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  • 2008-07-22 - OpenMRS
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00:45:58 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Problem starting openmrs after successful deployment (I thin <>
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08:59:01 <nribeka> hi james_regen
09:15:18 <james_regen> hi
09:16:06 <james_regen> nribeka: i committed some code friday that you can try to fix if you don't want to wait until next week
09:19:28 *** rfoecking has joined #openmrs
09:20:06 <rfoecking> anyone know if the "Find Encounter" search box on obsForm actually works?
09:23:04 <nribeka> james_regen: which code is it?
09:23:04 <nribeka> i'm talking with shaun right now :)
09:27:27 *** sgrannis has joined #openmrs
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09:27:36 <sgrannis> hey james_regen
09:27:47 <sgrannis> nyoman and i are chatting right now
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09:48:51 <nribeka> interesting data model :)
09:58:11 <nribeka> sgrannis: it was great talking to you :)
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11:09:06 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Problem starting openmrs after successful deployment (I thin <> || Shaun Grannis: Notes from 7/15/08 Patient Matching call <>
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12:11:32 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: Tor Lye: Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. <>
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16:26:43 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: Shaun Grannis: Notes from 7/22/08 Patient Matching call <>
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21:07:17 <nribeka> sgrannis, are u still there?
21:08:04 <sgrannis> still here
21:16:10 <nribeka> send u a patch
21:24:00 *** [mharrison] has joined #openmrs
21:38:04 *** upul has joined #openmrs
21:42:38 <nribeka> sgrannis, patch committed :)
21:42:59 <sgrannis> thx! I'll give it a shot!
21:46:06 <nribeka> ok ok :D
21:46:33 <nribeka> kewl ... lol
22:22:37 <sgrannis> nribeka: I noticed one thing
22:22:58 <nribeka> fingers crossed
22:23:18 <sgrannis> :)
22:23:50 <nribeka> what is it sgrannis
22:23:56 <sgrannis> we should require a uid field independent of whether it's a deduplication run or not
22:24:10 <sgrannis> transitive grouping won't work without it
22:25:03 <sgrannis> right now it appears that the uid field is checked only if it's a deduplication run.
22:25:28 <nribeka> yeps. so no matter dedupe or not, the uid will still be mandatory?
22:25:33 <sgrannis> Yes.
22:25:43 <sgrannis> It's a big step, but I think it's necessary
22:25:51 <sgrannis> right now the user will have ot genreate it
22:26:10 <sgrannis> later we'll add the automatic uid generation function
22:26:16 <sgrannis> but that's a derived trait
22:26:18 <nribeka> at some point we need to generate it if they don't have it
22:26:24 <sgrannis> and required a more robust data model
22:26:40 <nribeka> which is the database model
22:26:46 <sgrannis> exactly
22:27:15 <sgrannis> so for now, users have to generate it. OpenMRS already has it.
22:27:39 <sgrannis> that's a small point, and everything else looks great!
22:28:59 <nribeka> ok ok cule (i need to find my own style)
22:30:27 <nribeka> i will look in to the blocking order and then the requirements for the new GUI features
22:34:36 <nribeka> do you found anything else that's unusual sgrannis?
22:35:37 <sgrannis> nothing comes to mind with those changes. One other minor issue, if you're looking for things to do .... ;)
22:36:38 <sgrannis> a field can either be a blocking field OR an include field, but not both.
22:36:47 <nribeka> haha ... yes sure :)
22:36:51 <sgrannis> in the GUI, we can set a field to be both
22:37:05 <sgrannis> (this has been the case forever -- its been wrong forever)
22:37:47 <sgrannis> so the rule I think we need to implemet is if a user selects the field as a blocking variable, the inlcude checkbox should be set to unchecked
22:38:24 <sgrannis> and if a user checks an inlcude box, the blockign field should be set to '0'
22:39:07 <sgrannis> I can write up a ticket,and there's no hurry -- again this is very minor
22:39:33 <nribeka> ic ic ... that's fine. the assignment is pretty straightforward i think :)
22:39:56 <nribeka> will look into it to see how we can implement it :)
22:40:48 <nribeka> tickets will be great, sgrannis :)
22:47:37 <nribeka> i feel like i'm asking so much from u sgrannis :(
22:49:35 <sgrannis> why?
22:51:47 <nribeka> i ask u to write all the tickets :P
22:52:09 <nribeka> i think it should be ours as interns duty to write it :P
22:52:13 <nribeka> hehe ...
22:52:52 <sgrannis> i don't mind. if you find a defect you certainly write up a ticket. my persnickity nature predisposes me to think abotu where things are broken :)
22:54:14 <nribeka> google-ing persnickity and predisposes ... :P
22:55:57 <sgrannis> persnickity: fussy about small details
22:57:01 <nribeka> ah got it. Fastidious or fussy
22:57:06 <nribeka> haha ... lol
22:57:11 <nribeka> are you sgrannis?
22:57:19 <sgrannis> am I? ...
22:57:36 <nribeka> i don't think so. details is important :)
22:57:57 <sgrannis> I think w,r.t. software, details matter ;)
22:58:06 <sgrannis> w.r.t.
22:58:10 <nribeka> yeps, :)
22:58:35 <nribeka> especially critical system :)
23:08:44 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #935 (defect created): Verify Blocking/Include status of matching fields <>
23:11:29 <nribeka> !tickets 935
23:11:29 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: Error: "tickets" is not a valid command.
23:11:33 <nribeka> !ticket 935
23:11:33 <OpenMRSBot> nribeka: Ticket #935:
23:33:46 <huntp> hey - does anyone know if it's possible to allow a patient to login to OpenMRS and see their own records?
23:44:23 <r0bby> phil!
23:45:45 <nribeka> huntp, r0bby can answer it for you i think :)
23:46:29 <r0bby> no I can't
23:46:37 <r0bby> Just saying hi :P
23:46:49 <r0bby> wait until the am
23:46:50 <nribeka> just kiding rob :)
23:47:05 <nribeka> yeah, huntp, you need to wait for the mentors to wake up :D
23:47:19 <nribeka> i think sgrannis and jmiranda is still online :D
23:48:11 <jmiranda> nribeka, yes ... it is true
23:48:44 <nribeka> aha ... summoned jmiranda :D
23:48:54 <jmiranda> huntp, currently patients do not have user records
23:49:11 <jmiranda> but, that doesn't mean they can't
23:50:34 *** docpaul has joined #openmrs
23:50:34 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o docpaul
23:50:35 <huntp> sorry, was in another window ...
23:50:42 <docpaul> hi. :)
23:50:52 <docpaul> hi phillip hunt. :)
23:50:54 <r0bby> hey paul
23:51:05 <docpaul> rob: a link you might be interested in:
23:51:06 <docpaul>
23:51:07 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
23:51:22 <huntp> yeah - would be cool if a user was a "person" - and we established some kind of relationship between the person -> user tables
23:51:33 <docpaul> a module development primer
23:51:46 <docpaul> phil: users are in fact persons
23:52:07 <huntp> ok?
23:52:08 <docpaul> users extend people
23:52:10 <huntp> problem solved then!
23:52:27 <docpaul> that is by design. :) what happens when patients start entering their own data? :)
23:52:52 <jmiranda> huntp, but within openmrs we don't create a user record for each patient
23:52:58 <huntp> yip - obviously that'd need to be controlled
23:53:09 <docpaul> no users without a person stub though.
23:53:23 <docpaul> justin: check out that link. :)
23:53:30 <jmiranda> but a module certainly could extend that functionality and allow a patient to register with the system given their ID (and some answers to security questions)
23:53:36 <huntp> so - we can have users who arent patients?
23:53:39 <docpaul> webreach 1.5 hour tutorial video
23:53:45 <docpaul> of course
23:53:57 <huntp> if yes, how would you make a user a patient - is this possible thru the web interface?
23:54:02 <r0bby> paul, im getting a new laptop
23:54:08 <r0bby> and burke better pass me in the final
23:54:17 <r0bby> otherwise im out $180! :<
23:54:35 <docpaul> heh... make a strong module, and he'll pass you
23:54:54 <docpaul> no worky groovy module, no passy :)
23:55:36 <jmiranda> docpaul, where did jacob present this?
23:55:41 <docpaul> hunt: one person can be both a user and a patient
23:55:47 <docpaul> jm: conference call
23:55:56 <docpaul> for regenstrief and another project we're doing with openmrs
23:55:58 <r0bby> docpaul: cool, except I kinda know how to do it :P
23:56:04 <jmiranda> docpaul, did we get that relationship wrong?
23:56:27 <jmiranda> nevermind
23:56:32 <docpaul> jm: which relationship justin?
23:56:32 <docpaul> oh
23:57:04 * r0bby broke up his ajax servlet
23:57:07 <jmiranda> was wondering if it might have been better to have patient extend person extend user
23:57:11 <r0bby> docpaul: did you see ticket 930 :)
23:57:27 <huntp> paul: understand now .... sorry, i'm really new to OpenMRS - have just configured an existing user in my DB to now also be a patient
23:57:32 <docpaul> welp, we also need non patient, non users in the system
23:57:36 <jmiranda> but that would create an unnecessary record in user for every patient
23:57:49 <docpaul> phil: oh man, no problem at all!
23:57:50 <docpaul> ask away
23:57:56 <huntp> :)
23:58:07 <docpaul> we're excited that you're becoming a new member of our community
23:59:03 <r0bby> huntp: keep your eyes peeled ->
23:59:15 <r0bby> make creating forms cake
23:59:34 <docpaul> how are things coming along robbo?
23:59:40 <r0bby> docpaul: good
23:59:54 <docpaul> burke was pretty psyched the other day
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