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  • 2008-07-05 - OpenMRS
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00:29:23 <maveriick> !ping
00:29:23 <OpenMRSBot> pong
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01:00:15 *** shahid_ is now known as maveriick
01:01:04 <maveriick> Nice!
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13:40:12 <sgrannis> nribeka: u there?
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14:06:43 <r0bby> meh
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15:22:06 *** lh has joined #openmrs
15:32:53 <r0bby> lh: o/
15:33:02 <r0bby> what'd I do :(
15:33:13 <r0bby> this can't be good :<
15:33:28 <lh> r0bby: you say whatever is on your mind. this is not always a bad thing, but sometimes it is worth exercising restraint
15:33:52 <r0bby> Shouldn't this be said in private, not where its logged?
15:34:19 <r0bby> and not publically chastising(sp?) me
15:35:29 <r0bby> ugh
15:37:15 <r0bby> lh: you're never in here
15:37:19 <r0bby> or rarely
15:42:07 <r0bby> :x
15:47:58 <r0bby> :/
15:55:12 <r0bby> I hate my life.
16:29:30 <r0bby> I wish burke were accessible :|
16:29:36 <r0bby> esp. considering midterm is coming up
16:44:37 *** njero has joined #openmrs
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16:46:57 <r0bby> njero: o/
16:47:12 <njero> heya r0bby
16:48:12 <r0bby> Concept c = "WEIGHT IN (KG)".concept()
16:48:15 <r0bby> NICE!!!!!!!!!!!
16:48:36 <njero> ooooh
16:48:39 <njero> that is fancy
16:49:22 <njero> Personally I am tending away from any string constants for concepts in code... but that is elegant
16:49:39 <r0bby> wanna see the code?
16:49:46 <njero> heck ya
16:49:50 <njero>
16:49:58 <r0bby> String.metaClass.concept << {
16:49:58 <r0bby> Context.conceptService.getConceptByName(delegate)
16:49:59 <r0bby> }
16:50:19 <njero> Yeah that is nice
16:50:38 <njero> I love when cool code is short
16:50:44 <r0bby> I need to see if this works via an abstract class
16:51:26 <njero> you could do more weird stuff like ["Identifier Type", "Identifier"].patient()
16:51:37 <njero> but that is not as natural
16:52:00 <r0bby> njero: sure I could
16:52:18 <r0bby> you can do some weird stuff in your controller/model if you know what you're doing
16:52:39 <njero> Like I say though, in the Baobab/PIH registration system we have *one* concept hard coded like "WEIGHT IN (KG)" in the code and there are lots of commets around it saying that it is evil
16:53:08 <r0bby> heh
16:53:23 <njero> but it was hard code, or spend two weeks reworking things
16:53:27 <r0bby> Okay if i don't get this done I won't pass midterm -- or i'm paranoid i wont
16:53:51 <njero> you seem to have quite a bit working from the sounds
16:53:51 * r0bby hugs lh
16:53:56 <r0bby> thanks for helping me
16:54:14 <r0bby> yes
16:54:21 <r0bby> I have some ajax goodness working
16:54:28 <njero> I didn't realize lh was in this channel
16:54:29 <r0bby> it's hot
16:54:44 <r0bby> I think she's here about me, not sure though
16:54:50 <r0bby> :/
16:55:07 <njero> I am really excited bout the stuff you are working on...
16:55:18 <r0bby> Yeh that's what's motivating me
16:56:26 <r0bby> njero: as a user
16:56:46 <r0bby> would it help if I gave you the template, or if I just gave the final markup?
16:57:02 <r0bby> the template being something like <%= textArea(...) %>
16:57:03 <njero> Probably not... we have a lot vested in Ruby... I want to see how you did it then clone it... or clone you
16:57:26 <r0bby> Hell no, i'm not re-writing this thing
16:57:32 <njero> No I will :)
16:57:47 <r0bby> oh you can look at my design right now
16:57:53 <njero> :)
16:57:59 <r0bby> but i assume you want the final product?
16:57:59 <njero> I want to steal all of your work
16:58:17 <r0bby> nobody steals my workl and gets away with it
16:58:22 <njero> Yeah... for general openmrs Groovy is really important
16:58:25 * r0bby dials up his hitman
16:58:30 <njero> we are weird and iconoclastic
16:58:46 <r0bby> njero: but yeh -- I'd be willing to help you
16:58:54 <njero> Would be killer
16:59:23 <r0bby> If ruby has a built in templating engine the templating would be easy
16:59:31 <njero> erb
16:59:33 <r0bby> also -- you need to interrogate your model's properties
16:59:43 <njero> yep, easy too
17:00:06 <njero> The hard part is doin it all from a module and using the services on the backend...
17:00:14 <njero> what you are figuring out...
17:00:32 <r0bby> The data types I'm implementing for are: sublcasses of Number, Concept, Patient, String and Boolean/boolean
17:00:41 <r0bby> also Date
17:00:44 <njero> hmm
17:00:50 <njero> It is not loosely typed?
17:01:24 <njero> Does groovy have magic like method_missing?
17:01:38 <r0bby> I use a container class to store the data types (when i interrogate the properties; i have a list of the container class)
17:01:41 <r0bby> yup
17:02:03 <r0bby> it's how Builders work in groovy
17:02:18 <njero> it seems like instead of impementing all of the possible classes you could cheat and use method missing to get at properties, raise an exception if not there
17:02:44 <r0bby> no, different widgets need to be rendered
17:03:13 <njero> c = "WEIGHT IN (KG)".concept() / c.dataType() == "Numeric"
17:03:16 <njero> or some such
17:03:30 <r0bby>
17:03:36 <njero> .dataType is not defined, instead it gets handled by method_missing
17:03:36 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:03:52 <r0bby> maybe after midterm
17:04:04 <r0bby> but right now let's get the basic system in place
17:04:21 <njero> yeah, wise plan
17:04:38 <njero> Have you ever seen our code?
17:04:48 <r0bby> no I haven't
17:04:54 * r0bby doesn't know ruby well
17:05:19 <njero> It is *very* similar to groovy
17:05:50 <r0bby> I know
17:05:52 <r0bby> seen it
17:06:00 <r0bby> except closure syntax is slightly different
17:06:07 <r0bby> |x| for passing params iirc
17:06:14 <r0bby> vs
17:06:17 <r0bby> x ->
17:06:57 <njero> yep
17:07:08 <njero> This is our concept model (the whole thing)
17:07:15 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:08:42 <r0bby> nice
17:09:09 <r0bby> njero: what's your license?
17:09:21 <njero> Hmm, I think MIT
17:09:41 <njero> We are pretty dang open to re-releasing under other licenses
17:09:55 <njero> But I think officially MIT
17:10:10 <njero> We would have used the OpenMRS license but there is specific wording to Java
17:10:12 <r0bby> good then you're fine w/ basically ripping my code :>
17:10:38 <njero> Your license is OpenMRS or other?
17:11:12 <r0bby> OpenMRS License is MIT license w/ a medical liability clause i think
17:11:33 * r0bby is cloning your sourc e
17:12:20 * r0bby will look when soc is over
17:12:28 <njero> Yeah, that is why we went there
17:12:51 <njero> The code will be much prettier then
17:12:53 <njero> :)
17:13:30 <r0bby> if I get this working i'll show you it shouldn't be too bad
17:13:51 <njero> We were on an amazing run of cutting the code base in half every two weeks while simultaneously adding features and making it more readable
17:14:12 <njero> If only that could continue forever
17:14:24 <r0bby> njero: the cool thing about my code is AJAX validates as you go :)
17:14:41 <njero> eventually our source code would be "OpenMRS" or "openMRS()" in groovy :)
17:14:50 <r0bby> so you get near instant feedback -- it doesn't do it as you type but when you hit tab (de-focus on the text area it does)
17:14:56 <njero> Aha, what kind of on the fly validation?
17:15:03 <r0bby> sorta yeh
17:15:04 <njero> what fields?
17:15:17 <r0bby> ideally all of them
17:15:32 <njero> How are you building the validation rules?
17:16:01 <njero> reasonableMin, allowableMin? isn't there something like that in ConceptNumeric?
17:17:07 <r0bby> oh it's just doing checks
17:17:24 <r0bby> right now I have it checking 1) syntax 2) there *MUST* be fields
17:17:32 <r0bby> and that's it
17:17:36 <njero> aha
17:17:41 <njero> makes sense
17:20:28 <r0bby> in order to check syntax i parse it through the classloader
17:20:38 <njero> Aha
17:20:39 <r0bby> \if an exception occurs i display the exception
17:20:45 <njero> yeah, makes sense
17:21:10 <r0bby> Basically in orderr to do this in ruby you'll need to dynamically load ruby from ruby ;)
17:21:21 <r0bby> and compile (or at least parse it)
17:21:25 <njero> Could create a lot of traffic especially in satellite (latent) internet environments... but if that is configrable it is good
17:21:36 <r0bby> it could
17:22:14 <njero> heh
17:22:22 <r0bby> One concern i have is resource leaks w/ the classloader
17:22:37 <njero> Worry about that after midterm
17:22:41 <r0bby> yeh
17:22:49 <r0bby> i know it's in the back of my mind though
17:22:53 <njero> classloader/leak issues are hydras
17:23:03 <r0bby> yeh I know
17:23:12 <r0bby> I have to get creative
17:23:32 <njero> and whenever you change the code you change the issue. And you will surely change the code along the way... so why deal with the issue twice?
17:23:54 <r0bby> It has to be parsed
17:24:07 <r0bby> no way around it
17:24:23 <njero> Fair enough... but leaking is fine for now
17:24:25 <njero> :)
17:24:37 <r0bby> I can fix it later
17:24:45 <r0bby> When i have people battle test it
17:24:47 <r0bby> aka a beta release =)
17:27:58 <r0bby> retaining references in templates is hard
17:28:08 <r0bby> considering that in the ened it's just a string
17:29:27 <njero> give an example
17:30:00 <r0bby> well
17:30:14 <r0bby> to generate the concept answer selector i need a Concept object ;)
17:30:50 <r0bby> I think i'll generate all the markup right away before i process..
17:31:06 <r0bby> actually funny thing
17:31:15 <r0bby> I may not even need to run it through the engine!
17:34:06 <njero> hmm
17:34:14 <njero> I am a little lost, but uh....
17:34:35 <njero> I think I get it
17:36:58 <r0bby> njero: I'll try to document the code as best as possible for you
17:37:14 <njero> you're the best: )
17:37:15 <r0bby> Note: I used duck typing a crapton your best docs are my unit tests
17:37:28 * njero <3 r0bby
17:38:12 <r0bby> oddly enough that's the best way to learn about what code does
17:38:51 <njero> Wait till you start specing :)
17:39:41 <njero> Let me find a sample
17:40:34 <njero>
17:40:40 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:41:12 <njero> Then you get to stories which are even more fun...
17:41:17 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
17:41:28 <njero> executable documentation
17:42:59 <r0bby> oh joy
17:43:06 <r0bby> I'm not specing
17:43:30 <r0bby> no way in hell I'll document -- and trust me documenting isn't going to be fun =(
17:43:47 <r0bby> njero: i'll use yours as a guideline
17:44:31 <njero> heh
17:44:37 <njero> you are welcome to it
17:44:44 <r0bby> for future reference my gmail/aim/yahoo/email are on my user page
17:44:58 <njero> we actually gave a presentation on story driven development in Druban
17:45:01 <njero> Durban*
17:45:12 <r0bby> you'll have more mileage on those than irc privmsgs
17:46:13 <r0bby> you can either speak w/ me or burke both of us know this project fairly well (burke knowing it better than me, but i'm more or less driving it)
17:46:44 <njero> cool
17:47:21 <r0bby> ben is my backup mentor but he's helpin w/ openmrs stuff not groovy and such
17:47:47 <r0bby> I'm learning to be independent in solving complex issues
17:48:09 <r0bby> ugh
17:48:30 <r0bby> I have no idea how to run this through the engine
17:48:54 <njero> the dreaded eval
17:49:01 <r0bby> yeh
17:49:32 <njero> Otherwise break it down into params and do things like "Concept".classify()
17:49:41 <njero> or somesuch (in Ruby)
17:50:21 <r0bby> it's not that
17:50:35 <r0bby> the controller is piss easy
17:50:47 <njero> ah, I thought this was the helper
17:50:53 <r0bby> yeh it is
17:51:00 <r0bby> but i'm specifically referring to the view
17:51:21 <r0bby> I have a reference to the model =)
17:51:32 <njero> tsk tsk
17:51:42 <r0bby> model's properties is hould say (a list of GroovyFormsDomainModelMetaData objects
17:51:51 <njero> oh, fair then
17:52:10 <r0bby> I store the name, value, and type
17:52:18 <r0bby> all the things we're interested in :)
17:52:29 <r0bby> for a concept the reference is in the value
17:53:11 <njero> ah, as an object not an id in the db?
17:55:07 <r0bby> there is no database
17:55:12 <r0bby> this is serialized to XML :)
17:55:22 <r0bby> Burke and I chose to use flat files
17:55:59 <r0bby> this indeed motivates me to get this done so you can copy my work and not credit me :<
17:56:28 <njero> heh
17:56:37 <r0bby> njero: one thing that's cool about groovy
17:56:57 <r0bby> def writer = new StringWriter(); writer << "hai" << "\n" << "bai";
17:57:23 <njero> the << operator?
17:57:34 <r0bby> overridden
17:57:53 <r0bby> in groovy operator overloading existing
17:57:56 <r0bby> exists*
17:58:02 <njero> Yeah, it is a rubyism... but nice :)
17:58:27 <r0bby> njero: yeh don't piss on my picnic
17:58:32 <r0bby> wait til i'm done eating
17:58:34 <njero> More languages should embrace it
17:58:39 <njero> you are right :)
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