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  • 2008-08-29 - OpenMRS
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06:24:24 *** sprasanna__ has joined #openmrs
06:24:37 <sprasanna__> anyone there ??
06:34:00 *** upul has quit IRC
06:39:27 *** james_regen has joined #openmrs
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06:41:15 <sprasanna__> hi james_regen
06:41:28 <james_regen> hi
06:42:00 <sprasanna__> james_regen: i am sri prasanna working on addresshierarchy module.
06:42:18 <sprasanna__> james_regen: can you do me a favor? i need to test my module actually
06:42:30 <james_regen> ok
06:42:41 <sprasanna__> james_regen: though it works fine in my system i need it to test it anyway
06:43:45 <sprasanna__> james_regen: i am sending it via irc
06:44:11 <james_regen> ok
06:45:40 <sprasanna__> james_regen: got it?
06:46:11 <james_regen> yes.
06:46:45 <sprasanna__> james_regen: upload the module in the system and please goto the admin page.
06:47:57 <james_regen> i get an error of: Unable to refresh the WebApplicationContext : Error creating bean with name 'messageSource' d
06:48:10 <james_regen> and so on. are there version requirements i might not be meeting?
06:48:45 <sprasanna__> james_regen: oh no.. i use this version Version: Build 5264
06:49:38 <james_regen> oh, i have RC4
06:49:49 <james_regen> i set it up a while ago and never updated it
06:50:44 <sprasanna__> james_regen: so that might be the reason i guess.
06:52:31 <sprasanna__> james_regen: could you please try this one im sending you now?
06:54:02 <james_regen> same error wiith that one
06:54:43 <james_regen> sorry. i'd guess it's a version problem; it can't set some bean properties
06:56:27 <sprasanna__> james_regen: oh okay...
06:56:35 <sprasanna__> james_regen: thanks a lot
06:57:09 <james_regen> no problem.
07:00:49 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
07:00:49 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe
07:01:16 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: Hi Ben
07:05:19 <bwolfe> hey
07:06:11 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: Ben my module works fine in my system but not in Daniel's computer.
07:06:39 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: could you please test my module in your system?
07:07:10 <bwolfe> it worked the other day
07:07:14 <bwolfe> what do you want me to test ?
07:07:39 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: you just play with my module :)
07:07:54 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: could you do that for me ?
07:08:38 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: I need to know what you want me to test though
07:08:50 <bwolfe> because it was working for I don't know whats broken
07:10:09 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: no I have fixed many bugs today and committed it.. in this new codes Daniel has some problems... so he told me check in some other system to verify whether the problem persists only in his system
07:10:36 <bwolfe> hmm
07:10:39 <bwolfe> you could install vmware player
07:10:56 <bwolfe> and then run the openmrs vm image from the downloads page
07:10:59 <bwolfe> !downloads
07:10:59 <OpenMRSBot> bwolfe: "downloads" ---
07:11:32 <bwolfe> that will give you a fresh and clean system to run it on
07:11:35 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: but i use mac os x.. is vmware available for mac?
07:11:50 <bwolfe> yep
07:13:12 <james_regen> i thought the only vmware program for os x costs money
07:13:52 <bwolfe> vmware player should be free for all systems
07:13:59 <bwolfe> and vmware server for workstations should be free
07:15:31 <bwolfe> you can always use virtualbox too
07:15:47 <bwolfe> thats an open source it should be free and available on osx
07:18:42 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: nope, doesn't work for me
07:18:52 <bwolfe> both admin pages are blank
07:19:00 <bwolfe> well, manage hierarchy has some buttons...but nothing else
07:19:14 <sprasanna__> yeah the same problem persists in Daniel system
07:19:32 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: but i dunno how it works fine in my system
07:19:52 <bwolfe> any database changes ?
07:20:09 <bwolfe> did you do a clean then package your module before running it ?
07:20:33 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: no change to database at all.. i just edited few lines in the hierarchy tree page
07:20:43 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: yeah i clean it everytime..
07:20:49 <bwolfe> well, then those lines are to blame ;-)
07:21:07 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: yeah but they just works fine in my system
07:21:31 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: can i send that module to you?
07:21:49 <bwolfe> um, sure
07:21:57 <bwolfe> send it to my gmail
07:22:33 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: oh sorry before that i sent it via irc
07:23:26 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: ha stopped...
07:23:57 <bwolfe> yeah, I got a "malformed CDD request" message on my end
07:24:32 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: yeah i stopped it before the transmission started :)
07:24:43 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: yeah sent it to your gmail id
07:27:30 <r0bby> bwolfe
07:27:35 <r0bby> my problem never went away :<
07:27:45 <r0bby> I have two servlets that wont work as they should :X
07:27:56 <r0bby> mappings are right
07:27:59 <r0bby> :<
07:28:10 <bwolfe> odd
07:28:14 <r0bby> im accessing them correctly
07:28:28 <r0bby> I'll commit my code later on tonight
07:28:36 <bwolfe> can you get to them by typing in the url ?
07:28:38 <r0bby> and you can test drive it :X
07:28:40 <r0bby> nope
07:28:58 <r0bby> Openmrs moduleservlet is definately catching it though
07:29:03 <bwolfe> ok, so either they aren't getting loaded, or you are getting the url wrong
07:29:11 <bwolfe> did you look at formentry ?
07:29:14 <r0bby> yes
07:29:41 <r0bby> /openmrs/moduleServlet/renderform
07:30:12 <bwolfe> not renderForm ?
07:30:25 <bwolfe> or /openmrs/moduleServlet/groovyforms/renderForm ?
07:30:34 <r0bby> oh yeh that :)
07:30:50 <r0bby> nope its renderform i switched it up
07:30:57 <r0bby> /openmrs/moduleServlet/groovyform/renderform
07:31:14 * r0bby goes to look @ svn
07:31:33 <r0bby> im not home so i cant do much
07:32:48 <r0bby> Burke finally got the IDEA license :D
07:32:50 <bwolfe> moduleServlet/formentry/formDownload is the url that formentry is accessing for a servlet mapped with formDownload
07:32:50 * r0bby is happy
07:33:46 <bwolfe> just make sure you have both doGet and doPost implemented and printing something to the response
07:33:54 <r0bby> <form action=" ${pageContext.request.contextPath}/moduleServlet/groovyforms/renderForm" method="post">
07:33:58 <r0bby> is what i use
07:34:06 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: nothing in gmail. did you use benwolfe ?
07:34:24 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: oh no i thought bwolfe
07:34:56 <r0bby> bwolfe: do you see anything wrong w/ that?
07:35:43 <bwolfe> aside from the empty space at the beginning ?
07:35:56 <r0bby> that may be svn
07:36:07 <r0bby> let me do a pull
07:36:09 <r0bby> and see
07:36:38 <r0bby> soon as my thumb drive stops working
07:36:53 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: yeah now sent to correct address
07:37:08 <r0bby> one of the other devs uses IDEA
07:37:16 <r0bby> it's a soc student
07:37:27 <r0bby> (I think it's cancerb0y)
07:37:35 <r0bby> is he sticking around?
07:38:08 <bwolfe> cancer == sprasanna__
07:38:40 <sprasanna__> r0bby: hey r0bby
07:38:57 * sprasanna__ is cancerb0y
07:39:04 <r0bby> okay
07:39:05 <r0bby> <form action=" ${pageContext.request.contextPath}/moduleServlet/groovyforms/renderForm" method="post">
07:39:12 <r0bby> OHHH
07:39:15 <r0bby> that's whY!
07:40:18 <bwolfe> r0bby: your email does not have that space in it
07:40:21 <r0bby> sprasanna__: do you use IDEA?
07:40:29 <r0bby> hrm?
07:40:31 <r0bby> odd.
07:40:38 <r0bby> well the svn co did
07:40:46 <r0bby> in either regard i just commited the fix
07:40:59 <sprasanna__> r0bby: nope
07:41:01 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: this module doesn't work either
07:41:05 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: ERROR - JDBCExceptionReporter.logExceptions(78) |2008-08-29 08:39:58,237| Unknown column 'addresshie0_.choice' in 'where clause'
07:41:05 <bwolfe> ERROR - JDBCExceptionReporter.logExceptions(78) |2008-08-29 08:40:01,671| Unknown column 'addresshie0_.choice' in 'where clause'
07:41:19 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: a dwr error when loading the tree page
07:41:21 <r0bby> sprasanna__: do you use IDEA?
07:41:38 <bwolfe> I feel like theres an echo in here
07:41:49 <r0bby> er damn sorry
07:41:54 <r0bby> i didnt see the answer
07:41:58 <r0bby> I know somebody else does
07:42:03 <r0bby> :
07:42:05 <r0bby> :|
07:42:23 * r0bby goes to grep his logs
07:43:06 <bwolfe> odd, I see sprasanna__'s answer. irc hiccup maybe ?
07:43:14 <r0bby> maveriick
07:43:15 <r0bby> does
07:43:28 <bwolfe> ah yes
07:43:46 <r0bby> if he plans to stick around, burke should throw the license key his way
07:43:50 <r0bby> he's entitled
07:44:07 <r0bby> (I won't do it, since it's not my place)
07:44:41 <r0bby> Technically, i don't think i'm supposed to use IDEA for anything else but OpenMRS work now :S
07:45:57 <r0bby> I wonder if that space was throwing things off :X
07:46:35 <bwolfe> r0bby: could be
07:46:50 <r0bby> It's probably very likely
07:47:15 <r0bby> god I hate spam
07:47:34 <r0bby> and gmail marks some large threads on mailing lists as spam sometimes :S
07:48:25 <r0bby> does tomcat just gobble up the space :S
07:48:44 <bwolfe> not sure
07:50:28 <r0bby> later
08:10:07 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: i think i have fixed it... could you please try once again? i will send you the module
08:10:31 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: only if you promise to install vmware player or vmware server on your computer. :-D
08:11:17 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: i am entirely new to this mac so i will do that after i complete my gsoc :P until then i use uncle ben's computer as my vmware :P
08:12:11 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: i dont want to give any trouble to the current openmrs system installed in my system :)
08:12:15 <bwolfe> yes, well, uncle ben's computer isn't always around!
08:12:34 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: thats the beauty of the openmrs virtual machine image
08:12:48 <bwolfe> it runs completely separately and won't effect your current openmrs install
08:13:21 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: i dont want to take risk at all... before two weeks i had a trouble like this only i had to reinstall the complete system :(
08:13:44 <bwolfe> I see
08:14:11 <bwolfe> well, once hierarchy 1.0 is out the door, then you can install it
08:14:35 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: yeah sure...
08:15:16 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: so can i send it now?
08:15:21 <bwolfe> sure
08:16:30 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: sent successfully
08:26:08 <sprasanna__> bwolfe: does it work properly now?
08:27:53 <bwolfe> sprasanna__: yep, trees show up now
08:28:19 <sprasanna__> oh finally it worked :)
09:00:15 *** sprasanna__ has quit IRC
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11:57:56 * r0bby stretches
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23:21:03 <r0bby> kk
23:21:04 <r0bby> rt
23:21:06 <r0bby> er
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