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  • 2009-02-13 - OpenMRS
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03:15:37 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
05:14:47 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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05:46:27 <nribeka> hi bwolfe
06:08:45 <bwolfe> hey nribeka
06:08:49 <bwolfe> you should be in bed
06:08:53 <bwolfe> you didn't sleep much last night :-p
06:10:12 <nribeka> hahaha
06:10:16 <nribeka> i have insomnia :)
06:10:24 <nribeka> so i think it's fine bwolfe
06:10:38 <bwolfe> nribeka: the pre tags are implied by the leading space in mediawiki
06:10:50 <bwolfe> was it not showing up right the way I had edited it ?
06:11:03 <bwolfe> (I admit, I didn't look that closely at the content of the grey boxes)
06:11:24 <nribeka> haha lol :P
06:11:39 <nribeka> i just read the grey box :D
06:11:53 <nribeka> it wasn't showing it correctly
06:12:00 <nribeka> that's why i add the pre tag
06:12:17 <nribeka> are you still in nairobi bwolfe?
06:12:19 <bwolfe> ah ok
06:12:27 <bwolfe> no, no, we're in Amsterdam now
06:12:38 <bwolfe> we have a 3 hour layover or so
06:12:43 <bwolfe> (of which 1.5 has passed)
06:14:53 <nribeka> wow
06:15:02 <nribeka> amsterdam, europe?
06:15:29 <nribeka> how long it would take to travel from Kenya to Indy?
06:15:54 <nribeka> btw, Burke still owe me one round trip flight to Kenya ... lol
06:15:56 <nribeka> j/k
06:22:42 <bwolfe> did you promise you that nribeka ? :-)
06:22:52 <bwolfe> yes, the amsterdam in europe
06:23:05 *** nribeka-dc has joined #openmrs
06:23:30 <bwolfe> its ~8 hours from NBO to AMS, ~8 hours AMS to DTW, and ~1 hour for DTW to IND
06:25:32 *** nribeka has quit IRC
06:25:47 <nribeka-dc> wow ... you'll be indy tomorrow then
06:25:47 <nribeka-dc> ic ic
06:26:44 <nribeka-dc> about the cache miss ticket
06:26:53 <nribeka-dc> i'm unsure on how to move forward bwolfe
06:27:11 <nribeka-dc> it seems that all polymorphic query will miss
06:27:11 <bwolfe> nribeka-dc: we land in indy around 3pm on friday
06:27:20 <bwolfe> which is "today" here in AMS. :-)
06:27:42 <nribeka-dc> ow it's friday already there right
06:27:47 <nribeka-dc> morning i think
06:27:52 <nribeka-dc> 6h diff
06:28:41 <bwolfe> yeah
06:29:55 <nribeka-dc> who else go to Kenya bwolfe?
06:30:19 <bwolfe> this trip Paul, Burke, Darius, Hamish, and Justin
06:32:21 <nribeka-dc> wow mibbit translation is cool ;)
06:32:33 <nribeka-dc> lots of people going there
06:34:38 <nribeka-dc> when you get back, would you find me some interesting tickets bwolfe lol :)
06:35:33 <bwolfe> nribeka-dc: sure :-)
06:35:50 <bwolfe> what kind would you like? more research oriented or just plain coding ?
06:36:06 <bwolfe> although I'm still holding out that you will figure out a solution for the cache miss!
06:36:15 <bwolfe> I really want the person/patient/user thing solved in openmrs :-/
06:37:29 <nribeka-dc> oot, feel so weird reading the translated chat :P
06:37:52 <bwolfe> this one you mean ?
06:38:11 <nribeka-dc> i don't have preference bwolfe. any interesting ticket :D
06:38:27 <nribeka-dc> about the cache miss, i think we need to do brainstorming on it
06:38:39 <bwolfe> ok
06:38:57 <bwolfe> try some hacks on it. see if you can just throw some if statements in the .equals statement to see if that fixes it
06:39:15 <bwolfe> then we at least know that we're looking in the right place
06:39:18 <bwolfe> does that make sense ?
06:39:45 <bwolfe> nribeka-dc: ok, I need to head to the gate and check in
06:39:53 <nribeka-dc> so far i have found the case where the cache is the subclass while the get key is the parent class
06:39:53 <nribeka-dc> ok ok bwolfe
06:39:59 <nribeka-dc> ttyl
06:40:07 <nribeka-dc> and have a safe trip back to US :)
06:40:14 <bwolfe> ok, I look forward to a full report when I get back! :-)
06:40:23 <nribeka-dc> ok ok :D
06:40:26 <bwolfe> thanks! cya
06:40:32 <nribeka-dc> bubye
07:00:36 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
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16:57:16 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
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17:24:04 <nribeka> welcome to IN bwolfe
17:24:07 <nribeka> or DTW
17:24:08 <nribeka> :)
17:24:23 <bwolfe> yeah, dtw :-)
17:24:39 <bwolfe> in /another/ lounge using the internet for a while..
17:24:53 <nribeka> my first airport when i got to US for the first time :P
17:25:05 <bwolfe> dtw is pretty nice
17:26:23 <nribeka> it is :)
17:28:40 <bwolfe> have you slept yet nribeka ?
17:29:09 <nribeka> haha slept for 3 - 4 hours i think :P
17:29:36 <nribeka> insomnia caused by
17:29:39 <nribeka> lolz
17:29:54 <bwolfe> heh
17:30:02 <bwolfe> just worry nribeka ?
17:30:52 <nribeka> maybe bwolfe. lolz ...
17:31:33 <nribeka> need to know what going to happen to me. if i can't find a job, then i should start packing up :D
17:36:53 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [6859]: patient matching module: modified reader logging. <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [6858]: htmlformentry module - checking in some files <> || OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [6857]: patient matching module: modified reader to skip patients when and … <>
17:38:33 <bwolfe> nribeka: start packing now?? Don't you have a few months? Or do you just mean about booking your flight, etc ?
17:39:57 <nribeka> yeah, booking the flight etc
17:40:29 <nribeka> out of school late april. so i have to leave by late june :D
17:46:45 <nribeka> i think i still can help from Indonesia bwolfe :D
17:47:03 <bwolfe> I would hope so :-)
17:47:25 <bwolfe> what kind of connections can you get there ?
17:47:49 <bwolfe> do you have to rely on satellite, or are there cables running from the islands ?
17:48:08 <nribeka> dial up
17:48:28 <nribeka> with snail speed :)
17:49:29 <nribeka> how about in Kenya bwolfe?
17:50:47 <bwolfe> they have 3g via phones in NBO and soon to be eldoret. we have a satelite at the hospital that gets a little better than dial-up speed at its best. and recently some other company has started putting in public wifi you can buy that looks to be dsl speed or so
17:52:43 <nribeka> wow that's much better
17:52:53 <nribeka> we have 3g too but it's very expensive
17:57:07 <bwolfe> how expensive nribeka ?
17:57:20 <bwolfe> rwanda had evdo country-wide for aboug $50 per month
18:00:35 <nribeka> the pricing scheme is different i think
18:01:01 <nribeka> we have cheap package: $25 / 500MB data
18:01:15 <nribeka> or $25 / 22hours
18:01:18 <nribeka> lol
18:01:26 <nribeka> what do you think bwolfe? :P
18:02:03 <bwolfe> odd
18:02:14 <bwolfe> you need unlimited if you want to do any skyping or what not
18:02:19 <bwolfe> heading to the plane
18:02:22 <bwolfe> cya nribeka !
18:02:28 <nribeka> ok ok
18:02:32 <nribeka> cya bwolfe :P
18:02:47 <bwolfe> fyi: There is a hackathon this weekend that I'm going to. your insomia will be helpful from 1pm sat to 1pm sun! :-)
18:03:05 <nribeka> haha sure :)
18:22:39 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
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