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  • 2008-07-23 - OpenMRS
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00:00:10 <r0bby> basic system is there just need to write the patient dash portlet; edit functionality in the management page; and get stuff
00:00:24 <r0bby> I wrote the ability to do BOTH
00:00:25 <docpaul> so, can i have a geek moment?
00:00:31 <r0bby> "WEIGHT IN (KG)".concept
00:00:34 <r0bby> _AND_
00:00:41 <r0bby> "WEIGHT IN (KG)".concept()
00:01:31 <docpaul>,en
00:01:32 <r0bby> I added the ability to also get cohorts and observations as well
00:01:35 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
00:01:38 <docpaul> i just bought one of these... it's awesome!!!
00:01:54 <docpaul> schweet
00:03:03 <r0bby> Also throw an exception now if you try and assign something using either the metaprogramming variable names; or the variables names used by the services i add via an abstract class
00:04:06 <r0bby> burke wanted that one. I'm still trying to figure out how to handle that
00:04:52 <r0bby> all I care is my tests show it passes :-S
00:04:56 <nribeka> harmony, docpaul :)
00:05:32 <huntp> robby: yep, have noticed your project - and looking forward to seeing how it all works
00:06:24 <huntp> so - you guys have probably seen my emails to the mailing list re: controlling access to subsets of patients?
00:06:33 <huntp> do you think this will be easy to achieve?
00:08:34 <r0bby> huntp: of course
00:08:34 <jmiranda> huntp, i can see where cohorts would make this relatively easy
00:08:58 <jmiranda> however, that requires you to add a patient to a cohort immediately after they have been added to the system
00:09:45 <jmiranda> i could also see the functionality / requirements for this getting out of hand and requiring something more powerful than the cohort solution
00:09:51 <sgrannis> g'night all
00:09:59 <sgrannis> cya
00:10:09 <jmiranda> sgrannis, good night
00:10:19 <huntp> night sgrannis
00:11:08 <nribeka> night sgrannis
00:11:24 *** sgrannis has quit IRC
00:12:38 *** docpaul has quit IRC
00:15:32 <huntp> in terms of allowing patient access to OpenMRS - to their own patient record ... could this be achieved by defining a Cohort called something like "Current Patient" ... ?
00:16:12 <huntp> and have the definition / rules around that Cohort be limited to the current user / patient?
00:16:29 <jmiranda> interesting
00:16:52 <huntp> in conjunction with Darius "RestrictByCohort" module ...
00:17:10 <jmiranda> well, cohorts aren't that smart right now
00:17:15 <r0bby> I do have an idea for a decent module
00:17:26 <r0bby> allowing read-only access to patient data
00:17:36 <r0bby> which isn't too hard :-S
00:17:43 <r0bby> ...right?
00:17:54 * r0bby shuts up
00:18:00 <huntp> that'd be handy ....
00:18:17 <huntp> but - also restrict which sets of patient data you have read only axx to
00:18:33 <jmiranda> r0bby, you can lock down the entire system with a module
00:19:31 <jmiranda> one of our developers extended the home page of openmrs and displayed just a "reporting" dashboard for a program manager
00:19:54 <jmiranda> so when that person logged in, they were forwarded to the dashboard and couldn't access any other functions
00:21:07 <jmiranda> you can dream up whatever you want and implement it using as a module
00:21:47 * jmiranda is in now way legally bound to his previous comment
00:21:53 <jmiranda> s/now/no
00:22:31 <jmiranda> huntp, who would "Current Patient" be?
00:22:50 <jmiranda> the currently logged in user?
00:23:18 <huntp> yes - current logged in
00:25:46 <jmiranda> i think implementing the "restrict patient record to user/group" would be easier than trying to get a "Current Patient" cohort working within Darius's RestrictByCohort module
00:26:40 <jmiranda> although, on each web request the currently logged in user is bound to the thread that is assigned to process that request
00:27:03 <jmiranda> so either of those implementation are probably possible
00:34:23 * r0bby gets evil thoughts
00:34:27 <r0bby> goatsemodule
00:35:03 <r0bby> no relevence whatsoever to openmrs as s system, but boy would I love to see the look on the user's face
00:42:06 <r0bby> 213.56 less but one year less on my warranty :<
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06:48:54 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Problem with RemoteFormEntry Module Implementation <>
06:50:47 *** sam__ has joined #openmrs
06:52:53 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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06:56:38 <sam__> can i ask him?
06:57:54 <sam__> hi ben, u on holiday or something??, too much work?
06:58:22 <bwolfe> I was on holiday for that last 6 days, yes :-)
06:58:32 <sam__> ok
06:58:38 <sam__> just saying hi
06:59:38 <bwolfe> ah, excellent
06:59:47 <bwolfe> looks like you've been busy :-)
07:01:00 <sam__> a bit but am free now. will surprise you by monday next week. been attending some Java classes hre in Nai
07:01:41 <sam__> I am not so badly of with Hibernate any more.
07:02:05 <bwolfe> very good to hear :-)
07:03:54 <sam__> Sam has shown me some nice screen shots on the work u gave him
07:04:00 <sam__> he has made very good progress
07:04:07 <sam__> has he shown u?
07:10:50 <bwolfe> sam__: yep, he emailed me the shots
07:11:09 <sam__> ok
07:11:19 <bwolfe> its looking nice
07:11:37 <sam__> I told u he wouldn't disappoint
07:12:12 <sam__> we have been working together and I like his morale
07:12:34 <sam__> well, maybe, we can talk later. nice day
07:14:08 <bwolfe> ok
07:14:12 <bwolfe> cya sam__
07:14:26 <sam__> cya
07:14:47 *** sam__ has quit IRC
07:49:36 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Problem with RemoteFormEntry Module Implementation <>
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12:37:37 <r0bby> /jj
13:13:14 *** maveriick has joined #openmrs
13:14:33 <maveriick> hi
13:14:36 <maveriick> hi all
13:15:25 <r0bby> hey
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13:43:31 *** bwolfe_ is now known as bwolfe
14:16:48 * r0bby owns a dell~!!!!
14:27:10 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #931 (task closed): duplicate entry error in update to latest sql <>
14:27:57 *** TorLye has joined #openmrs
14:29:41 <r0bby> bwolfe: /jj
14:48:51 <bwolfe> I don't know what /jj means, but I don't like it
15:13:58 <r0bby> im a higher
15:14:01 <r0bby> high
15:14:05 <r0bby> I just bought my first laptop :X
15:14:13 <r0bby> im poor right now but i dont care
15:15:29 <r0bby> bwolfe: :D
15:15:40 <r0bby> dell studio 17 -- Tangerine Orange :D
15:15:48 <bwolfe> interesting choice
15:15:54 <bwolfe> but congrats nonetheless. :-)
15:16:34 <r0bby> dual 320gb (640gb); 4GB RAM; 2.5ghz Core Duo; 802.11n wifi; integrated verizon wireless broadband :)
15:16:38 <r0bby> kickass :)
15:17:00 <r0bby> ships next thursday :DDDDDDDDD
15:17:02 * r0bby dances
15:17:18 * r0bby dances
15:17:31 <r0bby> 4 year warranty
15:17:43 <r0bby> and believe me i pout the keyboards throigh hell
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17:05:59 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #936 (task created): Role Management should populate privilege check boxes with a role's inherited privileges. <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #426 (defect closed): Add authorization check to all service layer methods <>
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17:06:10 <[mharrison]> r0bby, I hope you're at least planning to put a real OS on that...
17:06:23 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
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20:30:49 <r0bby> [mharrison]: of course.
20:33:51 *** pombreda has joined #openmrs
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21:21:38 <huntp> hey - quick question around "context" ...
21:22:10 <huntp> if i have an app that calls: org.openmrs.api.context.startup(props) ....
21:22:57 <huntp> and then, calls org.openmrs.api.context.authenticate('admin', test') ...
21:23:25 <huntp> will all users of my app get access to the same "org.openmrs.api.context" ??
21:24:30 <huntp> i.e. - by calling the authenticate() method - would it change the context for all my users?
21:26:07 *** sgrannis has quit IRC
21:47:05 <r0bby> huntp: you may want to either a) ask on the list or b) wait til bwolfe or some other devs get here
21:47:21 * r0bby hasn't hit the api yet
21:58:07 *** upul has joined #openmrs
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22:52:20 * r0bby takes jmiranda's wallet
22:52:29 <r0bby> money money money money I want money
22:52:31 <r0bby> more.
22:52:35 * r0bby spent his :(
22:53:03 <jmiranda> r0bby, you aren't going to find any there
22:53:12 <r0bby> damn it
22:53:17 <r0bby> thern why did i commit a felony?
22:53:52 <jmiranda> you might get some lint out of the deal
22:54:43 <r0bby>
22:54:59 <r0bby> i shall complete soc on that beast :D when i get it :DDDDDDDD
22:55:30 <r0bby> these heredocs in the text area generation util method is ... :/
22:55:42 <r0bby> it makes the method ugly
22:57:56 <r0bby> ffs
22:58:12 * r0bby writes his own builder that pretty prints :/
23:00:13 <Keelhaul> 1 412-0933 AOL for Broadband
23:00:15 <Keelhaul> wtf
23:00:43 <Keelhaul> 1 420-9106 eBay Web Access Icon
23:00:48 <Keelhaul> lol
23:03:15 <r0bby> yeh
23:03:20 <r0bby> ... that's funny
23:03:42 <Keelhaul> yea, hillarious
23:07:01 <upul> do they give a warranty for the icon
23:08:11 <Keelhaul> lol
23:11:25 *** Keelhaul has quit IRC
23:14:56 *** sioraiocht has quit IRC
23:22:56 <r0bby> upul: no,,
23:23:37 <upul> r0bby: what if there are defects in the icon :-)
23:23:47 <r0bby> LOL
23:23:59 <r0bby> oh you mean like say... I dont have inet?
23:25:07 <upul> you paid 2500 for that
23:26:00 <r0bby> over.
23:26:41 <r0bby> keep in mind i maxed out all but the cd/dvd drive (blu-ray was an option but it was too much money)
23:26:54 <upul> for that kind of money here we can only get a 1gb 120gb thing
23:27:12 <r0bby> upul: the USD is worth shit
23:27:21 <r0bby> that's why :P
23:27:51 <upul> here it's worse than that
23:28:15 <r0bby> I know :-)
23:28:26 <r0bby> they govt is paying people to put money into the economy
23:28:29 <r0bby> it's that bad
23:28:41 <upul> so eveyone get free 500$ or something
23:29:54 <upul> if that happens here half will goto politicians and other half to their henchmen
23:30:27 *** sioraiocht has joined #openmrs
23:32:24 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
23:38:46 <r0bby> upul: no i had the $500 from the first payment :p
23:41:07 <huntp> hey, does anyone here have experience with the OpenMRS API ?
23:41:53 * nribeka is pointing to jmiranda
23:42:50 <jmiranda> thanks nribeka
23:42:58 * jmiranda raises his hand
23:43:17 <huntp> cool, well ... i've got a ColdFusion application which references the OpenMRS API
23:43:23 <nribeka> jmiranda, you're still awake :D
23:43:46 <jmiranda> nribeka, i'm Central Time (it's only midnight here)
23:44:11 <huntp> on startup of my app ... I'm invoking this --> openmrs.context.startup(variables.ehr.datalayer.url, variables.ehr.datalayer.username, variables.ehr.datalayer.password, props);
23:45:39 <huntp> i want to store the "openmrs.context" variable once, in an application-wide variable ... which would be available to multiple user sessions
23:46:52 <huntp> so - my problem is - when i do this ... openmrs.context.authenticate("admin", "test") .... all user sessions in my app become the admin user (because my openmrs.context variable is global)
23:47:11 <nribeka> ah ic ic jmiranda. EST here :D
23:49:03 <huntp> basically, i only want to have to call "openmrs.context.startup" once, and then authenticate against that context multiple times ... is this possible?
23:49:31 <jmiranda> thinking ...
23:50:15 <jmiranda> we essentially do the same thing with Context
23:51:08 <jmiranda> Context exposes all of the services statically
23:52:18 <jmiranda> and i guess you could say it's a singleton
23:52:38 <jmiranda> the weird part ...
23:53:28 <jmiranda> it contains a ThreadLocal variable which keeps track of the user on every request
23:55:39 <jmiranda> i'm trying to think of how that will impact your app
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