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  • 2008-08-24 - OpenMRS
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03:18:01 *** sunbiz has joined #openmrs
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03:41:12 *** sunbiz has left #openmrs
05:37:43 *** sunbiz has joined #openmrs
05:57:51 *** sprasanna has joined #openmrs
05:58:42 <sunbiz> hey sprasanna... wassup ?
05:58:59 <sprasanna> sunbiz: hey sunbiz yeah going fine...
05:59:03 <sprasanna> sunbiz: what about you?
06:01:54 <sunbiz> going good...
06:02:17 <sunbiz> finished the final survey ??
06:02:30 <sunbiz> sprasanna: whats u working on now ??
06:02:58 <sprasanna> yeah i finished the final survey...
06:03:11 <sprasanna> sunbiz: just cleaning up the code etc etc...
06:03:20 <sprasanna> tomo have to submit it to my mentor...
06:03:25 <sprasanna> sunbiz: what about you?
06:03:29 <sunbiz> ok
06:03:40 *** sunbiz has left #openmrs
06:34:16 *** sprasanna has quit IRC
06:34:19 *** sprasanna has joined #openmrs
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07:00:54 *** sprasanna has joined #openmrs
07:09:08 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Wiki: Technical Workshop 8/21-8/22/2008 <>
11:11:40 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
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13:47:24 *** thisillusion has joined #openmrs
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14:53:52 *** sioraiocht has joined #openmrs
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18:19:20 *** r0bby_ has joined #openmrs
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18:35:01 *** r0bby has joined #openmrs
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20:00:22 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
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20:34:34 <Keelhaul> now it seems to be populating -- but it doesn't seem to be populating
20:34:37 <Keelhaul> =D
21:07:39 <Keelhaul> r0bby: did you set bean priority higher in the xml?
21:08:42 <Keelhaul>
21:08:44 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
21:09:04 <r0bby> it's at 2
21:09:17 <r0bby> er 0
21:09:24 <r0bby> <property name="order" value="0"/>
21:09:31 <r0bby> what should it be set it?
21:09:41 <r0bby> oh shit
21:09:44 <r0bby> made no sense?
21:09:47 <Keelhaul> well anything higher thna 99 should do
21:09:52 <Keelhaul> not sure 0 is a valid setting
21:09:54 <Keelhaul> i set mine to 2
21:11:21 <r0bby> id it work?
21:11:32 <Keelhaul> model["groovyForms"] = GroovyFormsContainer.forms
21:11:40 <r0bby> that's valid groovy.
21:11:44 <Keelhaul> oh
21:11:59 <Keelhaul> that works in a java controller?
21:12:15 <r0bby> it's java bytecode :P
21:12:38 <Keelhaul> can you try adding it to the map the java way?
21:12:42 <Keelhaul> or will it not work
21:12:54 <r0bby> i did that
21:12:56 <r0bby> no dice.
21:16:20 <r0bby> wtf
21:16:52 <Keelhaul> do you know if there's a way to assign bean values within jsp?
21:17:05 <r0bby> there is.
21:17:19 <r0bby> but i'd prefer to use a controller
21:17:21 <Keelhaul> like ${model.a} has to assume the value of ${model.b}
21:17:30 <Keelhaul> no, that's for my stuff
21:17:35 <Keelhaul> i want the controller to be agnostic
21:17:44 <Keelhaul> and the jsp using the correct value itself
21:18:23 <r0bby> oh
21:18:31 <r0bby> <jsp:setProperty> i think
21:19:55 <r0bby> this makes no sense
21:21:54 <Keelhaul> hmm
21:21:57 <Keelhaul> how do you use it
21:22:06 <Keelhaul> the jstl reference i have here doesnt have that one
21:22:40 *** upul has joined #openmrs
21:22:43 <Keelhaul> <jsp:setPropertyname="mybean"property="username"value="Steve"/>
21:22:48 <Keelhaul> ah cool
21:27:31 <r0bby> did it work?
21:29:25 <Keelhaul> havent tried yet
21:29:33 <Keelhaul> An Internal Error has Occured
21:29:33 <Keelhaul> org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException
21:29:33 <Keelhaul> could not insert: [org.openmrs.DrugOrder]
21:29:34 <Keelhaul> =/
21:29:44 <Keelhaul> too bad it doesnt tell which constraint..
21:33:26 *** sprasanna has quit IRC
21:36:16 <Keelhaul> r0bby: seems like setProperty works, tyvm =)
21:36:32 *** sprasanna has joined #openmrs
21:59:27 <r0bby> sprasanna
21:59:44 <sprasanna> r0bby: hey robby
21:59:45 <r0bby> how the hell did you get your PortletController to bind
22:00:06 <r0bby> it seems that my populateModel method is executed but the data isnt there LM
22:00:08 <r0bby> :<
22:01:58 <sprasanna> r0bby: you have to change the portletpath check here
22:02:11 <sprasanna> line 68
22:02:58 <sprasanna> r0bby: did you get it?
22:03:18 <r0bby> hrm not handling requests tho..
22:03:20 <r0bby> or am I?
22:04:26 <r0bby> sprasanna
22:05:37 <r0bby> :X
22:05:52 <sprasanna> r0bby: you dont see your portlet instead you see older one or empty space right?? and cross check whether you have extended LayoutPortletController
22:06:41 <sprasanna> you did super() in your hr method right?
22:07:53 <r0bby> i see my portlet
22:07:58 <r0bby> the data isnt being populated
22:07:59 <r0bby> :P
22:08:04 <r0bby> this is patientdash
22:09:12 <sprasanna> hmmm... it works fine for me though... i use ajax to pull out the data and feed it into the portlet...
22:09:23 <r0bby> hrm
22:09:28 <r0bby> I used enough ajax
22:09:32 <r0bby> no more :)
22:10:10 <sprasanna> even me but it works pretty well for me...
22:10:24 <r0bby> yeh
22:10:29 <sprasanna> i use hrm only to redirect to my portlet path
22:10:30 <r0bby> causes headaches for me
22:12:05 <sprasanna> r0bby: hope this helps
22:12:20 <sprasanna> r0bby: i have used as much as ajax i can
22:12:49 <r0bby> cant use dwr
22:13:08 <r0bby> id prefer to use spring
22:13:25 <sprasanna> r0bby: one more thing is i have adopted all the parameter names so that the default controller takes care of everything
22:13:59 <sprasanna> r0bby: but i need to used lotsa javascript so i taken this way
22:14:25 <r0bby> thanks anyways
22:14:45 <r0bby> I have all your code downloaded :)
22:14:50 <r0bby> I did a pull of all modules :)
22:15:05 <sprasanna> :)
22:17:13 <r0bby> INFO - NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(?) |2008-08-24 23:15:41,944| Populating Model for Patient Portlet w/ 1 form(s)
22:17:15 <r0bby> it's there
22:17:18 <r0bby> :x
22:17:20 <r0bby> INFO - NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(?) |2008-08-24 23:15:41,946| [Groovy Form id: mygroovyform1.0]
22:23:33 <sprasanna> r0bby: in which table the user names are stored??
22:24:29 <sprasanna> i mean like for admin name is given as Super User na where it is stored??
23:05:50 <r0bby> i dont know
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