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  • 2009-03-01 - OpenMRS
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00:04:45 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: what do you need to access ?
00:04:56 <Keelhaul> an xsl stylesheet in my resources dir
00:08:56 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: is it only needing to access it from java ?
00:09:02 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: and can you not get it by url ?
00:09:11 <Keelhaul> yes, only java
00:09:29 <Keelhaul> and i'm not sure how to get the context url
00:13:16 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: or you can put it in your package url
00:13:23 <bwolfe> and just fetch it with the classloader
00:13:41 <Keelhaul> can you give me an example?
00:13:51 <bwolfe> getClass().getClassLoader().getInputStream("org/openmrs/module..../asdf.xslt");
00:14:01 <Keelhaul> hm ok i'll try that
00:14:02 <Keelhaul> thx
00:14:03 <bwolfe> just make sure its in your omod
00:14:20 <bwolfe> if you put it in your metadata folder it might get in the omod automatically
00:14:45 <bwolfe> and then you fetch it with just ....getInputStream("asdf.xslt");
00:15:29 <Keelhaul> oh what now, eclipse wont start =/
00:17:50 <Keelhaul> could be because it was linked to the old jdk that i uninstalled today
00:24:17 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: any idea where eclipse logs to?
00:25:33 <bwolfe> your workspace folder
00:25:47 <bwolfe> in the .metadata/logs folder I think
00:28:58 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: no log entries =/
00:29:07 <Keelhaul> any idea where i can set the jdk location manually
00:29:11 <Keelhaul> or at least delete the settings
00:30:39 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: linux or windows ?
00:30:42 <Keelhaul> windows
00:31:40 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: nothing in the program files/eclipse ?
00:31:44 <Keelhaul> no
00:31:46 <Keelhaul> hmm
00:31:51 <Keelhaul> i'll try rebooting
00:31:52 <Keelhaul> brb
00:31:57 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
00:36:46 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
00:36:48 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
00:36:48 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
00:37:00 <Keelhaul> =/
00:38:48 <Keelhaul> Current Downstream: 3065.73 KBytes/s
00:38:54 <Keelhaul> downloading eclipse again..
00:40:52 <Keelhaul> ok, a fresh download didnt help
00:41:04 <Keelhaul> is the new jre incompatible?
00:48:04 <Keelhaul> hm pdfsam also wont start anymore, it's also a java app
00:55:26 <r0bby> heh
00:55:42 <r0bby> ugh i hate doing research
00:57:58 <r0bby> getting my a good run for my money out of my ACM membership
00:58:14 <r0bby> It's not a crapshoot like using my school's database of papers
01:00:52 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: nothing will run anymore =/
01:00:58 <Keelhaul> tomcat, eclipse, pdfsam
01:01:05 <Keelhaul> only they 64bit eclipse starts
01:01:16 <r0bby> Keelhaul: feel my pain
01:01:22 <r0bby> I can't get my module to even load
01:01:29 <Keelhaul> but it doesnt give me a list of available methods after a type a . after an object etc
01:01:37 <Keelhaul> module heh
01:01:40 <Keelhaul> thats something you can fix
01:01:43 <r0bby> groovy is at fault and i can't figure out _WHY_ google doesn't tell me anything useful
01:01:50 <Keelhaul> when the os doesnt work properly, thats different
01:01:50 <r0bby> Keelhaul: not really...
01:01:57 <r0bby> windows?
01:02:01 <r0bby> that's an easy fix
01:02:12 <r0bby> format c: /y
01:02:18 <r0bby> i think if im up to speed
01:02:22 <r0bby> if not i apologize :)
01:02:55 <Keelhaul> i doubt you can format the system partition out of windows
01:03:04 <Keelhaul> and it's the new jdk/jre that makes problems
01:05:40 <r0bby> hrm
01:05:47 <r0bby> i have had no such problems
01:12:30 <Keelhaul> eh
01:12:35 <Keelhaul> the #java channel on this network is useless
01:12:47 <r0bby> it's not
01:12:47 <Keelhaul> first thing i get told when i ask a question is to buy a mac..
01:12:57 <r0bby> they're actually good
01:13:12 <Keelhaul> i hope we're talking about different people
01:26:05 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: ok, apparently uninstalling 1.6.0_12 and installing 1.6.0_11 fixed it
01:26:10 <Keelhaul> still no idea what the problem is
01:26:20 <Keelhaul> just know that i cant update any further
01:35:40 *** atomicturtle has left #openmrs
01:54:32 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: could be a conflict with that java version only
01:54:38 <bwolfe> usually _13 will work
01:54:45 <Keelhaul> there's no _13 yet
01:54:48 <Keelhaul> or is there
01:54:51 <Keelhaul> well at least not final
01:57:55 <r0bby> pfft i had no issues with _12.
01:58:01 <r0bby> it fixed firefox crashing
01:58:33 <Keelhaul> linux?
01:58:38 <Keelhaul> maybe it's a vista issue
01:58:49 <Keelhaul> maybe i need to install a standalone JRE, not the one that comes with the JDK...
01:58:57 <Keelhaul> but i'm not gonna sit and test
01:59:09 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: it takes the filename like you told, thanks
01:59:47 <bwolfe> np
02:01:04 <r0bby> Keelhaul: doubtful on the vista issue
02:01:06 <r0bby> I use vista.
02:01:09 <Keelhaul> oh
02:01:09 <Keelhaul> hm
02:01:15 <Keelhaul> i use vista x64
02:01:23 <r0bby> possibly an x64 issue.
02:02:05 <Keelhaul> oh well
02:02:09 <Keelhaul> i need the x64
02:02:13 <Keelhaul> i have 4gb ram
02:06:36 <r0bby> so do I.
02:06:56 <r0bby> not sure what the point of 4GB of ram in a 32 bit environment is
02:07:04 <Keelhaul> then it should only list 3gb or so
02:07:13 <Keelhaul>
03:57:00 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
04:30:13 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
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19:31:22 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1303 (task created): Html Form Entry module doesn't warn you if you leave out a required encounter metadata component <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1302 (defect closed): Html Form Entry module doesn't clear old error messages <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7017]: html form entry module - fixing #1302 - Html Form Entry module doesn't … <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #1302 (defect created): Html Form Entry module doesn't clear old error messages <>
20:59:11 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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21:39:26 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [7018]: htmlformentry module - Fixing #1303 - Html Form Entry module doesn't warn … <> || OpenMRS Modules: HTML Form Entry 1.3 uploaded to OpenMRS Module Repository <>
22:21:58 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
22:21:58 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
23:15:04 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: what was that module test in trunk supposed to test again?
23:15:17 <Keelhaul> i have a trim version of my module but i dont know what to test
23:20:44 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: create a failing unit test with the new hibernate jar
23:20:57 <Keelhaul> oh
23:29:50 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: i tried a test with the code used in PatientDashboarController that causes the exception
23:29:54 <Keelhaul> cept it doesnt fail in the test
23:30:11 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: are you sure you're loading your module ?
23:30:31 <Keelhaul> props.setProperty(ModuleConstants.RUNTIMEPROPERTY_MODULE_LIST_TO_LOAD,
23:30:31 <Keelhaul> "org/openmrs/module/include/inpatientcare-1.0.omod");
23:30:34 <Keelhaul> does that suffice?
23:35:02 <bwolfe> perhaps
23:35:10 <bwolfe> you might need to call some methods too
23:35:18 <bwolfe> check that example I told you about
23:35:33 <bwolfe> and I'm not sure if its extending anything special or not
23:36:32 <Keelhaul> the example just tests the interoperability of atd and dss
23:36:34 <Keelhaul> it's just one test
23:37:21 <Keelhaul> i did everything that module did in the test too, just in case
23:37:22 <bwolfe> anything about module startup ?
23:37:51 <Keelhaul>
23:40:10 <bwolfe> hmm
23:41:13 <bwolfe> and did you do the @Before stuff ?
23:42:01 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: yes, i copied that class and removed/added some stuff
23:42:06 <Keelhaul> like the encounter test xml etc
23:44:27 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: i loaded the trimmed module into openmrs, it still throws the exception
23:44:57 <Keelhaul> it only contains the objects and the services
23:45:14 <Keelhaul> all web application parts are aout
23:45:16 <Keelhaul> out*
23:45:20 <Keelhaul> no defined extensions either
23:46:35 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: odd
23:46:53 <bwolfe> can you call ModuleFactory.getLoadedModules() and make sure yours gets started ?
23:52:18 <Keelhaul>
23:52:20 <Keelhaul> this one passes
23:53:08 <Keelhaul> if i change the id to some random string, it fails
23:56:09 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: what about getStartedModules() ?
23:56:41 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: still passes =x
23:56:55 <bwolfe> Keelhaul: bah
23:57:02 <bwolfe> not sure whats happening then
23:59:57 <Keelhaul> bwolfe: so what now? =/
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