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  • 2008-08-03 - OpenMRS
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01:54:41 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
02:53:37 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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06:35:30 *** sunbiz has joined #openmrs
06:35:55 <sunbiz> hey...any1 awake ??
06:49:04 *** sprasanna_ has joined #openmrs
06:56:02 <sunbiz> sprasanna_: hey !!
06:56:11 <sunbiz> sprasanna_: u awake ??
07:10:13 <sprasanna_> sunbiz: hi sunbiz...
07:10:19 <sprasanna_> sunbiz: sorry i was away
07:10:54 <sprasanna_> sunbiz: I missed you and shahid at the meetup
07:12:30 <sprasanna_> sunbiz: Are you there??
07:13:21 <sunbiz> sprasanna_: yes...Im here
07:13:32 <sunbiz> sprasanna_: howz ur project going ??
07:14:04 <sunbiz> sprasanna_: just 13 days left now... !! :'(
07:14:15 <sprasanna_> sunbiz: yeah going fine.... will be done with this week i guess
07:14:28 <sprasanna_> how come 13 days?? when is the deadline?
07:14:30 <sunbiz> sprasanna_: awesome man !!
07:14:53 <sunbiz> I think 18th or sometime is the hard deadline... but I think the codiong should finish by 13th or something
07:15:02 <sprasanna_> sunbiz: ha week before i had fever so loads of work got accumulated :(
07:15:07 <sunbiz> sprasanna_: do u know whats the minimum to save a pateitn ??
07:15:16 <sunbiz> *patient
07:15:22 <sprasanna_> you mean patient record?
07:15:58 <sunbiz> yes
07:15:58 <sprasanna_>
07:15:59 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:16:29 <sprasanna_> the only think that i get trouble often in creating records is the identifier
07:16:32 <sunbiz> I mean to called savePatient(Patient)
07:17:13 <sunbiz> what things should the Patient object have before calling savePatient ??
07:17:40 <sunbiz> I have setIdentifier and setName... but then still its throwing NullPointerException
07:18:13 <sprasanna_> ha i am not sure about that.... because the minimum patient form is a single portlet whereas the newPatient form consists of 4 portlets i guess
07:19:48 <sprasanna_> what about demographics and deceased sections? does the function deals also them?? im sure that doesnt deal with address section
07:20:14 <sunbiz> yes
07:20:35 <sunbiz> I think those things are optional
07:21:06 <sunbiz> whats the name of the minimum patient form's jsp ??
07:21:44 <sprasanna_> afaik only name and identifier
07:22:20 <sunbiz> yes.. thats what I was wondering... so the NPE is uncalled for !!
07:22:31 <sprasanna_> what about id??
07:22:45 <sunbiz> I think that was auto-generated ??... isnt it ??
07:22:54 <sprasanna_> i mean the user
07:23:00 <sprasanna_> not the patient
07:23:07 <sunbiz> whats a userid ???
07:23:08 <sprasanna_> we need to pass the user info also na
07:23:21 <sprasanna_> i mean the user who creates the patient info
07:23:21 <sunbiz> didnt... know that..
07:23:31 <sunbiz> ohhh... so thats required... is it ??
07:23:34 <sprasanna_> i think thats mandatory
07:24:23 <sprasanna_> sunbiz: i may be wrong also please cross check with the api documentation
07:24:41 <sunbiz> the api doc is really sparse.... or mayb Im looking at the wrong place
07:24:54 <sunbiz> I couldnt find anything mentioned anywhere
07:25:36 <sprasanna_> oh but afaik the user details are also mandatory while creating patients
07:25:45 <sprasanna_> sunbiz: do you have a gmail id?
07:26:06 <sunbiz> yes... I do !!.. with the id that I have here
07:28:34 <sprasanna_> i ve sent a request
07:28:39 <sprasanna_> in gtalk
08:00:23 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
08:01:23 *** njero has joined #openmrs
08:01:23 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v njero
08:02:53 <sunbiz> hey guys ...any help with savePatient ??
08:04:00 <sunbiz> nribeka: u there ??
08:04:16 <sunbiz> njero: any help
08:04:31 <njero> hey sunbiz
08:04:37 <sunbiz> hey !!
08:04:45 <njero> sorry I probably dont know... but I will give it a shot
08:04:55 <njero> but need to leave soon... what is the error?
08:05:37 <nribeka> hey sunbiz
08:05:39 <sunbiz> Im gettign a NulklPointerException trying to savePatient
08:05:56 <nribeka> savePatient?
08:06:48 <sunbiz> PatientIdentifier identifier = new PatientIdentifier();identifier.setIdentifier("99999MO-8");Patient p = new Patient();p.addIdentifier(identifier);p.addName(new PersonName("Saptarshi","Swapan","Purkayastha"));Context.getPatientService().savePatient(p);
08:07:11 <sunbiz> sorry for the paste... but trying to savePatient is throwing the NullPointerException
08:07:35 <sunbiz> whats the minimum info required inside Patient object to run savePatient ??
08:07:50 <njero> sunbiz, depending on the version you may need to build a person first I thnk
08:08:06 <nribeka> yeah njero is right
08:08:22 <sunbiz> and what should the Person object have ??
08:08:30 <nribeka> probably you can see the code that Tammy gave in the "Database tools" email
08:08:36 <njero> It is what contains the person name
08:08:48 <sunbiz> nribeka: yea.... good pointer mayb !!
08:09:06 <njero> basically the patient will contain medical related identifiers and the person will contain personal demographics and such
08:09:15 <sunbiz> Im using 1.3 API... and doesnt isnt Patient a subset of Person ??
08:09:20 <njero> A person can be a patient, a user, a guardian, etc...
08:09:50 <sunbiz> * minus "doesn't"
08:10:11 <njero> heh
08:10:14 <njero> not sure
08:11:27 <njero> sunbiz: need to run...
08:11:40 <sunbiz> njero: no probs... thanks for the info
08:28:44 *** atomicturtle1 has joined #openmrs
08:36:01 *** njero has quit IRC
08:40:44 *** atomicturtle has quit IRC
08:51:59 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: Sam Ndichu: PatientVisitScheduler status <>
08:52:40 <sunbiz> nribeka: yeah... :( I tried Tammy's code as well
08:52:47 <sunbiz> it throws the same exception !!
08:53:40 <nribeka> can i see the stack trace
08:53:47 <nribeka> i need to use that code too
08:54:47 <sunbiz>
08:57:32 <nribeka> do you have the identifierType in the database?
09:00:26 <sunbiz> yes
09:00:52 <nribeka> hmm ...
09:01:00 <nribeka> lemme try it
09:07:30 <sunbiz> nribeka: working....
09:07:32 <sunbiz> ??
09:07:55 <nribeka> it's work?
09:08:12 <sunbiz> nope... asking if its working ??
09:08:30 <nribeka> ooo wait ... still adding data
09:18:05 <sunbiz> I just got hint from Brian that we have to use new PatientIdentifier(String,PatientIdentifierType,Location) constructor
09:18:40 <sunbiz> my mentor rocks... !!! '<
09:19:04 <sunbiz> nribeka: got it fixed... thanks for the help !!
09:19:29 <nribeka> hehe ... cool sunbiz :D
09:38:02 *** sprasanna_ has quit IRC
09:38:28 *** sprasanna has joined #openmrs
09:47:32 *** nribeka_ has joined #openmrs
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10:31:45 *** sunbiz has left #openmrs
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13:21:39 *** sgrannis_ has joined #openmrs
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13:23:14 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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15:37:08 *** huntp has joined #openmrs
16:00:11 <r0bby> huntp: o/
16:05:49 <huntp> rob-meister ...
16:22:18 <r0bby> my god
16:38:39 *** Keelhaul has joined #openmrs
16:38:39 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Keelhaul
19:16:32 <r0bby> /jj
19:16:34 <r0bby> er
20:26:10 *** sgrannis_ has joined #openmrs
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21:33:06 *** upul has joined #openmrs
22:11:59 <Keelhaul> does any of you know how to properly bind members of a Map in spring?
22:12:45 <Keelhaul> like <spring:bindpath="formbackingobject.mapName[${key]}>
22:12:47 <Keelhaul> or smt liek that
22:12:53 <Keelhaul> doesnt seem to work this way
22:27:11 <upul> Keelhaul: try apostrophes formbackingobject.mapName['${key}']
22:27:42 <Keelhaul> nah
22:27:45 <Keelhaul> but it seems to work now
22:27:52 <Keelhaul> work as in not give an error and load the page
22:28:29 <Keelhaul> i had the wrong map name in some of the occurences =/
22:37:05 *** atomicturtle1 is now known as atomicturtle
22:46:17 <r0bby> Keelhaul:how's your JSP kung-fu
22:46:19 <r0bby> specifically el?
22:46:41 <Keelhaul> lol i'm an imbecile
22:46:49 <Keelhaul> my config tool jsut flushed all global props..
22:46:49 <r0bby> upul?
23:37:47 <upul> Hi r0bby
23:47:57 *** upul has quit IRC
23:49:09 *** upul has joined #openmrs
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