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  • 2008-07-15 - OpenMRS
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01:04:20 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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08:31:37 *** sprasanna has joined #openmrs
08:32:16 <sprasanna> bwolfe: Hi Ben, I think you would be happy on seeing my new nick :P
08:32:27 <bwolfe> woohoo! :-)
08:32:58 <bwolfe> you're so good to me
08:33:20 <sprasanna> bwolfe: i get exactly what you have said in ur mail in the dev... but i have a small doubt...
08:34:25 <bwolfe> yeah?
08:34:27 <bwolfe> whys that ?
08:34:49 <sprasanna>
08:34:58 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
08:35:24 <sprasanna> this line actually points the location of the default addressLayout.jsp right?
08:36:13 <bwolfe> sprasanna: yeah, but it still passes through spring to find the right one
08:37:21 <sprasanna> bwolfe: oh okay... i think this was my confusion...
08:37:37 <sprasanna> bwolfe: i think i can override it then :)
08:43:41 *** sprasann1 has joined #openmrs
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09:13:52 <sprasann1> bwolfe: if i am using my own controller for my addressLayout.jsp then should i extend LayoutPortletController?
09:14:17 <bwolfe> sprasann1: you could probably extend the same controller that addressLayout currently uses
09:14:27 <bwolfe> you might be able to steal some logic from it that way
09:14:58 <sprasann1> bwolfe: okay
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09:33:36 *** sprasann1 is now known as sprasanna
09:44:37 <sprasanna> bwolfe: i can override the controller successfully but i want to override the addressLayout.jsp also... i mean i have to modify its content... how to map it then in the moduleApplicationContext.xml?
09:45:10 <sprasanna> bwolfe: i have my own addressLayout.jsp in module/portlets/addressLayout.jsp
09:45:13 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
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09:46:08 <bwolfe> sprasanna: what do you have now in your moduleApplicationContext ?
09:46:43 <sprasanna> <bean id="addressLayoutPortletController" class="org.openmrs.module.addresshierarchy.web.controller.AddressLayoutPortletController" />
09:46:45 <sprasanna> and
09:46:55 <sprasanna> <prop key="**/addressLayout.portlet">addressLayoutPortletController</prop>
09:47:10 <sprasanna> under urlmapping
09:49:13 <nribeka> hi bwolfe :D
09:49:18 <sprasanna> this overrides the existing controller... but i ve my own addressLayout.jsp but no idea about how to put it here
09:49:31 <nribeka> i'm going to indi (one day, i will)
09:49:43 <nribeka> and i will see u again :D
09:49:50 <bwolfe> nribeka: cool.
09:50:03 <sprasanna> nribeka: indonesia for vacation?
09:50:08 <bwolfe> nribeka: I was just over in beaver PA again this weekend...but only for about 12 hours. was driving through
09:50:25 <bwolfe> sprasanna: I think he meant "Indy" -- Indianapolis
09:50:52 <nribeka> wow ... what's the occasion this time bwolfe?
09:51:07 <sprasanna> bwolfe: oh.. thats cool
09:51:07 <nribeka> sprasanna: Indianapolis
09:51:39 <sprasanna> indi stands for india indonesia indianapolis what else??? :-/
09:51:45 <bwolfe> nribeka: picking up a car that my dad bought. my wife and I made a road trip of it and stopped to see a bunch of family on the way back
09:51:59 <bwolfe> sprasanna: indiana jones ?
09:52:32 <nribeka> wow that's really cool ...
09:52:38 <sprasanna> ok now indi stands for india indonesia indianapolis and indianajones... lol
09:52:40 <nribeka> indiana jones? lol ...
09:53:04 <bwolfe> sprasanna: you should be able to add a formView to your bean just like the other forms
09:53:24 <sprasanna> bwolfe: yeah i did that but showed error...
09:53:57 <sprasanna> i tried something like this dunno whether is correct or not <property name="commandName"><value>addressLayout</value></property>
09:53:57 <sprasanna> <property name="formView"><value>/module/@MODULE_ID@/portlets/addressLayout</value></property>
09:53:57 <sprasanna> <property name="successView"><value>/module/@MODULE_ID@/portlets/addressLayout</value></property>
09:53:58 <bwolfe> sprasanna: ah yes, because there is no setFormView on those controllers
09:54:51 <sprasanna> bwolfe: iit sounds like i have to switch to my own controller...
09:54:56 <bwolfe> sprasanna: hmm...
09:55:46 <bwolfe> sprasanna: your controller needs to return the right ModelAndView object from the handleRequest method
09:56:51 <bwolfe> sprasanna: the AddressLayoutPortletController defers to the PortletController
09:57:30 <bwolfe> sprasanna: the PortletController is just doing """request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.include.servlet_path")/theGivenPortletUrl"""
09:58:38 <sprasanna> bwolfe: oh
10:44:25 <r0bby> morning ladies
10:46:52 *** upul has joined #openmrs
10:48:37 <nribeka> i believe r0bby wants to say morning to rfoecking :D
10:49:06 <rfoecking> haha, morning r0bby
10:52:34 <nribeka> hahaha ... lol
10:56:47 <r0bby> heredocs!!
10:58:38 *** upul has quit IRC
11:01:03 *** upul has joined #openmrs
11:14:06 *** sioraioc_ has joined #openmrs
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11:50:35 *** sioraioc_ is now known as sioraiocht
11:50:46 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v sioraiocht
11:57:43 <r0bby> god you people don't give me attention
12:00:58 *** bmckown is now known as bmckown_mia
12:01:20 <bmckown_mia> for r0bby
12:02:46 *** bmckown_mia is now known as bmckown
12:04:24 <sprasanna> bmckown: Brian MIA (master of international affairs) for being diplomatic with r0bby ;-)
12:04:41 <bmckown> haha :-)
12:05:29 <sprasanna> i think r0bby would be happy now... me and bmckown dragged him in somehow
12:05:45 <bmckown> :-)
12:06:33 <sprasanna> i think bmckown is more happy than r0bby because i drag him in often than r0bby :P
12:07:43 * sprasanna dodges
12:07:47 <bmckown> not 'that' happy. b e n had the answer about how to override jsp pages.
12:08:08 <bmckown> wish i had thought of it actually. did it work sprasanna?
12:09:21 <sprasanna> bmckown: yeah it worked well... i wrote my own controller so got it done... one few functions left in backend for this module :)
12:09:33 <bmckown> excellent work :-)
12:09:33 <sprasanna> bmckown: here is the screenshot
12:10:02 <bmckown> :-)
12:10:13 <sprasanna> bmckown: but still need to concentrate on that frontend... few powerful enhancements
12:10:47 <sprasanna> bmckown: wrt screenshot... so thats how the drop down to be given to user right?
12:11:00 <bmckown> yea - it's still cool to see you override the address portlet
12:11:15 <bwolfe> bmckown: I read through the irc logs anyway, might as well say "ben" instead of "b e n". :-p
12:11:24 * sprasanna points bwolfe
12:11:34 <bmckown> ben ben ben ben ben ben ben
12:11:38 <bwolfe> sprasanna: glad to see it worked!
12:11:59 * sprasanna again points out bwolfe and his mail
12:12:05 <sprasanna> :P
12:12:11 <bwolfe> sprasanna: I'm assuming you did something via the controller. can you add to that moduleApplicationContext wiki page for me ?
12:12:22 <bwolfe> thanks brian :-p
12:12:36 * bmckown tries hard not to bother people when they are busy at work.
12:13:13 <bwolfe> bmckown: I never actually work...I just pretend
12:13:32 <bmckown> hehe
12:13:42 <sprasanna> bwolfe: yeah sure... i have few things left out in it... i will write that in the wiki once im done completely with the controller
12:14:10 <bwolfe> bmckown: I backported that fix to the 1.2.02 tag
12:14:18 <bmckown> ah, cool.
12:14:33 <bmckown> i'm in the process of building backup database to run it on.
12:15:06 <sprasanna> i have a doubt, how to fill in that id numbers?
12:15:15 <sprasanna> in the new patient form?
12:16:04 <bmckown> PatientIdentifier ... why do you want to fill that in for address hierarchy?
12:16:21 <bmckown> or is that just a how-to question in general?
12:17:41 <sprasanna> yeah thats a general question... i dunno what to give in the id numbers and which identifier type should i choose?
12:18:56 <bmckown> one of them requires a check-digit while the "old identification number" i think allows you to enter anything pretty much.
12:20:33 <bmckown>
12:23:11 <sprasanna> bmckown: oh thanks brian
12:23:39 <bmckown> sure :-)
12:25:53 <bmckown> hmm. looks like the demo site doesn't require the check-digit on either type of identifier.
12:26:08 * r0bby throws sprasanna at bmckown
12:26:10 <r0bby> catch
12:26:22 * bmckown ducks
12:26:51 <r0bby> I just wasted an entire freaking cartidge of my Parathyroid hormone getting the air out
12:26:54 * sprasanna flies
12:27:03 <r0bby> common sense lacking -- i tried to do it downward
12:27:45 <sprasanna> r0bby: lol
12:28:17 <r0bby> I dont care tho
12:28:27 <r0bby> drug company designed the pen i use so fuck em :)
12:29:37 * sprasanna goes to bed... got class at 8.30 :(
12:30:34 *** sprasanna is now known as sprasanna_sleepi
12:33:02 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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13:28:27 <r0bby> bwolfe: wonder if I passed
13:29:22 <bwolfe> for three easy payments of $29.95 I'll tell you
13:29:36 <r0bby> do you take monopoly money?
13:29:46 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #911 (task created): Generic drug orders break patient dashboard <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #901 (task closed): API Refactoring of PersonService left RelationshipType in a bad state <>
13:33:12 <bwolfe> r0bby: no. euros only
13:33:17 <bwolfe> r0bby: or pounds
13:33:24 <r0bby> but you're american!
13:33:37 <r0bby> I heard no euro accent
13:33:48 <bwolfe> r0bby: yeah, but euros will hold their valeu longer :-p
13:34:09 <bwolfe> actually, scratch that. I'll take australian dollars. those things are indestructible
13:34:51 <r0bby> because australia is a prison
13:34:52 <r0bby> duh
13:35:18 <r0bby> or was
13:35:54 *** njero has quit IRC
13:38:50 <bwolfe> r0bby: no, its because they their money is made out of plastic or something. its literally indestructible...or at least not able to be ripped into pieces
13:44:25 <r0bby> literally?
13:53:21 <bwolfe> literally
13:57:36 *** pombreda has joined #openmrs
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15:44:21 <r0bby> docpaul: o/
15:44:32 <r0bby> welcome to ze looney bin
15:44:38 * r0bby is the head of operations
15:44:51 <docpaul> :)
15:45:28 <r0bby> that and my ide
15:45:30 *** njero has quit IRC
15:45:40 <r0bby> is making work hard taking away my precious inspections :(
15:45:54 <r0bby> if burke didn't pass me... *shakes fist* i'll go crazy
15:45:57 *** njero has joined #openmrs
15:45:57 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v njero
15:46:12 <nribeka> you'll pass rob :D
15:46:36 <r0bby> I bnetter
15:46:41 <r0bby> r0bby needs a new laptop
15:46:51 <r0bby> =D
15:46:59 * r0bby added more goodness
15:47:10 <r0bby> I've provided access to a great deal of the api :)
15:47:15 <nribeka> mac book pro rob?
15:47:21 <r0bby> via an Abstract ckass
15:47:26 <r0bby> no dude i'm getting a dell!
15:47:36 <r0bby> if you dont get the joke it's okay :P
15:48:23 <r0bby> haha idea is going crazy
15:48:32 <r0bby> i know pets start to resemble their owns but IDEs?>!>!
15:49:02 <nribeka> i don't get it rob :(
15:50:11 <r0bby> nribeka: back in the 90's there was an add comapaign featuring this guy saying "dude, you're getting a dell"
15:50:23 <r0bby> later on the dude was arrested for posessing pot
15:50:41 <r0bby>
15:52:00 <r0bby> ^^
15:52:01 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
15:53:02 <r0bby> now do you get the joke :P
15:53:09 <r0bby> it's an american pop culture reference
15:55:39 <nribeka> haha ... ic ic :D
15:59:09 *** Echidna has quit IRC
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16:55:28 * r0bby squeaks
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20:56:34 * r0bby dances!
20:56:42 <r0bby> I actually use NO TEMPLATE ENGINE!!!!
20:56:43 <r0bby> :D
20:57:02 <r0bby> thanks to my AWESOME design skills
21:03:30 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Problem starting openmrs after successful deployment (I thin <>
21:17:56 *** bmckown has joined #openmrs
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21:28:37 *** upul has joined #openmrs
21:34:00 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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21:47:34 * r0bby despises testing heredocs
21:47:49 <r0bby> controller generates bwolfe!
21:49:54 <r0bby> and the similiarity is as minute as a space
21:49:57 <r0bby> or two
21:50:15 *** sgrannis has joined #openmrs
21:50:41 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v sgrannis
21:51:44 <bwolfe> r0bby, you're one crazy kid
21:52:01 <sgrannis> nribeka: did you and james have a chance to chat about integrating the GUI UID/dedupe workflow?
21:52:03 <r0bby> I'm dead serious
21:52:17 <r0bby> I used heredocs for the controller to keep indentation clean
21:52:27 <r0bby> and testing those suckers is annoying as hell.
21:53:12 <r0bby> because even something such as a new line, extra space, etc can be something that throws equality off
21:53:13 <nribeka> hi sgrannis
21:53:21 <r0bby> bwolfe: how am i crazy
21:53:32 <nribeka> james already finish with the formpairs object
21:53:47 <nribeka> i'm trying to see how we best implement the workflow ...
21:54:32 <nribeka> the simplest way probably instantiating the appropriate class based on the deduplication boolean value ...
21:54:39 <nribeka> sgrannis: are u still there?
21:54:44 <sgrannis> yep
21:55:22 <agruetz> your all crazy for using java ;)
21:55:46 <sgrannis> I think you're right on -- the new FormPairs class has to know which field is the UId field and use that field to knwo which pairs to exclude
21:55:55 <sgrannis> the questoin I had is ...
21:56:08 <r0bby> agruetz: we have no choice as this is a _JAVA_ webapp :P
21:56:16 <r0bby> and i'm not using java
21:56:20 <r0bby> i'm using groovy
21:56:31 <r0bby> so bite me kthxbai
21:56:39 <agruetz> LOL
21:56:42 *** sioraiocht has quit IRC
21:56:53 <sgrannis> how to communicate the UID config information (UID field) to the formpairs object so it knows which field to use
21:57:14 <r0bby> sgrannis: aren't you glad i'm not your intern?
21:57:16 <r0bby> :-P
21:57:23 <r0bby> Just ask burke how I am :>
21:57:32 <sgrannis> and btw .. agree with "instantiating the appropriate class based on the deduplication boolean value"
21:58:05 <sgrannis> no need to ask burke -- I'm here in the channel :)
21:59:24 * r0bby ditches testing
21:59:43 <sgrannis> r0bby -- i'm sure the bark is worse than the bite, right?
21:59:43 <r0bby> screw tests
21:59:47 <nribeka> hahaha lol :D
22:00:06 <r0bby> I know it works, so you all can kiss my you know what
22:00:30 <upul> Hi bwolfe
22:00:32 <r0bby> actually screw testing template generation if it works in the web ui -- i dont care if tests pass!
22:01:28 <bwolfe> hey upul
22:01:48 <nribeka> sgrannis: lemme check
22:01:59 <sgrannis> nribeka: check ?
22:02:30 <upul> is there any use of having another war which deploy the openmrs war
22:02:40 <nribeka> check my conversation early on with james :D
22:02:46 <upul> i mean will anybody use it
22:03:07 <sgrannis> k
22:03:39 <upul> only thing it automate is download and copy the war file mostly
22:03:49 <sgrannis> no worries
22:05:35 <nribeka> sgrannis: as per my chat with james
22:05:54 <nribeka> i send you the log btw :D
22:05:59 <sgrannis> k
22:06:43 <sgrannis> reading the log ....
22:21:22 *** OpenMRSBot has joined #openmrs
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