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  • 2008-07-02 - OpenMRS
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00:23:45 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [4761]: Fixing #893 in sync branch (will remain in trunk) <> || OpenMRS Tickets: Ticket #893 (task created): Saving a composition search in the cohort builder works incorrectly in some cases <>
02:44:12 *** cancerb0y has joined #openmrs
03:12:26 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: Robby O'Connor: GSOC 2008: Week 5 <>
03:56:43 <r0bby>
04:17:16 *** ali_abbassene has joined #openmrs
04:17:50 <ali_abbassene> hello everybody :)
04:21:52 <r0bby> zzz
04:22:06 <r0bby> see you in ~7 hrs
04:22:22 <r0bby> now that i commited my code
04:22:27 <upul> Hi
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07:12:02 *** bmckown has joined #openmrs
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07:28:48 <bmckown> bwolfe, do you have the link for the blog to run the other partition using vmware on ubuntu?
07:29:39 <bwolfe>
07:29:41 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:29:45 <bmckown> Thank you. :-)
07:30:30 *** niels_olson_ has quit IRC
07:55:14 <bwolfe> haha, sweet. we win. :-)
07:55:16 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
07:57:41 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
07:58:44 * nribeka nribeka_away
07:58:55 *** nribeka is now known as nribeka_away
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08:55:48 *** upul has joined #openmrs
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09:21:02 *** cancerb0y has joined #openmrs
09:30:52 <cancerb0y> bmckown: Hi Brian, y do i get this error while loading my module
09:35:38 <upul> cancerb0y: are you using
09:36:08 <cancerb0y> upul: yep
09:36:42 <upul> are those json jars in the modules lib folder?
09:36:55 <upul> not the common-lib
09:37:06 <cancerb0y> yeah just now noticed...
09:41:01 <bmckown> stepped out for a second....
09:41:36 <cancerb0y> bmckown: no problem Brian
09:44:35 <bmckown> did upul's advice fix the problem?
09:45:02 <bmckown> I think I need to update my working copy of your module.
09:45:27 *** vagrawal has joined #openmrs
09:47:31 <bmckown> cancerb0y, you haven't committed since adding the json library?
09:49:05 *** maveriick has joined #openmrs
09:49:08 *** shahid_ has joined #openmrs
09:49:14 *** shahid_ has quit IRC
09:51:34 <maveriick> hi all
09:51:37 <maveriick> hi bwolfe
09:51:45 <bwolfe> hey
09:52:11 <maveriick> I am seeking a svn advice ...
09:52:28 <cancerb0y> bmckown: yeah i fixed the problem.. I have committed the codes to repository.. that javascript tree is yet to complete...
09:52:40 <bmckown> okay. :-)
09:53:29 <bmckown> svn advice?
09:54:33 <maveriick> Currently my module structure is - patientnotes and patientnotes -branches - example. Actually I want to do patientnotes - trunk and patientnotes - branches by moving all the files in patientnotes into patientnotes -trunk except the branches
09:55:23 <maveriick> Should I do a svn copy and then delete all the files under patientnotes root
09:55:24 <maveriick> ?
09:55:43 <maveriick> Copy from patientnotes root to patientnotes - trunk
09:56:25 <maveriick> I just don't want that anyone wish to checkout only patientnotes trunk also would get the branches
09:56:25 <bmckown> Hmm. I tried this once with clinicalsummary module. Seems like I did it the wrong way.
09:56:39 <maveriick> bmckown, how did you do it?
09:56:41 <bmckown> But it should have branches, trunk, and tags
09:57:09 <bwolfe> maveriick: the easiest way is to use the SVN Repository view in eclipse
09:57:23 <bwolfe> err not "view", but "perspective"
09:57:40 <bwolfe> from there, you can change things in svn without checking out + commiting
09:58:12 <maveriick> bwolfe, :( ... Sorry to say ...but so far I used only Intellij Idea as IDE and svn from command line ... I can try Eclipse then...
09:59:01 *** cancerb01 has joined #openmrs
10:02:00 <bwolfe> just be sure to always choose "Next" when using that and not "finish" until the end...otherwise you miss the "commit message" box
10:02:04 <bwolfe> maveriick: are you in windows ?
10:02:14 <bwolfe> you might be able to use tortoisesvn
10:02:25 <bmckown> kdesvn in linux
10:03:11 <maveriick> bwolfe, I am using ubuntu herdy
10:03:33 *** cancerb02 has joined #openmrs
10:03:36 <bmckown> kdesvn
10:03:49 <bwolfe> herdy heron? is that a version before or after hardy heron? ;-)
10:04:00 <bwolfe> will kdesvn work in gnome ?
10:04:09 <bwolfe> is there an svn plugin for nautilus ?
10:04:14 <bmckown> yes
10:04:32 <bmckown> no there is not an svn plugin for nautilus unfortunately
10:05:57 <maveriick> bwolfe, errrr ...Hardy!!!
10:06:15 <bwolfe> :-)
10:06:40 <maveriick> I am now searching if I can do with the IDEA subversion plugin ...before I try kdesvn
10:07:08 *** cancerb03 has joined #openmrs
10:07:45 <bwolfe> surely there is
10:09:27 <bwolfe> it doesn't look good maveriick :-/
10:09:28 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
10:10:49 <maveriick> svn is bit unintuitive ...that why I always like git
10:10:54 <maveriick> *thats
10:11:26 *** cancerb04 has joined #openmrs
10:15:52 *** cancerb0y has quit IRC
10:16:32 <bwolfe> I feel like git is unintuitive :-p
10:16:45 <bwolfe> but then again I've been using svn constantly for 3 years now
10:20:06 *** cancerb01 has quit IRC
10:20:43 <maveriick> My history is pretty ancient ...I used tla arch for around 1 years ...and svn, git more or less..... I am no git, but IMHO git is extremely first and branching is so easy.
10:24:28 <atomicturtle> git and mercurial never clicked with me
10:24:31 *** cancerb02 has quit IRC
10:24:45 <atomicturtle> I'm cvs/svn
10:25:48 <bwolfe> atomicturtle: I never used cvs. Is svn leagues better in your mind? Or do you still create cvs projects if given the choice?
10:26:17 <atomicturtle> I like svn a lot better
10:26:51 <atomicturtle> I like how you can make it run over things like webdav, and triggers
10:27:18 <atomicturtle> I dont use cvs except to check stuff out of other peoples repo's
10:27:42 <atomicturtle> like we use triggers in SVN to push out mod_security rule updates
10:28:43 *** cancerb03 has quit IRC
10:29:34 <atomicturtle> from what Ive seen git and mercurial make more sense if you've got an army of developers
10:31:00 <maveriick> But git is fast for development ....all commit, branching will be done locally .....and if you want you can't push commit's at all ....
10:31:41 <maveriick> Easy branching is the power of git.
10:32:09 *** maveriick has left #openmrs
10:32:15 <atomicturtle> yeah, if its pure-source code management it looks handy
10:32:19 *** maveriick has joined #openmrs
10:37:09 *** upul has quit IRC
10:38:45 *** crazee has quit IRC
10:51:18 <cancerb04> bmckown: does dojo in openmrs support xhr get??
10:51:29 <r0bby> HAHAHA
10:51:41 <r0bby> I just realized i never use the classLoader instance variable!
10:52:07 <bmckown> I thought r0bby just answered that but then he was talking about something else
10:52:17 <cancerb04> bmckown: lol
10:52:30 <bmckown> cancerb04, I think the answer is HAHAHA
10:53:07 <bmckown> I'm not really sure actually. Openmrs uses a modified dojo 1.9
10:53:36 <cancerb04> is tat??
10:54:06 <cancerb04> but bwolfe its very older version
10:54:18 <cancerb04> he said it may be dojo 0.22
10:54:21 <bmckown> bwolfe is not present at the moment.
10:54:33 <bmckown> let me check for sure which version.
10:55:19 <bmckown> I think i meant 0.9 not 1.9
10:55:32 <bmckown> but it could be 0.4 let me check.
10:57:01 <r0bby> cancerb04: use jquery!
10:57:17 <r0bby> it's so easy to use...once you get over the initial hurdle
10:58:03 <cancerb04> r0bby: but the problem is im almost done with this tree... i have few problems in getting the json data...
10:58:24 <cancerb04> i have almost completed this tree using dojo
10:58:40 <maveriick> r0bby, I coudn't agree more ...about jquery ...
10:59:02 <r0bby> jquery can do json ->
10:59:11 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
11:00:36 <cancerb04> r0bby: looks somehow it will solve my problem
11:01:00 <r0bby> if it's a textarea or textbox
11:01:22 <r0bby> use $("#myTextAreaCSSId").val()
11:02:17 <bmckown> argh. where is the verison located. i'm sure it's dojo 0.4.3
11:02:38 <cancerb04> bmckown: thanks brian
11:03:10 <bmckown> so you may wish to really test it if you're going to use the core dojo.
11:04:24 <bmckown> and the tree is one of the things ben has modified i think.
11:04:26 <cancerb04> let me give a try with jquery.. hope that will work
11:04:38 <bmckown> i would do that too.
11:04:47 <cancerb04> bmckown: tree works fine with hardcoded json
11:05:51 <bmckown> i've never used json. if that works for you, then use it. well if we move your code to core then we'll have to rip out the json. we'll only ever use dojo or jquery in core.
11:06:00 <bmckown> that's to say for now core only uses dojo.
11:06:19 <bmckown> in the future i think core openmrs will only use jquery
11:06:22 <r0bby> oh my god...somebody tossed kittens out of a car window and all died but 1
11:07:06 <cancerb04> bmckown: my vote goes for dojo ;-)
11:07:22 <bmckown> cancerb04, you and ben against the world.
11:07:59 <bmckown> i think all of the pih folks and myself are leaning heavily towards jquery.
11:08:10 *** sgrannis has joined #openmrs
11:08:18 <cancerb04> bmckown: psst psst...
11:08:24 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v sgrannis
11:08:38 <bmckown> hehe
11:09:41 <cancerb04> bmckown: u must give a try to dojo... u ll feel the power then ;-)
11:09:50 <bmckown> i have. i hate it.
11:10:28 <bmckown> alas there's no other choice but to keep trying dojo in core openmrs though.
11:11:09 <bmckown> you could be right. it's probably great.
11:12:32 <cancerb04> bmckown: im sure its great as far as i like it ;-)
11:12:37 <r0bby> cancerb04: use jquery
11:12:41 <r0bby> that shit is easy
11:12:51 *** maveriick has quit IRC
11:14:30 <bmckown> sgrannis, is it really possible to just add a ~ between items in hl7 so that they are a list? Specifically PV1-52 "other healthcare provider"? the specs don't seem to look that way.
11:16:23 <cancerb04> r0bby: the example u gave $(document).ready(function(){ does this similar to onload?
11:23:48 <r0bby> i couldn't get it to work
11:23:50 <r0bby> so I winded
11:24:02 <r0bby> $(window).ready(function() {
11:24:07 <r0bby> ... })
11:24:18 <r0bby> where function() is a closure
11:29:02 *** crazee has joined #openmrs
11:29:02 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v crazee
11:42:07 <cancerb04> r0bby: i use the getJson funtion like this load: function (data) { TreeBuilder.buildTree(data); ... is that data is correct?? or shd i pass it like data. content or something else
11:45:04 <r0bby> i dunno i didnt use the JSON function
11:45:10 <r0bby> I used AJAX :)_
11:45:16 <r0bby> ask #jquery
11:45:22 <r0bby> they helped me
11:45:33 <r0bby> ...a 12 year old actually fixed my problem
11:45:36 <r0bby> no joke
11:47:33 <r0bby>
11:49:02 <r0bby> cancerb04: watch that he demos the Json
11:49:11 <r0bby> (yes he's 12, but he's a fucking prodigy)
11:53:18 <r0bby> bmckown: would JSON Be better if i'm considering making multiple AJAX calls?
11:53:26 <r0bby> :x
11:53:47 <r0bby> wait a sec i have the info!
11:53:53 <r0bby> nvm
11:53:54 <r0bby> =)
11:53:54 <bmckown> r0bby, I've never used JSON.
11:54:07 <r0bby> me either
11:54:30 <r0bby> There is a ticket open if a newbie wants to get involved w/ OpenMRS to upgrade DWR
11:54:41 <r0bby> I wrote AJAX code to avoid that LOL!
11:55:02 <bwolfe> json is a lot smaller transport than xmlrpc
11:56:46 <r0bby> xmlrpc being AJAX?
11:57:33 <bwolfe> yeah
11:57:36 <r0bby> I decode it on the server-side using URLDecoder.decode(clazz)
11:57:39 <bwolfe> xmlrpc==xml over rpc
11:57:54 <r0bby> ah ok
11:58:03 * r0bby isn't experienced :((((
11:58:08 <r0bby> But i'm learning
11:58:15 <r0bby> a lot
11:59:13 <r0bby> ben i did some edits of my log msgs if you didn't see
11:59:33 <r0bby> all up to conventions :)
11:59:49 <bwolfe> yep, thanks r0bby ! :-)
11:59:52 <bwolfe> I'm so proud :-)
11:59:58 <bwolfe> I was giving you time, since I know you will notice
12:00:14 <bwolfe> cancerb04 needs to fix his too ;-)
12:00:16 <bwolfe> brb
12:01:07 *** cancerb0y has joined #openmrs
12:02:18 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: how to post a jsonarray as it is from a servlet?
12:05:49 *** bwolfe_ has joined #openmrs
12:05:49 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe_
12:06:40 <cancerb0y> bwolfe_ how to post a jsonarray as it is from a servlet?
12:06:42 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
12:06:46 *** bwolfe_ is now known as bwolfe
12:07:26 <bwolfe> cancerb04: just like you post anything else I htink
12:07:41 <cancerb0y> as it is?
12:07:53 <bwolfe> yeah, I think so
12:08:07 <bwolfe> I haven't really worked with them though
12:08:10 <bwolfe> I've only see them
12:08:13 <bwolfe> *seen
12:09:34 <r0bby> bwolfe: you noticed they weren't up to convention?
12:09:45 <bwolfe> json arrays aren't??
12:09:54 <bwolfe> what do you mean r0bby ?
12:09:54 <r0bby> er no
12:09:59 <r0bby> my svn log msgs
12:10:04 <r0bby> json arrays i dont know
12:10:10 <bwolfe> oh. yes, I notice everything ;-)
12:10:14 <r0bby> cancerb04 should watch the video i pointed him to
12:10:21 <r0bby> bwolfe: should I hide the drugs?
12:10:33 <r0bby> or give them to you for 'safe keeping'
12:10:48 * r0bby is feeling weird
12:10:55 <bwolfe> better hand 'em over
12:11:19 <cancerb0y> r0bby: buffering an hour video will take me more than an hour here
12:11:48 <cancerb0y> r0bby: is that leslie in that video??
12:11:53 <r0bby> yupppp
12:12:16 <r0bby> she deserves cookies/tea and whatever else i can get
12:12:25 <r0bby> she's been like a mother to me
12:12:35 <r0bby> the mother i never wanted but got anyways and am grateful for
12:12:43 <bwolfe> wow, I think she deserves more than just that then ;-)
12:12:45 <r0bby> Everytime i get in trouble burke gets cc'd LOL
12:13:02 <bwolfe> "get in trouble"?? examples please. :-)
12:13:06 <r0bby> like the time i told a guy to rtfm
12:13:08 <r0bby> in a rude way
12:13:23 <r0bby> in a not so nice way
12:13:31 <r0bby> coffee
12:13:45 <r0bby> he asked for resources so i gave him them afterr i got in troubkle :(
12:16:25 *** pombreda has quit IRC
12:17:19 <r0bby> bwolfe: servlet question
12:17:32 <r0bby> is it one servlet instantance per session?
12:17:35 <r0bby> instance*
12:18:04 <r0bby> this will effect how i write the code
12:18:14 <r0bby> I want to make sure that I don't have a resource leak
12:18:21 *** bmckown has quit IRC
12:18:23 *** cancerb04 has quit IRC
12:18:30 <r0bby> (which *CAN* happen if the Classloader isn't GC'd
12:20:07 *** bmckown has joined #openmrs
12:20:07 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bmckown
12:21:45 <bwolfe> r0bby: the classloader won't be GC'd anyway
12:21:56 <r0bby> the GroovyClassLoader will.
12:21:57 <bwolfe> the classloader stays around while all of the objects it loaded are still around
12:22:10 <r0bby> meh
12:22:17 <r0bby> this is gonna be a problem
12:22:39 <bwolfe> but thats a good question. I don't know which way servlets work. you'll have to test it out
12:30:09 *** crazee has quit IRC
12:31:04 <bwolfe> [mharrison]: do you and michelle have an example wiki set up somewhere as a demo of what you're moving towards?
12:31:32 <r0bby> UGH
12:31:36 <[mharrison]> bwolfe, have you seen the Confluence stuff?
12:31:50 <r0bby> bwolfe: which way do we want this?
12:31:51 <bwolfe> nope
12:31:54 <r0bby> Session?
12:32:43 <bwolfe> r0bby: can you make that question more than one word for me? :-)
12:34:16 <r0bby> where where do you want the classloader stored?
12:34:28 <r0bby> Session or what? Do you want it to stick around?
12:34:38 <r0bby> or do we reload it each time?
12:34:49 <bwolfe> each time what ?
12:34:50 <r0bby> i'm confused as to how we actually want thing to work
12:35:08 <r0bby> wait
12:35:13 <r0bby> the way I have it
12:35:19 <r0bby> it'll get GC'd
12:35:31 <r0bby> no reference to it is stored
12:35:50 * r0bby is a moron
12:35:54 * r0bby sighs
12:36:12 <r0bby> I need to read the GroovyClassLoader section of Groovy In Action
12:36:19 <r0bby> I need to understand how this fucking thing works
12:36:55 <bwolfe> r0bby--
12:37:08 <r0bby> bwolfe--
12:37:11 <r0bby> you bitch
12:37:15 <bwolfe> r0bby--
12:37:23 <r0bby> bwolfe--
12:37:29 *** bwolfe sets mode: -v r0bby
12:37:33 <r0bby> NO!!!!
12:37:36 *** r0bby has left #openmrs
12:37:36 *** r0bby has joined #openmrs
12:37:36 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v r0bby
12:37:46 <r0bby> bwolfe++
12:37:49 <r0bby> bwolfe++
12:37:52 <r0bby> bwolfe++
12:37:53 <r0bby> bwolfe++
12:37:56 <r0bby> better :)
12:38:06 <r0bby> Meatloaf++
12:38:14 <r0bby> I love his singing
12:39:09 <bwolfe> (r0bby: the karma ding was for language)
12:39:53 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
12:44:17 <[mharrison]> lol
12:46:42 *** TorLye has joined #openmrs
12:48:39 <r0bby> bwolfe: pfft
12:48:51 <r0bby> I bring new meaning to the term "not safe for work"
12:57:19 *** sgrannis has quit IRC
13:10:11 *** pombreda has joined #openmrs
13:10:11 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pombreda
13:22:30 <r0bby> bwolfe: is there any way to get at the servlet methods through JSP w/o using a scriptlet?
13:22:56 <bwolfe> r0bby: use an mvc type of setup
13:23:02 <bwolfe> you then have a form backing object
13:23:08 <bwolfe> and a controller to set it all up and handle submissions
13:23:20 <r0bby> bwolfe: I need the servlet container's classloader.
13:23:28 <r0bby> and i'm using AJAX
13:23:33 <r0bby> so no cigar
13:24:15 <bwolfe> what calls are you making ?
13:24:37 <r0bby> bwolfe: parsing the groovy form model
13:24:40 <bwolfe> if you had a controller that gave the jsp a formbacking object and/or mapping objects you could do it
13:25:03 <r0bby> bwolfe: no -- tomcat uses multiple class loaders
13:25:26 <r0bby> and it seems one of the only ways to get it at it, is through a servlet and doing this.getClass().getClassLoader()
13:25:46 <bwolfe> it doesn't use multiple...theyre all layered
13:26:25 <bwolfe> so webappclassloader(tomcat) is the parent of Openmrsclassloader is the parent of moduleclassloader
13:26:25 <r0bby> well this has to happen within a servlet unless you have an ingenious idea
13:26:35 <bwolfe> I do have one: a controller!
13:26:36 <bwolfe> :-)
13:26:44 <r0bby> ugh
13:26:46 <r0bby> I hate you
13:26:55 <r0bby> This is still ana AJAX call.
13:27:00 <r0bby> I'm posting to a servlet
13:27:28 <r0bby> how the FUCK would i go about that
13:27:36 <bwolfe> r0bby--
13:27:42 <r0bby> (can't submit because the user needs feedback
13:27:45 <bwolfe> seriously, watch your language in here
13:27:53 <r0bby> immediate if the compile failed
13:27:59 <bwolfe> the servlet wouldn't send back objects
13:28:00 <r0bby> AJAX let's me do that cleanl;y
13:28:11 <r0bby> the servlet sends back XML
13:28:13 <bwolfe> it sends back text or javascript type of objects that are displayed as erros to the user
13:28:32 <r0bby> yes I know how AJAX works thanks -- remember i rolled my own :P
13:28:48 <jacobb> bwolfe: looking into ff3 today
13:28:58 <jacobb> haven't had the issue recently but also haven't been using those pages
13:29:15 <jacobb> will try to reproduce later today with the latest build
13:29:20 <bwolfe> thats the solution jacobb! just tells users to ignore those pages that have errors if they're using ff3. :-)
13:29:26 <[mharrison]> r0bby, just so ya know.
13:29:27 <OpenMRSBot> <> (at
13:29:27 <jacobb> haha
13:29:29 <jacobb> for sure
13:29:45 <jacobb> strange that you can't get it anymore though
13:29:52 <jacobb> do you think it has to do with the speed the page is loading?
13:30:10 <jacobb> like its workign OK for you on localhost, but with that slow internet in durban it happened all the time?
13:30:48 <bwolfe> jacobb: I was only localhost in durban...maybe its just the atmosphere?
13:31:34 <jacobb> perhaps
13:31:35 <jacobb> :)
13:31:43 <jacobb> maybe it's just when i'm around
13:31:51 <jacobb> or involved...since josh is getting it too
13:31:56 <r0bby> bwolfe: =/
13:32:10 <r0bby> the controller can get at the tomcat classloader?
13:32:15 <r0bby> for openmrs
13:32:35 <r0bby> I hate this project sometimes.
13:32:48 <bwolfe> r0bby: the controller is java, so yet
13:33:18 *** nribeka has quit IRC
13:33:22 <bwolfe> r0bby: if you're loading objects from your module, the best thing to use is OpenmrsClassloader.getInstance().load("org.myclassname");
13:33:36 <r0bby> bwolfe: can't.
13:33:38 <r0bby> this is groovy.
13:33:46 <r0bby> it needs to run through the GroovyClassLoader.
13:34:02 <r0bby> Groovy has some extra stuff it adds.
13:35:38 <r0bby> Though this will work in a way i can use this from my backend
13:35:42 <r0bby> let's see.
13:38:51 <r0bby> why didnt you tell me about this
13:48:24 <r0bby> OH MY GOD BEN I LOVE YOU
13:52:24 <r0bby> if this works i swear to god i'll love you forever
13:52:40 <[mharrison]> ...
13:53:04 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
13:53:12 *** bwolfe_ has joined #openmrs
13:53:12 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bwolfe_
13:53:21 <bwolfe_> r0bby: tell you about what?
13:53:35 <r0bby> OpenmrsClassLoader singleton
13:53:41 *** pearlbear has joined #openmrs
13:53:41 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pearlbear
13:54:11 <r0bby> If this works i can move all the syntax checking back to my util class
13:54:32 *** bwolfe_ is now known as bwolfe
13:55:05 <r0bby> OH MY GOD
13:55:15 <r0bby> Okay the not being able to access it is gone!!!!
13:55:50 <r0bby> :)
13:56:00 <bwolfe> good
13:57:00 <r0bby> if I do MyClass.class.getClassLoader() that should work too right?
13:57:10 <r0bby> but why duplicate code
13:57:23 <r0bby> I hate re-deploying the module
13:57:48 <bwolfe> r0bby: if you only are changing jsp you can use deploy-web instead
13:57:58 <bwolfe> r0bby: but the best thing to use are junit tests for your controllers
13:58:00 <r0bby> I do
13:58:14 * r0bby reverts tests
13:59:24 <r0bby> my fave thing about groovy
13:59:39 <r0bby> import org.openmrs.module.groovyforms.util.GroovyFormsClassUtil as GCU
14:00:00 <r0bby> aliasing imports.
14:03:55 *** upul has joined #openmrs
14:04:23 <r0bby> bwolfe: reason i prefer to do it the way i am -- it's easily testable outside of the webapp
14:04:37 <r0bby> plus it's not coupled to the webapp
14:07:18 *** nribeka has joined #openmrs
14:07:48 *** cancerb0y has quit IRC
14:09:51 <bwolfe> r0bby: whats easily testable ?
14:14:00 <r0bby> my utility classes.
14:14:18 <r0bby> All controllers/servlets simply call those methods.
14:14:31 <r0bby> nothing is coded directly into the controller
14:14:40 <r0bby> which is the way I like ti
14:14:44 <r0bby> it*
14:15:40 <r0bby> ugh machine gun commits incoming
14:15:49 <r0bby> renaming my test
14:16:22 <r0bby> okay better :)
14:17:42 <r0bby> I'
14:17:46 <r0bby> m done now.
14:18:06 *** cancerb0y has joined #openmrs
14:26:55 *** bmckown has quit IRC
14:27:35 *** bmckown has joined #openmrs
14:27:35 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bmckown
14:32:43 *** upul has quit IRC
14:34:19 <cancerb0y> could someone help me with this.. in this js program .... at line 15 i need to get the value of "titl" and "parentid" from line 6 and 13 resp.... how to do that...
14:35:16 <r0bby> cancerb0y: may get more mileage in #jquery
14:35:49 <cancerb0y> sorry i dint mention earlier the AddressHierarchy is a dwr js
14:35:50 <bwolfe> rs.getFirstChild()['title']
14:36:00 <bwolfe> err res.getFirstChild()['title']
14:36:21 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: is "title" defined somewhere? if not, you meant to do:
14:36:37 <bwolfe> var res = this.controller.createChild(parent, 0, { "title": titl, "locationId" : id, "parentId" : parentid });
14:36:49 <r0bby> oh shit that;'s dojo
14:37:15 <bwolfe> err res.firstChild['title']
14:38:08 <[mharrison]> r0bby--
14:38:10 <cancerb0y> hmmm... title is defined in the dojo tree js.. thats is for the title of the element...
14:38:12 * [mharrison] wanted the honors that time
14:38:49 <bwolfe> thanks [mharrison] :-)
14:38:51 <bwolfe> hehe
14:39:10 <r0bby> eventually ill learn
14:40:21 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: either way, once you find what object its on, you can do either .title or ['title']
14:40:57 <bwolfe> parent.firstChild maybe ?
14:41:41 <r0bby> sigh classpath fail--
14:42:00 <r0bby> can't test this without openmrs running
14:42:49 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: i think i ve confused u... at line 15 which is in a different func i need to get the value of "titl" and "parentid" from line 6 and 13 resp from another function...
14:43:26 <r0bby> it works when the AJAX call is made all i care.
14:44:16 <bwolfe> oh I see cancerb0y. that one I can answer :-)
14:44:57 <bwolfe> its already there
14:45:25 <bwolfe> closures should allow you to access vars that were present when you created that closure/function
14:46:41 *** bmckown has quit IRC
14:47:54 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: scratch that
14:47:58 <bwolfe> you need to do one more step
14:47:59 <bwolfe>
14:48:40 <r0bby> jquery!!!!!!
14:48:50 <r0bby> I love my jquery code
14:49:34 <r0bby> Burke is gonna kill me for using so much AJAX but i don't care it's oh so gooey
14:51:22 <bwolfe> cancerb0y:
14:51:30 <bwolfe> you wrap your function in a function basically :-)
14:53:36 <r0bby> mm functions
14:53:41 <r0bby> what's your function?
14:54:08 *** bmckown has joined #openmrs
14:54:08 *** ChanServ sets mode: +o bmckown
14:54:43 <r0bby> bwolfe: would it be a bad idea to store a Groovy class used to do meta programming (basically just injecting into the meta class) into the resources directory?
14:55:32 <bwolfe> only put it there if you need access to it as a flat file
14:56:24 <r0bby> I do
14:56:44 <r0bby> it's basically gonna be just a bunch of code
14:56:54 <r0bby> that 'll read in and throw into my StringBuilder
14:57:07 <r0bby> which i use to prepend the imports
15:01:09 <r0bby> bwolfe: I'd like people to be able to do Patient p = patient.whatever()
15:01:22 <r0bby> meh
15:01:36 * r0bby will just implicity put code in when I get it
15:11:42 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: the code u gave looks fine... but then AddressHierarchy.createLocation returns an integer... but the callback function u ve written has 3 variables ??
15:12:20 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: yeah
15:12:36 <bwolfe> when doing AddressHierarchy.createLocation, you are actually /calling/ the myclosure function and it is returning you a function
15:13:00 <bwolfe> you are calling myclosure with values that you want to "save" from the parent function that you are currently in
15:13:49 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: what about the return value from AddressHierarchy.createLocation ? which parameter takes in that?
15:14:21 <bwolfe> you mean the function that dwr will end up calling with the new location integer ?
15:14:41 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: yeah
15:14:59 <bwolfe> at the end of line 1 you see "return function(id){..../n...."
15:15:10 <bwolfe> that is the function dwr knows about and calls
15:15:38 <bwolfe> so I guess the myclosure function doesn't need to take in enteredLocationid
15:16:05 <bwolfe>
15:17:05 <bwolfe>
15:17:21 <bwolfe> cancerb0y: why not have dwr return you a location object ?
15:18:13 <bwolfe> something like this:
15:18:43 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: hmmm... thats really a good suggestion..
15:19:11 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: actually i have used that before in my project... but i ve really a poor memory
15:36:15 *** james_regen has quit IRC
15:39:57 *** bmckown has quit IRC
15:45:51 *** atomicturtle has quit IRC
16:02:17 <r0bby> I hope nobody minds that I don't do explicit return types in my groovy code
16:06:32 <cancerb0y> bwolfe: the this.controller in the code still creates problem... how to tackle it... any suggestions??
16:08:04 <bwolfe> same way :-)
16:09:30 <bwolfe>
16:11:55 *** TorLye has quit IRC
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16:24:28 <jacobb> bwolfe, you sure you can't reproduce the bug?
16:24:29 <jacobb> lol
16:25:06 <bwolfe> jacobb: yes
16:25:11 <jacobb> i just did ctrl+r on encounter.form about 10-15 times on a clean latest build openmrs install without any modules
16:25:15 <jacobb> and got a search widget not found
16:25:21 <jacobb> I can gotomeeting you if you don't believe me :)
16:25:30 <bwolfe> heh, I do believe you...
16:25:34 <jacobb> do you have any modules?
16:25:40 <jacobb> nice i just got it first try the second time..
16:25:50 <bwolfe> are you letting the page load between control-rs ?
16:25:57 <jacobb> yeah
16:26:12 <bwolfe> is this your modified encounter form or the actual one ?
16:26:18 <jacobb> no mdoules
16:26:27 <bwolfe> ah yes, I suppose you said that already
16:26:27 <jacobb> clean latest build from trunk
16:26:37 <bwolfe> how many users do you have ?
16:26:48 <bwolfe> is this on a new encounter or an existing encounter ?
16:26:54 <jacobb> hm, now i can't get it anymore
16:26:55 <bwolfe> how many obs on that encounter (if not new)
16:26:56 <jacobb> new encounter
16:27:16 <jacobb> no users besides admin
16:27:43 <jacobb> can't reproduce it now in the last 100 or so tries
16:27:45 <jacobb> problem solved ;)
16:28:34 <jacobb> oh great
16:28:41 <jacobb> couldn't reproduce it, so i left and went back to the admin page
16:28:49 <jacobb> then clicked manage encounters > add encounter
16:28:55 <jacobb> and got both a blank white page AND the error box
16:29:12 <jacobb> now i can't ever visit addEncounter
16:29:16 <jacobb> it's gotta be somethign with the cache
16:29:37 <bwolfe> very odd
16:29:38 <jacobb> it fails for me every time i go to it
16:29:43 <jacobb> without ctrl + r
16:29:52 <bwolfe> add encounter from the admin screen ?
16:29:56 <jacobb> er, most of the time...
16:29:59 <jacobb> worked this past time
16:30:00 <jacobb> yeah
16:30:05 <jacobb> admin > manage encoutners > add encoutner
16:33:50 *** pombreda has quit IRC
16:34:13 <jacobb> i can't believe you don't get it
16:34:17 <jacobb> it doesn't make any sense
16:34:21 <jacobb> are you using the same computer
16:36:49 <r0bby> I love it when i mistype method params
16:45:05 <bwolfe> jacobb: yes, same computer :-p
16:46:54 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
16:49:27 <bwolfe> jacobb: ping me in a few hours about this
16:49:41 <bwolfe> dinner is waiting for me at home. :-)
16:50:25 <bwolfe> jacobb: meanwhile, try adding another user with the provider role and see if you still get the error. I know there was a weird bug at one point dealing with only one user in the db
16:51:53 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
17:02:47 * cancerb0y leaves
17:02:50 *** cancerb0y has left #openmrs
17:03:39 *** sioraiocht has joined #openmrs
17:10:44 *** pombreda has joined #openmrs
17:10:44 *** ChanServ sets mode: +v pombreda
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17:33:48 <r0bby> ugh
17:54:04 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [4790]: pih hacks module: bugfixes, mainly to make art regimen comparison work <>
18:06:29 *** bwolfe has joined #openmrs
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18:07:22 *** atomicturtle has quit IRC
18:11:44 *** atomicturtle has joined #openmrs
18:12:15 <r0bby> classpath problems ++
18:12:32 <r0bby> on an good note -- AJAX goodness is in place :)
18:13:53 *** atomicturtle1 has joined #openmrs
18:13:53 *** atomicturtle has quit IRC
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18:49:02 *** yanokwa has joined #openmrs
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18:49:15 <yanokwa> yo
18:54:19 <OpenMRSBot> Recent updates in the world of openmrs: OpenMRS Changesets: Changeset [4792]: registration: Fixed Direct Open Patient Dashboard <>
19:05:15 *** sioraioc_ has joined #openmrs
19:09:47 *** sioraiocht has quit IRC
19:19:51 <bwolfe> hey yaw
19:20:00 <bwolfe> what brings you around ?
19:20:32 <yanokwa> just hanging out mostly.
19:21:09 <yanokwa> sometimes i just come and don't ask any questions :)
19:21:44 <bwolfe> ah, I see
19:27:48 <r0bby> yanokwa: welcome to #openmrs -- we're whackjobs
19:27:50 <r0bby> well I am
19:33:24 <jacobb> bwolfe: the trunk didn't let me add users, haha
19:33:54 <jacobb> ah i think i need to update the db :(
19:34:12 <jacobb> ugh...what a pain keeping up w/ trunk
19:38:44 <jacobb> k, adding multiple providers didn't help
19:39:45 <jacobb> I also went and cleared all cache, then went back into it and got the same error
19:40:02 <jacobb> it generally happens much more often now if i go to that page via clicking in, rather than just refreshing
19:40:25 <jacobb> I get it almost every time on my first click into it from the manage encounters page
19:40:40 <jacobb> http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/encounters/index.htm :)
19:44:28 *** pearlbear has quit IRC
19:45:01 * r0bby chews on AJAX
20:22:30 *** nribeka_ has joined #openmrs
20:25:41 *** nribeka has quit IRC
20:51:56 *** yanokwa has quit IRC
20:54:53 * r0bby barks
20:55:46 <bwolfe> jacobb: were you able to add users after updating your db ?
20:57:17 <r0bby> I want attention!
20:57:19 *** pombreda has quit IRC
20:58:12 <bwolfe> well r0bby, realizing your problem is the first step
20:58:33 <bwolfe> only 11 more to go and you'll be drug free
21:05:10 <r0bby> I want drugs
21:05:23 <r0bby> Actually I want to not be writing manual AJAX
21:38:54 *** upul has joined #openmrs
21:43:11 <r0bby> bwolfe: would using spring 2.5's annotations do anything adverse?
21:43:38 <bwolfe> no
21:43:48 <r0bby> so it's okay to use them?
21:44:24 <r0bby> I'm /jerk
21:44:27 <r0bby> er crap
21:44:43 <r0bby> I usewd alisses
21:44:50 <r0bby> and that's not what you think
22:23:18 *** bwolfe has quit IRC
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