurundt> upul: you there?
05:10:39 <Mkop2> how cool is it that when I click finish on a website and it says it'll take a couple minutes, I hear my own hard drive spinning!
05:10:49 <upul> isurundt: Hi
05:11:19 <isurundt> from sri lanka. right
05:11:54 <isurundt> upul:ben said to me that you are his last year student. he asked whether i know you..
05:11:56 <upul> from Klow
05:12:05 <upul> in Syldavia
05:12:19 <upul> ;-)
05:12:39 <isurundt> :D
05:17:55 <Mkop2> is it a bad thing if openmrs has taken 8+ minutes to create the tables?
05:18:04 <Mkop2> it said it would take "up to several minutes"
05:19:18 <upul> it won't take that long usually
05:20:09 <upul> may be machine is a bit slow
05:20:31 <Mkop2> yes, it is
05:20:35 <upul> Mkop2: you can check the logs
05:20:37 <Mkop2> it's a four year old laptop
05:20:40 <r0bby> Mkop2: it'll forward to the login screen
05:20:40 <Mkop2> where are they?
05:20:58 <r0bby> in the tomcat installation dir
05:21:18 <upul> Mkop2: i'm not sure about starting tomcat as a service in windows
05:21:26 <upul> Mkop2: check the logs directory
05:21:29 <r0bby> upul: it logs
05:21:35 * r0bby uses the service
05:29:42 <Mkop2> yep, logs indicate it's still working
05:31:12 <Mkop2> all the data goes into mysql, right?
05:31:52 <Mkop2> where is liquibase-core-data.xml?
05:32:27 <Mkop2> hey, it worked!
05:32:30 <Mkop2> cool
05:33:26 *** openmrs_5600 has joined #openmrs
05:34:03 <openmrs_5600> Hi
05:34:28 <openmrs_5600> Is there any one to guide me
05:34:57 <Mkop2> hi
05:35:16 <Mkop2> I'm a newbie, can't offer much myself, but there are a few people here who know what they're doing
05:35:23 <Mkop2> r0bby, upul?
05:35:38 <openmrs_5600> I am a student of university of moratua Sri lanka
05:36:06 <Mkop2> isurundt: you here?
05:36:12 <openmrs_5600> I am intend to apply GSOC in this year
05:36:28 <r0bby> !projects
05:36:28 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "projects" --- OpenMRS Projects:
05:36:31 <openmrs_5600> and interesting to work with ur org
05:36:32 <r0bby> !soc
05:36:32 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "soc" ---
05:36:41 <r0bby> er not what i wanted
05:36:42 <openmrs_5600> yes
05:36:50 <r0bby>
05:37:25 <r0bby> !learn soc as
05:37:25 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: The operation succeeded.
05:37:27 <openmrs_5600> I want to member of or org and apply for ur GSOC ideas
05:37:29 <r0bby> !soc
05:37:29 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "soc" --- (#1), or (#2)
05:37:37 <openmrs_5600> thanks
05:38:13 <openmrs_5600> I will join with ur malign list.
05:38:18 *** omar_verduga has joined #openmrs
05:39:06 <openmrs_5600> Thanks for ur guide and hope to work with OPENMRS
05:39:14 <openmrs_5600> bye
05:39:21 <omar_verduga> hi everybody, any mentor for google soc?
05:39:43 <r0bby> !soc
05:39:43 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "soc" --- (#1), or (#2)
05:39:44 <Mkop2> I don't think anyone here is a mentor
05:39:47 <r0bby> !projects
05:39:47 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "projects" --- OpenMRS Projects:
05:39:53 <r0bby> refer to that
05:40:15 <Mkop2> r0bby: should !projects be added to !soc, so that everyone who comes can just be given those three links/
05:41:53 <r0bby> !learn soc as
05:41:53 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: The operation succeeded.
05:41:55 <r0bby> !soc
05:41:55 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "soc" --- (#1), or (#2), or (#3)
05:42:34 <omar_verduga> ok, thanks
05:42:41 <nribeka> the bot will be abused in this time of the year
05:42:44 <nribeka> by r0bby
05:42:46 <nribeka> lol
05:42:52 <Mkop2> ok, now I got openmrs installed, it's running, and now I just need to figure out how the thing works, how to use it, how to contribute (the technicalities of committing etc.), how to code, etc. etc.
05:44:10 <r0bby> Horatio Hornblower
05:44:18 <r0bby> that is a fake patient :)
05:44:27 <r0bby> Burke created it
05:44:37 <Mkop2> I already found John D Patient
05:44:58 *** omar_verduga has quit IRC
05:45:08 <Mkop2> horatio hornblower is not in the sample data
05:45:24 <Mkop2> oh wait, I'm looking in the wrong place
05:47:53 <Mkop2> it's funny some of the features that exist in here that would exist in a normal MRS
05:47:57 <Mkop2> lat/long
05:47:58 <Mkop2> tribe
05:49:19 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
05:49:53 <huda_s86> hello all
05:51:32 <nribeka> hello huda_s86
05:52:27 <Mkop2> r0bby: can you set the room topic to include the links?
05:53:13 <huda_s86> nribeka: are you applying for gsoc?
05:53:49 <nribeka> huda_s86, probably not
05:54:28 <nribeka> huda_s86, are you applying?
05:54:50 <huda_s86> I will try my best to do
05:55:07 <nribeka> cool cool
05:55:25 <nribeka> you will need to wait for a few more hours to see the mentors though
05:55:29 <nribeka> where are you from?
05:56:00 <huda_s86> palestine
05:56:03 <huda_s86> and you???
05:56:25 <nribeka> right now in US
05:56:29 <openmrs_5600> hi hida_s86
05:56:35 <Mkop2> huda_s86: where in Palestine?
05:56:48 <huda_s86> hi openmrs_5600
05:57:07 <huda_s86> exactly from Gaza
05:57:09 <openmrs_5600> I am also intend to apply GSOc
05:57:37 <huda_s86> openmrs-5600 do you see the propsed projects?
05:57:39 <openmrs_5600> I want to familiar with openMRS
05:57:46 <openmrs_5600> yes
05:57:55 <huda_s86> what interset you?
05:58:13 <openmrs_5600> How I familiar with openmrs
05:58:51 <huda_s86> you can visit their website
05:59:11 <nribeka> start with installing openmrs like Mkop2 did probably huda_s86 and openmrs_5600
05:59:17 <openmrs_5600> And want to know about coding style and sanded in openmrs
06:00:05 <Mkop2> installing openmrs is a pain
06:00:33 <Mkop2> I am interested in coding for openMRS regardless of GSOC
06:00:39 <openmrs_5600> Can u explain Coding structure there and how I get good experience with open mrs coding
06:01:03 <Mkop2> I'm not even sure if i'm interested in GSOC, I might be taking classes or doing something else in the summer
06:01:27 <Mkop2> the only way to get experience is by doing it
06:01:54 <Mkop2> look at the projects page or the trac page, read the pages in the wiki about becoming a developer, etc.
06:02:11 <nribeka> you can start from here:
06:02:32 <openmrs_5600> ok I will go through it now
06:03:56 <huda_s86> Advice me if it is better to install on windows or linux
06:04:16 <Mkop2> whichever system you use normally
06:04:18 <openmrs_5600> I will be irc after fiew minutes after installing the open mrs in my local environment
06:04:20 <Mkop2> it works on windows
06:04:33 <Mkop2> I know that much
06:04:40 <Mkop2> I assume it works on the others just as well
06:04:43 <huda_s86> usually I use windows
06:05:37 <nribeka> it works on ubuntu
06:05:49 <nribeka> works on vista
06:06:03 <openmrs_5600> yes tell me how i install it in windows
06:06:28 <nribeka>
06:06:29 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
06:07:04 <openmrs_5600> thanks I will fallow it
06:08:54 <nribeka> cool :D
06:09:04 <huda_s86> what skills other than java is needed to develop?
06:09:12 *** openmrs_5600 has quit IRC
06:09:48 <Mkop2> r0bby, upul: strange. I created a new user, and he's not able to view a patient
06:09:54 *** Ramadha has joined #openmrs
06:10:08 <Mkop2> he can search for a patient, and click on him, but then it says privileges required
06:10:08 <r0bby> I usually dont make new users
06:10:10 <Ramadha> Hi
06:10:17 <upul> Mkop2: user need permissions
06:10:37 <nribeka> Hi Ramadha
06:11:04 <nribeka> other skills probably writing good proposal huda_s86 (joking)
06:11:05 <Ramadha> I'm new to Openmrs
06:11:18 <huda_s86> :D
06:12:26 <isurundt> hi all: for the projects with no mentor assigned at the moment is there any risk in applying for those projects
06:12:56 <Mkop2> r0bby, upul: for some reason, the basic provider user type can only view things, not add.
06:13:07 <isurundt> for the project im thinking of applying("Encounter Type hierachy") there is no mentor
06:13:09 <Mkop2> Would be this something to put into trac?
06:13:12 <isurundt> :(
06:13:26 <Mkop2> isurundt: I think they're still working on figuring these things out
06:14:27 <isurundt> robby: are you a mentoe this time ??
06:14:28 <nribeka> there's a lot of people who new to OpenMRS here Ramadha
06:14:33 <isurundt> *mentor
06:14:50 <nribeka> veteran OpenMRS: r0bby + upul
06:15:02 <upul> Mkop2: may be it is how basic provider is defined
06:15:20 <Mkop2> upul: exactly. But it's defined stupidly, imnewbieo
06:15:57 <Mkop2> it's not a programmatic bug, it's a default settings thing
06:16:18 <upul> nribeka: i'm not, but nribeka did a big project last time
06:16:43 <nribeka> huhu no. upul got 4 project in one ;)
06:17:09 <Ramadha> i have some experience with disaster managements, hope this also has some similarities with this
06:17:34 <Ramadha> Is Openmrs on web base ?
06:17:39 <nribeka> yes
06:17:47 <r0bby> isurundt: there is
06:17:52 <r0bby> Burke is the mentor
06:18:07 <r0bby> or he was the last i looked
06:18:35 <r0bby> oh they changed
06:18:53 <r0bby> isurundt: you'll likely have Burke or Ben
06:18:58 <r0bby> both of which are AWESOME
06:21:35 <Ramadha> i'm little confuse with common IRC pool, i may find more dials on openmrs & login back
06:21:37 <Ramadha> bye fr nw
06:22:38 <Mkop2> r0bby: is there anyone who works on OpenMRS full time, or is it all geeks in their free time?
06:22:58 *** Ramadha has quit IRC
06:23:44 <nribeka> there are some folks who works full time
06:23:48 <isurundt> they have changed in the projects page :)
06:24:33 <isurundt> robby: now there is no mentor for the project i'm applying .. :(
06:25:46 <r0bby> yet
06:25:54 <r0bby> isurundt: make yourself stand out!
06:27:09 <huda_s86> for the active projects I see that it is assigned, how we can apply for it?
06:27:32 <huda_s86> Is them announced for GSoC2009?
06:28:08 <upul> huda_s86: active projects are old ones still going on, not 2009
06:28:31 <r0bby> Active Projects are ones that are taken
06:28:37 <r0bby> New and Assigned are what you want.
06:28:41 <r0bby> New and Unclaimed*
06:31:52 <isurundt> huda_s86:where did you see them ?
06:32:20 <isurundt> in the projects page ?
06:32:48 *** Nzeyimana has joined #openmrs
06:33:20 <huda_s86> yes, following active projects link
06:35:20 <isurundt> huda_s86: no it is not there
06:35:55 <isurundt> huda_s86:it is in the new projects category
06:37:30 <huda_s86> isurundt: you mean that I should be there, at new project cat
06:37:49 <r0bby> !projects
06:37:49 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "projects" --- OpenMRS Projects:
06:38:04 <r0bby> The New/Unclaimed is what you want
06:39:08 <r0bby> !learn projects as
06:39:08 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: The operation succeeded.
06:39:59 <huda_s86> yes, I found them but I just wondering what isurundt mean
06:40:33 <Mkop2> !projects
06:40:33 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: "projects" --- (#1) OpenMRS Projects:, or (#2)
06:40:48 <Mkop2> make him forget the first one, maybe?
06:42:19 <r0bby> !forget projects 1
06:42:19 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: The operation succeeded.
06:42:22 <r0bby> !projects
06:42:22 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: "projects" ---
06:42:40 <r0bby> actually no
06:42:46 <Mkop2> what's OIP?
06:42:52 <r0bby> !learn projects as
06:42:52 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: The operation succeeded.
06:42:58 <r0bby> OpenMRS Internship Program
06:43:09 <Mkop2> what is it?
06:43:20 <r0bby> a program for students in developing nations
06:43:35 <Mkop2> oh, ok
06:45:09 <Mkop2> where does that money come from? OpenMRS itself? i.e. the organizations supporting OMRS?
06:45:30 <r0bby> various funding sources
06:45:36 <r0bby> the site says
06:46:11 *** Nzeyimana has quit IRC
06:46:33 <Mkop2> ok
06:46:48 <Mkop2> what are Encounters? like a visit to a doctor's office?
06:49:13 <huda_s86> can I install openmrs as a user to get familiar with it before ?
06:49:29 <huda_s86> before getting deeper
06:49:32 <r0bby> yes
06:49:47 <r0bby> !getstarted
06:49:47 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: Error: "getstarted" is not a valid command.
06:49:50 <r0bby> hrm
06:50:09 <r0bby> Mkop2: yes an Encounter is a doctor's visit etc
06:50:35 <huda_s86> where to begin download and install as beginner??
06:52:06 <r0bby>
06:52:07 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
06:53:34 <huda_s86> r0bby: I opened this page and I found it is difficult :(
06:53:48 <huda_s86> is there is anything wrong with me?
06:53:49 <r0bby> !learn getstarted as
06:53:49 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby: The operation succeeded.
06:54:22 <upul> huda_s86: this one is for downloading and installing,
06:54:23 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
06:56:55 <r0bby> upul: the first is good...
06:57:11 <r0bby> he's going for soc so she should get developer POV
06:58:54 <huda_s86> what is the difference between implementrs and developers?
06:59:42 <Mkop2> developers write the software, implementers customize it for particular applications
07:00:17 <r0bby> implementors are the users of openmrs
07:00:27 <huda_s86> Thanks Mkop2
07:00:36 <r0bby> huda_s86: more accurate is what i said.
07:01:16 <huda_s86> Thanks r0bby, I wil get yours
07:01:36 <Mkop2> huda_s86:
07:01:48 <Mkop2> !learn overview as
07:01:48 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: The operation succeeded.
07:01:59 <Mkop2> !faq
07:01:59 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: Error: "faq" is not a valid command.
07:02:15 <Mkop2> !learn faq as
07:02:15 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: The operation succeeded.
07:09:39 <Mkop2> how much coding/Java experience do successful GSOC candidates generally have?
07:10:24 <r0bby> well most of us are students
07:10:30 <r0bby> so at least a basic level
07:10:34 <r0bby> and basic java understanding
07:11:05 <huda_s86> r0bby even the student are new to openmrs?
07:28:40 <r0bby> do you think I knew anything bout openmrs when i started?
07:28:51 <r0bby> Mkop2: decent :)
07:29:26 <Mkop2> r0bby or upul: tomcat question: what do i need to do to "close" openmrs? stop, or undeploy?
07:30:20 <r0bby> just close the page
07:30:26 <r0bby> the session will time out
07:30:55 <Mkop2> my concern is memory and CPU
07:31:09 <upul> Mkop2: you can close down to tomcat
07:31:17 <Mkop2> my computer is 4 years old, and i don't want background stuff running when not needed
07:31:28 <upul> Mkop2: if it is a service you have to stop the service
07:31:30 <r0bby> stop tomcat
07:31:32 <Mkop2> closing tomcat is probably the best solution, I guess
07:31:53 <r0bby> but you're gonna wanna have openmrs running
07:32:04 <r0bby> and you're prolly gonna be restarting it a lot
07:33:22 <upul> Mkop2: best thing is to just open the thing in a command line window, just using a tomact zip without installation, then you will see the log in the console too
07:34:35 <Mkop2> upul: I need to go to sleep now, but i'm gonna ask you for instructions on that later
07:36:28 <upul> Mkop2: Good night
07:37:06 *** ss220043531 has joined #openmrs
07:37:34 <Mkop2> it's still early here - only 0337
07:38:41 <upul> Mkop2: you're in Pennsylvania
07:40:19 *** ss220043531 has quit IRC
07:44:29 <Mkop2> yep
07:44:44 <upul> Mkop2: see you later
07:47:29 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
07:53:34 <Mkop2> my roommate is snoring quite loudly
07:53:41 <Mkop2> almost as loudly as he sleeptalks
07:58:41 <upul> Mkop2: are you sleeptyping?
07:58:47 <Mkop2> no, unfortunately
07:58:54 <Mkop2> need to send off an email first
07:59:00 <Mkop2> I had two things i had to do
07:59:02 <Mkop2> I did one of them
07:59:35 <Mkop2> the second one probably needs to wait until tomorrow morning in any case since it's an email to a couple hundred people and it needs to be approved by other people
07:59:43 <Mkop2> but I want to finish the email now and send it to them
08:00:03 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
08:00:30 <huda_s86> I am back, anything new?
08:01:21 <Mkop2> no
08:01:40 <huda_s86> ok, hoping nice day for all
08:03:47 <Mkop2> I'm about ready to go to sleep
08:05:58 <Mkop2> ok, good night
08:05:59 <Mkop2> finally
08:06:16 <huda_s86> ok,good night
08:07:00 *** isurundt has quit IRC
08:11:19 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
08:11:29 *** Mkop2 has quit IRC
08:48:18 <r0bby> I keep finding funnies in this code...
08:52:30 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
08:53:47 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
08:56:22 <huda_s86> do you recommend TortoiseSVN or Subversion?
08:56:33 <huda_s86> I use windows
09:04:34 <isurundt> huda_s86:i use TortoiseSVN
09:05:32 <r0bby> huda_s86: tortoiseSVN is a GUI front end for subversion.
09:05:45 <r0bby> but yeh if you're on windows use tortoiseSVN
09:07:56 <huda_s86> thanks all
09:13:03 *** r0bby_ has joined #openmrs
09:13:03 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v r0bby_
09:16:20 *** r0bby has quit IRC
09:44:47 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7135]: this is a non-breaking change: if(initialRequest == true) is equivilent to … <>
10:37:37 *** s220043531 has joined #openmrs
10:54:43 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
11:01:25 *** s220043531 has quit IRC
11:09:46 *** james_regen has joined #openmrs
11:09:46 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v james_regen
11:21:28 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
11:21:28 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
11:35:56 *** upul has quit IRC
12:03:31 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
12:03:31 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
12:05:07 <Keelhaul> hi bwolfe
12:05:11 <Keelhaul> you're at work at 7am? =o
12:05:20 <bwolfe> 8am now
12:05:26 <bwolfe> we're on DST as of last week
12:05:30 <Keelhaul> oh
12:05:34 <Keelhaul> i forgot you guys switch earlier
12:05:51 <Keelhaul> wait
12:06:09 <Keelhaul> that means my interview is an hour earlier =O
12:07:39 <bwolfe> an hour later
12:07:57 <Keelhaul> they said 9am EST
12:08:20 *** isurundt has quit IRC
12:12:19 <bwolfe> which is 10am DST technically
12:12:20 <bwolfe> :-)_
12:12:29 <Keelhaul> hm
12:12:49 <bwolfe> meeting, bbl
12:12:52 <Keelhaul> hf
12:26:27 *** upul has joined #openmrs
12:52:16 *** upul_ has joined #openmrs
12:52:17 *** upul has quit IRC
12:52:44 *** upul_ is now known as upul
14:01:11 *** vindyani has joined #openmrs
14:04:52 *** bwolfe_ has joined #openmrs
14:04:52 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe_
14:17:59 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
14:18:47 *** docpaul has joined #openmrs
14:18:47 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o docpaul
14:22:35 <Keelhaul> hi docpaul
14:24:31 <docpaul> morning andrey
14:42:17 <nribeka> Keelhaul, when are you going to test the hibernate?
14:42:17 <nribeka> :P
14:42:22 <nribeka> tomorrow?
14:43:42 <Keelhaul> nribeka: do you have the jar right now?
14:43:53 *** vindyani has quit IRC
14:45:30 <nribeka> i can build it :)
14:45:35 <nribeka> took a few mins
15:03:09 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7136]: patient matching module: added new check box for the grouping analysis … <>
15:12:11 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
15:13:51 *** isurundt[1] has joined #openmrs
15:14:39 *** k_nishant has joined #openmrs
15:17:26 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
15:19:47 *** atomicturtle has left #openmrs
15:21:06 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
15:29:58 <Keelhaul>
15:34:23 *** isurundt has quit IRC
15:34:27 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Unable to load properties file with path <>
15:35:41 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
15:36:57 <Mkop2> Keelhaul: wth?
15:37:04 <Keelhaul> =)
15:39:13 <bwolfe_> Keelhaul / Mkop2 : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- The Real Story
15:40:33 <Mkop2> but the turtles in the comic weren't mutant, they were dead
15:42:34 <Mkop2> is up to date?
15:44:34 *** Mkop3 has joined #openmrs
15:44:47 *** Mkop2 has quit IRC
15:44:54 <bwolfe_> Mkop3: yes, its up to date
15:45:05 <Mkop3> ok, thanks
15:45:10 <Mkop3> how can I get access to Trac?
15:47:16 <bwolfe_> Mkop3: there is a "register" link at the top
15:47:28 <bwolfe_> I can give you more access if you tell me your username after htat
15:48:19 <Mkop3> ok, my username is mkopinsky
15:49:35 <Mkop3> I've only been aware of OpenMRS for about 12 hours by now (though about 6 of those were spent on IRC and installing tomcat, new version of eclipse, openmrs, etc. etc.)
15:49:50 <Mkop3> and I've never been involved in a coding project with a scope anywhere close to this
15:49:58 <Keelhaul> that means you only had 6 hours of sleep D=
15:50:24 <bwolfe_> Mkop3: ok, you now have "edit ticket" privileges as well, so you can assign a ticket to yourself if you want to start working on it
15:50:25 <Mkop3> ok, so my numbers were a bit off
15:51:08 <Mkop3> I think I'm gonna start with javadoc'ing
15:51:18 <Mkop3> for which I don't really need edit ticket privileges
15:51:19 *** isurundt[1] has quit IRC
15:51:35 <bwolfe_> Mkop3: no, but feel free to make a comment to say you're doing some of it
15:51:54 <bwolfe_> Mkop3: perhaps just choose a specific package and say you're doing that one, then put a patch up for that one.
15:52:29 <Mkop3> ok
15:52:37 *** bwolfe_ is now known as bwolfe
15:56:41 <Mkop3> ok, I just added a comment to the ticket
15:56:53 <Mkop3> we'll see if I'm actually able to help
15:57:54 <bwolfe> FYI to all potential GSoC Applicants: OpenMRS welcomes multiple applications for multiple projects within openmrs. Actually, we encourage it! Sometimes we get quality students only applying to a low priority project. So pick a few projects that interest you, apply to all of them, and put comments in them saying which other ones you've applied to
15:59:40 *** deepakverma has joined #openmrs
16:00:46 <bwolfe> Keelhaul / r0bby_ / nribeka : please repeat my point to students if they ask and I'm not here. :-)
16:00:52 *** deepakverma has left #openmrs
16:00:58 <Keelhaul> lol ok
16:01:25 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: you could also add it to OpenMRSBot so all we need to do is something like !bwolfesays
16:01:39 <Mkop3> I was about to suggest that
16:02:27 <Mkop3> !learn bwolfesays as FYI to all potential GSoC Applicants: OpenMRS welcomes multiple applications for multiple projects within openmrs. Actually, we encourage it! Sometimes we get quality students only applying to a low priority project. So pick a few projects that interest you, apply to all of them, and put comments in them saying which other ones you've applied to
16:02:27 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop3: The operation succeeded.
16:05:09 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7137]: mdrtb module. more french stuff -- fixed color coding based on localized … <>
16:05:39 *** deepakverma has joined #openmrs
16:06:01 *** nribeka1 has joined #openmrs
16:06:01 <bwolfe> !learn gsoc2009 as
16:06:03 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: The operation succeeded.
16:06:10 <bwolfe> thanks Mkop3 :-)
16:06:35 <Mkop3> last night r0bby_ was teacahing the bot some stuff
16:06:55 <Mkop3> I'm trying to find the commands
16:06:58 <Mkop3> !gsoc2009
16:06:58 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop3: "gsoc2009" --- (#1), or (#2)
16:07:05 *** upul has quit IRC
16:07:11 <Mkop3> yeah, that one is a duplicate
16:07:21 <bwolfe> I added an FAQ section to our gsoc 2009 page and added that. not sure why I didn't think of htat
16:07:23 <Mkop3> !forget gsoc2009 1
16:07:23 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop3: The operation succeeded.
16:07:28 <Mkop3> !faq
16:07:28 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop3: "faq" ---
16:08:03 <Mkop3> !projects
16:08:03 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop3: "projects" --- (#1), or (#2)
16:09:07 <bwolfe> !forget projects 1
16:09:07 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: The operation succeeded.
16:09:10 <bwolfe> :-)
16:09:37 <Mkop3> the unassigned projects link was put there by r0bby_ because GSOC people were asking about the assigned projects
16:11:45 *** docpaul has quit IRC
16:12:48 <bwolfe> Mkop3: asking about the assigned ones ?
16:12:55 <Mkop3> yes
16:12:58 <bwolfe> did they not see the very large link saying "unassigned projects" ? :-)
16:13:23 <Mkop3> apparently not....
16:13:42 <bwolfe> hmm
16:13:59 <Mkop3> I was wondering about some of the people last night... If you're that much of a moron to not read a website properly, can you _really_ be a GSOC applicant?
16:14:13 <bwolfe> !learn projects as
16:14:13 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: The operation succeeded.
16:14:15 <bwolfe> !projects
16:14:15 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "projects" --- (#1), or (#2)
16:14:22 <bwolfe> Mkop3: haha, very true!
16:14:38 <Mkop3> I guess it gave me some confidence as to the people that I'm competing with
16:14:50 <Mkop3> (if i decide to apply)
16:16:14 <Keelhaul> Mkop3: werent you the one who forgot to read the mailing list confirmation mail? =P
16:16:26 <Mkop3> shhh!!!
16:16:32 <Mkop3> lol
16:17:22 <Mkop3> if you look through last night's chat logs, you'll probably find me saying "I'm a moron" at least 3-4 times
16:17:52 <Keelhaul> heh
16:17:54 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
16:18:24 *** upul has joined #openmrs
16:19:15 <Keelhaul> i'm trying to access google health from openmrs
16:19:21 <Mkop3> but it's the people who can admit they're morons at times who succeed in getting past their moronhood at other times
16:19:35 <Keelhaul> heh
16:19:42 <Keelhaul> that depends on the environment
16:20:03 <Keelhaul> sometimes it's better to pass the blame to others if you want to succeed
16:20:05 <Keelhaul> e.g. in politics
16:20:31 <Mkop3> the true moron is a permanent moron, so he doesn't even recognize his moronic moments, because they don't contrast against anything
16:20:46 <Mkop3> :-)
16:22:11 <Mkop3> Keelhaul: how are you accessing google health?
16:22:22 <Keelhaul> not at all yet
16:22:27 <Keelhaul> i'm reading about the possibilities
16:22:34 <Mkop3> oh
16:22:35 <Keelhaul> you can use a https connection
16:23:24 *** nribeka has quit IRC
16:23:42 <Keelhaul> speaking of morons
16:23:43 <Keelhaul>
16:23:46 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
16:24:24 <Mkop3> lol
16:25:29 <bwolfe> no much of a vacuum left...
16:25:49 <Mkop3> "I cleaned out the silver which was obstructing the view"
16:34:00 *** upul has quit IRC
16:36:10 *** nribeka1 has quit IRC
16:37:55 *** tharanga has joined #openmrs
16:44:04 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
16:44:24 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
16:44:24 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
16:48:00 <Mkop3> bwolfe: where do I start with the javadoccing? or rather, with getting to know the code/
16:48:12 <Mkop3> just start at the top and work down?
16:48:20 <Mkop3> or is there a more logical way to approach it?
16:49:42 <Keelhaul> i think the API is easier to understand
16:49:46 <Keelhaul> than the web app
16:50:06 *** isurundt[1] has joined #openmrs
16:50:12 <Mkop3> within the API, should I just start at the top? with and work down?
16:50:16 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
16:50:31 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
16:52:43 <Keelhaul> Mkop3: do you know what each object type is used for?
16:53:28 *** tharanga has quit IRC
16:54:09 <Mkop3> no
16:54:27 <Mkop3> I've read part (but not all) of the technical overview
16:54:57 <Keelhaul> i'd start with the more straightforward object types
16:55:00 <Keelhaul> like hmm
16:55:07 <Keelhaul> encounter
16:55:49 *** isurundt[2] has joined #openmrs
16:58:30 <Mkop3> what is an E?
17:00:46 <Keelhaul> where
17:01:08 <Mkop3> in org.openmrs.Attribute
17:01:10 <Mkop3> public E hydrate(String s);
17:01:18 <Mkop3> and a few other places in that file
17:01:30 *** isurundt[1] has quit IRC
17:02:44 <Keelhaul> that's some low level hibernate stuff
17:02:55 <Mkop3> oh
17:03:01 *** isurundt1 has joined #openmrs
17:04:51 <Keelhaul> or maybe some other serialized data
17:05:04 <Keelhaul> which needs to be hydrated into a regular object
17:05:36 <Mkop3> it's not just the hydrate method, the interface itself is public interface Attributable<E> {
17:06:55 *** isurundt has quit IRC
17:08:48 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
17:09:07 <Keelhaul> lookd like the interface makes it possible for classes to be used as PersonAttributes
17:09:12 <Keelhaul> looks*
17:09:25 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
17:10:02 <Keelhaul> look at for example
17:10:50 <Keelhaul> serialize() returns the concept id
17:11:04 <Keelhaul> while hydrate() loads the concept object from the database via the id
17:12:31 <Mkop3> is there a wiki page that talks about what all the data types are? ie what is an encounter, what is a concept, what is a cohort, etc. etc.?
17:12:39 *** isurundt2 has joined #openmrs
17:12:44 <Mkop3> that's something that really should be there for user documentation
17:13:12 <Keelhaul> yes, to an extent
17:13:19 <Keelhaul> see the data model pages
17:13:58 <Mkop3> that ginormous image?
17:14:03 <Keelhaul> no
17:14:07 <Keelhaul> there's a model documentation
17:14:27 <Mkop3>
17:14:29 <Mkop3> ok, found it now
17:14:30 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:18:41 *** isurundt[2] has quit IRC
17:21:43 *** isurundt_n has joined #openmrs
17:23:14 <isurundt_n> ben: i'm workin on Ticket #1240 as introductory ticket..
17:23:39 <isurundt_n> there i need to add new 3 concepts as you have mentioned
17:24:24 <Keelhaul> !ticket 1240
17:24:24 <OpenMRSBot> Keelhaul: Ticket #1240:
17:26:30 *** isurundt1 has quit IRC
17:28:36 *** Echidna has quit IRC
17:28:36 <Keelhaul> IE8 is final
17:28:39 *** isurundt_n has quit IRC
17:28:49 *** Echidna has joined #openmrs
17:28:54 <Mkop3> isurundt: I imagine that involves fixing up liquibase-demo-data.xml, right?
17:30:52 *** isurundt has quit IRC
17:31:00 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
17:33:29 <isurundt> is ben there ??
17:35:36 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7138]: CHICA Development - Trac (local-1) * Modify location of tiff images for … <>
17:36:22 <nribeka> isurundt, you need to properly summon bwolfe instead of ben
17:36:37 <nribeka> :D
17:36:42 <huda_s86> I have problems in installing openMRS, step 2
17:36:54 <huda_s86> part 1.2 ...the part of command line
17:37:11 <huda_s86> what should I do with the link?
17:37:40 <nribeka> checking out huda_s86?
17:37:49 <nribeka> what svn client do you use?
17:38:17 <huda_s86> TortoiseSVN
17:38:46 <nribeka> so you should follow 2.2 then
17:39:01 <isurundt> ok.. :D
17:39:02 <Keelhaul> huda_s86: what does it say
17:39:11 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
17:39:28 <Mkop3> bwolfe: ping
17:39:42 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
17:39:42 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
17:40:06 <huda_s86> for the link, should I download things from it
17:40:18 <huda_s86> that's my question
17:40:27 <isurundt> nribeka:then shall i ask a question from you.. i need to add a new concept to the liquibase-demo-data.xml.
17:40:54 <isurundt> this is as mentioned in the ticket #1240
17:41:03 <Mkop3> huda_s86: you don't download things from the link you directly, you use whatever svn client to checkout
17:41:14 <Keelhaul> huda_s86: that's for downloading the openmrs codebase
17:41:29 <isurundt> nribeka:what is meant by the concept class ??
17:41:41 *** isurundt2 has quit IRC
17:41:58 <Mkop3> isurundt: read
17:41:59 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:42:22 <bwolfe> nribeka: ben works too. I have an alert on that one. :-) however, I was at lunch, am back now, sorry!
17:42:23 <Keelhaul> isurundt: i'm not sure adding concepts via liquibase is a good idea
17:42:24 <nribeka> huda_s86, using tortoise, you can download the source code from that link
17:42:44 <bwolfe> isurundt: yes, modify the files in that zip file
17:42:51 <isurundt> ya
17:43:02 <huda_s86> nribeka thanks
17:43:08 <isurundt> bwolfe:i'm gonna do that
17:43:11 <bwolfe> Mkop3: Keelhaul had a good suggestion, start with some of the files in the org.openmrs package/folder
17:43:30 <Keelhaul> heh
17:43:37 <bwolfe> Mkop3: the easiest thing to do would be to start with the javadoc errors. there are some that are just wrong. see the attachment on that page
17:43:38 <Keelhaul> he started with Attributable, which was a bit confusing
17:43:43 <Keelhaul> which is in that package
17:43:57 <huda_s86> keelhaul and mkop3 also
17:43:58 <Mkop3> I'm starting with Encounter, and I'll see where I go from there
17:43:59 <bwolfe> Mkop3: you can use alt-shift-j in eclipse to auto create javadoc, some places just will need that done
17:44:02 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: is there a general "session" object in openmrs
17:44:03 <Mkop3> maybe EncounterType
17:44:06 <nribeka> huda_s86, just shout in irc if you still have problems
17:44:31 <Keelhaul> arent the base types somewhat commented already
17:44:39 <Mkop3> yes
17:44:39 <Keelhaul> all you need to do is hit the generate javadoc button
17:44:41 <Keelhaul> heh
17:44:43 <huda_s86> ok :D
17:44:50 <Mkop3> but I want to familiarize myself with the code
17:45:02 <Keelhaul> yea, that's a good idea
17:45:03 <bwolfe> Keelhaul / Mkop3 : "public interface Attributable<E> " is a java5 thing. It means you can create an object like "new Attributable<EncounterType>". Look at the code for List or Map for other uses
17:45:11 <Mkop3> that's the main reason I chose the javadoccing thing
17:45:20 <bwolfe> !videos
17:45:20 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: Error: "videos" is not a valid command.
17:45:23 <bwolfe> !video
17:45:23 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: Error: "video" is not a valid command.
17:45:25 <bwolfe> !blip
17:45:25 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: Error: "blip" is not a valid command.
17:45:31 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: a placeholder for generics?
17:45:37 <bwolfe> !learn videos as
17:45:37 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: The operation succeeded.
17:45:59 <Mkop3> though you're right, since the most central/basic stuff is already commented, learning the code and writing comments don't entirely align
17:46:02 <bwolfe> Mkop3 (and others) : there are a few walkthroughs I put on blip for a code hierarchy overview
17:46:12 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: yes, its for generics
17:46:16 <Mkop3> ok, I'll look there
17:46:39 <Mkop3> is E defined somewhere, or do you just use it there and that's the definition?
17:46:44 <isurundt> bwolfe: in that case do i only have to add the concepts?? what about the concept_name, concept_description, etc..??
17:46:53 <Mkop3> i.e. could you create an interface Attribute<asdfghkl>?
17:47:20 *** spsneo has joined #openmrs
17:47:30 <bwolfe> Mkop3: E is defined and used inside of Attributable only. you could just as easily use any letter in there
17:47:46 <Mkop3> single letter only?
17:47:57 <bwolfe> Mkop3: not sure on the length...I always just only one letter!
17:48:08 <Mkop3> single letter by convention, OK
17:48:19 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: what do you mean by "session" ?
17:48:24 <spsneo> I am a student and want to contribute to openmrs as google soc student. any devs there to discuss ideas?
17:48:39 <bwolfe> !refer spsneo [projects]
17:48:39 * OpenMRSBot refers spsneo to "projects" --- (#1), or (#2)
17:48:43 <bwolfe> !gsoc2009
17:48:43 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "gsoc2009" ---
17:48:50 <bwolfe> !trivialtickets
17:48:50 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "trivialtickets" ---
17:48:52 <bwolfe> :-)
17:48:54 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: something i can attach data to for as long as the user is authenticated
17:49:09 <Mkop3> is blip supposed to have audio?
17:49:23 <bwolfe> one of the videos does not have audio
17:49:47 <Mkop3> oh, ok
17:49:52 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: hmm, yes, but I don't like it. there is something on Context called volatileUserData
17:49:54 <Mkop3> that one just happened to be the first one that came up
17:50:10 <bwolfe> Mkop3: yeah, that one is first because its the latest
17:50:26 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: google health uses https authentication, need something that lets a user log in one and stay logged in till he logs out of openmrs
17:52:37 *** k_nishant has quit IRC
17:56:19 *** docpaul has joined #openmrs
17:56:19 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o docpaul
17:56:30 <bwolfe> isurundt: yeah, concept_name, etc will be needed. all the other parts of the Concept object were implied! :-)
17:56:57 <isurundt> bwolfe:ok
17:58:57 <Mkop3> ok, I've got to run
17:59:01 <Mkop3> I'll see you guys later
17:59:12 *** Mkop3 has left #openmrs
18:03:00 *** deepakverma has quit IRC
18:03:35 *** deepakverma has joined #openmrs
18:04:43 *** huda_s86 has left #openmrs
18:12:12 *** spsneo has quit IRC
18:14:22 *** qwertson_ has joined #openmrs
18:17:29 *** isurundt has left #openmrs
18:17:41 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
18:26:55 *** isurundt has quit IRC
18:31:54 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
18:36:44 *** Mkop3 has joined #openmrs
18:38:58 *** isurundt has quit IRC
18:57:12 *** isurundt has joined #openmrs
18:59:05 *** Mkop3 has quit IRC
19:03:08 *** devvrat has joined #openmrs
19:04:40 *** devvrat has left #openmrs
19:07:26 *** isurundt has quit IRC
19:08:03 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
19:15:03 *** deepakverma has quit IRC
19:21:00 *** Echidna_ has joined #openmrs
19:22:18 *** Echidna has quit IRC
19:24:04 <Keelhaul> someone ought to update the formatting settings on basicmodule =/
19:24:23 <Mkop2> what do you mean?
19:24:41 <Mkop2> as in, is that something I would be capable of?
19:25:04 <Keelhaul> Mkop2: the editor properties file has been updated sometime last year
19:25:17 <Keelhaul> to allow ~125 characters per line instead of 80 etc
19:25:36 <Keelhaul> i'm not sure a module skeleton should contain eclipse settings though
19:25:46 <bwolfe> Mkop2 / Keelhaul : yeah, copy the files in trunk in the /.settings folder to the /openmrs-modules/basicmodule and /openmrs-modules/basicmodulelight
19:27:05 <bwolfe> Mkop2: you'll have to check out basicmodule and then add them. create a patch file. create a ticket on dev.openmrs. attach your patch to that ticket
19:27:09 <bwolfe> !patches
19:27:09 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "patches" ---
19:27:46 <Mkop2> when I say capable, I mean skills-wise, more than permissions-wise
19:27:55 *** huda_s86 has joined #openmrs
19:27:56 <bwolfe> Mkop2: you have the skills
19:28:04 <Mkop2> ok
19:28:07 <bwolfe> Mkop2: not the permissions per se :-)
19:30:02 <Keelhaul> the most challenging thing about this is probably creating the patch =P
19:30:21 <Mkop2> :-)
19:30:24 <Mkop2> I'll figure it out
19:30:59 <Mkop2> I realized that I also need to add the formatting and template file for openmrs to eclipse
19:31:55 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: btw, i cant seem to install the module wizard on my 3.4EE
19:33:48 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: did you choose all three things to install ?? dev studio, module wizard, (and one more...can't remember the name)
19:33:58 <Keelhaul> no..
19:34:04 <Keelhaul> it's based on the studio?
19:38:16 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: somehow
19:38:26 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: the studio is required by the module wizard somehow
19:38:31 <Keelhaul> ok
19:38:42 <Keelhaul> oh well
19:38:50 <Keelhaul> i already checked out basicmodule manually
19:40:09 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: the module wizard is still cool
19:41:12 <Mkop2> ben: did I do this right?
19:41:15 <Mkop2> just creating the ticket
19:42:08 <bwolfe> yep, looks good
19:42:18 <Mkop2> ok, good
19:46:27 <Mkop2> I can't find openmrs-modules on svn
19:46:28 <Mkop2> where is it?
19:47:44 <Mkop2> ben?
19:47:48 <Mkop2> or Keelhaul?
19:47:51 <Keelhaul> modules/basicmodule
19:47:52 <Keelhaul> i think
19:48:11 <Keelhaul> er
19:48:14 <Keelhaul> openmrs-modules was right
19:48:14 <Mkop2> i don't see modules anywhere
19:48:32 <Keelhaul> ?
19:48:36 <Mkop2> yes
19:48:43 <Keelhaul> no path behind it?
19:48:57 <Keelhaul> it should list 3 items
19:49:03 <Keelhaul> openmrs, openmrs-contrib, openmrs-modules
19:49:08 <Mkop2> oh, found it
19:49:11 <Mkop2> needed to refresh
19:49:15 <Keelhaul> heh
19:51:36 <huda_s86> I want 2 install ant, there is no installer. how can I start installing it??
19:51:57 <Mkop2> which version of eclipse do you have
19:51:58 <Mkop2> ?
19:52:01 <huda_s86> I have .zip file
19:52:05 <Mkop2> I have eclipse JEE which comes with ant
19:52:12 <Mkop2> check if eclipse already has ant
19:52:31 <huda_s86> but whn I downlaod ant, nothing except zip file
19:53:09 <huda_s86> from steps, I should install ant before
19:53:14 *** james_regen has quit IRC
19:53:18 <huda_s86> or what??
19:53:38 <Mkop2> yeah, ignore that
19:53:41 <Mkop2> install eclipse first
19:53:45 <Mkop2> and get JEE
19:53:53 <huda_s86> mmm, ok
19:53:59 <huda_s86> I have eclipse JEE
19:54:16 <Mkop2> so then you have ant
19:54:19 <Mkop2> no need for the zip
19:55:19 <huda_s86> thanks Mkop2
19:55:33 <Mkop2> someone remind me, how do you import a folder as a new project into eclipse?
19:55:51 <Mkop2> oh, nevermind
19:57:08 <Keelhaul> ant doesnt have an installer
19:57:11 <Keelhaul> it's a command line prog
19:57:31 <Keelhaul> although if you download Eclipse Enterprise, it already includes ant and svn
19:57:36 <Keelhaul> you dont need to download anything else
19:57:52 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
19:57:58 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
19:57:58 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
19:59:14 <Keelhaul>
19:59:18 <Keelhaul> the uppermost link
19:59:40 <Mkop2> Keelhaul: he says he has eclipse JEE already
19:59:44 <Keelhaul> oh
19:59:59 <Keelhaul> speaking of morons and not reading...
19:59:59 <Keelhaul> lol
20:00:03 <Mkop2> lol
20:00:27 <huda_s86> I get the idea now
20:06:00 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1343 (task created): Formatting settings on basicmodule are out of date <>
20:06:52 <huda_s86> for tomcat server, how can I install?
20:07:09 <Mkop2> follow the instructions at the tomcat website
20:07:44 <Mkop2> ben or Keelhaul: when I copy the formatting files, do I need to rename them also, or just copy?
20:07:55 <Keelhaul> just copy the entire dir
20:08:02 <Keelhaul> .settings
20:08:13 <Mkop2> even though they're called org.eclipse.jdt.CORE.prefs?
20:08:31 <bwolfe> thats eclipse stuff, nothing to do with core or modules of openmrs
20:08:37 <Mkop2> oh, ok
20:08:40 <bwolfe> Keelhaul is right, just drop it in :-)
20:08:55 <Mkop2> now what about the fact that eclipse has changed things since I checked out?
20:09:21 <Mkop2> should I just delete those changes from the patch?
20:09:25 <Keelhaul> changed what things
20:09:57 <Keelhaul> right click the project root, then select "team"->"create patch"
20:10:05 <Keelhaul> uncheck everything besides .settings
20:10:37 *** MaddyMax has joined #openmrs
20:10:37 <Mkop2> in the .settings files
20:11:21 <Keelhaul> nothing gets changed if you just copy the folder over
20:11:32 <Mkop2> before I even copied
20:11:35 <Keelhaul> just a black star icon on the project because it's not out of sync with the repository
20:11:39 <Mkop2> just from setting project settings
20:11:53 <Mkop2> here's the patch before I changed anything myself:
20:11:58 <Mkop2> Index: org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs
20:11:58 <Mkop2> ===================================================================
20:11:58 <Mkop2> --- org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs (revision 7134)
20:11:58 <Mkop2> +++ org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs (working copy)
20:11:58 <Mkop2> @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
20:11:58 *** Mkop2 has quit IRC
20:12:04 <Keelhaul> lol
20:12:50 *** Mkop2 has joined #openmrs
20:12:55 <Mkop2> oops
20:13:08 <Keelhaul> =)
20:13:10 <Keelhaul> Mkop2:
20:13:18 <Mkop2> yeah, didn't think of that
20:13:29 <Mkop2> how much of that did you get before I was kicked?
20:14:03 <Mkop2>
20:15:24 <Keelhaul> Mkop2: 5 lines
20:15:31 <Mkop2> oh
20:15:59 <Keelhaul> that's a bit short btw
20:16:04 <Keelhaul> the files are longer
20:16:06 <Keelhaul> dont edit anything
20:16:08 <Keelhaul> just copy the dir
20:16:13 <Keelhaul> or better yet
20:16:23 <Keelhaul> right click on the basicmodule root, team -> revert
20:16:30 <Keelhaul> and then copy the .settings dir to the module root
20:16:33 <Keelhaul> then create the patch
20:17:08 <Mkop2> that wasn't from basicmodule, that was from the main codebase
20:17:17 <Keelhaul> yes
20:17:23 <Keelhaul> but it codes into basicmodule
20:17:27 <Keelhaul> and basicmodulelight
20:17:29 <Keelhaul> er
20:17:32 <Keelhaul> codes = goes
20:17:36 <Mkop2> I'm not using subclipse btw, I'm using tortoisesvn
20:17:49 <Keelhaul> oh
20:17:52 <Keelhaul> never used that
20:19:47 <Keelhaul> dinner, bbl
20:20:04 <Mkop2> enjoy
20:21:34 <docpaul> pastebin is needed for this channel. :)
20:21:41 <Mkop2> sorry!
20:21:43 <docpaul> you all know of pastebin right? :)
20:21:47 <Mkop2> yes
20:21:48 <docpaul> no problem at all
20:21:54 <Mkop2> I just had a brainfart for a moment
20:22:21 <docpaul> it's ok, didn't want you to feel bad about the boot
20:22:36 <Mkop2> !pastebin
20:22:36 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: Error: "pastebin" is not a valid command.
20:22:47 <docpaul> yep, we should add that
20:22:49 <Mkop2> !learn pastebin as
20:22:49 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: The operation succeeded.
20:23:13 <Mkop2> is there a command to make the bot display all the things it's learned?
20:23:23 <Mkop2> who is the bot master?
20:23:46 <docpaul> !add pastebin is a good place to create a link with a code snippet
20:23:46 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: Error: The command "add" is available in the Alias, Herald, and RSS plugins. Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "add".
20:23:56 <docpaul> i am, i think
20:24:01 <docpaul> !commands
20:24:02 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: action, add, alert, announce, any, apropos, ban add, ban list, ban remove, capabilities, capability add, capability list, capability remove, capability set, capability setdefault, capability unset, change, changename, channel, channels, channelstats, clear, cmd, commands, config, cpu, cycle, default, defaultcapability, defaultplugin, dehalfop, deop, devoice, disable, dump, enable, export, flush, (2 more messages)
20:24:22 <docpaul> !add alias pastebin is a good place to create a link with a code snippet
20:24:22 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: Error: The command "add" is available in the Alias, Herald, and RSS plugins. Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "add".
20:24:43 <docpaul> !alias add pastebin is a good place to create a link with a code snippet
20:24:43 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: The operation succeeded.
20:24:46 <docpaul> !pastebin
20:24:46 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: Error: "" is not a valid command.
20:24:47 <Mkop2> !capabilities
20:24:48 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
20:24:57 <docpaul> whoops
20:25:03 <Mkop2> I think you meant !learn
20:25:06 <docpaul> !alias remove pastebin
20:25:06 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: The operation succeeded.
20:25:09 *** nribeka has quit IRC
20:25:28 <docpaul> !learn pastebin is a good place to create a link with a code snippet
20:25:28 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: Invalid arguments for learn.
20:25:34 <docpaul> !help learn
20:25:34 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: (learn [<channel>] <key> as <value>) -- Associates <key> with <value>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself. The word 'as' is necessary to separate the key from the value. It can be changed to another word via the learnSeparator registry value.
20:25:54 <docpaul> !learn #openmrs pastebin as is a good place to create a link with a code snippet
20:25:54 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: The operation succeeded.
20:25:58 <docpaul> byzantine
20:26:01 <docpaul> !pastebin
20:26:01 <OpenMRSBot> docpaul: "pastebin" --- (#1), or (#2) is a good place to create a link with a code snippet
20:26:11 <docpaul> hehe
20:26:21 <Mkop2> what's the advantage of that bulix site?
20:26:40 <docpaul> for me, it was always reliable
20:26:49 <Mkop2> ok
20:26:54 <docpaul> languages are more uptodate
20:27:00 <docpaul> if you like syntax highlighting
20:28:38 <Mkop2> ooh, cool
20:28:43 <Mkop2> !any bwolfe
20:28:43 <OpenMRSBot> Mkop2: bwolfe was last seen in #openmrs 20 minutes and 2 seconds ago: <bwolfe> Keelhaul is right, just drop it in :-)
20:28:57 <Mkop2> that can be quite cool
20:28:58 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
20:29:02 <Mkop2> useful*
20:30:10 *** nribeka has quit IRC
20:35:15 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
20:37:24 <Mkop2> docpaul: those are some really cute pics of your son you've got on flickr
20:37:39 <docpaul> thx! my son rocks
20:51:52 <Mkop2> bwolfe: should a patch file be called something.patch, or just .patch?
20:52:06 <bwolfe> Mkop2: whats your guess? ;-)
20:52:16 <Mkop2> the former
20:52:44 <bwolfe> you are correct :-)
20:52:50 <Mkop2> oh, I see now, it says "with the extension .patch"
20:52:50 <Mkop2> ok
20:54:50 *** s220043531 has joined #openmrs
20:56:28 <Mkop2> ok, I gtg
20:56:32 <Mkop2> see you guys later
20:57:17 <Mkop2> ben: I'm not sure if those patch files that i uploaded have enough of a path within them
20:57:27 <Mkop2> let me know if they don't, and I'll reemake the patches
20:57:30 *** Mkop2 has left #openmrs
21:01:04 *** huda_s86 has quit IRC
21:02:41 <r0bby_> bwolfe: i fixed a small blunder in trunk last night before i went to bed
21:03:01 <r0bby_> looked and smelled odd to me
21:03:13 <r0bby_> it was non-breaking
21:06:56 *** Echidna_ has quit IRC
21:07:09 *** Echidna has joined #openmrs
21:07:27 <bwolfe> r0bby_: saw it, thanks
21:09:23 *** MaddyMax has left #openmrs
21:10:56 <s220043531> when I connect to CVS repository using CVS eclipse, it pops out authentication error :no such user, can anyone help?
21:11:12 *** docpaul has quit IRC
21:12:29 <r0bby_> bwolfe: I fought over whether to do it it or not then realized i couldn't sdleep if it was there
21:13:19 <bwolfe> s220043531: we have an svn repository, not a cvs one
21:14:24 <s220043531> mm ,what is repository?
21:14:46 <r0bby_>
21:14:54 <s220043531> I know about CVN but never using it before
21:15:05 <r0bby_> !getstarted
21:15:05 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby_: "getstarted" ---
21:15:09 <r0bby_> ^
21:15:19 <r0bby_> I added a bunch of factoids
21:15:22 <r0bby_> !projects
21:15:22 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby_: "projects" --- (#1), or (#2)
21:15:38 <r0bby_> fixed projects :)
21:15:49 <r0bby_> and mkop2 did some as needed as well :)
21:16:07 <r0bby_> I wish all my code didnt reside on my old drive
21:16:13 * r0bby_ does a magic move
21:26:21 <s220043531> on eclipse cvs, I cannot add a repository for different versions of projects that I have on my disk, can anyone help here??
21:26:36 <s220043531> I do it for testing
21:28:13 <r0bby_> s220043531: use SVN.
21:28:21 <r0bby_> SVN != CVS
21:28:51 <nribeka> use subclipse (svn client for eclipse) s220043531
21:29:13 <nribeka> or tortoiseSVN
21:29:44 <r0bby_> s220043531: that page details step by step what to do
21:29:53 <r0bby_> see the getstarted thing.
21:32:01 <s220043531> is subclipse auto installed when i install eclipse JEE??
21:32:33 <r0bby_> That i cant answer
21:32:38 * r0bby_ humps IntellIJ IDEA
21:33:16 <s220043531> I cannot see the page that you say I can stat fro it
21:33:27 <s220043531> **start from it
21:34:20 <nribeka> s220043531, no
21:34:22 <r0bby_> !getstarted
21:34:22 <OpenMRSBot> r0bby_: "getstarted" ---
21:34:25 <nribeka> you need to install it
21:34:25 <r0bby_> ^^^
21:34:41 * r0bby_ ducks out
21:34:59 <nribeka> go to s220043531
21:36:12 <s220043531> ok, but I expect that installing eclipse JEE will be enough and no need to install ant or SVN as somebody here say??
21:36:58 <bwolfe> s220043531: you would think! but eclipse doesn't think svn is cool enough yet to include its plugin with the download :-/
21:37:47 <nribeka> too bad so sad :)
21:38:45 <s220043531> nribeka why u r sad??
21:38:55 <s220043531> if not annoying u
21:39:36 <bwolfe> s220043531: you could use the openmrs eclipse dev studio
21:39:47 <bwolfe> s220043531: it has subclipse in it already
21:39:50 <bwolfe> !downloads
21:39:50 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "downloads" ---
21:40:39 <nribeka> ah the studio :)
21:41:01 <nribeka> too bad the svn is not included in the default eclipse dist
21:41:04 <nribeka> :D
21:41:25 <s220043531> aha
21:47:34 *** s220043531 has quit IRC
21:52:06 <r0bby_> bwolfe: IntelliJ IDEA does
21:52:12 <r0bby_> it includes git too
21:52:18 <r0bby_> Mercurial as a plugin :)
21:52:23 <bwolfe> thats nice
21:52:29 <r0bby_> which i've yet to get working :|
21:52:39 <bwolfe> and totally irrelevant because IDEA sucks ;-)
21:52:47 <r0bby_> for what reasons
21:52:50 <r0bby_> we get it free.
21:52:55 <r0bby_> so that argument is out
21:53:05 <r0bby_> find others :)
21:53:12 <bwolfe> because its worse
21:53:18 <bwolfe> it doesn't follow age-old conventions
21:53:23 <bwolfe> and because its not eclipse
21:53:25 <bwolfe> my beloved baby
21:53:27 <r0bby_> what conventions..
21:53:30 <bwolfe> :-D
21:53:32 <r0bby_> oh christ!
21:54:07 * r0bby_ needs to write the OpenMRS style thing as an IDEA thing :|
21:54:19 <r0bby_> doesn't Brian uses IDEA
21:54:38 <r0bby_> who uses IDEA besides me
21:54:43 <r0bby_> somebody else does...
21:57:01 <r0bby_> the AMRS custom build had IDEA project files in it
21:58:28 *** nribeka has quit IRC
22:25:48 *** qwertson__ has joined #openmrs
22:30:18 <Keelhaul> you spelling it with all caps reminds me of IKEA
22:30:54 *** atomicturtle1 has joined #openmrs
22:31:08 <r0bby_> Keelhaul: it's how IDEA is spelled
22:32:23 <Keelhaul> Personal License
22:32:23 <Keelhaul> For individual developers
22:32:23 <Keelhaul>
22:32:23 <Keelhaul> $249
22:32:25 <Keelhaul> lol what
22:33:16 <r0bby_> we have a free OSS license.
22:33:19 <r0bby_> argument dead.
22:33:31 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
22:33:39 <Keelhaul> well
22:33:53 <Keelhaul> i have free vista licenses from msdnaa
22:34:00 <Keelhaul> therefore anyone who doesnt use vista must be a fool!
22:34:01 <r0bby_> so do I
22:34:02 <Keelhaul> right?
22:34:07 <r0bby_> YUP!
22:34:14 <r0bby_> actually i agree vista blows
22:34:20 <Keelhaul> no more than xp
22:34:29 <nribeka> go vista
22:34:31 <r0bby_> I'm usaing a Deskjet 5550 driver for an HP Photosmart 7350
22:34:40 <r0bby_> XP wasn't too bad
22:35:17 <Keelhaul> dev list has been quiet lately
22:35:30 <r0bby_> I could machine gun it?
22:35:45 <r0bby_> but i won't
22:35:54 <r0bby_> because I like openmrs and don't want to screw up
22:37:19 *** atomicturtle1 has left #openmrs
22:37:34 <r0bby_> two danos...
22:39:01 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
22:41:31 *** qwertson has joined #openmrs
22:42:38 *** qwertson_ has quit IRC
22:49:41 *** qwertson__ has quit IRC
23:00:08 *** deepakverma has joined #openmrs
23:05:57 *** qwertson has quit IRC
23:06:09 *** qwertson has joined #openmrs
23:06:32 *** deepakverma has left #openmrs
23:08:57 *** Glen_ has joined #openmrs
23:10:05 <Glen_> Hi there. Can anyone tell me if globalproperty.database_version is always synchronized with the datamodel version?
23:11:04 *** nribeka1 has joined #openmrs
23:20:01 <Keelhaul> Glen_: it used not to be, you had to update the db manually
23:20:10 <Keelhaul> now with the liquibase updates, i'm not sure
23:21:50 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
23:21:50 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
23:22:16 <Glen_> update the db manually or with the mysqldiff file?
23:24:39 *** qwertson has quit IRC
23:27:40 *** nribeka has quit IRC
23:28:16 <bwolfe> manually is with the mysqldiff, isn't it ?
23:28:34 <Glen_> I suppose it is.
23:28:36 <Glen_> Hi Ben
23:28:37 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: the database_version global property is no longer needed in trunk / 1.5 / liquibase stuff
23:30:36 <Glen_> but there will still be versioning of the datamodel
23:32:43 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: how did you know what i said =o
23:32:51 <Keelhaul> did oyu read the bot
23:33:28 <Glen_> has anyone created the liquibase javadoc-style documentation and posted it somewhere?
23:36:24 <bwolfe> !irclogs
23:36:24 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "irclogs" --- The OpenMRS IRC logs are publicly displayed online:
23:36:36 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: News Blog: Google Summer of Code 2009 <>
23:36:52 <bwolfe> Glen_: theres a link to the liquibase xml documentation at hte top of our liquibase-update-to-latest.xml file
23:41:53 <Glen_> yes, yes. I meant openmrs specific stuff like this:
23:44:05 <Glen_> that can be generated automatically now that openmrs is using liquibase, right?
23:54:49 <bwolfe> Glen_: I'm confused, do you want sql ?
23:57:52 <Glen_> @bwolfe No .. more like a data dictionary type description.
23:58:51 <bwolfe> Glen_: like a data model image ? or our database defined in xml ? sorry, I'm still confused
23:59:42 <Glen_> ideally, an imaged combine with table / column text descriptions.
23:59:53 <Glen_> _image combined_
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