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  • 2008-07-10 - OpenMRS
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00:26:29 <maveriick> hi everybody
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07:03:33 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: hi ben
07:04:03 <bwolfe> hey
07:04:39 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: still one and half an hour more for dev call right?
07:04:50 <bwolfe> 2 hours
07:05:24 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: oh... so what am i supposed to talk in the call??
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07:05:37 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: explain my project and tell how much have i completed
07:05:46 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: what else?
07:06:07 <bwolfe> review your project plan for the second half of the summer
07:06:52 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: you mean like how am i going to do the second half right?
07:08:10 *** vagrawal has joined #openmrs
07:08:10 *** rfoecking has joined #openmrs
07:08:25 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: yeah, really just to make sure the second half is doable
07:09:06 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: oh
07:28:03 <bwolfe> atomicturtle: any reason rax would start loading itself slowly again ?? wget or ping to a host on that same box comes back really really slowly (or not at all)
07:28:14 <bwolfe> the server ip _is_ asl whitelisted
07:42:56 <atomicturtle> I havent changed anything
07:54:03 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: whats the module used to upload custom forms?
07:54:17 <bwolfe> atomicturtle: thats what I was afraid of. :-/
07:54:34 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: custom forms? you mean infopath forms? thats the formentry module
07:55:10 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: where can i find sample infopath forms? to upload and check how it works
07:55:26 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: it comes with a sample
07:56:31 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: oh ur the author of the module.. cool
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08:05:31 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: i uploaded the module... where can i find the sample form?
08:05:46 <cancerb0y> cancerb0y: i mean i need to work on it
08:05:51 <bwolfe> atomicturtle: argh. I'm going batty. everything I google on is too general. :-/
08:06:53 <bwolfe> atomicturtle: is this is a modsecurity thing? or your asl stuff?
08:07:39 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: :-)
08:07:47 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: just do a form
08:07:53 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: what do you want to "work on" ??
08:09:52 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: actually i want to know how the form entry module will affect the existing system form... but i dont see anything
08:10:08 *** nribeka has quit IRC
08:10:19 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: anything in the sense no change in the create/find patient form
08:10:21 <bwolfe> what do you mean by "system form' ?
08:10:56 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: sorry i meant the create patient form...
08:11:30 <bwolfe> addresses are not filled in in infopath
08:11:41 <bwolfe> (wow, too many "ins" there)
08:12:02 <bwolfe> they are filled in on the newPatientForm.jsp and patientForm.jsp pages
08:12:13 <bwolfe> those two pages call address_layout...which you will be overriding in your module
08:12:53 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: i think i ve confused you... ok let me come like this... if i upload a xsn form where i can see that form to enter details?
08:13:14 <bwolfe> the patient dashboard has a tab called "forms"
08:14:03 <bwolfe> the patient dashboard is what you see after finding and selecting a patient
08:17:23 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
08:17:24 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: oh.. so formentry module doesnt affect newPatientForm.jsp or patientForm.jsp ??
08:18:11 <bwolfe> no
08:18:57 <rfoecking> bmckown: i committed that change to the complex-obs branch :) hope i did it properly
08:19:25 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: oh no stupid prasanna was confused a bit and was doing a research with formentry module
08:19:35 <bmckown> great.. thanks. I'll try it out.
08:22:09 <nribeka> bwolfe: to join the devs call, i just dial the number that was sent to the list and there will be a prompt to send password, right?
08:22:17 *** atomicturtle has quit IRC
08:22:38 <nribeka> never done a phone call with pass before :D
08:22:51 <bwolfe> yep
08:22:56 <rfoecking> bmckown: i also made that change you suggested in ObsServiceImpl: obs.isComplex() to obs.getConcept().isComplex(). didn't commit that
08:23:19 <nribeka> great :P
08:23:34 <bmckown> okay. I'll take a look at it. thank you, rfoecking
08:32:08 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: from which xml file addressLayout picks up the hierarchy?
08:32:21 <bwolfe> openmrs-servlet.xml
08:34:57 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: after renaming the location components as said in my module page should i still wait for addresslayout to give out the components or can i override with something like few lines of javascript to bring the drop down lists?
08:36:44 <bwolfe> ideally you use the addressLayout. perhaps override that jsp page with your own jsp page
08:37:37 <r0bby> bwolfe
08:37:41 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: with my own jsp and controller, is that allowed?
08:37:56 <r0bby> ping im supposed to chime into the conference call this am
08:38:05 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: or how about modifications in the existing jsp and controller?
08:38:40 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: your module can override that jsp via some mappigns in your moduleApplicationContext
08:39:10 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: hmmm... overridding or modifying addresslayout sounds good...
08:39:20 <bwolfe> r0bby: email. always check your email first. :-)
08:40:09 <r0bby> I plan on presenting
08:40:22 <r0bby> just an overview of what i've done
08:42:49 <bmckown> rfoecking, you can commit the obs.getConcept().isComplex() change as well. It must have been an oversight that I had it as obs.isComplex()
08:43:27 <r0bby> meh
08:43:29 <rfoecking> sure
08:44:58 <r0bby> bwolfe: how lonmg do calls typically run for?
08:45:05 <bwolfe> 3 days
08:45:14 <bwolfe> give or take
08:45:22 <bwolfe> give or take 70 hours
08:45:28 <nribeka> 3 days?
08:45:30 <r0bby> am I not on the agenda today?
08:45:50 <nribeka> i'm not in the agenda too
08:45:56 <bwolfe> did you add yourself ?
08:46:08 <bwolfe> I put it out there multiple times that you can/should add yourselves
08:46:18 <bwolfe> kevjay was the only one to do it!
08:47:19 <r0bby> added
08:47:21 <r0bby> :)
08:48:12 *** vagrawal has quit IRC
08:51:17 <nribeka> added :P
08:52:28 <r0bby> there is no way we're all gonna speak
08:52:31 <r0bby> im dead tired
08:53:11 <r0bby> bwolfe: what #?
08:53:30 <r0bby> same # given in an earlier thread?
08:55:23 <nribeka> yes. the number and pass in the list
08:57:52 <r0bby> LOL im the first one
08:58:08 <r0bby> most eager intern
09:00:32 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
09:02:24 <nribeka> i can't hear anything
09:02:33 <nribeka> ah clear now
09:07:20 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: Sri Prasanna: Codes for review <> || Sri Prasanna: Screenshots for review <>
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09:22:16 <nribeka> upul__: are u in the dev call?
09:27:00 <r0bby> eeek
09:27:00 *** upul__ has quit IRC
09:27:38 <nribeka> i'm in my room :D
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09:53:26 * r0bby hugs cancerb03 sorry bout all the issues this ams
09:55:50 *** cancerb0y has joined #openmrs
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09:59:41 <bwolfe> r0bby: skype is fickle like that, unfortunately
09:59:49 <r0bby> yeh
10:00:12 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: are you still on the call ? you've been jumping on and off of irc here
10:00:15 <r0bby> the 2 minute intros turn to 10 minutes
10:00:40 <r0bby> 10 minutes turn to 20; 30 to 40; 40 to 40 years
10:01:42 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: yeah im still on call... here its raining heavily.... so my internet connections gets disconnected often
10:02:09 *** cancerb03 has quit IRC
10:02:16 <nribeka> hahaha ...
10:02:28 <nribeka> r0bby: it's not 2 mins overview
10:02:41 <nribeka> r0bby: (again) hahaha ...
10:03:10 <cancerb0y> r0bby: for me its not even 2 mins... aaahhh im gonna kill my service provider...
10:03:29 <nribeka> cancerb0y: you should haha ... :D
10:03:40 <cancerb0y> r0bby: i could not even hear you properly.... even now i cannot hear you people
10:03:52 <cancerb0y> nribeka: voices are still breaking up :(
10:04:25 <cancerb0y> nribeka: are you done with ur review?
10:04:30 <nribeka> cancerb0y: really? it's pretty clear here. what are u using?
10:04:43 <nribeka> cancerb0y: yeps. just a quick overview :D
10:04:53 <cancerb0y> nribeka: cell phone...
10:05:36 <r0bby> im using a cell phone w/ 1 bar :)
10:05:52 <nribeka> cancerb0y: your voice has so many background sound :(
10:06:05 <cancerb0y> oh no my signal is dead... i think im out of conference call now
10:06:34 <cancerb0y> nribeka: no way im sitting alone wit my computer
10:07:00 <nribeka> cancerb0y: that's strange ...
10:07:24 <nribeka> me talking through t-mobile
10:09:14 <r0bby> er
10:09:15 <r0bby> damn it
10:09:19 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Roles definition <> || OpenMRS Forum: Re: Problem with Starting OpenMRS <> || OpenMRS Forum: Problem with Starting OpenMRS <>
10:09:22 <r0bby> my question was bad
10:16:53 *** upul has quit IRC
10:19:30 *** upul has joined #openmrs
10:40:15 * r0bby drops a pin
10:42:00 <nribeka> that was fun :D
10:42:10 <nribeka> hope me speak clear and loud enough
10:42:13 <bwolfe> atomicturtle: fyi: burke fixed the server again
10:43:26 <r0bby> Why do I have this image of burke with a wrench just banging it
10:43:37 <bwolfe> atomicturtle: he said he just restored the iptables from the one he had saved from before. not sure why it would have been reset to the default...
10:43:52 <bwolfe> nribeka: yeah, your connection was good. :-)
10:44:00 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: you connection was not as good. :-)
10:44:12 <bwolfe> we got most of it
10:44:18 <atomicturtle> ah
10:44:31 <nribeka> bwolfe: thanks :D
10:44:35 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: hopefully next week its not raining near you
10:44:38 <r0bby> was my connection good?
10:44:48 <r0bby> I tried to give a small technical overview
10:45:14 <r0bby> bwolfe: by the way i fixed the problem of the exception from invalid syntax not showing up where it should
10:45:24 <r0bby> not sure where that went awry
10:45:24 <bwolfe> good
10:45:40 <bwolfe> r0bby: yeah, your connection was fine. there was only minor static
10:45:48 <r0bby> I had 1 bar
10:46:13 <r0bby> oddly enough i have decent service now that im not using it!
10:46:19 <bwolfe> figures
10:46:26 <bwolfe> your phone probably just jumped towers
10:46:33 <bwolfe> they tend not to want to jump while you're on a call
10:47:29 <r0bby> yeh
10:47:41 <r0bby> I had to make the crack of burke being MIA ;P
10:47:43 <r0bby> I
10:47:47 <r0bby> 'm jealous of nribeka
10:47:48 <r0bby> :P
10:47:53 <r0bby> he's had his mentor available :P
10:48:03 <r0bby> You can help, but not as much as i need it
10:48:49 <bwolfe> he had some shiznay going on
10:48:57 <bwolfe> I think he's back and more available now
10:49:04 <r0bby> I know
10:49:10 <r0bby> he mentioned family issues
10:49:24 <r0bby> plus the whole being a doctor thing
10:49:37 <r0bby> Mr. Shanks has been MIA lately
10:49:46 *** upul has quit IRC
10:50:05 <nribeka> r0bby: good to have someone jealous to me :D
10:50:25 <r0bby> nribeka: your project isn't my cup of tea though
10:51:40 <nribeka> r0bby: hehehe ... you're interested in Groovy more. so your project fits you :D
10:51:55 <r0bby> yeh
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11:38:39 <cancerb0y> bwolfe_: hopefully my connection will be good next week... next thursday same time right?
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12:29:01 <jacobb> bwolfe_: you around?
12:40:46 <bwolfe_> jacobb: am now
12:43:16 *** bwolfe_ is now known as bwolfe
12:50:43 <jacobb> eh, nevermind...was gonna ask some questions but just did stuff another way
12:50:51 <jacobb> how's the release lookin?
12:50:57 <jacobb> and ff3, haha
12:52:11 <bwolfe> double eh
12:52:25 <bwolfe> I've given up on the ff3 thing
12:52:36 <bwolfe> I thought I had it figured out, but my dashboard fix isn't doing it
12:52:46 <bwolfe> are you getting any errors on the encounter page anymore ?
12:54:09 <jacobb> pretty rarely
12:54:27 <jacobb> i think i might have just found a bug in the admin page
12:54:36 <jacobb> my module has a link as "http://whatever"
12:54:46 <jacobb> i think that's supposed to not prepend the openmrs context, but it still does
12:55:22 <bwolfe> ?
12:55:26 <bwolfe> I need more details
12:55:56 <jacobb> k
12:56:06 *** maveriick has quit IRC
12:56:11 <jacobb> in AdministrationSectionExt
12:56:13 <jacobb> getLinks()
12:56:20 <jacobb> if you return one of the links as a full url, with http://
12:56:31 <jacobb> I *think* it's supposed to just use that when it displays it on the admin page
12:56:44 <jacobb> but i'm getting "http://localhost:8080/openmrs/http://whatever
12:58:22 <bwolfe> yeah
12:58:25 <jacobb> in the api it says "Links can be either absolute or relative."
12:58:45 <bwolfe> try using c:url value="${link.key}"/> on the web-inf/view/admin/index.jsp page
12:58:57 <bwolfe> I don't know if c:url will handle that or not
13:00:46 <jacobb> ah damn
13:00:52 <jacobb> it hardcodes it
13:00:57 <jacobb> in that page
13:01:10 <bwolfe> right
13:01:15 <bwolfe> I'm saying you should change that
13:01:16 <jacobb> <li><a href="${pageContext.request.contextPath}/${link.key}"><spring:messagecode="${link.value}"/></a></li>
13:01:17 <bwolfe> to use c:url
13:02:28 <jacobb> the api specifies it wrong then
13:02:35 <jacobb> what can i change to make it work w/ absolute urls too?
13:02:45 <jacobb> i don't know what c:url is
13:03:00 <jacobb> change the a href to c:url?
13:03:10 <jacobb> with value=
13:04:39 *** pombreda has joined #openmrs
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13:05:15 <jacobb> something like this look right? <li><c:urlvalue="${link.key}"><spring:messagecode="${link.value}"/></c:url></li>
13:08:52 <bwolfe> <li><a href="<c:url value="asdf"/>"/><spring message /></li>
13:09:09 <bwolfe> c:url just prepends the context I think
13:09:20 <bwolfe> and I'm hoping that it wont' prepend it if it sees http://
13:09:28 <jacobb> ah, gotcha
13:09:32 <jacobb> except the context is wrong
13:09:33 <jacobb> from that page
13:09:42 <jacobb> it needs to be up one or two dirs
13:09:49 <jacobb> not inside admin
13:09:57 <bwolfe> it just adds /openmrs
13:09:57 <jacobb> i looked up c:url though and i can specify a context
13:09:58 <bwolfe> basically
13:10:13 <jacobb> ok i'll try
13:20:41 <jacobb> it doesnt' seem to like having the c:url inside the a href
13:23:39 <jacobb> though i think i see my problem..
13:28:42 *** bmckown has quit IRC
13:30:16 <jacobb> yeah..not's not generating the html correctly
13:32:57 <bwolfe> same ?
13:32:57 <jacobb> the links are just slightly off
13:33:12 <jacobb> they are being appended to the curretn context
13:33:20 <jacobb> openmrs/admin
13:33:23 <jacobb> not just openmrs
13:33:57 <jacobb> i tried saying context= but the html didn't get generated right
13:34:48 <bwolfe> jacobb: put a / at the beginning
13:35:02 <bwolfe> passing in /module/whatever will become /openmrs/module/whatever
13:35:19 <jacobb> right but i don't want to break everyone else's module
13:35:33 <jacobb> you mean in the index.jsp or in my module?
13:35:45 <bwolfe> passing in module/whatever will become /relative/path
13:36:00 <bwolfe> argh!
13:36:13 <bwolfe> I meant in your module...but it will break others, I see
13:36:25 <jacobb> i think the context param
13:36:26 <jacobb> is what i need to use
13:36:33 <jacobb> i dont' get why i'ts not working yet
13:36:46 <jacobb> what's teh value of ${pageContext.request.contextPath}
13:37:06 <jacobb> is it "/openmrs" or "openmrs"
13:40:37 <bwolfe> /openmrs
13:40:42 <jacobb> hm
13:41:22 <jacobb> sec
13:42:46 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
13:56:30 <jacobb> so the problem is that modules aren't required to give a leading /
13:56:59 <jacobb> I can say c:url value="/{link.key}" and everything works as before
13:57:26 <jacobb> if i say value="{link.key}" everything would work if modules were forced to give a leading /
13:57:59 <jacobb> but in the current code it says href="{context}/{link.key}"
13:58:06 <jacobb> so the / is alwasy appended
13:59:46 <bwolfe> jacobb: having it be {context}//link.key shouldn't be a problem for now
14:00:07 <jacobb> well, it just doesn't work for absolute links
14:00:17 <jacobb> b/c then it says http://localhost:8080/openmrs/http://whatever
14:00:25 <bwolfe> c:url doesn't care about the http ?
14:00:38 <bwolfe> bah, unhelpful
14:00:46 <jacobb> not if i prepend the /
14:00:58 <jacobb> and if i don't prepend the /, then it uses the current page as the context
14:01:32 <bwolfe> ah yes
14:01:50 <bwolfe> well, it needs to be fixed
14:02:10 <bwolfe> so breaking some module links is going to have to happen
14:04:16 <jacobb> every module will break i think
14:04:21 <jacobb> b/c the basicmodule shows it like that
14:04:26 <jacobb> the formentry even :\
14:07:07 <bwolfe> when the patch is applied a note will have to be sent to the dev list
14:10:28 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Forum: Re: Roles definition <>
14:18:45 <jacobb> well
14:18:47 <jacobb> that fixes it..
14:18:56 <jacobb> <li><a href='<c:url value="${link.key}"/>'><spring:messagecode='${link.value}'/></a></li>
14:19:06 <jacobb> and require everyone to put a / in front of all their module links
14:19:18 <jacobb> but that's going to break EVERY module
14:19:19 <jacobb> haha
14:26:15 <jacobb> u wanna add that line in or no?
14:28:46 <bwolfe> jacobb: yeah, it should be in there
14:28:57 <jacobb> u wanna commit it?
14:29:06 <bwolfe> yeah, create a ticket and I can commit it
14:29:07 <jacobb> that's line 139
14:29:12 <bwolfe> I won't do it now though
14:29:23 <bwolfe> thats just another custom thing you'll have to live with for a few weeks :-p
14:29:27 <jacobb> haha
14:29:29 <jacobb> so after 1.3/
14:29:30 <jacobb> ?
14:30:47 <bwolfe> yeah
14:31:02 <jacobb> hm ok
14:35:42 <jacobb> done
14:37:57 <jacobb> maybe u could add some code that just checks the incoming url
14:38:01 <jacobb> for ://
14:38:05 <jacobb> and if it has it
14:38:07 <jacobb> don't prepend the context
14:38:32 <jacobb> if that's done can it be committed now?
14:38:34 <jacobb> =P
14:38:55 <bwolfe> yeah but thats ugly
14:39:11 <jacobb> yeah but it works for both cases
14:39:17 <jacobb> and every module wouldn't break
14:39:32 <bwolfe> making everyone change to /whatever works for both cases too :-p
14:39:38 <jacobb> hahah
14:39:46 <jacobb> cept they'd have a have a diff version of every module for
14:39:50 <jacobb> 1.3 and 1.3+
14:39:53 <jacobb> which sucks
14:40:01 <jacobb> cuz 1.3+ won't work with 1.3
14:40:12 <jacobb> it'll always say openmrs//module/
14:40:13 <jacobb> etc.
14:40:33 <jacobb> which i think works in most browsers..
14:40:36 <jacobb> but still
14:43:13 <jacobb> what do you think?
14:43:14 <bwolfe> yeah, it'll still work
14:43:29 <jacobb> ok, i'll just go ahead and change my modules now then
14:43:37 <jacobb> if you're going to enforce that
14:45:16 <jacobb> the other problem i have is...
14:45:32 <jacobb> the AdministrationSectionExt getLinks requires a Map to return
14:45:36 <jacobb> Maps don't enforce order
14:45:49 <jacobb> so they can be in diff orders when you view them
14:45:59 <jacobb> thatn what you insert them as
14:46:04 <jacobb> i'm having that issue now
14:46:26 <bwolfe> return a LInkedHashMap
14:46:29 <jacobb> k
14:46:33 <jacobb> :)
14:46:40 <bwolfe> isn't that in the comment??
14:46:55 <jacobb> haha
14:46:55 <jacobb> didn't read
14:46:56 <jacobb> =\
14:47:05 <jacobb> yeah it is
14:47:06 <jacobb> rofl
14:47:07 <jacobb> my bad
14:47:08 <jacobb> :)
14:48:11 <bwolfe> jacobb--
14:48:12 <bwolfe> :-p
14:48:47 <jacobb> boo
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