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  • 2008-07-08 - OpenMRS
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05:46:29 *** PhilippeAtWHO has joined #openmrs
05:46:55 <PhilippeAtWHO> hello all
05:47:26 <PhilippeAtWHO> has anyone tried using the BIRT module on OpenMRS 1.3 (right now I'm on RC4)
05:47:32 <PhilippeAtWHO> ?
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06:58:55 *** huridocs_tom has joined #openmrs
06:59:33 <huridocs_tom> aloa!
07:01:01 <bwolfe> hey there huridocs_tom
07:01:24 <bwolfe> what brings you our way ?
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07:09:30 <huridocs_tom> hey man
07:09:31 <huridocs_tom> sorry
07:09:36 <huridocs_tom> erm, okay
07:09:39 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
07:09:52 <huridocs_tom> I work for an organisation called Human Rights Inforamtion and Documentation Systems
07:09:54 <huridocs_tom> HURIDOCS
07:10:32 <huridocs_tom> we're quite inspired by OpenMRS, and since we're re-developing our softawre tool for documenting and analysising human rights violations, wanted to touch base with you
07:11:35 <huridocs_tom> in part to distribute a Request for Proposals, and in par to talk to a few of the devs
07:13:19 <huridocs_tom> we reckon that some of the people who implement openMRS will alos be involved in the tech used by human rigths orgs in their countries
07:13:23 <huridocs_tom> so there's some overlap
07:13:34 <huridocs_tom> hence... time for a chat methinks
07:16:15 <huridocs_tom> here's the RFP anyhow:
07:16:19 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:29:39 <bwolfe> huridocs_tom: interesting
07:30:11 <bwolfe> if you're looking for a clean data model that supports user created forms and a controller dictionary/vocabulary, you've come to the right place. :-)
07:30:20 <bwolfe> err controller=controlled
07:36:20 <huridocs_tom> heh
07:36:35 <huridocs_tom> we have the data model, forms, fields and controlled vocabs
07:37:19 <huridocs_tom> they're called the Events Standard Formats, and have been around a while now - they see a lot of use, adn customisation, across the human rights world
07:37:59 <huridocs_tom> we also have an MS Access app, which is the current computerised implementation; but it has... limitations ;)
07:38:10 <huridocs_tom> so, we want to re-engineer as a webapp
07:38:24 <huridocs_tom> with all the goodness that comes with that
07:39:31 <bwolfe> heh "limitations" puts it nicely
07:40:24 <huridocs_tom> aye, the MS Access app - WinEvsys - has a few difficulties, not least scalability and usability
07:40:51 <huridocs_tom> but it's powerful, and helps orgs get good data from the fact-finding work they do
07:41:21 <huridocs_tom> however, it was designed really as a proof of concept
07:41:32 <huridocs_tom> but started getting a lot of use
07:41:41 <bwolfe> ah, don't you hate that ?
07:41:46 <huridocs_tom> so, it has a userbase that value it a lot now
07:41:59 <huridocs_tom> so: time to respect them
07:42:16 <huridocs_tom> it's a great contract for someone
07:42:30 <huridocs_tom> to really make data-work easier for human rights orgs
07:43:08 <huridocs_tom> the use context will very famliar to your community
07:45:41 <huridocs_tom> We're look for a core dev / company / organisation in the first instance, but plan to open source and support development using open methods as well
07:47:29 <huridocs_tom> [just ducking out, back in 10)
07:55:51 *** jmiranda has joined #openmrs
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08:08:14 *** upul has joined #openmrs
08:20:00 <huridocs_tom> k
08:21:42 <huridocs_tom> bwolfe: so, I'd be good to chat in more detail at some point
08:22:16 <huridocs_tom> it'd, even
08:23:28 <bwolfe> huridocs_tom: well, we're not the org to do the coding for you. :-P But we could provide helpful hints for you and your newly open source org while you're setting it up
08:23:43 <huridocs_tom> aye, that'd be great ...
08:24:20 *** atomicturtle has quit IRC
08:24:25 <huridocs_tom> we're also looking for great places to post the RFP as well ...
08:25:27 <huridocs_tom> no, I didn't think you'd be the coders yourself, but would it be cool to push the RFP around the community a bit?
08:26:22 <huridocs_tom> of course, we're also be looking for non-coder contributors as the project moves on: can't test these systems enough :)
08:40:43 <bwolfe> I can't really stop you from pushing it around the community. :-)
08:41:35 <bwolfe> your proposal makes it sound like you want a company to take the lead in coding while you guys just do specs. is that right?
08:41:57 <bwolfe> or are you wanting to make it more of an open source where you have coders as well and others then just donate time ?
08:45:55 <huridocs_tom> yeah, we're looking for a company really
08:46:24 <huridocs_tom> but that also includes groups from the "social technology" (bleagh!) field, like yourself, or CiviCRM, for example
08:47:25 <huridocs_tom> we don't have the time to use fully open methods from day 1 (donor deadlines, etc), so will contract it out
08:47:48 <huridocs_tom> but release the code under a free softawre license, and make strong efforts to engage volunteers (of all types) as early as we can
08:48:51 <huridocs_tom> we want the dev to help us with hte detailed specs as well
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09:56:16 <bwolfe> hey upul
09:56:28 <upul> Hi bwolfe
09:56:42 <bwolfe> are you still in your slow period? I can't remember when you said you'd be full speed again...
09:56:58 *** atomicturtle has quit IRC
09:58:20 <upul> i'm writing some assignments these nights, but it won't get any better, so i will do project work in bursts
09:58:49 <bwolfe> ah ok
09:58:58 *** atomicturtle1 is now known as atomicturtle
09:59:12 <bwolfe> do you get a summer vacation with grad school ?
09:59:57 <upul> nothing like that
10:00:27 <bwolfe> thats unfortunate
10:01:05 <upul> do you have any expectations in the next two weeks or so
10:02:01 <bwolfe> upul: just for you to figure out a plan for the update. :-)
10:03:33 <bwolfe> err update == update part of the project
10:03:46 <upul> you mean autoupdate?
10:05:42 <upul> war file doing the sql upgrade is a great idea
10:06:03 <bwolfe> yeah, I meant autoupdate
10:06:13 <bwolfe> upul: I'm glad you like that one
10:06:31 <upul> then that could workitself standalone
10:07:10 <bwolfe> upul: the tricky part will be: how to do that check of the database before spring/hibernate do it
10:07:38 <bwolfe>
10:07:39 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
10:08:05 <upul> spring/hibernate do it by a servlet listenr or something i think
10:08:17 <bwolfe> yeah
10:08:33 <upul> but there's no load order for them i think
10:08:37 <bwolfe> so I suppose you could just put a listener in web.xml before the spring/hibernate ones
10:27:45 *** nribeka has quit IRC
10:29:33 <huridocs_tom> bwolfe: cheers for now ... will be back in touch
10:29:46 *** huridocs_tom has quit IRC
10:42:06 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #880 (defect closed): junit report fails to find xmls <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #808 (task closed): OpenMRS API Does Not Work in Standalone Mode <>
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11:07:33 *** cancerb0y has joined #openmrs
11:09:45 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
11:20:28 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: hi ben, yesterday i had an issue with admin list and u corrected it but today again i get the same error... missing title
11:23:25 <bwolfe> what do you mean by missing title cancerb0y ?
11:24:11 *** jmiranda_ has joined #openmrs
11:24:55 <cancerb0y> i mean i get that title in the html page... i get 404 with the following The page "/openmrs/module/addresshierarchy/addresshierarchyTree.htm" cannot be found. Check the link and try again.
11:25:08 <cancerb0y> yesterday i had the same problem
11:32:29 <bwolfe> is the most recent module loaded ?
11:32:39 <bwolfe> unzip your .omod. Is that jsp in the right place ?
11:32:42 <cancerb0y> yeah...
11:32:53 <cancerb0y> yeah its in the right place
11:36:17 <cancerb0y> what would be the reason?? before packing i edited my build.xml as per yesterday's email
11:38:11 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: did you try to do a clean first, then package your module?
11:38:20 <cancerb0y> yeah i usually do that
11:38:30 <cancerb0y> but i dont think the buidl.xml is the reason
11:38:44 <cancerb0y> it was working fine... this is impossible
11:39:14 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: pastebin your moduleApplicationContext
11:39:18 <bwolfe> and your extension
11:39:25 <bwolfe> and maybe some screen shots
11:39:34 <bwolfe> and the name of your favorite uncle
11:40:49 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: lol
11:41:13 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: here is the context.xml and
11:41:49 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: name and location of the file in your module ?
11:42:10 *** jmiranda has quit IRC
11:42:38 <cancerb0y> C:\Documents and Settings\machosry\Desktop\ahs\web\module\addresshierarchyTree.htm
11:43:04 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: fav uncle name is uncle ben.. his rice is a famous one :P
11:43:22 <bwolfe> nice. :-)
11:43:34 <cancerb0y> oops bwolfe name is also ben :P
11:43:36 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: I meant name/location within your module
11:43:49 <bwolfe> a screenshot of your eclipse navigator view will suffice
11:45:50 <cancerb0y> i think this will help you
11:51:08 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: the filename should be addresshierarchyTree.jsp. the link to it is addresshierarchyTree.htm
11:55:35 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: hmmm... now it works fine... then how come it worked fine yesterday.. i have even committed my code yesterday witht the same
11:56:09 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: I'm guessing you didn't clean build it before you tested
11:56:26 <bwolfe> so there was a addresshierarchyTree.jsp AND an addresshierarbhyTree.htm in there
11:56:42 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: ah.. bad memory couldnt remember
11:56:57 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: anyways thanks unlce ben :P
11:57:46 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: u know in south india we tease cops by calling them as uncle :P
11:57:54 <bwolfe> how is that a tease ?
11:59:30 <cancerb0y> in my native language uncle also mean father-in-law... and the slang for police station is mother-in-law's house :P
12:01:16 <bwolfe> I see
12:01:48 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: so ur a cop now :P
12:01:59 <bwolfe> hmm, that could be good or bad
12:03:26 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: 50 - 50 :P
12:04:30 *** upul has quit IRC
12:13:04 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: where is Brian?
12:13:25 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: not on irc :-p
12:15:27 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: but he is there with you na
12:15:37 <bwolfe> he's next door, yes
12:15:46 <bwolfe> I can summon him
12:15:53 <bwolfe> ......
12:15:55 <bwolfe> .......
12:15:57 <bwolfe> .........
12:15:59 <bwolfe> ...............
12:16:03 <bwolfe> .................
12:16:05 <bwolfe> .......................
12:16:13 *** bmckown has joined #openmrs
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12:17:40 <bwolfe> there
12:17:45 <bwolfe> he's been summoned cancerb0y :-)
12:17:57 <bmckown> :-)
12:17:59 <bmckown> The page "/openmrs/module/addresshierarchy/addresshierarchyTree.htm" cannot be found. Check the link and try again.
12:18:18 <bmckown> then I had to get caught up on some other work...
12:18:25 <bmckown> :-)
12:19:40 <bmckown> cancerb0y ?
12:21:32 <cancerb0y> bmckown: sorry will fix it now...
12:21:40 <bmckown> :-) sure.
12:21:44 <cancerb0y> bmckown: will commit it now
12:21:45 <bmckown> no prob.
12:21:46 <bmckown> okay
12:28:29 *** upul has joined #openmrs
12:29:21 <cancerb0y> bmckown: committed... now it should work fine
12:29:46 <bmckown> thx. lemme look
12:31:27 <upul> bwolfe: have you this
12:31:29 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
12:32:56 <bwolfe> upul: very interesting
12:33:08 <bwolfe> upul: except we won't have a jndi data source to give to it
12:35:58 <upul> bwolfe: this looks better than using sqldiff used in modules. dedicated one for doing sql changes
12:38:49 <bmckown> cancerb0y, I'm writing you an e-mail response.
12:39:17 <bwolfe> upul: yeah, might be better
12:39:26 <bwolfe> upul: but you don't have to worry about that :-p
12:39:42 <bwolfe> upul: the only problem with the servlet listener is the database connection problem
12:39:50 <bwolfe> upul: you should be able to use though
12:40:17 <bwolfe> that would mean the sql diff expects the database to be set up already
12:40:28 <bwolfe> (because spring expects the database to be set up already)
12:42:33 <bwolfe> upul: something else (not for this project) could be written for users that are /first/ installing openmrs to have the option of creating the database and the runtime properties file (this is what burke is wanting)
12:42:41 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #898 (task created): Patient Search Result <>
12:45:19 <cancerb0y> bmckown: does it work now?
12:45:51 <cancerb0y> bmckown: oops i dint notice ur previous message sorry
12:46:02 <bmckown> yes, I the tree is there... finishing up the e-mail.
13:12:54 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: Sri Prasanna: Sixth week of coding <>
13:31:09 *** upul has quit IRC
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13:45:02 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #899 (task created): Edit FormField XSN <>
13:48:33 <jacobb> bwolfe: you suck at following your own instructions for uploading patches
13:48:49 <bwolfe> how so ?
13:49:02 <jacobb> home/ben/workspace/openmrs, eh?
13:49:04 <jacobb> :)
13:49:15 <bwolfe> I've never said that you need to clean that out
13:49:31 <bwolfe> it takes about 1.5 seconds for a patcher to account for that
13:49:37 <jacobb> someone did!
13:49:44 <jacobb>
13:50:12 <bwolfe> burke did:
13:50:13 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
13:50:15 <jacobb> boo
13:50:15 <jacobb> lol
13:50:27 *** cancerb0y has quit IRC
13:50:43 <bwolfe> (I could have told you that without looking...he is really concerned about that for some reason)
13:50:49 <bwolfe> actually, I know the reason
13:51:01 <jacobb> haha
13:51:02 <jacobb> what's the reason
13:51:10 <bwolfe> and its mainly to take out the spaces in the path so that trac displays it correctly
13:52:45 <jacobb> looks ok to me
13:52:50 <jacobb> on that page
13:53:40 *** sioraiocht has joined #openmrs
13:56:16 <jacobb> bwolfe: why don't you want 1.3 to have the date feature?
13:56:31 <bwolfe> because its a feature
13:56:36 <bwolfe> and not a bug fix
13:56:45 <bwolfe> 1.3 is in "bug fix only" mode
13:56:55 <jacobb> any estimated rls date?
13:58:40 <bwolfe> one has not been posted
14:00:02 <jacobb> any update on reproducing ff3 bugs again?
14:00:12 <bwolfe> negative
14:00:16 <jacobb> josh said he's getting them less frequently on his computers
14:00:22 <jacobb> but still getting them
14:00:50 <jacobb> and i get them on both my installations here and the demo site
14:00:55 <jacobb> on
14:02:03 <jacobb> are you trying it on windows or linux?
14:04:53 <bwolfe> linux
14:10:17 <jacobb> hm
14:10:26 <jacobb> you were running it on windows in durban
14:10:28 <jacobb> when you got the errors
14:10:42 <jacobb> i'm on windows, josh is getting it on a mac and on windows
14:11:33 <bwolfe> I got it the first time I loaded the addEncounter page
14:11:37 <bwolfe> but never again
14:11:49 <bwolfe> (this was today on demo about 5 mins ago now)
14:11:58 <jacobb> oh
14:12:03 <jacobb> yeah i get it the first time pretty often
14:12:14 <jacobb> sometimes a blank page
14:12:19 <jacobb> sometimes just blanked out provider and user ubttons
14:12:24 <bwolfe> the encounter and obs screens are the only places I've seen it
14:12:27 <jacobb> and a little more rarely, a widget error popup
14:12:29 <jacobb> yeah, me too
14:14:44 <jacobb> just got the blank page right now, first try
14:14:52 <jacobb> no js error with firebug running
14:14:53 <jacobb> ugh
14:15:01 <jacobb> no idea how to debug it
14:50:19 *** james_regen has quit IRC
15:01:46 <bwolfe> jacobb: which error do you get on the addObs form ?
15:04:26 *** bmckown has quit IRC
15:05:11 *** [mharrison] is now known as O{rly}
15:11:19 <jacobb> bwolfe, i'll update and give it a shot
15:11:29 <jacobb> i'm not sure about addObs, i'll also check that out
15:11:32 * O{rly} is optimized
15:13:10 <jacobb> the attributable date feature is working great for me so far
15:14:40 <bwolfe> jacobb: good, I'm glad. :-)
15:16:02 <jacobb> next thing you need is attributable checkboxes and radio buttons
15:16:15 <jacobb> and some way to set values
15:16:17 <jacobb> haha
15:21:43 <jacobb> same problem bwolfe
15:21:50 <bwolfe> bah
15:21:54 <jacobb> do you have a windows computer you can try on?
15:22:06 <jacobb> i think it might be that addonload
15:22:08 <bwolfe> I was getting it fairly regularly before I did that fix, then none after
15:22:22 *** jmiranda_ has quit IRC
15:22:50 <jacobb> well
15:22:52 <jacobb> which error?
15:22:55 <jacobb> the white screen?
15:22:58 <bwolfe> the white screen
15:22:59 <jacobb> oh ok
15:23:04 <jacobb> i got hte provider_widget error
15:23:08 <jacobb> let me try to get hte white screen
15:23:54 <jacobb> and let me also try w/out my module, since that overwrites the encounter form (though i think i merged it all), usually i test w/out my module
15:24:44 <jacobb> in fact, i didn't reload my module after your change, haha
15:24:45 <jacobb> whoops
15:24:47 <bwolfe> the only change I made was to the encounter form
15:24:50 <jacobb> yeah
15:25:07 <jacobb> it might have fixed it, let me stress test it
15:28:22 <jacobb> interesting
15:28:52 <jacobb> for some reason i just refreshed the patient dashboard and got "searchWidget not found: 'add_rel_target_search'"
15:28:57 <jacobb> i've never seen that one before, do you know what that is?
15:29:15 <bwolfe> similar error
15:29:21 <jacobb> and now i got a blank page refreshing the dashboard
15:29:25 <jacobb> when on the encoutners tab
15:30:05 <jacobb> but the add encounter form seems to be fine so time i got a blank patient and provider and no buttons...and i had a few js errors show up in firebug
15:30:17 <jacobb> but one time is nothing compared to before
15:31:03 <jacobb> infrequent enough that it could be chalked up to firefox using an old cache or something ;)
15:32:15 <bwolfe> bah
15:32:25 <jacobb> it DEFINITELY made a difference
15:32:33 <bwolfe> I'd rather there be nothing :-p
15:32:43 <jacobb> well
15:32:44 <jacobb> like i said
15:32:47 <jacobb> could be an old cache
15:32:58 <jacobb> i dont' remember if it happened when i was clicking to it or when i did a ctrl + r
15:33:14 <jacobb> cuz i can't seem to get it to error right now
15:33:23 <jacobb> cna you make the same change on the dashboard, obs, etc.?
15:33:42 <jacobb> cuz that one on the dashboard worried me
15:33:55 <jacobb> and i don't use the obs form, but it'd be nice if it was fixed for openmrs :)
15:35:58 <jacobb> yeah i seem to be getting more problems on the patient dashboard now...not sure how that would possibly correspond, but i just got a blank white page at it
15:36:21 <jacobb> you didn't chagne anythign on that recently, did you?
15:36:36 <jacobb> tricky one...cuz it could be on any of the tabs too
15:37:10 <bwolfe> no, I didn't change anything there
15:37:36 <jacobb> strange
15:41:29 <bwolfe> jacobb: for just one patient or for any patient ?
15:41:49 <jacobb> i've only been using one patient
15:43:32 <jacobb> bwolfe: why did you choose to store dates in the db with the attributeable date as yyyyMMdd
15:43:40 <jacobb> rather than something prettier, like yyyy-MM-dd
15:43:54 <bwolfe> no reason
15:44:10 <bwolfe> you can change the patch if you want
15:44:22 <bwolfe> dashes are probably better
15:44:24 <jacobb> b/c right now if i make it a viewable attirbute and it shows up on the demo tab, it looks bad
15:44:33 <jacobb> alright, sounds good
15:44:58 <jacobb> why not use the OpenMRSUtil.getDateFormat
15:45:00 <jacobb> or whatever it is
15:45:03 <jacobb> is that changeable?
15:45:57 <bwolfe> yeah, that gets the current users format
15:46:18 <jacobb> gotcha
15:50:37 <jacobb> it also can't be saved from the long patient edit form if it's blank
15:51:32 <jacobb> Invalid property 'attributes[13]' of bean class [org.openmrs.Patient]: Cannot get element with index 13 from Set of size 12, accessed using property path 'attributes[13]'
15:51:41 <jacobb> org.openmrs.web.controller.person.PersonFormController.processFormSubmission(
15:54:28 <jacobb> if you know what that issue is i'll fix it, and the dash one, and resubmit the patch
15:57:26 <bwolfe> jacobb: whats on line 115? its off on my copy...
15:57:56 <jacobb> catch (APIException e) {
15:57:56 <jacobb> errors.rejectValue("attributes[" + paramName + "].value", "Invalid value: " + value);
15:59:14 <jacobb> the description looks like an index out of bounds though
16:08:03 <bwolfe> jacobb: I'm guessing you'll get that same error if you do an invalid date on that same person
16:08:15 <jacobb> most likely
16:08:21 <jacobb> but form the short form, blank is ok
16:08:31 <bwolfe> its because the person doesn't have that attribute yet...but spring is trying to bind to it with an error
16:08:40 <jacobb> yeah same error w/ invalid
16:08:50 <jacobb> blank should be allowed though
16:08:56 <jacobb> just not invalid
16:09:29 <jacobb> blank works on teh short form and it displays fine on the long form
16:09:37 <jacobb> just doesn't save from the long form
16:10:33 <jacobb> lol, great, on the short form if you save an invalid date you can no longer see the date field on either form
16:10:33 <jacobb> haha
16:12:16 <bwolfe> sounds like it needs some tweaking
16:12:28 <jacobb> yeah, a bit
16:13:01 <jacobb> i'll give any tweaks i do back if i do them
16:13:11 <jacobb> i'll put a patch on the ticket
16:25:38 <jacobb> bwolfe, i made it so that if it's blank it works, and if you input something other than a date it saves it fine but when you look at it in the dateviewer it just shows up blank
16:25:40 <jacobb> think that's ok?
16:26:37 <jacobb> it was basically just returning null on hydration parsing error rather than throwing an exception, and then checking for null in the personformcontroller in before checking the type
16:27:23 <jacobb> i don't like how it will display blank and then save blank if you have something not parsible in that attribute, but i don't see another way to guarantee it always works
16:27:23 <bwolfe> but the bad date is still saved? or is it saved as a blank?
16:27:36 <jacobb> it would be saved if you entered it
16:27:42 <jacobb> but then if you view it again and save again
16:27:44 <jacobb> it'd be blank
16:27:54 <bwolfe> right. thats odd
16:28:05 <bwolfe> if you can make it just not save that would be better
16:28:09 <bwolfe> not ideal, but better
16:28:27 <jacobb> yeah let me see
16:32:02 *** sioraiocht has quit IRC
16:35:38 <jacobb> isn't it serialize that's called?
16:35:53 <jacobb> when saving the date?
16:36:02 <bwolfe> perhaps at some point
16:36:54 <jacobb> what else would it call when saving..?
16:38:11 <bwolfe> getDisplayString() looks like the only other option
16:40:51 *** sioraiocht has joined #openmrs
16:43:44 <jacobb> you'd think so
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