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  • 2008-08-18 - OpenMRS
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08:57:50 <maveriick> hi all
08:59:28 <bwolfe> hey
08:59:28 <maveriick> hi bwolfe
09:02:45 <maveriick> Is there any way to define a servlet mapping for a module? ...I mean like adding a servlet definition and mapping in the main web.xml of openmrs by any kind of extension mechanism?
09:10:40 <bwolfe> maveriick: no
09:10:48 <bwolfe> maveriick: what are you needing to add ?
09:25:11 <maveriick> bwolfe, I need to add a servlet for image/file upload in FckEditor ....they provided the built in servlet and so far I couldn't find a way to replace their servlet by anything like a spring managed controller.
09:25:50 <bwolfe> maveriick: you can add a servlet at a specified path via your module
09:26:03 <bwolfe> see the config.xml file documentation
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09:28:55 <maveriick> bwolfe, args! thanks! I missed that! :-|
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09:36:54 <bwolfe> ah, glad you could join us james_regen ;-)
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12:11:41 *** sprasanna has joined #openmrs
12:11:49 <sprasanna> bmckown: Hi Brian
12:12:12 <bmckown> Hi, sprasanna
12:12:31 <bmckown> brb
12:12:33 <sprasanna> bmckown: did you see i committed my code
12:12:58 <bmckown> I will take a look at it.
12:13:01 <sprasanna> bwolfe: Hi Ben
12:13:26 <sprasanna> bwolfe: I have a doubt...
12:13:51 <sprasanna> bwolfe: does the patient.form loads more than one time?
12:15:14 <Phantal> howdy
12:15:38 <bwolfe> patient.form will load once per patient
12:18:14 <sprasanna> bwolfe: but my javascript in the page loads more than once
12:18:17 <sprasanna> i dunno y
12:18:27 <bwolfe> where is your javascript ?
12:18:49 <sprasanna> in my portlet
12:19:41 <sprasanna> bwolfe: and i see one more thing... all objects in all portlets appears twice and later one disappears
12:19:57 <sprasanna> bwolfe: i see this even in openmrs demo page
12:20:38 <bwolfe> what do you mean by objects ?
12:20:55 <bwolfe> I see only one on the demo page
12:20:55 <bwolfe> send me a link to where you're seeing this
12:25:24 <sprasanna> bwolfe:
12:25:32 <sprasanna> bwolfe:
12:25:48 <bwolfe> ah!
12:25:49 <bwolfe> I was looking at the patient dashboard
12:25:53 <bwolfe> sorry
12:26:05 <bwolfe> the address portlet will load multiple times there
12:26:12 <bwolfe> one for each address the user has
12:26:17 <bwolfe> and one for an empty one
12:26:28 <bwolfe> (which is why you see two appear then disappear)
12:26:36 <sprasanna> but that makes my page to collapse entirely
12:27:17 <sprasanna> bwolfe: the script are executing more than one time so they are not working properly :(
12:27:34 <bwolfe> so add a check to make it only execute once! :-p
12:27:38 <bwolfe> set a variable
12:27:43 <bwolfe> check to see if its changed
12:27:45 <bwolfe> etc
12:27:45 <bwolfe> etc
12:28:33 <sprasanna> but the thing is i also see this happening in patientdashboard also
12:29:07 <sprasanna> it executes twice there and my portlet appeared twice so i had to insert a script to delete it
12:29:18 *** atomicturtle has left #openmrs
12:29:32 <bwolfe> hmm
12:29:35 <bwolfe> not sure about that one
12:29:36 <sprasanna> i mean to delete the extra portlet
12:29:41 <bwolfe> did the patient have two addresses ?
12:29:54 <sprasanna> bwolfe: no
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12:42:49 <sgrannis> james_regen: I got nribeka's email. How're things going?
12:46:03 <james_regen> hopefully we'll have a simple case working end to end soon, and then we can determine what needs work and where the bugs are
12:47:39 <james_regen> i'd say by the end of the week we should be on "make it better" instead of "make it work"
12:57:16 <njero> sgrannis: hey in your patient matching module did you guys do any kind of soundex?
12:59:11 *** TorLye has joined #openmrs
13:01:16 <james_regen> njero: currently our module does do anything like soundex. i think it's a long term goal, though.
13:01:25 <james_regen> oops, does not do
13:01:29 <njero> in aha
13:01:44 <njero> in Neno this weekend we implemented a modified soundex
13:01:59 <njero> with specific ehancements/changes for chichewa phonemes
13:24:45 <njero> Here is our current code...
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15:14:44 <sgrannis> njero: we have soundex as one of the optional string comparators -- levenstein edit distance and the jaro-winkler comparator are also present
15:15:37 <njero> I've never heard of the jaro-winkler
15:16:05 <sgrannis> njero: soundex is present in the code and available in the Java Swing app ("RecMatch.jar") -- the dedupe module (in it's early stages) is hard-coded to use only exact match
15:16:24 <njero> But I think we are using something like levenstein edit distance when we apply the lookups as you type in names
15:16:26 <njero> makes sense
15:16:27 <sgrannis> as we extend the web interface we'll add the strign comparator options that are there
15:17:15 <njero> I was looking into double metaphone but really in chichewa the dual letter phonemes are pretty few and partial matching didn't really require doubles
15:17:41 <sgrannis> most of the comparators we use are part of the simmetric package on source forge --
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21:08:03 <Keelhaul> what happens if a module uses an extension point that doesnt exist?
21:17:06 <Keelhaul> hmm
21:17:14 <Keelhaul> seems like that extension just isnt used then
21:17:18 <Keelhaul> at least it doesnt give an error
21:17:19 <Keelhaul> thats good
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23:31:28 <Keelhaul|afk> is it possible to spring:bind a List?
23:31:38 <Keelhaul|afk> so that items are added dynamically
23:42:34 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Information inside the Database <>
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